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Phantasy Star Online Version 2 (GC) Cheats

Phantasy Star Online Version 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Phantasy Star Online Version 2 cheat codes.


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6/10 Best Item Finding
Train up to Level 20 and go to any place, there will be a chance you will find items like Star Atomizer (not from Dragon) in Forest 2, by taking the next warp after taking the warp to the Central Dome, and it will be 50/50 chance of getting one, and getting armors or frames with slots in the Caves.
Del Rol Le Laser Dodge
When all the lights are out, and the Del Rol Le rises above the surface, it is going to fire its laser. Just stay on one end until you hear the laser charge up, then run to the other end and it will be a 99.99 percent of dodge, the 0.1 will be its wide range laser attack will hit you.
Del Rol Le Tentacle Hit & Run
When the head gets on the platform, do 3 combos of the 3 hit or 6 hit for dagger then run and for the rest just do one combo and run again. It will save you hp.
Enemies Miss
On hv & ult do a 3 hit on booma the rest of it family then hold down, the enemy's attack should go through you!
Frying Pan
First thing to get the frying pan, you need to complete all quests. After this go to Secret Delivery quest and talk to a big man outside the hunters guild. He will talk to you about "WEAPONS". Go complete the quest then go to Claiming Stakes. Here you will find another "WEAPONS" member who will accept you. After they do, go and complete the quest. It is the same for all the following quests: The value of money, the lost bride, and the gran squal. After you complete the gran squal quest, you will need to go back to Secret Delivery and talk to the same man. He will tell you to go speak to the leader who is next to the bank. She is the one who will give you the frying pan.

Quests needed for this tip: Secret Delivery, Claiming Stakes, The Value of Money, The Lost Bride, and Gran Squal.
Fun With Ruins Enemies on Hard
Death Gunners, Dark Gunners, and Chaos Bringers all have something in common. When the Gunners fire their laser it'll hit you, but if there is , oh lets say a Deminien, the laser will hurt it and not you. When a Chaos Bringer charges towards you just simply get out of the way, if there is an enemy behind you then it will hit the enemy. Now have fun putting those best enemy friends against each other and watch them fight to the death!
(Note: Enemies will not actually fight each other to the Death:( Boo hoo)
Get Missions Again
If there is a time when you want to get another reward, like Kireek's Soul Eater, finish all of the missions and you will unlock them all again.
Glitch:Always miss
To never hit you just go up to an enemy and then when you are about to attack hold in R. Your attack wil go right throught the enemy.
Number of items
if your going to leave items on the floor dont leave more than 50 items the oldest item on the field dissapears, you can leave 50 items on each field the lobby is considered a field



forest 1&2

cave 1,2&3

mines 1&2

ruins 1,2&3

if you leave them in a field they wont disappear they will only disappear if you quit
Soft Reset
START, B, X. (at the time) YOU'LL BE ABLE TO reset without saving.


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Avoiding Traps
To avoid Traps, just press start or the Z button. This allows you to walk through trapped halls without getting hit.
Chao appearance
If you play the mission "the fake in yellow" and
beat the mission go back to the level and there will be Rag Rappies staring at boxes.Go to the boxes and a chao will appear and then go back to
Pioneer 2 and there will be a gameboy advanced near the hunter's guild.upload a chao from PSO by talking to the gameboy advanced and then turn off pso and put in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and put the chao on the game.WOW!! It is a chao that looks just like TAILS!!
Create a chair in the Lobby.
While standing in the lobby, press X, hold it, then press A. A chair will appear, in the color or your section ID. Press A to move forward, and the control stick to turn. To make the chair go away, press B.
De Rol Le's energy Ball Dodging Trick
There are several ways of dodging this forcful
weapon. Here are two.

This may not work online when playing as a part of a team. If you are below level 12 then every time you get killed by DE Rol Le's Energy ball. To avoid this go to the upper right corner. Only one player can do this, or both players will get hurt.

Try to gain levels so you are at least 12 or above.
Dressing Room
If you have 10,000 Meseta on your character when you quit a game, you can access the Dressing Room.

Now when you go to select your character where you would normally get the options ''Comfirm, Recreate, or Cancel'' you should now see ''Dressing Room.''

You can now change your clothing, hair, body color, etc.
Duplicating items
I did not create this method. It works, many people can verify that. Here are the basics of the new duplicating method:

1) Don't ask me why; just make sure you have only two things in your item pack. A monomate, incase you have to sell during the trick, and the item you want duped. No meseta either.

2) Go to the shop. The annoying lady that tells you about the Tekker's is crucial to the method. You need to talk to her/lead her over to the armor shop. Just keep talking to her, let her walk a bit towards you, talk again. It is hard at first, but you will eventually get the hang of it, and it will become very easy.

3) When she is close enough to the armor shop, quickly turn to the armor shop and hit A. hit buy. The woman's text will appear as well.

