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Metal Arms: Glitch in the System (GC) Cheats

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Crazy Arms
Just a little fun thing to do in multiplayer mode: First, you get rivets. Then shoot one at a time at a titan's arms, legs, or missile launcher on its shoulder. The limb should fall loose but still be attached to the body. Now, anytime it shoots, the bullets will go into a random direction. You can also blow off their legs so they can't move, only rotate around.
My little brother and I found this out.
General Corrosive
Here is a list of Different things you can do to distroy/avoid General Corrosive.

To avoid his rockets, you should never stop running, keep moving. Also, to avoid them, jump right before they hit you.

To avoid his foot, never go near it! It will kill you even with the shield!

To distroy him, in the Final Battle, I recommend shooting him with rockets, cleaners, and with the scatter blaster.

Note: Recriuter Grenades and EMP Grenades do not work on him.


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bridge glitch
On multiplayer shoot out a bridge and run on top of it. If you run off one of the halfs into the support beams under the bridge. You cant die only if you blow yourself up.


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Disturbing Cut-Scene
On the fourth level, 'Clean Up,' On the part in the level where you need to go on that wind transport thing to get the extra battery, before you need to, do it. You will get a transmission from Colonel Alloy saying 'there are innocent droids out there, blah blah blah.' KEEP WALKING. A few steps later, you will get another transmission saying, 'there were too many casualties, the cause is lost...' Then you will get a disturbing cut-scene of droids lined up on a wall and getting shot. i found this out with my friend when i was really young and it was like 2 in the morning, and it freaked us out.
Free Bots
In multiplayer mode, set the score limit to at least 10. Then, when you defeat your enemy about seven, eight, nine times, three "mill" bots will apear. Don't destroy them because they're on your side (your color "mark" is above their head). I figured this out when I got bored and I decided to play against myself in a 100-point battle.
General Corrosive
Successfully complete the game with all secret and speed chips to unlock General Corrosive as a playable character in multi-player mode.
How to avoid and kill General Corrosive
Here is how to avoid him: Since he has heat seeking missiles, right before they hit you, jump and damage will be minimal.

Also to avoid him, shields are no chance against him; if the stomps on you, IT CAN STILL KILL YOU EVEN WITH THE SHIELD!!!

Here is how to kill him: On the final battle, and only on the final battle, cleaners and rockets work best.
Unlock Concept Movie
Beat the Story mode to unlock the concept movie.