Pikmin (GC) Cheats

Pikmin cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Another Ending
If you get all the parts you will get an alternate ending witch in my opinion is very cool.
Another way to beat the big mushroom:
You now the giant mushroom in the "forest navel" level. Well, this may waste almost the whole day (in game), but it beats losing your "Pikmin".

Anyway, without taking-over "Pikmin", the big chump is almost harmless to "Olimar". So attack him anytime you want, even when it's guarding itself, well, you know. The only thing you have to worry about is it crushing you. And remember, NO PIKMIN!!!!!!!!!!
Beginner Tips
Step 1 » When you land on the planet of the Pikmin, get as many red Pikmin as you can before you get the ship part.

Step 2 » Go to the second level and find the yellow Pikmin. Get a lot of them and go find a part to your ship if you have enough time.

Step 3 » When you have enough parts for your ship, you will be able to go to the 3rd level where you find the blue Pikmin. Get a lot of them and you will have enough time to get a part for your ship.

Step 4 » When you have around 17 parts for your ship, you can go to the 4th level. Before you go back to the first world, get part inside the clam and stock up on PikmIn. You'll need them all for the 4th level since there will be tough enemies.
challenge mode
to unlock challenge mode, simply save your game, and go to the main menu, it will be on the menu
Fireworks Display
If you hold down on the d-pad during the game, Olimar will lie down. If you have any Pikmin with you, they'll take Olimar back to the Onion. It will try to suck him up. When he hits the bottom of the Onion, you will see a fireworks display. (this can't be used on day 1)
Here's some helpful tips
Every monsters weakness!!!
1.The big red guy with white spots = His back is his weakness , take about 50 pikman with and sneak up behind him and start throwing pikman like crazy , it will kill them fast
2.the little red guy with white spots = hit him right on his head and he will automatically die.
3.Theres two type of larve creatures the first one wiggles up out of the ground and tries to attack you. There weakness is any wear on there body. The othe kind can fly and eat briges = hit them on there head by throwing pikman at them.
4.The really fat larve that steals (1) things that pikman grab an carry to there machines = when he has a food pellet or (1) thing throw two pikman at it and the pikman will pull to there machines. When they get it to the the machine the machine will suck up the pellet , that is your chance to attack
5.The really fast bettle thing = throw pikman on top of it.
6.The rock guy = just throw pikman at him.
7.The BIG spider like bettle = get right by the his mouth and start throwing pikman and punching his mouth until his shell opens, the start throwing pikman at the orange spot under his shell.(repeat to destroy)
8.The bettle thing that flies around taking your pikman = throw pikman at it,when it falls attack it.(REPEAT)
9.The tiny catfish thing that swims around = Get a couple of blue pikman and just throw the pikman at the catfish things.
10.Theres two types of frogs,the ones that live in water and the ones that live on land = they both have the same weaknesses , throw pikman on there heads.(REPEAT)
11.The hermet crab things = Just throw blue pikman at them.
12.The big black things with red spots = repeat step one.
13. little black guys with red spots = repeat step 2 accept do it two times.
14.The BIG elephant like creature that blows air at you = Throw pikman at it until it falls down , thats your chance to attack.(REPEAT)
15.The elephant thing that blows fire at you = get some red pikman because there fire proof and throw the red pikman on top of them.
The BIG mushroom guy = Start throw pikman at him when he flips over throw pikman on top of him , he will flip back over when he does call your pikman away or they will turn into evil pikman and attack you.
16.The BIG bird things = Throw pikman on there heads as they pop out of the ground.

