Super Mario Sunshine Cheats

Super Mario Sunshine cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Super Mario Sunshine cheat codes.


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A Living Shine Sprite 2
Go to the island with the guy that can't swim and instead of eating the bird with Yoshi you can just spray it. A lot easier then getting Yoshi to that island.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Shine SpriteSpray the yellow bird with FLUD


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2 Shine Sprites and Without FLUDD.
Bell Sprites:

In the main Isle Delfino area, you can get 2 Shine Sprites for cleaning off the 2 bells in the city. Have the Rocket Nozzle for this. You are given one shine for each bell.

Missions without FLUDD:

In these missions, don't get discouraged if you keep dieing. In every mission without FLUDD, there are two hidden lives within the level. By getting them (or at least one), you can keep trying and dieing until you beat the mission.
A Living Shine sprite
On that island where that poor man said that he was stuck on the island and never tried to swim ashore because he didn't know how to there's a yellow bird you will keep on seeing. Make Yoshi eat it or keep spraying it and you will get a shine sprite in return. Just remember that Yoshi and water do not mix.
Alternative Way To Get The Hidden Shine In Pianta Village Ep 8
To Get The Hidden Shine In Ep 8, You Need To Ride A Dandelion, Get To the Giant Tree, And Spray The Sun. But You Don't HAVE To Ride A Dandelion. Just Go To The Tree Where You Beat II Piantissimo, Go To The Leaf Closest To The Leaf Of The Giant Tree. Do A Backflip And Use The Hover Nozzle. There Is A 9/10 Chance That You'll Reach The Giant Tree. Happy Shine Hunting!
another minigame!!
in the game where you start (delphino..?) go to the place where the boats come in( the place where the boeats turn) that is in front of the shine gate and get on one of the boats. while your doing that, change it to hover mode and get on the very top of the boat! DO IT BEFORE IT GOES UNDER THE BRIDGE!!
Barrels of Water
At the begining of the game, after you have gotten the Shine Sprite at the Delfino Airstrip, you appear at Delfino Plaza (this is normal). Before you start killing that goop thingy, go over near the Shine Gate and you will see two barrels. Go over to either of them and press the B button. Now goover to the goop thing thingy and throw the barrel at it. You wiil not waste your water and the barrels eliminate more of the goo at once than if you sprayed it yourself.
Blast Out of the Water!
Don't you hate it when you have your jetpack on but you land in water so it's useless? Not anymore! When you fall into the water, (from high platforms or something like that) Start Charging you jetpack with R(while floating still) and when the red line is about 3/4 of the way up press A (while holding R) to jump out of the water. While in the air, you should blast off with the jetpack, thus letting you reach those high, above-water, platforms and tightropes with out hiking back up on land
Blue Coin Tricks
Hey, sick of trying to find those last few coins? Well, If you spray the sand around Gelato Beach and Pinna Park blue coins pop out of shine sprite symbols.

And these appear in Ricco Harbour and Sirena Hotel too, just spray anything.
Blue Coines and Shine Sprites
In the main city, there is a place on the docks that looks like a house. Enter, and you will see what looks like two raccoons of giant proportions watching you.

You can pay these people 10 blue coins for a shine sprite.

Remember where you got your blue coins from, etc, otherwise you have no chance of getting them all using a strategy guide, or you may be missing twenty and not know it.
Break the rules of 3d space!
In Ricco harbour there are several cranes. A couple are placed on the suspended rigging, but one is not. Find it! It is near the first Bloober battle arena.
Once you find it, head under its main axle point. When it comes down, Mario's head will go inside the crane's arm. Jump when this happens, and you will fall down INSIDE the level. You may fall down and lose 1 health point. If this occurs, mash A like anything. If you stay down there for more than a second, Mario falls over and dies... I don't know why. In any other case, you will be floating at the ordinary water level, only inside the stone wall. If you move backward, you will move into the sewer pipe running along the harbour's edge. Note that you will probably die anyway.
Chasing Down Shadow Mario On Any Episode 7s
In order to chase down Shadow Mario more easily, when Shadow Mario is in sight and he is staying still press the Y-button and target Shadow Mario and keep squirting him then he will start moving again and chase him down but stay far back enough so he doasnt take off. Fire again once he's in sight again. (If you know the exact path of Shadow Mario you can follow that exact path backwards to get Shadow Mario by surprise)
Coins from birds
Squirt the birds flying around isle defino to get coins. Squirting the blue birds will give you a blue coin and the gold ones give you shines.
if you go on top of a building (usually a rather tall one), you might see a rooster weather vane. spray it with water and a coin will pop out.
Cool Thing
In Delfino Plaza where the turbo mini-game is between the two pianta police officers you can bring the hover nozzle into the mini-game by getting the turbo, then turbo-ing at the door, then, right before you reach the door (be very close, VERY close) stop, make sure that you break the door, then go to the fountain and pick a nozzle.(i reccomend hover)

