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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Cheats

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door cheat codes.


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Unlockable Stage
These are some stages you can unlock by raising your level.(*=already have at beginning of game)
UnlockableHow to unlock
*C-star stagealready have (can't release anything)
B-star stagego on level 10 (releases icey wind and smoke)
A-star stagego on level 20 (releases icey wind, blasting powder, smoke, and confusion bugs)
superstar stagego on level 30 (releases icey wind, blasting powder, fire, smoke, and confusion bugs)
*othersforks, audience attack, iron, electrical iron, and multi audience attack


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L emblem
In Poshly Sanctrum, at the second room, go up like the first room and use the airplane panel (right). Get the sprite and go up another and get the L EMBLEM.
Go to west side goodsand buy as many dried shrooms as your inventory can carry at 2 coins a pop. Then go to Zess.T and tell her to cook them as just that item.It will take a while though. Then go next door to the toad bros. bazar item shop and sell them for 5 coins.
A Different Way to get Money
Tired of only getting a 2-coin profit from the Sleepy Sheep? Here's what you can do:

NOTE: You must have completed Bub-ulber's trouble. And have completed chapter 7.

1. Go to the hot-dog stand in Glitzville and buy as many as possible.
2. Go to Petalburg and trade the hot-dogs for dried bouquets.
3. Go on the train to Poshley Heights and sell them for a seven-coin profit!

It may take a little longer but it's worth it!
A really nice attack item.
This isn't to hard to make. First get 1 Mystic Egg, 1 Coconut and 2 Fire Flowers. Now, save your game and go see Zess T. Mix the Mystic Egg with one of the Fire Flowers. This will give you an Egg Bomb. Next, mix the Coconut with the other Fire Flower. This will give you a Coconut Bomb. Now, mix the Egg Bomb and the Coconut Bomb. This will give you a Zess Dynamite. Zess Dynamite does 7 damage to all enemies regardless of defenses.
after you beat the game
affter you beat the game wait atlease 20 minauts then you will be back to rougport with all your partneres and you will a great hit every body will say your the famous mario who beat the qween so do that k
Amazee Daisy, run or attack?
I found out that if you kill all the enemies with an amazee daisy, it will freak and run away. If you leave one other enemy alive with the amazee daisy, it will attack you. (20 hp down, watch out.) If you have less than 20 hp at the moment, either run away, or kill everyone. Or at least everyone but the amazee daisy.
Ancient Cookbook
To get the ancient cookbook so you can mix two items together and make one, first head off to the pipe that leads to Twilight Town. Once you enter Twilight Town, go to the Twilight Path (the path that leads to the Creepy Steeple), and follow it to the Creepy Steeple. Go into "Tube Mode" and roll into that little path carved at the bottom of the Creepy Steeple gate, and open the gate once you undo "Tube Mode". When you get into the Creepy Steeple, push up on the control stick until you come face-to-face with a wall. You should see a little tunnel, so go into "Tube Mode" again, and roll into the tunnel which leads you to a secret room. Open the chest, get the Ancient Cookbook, which allows you to mix two items to create one, get the star piece behind the furniture, hit the Shrine Sprite block to get a Shrine Sprite, and open the other chest to get the "Ice Smash" badge. You will need the Ancient Cookbook later on in a trouble, and it can be very useful. Continue the story from there.....
Are You Stylish For This?
This is how to get stylish... TWICE!!!
  • Jump
    To get stylish twice by jumping, get jump, jump on the enemy, press A to do the action command, then you will jump off the enemy and when you get as high as you can, press A to do stylish, then after you jump on him again, press stylish again.
  • Hammer
    To get stylish twice by hammering, get the hammer, and wait for the lights to flash, and right after you hit the enemy with the hammer, press A, you will do a backflip, then, when you reach the ground, press A again, a spotlight will show up and confetti will sprinkle down to your soul as you cheer.
    Congrats, you just mastered the double stylish jump!
  • Awesome Badge!
    You know how you can't jump on spiky enemies?
    With a certain badge, you can! All you have to do is go into Rougeport Sewers. Slim through the bars and go into the pipe. Go down the stairs and slim
    through the barred door. You will see spikes rising up and down. Use Vivian as your partner. Use her ability every time the spikes come up. Keep doing
    this until you reach the end. Open the chest and....
    TA DAH!!
    You now have a badge that lets you jump on spiked enemies!!!
    Badges=Easy Money
    Go to ms.mowz shop, her husband will buy any of your badges some maybe useless to you but its popular for him, he'll pay like up to 250 coins for a badge

    Note:Gold bar will let you save over 999 coins
    Beat Amayzee Daisees Easily!
    Make sure you have 8 star power and Goombella is at the ultra rank.

    1. Use Goombella's Rally Wink to make Mario have an extra turn.
    2. Use Art Attack(do at least 10 damage.).
    3. Same as 2.
    4. You get 39 star points!
    BEAT SHADOW QUEEN EA-Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Having a hard time with the Shadow Queen? If so look forward! You need: fully upgraded Goombella,Charge P badge,10 Ultra Shrooms,and a Power Plus badge! First get to the battles second verse second keep on using standard jump with Mario third when Goombellas turn charge (uses 1 FP) over and over and over. when you have 4 FP left use multi bonk with Goombella (uses 4 FP)and try keeping a long combo bonk. I say to Marios standard jump to weaken the Shadow queen making it easir to kill her. if your O.K. at jumping but better at hamering,hamering is also O.K. to weaken her but you need to use goombellas orderd stradegy! Use the Ultra Shrooms when on low
    HP and that goes for both mario and goombella! 70 HP is the least HP rec omended possible but I put in a lot concideration and used 95 HP. 35 is the least FP needed. I HOPE IT WORKS FOR YOU!!!!!!!
    Best FP food!!!!!
    the best food that can cure a lot of Fp is the Jellly Candy

    Made by
    Jammin Jelly + cake mix= jelly candy

    It heals 64 FP!!!!!
    big heads up
    This is for the pit of 100 trials.Alright just saying at the end you wont be getting some treasure chest for free. You will have to fight the toughest enemy in the game. Bonetail. some relasionship to hooktail. But this dude has 200 hp so be prepared.
    Boss Help
    HOOKTAIL (20 HP ; 10 HP)
    Make sure you have 15 or above HP (need Mushrooms and Honey.), 5FP or above and 3BP or above and 50% SP or above, you'll be able to defeat Hooktail.
    HELP-U-FACT: Hooktail is afraid of Crickets, so get the Attack FX B badge and put it on 0 BP. Her defense will drop and attack.

    MAGNUS (30 HP)
    Make sure you have 15 or above HP (need S. Shrooms, Mushrooms, or Honey Surup pick any one) 10FP or above 75% SP or above, and be Level 2 or 3. Keep using your most hurtingful attack until Magnus throws it's hands. Use Flurrie to blow them away or hit them. Also upgrade Flurrie if you have time.
    HELP-U-FACT: With the Pretty Lucky badge Magnus will always miss oftenlly than usual.

    Make sure you have 20HP or above 15FP or above and 80% of SP or above and have S. Mushrooms, Point Swap (only if low HP) Maple Syurp or any other stuff. Also upgrade Yoshi (you can name him)if you have time and use his Mini-Egg to drop attack power. Pretty Lucky will work too.
    HELP-U-FACT: Use the earthquake item and instead of 5 it'll do 7.

    ????? (40 HP)
    Make sure you have 25HP or above 20FP or above and 100% SP, plus with some mushrooms and syurps'. DO NOT UPGRADE GOOMBELLA AND DON'T KILL HER!
    HELP-U-FACT: Keep attacking ?????, for some reason they'll be attack lowering...

    ATOMIC BOO (Optional Boss) [40 HP]
    WHAT?: Spin hammer the boos in the lobby. When completing the battle put on the Lucky Start badge!!
    HELP-U-FACT: Keep using the map thing when getting confused, dizzinessed, and poison.

    CORTEZ (20 HP)
    Make sure you have 25HP or above 25FP or above 70% of SP or above. CORTEZ(1); Do what you do. CORTEZ(2); Get Vivian and go into the shadows and defeat Cortez to it again if he does it again. CORTEZ(3); Get Flurrie out and use Gale Force for the weapons won't come back and defeat Cortez. YOU NEED MUSHROOM, S. MUSHROOM, or SYURP.
    HELP-U-FACT: Use Simpinflyer and Power Bouce, miss Power Bounce and Cortez will automatically die.

    SMORG (50 HP)
    Have 10HP or above 10FP or above and 100% of SP. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 10 THUNDER-RAGES and to wake up Toad talk to him. Or you can use Vivian (make sure you upgraded her 2 times) and use Fiery Jinx. Make sure you have a couple of Zess T.'s recipes.
    HELP-U-FACT: The recipie for Ultra Shroom, look it up on the website! Use the Pretty Lucky badge.

    MAGNUS 2.0 (70 HP)
    Keep using THunder Rages and use Vivian for Jinx then Bobbery for anything else.
    HELP-U-FACT: When he takes the crowd use defense and defense plus or use Koops to block. It depends on who he chooses.

    GRODUS (50 HP)
    Use Vivian's Jinx or Bobbey's Big blast thing. Have some Ultra Shrooms with you too. Have 35HP or more.
    HELP-U-FACT: Unaviable right now.

    BOWSER (70 HP ; 50 HP)
    Make sure you have 78 Star Points while battling Grodus for your level-up!
    HELP-U-FACT: Kill the old hag first if you want.

    Have 30HP, 30FP, and 30BP for your badges plus life shrooms, ultra shrooms, and jammin' jellies, mix ultra and jammin' for JELLY ULTRA.
    HELP-U-FACT: Use Spring Jump at all times and use Vivian's Jinx, and pull thing, then Bobbery or Koops. DETROY HER HANDS FIRST.

    BONETAIL (200 HP)
    I did not make it to Bonetail. Sorry. Go to YouTube.com for videos of him.

    - - - -

    - - - -
    Boss: Hooktail:
    To easily defeat Hooktail, make sure you\'re wearing that Sound Badge that makes cricket noises, which is Hooktail\'s main weakness. Without it, she might stomp you in this battle... very easily. If you attack often while wearing this badge, her attack will go from 2 to 1 and her defense will go from 1 to 0. If she asks you things like \"Free Badge\" or \"A thousand coins\", say no; she\'ll fool you and chomp you, so be careful.
    Change your yoshi's colors
    This is so you can change the color without making the name colors. Save right before the battle when you get your yoshi 9e one right before the major leaque). Go into the next battle. Run from the battle. If the Yoshi isnt the color you want reset, go buy something, and then do it all over again. Repeat untillyou get the color wanted.
    Charge a lot while fighting bosses
    While fighting bosses, the easiest way to defeat them is to Charge a few times then Power Bounce.