4) Now, select an item. Quickly hold left, and hit A several times. The camera should switch to the Green item shop.

5) Now, there should be an item screen, and a buy/sell. If you hit the A and the buy/sell disappeared, hit B once, then hit A, should be fine, if not restart. Anyway, if done correctly, hit B once, and one of two things will happen.
(1)-The buy/sell will disappear leaving only the items window. Wait a few seconds and hit A.
(2)-The item window will disappear leaving only the buy/sell. Wait a few seconds, and hit A.

6) Now, you should be able to walk around with the item screen open. if you have trouble getting here, fool around with it until you can walk around, then go to 7.

7) Now, walk to the bank. For this trick to work, the buy menu has to have your orange stripe moving as you walk…you know what I mean, changing the selected item etcetera. Talk to the bank lady.

8) The deposit/take will pop up. Select take and the take item screen will be behind it. If you move up and down, you can faintly see your line move. Anyway…hit A once…and you will select it. A yes/no will appear.

9) now, hit B, B, A. this will bring you to a meseta/item screen.

10) You can now walk around. Hit B once, to bring up the deposit/take screen, or if that was up already, don't hit B. you should be able to walk around. If not, start over.

11) Now, hit start. You should select both item pack and deposit. Both will open.

12) Open them both. Hit A when selecting item and item to open. Select the item you want duped.

13) Hit up and down etcetera, until no and drop are selected. Hit A.
WARNING! If you die

14) The item will drop. Now, hit start to close off the item screen. Then, in your still open deposit window, hit your item, and then yes or deposit, or whatever.

15) Hit B rapidly, to exit out the windows. Then, pick up your item. Go to the bank, and withdraw the same item.

Congratulations! You have successfully duped an item. Only one item is duped per time. Good luck, and if it doesn't work, re-try.
Easy Enemies
If you have a gun, in the Forest and Caves areas, after some enemies appear, walk toward the door until they start walking away. Then inch forward toward and enemy until a targeting box appears around them. You should be able to shoot the enemy without them seeing you. If you don't seem to be shooting, inch forward a little more. Some enemies will start walking around in circles.
Easy level
This is a way to level fast, works well for forces

1st u need Ultimate get to the mines and find a group of canabins (green things with red 1 in middle) put a pipe down and kill all the green canabins, the red one should still be there. now before the red 1 dissapear, pipe up to pioneer 2. when you pipe back down, all the green canabins should be back, repeat for exp. I say good for forces because if u get a level 30 rafoie with a rafoie merge, the canabins should die in about 3 spells. Its great Good Luck
Easy Leveling
If you cannot face the enemies at your difficulty level, then go into the quest Battle Training. Equip a gun or a similar long range weapon and let Kireek do all the work. When you almost get to the end, quit the mission and start over agin. Repeat as many times as you want. This is very useful on ultimate mode.
Easy Mag Level Up
Buy as many Atomizers (any kind, preferrably star) as you can. Go to any stage you wish, and fight for about 3 1/2 minutes. Use the atomizer on the mag, and your mags level will go up faster than using regular items. Star atomizers increase a little for all levels, but it costs a lot of money. Good luck!
Easy Money
This cheat requires two controllers. Its quite simple first choose the character you want to have recieve the spoils. Then make another character that you will never use.(Like a joke character) When both characters are teleported in the Guild make the joke character drop all of its money and weapons.(you can keep its mag if you want) Then the character you want to get the items picks up all the joke characters items then sell them.Delete the joke character and make another one.Repeat this as much as you want and you will be rich in no time.
Easy Rare Weapons
Play the first 3 quests and beat them. This will unlock the Fake in Yellow quest.

Play this quest through till you get to a room with a single rappy in a nest. Do not talk to him. Doing so will complete the quest.

You're goal is to find a rare Rappy, a blue, and when you make it to Ultimate mode a green/yellow/orange rappy. Kill it, it will play dead for a few minutes, stay close so that you can hit it as it wakes up. If you are lucky it will drop a red bos, indicating a rare item.

The total number of time you have played will increase the likelihood of finding a rare weapon/item.

Good Luck ~
Easy sinow beat kill
There's a bug in the mines that allow you to kill sinow beat easily. When you find that a sinow beat is too close to you or you think you're gonna die, stick on a wall and stay there without moving. The sinow beat won't see you and you can heal yourself. The sinow beat will teleport where he begins and the time he falls you will have time to shot him (if you're a ranger) or you use a spell (if you're a force). Good luck!
Gol Dragon - Very Hard mode
How to beat the Gol Dragon on Very hard.This Tip can be use for Normal and Hard modes as well.

