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Naruto: Clash of Ninja Cheats

Naruto: Clash of Ninja cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Naruto: Clash of Ninja cheat codes.

Naruto: Clash of Ninja Tips

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Alternate Costume
To give your character his alternate costume, select him with Y instead of A.
Submitted by: DCRage on August 03, 2004
Fighting With Rock Lee
This is my favorite charater of the entire game, and I know ALL of his moves and combos. I have also mastered every character (Especially Lee)except Iruka. Anyways, I know to get a Knock-Out with Lee within seconds! This all you have to do (You might want to practice this on Training to get it right): First, press <-- + B towards the opponent to block and hurt him/her at the same time, and to get him/her into a corner. Then, press <-- + B, B, A, A, A, and he/she should fly up (They wouldn't fly over to the other side of the arena because they are in a corner.) and come back down. When he/she is about to hit the ground, press B, B, B, B, B, B, A, A, A, A, and he/she should fly up again and come back down. When he/she is about to hit the ground, press X for Lee's special since you got up your Chakra Gauge from doing the combos. The opponent will hit the ground and bounce up into your special that starts with a kick upward. Right after you do the attack, run towards the opponent by pressing towards the opponent then pressing towards the opponent again (Just hold it this time!)and press A while they're getting up. He/she will fly across the arena. Run towards him/her and press --> + A right when they got back up. This SHOULD K.O. the opponent and leave you a Perfect Victory! Note: The opponent will sometimes use his/her Substitution Jutsu (See Handbook for details) to avoid your combos. If he/she does, just try again.
Submitted by: Taylor on February 03, 2007
Haku: Needles
As Haku, jump up in the air and press A to fire needles. If you hold it, they will remain in the air, but it uses Chakra VERY fast. Let go to release them. Once you hold them, they will automatically point to your opponent. It will follw them wherever they go. NOTE: the needles can only go down, or in a 90 degree angle. They will not go pointing at you if your opponent is to close. Also, hitting L and R may dodge it. The chances of it not are like 3%.
Submitted by: naruto_679 on April 19, 2006
Survival Mode Tip
For those that need help with Survival Mode, use Kyubbi Naruto because he's fast, strong and a true killer.

To get Kyubbi Naruto, beat one player with everyone including Rock Lee.

To get Rock Lee, beat story mode, then he will challenge you. If you beat him, you unlock him.
Submitted by: Chad on April 28, 2006
Unlocking lee
To unlock rock lee you must beat storie mode without a continue. Once you fight lee (be careful he's tough!) you will unlock him

Reccomendation:Set the game level to easy before doing this.
Submitted by: neomonkey on July 27, 2006
Zabuza Momochi: Easy wins
At the start of the battle, use the A button combo and it will take damage as much as special, then use his special, then use the A button combo to finish it off
Submitted by: coolman1 on April 21, 2006

Naruto: Clash of Ninja Cheats

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Haku's Mask
You can play with Haku without his mask by pressing X or Z.
Submitted by: Young Link51423 on October 31, 2006
Kyuubi and Sharingan
Kyuubi - To get Kyuubi Naruto, you need to beat Story Mode with Naruto first,when you get to Rock Lee,with no continuing,beat him and you will Unlock him.After that, go back to the Main Menu and choose One Player mode.Beat every single character including Rock Lee twice(I think) and after you beat the last one, you'll get a message saying you can use Kyuubi Naruto by pressing X or Z when choosing a character.

Sharingan Kakashi - Beat One Player mode with Kyuubi Naruto and then go back to One Player character select and beat One Player mode with Kakashi, at the end it will say to press X or Z while choosing a character to activate Sharingan Kakashi

That's all...
Submitted by: Zoey Kasuwai on January 28, 2007
Sharigan Kakashi: How to Use His Sharigan Eye
During an opponents' special, hit A and back at the same time. Make sure that you hold it when your opponent hits you. The only downfall is that you can't copy Haku's special because it's a "secret jutsu".
Submitted by: naruto_679 on April 17, 2006
Unlock Max Attack power
Place 1st in Time Attack with any character.
Submitted by: Chad on August 07, 2006
Unlock Max Difficulty
Place 1st in Survival Mode with any character.
Submitted by: Chad on August 07, 2006
Unlock Sound Test
Complete the game at least once with all characters (minus secret characters) in single player to unlock the sound test. Sound test can be found in the light green menu "omake" (extras).
Submitted by: DCRage on August 03, 2004
Unlock The Characters
Rock Lee - Complete the Story Mode without continuing.

Kyubi Naruto - Complete the 1-Player with all 7 default characters and Rock Lee, twice.

Sharingan Kakashi - Unlock Kyubi Naruto and complete 1-Player with Kakashi, again!
Submitted by: Kyubi Kid on December 05, 2007
Unlocking Kyubbi Naruto
To unlock Kyubbi Naruto you must first unlock Rock Lee.

Then beat one-player with everybody including Rock Lee twice.

Now press X or Z to use Kyubbi Naruto.
Submitted by: shade279 on September 17, 2006
Unlocking Sharingan Kakashi
To unlock Sharingan Kakashi you must first unlock Kyubbi Naruto.

Then on one-player get the Hokage rank which is 400,000+ points.

Then play as Kakashi once again, then a note appears.

To use Sharingan Kakashi you must press X or Z over Kakashi.
Submitted by: shade279 on September 17, 2006