Also, when you are in the mini-game go onto the block that has a hump, jump to the side, hover, and there are holes in the side of the block you can go in.
Delfino Airstrip
If you have already beaten Mario Sunshine, you know that you can access delfino airstrip by telling the guy at the boat you want to go, and that it costs ten coins. But what you may not know is that you don't need to beat Bowser to get this. All you need to do is (after the flood) enter the volcano, then pause and select "exit area", then the flood will cease and you will have access to delfino airstrip.
Easier Triple Jump
You know how usually you have to jump once, then twice, and on the third jump you do the triple jump? There is another way, that is a whole lot easier. Just jump, and spin. When you land, jump again and you will preform a Triple Jump. It is a glitch that the makers forgot to fix and make another jump in between.
Easy beating episode 1 in Sirena Beach!!!!
When the big manta ray thing appears go into a tree, it wont be able 2 know where you are.Stay in the tree(s) until they all turn pink and fludd says there after Mario you are still invisible to them. then every once and a while fall so they will notice you and wen there swarming you use the shotgun burst (hit a while squirting). This takes a few tries(most of the time) and they can still hit you while your in the tree so still be careful.
Easy Coins
There are loads of coins in Isle Delfino, you find a lot in the underground pipe network, and if you do a same job twice people should give you coins, squirting/eating birds can get some coins, and if you squirt Wanted posters you can get even more! Use this to get an extra Sprite

NOTE: Using all of these methods I managed to find over 200 coins!
Easy Lifes
On Isle Delfino there are a number lifes:
1)go to where the sunglasses guy is and walk around the sand near him, if you get near it, it should flash with a darker brown, pound it and you should be in the pipe network, follow it to a life.
2)go to where the giant cannon is (the one that leads you to a theme park level) and dive under water into a cave and get your life!

NOTE: you can go to a level and quit to get back and get the same lifes!
Easy shine sprite in pinta park (episode 2)
When the mole shoots bullet bills, spray them with water and 2 coins will come out, do this untill you have 100 coins. you will get a shine sprite. (spray the golden bullet bills and multiple coins will come out.)
easy way to complete ricco harbor level 3
in ricco harbor level 3 go to the fontain jump on to the building on the path follow the path you must walk and you come bye a rocket nozzel get the rocket and jump off go to the place right under the yellow cage use rocket and you will hang under the cage find the cage door and press the jump button to get throug it and than grab the shine
Eat butterflies
There are tons of butterflies flying around on Isle Delfino. They're not just there to make Isle Delfino pretty but they also bear items! Eat these colorful butterflies (using Yoshi of course...) to collect more items.

-Blue butterflies will give you blue coins! (on some episodes, you need to eat more than 1 to be able to get a blue coin...bear that in mind)
-Turquoise butterflies will give you a 1-up mushroom (on some episodes, you need to eat more than 1 to be able to get a 1-up mushroom)
-Yellow butterflies will give you a gold coin
Eating the bees
To gain some easy coinage in Pianta Village, go to the level where you get Yoshi, then knock over a bees' nest. Watch out for the bees, and eat them with Yoshi. They will turn into coins and the last bee you eat will be a blue coin.
There are other Endings in Super Mario Sunshine that you can get. Here is how to get the endings:

#1: Beat Corona Mountain to get an ending featuring Bowser and Bowser Jr talking, then you see FLUDD say something like "Mario....was I of assistance?" Then it looks like they are at the airport with FLUDD and they say a few things and its the end of the game.

#2: Beat the game with 119 shines to get an ending featuring Piantissimo checking out Bowser JR's brush.

