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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Metroid Prime 2: Echoes cheat codes.


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A ball of mystery
First off, go to where you first met U-Mos. Then go to the left of him (your right side) and go to the middle of the outside tunnel. Turn to look at him once more and you will see him holding up a ball of some sort.
Alpha Blogg Hint
I absolutely hated this boss. When he performs his swift ramming attack, you can only actually cause him damage when the claws of his mouth move backwards. This is happens at least half way through his ram attack, and therefore makes it very difficult to get in a decent shot, and still dash out of harms way. A much easier method is to charge up your Dark Beam. Since the shots from the Dark Beam travel much slower through airspace, by the time the Alpha Blogg takes back its claws, the shot will just be reaching it, and cause a hit.

This in turn means you can fire a charged Dark Beam shot (uses up five ammo each time) just when the Alpha Blogg's ram attack is beginning, leaving you with plenty of time to dash out of the way. You shouldn't really have to worry about running out of ammo, since by this point in the game you "could" have collected two ammo upgrades. It could be an extra advisable tip to use Super Missles at the very beginning of the battle, since the Alpha Blogg is slightly slower at that point. As the fight goes on, the Alpha Blogg's ram attack becomes much faster and more volatile, meaning that charged Dark Beam shots are by far the best method to use...
Annoying gun turrets
Um, this is probably well known but to silence auto turrets that shoot you, hit them with a single charged shot from the dark beam, even if it doesn't kill them 1st time, they wont shoot at you for a while so you have time to blast them.
better than light!
Like Enth E ND submitted the light beam does that.
But… Using the chaos beam, (the Light&Dark one) on the crystal will both Kill And attract the dark creatures.
Dark Pirate Commandos
This refers to the "possesed" Space Pirate Commandos, you know, the ones who disappear and move around all the time. It works on almost every enemy, actually, but it makes the pirate fights faster and easier.

When the fight starts, switch to the dark beam. Look for one of your opponents while charing the beam. Once you find one, shoot him and he'll be "frozen". Then just shoot him with a missile and you're finished. While it is eaier to do with the dark visor, it is not necessary. Just watch the radar and look for the dust clouds that signify their movements. Oh, one more thing, as long as the beam connects, they'll be frozen, so don't worry if it hits and they seem to still move. They're just finishing their warp, and they'll be frozen wherever they end up.

Frankly, this is a simple common sense strategy I dirived from how you generally defeat the metroids (you know, freeze 'em then missile 'em)
In the first level the tunnel before the trophy gardens the statue if you stand by the powered door and shoot the statue with full charge you can see a pair of eyes
Helpful Tips (A bit long, I know)
Sanctuary Glitch

Okay, I've studied this glitch, and unfortunately had it happen to me. I had to redo my whole entire game because of it, and hopefully it won't happen to anyone. This is just a very important warning.
When you're in the Sanctuary, after you have gotten the Echoes Visor, you need to go back to Main Research. So, when you equip your visor, you see that you have to destroy the emitters to open the door leading to the portal.
But, as stated by someone near the top of the page, if you leave the room before you destroy all three emitters, the door won't open, even though you may have destroyed the last one once entering the room again. I've also found out that, even if you had saved recently, the glitch will STILL be in effect. It had happened to me, and I had to restart my whole game again. PLEASE destroy all three before leaving. But I also have another helpful tip.

Know the emitters are there? Have the urge to shoot them before getting the visor? Think you'll avoid the whole process after the fight with Dark Samus AND get the Echoes visor without any problems? (A.K.A Not having to fight those stupid robots, just go up to the portal and go?)
Even if you know how to get the door open, for Pete's sake DO NOT TRY TO OPEN THE DOOR BEFORE YOU GET THE VISOR! The glitch will once more be in effect, and the sour moment will happen when you see that even the emitters were eradicated, the door refuses to open. Hopefully you're smarter than that, right?

Alpha Blogg Problems

I'm pretty sure people complain that the Alpha Blogg is too fast, and the timing to shoot his mouth is extremely hard to master. But the first time I played it was a cinch. Want to know why? If you may have forgotten, you can still use the B button to strafe left and right faster! If you have NOT forgotten, then, to save ammo, here's a tip before you master the Alpha Blogg:

Continuously shooting the Blogg with Power Beam SHOTS (NOT charges) will land more attacks to his mouth. Combining shooting him with strafing left and right with the B button will equal total success.
But, I've heard that the sonic blast that the cutie (to me) shoots is hard to miss. It's not. Like I said, B button strafing. It's not a wide range blast, but it is fast so watch the way it acts before it shoots it at you. ALWAYS keep an eye on the movements of the Alpha Blogg to know when he's going to attack. This is a way to master attacking him, because if you know when he's going to attack, you'll be able to charge your missiles or Power Beam or anything like that. I suggest Power Beam Charges since you never loose ammo and it's as effective as a blast from a charged Light Beam or Dark Beam, believe it or not. Save your missiles for last and remember. ALWAYS STRAFE!

Random Tips for Fights

When fighting an enemy, boss or not, depending on how it attacks, strafing and jumping can be a big deal. Like fighting a Grenchler (my fave) or a Pirate. Strafe when a Pirate shoots at you, jump when a Grenchler charges you, and strafe when a Grenchler or any other enemy trys to blast at you with some beam or something.

