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Need for Speed Most Wanted cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Heat lvl 1: Nothing really, the cops act dumb.

Heat lvl 2: Police WILL box you in, weak roadblocks.

Heat lvl 3: Police box you in, light rihno units( SUVs) stronger roadblocks

Heat lvl 4: Police box you in, heavy rihno/SUVs, spike stripes, stronger roadblocks, helicopters.

Heat lvl 5: Elite boxing strategy's, spikes may be in front or behind a police car. cross, helicopters swooping down.
Do not reset in a pursuit!
If you reset anytime during a pursuit, you will get busted (excluding cooldown mode). If your car flips over, wait until the game resets your car, You will not get busted in this situation.
Dodge roadblocks and spike strips
Whenever police are in a group on your map and staying there in that spot then it is means that there is a roadblock or spike strip .if you are heading towards it use speedbreaker because it could be anything
Easy pursuit
To do a great pursuit, start at the country club in a heat at 3 or more (Where the cops won't lose you too easily) and keep going around on the campus circle. (If it helps, sit on the floor.) Use speedbreaker on every spike strip, back up when rammed or cornered. And when you want to evade, go to the map and choose one of the two pursuit breakers next to you. (The stadium) All the cops will porbably be immobilized, but if not, use the other one and go into the hiding spot. (Sometimes the cops do a roadblock by this, which puts you out of cooldown. If this happens, wait for cooldown and try to hide again, and the police will go right past you. If ou cannot evade, there are a large group of pursuit breakers (The donut, tire, and gas station.) If successfully evaded, hide by the car wash or the stadium.
Easy way to beat the cops
It's pretty hard but if you do it right it will be really short. All you have to do is go as fast as you can. Find the cops and ram them (you have to use nitrous though). After that it will be really short.
Extra $10,000
You will receive an extra $10,000 in Career Mode (after prologue) if you have a saved file from Need for Speed: Underground 2 on your Memory Card.
Heat Levels
You unlock heat levels by beating these racers:

Heat level 1 & 2: Get at start of game.

Heat level 3: Beat Vic Blacklist # 13.

Heat level 4: Beat Earl,Blacklist # 9

Heat level 5: Beat Webster,Blacklist # 5

Heat level 6: Pursuit After defeating Razor

( heat may rise slow or fast )
how to get a lot of bounty...
Its easy...just go to the bus station, and go to the plataform there, on the second floor. The cops will we down and you up...it will looks like you are evading them but its not! when you want to stop, just go to the ramp that you used to go up
Low on Cash?
If your ever low on cash and need some more, you can re-do past races. Just go to the blacklist, press the up button to see past blacklist members, and choose a race to re-do. Even if you've already won it, you can do it again to win more money.
Perfect Launch (Not for drag)
Although it is similar for drag, this is for other races only. What you do, at the start of a race, don't rev your engine all the way, just rev it to a certain point to where the hand on the speed dial turns a different colour, and then you will get a perfect launch, which lets you accelerate much faster.
Quick Evasions
A good idea to evade one or two police cars on the highway is, when you reach the junctions where the road branches off, swerve a bit and make them think you're going one way, then go the other way.

To immobilize police cars (this works best on the federal cars), get 3 or so of them behind you, get them close to each other, then swerve a bit, and a few of them will crash, increasing your chances of getting away.
Razor easy beating
when you beat bull get his car on put everything you got from ronny on it, then you will beat razor easy
Regaining Control
Here are 2 ways to regain control in a police chase or in a race. I suggest you use these ways only in complete need to because they both run out.

Step # 1. Use your nitrous. It will put more weight onto the back of your car giving you more control of your car. WARNING: Nitrous runs out so use it wisely!!!

Step # 2. Use speedbreaker. It will put you into slow-mo so you can turn better and see things in a slower perspective. WARNING: Speedbreaker runs out in about 7 seconds. Once again, use it wisely!!!
If there is a cop (any kind) in front of you, then use your nitrous zoom up to the side of it and bang its side. The cop will spin out. The faster your speed the worse the damage on the cop. Who knows, maybe you'll even immbolize the cop?
Speedbreaker and handling / Fun with cops
Well, I know that you guys have probably heard this stuff all over, but I've just gotta throw my two cents in.