    An even faster way of doing this is to upgrade Goombella to Ultra Rank so that she knows how to use Rally Wink. Charge with Mario and use Rally Wink with Goombella so that Mario can charge again. This makes charging up attack power require half the amount of turns.
    Complete Goomther's trouble!!!!!!!!
    Client: Goomther (IN ROGUEPORT)
    Title: Find this guy!
    Reward: 20 Coins

    Goomther was recently defrauded by the wily bandit Larson. To catch the theif, first speak with Goomther, who will be pacing Rogueport Plaza. Head to the secret alley next to Merlon's house and confront him. He'll bolt. Talk to Goomther, then check the pier. When you find Larson by the docks, he'll flee again. Corner him behind the inn and collect your pay.
    These are some recipes that Zess T. can make for you, only give her the item(s) before the equals sign.

    1. Shooting Star + Shroom Roast = Meteor Meal
    2. Cake Mix + Ruin Powder = Heartful Cake
    3. Coconut = Tasty Tonic
    4. Golden Leaf = Zess Tea
    5. Point Swap + Ice Storm = Fire Flower
    6. Fire Flower = Spicy Soup
    7. Point Swap + Thunder Bolt = Earth Quake
    Crazy Petuni!
    After beating Chapter 2, talk to Petuni(Punie with the pink antenna). She will ask if you wanna play a game of which you will win a Mystic Egg if you answer:

    Mario likes which person the most?

    But that's besides the point. If you say no to her, she gets mad and after you finish talking to her, she jumps around like crazy! Only way to make her stop is to win the Mystic Egg or fail.
    Defeating Gloomtail
    You should have the Feeling Fine Badge on(you do don't you)and Bobbery out and use Power Smash and Bobbery to bomb him. In 8 turns he will be defeated and you will get the Star Key
    dodgy fog
    When the random event of dodgy fog appears in battle, Bobbery will make the fog go away whether or not his attack does any damage.
    Don Pianta
    After you beat chapter 2, you will need to go see Don Pianta to get a blimp ticket to go to Glitzville. Instead of paying the Robos a ton of money to figure out the way to see him, do this - go to the shop on the very west side of town, buy a dried shroom, and then a dizzy dial. The shopkeeper will first ask "What color is your mustache?" Answer yellow. Then she'll say "Oops, wrong question." She'll then ask you what's your favorite color. Answer yellow again. Then go through the door on the left of the shop.
    Don't trust that Hooktail boss (The big red dragon)
    After you beat the Hooktail boss for the first time he'll offer you something. When he does don't accept because he'll trick you and will take some of your HP off.
    Easier Way to Beat the Shadow Queen
    The Shadow Queen is very difficult, and you may find yourself battling her for ages. A tip, is to stock up with 4 Lightnings, and 6 Ultra mushrooms. This way, when she gets her arms back you can attack all of her, and if she leaves you with barely any energy then you can recover!

    I also suggest you have maximum HP, and FP, and use Vivian as an ally !
    easiest way to kill grodus, bowser and kammy koopa
    OK you will need

    Full HP SP & FP
    Vivian and bombery powered up at least once
    70-99 star points


    OK first get Vivian to do fiery jinx his barrier will disappear
    and Mario will use art attack.
    Do this for the first 2 turns.
    Next keep using fiery jinx,
    Mario will use power smash.
    its better if you do action commands and guard commands.
    when he shoots a ray of blue fiery tap B as fast as you can
    he should die.

    you will get a level up.

    Bowser and kammy koopa

    Same as with grodus for Vivian and Mario
    except only use art attack on kammy koopa. its best to kill her first because she can maximise her and bowsers lives.
    bowser is easier when he bites you its super easy to press B.
    so the only thing that is acually bad is when he jumps. he will take something like attacks or hammer so you can`t use it for 2-5 turns.

    but overall they are easy. Oh and bombery is incase Vivian dies.

    Easy amazee dayzee win
    First you have to have Spring Jump for Mario and Goombella all powered up. First you 'Spring Jump' (you have to get it right) on the amazee dayzee. then have Goombella do Rally Wink. Then do Spring Jump again the you get 30-50 starpoints.
    easy bosses
    Get A LOT of coins. go to the west side and go to the palor. Spend all of you coins on blue things with the trading machine. You have to solve Koopooks trouble first. Choose trade in winnings and buy a lot of Power Rush badges for 34 blue things. You should have at least 20. Sell badges at the badge shop for more coins (DON'T SELL THE POWER RUSHES!).Equip the Power Rushes! Buy the Chill Out badge and equip it too. Get more coins and go to the sewers with the pipe in front of frankly's house. Take out Bobery and blow the crack in the wall. Go in the pipe and enter the house. bring your life down to 5 and upgrade FP and BP. Your Power rush badges will activate and your attack is at least 44. You should have at least 30 BP for this trick.
    Easy method of beating the Shadow Queen
    This is the easiest way I know of to kill the Shadow Queen. Buy as many Boo's Sheets as you can carry (but it wouldn't hurt to have an Ultra Mushroom, for backup.) They can be found on the Excess Express shop for 20 coins each. Equip yourself with the Charge and Power Bounce badges, then go to battle. During your turn, charge up and let your partner use Boo's Sheets on you. It doesn't matter if your partner dies-they're not important. When your supply of Boo's Sheets run out, use Power Bounce. You can easily deal over 100 damage in one turn this way. (This trick will also work with Goombella's Multibonk.)
    easy rawk hawk
    when you beat Macho Grubba and you start fighting again. when you get to 1st place[not champ]then go and beat doopliss[get artattack] and make sure that yoshi knows mini-egg and go and fight rawk hawk use yoshis mini-egg so that rawk hawk shrinks and then use art attack and because you shrunk him you will be able to do about 9 to 18 damage then just hit with power smashes[power bounces]andyoshis ground pound and you will beat him in somethimg like 3 turns![this is even easier if you have the Ultra Hammer!]
    Easy Shadow Queen Beat
    Use any partner that can attack all enemies (Koops, Bobbery max upgrade, Yoshi max upgrade) use fire drive and lots of FP (around 50HP and 50 FP, the rest badge) have 1-2 jelly ultras and in a few turns you will win.
    Easy Shop Points!
    You can get really easy Shop Points like this. All you have to do is to sell all your Sound FX badges or any other useless badges at the badge shop which is located on the top left of the inn. You will get a whole lot of coins. Go to a shop with Dried Shrooms and keep buying them until your bag is full. Then sell all the Dried Shrooms in your bag. Repeat this process until you reach the desired amount of shop points.
    Easy Star Points
    After completing Chapter 4 and learning Art Attack, return to the forest between Twilight Town and Creepy Steeple. Enter battle against the Crazy Dayzees and if an Amazee Dayzee appears, use Art Attack on only the Amazee Dayzee to do 15 or 18 damage on it. Then use an attack that will finish it off like Vivian's Fiery Jinx.
    Easy way to beat the Shadow Queen
    Ok, I've beaten the Shadow Queen twice, so I know what good tips are to kill her.
    Before you go to the Thousand Year Door, stock up on Ultra Shrooms and about 2 Life Shrooms, don't fill yourself though, there are some ultra and life shrooms in the thousand year door. And it never hurts to bring fighting items. The best partners to use are Admiral Bobbery and Vivian, so level them up! Be sure to use pretty lucky, close call, peekaboo, lucky day, and some other use full badges. When the Shadow queen attacks you, it is extremely hard to attack her back, so just press A and save a few lives. With this you should be able to easily beat the shadow queen.
    Easy way to beat the shadow queen
    Put on the Simplifier badge, and the Power bounce badge and do a power bounce. You will probably do about 15 damage if you are good.

    Easy way to get to Don Pianta!
    First get all the coins required,then save.Then go to him.Write down what he said.turn it off.
    Then do what he told u!U will only lose a few coins this way!

    It works!
    It's also super easy!
    Easy XP
    Go to the pathway inbetween twilight town and creepy steeple, keep going back and forth between any screens in the forest area and you will eventually encounter an amazee daisey, to reset the enemies, go away 2 screens from the craizy daisie area.
    Easy-ish Pit of 100 Trials
    this trip takes nearly 2 1/2+ hours. on each level, the enemies get harder. and if you go in there more than once, the order they are placed in every 10 levels will vary. movers will be "moved" from their place to a whole new place.
    anyway, stock up on zess deluxes (either mix a golden leaf and whackabump together, or mix a shroom steak and a healty salad together. shroom steaks are mixes of life shrooms and turtley leafs. healthy salads are turtley leafs and horsetails. even more recipies can be found over Google.) you should probably have 10 zess deluxes. the problem is, you have no more room for items! well, simply go to lv 50 of pit of 100 trials and get the item that lets you hold 20 items. now, stock up on 5 zess dynamites. (great for in lv 90 with those golden dozen fingered floating freaks.) also, ahve 5 life shrooms. (you ARE going to die at least once, unless you're like lv 50 ranked or something.)
    once you get to bonetail, you should have had all your partners (or at least the better ones,) ranked to ultra ranks (powered up twice.) when fighting bonestail, he will heal himself of 20hp twice, so basically you're dealing with 240hp with a guy with 2 missing attacks. (his turn is wasted healing himself.) now, simply use power smashes and either use bobbery's bomb attack or use ms. mowz love slap (both cause 4hp.) just be sure to NEVER use yoshi, none of his attacks work.
    Finally! Bonetail and the Prize of the Pit of 100 Trials
    Bonetail Info
    200 HP
    Attack: 8
    Defense: 2
    Bonetail is the boss at the bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials, and as you would expect, he\'s rather tough. His stats don\'t lie... he\'s a more powerful foe than even the Shadow Queen herself... But he\'s still not too bad. Bonetail is like a beefed up Gloomtail, so expect lots of stomps, chomps and breath attacks, the difference being this time, instead of Poison Breath, Bonetail has breath that can freeze, confuse, shrink, or put you to sleep. Since most of his attacks only affect the front character, Mario can stay in the back and use another character as a meat shield. Flurrie works well for this, since she can keep recovering HP with Lip Lock. Of course, you can and should switch your partner often to utilize all their HPs, especially if you have the Quick Change Badge equipped. When Bonetail\'s HP gets to 50, he\'ll heal 20 HP, and he may do this again throughout the course of the battle, but at this point you should be able to beat Bonetail down. Seriously, the last 10 levels of the Pit were more difficult than Bonetail himself.