#3: Beat the game with all 120 shines, to get the ultimate ending featuring every character in the game.
Extra Shines
When you find various blue coins around the areas, you need to collect 10. There will be a little dome house with a racoon inside that will trade 10 blue coins for a shine sprite.
flood hop
when delfino square floods jump from rooftop to rooftop by triple jumping, backfliping, and spinning to reach shadow mario.
Go to Sirena Beach and select the Mistirous Hotel shine,and go to the room with the mirror,look in the mirror and you should see fludd without its head!!!It seems that the programers forgot to put fludds head...
fun jump on high wires
well to do really cool trapeze jumps go to a level with tight ropes i did it on Bianca hills and land on a tight rope with Mario holding on with his hands spray with nozzle wile in that position and you will start going up then stop till you start swinging backwards and keep spraying then you will spin round real fast the stop spraying and while you are still spinning press a you will then do about 5 back flips or front flips whichever it is and Mario becomes a circus man lol
fun with the turbo
When you get the turbo nozzle, get it on fludd and press and hold R slightly to run in circles non-stop and not even charge up.
Gelato Beach Secrets
I give credit to another member for sending me on a hunt in the second level of Gelato Beach. They had stated that they found a shine imprint in the sand by the sailboat (a little NE of it) that yielded a blue coin. I looked further and found two others; one in the sand on the circular part of the sand that originally housed the sand castle (level 1); it yields a blue coin. Continue over in the area in front of the smoothie bar and check the sand for another shine imprint hiding another blue coin. Just FYI.
Gelato beach:wiggler ahoy!
In this episode you will see a giant catapillar( The one that was on the tower) And the thing is running all over the beach angrily and you gotta go near a dune bud( Try going close to nokis on the beach that are close to dune buds) and then when you hear footsteps spray the plant quickly and it will flip over. Climb on it and do a ground pound on the place that the red arrow designs. Do that 3times and it will be dead.Then get the shine sprite.
Get Extra Life
On Isle Delfino, at Delfino Plaza, Go accross to the island with smoke coming from it. Spray the fire with water and then a life should appear in the water. Get it fast though, because it disappers after a few seconds
Get Suspened: Endless falling trick
Noki Bay, "The shells secret" As you enter the level immediately zoom in (Y button) and look at the mountain to your right. See the ledge at the very top (far right)? The rocket nozzle is located there, so get climbing! Once you have obtained it jump off and freefall into the water below. Now look to the right of the mountain, see the darker (shaded) water? Start to swim along the outside of that dark area. When the water resists you from going any further (Make sure the camera is directly behind Mario) switch to the rocket nozzle, charge up, and when you are about to blast off, jump out of the water (while still holding the R button) and hold the control stick forward. When you fall back in the water immediately do this again. Finally blast off one more time and while in the air, hold the control stick forward and let go of everything else. suddenly you will stop falling and hang there suspended in the air and will not fall until you stop holding the control stick forward or try to rotate the C stick. This may take a few tries but it's worth it. Believe it or not but by using this trick at an certain spot (in Noki bay) and method that is extremely tedious will actually enable you to fall ad walk on the ocean floor like the flood glitch in the plaza. I have achieved it only 6 times. If anyone else figures out the secret and does this as you walk underwater do not walk by the edges of the mountain or you will fall through the ocean floor and see that familiar "too Bad" and die. also, you can jump into the huge dark hole in the center of the level where you will find coins there and you can use the rocket nozzle to blast out. Well I hope someone will find this trick interesting and don't be too upset if you can't find the secret right away. Thanks to Z.X.I.I.L.S.180 for this trick.
Get to the top of Ricco Tower
If you have not yet succeed getting the rocket nozzle yet, this will help. Okay go to Ricco Harbor and select Episode 4, The Secret of Ricco Tower. Yeah, theres a level at the top of the tower when you enter the small hole at the top, but unfortunatly, its up rather high. Well you know the bar thingys at the top?that you had to walk on in Episode 3? Go on those again but go over towards the tower on the bars when your above the ship. You'll be high up enough to land on one of the landings that surround the tower.Use the Hover nozzle to land on it then simply hover again to get to the hole.

This is pretty simple so its not hard to figure out. When you DO get the rocket nozzle,(if havent already)get on top of the tower and rocket all the way can get some coins and a blue one too.

