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Mega Man Network Transmission Cheats

Mega Man Network Transmission cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mega Man Network Transmission cheat codes.

Mega Man Network Transmission Tips

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Something out of reach?
If you see mystery data in a high place, and cannot reach it, you will have to use the chip "Double Jump"
This chip is dropped by the flying penguin viruses in Iceman's level.
Submitted by: Madness_Hero on February 10, 2010
zero account boss tip
make your file all chips that can fuse together
Submitted by: neoseekernic on December 07, 2004

Mega Man Network Transmission Cheats

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Color Man Secret Navi Attributes
The Color Man Navi Chip has an add effect when used again enemies with Barriers. When used, it instantly deactivates any Elemental Shields, including Bass and the Life Virus, as well as any other Elemental-Barriered enemy. Proto Man has this unqiue ability also.
Submitted by: Seto Kaiba on October 18, 2003
Combine the chips below in order to create that particular Program Advance
Big Heart: Repair + Recov300 + Roll
Double Hero: CustSwrd + VarSwrd + ProtoMan
Dream Sword 1: Sword + WideSwrd + LongSwrd
Dream Sword 2: FireSwrd + AquaSwrd + ElecSwrd
Dream Sword 3: FireBlde + AquaBlde + ElecBlde
Giga Burst: Spreader + Bubbler + HeatShot
Greatest Bomb: LilBomb + CrosBomb + BigBomb
Guts Shoot: MetGuard + DashAtk + GutsMan
Machine Punch: GutPunch + ColdPnch + DashAtk
Star Shower: SoniSlsh + GravHold + StarArro
Stream Arrow: DoubNdl + TripNdl + QuadNdl
Zero Counter: HiGuard + ZetSaber + Zero
Zeta Cannon: Cannon + HiCannon + M-Cannon
Zeta Ratton: Ratton1 + Ratton2 + Ratto
Submitted by: Seto Kaiba on October 18, 2003
Fight Secret Boss
In Den Area 3, above the area with the falling blocks just before FireMan, is a secret platform. You'll need to use a few double jumps to get up here, but you'll eventually find a locked door. In order to open it you'll need to get the Navi chips from all the bosses, including ProtoMan. Once you have them, go inside to fight the secret boss.
Submitted by: Seto Kaiba on October 18, 2003
Meet Bass
to fight bass, u have to collect 1 of every navi chip. then jack into mayls pc and go the teleporter that will take u to global area one, jump over that and use double jump to the right and ull get up on a platform, keep goin to the right and double jump up. to ur left u will get a slasher and to ur right u will see a security cube, it will open and a green teleporter will take you to bass. be warned he is the strongest of the navis and you will need very high power chips to defeat him
Submitted by: Zackbagodounuts on July 06, 2003
Mega Gambling
Tucked into the upper right corner of the pinball section of Arcade Comp 2 is a hidden Link. Enter here to find a casino where you can play slots at 500 zenny a go to win new chips. In order to get here, jump onto the moving platform and get off of it on the far right side.
Submitted by: Mario Man on October 14, 2004
to get some date or chip you need to use combos try useing defferent chpis.
Submitted by: Seto Kaiba on July 23, 2003