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Metroid Prime cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Metroid Prime cheat codes.


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Arm Cannon Over Do
Use the power beam on the arm cannon rapidly for 5 seconds or more than stop and your arm cannon and smoke will rise from it.
Best way to avoid Thardus roll
I know most people who have played this game know this method, so this is for newcomers or people who are having a hard time avoiding Thardus when he gets into his ball mode. When this happens, simply morph-ball, and boost ball out of his way. 9 out of 10 times you will avoid his attack. Watch out for him coming back on you at times. The game guide I bought for this game did not even mention this, yet the first time I went into morph ball mode, the game prompted me to Boost out of his way!!!! Good luck with the game everyone!
Bosses and Their Rewards/Difficulty
Boss 1: Parasite Queen Difficulty: 1/10 Reward: Go to Tallon 4
Mini-Boss 1: War Wasp Drone Difficulty: 1/10 Reward: Missiles
Mini-Boss 2: Plated Beatle Difficulty: 1/10 Reward: Morph Ball
Mini-Boss 3: Incinerator Drone Difficulty: 2/10 Reward: Morph Ball Bombs
Boss 2: Flaagra Difficulty: 3/10 Reward: Varia Suit
Mini-Boss 4: Sheegoth Difficulty: 4/10 Reward: Wave Beam
Boss 3: Thardus Difficulty: 4/10 Reward: Spider Ball
Mini-Boss 5: Chozo Ghost Difficulty: 4/10 Reward: The path to the Ice Beam
Mini-Boss 6: Elite Pirate Difficulty: 2/10 Reward: Nothing
Mini-Boss 7: Mega Auto-Turret Difficulty: 3/10 Reward: Power Bomb
Boss 4: Omega Pirate Difficulty: 9/10 Reward: Phazon Suit
Boss 5: Meta-Ridley Difficulty: 6/10 Reward: Teleport to Impact Crater
Boss 6: Metroid Prime Part 1 Difficulty: 7/10 Reward: Part 2 of Metroid Prime Metroid Prime Part 2 Difficulty: 5/10 Reward: Beat the game

If you have any questions or concerns, please E-Mail me. If I had made a mistake or left something out, please E-Mail me. Thank-you!
Defeating Prime
To defeat Prime easier, use the Ice Spreader to freeze him when he turns whitish grey. When he is frozen shot, hit him with the ice beam to badly injure him. Don't use any other beam combo but the ice spreader to save missles for later.
Early Artifact
You can get to the artifact temple first thing if you want. At first i thought you needed the space jump boots but then i managed to jump high enough
easier thardus
This thing will become much easier if you do this:
when you come to the room go to opposite wall from the entrance and go next to a pillar that seems like holding ceiling or something and if you are in right place when thardus comes turn to morphball and go so near the wall you get and thardus ball doesnt hit you (you still have to dodge its other attacks.)
Easy Kills
To easily defeat most enemies, you should fire a charged ice shot at whatever you need to send to the netherworld. The enemy should now be encased in ice. Then, just shoot a missile at it. The enemy will be so brittle that the missile will kill it in one hit. This technique is especially effective against flying pirates. NOTE: This does not work on large enemies like elite space pirates or bosses.
Easy Omega
When fighting the Pmega pirate, lay a power bomb under it. This will probaly knock off all its armour (if it doesn't try two). Then super missile it and this will probaly kill it.
Escape Metroid Prime's Pulley Beams
Okay so to escape metroid primes pully beams you roll into morph ball and charge up the boost ball all the way and release the B button.
EZ kills 4 flying space pirates and Meta Ridley
Flying Space Pirates:
Note: this technique requires the ice beam. Shoot the pirate with a regular shot. It should be frozen. then, fire a missle and it's body will shatter.

Meta Ridley:
as soon as you've collected all of the chozo artifacts, take them back to the temple. as soon as you enter the temple where the totem poles are, you will see Ridley in a little clip. once the clip is complete, scan him as you can only scan him once. When he flies over you and uses his air attacks, charge a power beam shot and wait until he flies over you. then release a super missile. it should follow him and do some serious damage. once he falls to the ground and his wings burn, then whip out the wave beam and use the wavebuster(the charge beam combo for the wave beam)and let it loose. he will be immobilized and you should kill him fairly quickly.
Faster Flaahgra/Ridley defeats
For nost newcomers to the game, their jaws might drop at the sight of the huge plant Death-scythe monster known as Flaahgra. But with this tip this flesh-eating monster is a pansy. True, some health may be lost, but not nearly as much as if you went in without prior knowledge.