    Return Postage
    7 BP
    500 Coins
    Received after beating Bonetail on Floor 100 of the Pit of 100 Trials.
    Gives Mario \"Counter\" status permanently, so he damages enemies that directly attack him for 1/2 the damage they cause.

    Fire Mario (similar to danger mario)
    Fire Mario is Awesome and HOT (LOL) and easy to be.

    1. Be danger Mario

    2. Beat Bonetail and get return postage badge.

    3. Buy Fire hammer Badge. (your gonna need 50 Fp)

    4. get charge badge.

    5. always have bobbery (or koops/goombella if powered up second time.

    6. get lucky day badge.

    7. Have a bunch of coconut bombs, egg bombs, Zess dynamites, and life shrooms (optional)
    First strike advantage...
    If you can manage to Spin Jump onto your enemy to engage them in battle, the fight opens up with Mario jumping onto the enemy, but when you reach the pinnacle of your rebound press A for a Spin Jump rather than the usual bellyflop.

    My Mario (at Level 15) hits for 8 this way instead of the usual 6 damage.
    fool proof way to beat the pit of 100 trials
    need 25 power rush ps
    10 ultra shrooms, 2 jammin jellys, 4 life shrooms and boo sheets, 55 HP 50 FP 33 BP, strange sack, AND quick change
    Total 5110 PLUS boo sheets
    use artytack on strong enemies(wizzerds)
    have yoshi at 2-5 hp and have hime upgraded twice and don't use him until lv 80. there equip the 25 power rush Ps and quick change. on level 99 beat it and bring out yoshi then fight bonetail. mario should use boo sheet on yoshi. yoshi should use ground pound to take down a maximum of...279 HP!!!!! HOLY SHNAPE!THATS ONE HIT EXECUTION1
    Free Coins
    After beating Chapter 2,Go to the Great Tree and talk to the Punio's sister. She'll talk about how Punio is always getting in trouble and how she's bored.She'll ask you to play a game and exept.Say "who does Mario like most?" She'll answer it as Princess Peach.Obviously.She'll give you a mistic egg,sell it since you got it for free.
    Free Tattle Logs
    Dont worry if you didnt tattle any of the 1 time people you fight. If you go to professor frankly's house you can find a yellow trash can and if you click at it you get free tattles that you might have missed.
    Full HP & FP when fighting Bowser & Kammy
    When you go to fight Grodus in the Palace of Shadow, try to have high enough Star Points to get a level up after defeating Grodus. This will give you full HP and FP for when you fight Bowser and Kammy Koopa.
    Get a Jabbi on your side in Chapter 2!
    I did this on accident when I was exploring the hidden shop in the great Boggly tree, but here:

    During Chapter 2 when you find the hidden shop in the tree(Pungent's Shop). Go to the very back/end of the shop (the left side). You will see some white tree stump like things. Go behind there and Jabble will pop out! Choose not to beat him up and he will join you.

    He is not added to your Puni army number in the bottom of the screen, and no special thing happens. He doesn't ever talk, and he helps you fight the other Jabbies! He is also at the end of the chapter when all the Punies are saying good Bye to Mario. He doesn't say anything there either.
    Get rich quick
    Go to Rougeport and go to the central part of town and enter the inn. There's a door that you'll hardly notice that leads out to the roof. Go out there and there'll be a badge shop you can't miss. Tell to the owner you want to sell some badges.

    -this works great when you need to pay the gang of robbos to talk to Don Pianta
    Get through the Pit of 100 trials easily!
    To get through the Pit of 100 Trials is easy! All you have to do is buy 10 life shrooms. Now, if you die you will regain a life automatically as you know. Begin your battles at the pit and reach the 50th floor. Here, open the treasure chest and grab the item inside. This item allows you to hold 20 items instead of 10. Exit the pit and buy life shrooms until you can't carry any more items. Now go down the pit and battle.
    Get your body back
    If your stuck in Chapter 4 and your a shadow find a Super Bomb give it to vivan then say "Here let me fix it"then Vivan will join your party then go the secret of creepy steeple find the letter P then when the talking mark comes up Press X then it5 will say "Hey were did those werideos go Doopliss you big fat jerk you haven't fed me a single cracker" then go back to twilight trail and write Doopliss when Mario shows up then he'll run away where you battled him first but if an emblem is on it will come out yellow and purple.
    Getting Hammer 2
    When you are in RougePort, you will notice a Giant treasure cheat above the Inn. Once you get the spring shoes, so under the wooden holders, and jump. The treasure chest will fall down, and open it to recieve the second hammer !
    Getting Money Easily
    Once you've gotten to PetalBurg in the First Chapter you can use a trick to make easy money.
    1) go to RougePort and buy as many sleepy sheep as you can carry, making sure to fill up your storage box aswell. When your pockets and storage box is full, head over to PetalBurg.
    2)Once at Petalburg, go into the Item Shop to sell your sleepy sheep for a 2 coin profit per sheep. Make sure you remember to withdraw and sell all the sleepy sheep you stored. To increase productivity, on the way back to rougueport, stock up on turtley leaves, again filling up the storage box, and sell them at the item shop where you picked up the sleepy sheep to gain 2 coins per leaf.

    Here's another tip....

    Once you get Taste T. you can cook the leaves into koopa tea for an extra 1 coin per leaf
    getting MS.Mouz
    Complete the ??? problem at the Trouble center by finding the secret badge hidden in Hooktails castle. Return the badge to the mosue ontop of Zess T's shop, and she will join your team.

    Ghost Game Over
    You must know like other people said reading the ghost diary in chapter 6 gets you an automatic game over. If you still want to read, SAVE before you do it. Know to read the diary, go to important items section on your inventory and choose "Diary". You will be asked to read it or not to read it. If your not crazy and just want to know what cause the Game Over screen then skip to the next line and don't read it. If your not afraid read it. If you read it, its extremely boring, and the game over is that the ghost will come up and curse you. If you think its another paper ability, it isnt. Wait a second or two after that andd Mario will turn to a ghost! GAME OVER! You were warned...
    Glitch in Glitzville
    If you hit the invisible block under the Shine Sprite while standing on it you can move inside of it

    Notes: If you already whacked the block you can't do it and also if you get out you can't go back in.
    Glitzville and the way to get money, and a shine sprite
    you can always come back to glitzville and enter the tournament whenever you want, after chapter 3 that is I mean, youll have to fight your way back to Champs room again, but once your there, youll fight rawk hawk again, and again, every time youll win, youll get 20 coins(100 ever 5 times you win), and also, the bed heals Hp, Fp, and star power, here are the conditions in this tournament that Ive encountered:
    appeal 3 times
    no jumping
    no hammering
    1 special attack
    you can not attack
    your partner can not attack
    these are all the things I found about the tournament, oh yah, if you want that shine sprite putside the tournament, hit the ground below it with your hammer, a coin block will appear, jump on it and jump and get the shine sprite, happy fighting!
    Gold Bullet Bill/blaster Help
    Here are some tips on beating golden bullet bills and their blasters:

    •Find a position where you can walk between the pair of bullet bills
    •get as close as you can to the launcher without battling it
    •face the other direction of the launchers
    •do a spin hammer thingy
    •you will attack it with ultra hammer attack without using FP
    •have bobbery or flurrie out
    •You must master counter-attacking (hit B before they hit you)
    •If you can counter-attack well,ignore the bullets and go for the bulet blasters with mario's hammer or bobbery's bomb attack
    •if you dont do well in counter-attacking,then it will be 2x harder,but try using flurrie or goombella to take out a bullet and try hard to block the other bullet,but use mario's hammer to hitt the bullets.

    ••Don't use your yoshi,he doesnt hit,only gulps and eggs••
    ••if all else fails,use Earth Tremor or SuperNova••
    Great Tree Shop
    There is a Great Tree Shop. It is in the Great Tree and you need Flurrie to go in to it. First go to the room Where Crump stole the Crystal Star from you. Once you go pass the one of the mechanical doors, there will be a pipe to the top. But instead keep going to the left, then there will be a big blue shape, shaped as a door. Blow the door away with Flurrie. They sell good items like Mystery, And Hp Drain. Happy Shopping ^.^
    Beating grodus is easy, but if having trouble, follow this cheat.

    1. Make 20 coconut bombs (coconut + fire flower).

    2. Equip flurrie (optional) You should have at least 75 HP.

    3. Go past the palace of shadow to grodus.

    When battling, always use the coconut bombs and never attack. Use Flurrie to blow the grodus X's. The coconut bombs are also more useful on Bowser and Kammy Koopa.
    Helping Punies in Jabbi Wars
    Having trouble with those pesky Jabbi battles where you have to rely on luck to win? Rely on luck no more! Use Flurrie's X-button wind ability to stun the Jabbies so that you can win by a long shot! You'll know if it's working if the affected Jabbi/Jabbies have the classical spinning stars above their heads. You can also use it on the Punies to get them out of trouble. (This tip is especially useful in the battle with the 100 Jabbi army.)
    Hidden boxes
    Throughout the game there are invisible boxes that could hold items, coins, or badges. Here are the ones that I know of.

    Creepy Steeple stairs - 1 coin
    Under shine sprite in Glitzville - nothing

    When you first see a Punie, go straight down from the hole, to the wall and jump - Badge

    In Fahr Outpost in the area with the pipe, jump in front of the trees until a box apears - Badge

    In Boggly Wood, in the area that you have to push the blue button to raise the airplane panel, go to the button spot and about half way down keep on jumping until a box appears - Badge.
    Hint-Stylish Moves
    Directly after a hammer attack, or at the highest point after a jump attack, tap A again and Mario will do a stylish trick earning him more star points. This works for his allies as well. Tap A directly after doing Koops "Shell Throw" and he will spin on his back earning more style.
    hints to your next location
    In the west side of Rogueport there are two houses. The one with the circle on it has a Toad in it that will say something about going somewhere to help his focus for his novel. The places he talks about it always the next place you are going to.
    Hooktail's weakness
    The easiest way to beat Hooktail is to equip the Attack FX R badge becouse when you hit him,he will feel sorta groggy and he will lose his turn to attack
    OKAY! get simplifier, power bounce (the one tht lets u stomp enemies), 2 ultra shrooms, charge, and eight boo sheets. now use charg with mario and have ur partner use boo sheets. if your partner dies, switch partners and have them use a boo thingy. keep doing this till u run out of boo sheets. then use power bounce and u will do 20-19-18-17-16-15 etc. with simplifier it makes it even easier to power bounce. if the queen charges for tht mega attk then let ur partner get hurt they dont matter. this works! it worked for all four of my files and two of them have 10 health! others have 30 and 50. boos sheets can be bought on poshley heights train thingy for 20 coins.
    How to get a lot of money and stuff
    Go to RougePort,Then head for the Trouble Center,Take on any trouble,If you solve the trouble,you'll get a reward.

