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Mortal Kombat: Deception (GC) Cheats

Mortal Kombat: Deception cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Complete Fatality List + Unlocking Characters
Close = as close as you can get to the opponent.
Sweep = 2 steps back from close.
Far = 1 step back from sweep.

When you defeat the opponent, depending on the character, get close, sweep, or far from the opponents and press the following buttons for the following characters:

Ashrah - Down, Down, Up, Up, Y. (close)

Baraka - Toward, Up, Down, Y. (close)

Bo Rai Cho - Down, Up, Toward, Toward, Y. (sweep)

Dairou - Down, Up, Away, Away, B. (sweep)

Darrius - Up, Down, Away, Toward, A. (sweep)

Ermac - Down, Away, Away, Down, A. (sweep)

Havik - Down, Toward, Toward, Up, X. (close)

Hotaru - Toward, Away, Up, Down, B. (sweep)

Jade - Away, Toward, Up, Toward, B. (sweep)

Kabal - Toward, Up, Up, Up, A. (close)

Kenshi - Toward, Toward, Away, Away, Y. (sweep)

To unlock Kenshi, you must go to Earthrealm and train with him when you're far enough in the game. When you're done training with him, you should see a treasure chest of gold. Open it and it will be the key to Kenshi,

Kira - Away, Toward, Toward, Away, X. (far)

Kobra - Down, Away, Toward, Down, X. (close)

Li Mei - Toward, Toward, Toward, Toward, B. (sweep)

Liu Kang - Away, Away, Away, Toward, Y. (sweep)

To unlock Liu Kang, go to Edenia G-8 after you beat Konquest. You should see a tent. Meditate behind the tent until it is 11:00 P.M and wait behind the tent until it is 12:00 P.M. At that time, the treasure chest containing the key to Liu Kang will appear. But the treasure chest will disappear in 1 hour, so be quick.

Mileena - Toward, Down, Down, B. (sweep)

Nightwolf - Away, Toward, Away, Toward, B. (far)

Noob-Smoke - (See Nightwolf)

Raiden - Away, Down, Toward, Down, B. (sweep)

To unlock Raiden, beat Konquest then go to Orderrealm in the "E" quadrant. You should see Raiden guarding a treasure chest. Beat Raiden and open the treasure chest. It will contain the key to unlock Raiden.

Scorpion - Toward, Down, Toward, Toward, B. (close)

Shao Kahn - Down, Up, Up, Right, Y. (sweep)

Shujinko - Up, Down, Down, Toward, A. (close)

Sindel - Away, Toward, Toward, Away, B. (sweep)

Tanya - Toward, Down, Down, Down, ??? (I forgot the last button sry)

To unlock Tanya, go to Outworld A-3 into a blue cave. Go the deepest you can in there and meditate until you see a treasure chest. That is the key to unlocking Tanya.
Defeating Onaga
Around the stage you fight Onaga in you will find Kamidogu's around the stage. Touch one and it will stun him. While he's stunned pull off a good combo on him. Repeat until he is dead.
You should know that most projectile special attacks (like sub-zero's freeze ball) don't work on Onaga. So if your ever to use a special attack, don't use one that is a projectile. So it's best to stick to physical attacks.
Unlock Shujinko
Beat Konquest mode and Shujinko should now be playable.


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Walking on Air
In Konquest Mode, The 'Walk on Air' glitch can be performed at any time in the Orderrealm. Go to the outermost walkway in H-5, and hug the invisible barrier while you change from H-5 to H-6. You'll end up being able to walk on 'Negative Space', or area -1
Defeat Dragon King easy
To beat Onaga easy just pick Lui Kang. Get at least one of the kamidogos around the arena so that he can get stunned. After that use Lui Kang's Bicycle Kick. It should at least take away 1/4 of his life.
Easy Onyx/Platinum Koins
Set the difficulty level of Puzzle Kombat to 'Novice' and set the difficulty of regular kombat (CPU Difficulty) to 'Max'. Play Puzzle kombat, the difficulty will be low, but the rewards will be for the higher difficulty.
Fatality 1: toward,up,down Y (close)
Fatality 2: toward,away,down,toward Y (sweep)
Hara Kiri : down,away,up,away X

Fatality 1: down,toward,toward,up X (close)
Fatality 2: toward,toward,toward,away Y (sweep)
Hara Kiri : toward,up,up,up, Y


Fatality 1: toward,up,up,up A (close)
Fatality 2: up,up,down,down Y (close)
Hara Hiri : toward,up,up,down Y

Lui Kang:

Fatality 1: away,away,away,toward Y (sweep)
Fatality 2: up,away,toward,toward X (sweep)
Hara Kiri : down,down,down,up A


Fatality 1: away,toward,away,toward B (far)
Fatality 2: down,toward,down,up Y (sweep)
Hara Kiri : up,up,up,up A

Noob Smoke:

Fatality 1: away,toward,away,toward B (far)
Fatality 2: up,down,down,toward Y (out sweep)
Hara Kiri : down,up,up,down Y


Fatality 1: away,down,toward,down B (sweep)
Fatality 2: up,down,toward,toward B (far)
Hara Kiri : toward,up,up,away B


Fatality 1: toward,down,toward,toward B (close)
Fatality 2: toward,away,toward,away B (close)
Hara Kiri : toward,up,up,away B


Fatality 1: toward,away,down,toward Y (close)
Fatality 2: away,down,toward,down B (sweep)
Hara Kiri : down,up,down,up Y

Tethered Opponent
Choose Scorpion as any character and select Beetle Lair stage. Stand toward your opponent with the stain glass between the two and use the spear with opponent blocking. He will be tethered to Scorpion until any damage is taken.
Unlimited Platinum koins
There's an old man in Edenia (Coordinates E-8, inside a house) that wil give you 500 Platinum koins if you bring him a necklace found from a dead body in G1. (Outside of the castle)
You can keep getting a necklace and giving it to the old man and he will keep rewarding you.
Unlockable Arenas
Liu Kang's Tomb - At the end of the bridge in earthrealm after fighting Jax (Area H-6)
Dragon King's Temple - Found in a house in Chaosrealm around D-7
Shang Tsung's Courtyard - Found in a treasure chest at point A-1 in Neatherrealm
Kuatan Palace - Found in a treasure chest at point A-4 in Orderrealm
Beetle Lair - Found in a treasure chest at point A-6 in Earthrealm after finishing Konquest
Quan Chi's Fortress - Found in a treasure chest at point H-5 in Orderrealm
Dragon Mountain - Found in a treasure chest at point H-8 in Outworld
Living Forest - Open Koffin DS with 1694 Sapphire Koins
Dead Pool - Open Koffin JI with 2191 Ruby Koins
Nexus - Treasure chest in choasrealm (Area A-4)
Portal - Treasure chest in earthrealm (area E-5)
Golden Desert - Treasure chest in neatherrealm (area E-2)
Courtyard - Treasure chest in netherrealm (Area A-1)