Before going in, make sure you have at least one extra energy tank, two is usually good in case something goes wrong.

The hardest part of this is getting him to fall the first time. This tip also makes it easier to scan him and the Flaahgra tentacle. Upon beginning the battle, get close enough that you can lock on to him, and begin firing as fast as your controller will allow. Tab the joystick and press B at once to dash to the side if he shoots at you. After some fast concentrated fire, and maybe a few missiles, he'll faint. The goal here is to knock back the solar panels. Before doing anything, though, walk up to him and scan as much as you can of him, and possibly the tentacle if you didn't at the beginning of the battle. If you don't get the full scan before he wakes up, don't worry, your scanned data is saved, so the end of what you got will be where it picks up again the next time you scan.

When he falls and you have him scanned, dash or walk over to the solar panel. ALWAYS STAY LOCKED ON TO HIM. If he shakes, shoot at him as fast as you can. By the time he recovers and decides to attack you, your rapid firing will knock him out, so he basically gets up and falls back down again. THIS IS THE TRICK. Whenever you walk behind a solar panel, stay locked on to Flaahgra but line up your sight so that the red target of the panel is right in the center, and fire a missile. When the panel flips up one of his vines will snake back and you'll see a Power slot. Roll up and bomb this.

Yay, he's dead! Oh, crap, think again. Two this time?

Brace yourself and gt out of the way, because almost as soon as you come back to playability he attacks. The ends of the cutscenes are the only times when you'll receive the most damage if you're fast enough with the shooting. Stun him again and circle around the arena. Missile the panels as you pass behind them. Most likely he'll wake up before you reach the other one; just haul off on him again until he falls over. Once you've bombed the second slot after knocking the two panels he flares up again.

Don't wipe that sweat off, though. He wants more power, and three's his choice of panels. By now you should know what I'm gonna say. Avoid his attacks while massacring your controller as you release your blaster's fury on him. When he faints, again circle the arena, always locked on to him, missiling the panel lights that enter your line of view. Once again he'll reveal another bomb slot, and when you bomb him again he flares up.

Wait...what the...JUST DIE ALREADY!!!!!! Forgot about the fact that there are four panels in the room? This is the last round, but should be really easy by now; after reading this you should know what to do.

One panel two panel three panel four...bomb flaaghra's bomb slot, Armor suit more (the rythym goes, at least...). Your old, familiar armor is now yours. Wear it with pride as you stroll away from flaahgra's blooming corpse and the now-clean water that won't hurt you anymore.

Much later in the game, and now equipped with a sleek black-silver Phazon suit (and for this tip's purposes, the Wavebuster, found in the Tower in the Ruins, as well as at least 220 missiles), you will have to find the twelve Chozo artifacts and power up the Chozo totems in Impact Crater. Once you bring all twelve, you'll witness a cutscene. Guess who? Yup, that flying metallic monstrosity you chased to this planet: Meta Ridley. Without warning he destroys the totems you worked so hard to recover. Pretty mad now, right? You should be, cuz he's a difficult fight.