    NOTE:To get more troubles to solve complete more Chapters until you have them all.
    how to get a horsetail
    first you must go to petal meadows and go to the area right after you see hooktails castle. Then go to the very end of the area where the tall green pipe is, it is the last stripped pole. then you must hit it ten times and a horsetail will pop out.(to get more, leave the area and hit it ten times again.)
    How to get a lot of pinatas
    Get a lot of coins (250+)And Buy about 80 pinatas(Leave and get the cards to play the games if you haven't already.) And keep playing the game you are the best at. (Mine is Paper Game)

    Play for a long time and when you are done you should have 500+ pinatas!

    To get the cards, Complete the certain troubles: Help My Daady!,(Chapter 3) Try to find me!(Chapter 2), Important thing!(Chapter 7), And: I must have that book!(Chapter 7)
    How to get Ms. Mows as a partner
    After the 4th or 5th chapter, return to Rougeport, go to the trouble center, and select the trouble that has ??? as the name and exclusive badge as the description. Go to the inn, go on the top floor and go all the way [past the badge shop], go on top on Zess T's house and talk to Ms. Mows. After you talk to her go to where you defeated Hooktail, get out Flurrie, go towards the center and you will an exclamation mark above Mario's head, and use Flurrie to blow the force field away and get the badge. Return it to Ms. Mows and she will join tour party.
    how to get the last hammer before going to the moon
    If your trying to get the last hammer that you get its in the middle of Rogueport.Its right inside that big treasure box.Use your new teqnique which you use to go on the pipes and go underneath the treasure box and use your pipe teqnique.Then the box will pop out and your new hammer will be there
    How to get W emblem
    on certain days the traveling merchant in Rouge Port will be selling the W emblem. Watch out the price of this is very high. I had to buy mine for 360 coins.

    What the W emblem does is when you equip it you will be wearing Wario's clothes. Mario looks good in his clothes.
    How to not kill bad crowds
    You know sometimes the audience throws items or rocks and such? And when you hit a person trying to throw something bad at you (such as rocks)? But when you hit that guy, he runs away, thus making the number of crowds 1 lower? Well, there`s a solution for that. Press the X button after that guy threw the rock, and wa-la! He`ll just get hit, and won`t be like "Yahhh!"
    I want no coconut!
    Do you ever want to speed up getting something to Flavio for the drink to give to Bobbery? And it besides a coconut?

    Well then, boy do I have a tip for you!
    To speed things up, and it being besides a coconut, when you leave to get the fruit, there is a palm tree right next to the section with the huts.
    Whack it.
    A Keel Mango will fall out of the tree. Quickly pick it up and go to Flavio. It will speed everything up.
    And you won't need to make room for a coconut!

    I hope you liked my little Tip. :]
    Item Collection: Double Dip P
    Go to the trail to Fahr Outpost, and find the area with the blue tube that leads to the Sewers. If you have Ms. Mowz, she will smell treasure by the tree at the far right (on the back wall). Walk up to the front of the tree and jump. You will find a red block holding the Double Dip P badge. There is also a panel with a star piece under it by the tube in this same area.
    In the Pianta Parlor at the jackpot machines you can always get a jackpot every time you play. You can only get the stars or the old dude though. Go to the machine on the left and play. As soon as it starts wait two seconds, press A, 2 seconds, pressA and 2 seconds, press A. It has to be two seconds exactly. I get so many Piantas this way!
    Kill Rawk Hawks fans!
    In the glitz pit Rawk Hawk will be standing in the lobby whith a bunch of fans around him sometime after a certain match, but you can hammer all the fans and they'll run away. If you kill all the fans and talk to Rawk Hawk he'll be really angry at you.
    Kinda a tip... Changing Mario's Clothes
    Mario can wear 3 outfits...
    But they dont change his PHYSICAL appearance

    ~+~W Emblem badge~+~
    Where do you find it?-Get it From Charlieton, the traveling salesman,
    What does it Do?- Change into Wario's clothes.

    ~+~ L Emblem Badge~+~
    Where do you get it?- from Poshley Sanctum,
    What does it do?-Change into Luigi's clothes.

    ~+~Equip BOTH the L and W Emblem Badges..~+~
    -To change into Waluigi's Clothes.
    There's an easy way to level up but can take alot of time. First you have to have about 3 or 4 ultra shrooms and 3 or 4 jam n jelly and also 2 life shrooms. You can purchase the ultra shrooms (50hp) and jam n jelly (50fp) at the item shop near the east side of the sewers. The life shroom can be purchased at the item shop in west rougeport. You can always purchase them by selling a few badges. Badges can be sold for alot of coins but it depends how rare they are. Well anyway once you have your items equip two power plus badges to make this alot easier. Once you have everything enter the pit of a 100 trials. Once entered theirs no way out until the levels you reached are at 10,20,30 etc... untill you fight Bonetail (200HP, 2DF, 8AT) Dont worry he's not as hard as he seems as long as you have the items I told you to get. After you beat every enemy in the trials, once you come out you'll have at least increased 6 levels. An you can keep repeating this process but remember the more levels you increase the less star points some enemy's will give. Well good luck, it was a pain in the *** but it was worth it, right now my level in the game is 49
    Level-up Madness!
    This is an extension of "Super Easy EXP on Keelhaul Key" submitted by Kale.

    What you do is when you are at the Glitz Pit and battling "The Fuzz"(Which is the battle with a Fuzzy, a Green Fuzzy, and a Flower Fuzzy), you kill the Flower Fuzzy with a Power Stomp in one hit, then have your partner kill the regular Fuzzy. Now the Green Fuzzy will most likely split in two. If he doesn't, then just do a regular jump on him to get him down to 1 HP after he attacks. Keep in mind to NOT follow Grubba's(The tubby guy that you fight to get the Crystal Star) directions so you can keep on battling these guys. Also, DO NOT KILL THIS FUZZY! Just weaken him to where he will die with just one of your attacks. Keep appealing or defending until the Green Fuzzy splits in two. Now, wait until there are 3 on the field. Kill one, and notice that you get 5 Star Points! Try to always have at least two on the field at the lowest HP possible without them dying, and repeat this. Keep on doing this until you get 100 Star Points.(Sadly, this is the most you can get in one battle.) You will grow a level. You can keep on doing this, but next battle, the Star Points are 4 for killing a Green Fuzzy. The battle after, it's 3, after is 3(I think), after is 2.(That's the farthest I went.)
    Hope this helped, and happy Level-ups!
    Life Shrooms
    Get a ton of money, fill your pack with only life shrooms. When you go to fight a boss focus everything on bringing it down and don't worry about healing yourself. This is how I beat the Shadow Queen and Bonetail.
    Lost Tattles
    If you forgot to tattle on a boss go look through Frankly's Trash
    Always invest with Lumpy. You will get 3x the amount of coins you give him. He never doesn't strike oil, so you should be fine.
    For unlimited money just go to the east side of Rogue Port and buy a dried shroom then go to Zess T and have her cook it it will then become a shroom fry then go sell it to a shop. It will give you a 3 coin profit anywhere.
    money loans
    at the harbor talk to the rat and give 100 coins and keep on checking back and when hes there talk to him to collect you loan p.s. i gave him 100 and he gave back 300.
    Money Maker
    Here are some easy ways to make easy money.

    1. Buy 10 dried shrooms, cook them into shroom frys, then sell them for 5 coins each.
    2. Go to the palace of shadow and keep jumping over the fireballs, they will go fast and burst into 5 coins each.
    3. Make inky sauce (hot sauce + tasty tonic) and then ink pasta (inky sauce + fresh pasta). Sell it for 80 coins.
    4. Make a maple ultra (ultra shroom + maple syrup) thenj sell for 100 coins.
    5. Fight strong enemies. You should get a lot of coins.This is better if you have the money money badge ( from pianta parlor).
    Mouse Thief
    Take the trouble center quest that is given by a person marked as "???". Talk to Ms Mowz above the item shop. She'll ask for an elusive badge in Hooktails castle. Go to Hooktails castle to where you fought Hooktail and walk around until a ! appears over you and blow with Madame Flurrie to get the badge. Once you get the badge, go back on top of the cook's shop and the mouse thief will join your team.
    Mysterious Ghost Diary
    On the Excess Express, you will have to find a Diary for a Ghost on the train, notice how he tells you not to read it or else. Now, go to the toad all the way to the left of the train, the one with a black mushroom. Talk to him and he\'ll let you through. Go to the middle of all the boxes and use your Paper Thin ability and go through the crack. you will get the diary. Don;t read it or this will happen:

    MonthX DayX YearX
    Today I got on a train...
    And on the train...

    Then the ghost pops up and tells you that he said don\'t read it, and you get an instant game over which can be bad if you didn\'t save.

    So, don\'t read it and go straight back to him and give it to him.

    Mission Accomplished!!
    pianta parlor games
    these are the troubles you need to do to get the games.

    Boat Parlor Game Do the "I must have that book" Sidequest By Toodles

    Paper Parlor Game Do the "Save My Daddy!" Sidequest By Pine. T Jr.

    Plane Parlor Game Do the "Try and find me!" Sidequest By Koopkook

    Tube Parlor Game Do the "Important Thing!" Sidequest By Frankie
    pit of 100 trials
    If you want to go to the pit of 100 trials, you have to be prepared. First off, you should be at least level 30, second, you need at least 3 jelly-ultras[can be made by jammin' jelly+ultra shroom, third, bonetail is really hard, 200hp, so get all your partners powered up twice[after getting the up arrow],and fourth have a good time! Hope this is helpful!

    note:the up arrow can be reached in Hooktail castle, once you have Bobbery, then you go back to where you were cursed, go back to the trapped room[the room to the right] and you can explode the wall.
    Pit of 100 Trials Items
    Here are the items you get for each interval of 10's in the Pit of 100 Trials:

    Level 10: Sleepy Stomp Badge
    Level 20: Fire Drive Badge
    Level 30: Zap Tap Badge
    Level 40: Pity Flower Badge
    Level 50: Strange Sack(doubles inventory space)
    Level 60: Double Dip Badge
    Level 70: Double Dip P Badge
    Level 80: Bump Attack Badge
    Level 90: Lucky Day Badge
    Level 100: Return Postage Badge
    Poison mushrom heals you
    If you make a Poison Shroom from Zess T. (a Slow Shroom and an Inky Sauce), the effect will poison you. If you have the Feeling Fine badge on, however, it may do one of 2 things:
    1) Heal you to max
    2) Cut your HP in half
    Be wary when doing this.

