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NCAA Football 2003 Cheats


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Unlock Trophies

To unlock these trophies, play the following rivalry games as either of the two teams listed:
Administaff Bayou Bucket Trophy-Houston vs. Rice
Apple Cup Trophy-Washington vs. Washington St
Black Diamond Trophy-West Virginia vs Virginia Tech
Commonwealth Cup Trophy-Virginia vs. Virginia Tech
Golden Boot Trophy-Arkansas vs. LSU
Golden Egg Trophy-Mississippi St. vs. Ole Miss
Golden Hat Trophy-Oklahoma vs. Texas
Ireland Trophy-Boston College vs. Notre Dame
Jeweled Shillelagh Trophy-Notre Dame vs. USC
Little Brown Jug Trophy-Michigan vs. Minnesota
Marching Drum Trophy-Kansas vs. Missouri
Megaphone Trophy-Michigan St. vs. Notre Dame
Old Brass Spittoon Trophy-Indiana vs. Michigan St
Old Oaken Bucket Trophy-Indiana vs. Purdue
Paul Bunyan's Axe Trophy-Minnesota vs. Wisconsin
Silver Spade Trophy-New Mexico vs. New Mexico St
Stanford Axe Trophy-Cal vs. Stanford
Sweet Sioux Tomahawk Trophy-Illinois vs. Northwestern
Territorrial Cup Trophy-Arizona vs. Arizona State
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