He has an insane amount of health, and attacks that deal craploads of damage. Right now you want to avoid him as best you can. When he hovers near the stage unleash a Super Missile and hope it connects, but use the missiles sparingly Also try the Plasma Beam. When he finally lands on the stage in an attempted aerial tackle, roll up and Boost Ball into him. Cheap, yes, but it saves you tons of health and ammo, because you've now reduced him to his second, possibly more lethal form in a fraction of the time it would've taken to do it normally. Now, immediately switch over to the Wave Beam. If you don't have Wavebuster, good night and stop reading til you get it. Charge up the blaster and blast him. He'll open his mouth to shoot and the beam will instantly home in on his mouth. Hold down the button and get the popcorn, cuz you'll be watching him writhe in well-deserved pain at the mercy of your electric wrath, unable to fight back as the beam homes in on his weak points. Hopefully you didn't use too many missiles beforehand. If you saved at least 200 for this part and did some damage to him earlier, prepare to witness his downfall as you finish him off and the Chozo statues, in their anger at the desecration of the temple, blast him into oblivion and open up Impact Crater to you. (remember that Chozo lore up there behind the glass, the one talking about the statues? [When entering Impact Crater station, it's off to the right] The Chozo were referring to this scene you've just witnessed.)
to shoot faster missiles,simply use the power beam and keep tapping it repeatedly.while youre tapping it,press Y and A at the same time.NOTE:this works on enemies vulnerable to missiles.
At the beggining of the game where you land on Tallon VI, go to the back left area of your ship. Then lock on dead ahead and dash right to the back right area of your ship. Then let go of lock and dash right when you are at the back right area of your ship. Then, after 2 seconds, tap B while tilting the C Stick all the way to the right. This propels Samus further than she normaly does and makes you grab on to the edge of a cliff. Go on this cliff and go down the path (to the right of where you were hanging) until you see a door. Go inside and you are at the Space Jump Boots room! This is a glitch where you can get Space Jump Boots right when you land on Tallon VI! NOTE: This glitch does not work all the time.
good way to kill the plant boss
when you shoot the mirrior, he will hit it back, so,use power beam (so you can shoot fast) knock up the mirrior and lock on the boss quickly and keep shooting him till you get to the next mirrior. keep doing that then when he gets knocked out, the vine in the plce where you use morphball will go away, then go there quickly, use morphball becuse its faster and you go in quckly then, wait till you have all 3 power bombs if you used one and click A 3 times quickly, IT WILL DAMAGE MORE!!!! well, good luck.
How to get the Ice Shreekbats' data
After you defeat the Baby Sheegoths in Ice Ruins West, look up and to the left of the platform beside the Power Bomb expansion with your Scan Visor on. You will see the Ice Shreekbats. Make sure you do this BEFORE you go up to that area, or else the Ice Shreekbats will attack you and you won't be able to get the data after that.
How to kill Space Pirates in 5 seconds
To kill Space Pirates super easy, have the Wave beam and charge it up all the way. When you see a Space Pirate release it. This will paralyze the Space Pirate. Now, quickly shoot a missle and BOOM!! Bye-bye! This usually kills them. It does not kill flying Space Pirates. I like doing this with the Wave Beam because it paralyzes them, but you can probably do this with other beams. Some might not kill them in two hits though.
invisible Samus
When you first arrive at the space pirate frigate, after you disable the first force feild, stay on the platform that the first force feild was on and scan the thing to actavate the things that will disable the force feild. then it will show the clip of samus watching the things go on, but samus wont be there!
Meta Ridley Quick Air Form
This trick makes Ridley much shorter. While in his air form, wait until he flies above you and crashes down on you. Before he flies back up, hit him with the boost ball. If done correctly, he will lose his wings and the ground form will begin.
Meta-Ridley Madness!
Need an easier way to kill one of the hardest bosses in the game? Well, here's an easy to use strategy for Meta-Ridley!

Note: You must have aquired the Wavebuster for this strategy to function properly, and you must have at least 200 missiles at your disposal.

First off, this boss is a one-time scan opportunity, so start off by turning on your scan visor and scanning him, while at the same time try to avoid any attacks he may use against you while you do so. Next, when he hovers in the air, fire charged Plasma beam shots at him while using your combat visor to track him. This will prevent him from countering you while also causing damage to him. DO NOT USE MISSILES, YOU WILL NEED THEM LATER.

After about four hits, he will fly away in a circle pattern around the impact crater, when he comes back he will use either an energy bomb launcher and/or his flamethrower. Dash jump out of the way to avoid these heavy damage dealing attacks. When he finally comes back into range, continuously fire charged plasma beam shots at his center.

After repeating this process several times, his wings will burn off, making him use ground-based tactics to try and kill you. Primarilly ramming you against the wall. The best and easiest way to take him down is to use the Wavebuster cannon. By continuously firing this beam, Ridley will be unable to do anything at all. After less than aminute of using this technique, Meta-Ridley will be defeated, allowing you access to the impact crater, and the final boss...
Metroid Madness!
Glitch: After getting the Power Bomb and Plama Beam, go to Magmoor Caverns and go on elevator that takes you to Phazon Mines West. There should be a hallway that has Phazon all over the ground. Use Grapple Beam to get across the hallway. Go to the next room. Defeat all the Space Pirates in the room. Go in the Ice Beam door. There should be a pipe to your right in that room. Get on it. Double jump towards the part of the pipe that goes in the celling. Turn around slowly and walk slowly for about 3 steps. Aim behind you. Then aim at the ground (behind you) and you are in mid air!
No damage when falling
When you are falling from a great alltitude and (you will get hurt) just transform into morph ball and you will not hurt.XD!!
Phazon Elite
I'm pretty sure that a lot of you know this tip already, but you know when the phazon elite goes into his invisible form and begins to charge up (at one of the three phazon pools), well instead of shooting a charge shot from your plasma cannon just fire an ice missle, it should do about 20-25% dammage to it. also, when battling him in his full form, use power bombs to stun him before he swipes at you.