    Power Up !
    You can get your partners powered up twice! All you need to do is first go to Hooktail castle. Next you go to where you got the black key to the paper curse. You should see a crack in the wall. Use Bobbery to blow up the wall and then go through. Open the chest and you will get an up arrow. Bring it back to the guy who powers up your partners. He will get an orb that lets you power up your partners twice. ( you can't power them up a third time.)
    problem with bosses in chapter 8?
    okay. when you're trying to defeat Grodus, he's pretty easy. bobbery is the most useful partner. start it out with a earth tremor attack, getting rid of all the grodus-x's. he'll make 2 grodus-x's, so have mario bounce (just normal bounce!!) on one of his grodus-x's and then have bobbery bomb on him. slowly but surely his life will chip away.


    this guy ticks me off. when your in battle with him,
    get rid of that old hag (Kammy koopa) and after she's gone, the rest of the battle's a piece of cake. if you keep dying, just go back to rougeport, sell some of your badges till you have at least 800 coins. go to the sunken city underground and buy 4 ultra shrooms. go back and fight and you'll definetly win. (when fighting the shadow queen, just get as many more ultra shrooms as you think you need. don't worry, getting back to the shadow queen isn't hard at all, just takes awhile!) i hope i helped! no i really do!
    Here are some recipes for good items that Zess T. can make for you:

    ((Give the item(s) before the equal sign to Zess T.))

    1. Ultra Shroom = Shroom Shake
    2. Cake Mix = Mousse Cake
    3. Life Shroom or Slow Shroom = Shroom Roast
    4. Turtley Leaf = Koopa Tea
    5. Super Shroom + Maple Syrup = Maple Super
    Retro Mario
    One room in X-Naut Fortress' Sublevel 2 has an open vent on the ceiling. Use the Spring Jump technique to get up into the shaft. In the shaft, drop through the rightmost grate, and you'll land behind the curtain in the changing room. Walk out, and Mario and his partner will have turned into 8-bit sprites, looking like they just came from a NES game. Switch your partners and experiment with the L Emblem and W Emblem badges for more 8-bit fun. The effect will go away when you leave the room.
    Save Money when talking to the fourtine teller
    If you want to save what coins you have when you see the fourtine teller(I know I do)then hit the save block when you enter the sewers(the one in front of Frankly's house)and after you have saved,go talk to the fourtine teller and do whatever,reset your Gamecube.then you will know where to go to either continue your game,or find a star piece or shine sprite
    Go to where the guy mugged u at the beginning on the east side of central. Then u see a blank wall, walk towords it have mario go aganst the center of it. Walk left or right and You find a secret ally
    When in there, go past this darkley person then go in the ally (small ally) jump on the boxes go right jump and there is a star piece
    Secret Badge Shop
    When you enter the main or middle part of Rouge port, go to the rest house (it has a picture of a bed on the building) and go up the steps.

    When you get up there, there is a secret door on the left side that you can hardly see. Go through it and you will be outside on the roofs of houses theres a badge shop up there (you can't miss it). Make sure you have a lot of coins because there expensive.
    Secret Story
    First, You must obtain Yoshi. Then, go to Rouge Port and go to where the Proffesors house is. Ride on him and continue right. Have it *Float* you to the other side of the street that is not connected to the town. Then, jump up the boxes and then go ontop of the house. Ride on Yoshi again and *Float* to the other house. Continue on right and then you'll meet a guy. He tells you parts of the legendary story on how the demon was imprisoned. Each part costs 5 gold (I think) to see.
    See Bow from Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64
    When you beat the game and you get past the credits, go back into the file, and then go to the town with the house that had a fake crystal star in it, and go in front of it and you'll see Bow along with her butler.
    shadow queen
    when u go to fight the shadow queen make sure u have at least 5 jelly ulrtas (ultra shroom+jammin jelly)ANDat least 150 hp. if nothing else have some fp or bp converted. unless u reaaly need to dont use any items during the first half
    Slow but easy money
    1. Buy some dried shrooms from the west side market and then go to Zess T. have her cook them up and then sell them to the Toad Bros. Bazaar for a prophet or 3 or 4 coins. Not the greatest way, but you can earn many, many shop points this way.

    2.Get some Turtley Leaves and some Hot Sauce, and have Zess T. Cook them up. You will have Inky Sauce, sell this for a fortune.
    Special STYLISH badge
    For a badge that tells you when to press A to do a STYLISH go to the man that is selling items and badges talk to him and buy the STYLISH LEARN BADGE (it's called something like that) then put it on.

    when you are in a battle and you use a jump or headbonk attack an ! symbol will apear on their head quikly press A to do a SYLISH move!
    Super Easy EXP in Keelhaul Key
    After you beat chapter 4, you go to the Island, Keelhaul Key. When you start to explore, go fight a green fuzzy. Tattle with Goombella if you haven't already, and then attack some of them. When there are one or two left, DON'T KILL THEM.

    Let them multiply so you can get 3 EXP for each one you destroy, and if you let them keep multiplying, they'll add up to a lot of EXP. I got 33 just from one fight!

    But this will only work if you're just at chapter 5, because if you're too strong, they won't give any EXP and you only get one for the whole battle.
    Super FP item!!!!!
    This thing is called inky juice. (you can't get this until you finish poshley heights). now, to get this item you need hot sauce, lengendary book, and a turtley leaf.
    1.Hot sauce: Go to Glitzville. Now look for the blue rat with a breifcase. (you need to finish the trouble "Buissnessman: Security code" to do this).
    Talk to him, and he'll say "sit in any good chairs lately?" then he'll say "you want some hot sauce?" say "hot sauce me!!" PS: you have to pay 10 coins I think.
    2.Turtley leaf: Just go to petalburg and go to the Mayors house and go in the fence and shake the bush!
    3.Lengendary book: If you dont already have this book for Zess T. that lets you cook 2 items, Do the trouble "Seeking lengendary book!", and bring it to Zess.

    Super peach/shrimpy peach
    When you are princess peach and you must make a potion that will make you transparent, if you mess up the potion it will have a random effect, such as making Princess Peach, small, large or give her a mustache.
    the golden leaf!
    You can get the golden leaf anytime that you're at creepy steeple. Just go to the far side door in the main hall and down that hall thing through the door, you turn into the paper mode and go through the only "rip" in the fence and just go right and hammer that tree at the end of the grass pathway.
    Thousand Year Door Maze
    Theres this part in he thousand year door thats like a maze that has 2 floors and if you go into the wrong door you start the maze over. the trick is to go on the floor with the lit torches. To make it easier here is the order-bottom, bottom, top, top, bottom, top, bottom. I hope this helped.
    Tip.ish kind of thing-All Your Partners And Their Moves
    Goombella: Headbonk, Tattle, Multibonk, Rally Wink

    Koops: Shell Toss, Power Shell, Shell Shield, Shell Slam

    Madame Flurrie: Body Slam, Gale Force, Lip Lock, Dodgy Fog

    Yoshi: Ground Pound, Gulp, Mini-Egg, Stampede

    Vivian: Shade Fist, Veil, Fiery Jinx, Infatuate

    Admiral Bobbery: Bomb, Bomb Squad, Hold Fast, Bob-Ombast

    Ms. Mowz*: Love Slap, Kiss Thief, Tease, Smooch

    *To get Ms. Mowz, complete her trouble Elusive Badge! after you completed Chapter 4
    Waluigi cloth's:attach wario's cloths and luigis cloths
    Zess T. cook book: the book is in creepy steeple when you walk in their will be a small place in the wall use the tube then the book is in their plus a star piece and a S.Sprite
    To Beat The Shadow Queen
    Ok,you will need these following items:1 ultra shroom "and a backup if you want",1 jammin jelly,at least 3 life shrooms and 3 thunder rages.Now make sure you the happy heart,happy flower,happy heart P, pretty lucky,peekaboo,power plus and defense plus badges on.You will need:70 hp,50 fp and 21 bp.Also make sure that youve upgraded all of your partners (important).When you first start fighting the shadow queen in peach form,dont use any fp or sp and any items.Oh yeah, and make sure you have Vivian out.So just keep using your hammer and Vivians shade fist.And then when she turns into her other form and turns invincable just keep attacking and deffending and stay alive! untill she says something and then she will turn the world into darkness and then peach will give you the rest of her health and then you will regain everything!Then youll start fighting the shadow queen for real,so what you do first is the spring jump on the shadow queen (and do it good) then to kill the shadow queens hands with Vivians fiery jinx and keep doing it.And when she has the pile of hands either do normall jump or use a thunder rage with mario and to finish them off either do shade fist on the hands or fiery jinx.And when she boosts her attack by 7 use veil with Vivian and keep doing all that untill she has 20hp or less then use supernova she should be under 7 hp after that then use shade fist or fiery jinx then she should be dead! And its ok if your partner uses all of your life shrooms.
    tripleflip and spotight/confetti
    use the power smash badge and go into battle use power smash and press A at the right time you will do a triple flip and a spotlight and confetti
    Trouble Center back door
    When you go meet the boss of the Robbos or whatever there name is you'll notice the trouble center back, then use Flurrie to blow away a paper wall and find a door.
    Trouble Center: Find This Guy!
    After you talk to Goomther, and he tells you there are multiple guys in blue with masks. First go in the alley in eastern Rogueport. (just go east and after you first enter east rogueport walk into the wall next to the entrance.) He will be sitting there talk to him. Next, He'll run away. Go to the port and talk to him again. He'll run away once again. This time,goto the back alley in the Rogueport Plaza, behind the inn and talk to him. This time he will give up and Goomther will arrive. Note: This mission gets you 20 coins.
    Trouble Tips
    Here are some tips on how to know if a trouble's reward is a lot.