Please email me if I mist some monsters.
Hint : Emperor Bulbax (King Grup Dog)
To defeat Emperor Bulbax on the first day gather about 20 - 35 yellow with bomb rocks and the rest blue and red throw the bomb rocks into his mouth or sacrifice pikmin then he will not attack you when his life bar reaches half use like 7 - 10 bomb pikmin on him because after about half he will start to jump instead of all eating otherwise before life bar reaches half use about 1 - 2 bomb rock pikmin so you dont waste. My best record was 24 days beaten or like 22 and the black pikmin cheat and purple dont seem to work if youve done it please tell me. You can easily defeat Emperor Bulbax on the first day and get the secret safe at 3 quarters of the day finished Thanks!
How to get lots of Pikmin in 2 days.
1: Go to Impact Site(You need the Positron Genorator before this.). When you got the Positron Genorator, you should've used bombs from the box to blow up the wall; if you haven't, then do so now. Now take the part(if you haven't gotten it- if so, ignore that), and set a few Pikmin on the wall, take the rest(Blues) and go to the clam things. Shoot one at the pearl, then call it back, when it bites use C-stick and throw them like mad- rinse and repeat until you have the pearl. Set 3 on it, do the same with the other clam. You can get up to 150(50 each pearl) Pikmin.
2: Go to Distant Spring and kill the surounding enemies, Snitchbugs if possible. Now take 5 Blues and go to the weird flower thing on your map. Now attack, then call them back, put them in the Onion, and call 100 Reds. Now attack the green thing that appears but DO NOT let them get behind it, they will die instantly. Take the gold pearl that appears, put it in an Onion and finally pick the sprouts. The pearl is worth 100 Pikmin, count them. You can repeat step 1, but after you kill the green thing, it won't reappear. It also won't appear after day 15.
~Pikmin Mastah(Sorry if it's long!)
How to throw pikman faster
Use the c stick to make the pikman come close to you. You should try and get them as densely packed as possible. While they are huddled around you press A as fast as you can. You will throw the pikman 3x to 4x faster.
Nabbing nectar

When you see grass that is taller then Pikmin walk into it. Nectar will pop out.There are different amounts of nectar that will come out. Let your pikmin drink it. The pikmin will then grow a flower on their heads.
Reset in the Game
Hold A + B + X + Y + Start during the game.
Smoky Progg
At the Distant Spring before Day 15, take a few blue Pikmin to the pie-wedge islands. Have them attack the ugly pink and brown egg a little bit. Take them back to the Onions and take out some red Pikmin (don't take out too many). The horrifying Smoky Progg should be visible in the distance. Attack its face but if a Pikmin touches the acid oozing from its back, the Pikmin dies instantly. The nut/seed he gives off will give you a well earned 100 seeds! (that's right). If you don't want to battle the Smoky Progg, the egg explodes when you attack it long enough.
Some more helpful tips.
What every good character does.

1.Olimar = Olimar is the person you play with. He gathers the pikman and uses them to get parts for his spaceship.
2.Red Pikman = Little red guys. Strongest pikman on the first pikman game. They are fire proof.
3.Yellow Pikman = Little yellow guys. There weak but are electric proof and can be thrown VERY high.
4.Blue Pikman = Little blue guys. Pretty strong but water proof and can save red and yellow pikman if they fall into the water.
The Easiest way to kill wollywogs
I came across this in Pikmin 2, but anyway:

Take 5-10 or so Pikmin and head toward the wollywog
Then wait until it jumps, and when it lands, dismiss your pikmin right next to the wollywog.
they will fight it, and then if you want, you can leave them there, and if done right, you wont lose any pikmin!!!


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Smokey Progg-A teenager?
On ' The Distant Spring ' let Smokey Progg hatch then wait for him at the onions (He will always head your way). Take out approx. 20 Pikmin of any colour ( but they've all gotta be the same colour colour) and attack Smokey Progg to get his attention. Don't worry if some 'min die. Place them back in the onion and Smokey Progg will go towards the Onion to try and kill them get away from the onion ASAP or you'll get damaged by his ' fart ' smoke. Run to another Onion and he'll just hang around the first Onion like a teenager would hang around in an alley or at a street corner.

NOTICE: I do not know if this glitch will work again, it may of been a fluke on my game file. If this doesn't work please PM politely and I will remove it. Thank you.


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Bomb Cheat

If you take your yellow Pikmin to a Bomb Spot, the move the C-Stick inside the Bomb Spot, then press X to release your Pikmin. They will ALL eventually Pick up Bombs from nowhere. Strange huh?
Faq on Bulborbs and Bulbears
This creatures are nocturnal so the awake at night but if a pikmin hits it it will wake up so if they are carrying a part and hit them call them back and run to destroy them easyly hit them in there back or throw a bomb rock at them there back is thier weak spot so when battling Bulborbs and bulbears use this FAQ
Invicable olimar
press the d-pad buttons.olamar will lie downand become invincable.
Small Guide
Save the game once and go to the main menu
press D-down to see fireworks

Find Smokey Progg worth 100 pikmin:
Go to the Distant Spring after day 15.Go to the southern lake area until you find a cluster of islands that looks like a flower.Attack the egg in the center until it opens and the Smokey Progg will come out.Try to destroy it and take it to an onion and it will be worth 100 pikmin!