good luck!
Regular enemy with boss tip
Ever been annoyed by those regular enemies that interupt the fight against a boss? Well just use a single Power Bomb to wipe them out. Be careful though because the bomb might not wipe out an enemy that is too far away.
Samus Face
When you see your first Chozo Ghost go to the door that locked behind you and look at the pich black wall and when he trys to shoot a deadly attack at you (which he can't hurt you up there.) You see her face completly in the reflection! This also happens when your at the Control Tower and you kill all the Space Pirates and flying ones. But when you do, go back through the door you came from and there will be flying Space Pirates shooting at you again. Stay at the door way and when they shoot you see her eyes! This also happens in some parts of the game that when you shoot a charge beam, you see her eyes! (NOTE: It usally happens in dark places(The charge beam thing)! But not all the time! Most of the time you don't see her eyes! And there only in certain places!)
1.if your area is safe scan...................... EVERYTHING!

2.To scan thoose bats in Chozo Ruins scan em' while there asleep.
Second Boss
Follow these simple steps if you are stuck on the second boss on Metroid Prime! When you enter the room you will see he will flip a mirror so that sunlight goes on it and flashes on him. And you will notice that there are tunnels with vines in it that are the bosses vines. So you go to that mirror and lock on to his head and shoot charge up Power Beam about 2-4 times and he will get knocked out for a little bit of time. Then lock on and shoot the mirror untill it the mirror is flipped where sunlight can't be refected on to him. (NOTE: You must do this when he is knocked out.) Then the tunnel closest to you will have no vine in it so you roll into a Morph Ball and roll all the way at the end. Then you lay a bomb and he will scream and his health will go down 1/4 of the way. Then he flips the same mirror back, but he flips another one! (NOTE: There are four mirrors.) Then you do the same thing only you run to other mirror shoot it back. Then there's the tunnel thing again. (NOTE: When your running to the another mirror he will be back in action 90% of time. If your are lucky, then he will be back in action when your at the mirror next to the first one you hit.) You keep on doing this untill you kill him! And remember, first he flips one mirror, then he flips 2, then he flips 3, and then he flips 4! Good Luck! And I need help at the Phazon Mines! When your at the Central Dynimic or some place like that, there's this invisible enemy (Not a Chozo Ghost!) It looks like it's a Mega Auto Turret when it's not invisble! If someone knows, tell me please!
Tips on Different Things
Omega Pirate

When you see him, keep firing with charged shots until he becomes invisible. Kill the troopers, then turn into x-ray visor mode, then you will hear a wining, then charge up your POWER BEAM, then finally shoot him with the super missile. He will appear again shortly (IF you hit him before he becomes solid) keep using the super missile to kill him.

Flamethrower (Plasma Beam Combo)

When you enter the Phazon Mines, and see a plasma door surrounded by force fields, go to the second floor, kill any troops you see, then next to the ice door, you will see a bendizuim blast door. Inside, you will see a scan board, activate it and inside the plasma door, is the flamethrower.

Power Bomb in Phendrana Drifts

In Phendrana's Edge, the topmost platform has a morph ball tunnel. Inside is a power bomb expansion. If you collect it you may get the power bomb. I have not tried this, but if it works, e-mail me.

Missile Expansion in Frost Cave

In Frost Cave, you might have of seen a missle expansion underneith the ice. To get it, you need to be near the save station in the same cave. Get to the farthest point you can, then on the top you will see a stalagtite. Blow it up and it will come crashing down, and fracture the ice. Now you can get more missiles!
Under Water
If you can't move well in water in the Space Pirate ship (crashed), then there will be a scaned hint area over at the Phendrana Drifts. You go to that area and there's a Gravity Suit there! Now you can move under water like your outside with that on! (NOTE: The suit is purple.)