When you use the speedbreaker in a hairpin situation, try to turn it on a good ways before you come to the turn, and then try to powerslide into the turn, while keeping your pedal floored, and by the time that you come to the center of the hairpin, you can either turn it off or it will have run out. From then on, corner the best that you can, and if you can make it out, go for it. But if not, slam on your NOS and straighten out before blazing off. If you do it this way, you should be able to stay well away from both walls.

If you like to toy with the cops, or are having trouble with time milestones, such as when you get farther on in the game and it becomes somewhat hard to keep going for 9 minutes with those pesky Vets' on your tail, try this. In Rosewood you will fine a bus station. Now if you are currently in a pursuit, go into the bus station.
----If you are coming from Rockport, go up the ramp on your left side, but don't floor it. When you get part way in, let go of the gas, and once you make it onto the buses, brake hard to make sure that you don't fall off.
----If you are coming from Rosewood, slow way down once you enter the station (if possible) and (again, if possible) use the speedbreaker to help you turn around and go up the ramp on your right. OR you can go straight through the station and into Rockport, turn around, come back, and follow what I just told you to do in the above statement.
----If not in pursuit, break through the glass, (driving very slowly while doing so, mind you) and you should hear your scanner pick up dispatch saying something about what you just did. Then just drive around, close to the bus station, and once you see your radar light up, head that way. Grab the cop, run back to the station, sit on the busses, and you're good to go. (One thing though, you might want to get several cops chasing you before you go back to the bus station, especially if your heat is lower than 4. If you don't, the cop might lose sight of you and run off. Stupid cops.)

Also, just a quick tip which most everyone should know, is that when you corner, or are starting to lose control, engage NOS. Believe it or not, it will straighten you out, and you'll be ready to roll. (Just make sure to save some, just in case Mr. Hotshot back there trys to make a move at the corner)


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Better than Maxed out cars/free paints and bodies
After you beat a Blacklist racer, Pick the three markers on the far right. They can be, Free Vinals, Free Parts, or my favorite, Free performance upgrades. To get better than Maxed Out get the Ultimate because the upgrade goes up to the next level. Now you can be better than the best!!
Bounty for Duration
Heat Level 1: 100 X every 10 seconds you last
Heat Level 2: 500 X every 10 seconds you last
Heat Level 3: 1,000 X every 10 seconds you last
Heat Level 4: 5,000 X every 10 seconds you last
Heat Level 5: 25,000 X every 10 seconds you last


burger king challeng
ok um on the start screen press


a message should appear
Evade Cops In " Cool Down" Mode
When you are in "Cool Down" mode, just go to a safe house o store near you and enter there. The car will enter and the cops will be evaded!
get unlimited bounty!!!
select rockport police station from safe house, then go to that construction site with a pursuit breaker. hit the pursuit breaker, (all cops should be deployed) now stop right before the ledge that leads to the highway.
Is Cross Your Rival?
Thats it...a great normal, in which you do your commun things, destroy the city, etc. Then the cops are called...MUAJAJAJA!!...You reach to the level 6...and you will be chased by Corvettes...And CROSS...MUAJAJA...So, you want to inmobilize Cross...right??...just go to the top of the bus station( to the plataform), and start jumping over Cross and resseting your car, so you will be on tha plataform again...When Cross is inmobilize, Do my " How To Get A Lot Of Bounty Cheat"
Mega Glitch!
When doing West Park and Lyons(one of Ming's races) When you take the lat 90+ degree turn, if you go 230 degrees then you will drive off the course. You can now do whatever you want, and the cops wont notice until you go back to the race and finish it,(or quit it). Enjoy your cop-free roam!
Multi-player free roam
So you are all wondering how to get free roam in multi player right? well stop looking your answers right here!

Go to a multi player track in circuit called omega way when you make it near the subway [the place the has fences] spin around hit the fence then pass through voila! free roam make sure you don't touch the yellow arrows or else you'll be back in the track then just go back to the subway then go through again.
If you don't understand where copy this Link in the browser for a map

Stupid Cops
When you are at a high heat level, go driving SLOW to the copĀ“s station, then turn your car to the right pasage there, the stupid cops will activate the pursuit breaker!