*heres another way to get somewhere w/o the rocket nozzle.

to get on the top of the giant shine statue jump on yoshi and get to the manhole near the statue, the one BEHIND it.ground pound into the hole and you can shoot yourself up really high!this may not always work,but when it does, its pretty efficent. note-this only works when you are on yoshi.
Glitch:through the mountain(action replay)
Enable superjump and go to Ricco Harbor go to gooper blooper returnes. Then go to the chuckster on the orange platform. He says he can throw you to the helipad. he will through you into the mountain and you will be forced into water and be able 2 walk under the water!!!!
Gold bird in Noki Bay
In Noki Bay, go to the episode The Boss of the Tricky Ruins. Find the old man, but don't talk to him, instead, go left of him. Go left far enough to see a gap in the wal where it looks like you can wall jump. Go to it and Jump from one wall to the other. Until you get to a hole in the wall. Go in it. Follow the path and go in the other big hole above you. Now, you should jump high to this tree. Get on the tree and look for the gold bird. Spray it with enough water, and it should give you a shine sprite.
Goopy Inferno
To beat goopy inferno without any trouble, walk to the river. Keep going through the river until you make it to the little 'island'. Clean the island off by jumping, then clean the area above as much as you can. When you think you are ready, do a triple jump on the newly-cleaned surface to the other side. Go up, get Fludd, and complete the level. Congradulations.
Hidden Blue Coin in Pinna Park
In Pinna Park:The Runaway Ferris Wheel there is a hidden blue coin by the cannon that the man is working on.It's not directly near the cannon but a little further off.Keep spraying as you're moving and if you see yellow sparks coming up off the sand, that's it.Keep spraying it until it looks like the out line of a blue shine sprite.You'll know when to stop spraying it because a blue coin will pop up.
Hidden Sewer Pipe
Go near the umbrella NEXT 2 the man who gives u sunglasses in isle Delfino and 1 of the umbrella's
points shows the way.Move VERY slowly and wait until Mario's feet sink.Then jump & ground pound right there.You should be in the sewers and there is nine coins and a 1-up mushroom!

NOTE:if u run u'll see an orange rim.Thank u!
Kill the Ducks!
go to Gelato Beach on the level Watermelon festival. spray i little leaves stickin out of the sand make sure a duck(S) are near it spray and the ducks will fly up and land back down smashed!
Lose your hat
If you go to Pinna Park, about episode 7, look off to the side and you will see some floating wingidy thingies. If you stand directly under them, one will come down and take your hat. WARNING you will lose life, as like under water, without your hat on! To get it back, kill the hat stealer by spraying it down and jump on it to get your hat back.
Make Bloopers Turn Purple
In Ricco Harbour squirt water at a blooper (the octos who spit goop at you) and it will get angry and spit goop at you. Run out of range from its spitting and it will go mad and turn purple. (NOTE: This does not work on Gooper Blooper)
You know that manhole on the ledge, well, if your tring to get to the pipe that only Yoshi can uncover, do a groundpound, and go strait and you are on the first island, which is very convinent if you are like me, and are constanly falling off the boat when your trying to get on the island, then this tip will be exceptinally helpful.
Mario falls asleep
If you leave the sitting neutral (don't touch any thing for a while) mario will have z's coming from his head.
Never Get Hurt Falling
Well, it's not really a cheat, but it is very helpfull. As you all must know, mario will lose some health if he falls from a certain height. While Mario is falling, press L to do a ground pound and when you land you won't lose any life because you're telling the game system that you wanted to fall and do a ground pound form that height.
Nosel Types and tips
Normal: Use to clean up messes you find and to squirt enimies. Also you can squit the towns people for fun

Hover: Used to reach far away places and to get to diffrent levels and secreats.

Rocket: Shoots you into the air to get to 1 level also used to uncover many secrets

Booster: I think that this one is called booster, what it does is you power it up and then you charge foward, just used to get to places faster.