The Gol Dragon Has three different Spells Ice,Fire,Thunder.When he uses a spell it will be 1 of these 3 in a random order so they will be refered as Spells in this guide.Try to stay away from Ice for sure,it is the worst because it can freeze you very easily if your EIC Stat is under 30.Fire is least of your worries here because it doesn't cause a abnormal status and isn't very powerful.Thunder shouldn't be ignored either,it can leave you shocked which isn't as bad as freeze,because you can still move and use items.
Part 1
As soon as the Gol Dragon comes out of the screen in the short-video,he'll immediately use his Spell breath that will hit anything within' a 180 degre angle.Run away from the Dragon at the begining if you don't want to get hit.when he stops breathing his Spell rush in on him,it won't take that long because he'll teleport towards you in no time.Get a few hits in then run away because his next attack he'll fly into the air and come crashing down,hit'ing anything near him with the digital water floor.When the floor subsides,rush in on him again,and hit him as much as possible,while he uses his Spell breath again(This is the chance to do most of the damage to him)he'll fly up and go to another end of the Arena and rain down his spells in the form of little spheres.The best place I find to avoid this is to hide right under him so your curser is right on his in the map this way you'll only take about 1 or 2 hits.When you notice he's stoped get the heck out of there cause he'll come crashing down again.This will continue to go on untill you take away half his HP.
Part 2
Once the Gol Dragon is Half dead He'll raise into the air and fall right through it.He'll come come back up with 2 partners(each of them making the digital floor Wave up),Now you have 3 Gol Dragons on your hands,but 2 of them are Fake and will dissapear if you do about 700-1500 damage to them.You can easily tell which ones are fake if you a hunter because you can't hit there feet, instead you need to aim about 2"feet behind there legs.Just because there fake doesn't mean they can't hurt you though.There just as nasty as the original Gol Dragon.The way they attack is the same as Part 1,but they start some attacks sooner
then the original.So one will be walking,one will be using his spell breath,and the other could be using his Spell rain.The key is not to try and get rid of the fakes but just hit any of them with as much damage as possible,because even if you attack a fake Dragon it will still hurt the original Gol Dragon.
Happy slaying,and I wish you good luck!
here somthing i found out online

the dragon gives Hunter weapons(Yamato and musashi as far as i know)

de rol gives force weapons(such as cards)

vol opt gives ranger weapons such as Photon Launcher(ATA = 120) and the Guilty Light (ATA = 123)

falz supposedly gives the celestial armour
Leveling Up Trick
First go to forest 1 on very hard mode. Then find a monest. Do not kill it , but kill all of the nats. Then pipe back to pioneer 2 then back down again. All the nats will be back so you can get even more experience. This can be repeated.
Mag S-ell
This is a trick to get your most wanted mag cell from a pumpkin or present.

Go offline (only works offline) and open the pumpkin/present as you normally would. If its a mag cell you don't want then RESET your game(if the game is not reseted and instead Quit then the game will save with the undesired mag cell). After you've RESET/POWERED OFF your GC go into your char file again. Open the item again. It should be something different. If its not the mag cell you want then do it again. It should give you something different. This saves you getting problems by going out and looking for another Rappy.
this is how you escape out of Ice or being frozen. Move control stick from right to left or left to right in a rapid motion when frozen. You will break out in split seconds.
Tails Chao
Do "The Fake in Yellow" quest and finish it. Talk to your client but DO NOT GET THE MESETA!!! Instead go back through the pipe by the bank and you should be greeted with 3 Rappies. Walk over to the waterfall and destroy all the boxes by it, If you did everything correct then a chao will rise from behind the waterfall and give you the "TINY CHAO GARDEN KEY." Go back to P2 and look outside of the hunters guide. You should find a GBA machine like in SA2:B. Link up a Gameboy Advance and download the game. Now with your gameboy advance still on, Change your game to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and go to the chao garden, pick up the chao and save. Now you have the Legendary Tails Chao!
Telepipe Trick
This is a very useful trick that I have used and veried myself. Unlike the Dreamcast version in PSO Ep.1 & 2 the monsters don't reset everytime you go into a telepipe in and out of the city. This can be used to your advantage for finding rare monsters in the game.

So what's the point in finding rare monsters? Well, if you don't already know each rare monster has its set rare item drop for each difficulty mode, excluding normal mode. Take the Pal Rappy in Ultimate mode forest for example. A Purplenum section ID will get Sacred Cloth from Pal Rappy in Ultimate Forest. Now this is how the trick works. Simply set a Telepipe in a room with preferably 2 or more monsters of which you want to apear in their rare form. Go back and from the city setting telepipes as you go. Sooner or later you will come across the rare enemy you are looking for and will have the chance of receiving his rare item after you kill it. Remember though, the rare monsters do not always drop their set rare items. Androids can also use the trick by using telepipes from the shop. It will take a little more of your time, but the outcome will be the same. Enjoy, now go find yourself some rare items! =D
Unlock Difficulties Offline
Successfully complete either Episode 1 or 2 on Normal, Hard and Very Hard to unlock other difficulty modes while offline.