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Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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attacking specials
Okay, if you are fighting someone(a good person to test this with is neji vs._____ whoever)
The person you use vs using neji can be anyone, so when they come up to attack you hold back and press a and back at the same time(if you are on the right side of the screen go right+a and vice versa for left)and then neji will use that divine whirlwind attack or whatever its called; you can do this with any other character and they will do a special move to prevent from getting hit.
Kakashi (normal one)will use 1000 years of pain if you do that.
My sis and I tried out all of the characters and they all did something, Lee was one of the people who didn't hurt the opponent, he just leant back, well, I hope you can read this and rate!
Death Cycle
Put the difficulty level to "4". When you fight an enemy in multiplayer or singleplayer, choose Saksuke with Sharigan. Set the handicap to "Chakra Max." Now begin the battle. Now try and get them to do their substitution jutsu. When they do this, quickly press "Up+A" at the same time. When this is done correctly, Sasuke should quickly disappear and reappear above the enemy and kick them in the head. Then thanks to "Chakra Max," their chakra should be replenished and do the substitution jutsu again. So you just do "Up+A" again. This should create an endless cycle and you should keep kicking them in the head until they die, hence called "Death Cycle." It has already been tested on these three people:

1.)Kakashi (both)
easy money
go to ankos shop and if you have it get oboro mode and pick your best character and try it collect those gold coins and cash and when you get to level 6 you should have about 7000 ryo.
Easy Money in Oboro Mode
Go to Oboro Mode, and use Akamaru. Because he is hard to hit, he will last a long time, making it easier to get money!
Hatake Kakashi Attack
If you hold down the x button, the attack will charge itself and cause more damage to the opponent.
Hidden lotus
to do the hidden lotus with rock lee first in a battle get full chakra then hold down and push X, then hold down again and press X after your chakra regains, then rock lee's hair will frizz up and when you get full chakra press X (not holding down or any thing) and you should dissapear and re apear in frount of your apponent and do hidden lotus.
A good tip. If you have Lee and your life is low press down, X and you'll open a gate then do it again you'll open another.Let your chakra charge up then just keep using X for his special. Its hard to dodge.
Lee Tip
When you start a battle with lee, you should build up enough chakra to open only the first gate. After you open it, your attacks will do more damage and your chakra bar will rise faster. Now it is easier to win, only open the last gate as a last resort ,ex., if you need to win quickly in a short amount of time. Hope this helps you.
maskless haku and long haired sakura
If you press x while having haku highlighted, you will start the match without a mask. If you do this on sakura, she will have long hair, press z for same effect, but color alteration.
Other spcieal
When using sharingan sasuke, you can use two specials! Press x to use chidori. Jump and press x to use fire ball jutsu.
Secondary Lotus
You can use Rock Lee's secondary lotus by picking Rock Lee and your opponent should be Garra. When you use Rock Lee's primary lotus, it should change to secondary lotus.
Shy Hinata and Sorry Hinata
When you start a battle with Hinata and Naruto, watch the beginning of the match and Hinata's face will turn red, and at the ending of the match, Hinata will ask if Naruto is okay, and then she'll give Naruto medicine.
Specials on Gaara
The only way to get Gaara in specials on difficulty 4 is to have him in a corner or against the wall
Spying Hinata
This is just a secret. but if you look to the right of the gate in the arena Village Hidden in The Leaves Gate (day), you can see Hinata hidding behind a tree spying on naruto while he is fighting.

Note: im not sure if this works if naruto is not fighting in the match or not.
Using Mizuki
To use mizuki, goto character selection and highlight iruka then press x button and mizuki will show up instead of iruka


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Changing Look
If you press X over Sakura or Haku in the character selection screen, you can play as Sakura with long hair and Haku without his mask.
cursed mark sasuke
you need to get survival mode time atack mode and oboro mode in head ninja rank then you need saske used the 50 persent and go to anko and he wil b there
Game Bonus
If you have a saved data file from Naruto: Clash of Ninja 1 on the same memory card, Anko's Shop will give you a bonus of 10,000.
Sharingan Kakashi's Copy Abilty
NOTE: You cannot use on Neji, Hinata, Haku, Iruka, Kankuro, Sasuke with Sharingan, Guy, and Orochimaru.
First choose Sharingan Kakashi. While fighting a different character than yourself, DO NOT have a full chakra bar. When they use their special attack, press <- A and mash X like crazy. If done right, they will say whatever they say before the special attack and you'll say, "Sharingan!" He'll then use their special technique.
Unlock Characters
For the first set of characters to be available, you have to beat Story Mode. To get the second set of characters, you need to get first place in Time Attack and unlock all the characters from the first set. To get the third set you need to place first in Survival and, unlock all the characters from the second set. To get the final two
characters, you must unlock all the previous characters and defeat the extra ten Story matches. They can all be bought in Anko's shop (cost next to each character).
Kyuubi Naruto-5,500
Neji Hyuuga-2,000
Sharingan Kakashi-7,500
Sharingan Sasuke-100,000
Zabuza Momochi-4,000
Unlock Shadow Mode
Unlock Mizuki and Team Battle, then buy for 3,500 in Anko's shop.
Unlock Team Battle Mode
Complete Time Attack Mode to unlock.