    1. Always look for troubles from rich people.

    2. Long and hard ones should be for a lot.

    3. Going place-to-place troubles give you special items.

    4. Troubles that involve the pit of 100 trials doesn't give you money.

    5. NEVER do troubles from kids

    6. The very first troubles usually give you 20 coins.
    Try to be as prepared as you can for the 100 trials!
    Try to have as many items as you can. You can buy items sometimes, but there are a lot of enimies to face. The more prepared you are, the better chance you have of winning!
    Twiilight Town Glitch
    First go to a shop in any town and get 10 shop points but don't have the room for the prize, you'll have to get it later. Then go to twilight town and complete everything up to getting Vivian as a partner. Go to the twilight town shop and talk to the woman at the shop. She will tell you how the pig wasn't her husband but then another text bubble will come up.The text bubble will be blank and it will stay above your head until you leave town.
    Twilight glitch
    I had 10 shop points but no space for the mushroom for this. I went to twilight town and got turned into shadow mario and got vivian then went to the twilight shop lady and talked to her and she sad i had 10 shop pionts but she didn't give me the mushroom and the bubble stayed up witout words in it. i left the shop and everything but the text bubble stayed there until i left town!
    Two ways to level up
    The first way to level up, is in Glitzville after you get the Crystal Star, and rank up all the way to champ. Using the small Yoshi is really good here. Just use the Power Lift star power most of the time you will get one more attack than defense. Always block his attacks and you can get a flawless win. After that use soft stomp, and he will get smaller, then you won\'t get hurt. Always use the Yoshi\'s ground pound and do 4,5(at rank 1),or 6 (at rank 2). Then use any of Mario\'s moves that don\'t need FP. You get from 9-15 star points. Then, at the end you get 20 coins because you did what the owner asked, which is always use one special move.

    The other way takes longer, but gets you more Star Points. You need to be able to go to the moon. Just go through the whole level. that should get you 1-3 levels for sure.

    Doesn\'t matter which one you use, but one is shorter and less SP, and the other takes longer and you get more SP, but they are both leveled out.
    Ultimate Boss Guide (No Bonetail)
    GUS 20HP
    If you are good as me u dont need to read but if u start beating gus, wait and get power hammer, and use it while goombella handles da rest, use fire flower, and if u or goombella is low, use mushroom, if HP and FP is low, use sweet treat

    Blooper 12HP
    He starts at da top, use normal attacks to knock him down and when in a knock out position, ATTACK HIM LIKE CRAZY and when he gets up he will spray a ink, doesnt matter finish him off

    Golden Fuzzy 20HP
    Pay no attention to fuzzy horde, but if they are annoying to u, use goombella to take care of fuzzy horde, use any attack on golden fuzzy, and he'll go away

    Red Bones 5HP
    Take out all dull bones, then power hammer red bones

    HookTail 20HP
    Get da cricket sound badge and use your most powerful attacks, use sweet treat

    Beldam 10HP, Marylin 12HP, and Vivian 10HP
    Take out beldam first she uses ice attacks dat will freeze u, then marylin she uses charge atacks, then vivian she is weak

    Mangus Von Grapple 1.0 30HP
    Again, like hooktail, basically use your most powerful attacks, when he seperate his arms use flurry gale force

    Iron Clefts Both 5-8HP (forgot)
    Run away in da first battle, then egg will hatch into a yoshi, name it and go back, use yoshi's gulp on iron clefts

    Bowser1 30HP
    U try your best in dis battle, when bowser jumps he will take away your jump, hammer, and partaner attacks

    Rawk Hawk 30HP
    Use your strongest attacks but your partener will most likely faint so use your partener as much as u can, when rawk hawk gets up to da crobar, use quake hammer or flurrie's body slam to take him down

    Macho Gruba 50HP
    Use your most powerful attacks with mario and use yoshi's ground pound till he use defense boost

    Atomic Boo 40HP
    Basically use Marios Power Bounce and yoshi's ground pound

    Doopliss 1&2 40HP
    Doopliss 1 is easy, just use any attack
    Doopliss 2 tooken control of mario and friends (pay attention to story) just attack doopliss

    Cortex 20+20+20 HP
    Start with bobbery
    For Cortex #1, beat him to defeat, use your strongest attacks, but dont waste too much FP

    For Cortex #2, use vivian or switch to vivian use marios strongest attacks when cortex is all charged up, use vivians veil

    For Cortex #3, use a multi attack such as:
    Flurrie's Gale Force
    Yoshi's Stampede
    Vivian's Feiry Jynx
    Bobbery's Bomb-omb Blast
    And finish him with mario

    Smorg 50HP
    Buy 4 thunder rages and use it in battle with your parteners, then use marios spring jump on red smorg, when smorg miasia BIG HAND shows up, defeat it quick or be scared

    Mangus Von Grapple 2.0 70HP
    He will start out drilling u and partener he will do da same arm routine so use a multi attack, and when he uses audience attack, use A button dodge

    Dark Bones 20HP
    Do da same in red bones

    GloomTail 80HP
    Do da same with hooktail but get the non-poison badge

    Beldam 30HP Marylin 40HP and Doopliss 40HP
    First take out beldam, then marylin, then doopliss

    Grodus 50HP and Mini Grodus 1HP
    Get over 80 star points first then get use flurries gale force then when hes vunrable take him down

    Bowser 2 70HP and Kammy Koopa 50HP
    First take down Kammy, and do da same thing for glitzville bowser

    Shadow Queen 150HP
    Stay alive for da first part, and after 5 minutes wastin watchin people sayin u can do it mario, get ready

    1st if your good with art attack, circle shadow queen and when u get shine sprite jackpot, use art attack again, then go all your strongest attacks, start playin with vivian or bobbery and take her down

    Bonetail 200HP
    I never made it dat far so ur on your own
    Unlimited Cash in the Palace of Shadow
    This is the easiest way to get unlimited coins. Forget about making and selling Shroom Frys, this is the real deal. In the Palace of Shadow, there is a hall with spinning fire bars. When you see one, stand close to it and jump right before it burns you. Repeat. After about 7 jumps, it'll explode into several coins. (You'll know you're doing it right when it starts to spin faster.) When they are all used up, leave the area and then come back-the fire bars will be reset.

    Note: This trick also works in the N64 version of Paper Mario.
    Use 0 FP on "3 FP or less" attacks
    Wear 3 badges: 2 flower savers and any number of FP drain if you want to do "3 FP or less" attacks for no FP.

    The maximum FP normally required to attack for no FP is the number of FP drains plus 2 if you wear 2 Flower Savers.
    Very easy money
    When you go to keelhaul key, go left out of the village. Go up as far as you can. A mole will pop up out of the ground. Hit the mole with the hammer and you will recieve a whacka-bump. Exit the area, then hit him again. Repeat this untill your inventory is full. When it is, go to the shop and sell them. You will recieve 50 coins for each whacka-bump. This will only work a certain number of times.

    Wack A Mole
    In chapter 5 on Keelhaul Key, walk to the northwest of the camp.
    Now follow these 3 easy stepts
    A)Talk to the mole and hit him with your hammer he will leave behind a bump, get the bump
    B)Leave the area then return and repeat step one
    C) Sell the Bump
    Each bump is worth 50 coins ^-^

    You can only do this up to 15 times though.
    On that pirate island (forgot what its called get off the boat, go to the cave where bobbery blow a hole in but dont go in it, go left from it then stay still for a few seconds and a whack-a-mole show up, he only talks about the weather, hit him with a hammer and he will drop a roll called a "Wacka-Bump", hit him too many times and he will hide away
    What Good Comes From "stylish?"
    You may ask yourself this question, it doesn't heal hp, fp, or give you starpoints. But when you do a stylish move, it increases your star power.
    X-Naut Pervert
    On the moon, go to the X-naut forteress, where Princess Peach's suite was. Go to the bathroom and go behind the bath/ shower. There is a scientist X-naut that's behind it! Me and my friend couldn't believe it! Why does a X-naut has to be there? Is he there all the time, when Peach like, showers, he could be there, looking??????(EWW)
    Yoshi colours: In Detail
    Want your Yoshi a certain colour? The key to getting a certain colour is TIME.

    Here's how it goes. From the moment you get the egg to when it hatches determines what colour your Yoshi is. I only know three definate timings, but there are several inbetween.

    For a White egg, you have to get to the 11th rank and lose to the Iron Bros. in less then half a minute. For a black egg, the time "limit" is a minute. For a green egg, you can take your time: six minutes or over give you this coloured Yoshi. Wether matches are included I'm pretty certain they aren't, but I've been wrong before.

    How desperate you are for the "right" egg is determined by how many times you save. A good idea is to speed through and save it before the match. If you get a White or Black egg, I cheer you loudly. If not, you won't be able to gain that extra time back to get those eggs. However you can experiment to see what colours you end up with. This way you can reset the game as often as you like to get the colour you want without having to name your save file "Yellow"


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    This is the best glitch ever! Go to the lady who can switch around your level upgrades. Put your hp at 5. Have at least 5 last stand badges. Because each one keeps splitting the damage you take in half,you will only take 1 damage and then just put on a defend plus and your invincible!
    Glitz Pit Security Oddities
    There are two funny things that can happen when you've reserved a match and security is coming to get you.

    1: Stand in front of the door, and when security comes Mario will be surprised and knocked back.

    2: Use Vivian's X-button hide ability before security comes. The security guy will not come in for you until you pop back out of hiding. You can do it again as long as it is within the few seconds it would take for him to come in. (You have to have Vivian and re-register as a fighter in the Glitz Pit)
    He Can Fly!
    Most of you know this, but if your on a edge, keep going but move as slow as you can. After you move about 3 steps you'll be off the platform, but you will be in midair!
    Inside The Black
    If you go to the Glitspit in Glitsville and you are the champion, go into the champions room and go threw the air vent that had the voices in them. Go threw the other side that leads to the owners office. Go out the door and (it only works somtimes) if it happens you'll run into the guy that is standing outside. You'll glitch out and you can walk insid the black part in the hallway.
    Koops Dissapears Randomly!!!
    This will make Koops do a whole bunch of random stuff, It's kinda funny!!!

    Ok, so get in the train for Poishley Heights (I don't know if it works going to Rogueport) Go to the very back of the train and and stand in front of the door that says "6" above it. Make sure you're in the midle of the hall first. Face towards the back of the train and use Koops's shell attack and hold X. Keep him there and get RIGHT INFRONT of the Toad thats at the baggadge door. DO NOT LET GO OF X!!! Now, Keep holding X and press A at the same time. That will make you to talk to the toad. Koops should come running back to you but will be stopped by #8's door. Walk to the Right corner of the hallway and Koops will be doing something... weird to the door. Then he will disapear randomly!!! Weird don't you think? Soon enough he will pop out of the ceiling or walk out of the wall!!! Just depends on how good you do it.