Torvus Bog
Help with Dark Pirates (commanders or whatever they're called)

Always hate it when those dark pirates attack and disappear, leaving you vulnerable? Well listen closely.
Make sure that you equip your Dark Visor instantly when entering a fight with Dark Pirates. You can always see them. But, if you don't have the Dark Visor, then really pay attention to what's going to follow this sentence.

Here's the situation. You're walking into that one area where there's the giant metal bridge leading to the Temple. Your health is low, and you're searching for a save point or you're just looking for missile expansions or something. Then, you hear that dreadful noise telling you; "a fight is about to start. Ha Ha!" The doors lock and the Dark Pirates attack!

Instantly, avoiding their attacks in the process, jump up to the metal bridge and turn into the morph ball. Go to the side opposite of the door. Hide behind the rocks, and wait. The music goes away and the Dark Pirates leave. And there you have it. No more Pirates! I suggest this since I'm pretty sure the majority of you are extremely annoyed by those darn Pirates, and feel that fighting them is a waste of valuable time and even memory, as I always forget what I'm doing when I fight them. Also, if they toss a EMP grenade at you, you won't get hurt! Nice to know how to avoid them, eh?

Multiplayer Maps

Notice that last map that you so wish to get? Here's something for you. I'm not sure, but, either you return the Sanctuary energy to the controller, or beat the game to get it, because I was playing the game non-stop as soon as I returned the energy. I really wanted to beat it as fast as I could. But you'll never get it UNLESS you return the energy or beat the game.

Have fun playing!
Jelly Metroid <3
Hidden Missile Expansion
After you get the seeker missile launcher, head back to your ship. I did this because I was bored, but it was worth it. Go back through the area with all the dead GF Troopers, and enter Hive Chamber A. Go to the side by the Hive Tunnel, and you should see a dead Trooper on the floor. A cutscene should follow with the trooper standing up, possessed by the ing, but this trooper is a cut above the others. Scan it and you'll learn that it has a missile launcher. Whoopee. Use this opportunity to become aquainted with the seeker missile launcher and super missiles, as they will make short work of the corpse. Once you kill it, it will drop a missile expansion. Note that this expansion is the kind you see on the first Metroid Prime.
Image Galleries
To unlock four image galleries do the following:

Fill 40% of your log book to unlock the Promotional Gallery.

Fill 60% of the log book to unlock the Character Gallery.

Fill 80% of your log book to unlock the Creature Gallery.

Scan everything, and get 100% of the log book to get the Boss Gallery.
Killing and dark beasts easier later in the game to save ammo
All you have to do is just shot the light crystals with a dark+light shot( I think it's destroyer or sonic beam; last beam weapon you get) it pulls in the enemys and kills them almost instantly I normally just shot them and walk away of the thing are attrated to it but some will resist but it generaly works
Killing easily
First,you must have a light beacon or a crystal.If there is, shoot it with the annihilator beam and it should supercharge and almost every kind of ing should start running into the light and die without hurting you
Optical Illusion!
Apparently this game is full of glitches, one rather pointless glitch can found in the Industrial Site in the Temple Grounds.

Okay, come into the Industrial Site from the underground facility and stand in front of the gate, with your back to the door. Look on the left side of the gate ( where you can see through it ) and move forward and backwards, stay to the right of the scan-pole. You'll notice a blueish... thing appearing and dissapearing as you move. It can't be scanned and it doesn't really do anything, but it's really fun to do!

Mod Note: It's a Sky Temple Key, genius
Pop Tarts- Freeze 'em and eat 'em!
It's easy and fun to do!!

Many enemies you can freeze with a charged dark beam. Some are instant kills. But for the ones that freeze, an easy way to get rid of them is to freeze them with the dark beam and... you don't actually eat them, you fire a missile at them. It's easy, only costs a minimum of 5 dark beam ammo, 1 missile, and bam! instant death!*

*Instant death will not work for guardians, sub guardians, and most ing.
Quadraxis Second Phase Tip
During the second phase of the battle, when the head of Quadraxis is floating around the arena, you can save Super Missles and time without a method to destroy the sonic emitter on his body. Jump as high up one of his legs as possible, and then use the Screw Attack towards the emitter to destroy it.
Samus's face can be seen MUCH clearer.
I dont know the exact name of the room but the place where you fight the Jump Gaurdian in the light world is where you can see Samus' B-E-A-utiful face...although this creeped out my bro. Anyway in the light world after you've gone far enough in the game for the Aero-space pirates to appear (the flying ones people!) and stand on the other side of the door above the statue of the child hero of the luminoth. Make sure you are right up to the door so it would stay open and just wait for the flying pirates to fire their missiles. If you're standing close to the wall next to the door, white explosions from the other side will reflect light off Samus's visor and you can see those pretty blue eyes as well as the rest of her face like a photo
Seeing Samus' Face Very Clearly
I've seen the tips that let you see Samus' face by shooting a light crystal. I've tried it myself. Unless there's something wrong with my game, you see a rather translucent image. Here's how to get her face to show up very clearly and with little to no translucency. Get under one of the showers of sand in the Agon Wastes, and fire a fully-charged beam shot at a wall. If done correctly, Samus' face will be the only thing visible on your screen.
Shadow Metroids Go Squish
If your being chased by a shadow metroid, (i found this out on accident) and you open a door and go through it in time, even if the door doesnt close, the metroid goes squish!
Sketch Gallery and Hard Mode
Pass the game in Normal mode to unlock the sketch gallery and unlock hard mode
The tree stole the missile expansion!
In Torvus grove scan the tree to find two week spots and if you have power bomb then drop them near the to weakened spots to brake the tree and make it fall and hit the wall where the tree put the missile expansion. Now just jump up and grab it. What are you waiting for!
Unlockable Multiplayer Bonuses
Dark Echoes Soundtrack
Complete the Game

