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Mega Man X Collection (GC) Cheats

Mega Man X Collection cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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For beating X3, you get
Zero's theme in X3 and the X3 Boss music.
For beating X5, you get
You get Armageddon(music), and X5 Ending Music as well.
Get Beam Sabre(X3)
To get the Beam Sabre, defeat Vile MKII in stage 8 with either the Spinning Blade or Ray Splasher. Then use Zero to defeat the mini-boss Mosquitus. This will make a cutscene happen, and at the end, Zero will give X his Beam Sabre. It is just like before, but it shoots a Sword Wave that can anihilate most bosses in 2 his(this includes Sigma)!
Get Super Body[Gold Megaman](X3)
To get Super Body, first make sure you have the Armor. Then unlock Doppler's Stage. Then, in Toxic Seahorse's stage use the F-Ride Armor to destroy the fans underwater. Then surface and climb above the fans. and keep going forward, jumping over walls, whatever it takes until you get to a red capsule. Talk to Dr. Light in the capsule, but do Not enter the capsule. In Blast Hornet's stage, get the H-Ride Armor, fly over the giant gap with it, and once you rach a wall with it, get out and jump over the wall. Again, talk to Dr. Light but do not enter the capsule. In Crush Crawfish's stage, get the K-Ride Armor and go down a hole near where you got the Ride armor(Hint: once you fall down it, there will be a cracked block that you brak with the Armor.).Then, yet again, activate the capule but do not enter it. in Gravity Beetle's stage, get the K-Armor again and jump up the ledges. Then keep going with the armor until you reach a block similar to the other one. Break it, and repeat the capsule thing. Last, in Dr. Doppler's first stage, once you get to an area that looks like a junkyard, slide down the first hole there is, and there will be a secret passage you will go through. If all went well, there will be another red capsule, and enter THAT one, and get Gold X, with all the enhancements of the previous red capsules.
Two things
To unlock the Zero Image Gallery and Dr. Light's original concept music, find all four pieces of the Falcon and Gaea Armor in Megaman X5.


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Ultimate suit codes
Just as I speculated, the Ultimate suit IS in Megaman X collection. Here are the codes.

Sequence (X4)

Highlight X, then press the "X" button twice, then press left on the control pad 6 times, then hold the "L" and "Z" buttons and press start (keep holding the "L" and "Z" buttons until the intro stage starts).
Note: The areas on X that are usually light blue, will turn purple when the code is entered correctly. When you find an upgrade capsule, you will have the Ultimate suit.

Sequence (X5)

Hightlight X, then press down on the control pad twice, then press up on the control pad 9 times.
Note:: You will hear a sound when the code is entered correctly.

Sequence (X6)

Hightlight the "Game Start" option, then press left oon the control pad 3 times, then press right on the control pad once.
Note: You will hear a sound when the code is enntered correctly.
X4, X5, X6 Black Zero codes
Black Zero is also in the X Collection.

In X4, highlight Zero and hold R, then press right six times and release R, then hold X and press Start. You must hold X until the anime scene ends.

In X5, press down twice, up nine times, then press Start.

In X6, highlight Game Start and press L three times then R once. Then after you get to Zero, he will have his Black Armor.