Most of the time you should keep on your Hover nosel because its the most useful of the 3, you aways have your normal with you, also remember to fuel up on water often or you will run out of water power, to do so jump in the water and press R. Also You can see how much water you have left by looking in the corner.
Out of the Way, Blue Coins (2)
There are two blue coins in Gelato Beach where that Smoothie hut is. When you first enter Gelato beach, go to the little hut in front of you which has 3 fruits. Pick up any fruit and carry it all the way to the smoothie hut on the western side of the beach. Jump on top of the smoothie hut roof and in the middle will be a blender thing. Drop the fruit into the blender and a Blue coin will appear for you to take. (2nd blue coin) the second blue coin is also where the smoothie hut is. If you are still on the roof of the hut, then that'd be great. Jump down from the roof to the backside of the hut that is sort of like a porch/patio area where people eat. Dive into the water and under the porch/patio area. you won't be able to dive deep so the coins under there will appear as question marks. 1 of these 8 coins will be the blue coin that we seek.
Pianta Village Entrance
Pianta Village.
Get 14 shine sprites and Yoshi. Go into the sewers and jump up when you get to the closest exit to the shine gate. It might take a few tries but eventually you will get on top of the shine gate. Go through the tunnel to enter pianta village.
Kheldar Tanner age 7
Pianta Village shortcuts
Shortcut 1: Use this in the Goopy Inferno. Afer crossing the bridge, travel to the tree on your left. Get on top, then go up the leaf closest to the place you need to go. at the end, take a diveing jump so you'll land right near the platform. The game makes it hard to do this, so don't give up if you get sent backwards.

Shortcut 2: Use this whenever you want to get to the top of the giant tree. First go to the hot spring. Then climb up the nearby tree. Climd to the leaf closest to the giant tree, then jump off. Don't forget to hover! If done corectly, you should be on one of the giant tree's leaves.
Pinna Park 6 Shortcut!
In the sixth level of Pinna Park when you are on your way to flip the turtle, go near to where you got a red coin in the third level. Jump toward the ferry's wheel and hover. (Please note: this makes things much easier Sorry, but it doesn't work to get the shine.)
Pinna Park Shadow Mario
Shadow Mario will always go the same way. He runs over behind the ships and jumps, then stops, runs back to where he was and continues with this routine.
pipe on the island
At the island, that is off the beach where there is all the stands with fruit, there is a lost guy, and a pipe with that yellow moving gunk. Which you can only destroy with Yoshi's juice. Now to get there. Go get Yoshi, the color dosen't matter, and go to the docks. Go to the right of the docks, where there is a dead end, don't jump to the other side. Wait for the boat to come and jump on it. Then wait until you are near another boat, time your jump right and jump on the other boat. Wait for a while and you should come to this platform with fruit on it. Jump on it and eat the fruit to get more juice. Now wait for a diffrent boat to come from the other side. Jump on it and wait till you reach the island jump on it and spray juice on the yellow gunk. Get off of Yoshi and go inside. It is a red coin collecting thing, but you are on a leaf and you need to travel carfully spraying water to controll the leaf to get the coins.
When you beat the airport level and have to fight the weird goop thing jump toward a tree and climb up it. If you are wondering why I want you to climb up on the tree it is because the goopy octopus-things can't reach you. Switch to the first-person view and spray the goop. When it becomes a pirahna plant spray it when it's mouth is open. Do this 3 times and it will die.
Red Pipe of 8 red coins
OK, so get the rocket nozzle and go to the red cannon. Then, dive into the ocean and swim towards the palm trees on the wall. Jump and rocket up to a hill with a red pipe on it. You can go in and find eight red coins. This is an easy shine sprite.
Sand Shines
There are some parts in the sand that when you spray them, an outline of a shine sprite will appear, keep spraying until a blue coin, or maybe even a shine sprite appears.
secret 1up
it seems like im the only one who knows this: in serina beach either go to the secret of casino or king boo level. once you get in the casino, go back in the elevator and use mario vision (Y button). spray the top and a 1up will appear. also in the casino spray the two torches and one of them will have a blue coin appear
Secret Black Hole
In delfino plaza, get the turbo nozzle and get under the dock near the entrance to Noki Bay. Start using it and when you reach the box, jump and you will be in a secret black hole where you die.
Secret Blue Coin
When you are on the second level of Noki Bay, get to the top of the mountain and beat Blooper. Then, fall in the hole and bfore u get the sprite, sqrt the pot all the way rght. A blue coin will appear and pick it up. Then go get the shine spirte.
Secret game
You know the boat that takes you to a island near the shine sprite tower jump on it and there will be a bridge. There is a hole on the bottom of the bridge use the rocket nozzle for this and when you jump in it you will end up at a secret level hope this helps.
Secret Gelato Beach Coins
I'm pretty sure you could do this any time during the game (but I found it in the second level):

Find the sail-boat off to the left of where you arrived on the beach. Stand on the right of the boat, facing the trees/hills. Then start spraying the sand in front of you with water; soon blue coin will appear!!