Darkness Soundtrack
Complete the Game

Luminoth Soundtrack
Talk to U-Mos for the first time

Pipeline Arena
Restore Energy to Torvus Temple and talk to U-Mos

Pirate Fear Soundtrack
Restore Energy to Agon Temple and talk to U-Mos

Sanctuary Soundtrack
Restore Energy to Sanctuary Temple and talk to U-Mos

Spires Arena
Restore Energy to Sanctuary Temple and talk to U-Mos

Torvus Bog Soundtrack
Restore Energy to Torvus Temple and talk to U-Mos


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Anti-Gravity Glitch Jump
This is a glitch, and is only possible in one point of the game. When you first enter Chykka's lair, shoot three of the four tentacle things on the cocoon. Before hitting the fourth one, jump into the dark water, then hit it. You should execute the cut-scene while in the Dark Water. After the cut-scene, you will be able to jump really far, and high. The jump is like a moonjump, or anti-gravity boost. It is as if you are in the water. This glitch ends when you touch any surface of water again. It happens when you are in dark water, and a cut-scene occurs, this is the only known area for this to happen.
Beating Quadraxis
Beatng Quadraxis may seem hard but it's not really, for stage 1 boost under his feet until the glowing light stops on all of them. Now fire a super missile at one of his leg joints, then boost his feet again and repeat the process hitting a different leg every time. Now stage 2.
Put on echoes visor and blast the antenna on damaged Quadraxis. Now you've stunned the head. Now destroy 1 of the 3 antennas on the head. Repeat this process and destroy all 3 antennas, now for the final stage. Shoot the head to stun it and spider ball up the nearest leg and boost off and spider ball along the head and lay a bomb in 1 of the 2 bomb slots. Repeat this and you will have beaten Quadraxis.
Cheat Jump
When you have the morph ball bombs, you can do the equivilant of a double jump. this takes excellent timing. lay one bomb, and right before it goes off, lay another bomb. near the height of your bomb jump, lay another bomb, DO NOT MOVE AT ALL! you land on your 2nd bomb, it blasts you up, then your third bomb blasts you again! =)
Hard Mode
To unlock hard mode you have to beat the game.
Kill Ing Instantly
On Dark Aether, while standing in a shield of light energy, shoot the beacon / crystal with the Light Beam to energise it (and get a new scan). Now, if a darkling walks into the energised field, they will instantly die (this method has been tested on all darklings, and is unlikely to affect bosses such as the Jump Guardian - But definitely works on Ing soldiers). This is a great tip for instantly destroying Hunter Ing, who have a habit of floating into the light field during battle. This not only saves you time, but lots of Light Beam ammo too.
see samus' face (besides in the cut-scenes)
note that b4 i start this, this is something that i found out myself, is not going to help u, and somtimes will not work...

in order to do this, u need to be facing a light cyrstal at point blank range (or at least in my experince.) what u need to do is set up a charge beam, and then fire it at the cyrstal. thing creepy thing about it is, NO PUPILS CAN BE SEEN!!!!!! somtimes, u can even get a glimpse of her blinking! as i noted b4, this may not work all the time
see the face of truth
In Trovus Bog, there is many bodies of water. When you are underwater, go as near to an object as you can. Charge up a shot of the power beam and shot it, you should see Samus's face.
Unreachable Dark Portal
This glitch is amazing. While experimenting in the room called "Hall of the Honored Dead". That portal chamber says you can't reach it. Well there wrong, you can. NOTE: You need Screw Attack so better have it. When you enter the room, go right to the dead Luminoth. Stand up top of it, face the portal. Jump high enough then Screw Attack to the ledge, it'll take some practice. You can't go through the portal for some reason.:{
Warning!! Fatal Sanctuary Fortress Glitch!
After acquiring the Echo Visor, your next destination is "Main Research" in the Sanctuary Fortress. Here, equip your Echo Visor and you will see three sonic emitters, which must be destroyed to open a door and progress.

However, if you only destroy one or two out of the three emitters, and then leave the room, when you re-enter the room, a glitch would have destroyed all the emitters, but the door will be trapped closed. In this event there is absolutely nothing you can do except for reset from your last save point. So for the love of God make sure you don't fall victim to this glitch, and make sure you destroy all three emitters before you leave the room upon entering it...