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Origanal Metroid Cheat

If you have unlocked the Origanal Metroid game, then this cheat is for you. If not don't bother Reading!! Go to the Menu (Where it says START and CONTINUE) Then press the Z button to go to the Continue Menu. Then Type in this EXACTLY:

------ ------ If this does not work, replace the dashes with Zeros:

000000 000000

You'll then see Samus WITHOUT the suit. And if you weren't already wondering, Samus IS a girl!!
Easily Kill Thardus
When fighting Thardus, if you look around the room there will be a ledge on which you can stand. This ledge will not allow Thardus to hit you with his ice attack. Though he can roll into you, this ledge makes it easy to defeate thardus.
Elite Pirate glitch
This does not happen very often, there\'s a one in a million chance it will happen but it is really cool so I\'ll tell you anyways. Right when you are about to fight the Elite Pirate, when the cutscene comes up, hit X (x3), A (x3), B (x3), then hit X A B start. If it works... afteer the cutscene you should look like the Elite Pirate and be as tall as him but still have all Samus\' guns/visors/morphball powers/etc.
I have only made it work once so, there\'s not a very good chance you\'ll get it but if you do, enjoy it while it lasts!
Hard mode
To unlock hard mode complete the game once.
Also, achieve 100% scans on all difficultys to unlock pictures (gallery mode) and a view of Samus' face.
Hidden Power-ups
At many points in the game, you may start to hear a strange humming sound. It sounds like the GCN working, but is a little different. If you hear this hum, it usualy means a power-up is nearby. All power-ups make this sound if you are very close to them, and it's a great way to find hidden power-ups. Search the area. Check the map for other entrances to the room, as several powerups are only available if you enter through certain doors. Shoot around and look for spots that cause the beam to ricochet. Also use the different visors. The x-ray visor is about the most helpful. Not only can it be used to, well, x-ray walls, but it and the thermal visor have great perception, and can be used to find hidden passages shrouded in darkness. Also, look for cracks at the bases of walls, because there are a few bendezeum(power bomb sensetive) and sandstone(MB bomb sensetive) coverings that can only be seen by the x-ray visor, and that's the last one. Yes, yes, I DO type way too much.
Ice Platform glitch.
It\'s simple really, all you do is you go to any room that has a moving platform that you jump on and you shoot the moving platform with the Ice Spreader and it creates a platform that stays in place that is made of ice, but, you cannot jump on the ice platform and it melts shortly afterwards...but have fun anyways!
Invincibility for NES Metroid
Go to the select menu and type in NARPAS SWORD and fill in the rest with zeros and press start. You will start in the normal place but will have invincibility, the ice beam, infinite missles, and all the other upgrades.
Killing Made Easy
I've got several cheats for killing enemies.

1. The Sheegoth. This one is for late in the game, when you have lots and lots of missiles. When you see one in the snow, sneak up behind it. Have the plasma beam charged up all the way, and let loose with the flamethrower. It will hurt it no matter what, and by the time it stands, up, it will be dead.

2. Defense Turrets. This cheat works on all types of defense turrets. Charge up the wave beam, and fire at the turret. Charge it up all the way and fire one or two more times. The turret will malfuction, firing randomly for 3 seconds before blwing up. Want more? Use a charged plasma beam blast and the thing will be blown up instantly. This even works on Mega Defense turrets. Save missiles.

3. Flamethrowers. Tired of Magmoor's blasted fire jets? Shoot them with an ice beam blast. No kidding. Aim at the wide part, not the flame spout, and the thing will be frozen solid. Leave the room and come back within a minute. It's still frozen!

4. Most anything else. This works best on space pirates and baby sheegoths. Just charge up the plasma beam and let loose. The pirate, or baby sheegoth, if you shoot the back, will be intantly incenerated. Use this on shadow pirates clinging to the ceiling, and they'll be dead before they can drop! Use it on flying pirates, and they'll be vaporized before they hit the ground. Or just loose a single blast. Pirates will catch fire and burn to death within five second. Use several blasts on a flying pirate, and it will hit the ground and blow up or be vaporized. One hit to the back will slowly burn a large plated beetle to death. An ice beetle will simply fall over after one blast. Even a plasma trooper will burn and die with two shots, more from the fire than the blast.
Metroid Prime MK2 (core stage)
Metroid Prime is not a big black spider, it is a huge highly evolved metroid with a touch of space pirate weaponery.

To kill him, dodge him until he makes a pool of phazon, get in it and UNLEASH THE PHAZON BEAM!


Repeat as nesscary. The metroids are no problem as they die as they touch the phazon beam, and since they have to touch you to kill you, they do no harm.