    Hope you laugh!!!
    Make Flower Fuzzies suck hp instead of fp!
    Make sure you fight a Flower Fuzzie and have Koops leveled up. Have Koops use shell shield on Mario. Wait until the Flower Fuzzie attacks. Did you notice he didn't take hp and not fp? Want to know why? No? I'll tell you anyways. It's because the shell shield doesn't have any fp with it so it loses the hp it has! Cool right?
    peeping mario :/
    basicaly Go 2 flurry's house have mario near death . walk up to her door she'll say do not come in. if mario is near death his head will go through the door :/ dirty mario
    Wavey Window
    After beating chapter 5, go back to Keelhaul key by taking Cortez's ship. While leaving Rogueport you can see that one of the bars on the window is waving.
    Zip Toad Note Glitch
    On Chapter 6 go find Zip Toad in your room. But before doing that, you will find a note, right? Well, stay near the bed AND the note. When you press A, the text of the note will appear with the text of you want to sleep. You have to be precise on this!!!

    Easter eggs

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    Jr. Troopa
    Upon completing Chapter 6, you will receive an email from Zip Toad with a picture attached. Jr. Troopa is in the upper left hand corner of this picture. This is a reference back to Paper Mario 64 where Jr. Troopa was a mini boss.
    Jump Man
    When you go back to the Glitz Pit after finishing Chapter 3, you need to make your way through all of the ranks for a second time. While you are making your way through the ranks, eventually when you are going into a Glitz Pit fight, you might see a fan say, "Jumpman! I mean, who?" This is referencing back to Mario's original name, Jump Man.


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    2x the coins!
    Follow these steps:
    1. Battle a bandit
    2. Let them catch a coin and let them runaway
    3. battle it again
    4. Now defeat it
    Once the battle is over tons of coins will pop out. The more times you did this cheat the more coins will pop out. (Your lucky if you got a curse that will double the cions you get
    A very good way to be incincible!
    1. Go finish all the troubles that give you cards to the pianta parlor.

    2. Get a minimum of 17 power rushes.

    3. Go to Chet Rippo and bring your HP down to 5, first bring your FP to 50 and then put the rest on your BP till its 99.

    4. Equip all the power rushes, multi bounce and if you don't have it go buy a flower saver and equip it. Equip all the close calls you got, pretty luckies and if you have one, a lucky day (get it at level 90 in pit of 100 trials) and you should be fine.

    5. Power up Ms. Mouz to max.

    6. Have her as a partner ONLY.

    7. As you go through the pit, capture every close call and pretty lucky you see, despite the enemy just concentrate on to capture it.

    8. Have a bunch of life shrooms until you have over half a page on your badges full of pretty lucky's.

    9. If you have equipped a minimum of 4 close calls, 6 pretty luckies and 1 lucky day, your chances of getting hit are EXTREMELY LOW! Probably a 5% chance of getting hit.
    Atomic Boo and Lucky Start
    NOTE: You can be in any part of the game to do this.

    First, Go to the Creepy Steeple once you freed all of the boos. Go into the main hallway and stand in the middle. All of the boos will start to wrap around you. Do your Super Hammer attack to shake them off. Repeat one more time. They will get angry and form a gigantic boo. Once you are done fighting it, it will leave a badge named "Lucky Start". This badge makes something good happen before a battle.
    Back Door to the Trouble Center
    Go to the back of the east side of Rougeport using Paper curse. Once your behind the trouble center, use Flurrie to blow on the back of it and a door will appear. Go through it and you will find out the Trouble Center Runner.
    Back room of Trouble Center
    Use the crack between Bobbery's house and the Trouble Center and stand in front of the crack. Have Flurrie blow away the wall and a door will be revealed. Inside is Goose, the Trouble Center Manager.
    Be able to play the games at the pianta parlor
    To play the games at the pianta parlor (Boat game, Airplane game etc) complete the folloing peoples troubles:

    Pine T Jr

    note: To play the games you must have 10 pianta tokens.

    be nearly invunerable
    this is best for the pit of 100 trails.you need to have miss mouze.first keep doing the pit of 100 trails up to level 60 until you get 3 close call badges and 4 pretty lucky badges. equipe all of the lucy badges.now get all those power rushes from the gambling place and equipe them get 13 power rushes or more. get the spike badge. now get life shrooms and other items if you think you need them. now lower your health to 5 or less. oh and you need multibounce.now go to the pit or amazee dayzees and do multibounce you will do like 26 damage. but if u fail the action command they will most likely miss you because you have the lucky badges. P.S i think they will miss you even more if you have more lucky badges.
    Changing yoshi colours
    these are the times you have to wait to get the colours
    Rescue + 0 minutes = Green
    Green + 6 minutes = Red
    Red + 3 minutes = Blue
    Blue + 2 minutes = Orange
    Orange + 4 minutes = Pink
    Pink + 3 minutes = Black
    Black + 1 minute = White
    White + 1 minute = Green
    Cheating the lottery

    This is the only crime you can committ in the Paper Mario game. What you do is reset the gamecube clock to the next day. However, if you do this again the second time in one shot, Lucky catches you and besides busted, you're off to paying 500 coins as a fine for cheating the lottery. Well, I've done this before...
    Cheating the lottery and not having to pay a 500 coin fee!
    The best way, of course, to try and win the lottery is to not set foward the Clock. instead, follow these instructions:

    #1 make sure you havent looked at the board on the day your on.
    #2 make sure you save near the happy lucky lottery place, i prefer where the train and blimp is. there is a save block there.
    #3 go to the happy lucky lottery area, and look at the board, it will say a number.
    #4 if not satisfied, press the reset button on your gamecube.
    #5 you will start back at the place you saved.
    #6 go back to the board, and read it again.
    #7 it will have a different number.
    #8 keep trying this techneque. you will eventually get what you want. but all numbers are still hard to get. best of all, there is no fine. no paying 500 coins. no getting the bulky bomb-omb furious. thanks for looking.

    Credit goes to Jay_in_Blue

    Cool Cheats
    1.Refrence to MArio's original name
    In the Glitz pit when you battle Rawk Hawk for the first time and the audience is shouting on of them shouts "Jumpman!! wait who. This is what Mario was called in then original Donkey Kong Arcade game.
    2.Shadow Mario and vivan VS Doopliss Mario form
    DO not Defeat Goombella, because a more powerful partner will appear. Use Power Blow and Shade Fist on Super Mario [Doopliss]
    3.Nes Mario
    To turn Mario into the Mario SMB1 go to the X-naut Fortress then go thorough spring jump to the the air vent then turn into Paper Mario hold R then when you fall into then vent you'll be Nes Mario and you'll hear hazy maze cave theme From the original Super Mario 64 and underground theme from Super Mario Sunshine.
    4.Gloombas from SMB1 and pit of 100 trials
    In SMB1 the Gloombas are the same colors from undergroud levels from SMB1 and the pit of 100 trials have Gloombas the same color.
    Danger Mario
    Make it so that Mario is in the danger position (5 hp or less), then equip him about 20 Power Rush badges, and with badges that attack all enemies, like Fire Drive and Multibounce. And be sure to KEEP him in the danger position. With this setup, Mario can kill almost all enemies in a single hit. For enemies such as fire enemies, or Chain Chomps, or enemies of that sort, whom your regular attacks might not work on, use an attack item, or a star power attack. And just to be on the safe side, bring a few life shrooms with you. This setup makes alot of parts of the game, including the Pit of 100 Trials, really easy.
    defeating the shawdow queen
    sorry for any spelling mistakes I am kinda new to this.
    1.-Have Hp 100 or higher
    2.-Have Fp 20 or higher
    3.-Have Bp 15 or 21
    4.-Your items should be...
    4 ultra shrooms
    1 thunder rage
    1 shooting star
    1 earthquake
    1 ice storm
    1 honey syrup
    and a boo sheet
    5.-Have the badges
    6.-First make sure that Goombella and Koops only have 1 sun thingy by there name
    The rest of your partners must have 2 for more power and better attacks
    7.-After you have defeated Princess Peach's form and the demon comes out of and says you can't kill her than just use earthtremor. After the crystal stars go back to the towns they came from Peach revies you. Use super nova 3 times, once at the beginning again when she is at 75 and then at the end when she only have 15-12 hp left.
    8.- Put Goombella out first and use tattle and put all of your partners in front of you. Puy Vivan out, kill her hands with fiery jinx but when she powers up then use veil or she will take 14-16 hp away
    9.- if you star power is low DON'T use appeal always get stylish moves it's faster.
    10.-Try to get a lot of bingo's to revie your stuff. Never get poinous mushrooms it takes 1/2 of everything
    Note: the shadow queen only gives you 1 star point and if you leave the palace of shadows the bullet bill thingys will come back and you have to defeat them again
    Easy Boss(or whatever you fight) Win
    What you need:
    1: Charge
    2: Power Bounce
    3: (OPTINAL)Charge(partner)
    4: Gombella(Multibonk Upgrade)

    Charge For about 5+ Turns.And then use power bounce or multibonk(Gombella)

    Happy Fighting!
    From Rogueport to Petalberg: Easy Money & Shop Points
    What you do is purchase as many Sleepy Sheep as you can in the shop of Rogueport. Then, sell them all in the shop of Petalberg. You will have a 2-coin profit for every Sleep Sheep you sell, but it takes awhile to get an unlimited amount of coins. This is also useful for banking up shop points!
    Getting money, the easy way,
    Take your useless badges to the Rougeport square. Go up the pub/hotel and out the door on the left. If you keep heading straight, you will find a badge shop. This shop pays alot of money for badges.
    Good money and cheap Jammin Jelly
    Easy Money
    on Keelhaulkey right when you enter go to the left untill a blue mole appears. Hit him on the head over and over again. If you leave the area he will come back. Every time you hit him you get a whackabumb. I think you can do that 15 times but I dont know. Once you have as many as you want go on the train and sell them to the shop manager for 100 coins a pop! Veary good money.
    Cheap jammin Jelly and Ultra shroom
    Buy it for 120 coins from the guy outside the shop that has the red cloths on and looks fat. If he doesnt have them then go underground and then come back and he will have different things. Keep doing that untill they apear in his inventory.
    good technique to defeat bowser and grodus
    alright we will start off with grodus, leader of the x-nauts. well first of all he has 50 hp and one defense point. he will make grodus x's come up.if four come up they will make a shield.start by attacking the grodus x's so his shield comes down. Now use art. Go on like this (except dont use art) until he is finished. make shure to keep the other grodus x's at bey all the while.

