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Mystic Heroes (GC) Cheats

Mystic Heroes cheats, and Codes for GC.


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Super Attack (Works only on Multiplayer Co-op normal)
Go to any stage with any two characters and have full magic.(with both characters) You will see that there are !'s above their heads. Press X with both players next to each other and they will raise their weapon above their heads. Then depending on which types you combined and which attacks there will be one super-powerful attack.(You are also pretty much invincible while using this attack. It requires all of both characters magic.) Say you used Gale, Twister, Windblade, and Tornado combined with, Bolt, Shock, Thunderblade, and Pure Energy.Maybe one time you used it, Gale would be coming out in all four directions, Twisters would be hitting people, and Pure Energy would be coming up from the ground. Mix and match attacks and have fun!
Unlock Captain Dax
Finish the game in survival mode under beginner difficulty.
Unlock Expert Survival Mode
Finish the game in survival mode.
Unlock M Runes
M1 Rune-beat the game in Easy mode
M2 Rune-For those with access to 4 controllers: Play a 4 player versus match (non co-op) in Multi Play to unlock M2: Fusenso
M3 Rune-beat the game in Normal mode
M4 Rune-play and complete 10 co-op matches
M5 Rune-play 20 matches
M6 Rune-play and complete 20 co-op matches
M7 Rune-play 50 matches
M8 Rune-beat the game on hard with any character
M9 Rune-beat the game with all 4 characters on any difficulty setting
M10 Rune-play Vs. mode 100 times
Unlock Mariah
Finish the game in survival mode under advanced difficulty.
Unlock Raja
Finish the game in survival mode under intermediate difficulty.
Unlock S Weapons, S Runes, Extra Survival Mode
S1 Weapon-beat the first set of 4 levels on survival mode
S2 Weapon-beat the second set of 4 levels on Survival mode
S3 Weapon and Expert Survival Mode-After beating the third and final set of 4 levels in survival mode, you'll recieve the S3 Weapon, which makes your HP regenerate slowly. After you've beaten all 3 parts of survival mode, the expert survival mode will be unlocked
S4 Rune and S5 Rune-beat expert survival (select hard on the menu after clearing all 3 normal survival)
S6 Weapon-beat Expert Survival mode's third section