75%-80% Almost same as the normal ending
81%-99% Better ending
100% BEST ENDING!!! also sneek peek at MP2:Echoes
101% Same as 100%, to get 101%, get 100% and collect all items
Hey everybody! I got more stuff!

Finish Metroid Prime without thermal visor.

In Phendrana Drifts, it is almost 100 percent available to fight Thardus with out the thermal visor. Though you can get the thermal visor via another ice beam door.
This is how to do it:

In that big hall where you get to fight Thardus,
(the one with the door that leads to the space pirate thingamabober, go left and blow up the CORDITE Statue, (above the door with no power) Then with the wave beam, hit the small power vent.
(might take practice)

METROID PRIME (easy kill)

To Kill Metroid Prime, have full health, have the ice spreader, and super missile.

First, he will be ether Yellow or Purple. When he is purple, let lose with the Wave Beam (wave buster and flame thrower waste time and missiles).

Second, he will be WHITE,PURPLE,OR YELLOW, white=
ICE SPREADeR, when he is frozen, then quickly shoot missiles at his body.

Third, he will add red to his inventory. Use the plasma beam's charged shots. DO NOT USE FLAMETHROWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It will not hurt him.

Fourth, he can change stages AT WILL, that means as soon as you shoot a super missle at him, he might change to ice! Use caution on this stage.

METROID PRIME MARK 2 is in next cheaT!@!!!
Play Original NES Metroid on GameCube via Link Cable
To make this work, you will need a copy of Metroid Fusion for GBA and a copy of Metroid Prime for GCN. Once you have beaten Metroid Fusion, connect the GBA (with the Fusion cartrdige in it) to the Cube via the Game Boy Advance link cable. You will now be able to play NES Metroid... and save on the Cube Memory Card.
S.W. Tip
When performing my S.W.s, here some tips.

If stuck, then starting to face down, you morph and bomb up. Stuck in a wall with morph, power bomb down. If you make it all the way down bottom of a place, you can morph that will bring you beneath the place, Keep in mind;).
S.W. Frost Cave
To get to this secret world here's what you have to do.
1.Make it to the ledge with to crates.
2.Super Freeze the Glider when closest to you.
3.Before it unfreezes, jump on to it.
4.Stand right in front of its flight path, with luck, so theglider will go though, so will you.
Check out more S.W.
S.W. Main Plaza
Main Plaza has a secret world. Here's what you do.
1.Take out the cover on the old tree with the super missle and jump to it.
2.Jump high enough to grapple on the Grapple Node and reach the ledge with a missle.
3.Jump carefully to the red plant.
4.Turn right 'til you see a ledge.
5.Jump onto the side of it and jump over the wall.
Check out S.W. Frost Cave.
shooty without chargy
this only works if you have a controller with a turbo button. keep it down for 5 seconds then shoot. keep the button held down and you will shoot your gun but you will stay in rapid fire. it works best with the power beam.
Unlock Hard Mode and Image Gallery 3
To unlock Hard Mode, you must beat Metroid Prime
at the Impact Crater. To unlock Image Gallery 3,
you must beat Metroid Prime at the Impact Crater
while playing the game on Hard Mode.
Unlock Image Galleries
To unlock image gallery one, scan at least 50% of log datas. To unlock two, scan the rest of the 50% log entries.
Unlock Image Gallery 4
To unlock Image Gallery 4, you must collect 100%
of all pick-up items.

Kudos to CyricZ for this information.
Unlock Map to everything
All you have to do is beat Metroid prime on hard mode and you will unlock image gallery 3. In that image gallery there is a map that tells you where every missile expansion, energy tank, and power bomb expansion is and how many of each there are. Then it shows you where they are! It also tells you where to find every save station, missile sation, and map station is. It tells you and shows you a whole bunch of stuff that can help you very well when you have ever missed like one or two missile expansions. (Like me)
Unlock Metroid Fusion Suit for Metroid Prime
To make this work, you will need a copy of Metroid Fusion for GBA and a copy of Metroid Prime for GCN. Once you have beaten Metroid Prime, connect the GBA (with the Fusion cartrdige in it) to the Cube via the Game Boy Advance link cable. The Metroid Fusion suit will now be available in the File menu of Prime.
Way to Beat Sheegoth
Besides the normal way of firing missiles at it's gills. You can also defeat it a more discreet way. By using morph ball mode a planting morph ball bombs underneath it's stomach. It dosen't take that many either.