Also, when you spray those weird duck things walking around, they will turn up-side-down and if you jump on them, either a regular coin or a blue coin will appear, depending on the color of the duck you sprayed!
Secret of the bell
If you get the rocket nozzle you can go close to yoshi and jump and clean the bell you will win a shine sprite.

Secret Shine
Once you unlock the Rocket Nozzle for use in Delfino Plaza, go to the lighthouse (entrance to Gelato Beach) and blast up to the top. You should see a picture of something on fire. Once on the top use the rocket nozzle again and then go right into a butt stomp. When you come back down you will break the picture and a shine will appear.
Secret Shine in Delfino Plaza
If you head over along the beach how you normally do toward the Gelato Beach entrance, once you hit the buildings, start to hover. Keep on going until you hear that sound like you are spraying off something with a shine. There will be an image of a shine. Spray it completely visible, and a Shine will appear. Collect the shine.
secret shine in pianta village!
on the last level in pianta village when the fluff festival is going on you know the giant tree you have to ride the fluff to get to the top well when you get to the collect the red coin the look at the sun and spray it it will slowly turn into a shine picture and a shine will come to right where you are! NOTE: YOU HAVE TO USE THE FIRST PERSON VIEW TO DO THIS AND YOU HAVE TO BE ON THAT TOWER WHERE THE RED COIN IS
i learned this off of one of the girls at the festival she said "did you find the mayors wifes money stash? no well good i think the mayors hiding somthing too go to the highest place in pianta village and look at the sun oh no NO! i can't say anymore i'll be in so much trouble!"
Serina Bay!!!
Shoot the manta-ray until he gets smaller & smaller soon enough he'll disappear.
Shine Minigames in Delphino Plaza
1)Use the turbo to break through the door between the 2 policemen.

2)Go to the boat tunnel and rocket through the air vent.

3)Swim around to the palm trees near the Pinna Park entrance, and rocket up to the cliff.

4)Using the boats, take Yoshi to the man stranded and remove the slime on the pipe.

5)Finally,hover to the pipe on the narrow ledge near the lighthouse.
shine sprite and blue coin
Blue coin:At where you start, go right, and you will go to a building. Go behind it and hover over the water, you should see a hole in the wall. Go in it to get the blue coin.
shine sprite: After you get the turbo nozzle, go left from where you start, and find a building with a shine sprite in it and a door is blocking your way. Go a distance from that door and use the turbo nozzle to run at high speeds, hit the door and this will make it break. After this, claim your prize.
Shine Sprite in the sand
Go near where the portal to Gelato Beach is. When near there start spraying the sand in random placed, sone you will hear a sound, keep spraying in the spot and it should be forming a shine sprite. Keep spraying and you will get a shine sprite.
shortcut for Epsode 1 on rico harbor
go to rico harbor. when you get there go up to the the big soon as you get there go up to the big pipe then jump on the bar. then go all the way to blooper .this is an easy way then going the other way
Showering Mario
Go to either part 2 or part 4 of Pianta Village and go to the hot springs. Go under the part of the hot springs where there's water coming down. Go under the water and quickly go to Mario Cam. Mario will appear to be taking a shower.
Speed Boosts
Use your water gun to wet the ground the slide on it it will make you move alot faster.

Also, the turbo nozzle lets you go much faster.
when you enter an underground pipe, rapidly press B in the direction you want to go. you really are going fast. almost like you are sprinting.
Standing still with Turbo Nozzle charged!
If you charge up the Turbo Nozzle, jump, and keep holding the R botton, but switch to the Spray Nozzle and land you will keep spraying. Now switch back to the Turbo Nozzle and keep spraying. You won't go anywhere!!!