    Now its bowser and kammy koopas turn. Well, first kammys hp is 50 and bowsers is 70. First wail on kammy because she will heal herself and bowser. This will take awhile but when its over then bowser is easy. no real biggee if you have the spike protection badge equiped. Just pound the heck out of him with you and your partner (it doesnt really matter who you have out). after the battle grodus runs away with peach. dont be worried about the next room. it has a save point and a health block!
    Have Waluigi skin for Mario
    To get the skin (or clothes) of Waluigi to have Mario wear you must have the W emblem AND L emblem badges equipped.
    Infinite Shop Points
    First you will have to have given Zest T. her new contact lense. Then buy a lot of mushrooms at the shop in RoguePort for 5 coins each. Then cook them all into Shroom Frys at Zest T.'s. You can sell the Shroom Frys back for 5 coins, the same price you paid for the mushrooms. Using this you can gain free shop points.
    invest for a mouse
    alright we all know lumpy (the green mouse) right?Well for awhile he wants you to invest in his oil fund.DO IT!!! for every 100 coins you invest you get 300! And dont wory he always strikes oil.
    Item Collection: Hot Sauce
    After chapter 6, go to the trouble center in Rogueport and take on the Businessman's touble. Go to Glitzville and talk to him. He's that blue mongoose from the Excess Express. He will tell you he can't open his briefcase. Talk to him again and tell him the sequence 2625. He will give you some hot sauce, a Zess T. ingredient. You can get more hot sauce at almost any time.
    Item Collection: Mystic Egg
    After clearing chapter 2, go to the great tree and talk to Punio's sister, Petuni. She will complain about Punio getting in trouble, and she will let you play a game. Ask the question: Mario likes which person the most? She will say "Princess Peach" (duh)and will give you the mystic egg. you need this for Chef Shimi's trouble.
    Jr. Troopa Pic
    If you have played the Paper Mario game on the N64, you'll probably know Jr. Troopa. You don't really see or battle him in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, but after you complete Chapter 6, you'll get an e-mail from the real Zip Toad. If you look at his picture on the train, in the upper-left corner, you'll see Jr. Troopa with his spiked hat and wings. Something tells me he'll have his revenge...
    Lottery Cheating without the Gamecube clock reset
    heres easy steps to a happy lucky result in the lottery without using the Clock Reset Cheat. it\'s also better in the way that you don\'t need anything but a valid ticket, and you won\'t have to buy a new one.

    step 1: save using the save block near the lottery corner, on a day you haven\'t checked the boards number yet.

    step 2: go to and look at the number on the board, if it\'s not good enough, go to step 3, otherwise, you are done.

    step 3: DO NOT SAVE AT THIS POINT. just simply reset the gamecube by using the reset button on the Gamecube hardware, itself. no need to change the time, or anything.

    step 4: it should automaticly go to the health percautions screen. go through to your file, and open it.

    step 5: you should be at the save box mentioned earlier that you saved at. go to the board.

    step 6: read the board again, and it will have a different number. if still not good, repeat steps 3-6. if it is a winning number, you have won something! congrats!
    missed a tattle?
    when you are fighting enemies and use tattle on them it will give you a description and weeknessess of the enemy.this is helpful.but if you forget to do it then here is an extra way of getting tattle logs. go into franklys place in rogue town then look at the yellow garbage can there.there might be papers in it.if there iks then take them out and they are tattle logs!
    Do the the trouble at the trouble center for someone who is currently being called "???". After you get the badge, go find mrs.Mowz and talk to her. She will reveal it was really her and she will become your partner.
    Ms. Mowz
    To get Ms Mowz, accept the trouble in the trouble center by "???". Then go to the roof, and talk to her. She'll give you the low-down, then you must go to the first fortress. Go up to the top where you fought the "dragon" and blow with flurrie. Open the treasure chest, get the badge, and go back to the roof. Give it to her and she'll be your partner! She can steal badges from other enimies. Very nice.
    Partners in the water.
    If you walk by water and make it so your partner doesn't come, and fall into the water, they'll fall, and then come back to you. Same thing happens if they get stuck somewhere.
    Perpetual Over-limit!
    This is an extension of the 'Danger Mario' cheat submitted by Morton Koopa Jr.

    For this cheat to work, you must lower Mario's maximum HP to 5 by paying Chet Rippo to increase his FP or BP and lower his HP. With 5 HP maximum, Mario will always be in 'Danger', and badges like Power Rush will always take effect.

    This strategy has the advantage of allowing you to heal Mario without going over 5 HP and out of 'Danger', and eliminates the need to damage him to reap 'Danger' benefits.
    Pit of 100 Trials Rewards
    Sleepy Stomp Badge Complete levels 1-10
    Fire Drive Badge Complete levels 11-20
    Zap Tap Badge Complete levels 21-30
    Pity Flower Badge Complete levels 31-40
    Strange Sack (doubles inventory space) Complete levels 41-50
    Double Dip Badge Complete levels 51-60
    Double Dip P Badge Complete levels 61-70
    Bump Attack Badge Complete levels 71-80
    Lucky Day Badge Complete levels 81-90
    Return Postage Badge Complete levels 91-100
    Shadow Queen winnings
    the following things become available after you beat the shadow queen.

    You get the last three troubles
    These two ghost people apear in front of Poshley Sanctum
    Super Luigi becomes available in shop for (I think) 264 Coins
    you find out what the treasure is from Frankly
    everyone coomemorates you for beating the demon, accept a few people think that you are lying
    You get one star point(Riiiip OOOOOOOff)

    I think that there might be more but I dont know.
    Starpiece location

    Rogueport: 18 Pieces

    1. In town square on right hand side behind some crates

    2. Enter the town square alley and go into the house next to the inn from
    the back.

    3. On the roof of Zess T.'s house.

    4. Right in front of the gallows in the town square. (Need Super Boots)

    5. Under ground behind Zess T.'s house in alley. (Need Super Boots)

    6. Behind Prof. Frankly's house on top of some crates.

    7. Right in front of Prof. Frankly's house. (Need Super Boots)

    8. On top of building in East Rogueport with lock on door. (Need Yoshi and
    Super Boots)

    9. Behind chimney on Bobbery's house in East Rogueport.

    10. Behind barrel next to Ishnail's house.

    11. Underground in front of the Pianta Parlor. (Need Super Boots)

    12. On the west side look behind the short wall surrounding the garden right
    as you enter.

    13. Behind Warp pipe in garden on west side.

    14. Behind trashcan on west side of town next to the item shop.

    15. In front of stairs in harbor. (Need Super Boots)

    16. Use boat panel in harbor to reach hidden area on the left side of
    harbor. (Need Paper Boat)

    17. On the left side of the train platform. (Need Super Boots)

    18. Behind pipe to blimp.
    Starpiece location
    Rogueport Sewers: 13 Pieces
    19. Next to Merluvlee's house, behind a pillar

    20.In front of Wonky in Herb T.'s house (Need Super boots)

    21. Behind the pedestal, next to the teleporter to the X-naut fortress

    22.Hidden behind the broken pillar in front of Merluvlee's house

    23.From the pipe in front of Frankly's house enter and it should be in front of the moving platform. (Need Super Boots)

    24. Behind stairs in entrance to Pit of 100 Trials.

    25. In room with Thousand-Year Door south of the platform. (Need Super Boots)

    26. Right in front of black treasure chest that gives you Plane Mode. (Need Super Boots)

    27. In room to the right of the Thousand-Year Door behind a big yellow block.

    28. Next to the Warp pipe to Boggly Woods. (Need Super Boots)

    29. In the background of the warp pipe room that leads to Petal Meadows. (Need Spring Jump)

    30. Enter the sewers through the west side of Rogueport drain. The Star Piece is in the background.

    31. Enter through the sewer drain on the west side and search behind the center ledge.
    Stylish Moves
    This wasnt posted yet from what I saw but IF you time your stylish moves at the right time, you can pull off FOUR stylish moves with one attack. For instance when you have Koops do his Shell Toss and make him spin on his back, towards the last two rotations he does as he slows down you hit A again and he will jump up,wink, and point at the crowd. You can do double stylish on every charecter with every move if you time everything just right, hope that helps =P
    Super-Secret Star Piece
    Go to East Rogueport from Rogueport Square. The brick wall isn't solid and you can go through it from the center. Go left once you're in there and go into the alley behind the shadow guy. Get onto the boxes in the back and go right and you will find a star piece.


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    The ghosts curse
    On the Excess Express when the ghost comes up in the room nextdoor and tells you to get his diary and don't read it. Go to the baggage cart find the ragged diary and read it by going on to gear and important things. Press A and it will come up read it or don't read it. Read it. The ghost will come up and curse you. Mario will then turn into a ghost himself and will get an automatic game over. Make sure you save before this!


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    The Wacka in Keehaul Key.
    In Keehaul Key, go up and to the left as far as you can go, as soon as you get off Cortezs' ship and or wash up on the beach. There should be a blue, mole type thing there called a Whacka. Talk to him, then hit him with your hammer. An item called a Whackas Bump will fall out. DONT SELL IT. Enless you really need the money of course. You can get more than one and they replenish 25 HP and 25 FP. I used Whackas Bumps to help me get to Bowser on the original Paper Mario. They sell for like 50 coins in the shop. Hope that helped
    if you look in the recipes book in your journal under zess frappe it shows that it heals 20 hp but it actually heals 20 fp.
    Ultimate FOOD!!!
    First get one Ultra Shroom and a Jammin' Jelly go
    to Zess T. Kitchen cook them together and tada
    you now have a Jelly Ultra .Recovers 50 hp and 50 sp.
    Walauigi, Wario and Luigi Clothes
    To get these kind of clothes you have to have passed the place that you have to take the train to.

    To get Wario clothes,
    talk to the badge dealer in Rogueport every day until he sells W something. When you equip it, you will look like Wario.

    To get Luigi clothes,
    go to the giant museum in that place that you have to take the train to get to. Go to the giant room with the Pink Boos. Use the same tactic that you used to get the pipe in the first room. Soon you will see a badge. It is called L something. When you equip it you will look like Luigi.

    To get Walauigi clothes,
    equip the L badge and the W badge at the same time. You will look like Walauigi.