Take Down the Evil Fat Mushroom (turns your Pikmin against you):
First, you need 50 red Pikmin for this, when you get to the circular area that he is in, dismiss 30 Pikmin, but keep them away from the mushroom, but not too far. Get the other 20 to attack it's legs (if it looks like it's sucking in air, get your Pikmin away from it!)hopefully, it will tip over.When it does, throw the Pikmin on it, as fast as you can! When it gets upright get your Pikmin away, if they don't, the mushroom will spread a spore and turn them against you, get your other 30 Pikmin to battle the evi ones, repeat until it is dead. Also the top is the missing part, the other half is a lot of pellets.

Space Float:
To get the space float you must first go to the Naval Base and find the blue ognion. After you get a few blue pikmin, find a flower with a pellet in it and get one of your blue pikmin to slash it down. Don't do anything until a beetle-like creature comes and trys to eat it, when he does send 2 pikmin at the pellet they will fight for it and drag the beetle back to the ognion where the ray will pull the pellet and the beetle up and the beetle will get hurt. You will have to do this 2 times and when the beetle dies you will get The Space Float. (Your Pikmin won't attack this creature so that is the only way to kill it)

Get purple pikmin:
First get 100 red, 75 blue, and 50 yellow pikmin. Once you do that, go to the Impact Site and take out 25 red, 25 blue, and 50 yellow pikmin. Go stand by the rocket. Stay there for 5 seconds. Then go to cardboard box. Make sure all your pikmin you took out are still with you. Go into there and grab some bombs. Throw all the yellow pikmin with bomb rocks into the water and then put the rest of the pikmin back. Call it a night. The next morning, you will find the number of yellow pikmin you threw into the water have become purple. Purple has the power of all 3 pikmin and are invincible!! Have fun!!

Secret Mode:
It's easy just meet everykind of Pikmin (blue, yellow, and red)and collect every rocket part and escape the planet before the 30 days are up and Challenge Mode will appear on the main menu. The point of Challenge mode is to breed as many Pikmin as you can in one day. It's not as simple as it sounds because these things happen:
1.you can access every area,
2.enemys pop up in new places to eat you,
3.day is longer,
4.you can work a little bit at night (a second or so)
5.Pikman take longer to find and be reproduced by by pellets (as in it's hard to find them in the ground)
6.areas are not the same in Challenge mode (including pellets and Pikmin in the ground)
Enjoy the mode!!!

More Pikmin:
To get more Pikmin from a pellet than the number on the pellet you must send double the amount of pikmin required to carry the pellet.

Battle Tactic:
In the forest of hope, there are these huge predators that are red with white polka dots. They sleep during the day. If you attack them from the front, you can lose as many as seventy pikmin! However, if you sneak up behind them while they're sleeping, put Olimar directly behind the rear of the predator, and push the c stick in the direction of the enemy, you can kill it almost instantly with a minimum of 40 pikmin and not lose any!

Lots of pikmin fast!:
To make this faster and easier, get the yellow pikmin first. Then go to the "Impact Site" level and go into the part past the box with the number 10 on it. Have the yellow pikmin pick up the bomb rocks on the other side of the box, and use three of them to knock down the white wall. Once you go inside, stay close to the sides as not to drown your pikmin. To the right, around the corner is a clam type thing with a pearl in it's mouth. Stand next to it and put your site in it's mouth just next to the pearl. Grab a pikmin with a bomb rock and toss it it. It should land in, run out and throw it's bomb rock. Do this twice to kill it. Have them take it back to the onion and you get about 50 pikmin seeds!!!

Captain Olimar Trophy (Requires Super Smash Bros Melee Game):
This is a really cool-looking and easy to get trophy! All you have to do is play 1 day of Pikmin (not a 24-hour day, just a regular Pikmin-game day) and then play Super Smash Brothers. After the Melee Main Menu, it should say "You've gotten the Captain Olimar trophy".

The properties of the 'D' down button
The 'D' button pressed downward can be used for several things...
1-While running in any direction, press the button down to belly flop upward.

2-Try holding the 'D' button down while having pikmin with you. (They carry you to the onion for a fireworks display and finally for Captain Olimar's invincibility move)

3-Around an enemy, press the 'D' button downward and watch them attack you in a mad frenzy (note: do nothing except change 'Z' button angle without pikmin for best results)