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Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Cheats

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Ap Sensor
When you start the game go back to the water and start looking for the sensor there. The AP Sensor helps you to know when the enemy is near if you have the radar off or it is jammed. It tells you by rumbling the controller when the enemy is near.
Can't Find The Camera huh?
Ok. Here is how to get the Camera. Remember when you first fight Ocelot, with Baker as hostage all tied up with C4? Well, exactly east of the blown up wall plant a C4 on that wall. Once you blow it, enter and you will see 2 security doors. One is Level 4 and one is Level 6. I forgot which door contains the item, but one has the Camera inside it. You'll see like a few machines surrounded by a cage with a hole at the bottom and you crawl under it and get the Camera. I hope this will help you. Enjoy taking pics with it btw. It's cool seein' them ghosts.
Dark Caves
In the caves with the wolves where you require nightvision, here is a tip: Pause the game and go to the TV Menu (if you have it). Adjust the brightness and contrast until you can see what's in the darkness. This makes it easy to travel through with the handkerchief and see.
Fun with C4
NOTE: This tip is easier with stealth.
Walk up as close as you can to a guy without touching him and wait until he stops moving. Get directly behind him get out your C4 then push. It should put it on his back without him noticing. Then find a good place to hide and lit him up. This doesn't really accomplish anything but it's fun.
Mario gives you life
In the computer room where you fight the ninja, look for a Mario figure with a Yoshi next to it on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Aim and shoot at the Mario figure to refill your health.
Recover health and hear Yoshi during the battle with the Ninja
During the battle with the Ninja, look around for a Mario and a Yoshi figure (they should be right next to each other). Shoot the Mario figure to recover health and shoot Yoshi to hear him make lots of little Yoshi sounds. Note: The figures are pretty small and I think you can only find them in first-person mode.
Rewards for beating game Once
Beat the game once to obtain these bonuses:
Obtain Boss Survival Mode
Ammo Bandana (w/Meryl's Ending)
Meryl Demo (w/Meryl's Ending)
Stealth Device (w/Otacon's Ending)
Otacon Demo (w/Otacon's Ending)
Rewards for beating game three times
Beat the game three times to unlock these rewards:
Get Alternate Ending Theme
Alternate Meryl Demo (Meryl's Ending w/Tuxedo Snake)
Alternate Otacon Demo (Otacon's Ending w/Tuxedo Snake)
Rewards for beating game twice
Beat the game twice to earn these bonuses:
Access Tuxedo Snake
Access Crimson Ninja
Access Sneaking Suit Meryl
Gain "Ninja Save" icon

Easter eggs

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See through Psycho Mantis' eyes!
Right before you go into battle with him, after he possesses Meryl, go close to her and in FPV (first person view) aim the gun at her chest. The screen will go wavey for a second, and then turn grey, and it will be Psycho Mantis looking at you through her eyes <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> neat huh?


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A Ghost!
When you get a digital camera, get to the rafters right before you meet Liquid and Ocelot in their "office." Instead of going up the stairs, go in front of Metal Gear and snap a photo of it's "face." When you look at this in the photo viewer, you will see one of the many "ghosts" in the game. If you choose "Exorcise" when viewing the photo, you will get rid of the ghost from the picture and just leave the normal photo.
Another Ghost
After the exceptionally cool cut-scene with Psycho Mantis and Meryl, right after Donald Anderson dies, snap a photo of his body and a ghost will appear when you view it your photo viewer.

And a side note, I do NOT know why the ghost looks like an Asian dominatrix.
Boss dog tags.
Mantis: Atfer the fight drag his body and drop it, and then dog tags pop out.
Sniper wolf: After you fight her the second time search the snow for her body drag and drop it and the dog tags will pop out.
Raven: After beating him they will be laying next to his gun.
Liquid snake: During the fight on the metal gear throw him by running at him and pressing A. He will slide off the edge and grab on, then his tags pop out.
I don't know how to get ninjas or revolver ocelots but when I find out I will post them.
Change the Pal Key Easier
When your in the metal gear rex holding area go to the third floor. When you get up the stairs go to the right. then go down the walkway to this support beam. go right beside it and do a hang drop to a lower level. when you get to the lower level there will be some pipes on the wall. one pipe will be called liquid nitrogen and the other will be called steam. get out the pal key and shoot one of the pipes. the pal key will transform
M1 Tank beaten
At the start of the battle go to the left and collect the ration and the stun.gren. If you need Chaff's then go right from the door where u first came out. Chuck a Chaff and peg it to the North east Corner of the canyon(watch out for claymores) and hide until the chaff wear's off. If u get it right, the tank can only use it's gunner who can't get u. Then u can kill him with either the SOCOM or the FAMAS. There are 2 gunners but once you kill 'em then a movie clip will come up. (if the gunner won't come out then switch between no items[L button side] and rations..DON'T USE THE RATIONS JUST EQUIP THEM!!.Easy!
Meryl's Underwear - Part 1
when you go through the ventilation systems to where the darpa chief is being held. before you get to him you look through the vents in meryl's cell room. you will see that she is doing different types of workouts. go back hrough the ventilation ducts and go back down the ladder. go back up the ladder and go back to the ventilation ducts to the vent over meryl's room. you look in the room and she is in her underwear
Meryl's Underwear- Part 2
in b1 of the nuclear storage building that leads you to physco mantis. there you have to wait for meryl. hide behind the beam beside the girl's restroom. when she starts coming dont let her see you and wait for her to get in the restroom. if you get in the restroom within five seconds after she goes in then a movie will come up and she will be in her underwear
Psycho Mantis Battle Trick
When the battle starts, plug your controller into port #4. Mantis can no longer dodge your bullets as he cant read your mind.
to get stealth complete the game once and have submitted to the ocelot torture.
Yet Another Ghost
After you beat the Tank, and go into the Nuclear Storage Facility, go up the ramp to your left. At the top of the ramp, take a photo of the glass infront of you. Don't zoom in after you get to the top of the ramp, just take a pic. When you look at the photo later on in the Photo Viewe, it will contain a ghost, holding a knife, wearing a spiffy Gumbi shirt.