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Mega Man X: Command Mission (GC) Cheats

Mega Man X: Command Mission cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Best force metals
X:X heart,Neutrilizer - 30 X2,SFM A

Zero:Neutrilizer - 30 X2,SFM B

Axl:Neutrilizer - 30 x3,SFM B

Best weapons
X:Turbo Buster/Force Missiles X2

Zero:Red Lotus Zaber/Heat Haze X2

Axl:Anchient Gun/Bait,Force Missiles
Dont use to much level up stuff on spider
He isn't with you the whole game so don't use to much power ups on him.
elemental maverick hunter
in the game you have a 3 force metal X-tra super goood!!!!
is he simple:
1: go to nana, and talk go the option deployment
2: send a forces a gimilia mine, vanalia dessert and melda ore plant.
3: and now take a rest o find other items, this take long time and pacient.
Note: this find take long time and send forces all time but the treasures is very very rarity.
4: when you forces return YOU HAVE AND FORCE METAL ULTRA RARITY!!!!
5: now put this force metal in this order.
in fight you absorb diferent element. but the erosion is 32!!!reduces one minus metal 20.
Force Metal
To get this awesome force metal you have to get Cinnamon to level 20. Have at least 1500 FME; 1 power+3, speed+3, protect+3, and 1 reboot. It's called Full specs +3 and adds +3 to speed, shield, power, armor etc. For all that power it only erodes 15.
Hidden Shops
When you get a bit into the game go back to the place you started the game at look around there will be a dorr you can unlock go up the stairs there will be 3 people selling rare stuff.
How to beat Mad nautiles
Dr. Pyche is easy! But his evolved form is something! To beat his evolved form have Lots of Mega Fire, Blizzard, and thunder. Even though he has a shield, it still damages it 500.
Easy as that

Koolman42x Inc.
more easy epsilon an scarface
Note: you need a force metal Reverse fire, Reverse water and Reserve Thunder and 2 or 3 Sub-weapon generator.
in the Chapter 9 after the battle the Scarface and epsilon you need a obtain a two Ultimate Hyper Mode the Zero and X.
in not complicated you need and Melda key and Tiana key,
now you have all items necessary, but you level is superior a 30 or 32+.
go to melda ore plant and find the door unlocked you open this door full you hp, you Hyper mode is full and program a Axl and Zero 2 Generator and Use Reserve Fire For Axl, Reserve Water For Zero and Reserve Thunder For X.
now enter in the door, now figth with the duckbill moles:
Duckbill moles(x2)
<span class="wikilists">
  • Attacks:</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->
- Mega Fire
- Mantle Assault
- Kamikaze Drill
- Quake Hammer
all attacks is type fire (except Kamikaze Drill), you need a high HP or use HP+500 and gain we+10, now first use Zero Hyper Mode(use a Ice Saber and Heat Haze) later use ice buster MK ll to attack a DuckBill Mole in not necessary activate a Axl Hyper Mode why? The Reserve Fire Absorb a attacks fire, use a Silver Horn (AYXYBAYA) and and use generator a next turn you gain more we, the Duckbill mole is use a mega fire for activate a max attacks use a X Charge to stop a Atacks, later use a Zero an attack a first Duckbill Mole with a saber, later use a X charge and attack a two, in the battle the duckbill mole use a attack Kamikaze Drill this attack reduce a Shield, Armor, Power, Speed in 50%, when you destroy a first the second use a break shield now attack in all form possible, later the battle you obtain a Hyper Mode Absolute Zero.

later go to Tiana Camp find a Door Unlock, open and find a treasure later recharge you HP and Hyper Mode but this battle is very hard.

Sun Burst
Strategy is very very Hard to defeat a Rafflessian, first you need to destroy a belladonna(x2) first transform a Zero in Absolute Zero later Transform a X in a X´Fire Now Transform A Axl a Hyper Mode. use a Absolute Zero Action Trigger Calamity Arts(use a 75% or 95% to attack is very high) in belladona later X attack A Raffleissan use a Axl Action Trigger And use a Wild Jango(AXAABYBA) to attack a Belladona, In th progress you destroy a one belladonna destroy fast a Rafflessian use a calamity arts and Charge Collider, later destroy a Belladonna. you win the battle obtain a Ultimate Armor.
now in the battle the Scarface you only tace a 10 turns o less you destroy a scarface and later epsilon is very easy
Special Figure Machine Codes
The codes that get you the Special Action Figures are as follows:

X Fire Armor X:19690831
Strategies for Defeating Rafflesian and Duckbill Moles
Duckbill Moles:
Fight these guys first!! The Absolute Zero armor you get afterward is helpful to defeat Rafflesian. First, deploy to Melda until you get the Melda Key, then go to Melda and the door right in front of you when you enter the main facility is the door leading to the Duckbill Brothers. There are two of them. All of there attacks are fire based, so the Reverse fire force metal you get from deployment to Ulfat Factory helps. Also helpful is Fire Guard and Fire Resist force metals especially. These can be bought or refined. Concentrate all your attacks on one of the brothers and then the other one. I gave X 2 twin ice missile sub weapons, axl the same except with a bait sub weapon, and zero the ice saber+ with two generator subweapons. Now, switch axl into hyper modes and activate his subweapon bait. All attacks will be centered on him but will take no damage. Bring lots of ultra and mega blizzard items as water attacks disable some of their powers. X also had the Ice Buster MK- III. Marino had the Ice stella. Keep hammering away until you defeat them both. Use Black Zero with the generators, the ice saber+, and his action trigger to do massive damage.

