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Need For Speed: Carbon (GC) Cheats

Need For Speed: Carbon cheats, Codes, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GC.

Command codes

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Infinite Crew Charge
On your contoller (Main Menu) press: Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, X
Infinite Speedbreaker
Enter the following button sequence at the main menu screen: Down, Right, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, X
Unlock Need For Speed Vinyls
On the controller (Main Menu) press Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up, X.


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A Couple Speed Breaker-(SB) Hints
u can use the SB to do sharp turns (probobly what it was made for)
when u use SB, it increases the mass of ur car, in other words, u can send cops flying with it! (a good target is roadblocks!)
Easy Way to Lose Cops
When you are being chased by the police the best way to escape them is to pick up speed then do a sharp turn into an underground parking area. The cops for some reason don't follow you in there and to add to the bonus it is also a hiding place so cooldown goes up much faster.
Losing the Heat
Cops on your tail? An easy way to lose them is to go to any body shop and start working on your car. Just change the color and your heat is lost!
The best Cars
Here are the cars I strongly recommend for this game. The Porsche Cerrara, The Gallardo, and Kengi's car.
The Real and Easy Way to Get Heat Level 6 and 7
In order to get Heat Level 6 you must filled the heat map with zone heat 5 and last an hour at a police pursuit @ Heat Level 5 then it will fill up to heat level six! Now for heat hevel 7 you must have 10,000,000 bounty or more and last for an hour and half and the heat will fill up to heat level 7 so enjoy the biggest and funniest cop chase ever!
Tip for SharpTurns
1: Having trouble turning? Have a very fast car and just can't seem to nail those turns? Well it will be easy if you just tap the brake and take your foot all the way off the gas.


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Try pushing both the Gas button (default is "R") and Brake/Reverse (default is "L") at the same time, and hold it. within a few seconds the camera will go to right beside the rear right tire, looking up to the top/front of the car. it looks best as the Camaro SS (muscle car).


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Easy Way To Lose Cops
The easiest way to lose the cops is by doing this. When you are chased by cops and there is a turn, go to that turn and then the cops will just go staright and turn but they will crash to the wall.NoteThis cheat may not work everytime.)Hope it works.
Extra $10,000
If you have a Need for Speed: Most Wanted saved on your memory card, you get a $10,000 bonus when you start a career in career mode.


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Heat Levels Unlocked
In Carrer mode, you start with Heats 1 and 2, more you do better the more heat comes.

Heat Level 3 - Pontiac GTOs - Beat Kenji
Heat Level 4 - Black Pontiac GTOs - Beat Wolf
Heat Level 5 - Corvettes - Beat Angie
Heat Level 6 - Black Corvettes - Maybe it should be beat Darius
Heat Level 7 - SUVs - Same thing, as beaten Darius and filling the map of Zone Heat 5. Get 10,000,000 Bounty or over.


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infinate nitrous
*dont do this code FRICKEN FAST or it wont work!

go- left, up, left, down, left, down, right, X

*everything before 'X', use the analog stick