A good way to defeat her is to use Absolute Zero along with X Fire and the Axl bait combo I told you about. Pack some power, shield, and armor plus force metals. Also, have everyone have at least one Berserk Protection force metal. You'll see that Rafflesian uses Riot a lot, which has a high chance of causing berserkness. Concentrate your attacks on her, using everyones strongest weapons. Then, move to attacking the other two identical twins, the Belladonnas. Use the same strategies.
Rafflesian's Sunburst attack will do INCREDIBLE AMOUNTS OF DAMAGE, so don't be afraid to use your subtanks. Having a reverse thunder or water force metal is helpful also because they do sometimes use powerful elemental attacks of these sorts. They are by all means not neccessary, though.
Another unrequired but helpful tip is to equip some LE+1000 and Gain WE+25. You must refine these through the FMG though.
Supra Force Metal
To recieve fragments of Supra- Force Metal, have Marino steal some from Great Redips. In the first stage, if you steal from him, you get Supra- Force Metal Fragment Alpha. This gives you Gain WE +75 each turn and automatically heals you +25% LE each turn when you equip it. After the cutscene, in the second stage, when you steal from Great Redips again, you get Supra Force Metal Fragment Beta. This gives you Power +100, Shield +100, Armor +100, and Speed +20. A good way to steal this is have Marino in her hyper mode (Quicksilver) and use her action trigger. Line up 3 treasure chests to automatically steal some. Be sure to target Great Redips, not the Supra Force Matals on his shoulders. And you must this before and after the cut scene in order to recieve both fragments.
Each of these fragments cause 99 erosion!!! Therefore, it is a good idea to go and buy some Neutralizer -30% and -20% from the Secret Item shop in Lagrano Ruins (Get the Lagrano Key from deployments and go throught the door by the first save station you come upon when you teleport there). SFM alpha was useful for X because when you get into his Ultimate armor, you always refill to 100% WE!!! SFM Beta was useful on Axl to me. These were especially useful on the Tails Clan.
The True way to get the yellow scarf
To get the yellow scarf simply fight 500 hundred battles. Then go to the skyroom go to the computer on the right and activate it then select customize and there you go.
tip for zero
hi its me again. heres a great tip for zero. give him the heat haze and the hawkeye. what until hes at 100% then turn him to black zero. next atcivate the heat haze and then hawkeye. he should have 70% left. then ativate the command arts(charge option).i usually get 14-16 hits. that means. the number of commands varys depending on u. but it will double the number of hits and ull never miss!
To get Zero back
You have beatin that hippo guy right? well then you meet Epsilonthen Zero falls down the cliff.
So to get Zero back, beat Wild jango, Silver horn, and Dr. Pyche. Then you recieve a messege from captin redips, so now you have to go to that place. Amazing! Axl is there! Same as Zero!
X's best weapon.
To get X's best weapon, you must fight those cannon enemies that randomly appear in the hallway in Chapter 10. (The hallway where the teleporters lead you to fight Silver Horn, Mach Jentra, Mad Nautilus, and Incentas again).
The weapon is the X Buster MK-III. Unlike the Turbo buster, which has 90 attack, the X Buster MK-III has 110 attack.

*NOTE: This weapon takes a LONG time to obtain, as it has a 1% drop rate.


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how to get axi's best weapon.
the olny way to get axi's best weapon which is the anchient gun (bad spelling) is to beat nine tail's and trust me he is hard if you are not prepayed for it and after you beat him he will drop it. glad to help.
how to get zero's best weapon
to get zero's best weapon called the red lotus saber all you got to do is beat the secert boss four tail's must beat the game to fight the tail clans members. the olny bad thing about zero's weapon is theat your armor and sheild drop 20 points but your speed go up and then zero gets three strikes at a enemy.
Hyper modes for X and Zero
X fire,
all ready have since begining
Ultimate armor,
Don't have, to get it you need the Tianna key which you can get it from the deployment center(just ask Nana) only if above chapter 9.then go to tianna camp. go to maze one.Then look for a door thats locked.Then battle 3 bosses.(find out enemy info at bottom)
Black Zero,
all ready have since begining

Absolute Zero
Don't have, to get you need Melda key from deployment center then go to melda ore plant then see the door locked then battle two bosses(to see bosses info please go to the bottom.

Man she refill her LE EVERY TURN
have lots of gain hypers for her!
Those two girls on left and right of Rafflesian(with the skirt)They do the same!There hard!Trust me..

Duckbill mole x2
There's two of them. There fire type so the best thing to do is use Ultra blizzard(if you have one).
megaman best weapon's
the best weapons for people in the game are
megaman - turbo buster
zero - red lutos saber
axi - anchient gun
massimo - beast lancer
cinimman - kitty gloves
marino - and where fro fire star to thunder star and same for the comet elements. this works because of the stats
megaman's best weapon
to get megaman's best weapon all you have to do is get the key to lagureo ruins and go to the secert shop and buy the turbo buster for 100,000 zenny and that is megaman's best weapon. glad to help.
To get through Wild Jango easy
First Go into Fire X then have 100% gauge then do the Charge attack. Make the charge gauge go to 100.
then attck jango then booom!i hurts 3000(or more)
then if you want you can do that again.

Koolman42x Inc.
to unlock the secert boss's
the way to unlock nine secert boss's is to beat the game then get the central key and then you get to fight the secert boss's called the nine tails clan and the are hard trust me.