Super grip shoes
You know the series of stone pillars standing in the water near the lighthouse with the pipe on one of them? In the minigame in the pipe I found that you can easily walk up the slope. Just jump, hover and turn around. Then just walk back up. Note that if you stop walking, you will start sliding. Its also the best place to have fun with spin jumps.
Switching Nozzels
Once you have a nozzle other than the hover nozzle Ride a yoshi then get off of it. The turbo or rocket nozzle will be the hover nozzle again.
The Icky Shine Sprite
You know that big tower with the shine sprite thats all covered with the black goop? If you go to the pool behind it (With the rocket nozzle) and rocket up and then switch to the spray nozzle in the air and spray the shine sprite if you clean it off (It might take a while... but it sure is fun..) you get a shine sprite!!
the EASYEST!! way to defeat the manta
first get to sirena beach then clean all of the electrical goop and talk to the hotel owener when the manta arrives then spray it until the tiny ones get pink and run skiping them and get into the water on the beach (where you can see the sunset)and there you han recharge fludd easily and theres is a poit where the evil little mantas can hurt you in the water (when mario swims)
The Shine Tower of DOOM
You know the shine tower where the shines gathered? Seems like a nice place, huh? Well, you're wrong! There are two instances where you can die because of the shine tower! Go to the lowest pool and swim right between the opart of the fence towards you and the one on the right away from you. Now, dive dive dive! With luck, you'll fall down and be on a blue area with the dock where the boat comes ahead. If you run ahead, you'll walk under water all around Delfino Plaza. If not, you'll fall down and land on "ground" where you'll die in mere seconds. Now, go back and swim in from of the one towards you. Dive, dive dive! You'll be in the sewers! But, before you do that, push the control stick up and you'll be in an odd area. There are buildings around, but you'll die before you can even get there....
Underwater yoshi
Do the glitch where you go under Isle Delfino with yoshi. Once you are running around under water, go to one of the islands. Go up until you are almost hitting the surface and dismount of yoshi. Yoshi will stay under water, and he will be alive. Sooner or later though he will die.
Unlock sunglasses and Hawaiian shirt
Both of these items are given to you by the man wearing sunglasses.

You can get the Sunglasses by obtaining 30 shines.
You can get the Hawaiian Shirt after completing the game.

very short lvl pinna park
In the level where a giant electrokoopa is sleeping, get to where you got your shine sprite in red coins of the pirate ships. Then side jump from the platform then hover and dive to the ledge of the sleeping electrokoopa. flip it and be done.
Walk Underwater
Have you ever hated always swimming, well this is the way to change it. First, get the turbo nozzle and head over by the dock near the entrance to Noki Bay. Get underneath the dock, lined up straight with a box near the Shine tower. Start the turbo nozzle up and jump right underneath the box. You will be inside the box. Go to the right, into the wall and you will be underwater.....but walking. You can walk around until you re-surface.

Note:Sometimes when attempting to get out of box and underwater you go into a desolated place and die.
Walk underwater at Pianta Village.
You can walk underwater at Pianta Village. You must be in episodes 1,3,5 or 7 when the river is flowing. Head to the base of the tree where the old pianta is resting on the island. Move onto the island and station yourself on the slope to the pianta's left. Now spray the pianta and try walking down the slope into the river. If it works, you should be walking on the river floor without losing air. If it doesn't work, keep spraying the pianta and walk down when he gets irritated. This glitch does work, I promise, but it may take time to practice it.
what happens after you finish the game
1. everyone will be nice to you and talk about the light
2. you can go to the airstrip
3. if you go to the guy who gives you shades then he will give you a tropical shirt
yellow bids&& shine sprites!
go to the island on the main island.
go to the island where you need yoshi
climb the tree.
look for the yellow bird.
squirt it 3 times with water
a shine sprite will appear.
really works

yellow bird in noki bay
go to where the boat shop is in any episode past the one where you have to kill glooper blooper in noki bay (one where you look into the light and then are transported there)
and spray the thing that make the wall go in then wall jump until you see a hole in the wall. wall jump in it and the pipe music will play
keep going and there will be a hole in the front of the wall. go in it and you will be sent flying. you will be on an island type thingy and there will be a yellow bird. spray it 3 times and it will turn into a shine sprite
Yoshi is realy helpful
You can get coins by making yoshi eat the yellow birds and espicially the blue birds yoshi will eat the blue bird by simply pressing be and bam! you got one blue bird.
yoshi power
The red warp hole on top of the shine gate instead of useing the rocket nozzle take yoshi in the circle with the star on it and jump and press (A)down and you can get in top of the shine gate and go in the warp hole.
yoshi with no shell
get on yoshi after you feed him(doesnt matter wat color) and press R down until it clicks and while yoshi is squirting juice, press X and after u jump off, yoshi will still be in the pose of squirting juice and when u look at his back, the red shell will be off and floating by his back.


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"Red Coins of the Lake" Shine Sprite glitch.
After collecting the 8 Red Coins of the Lake in its respective mission, if you dive into the Shine Sprite at the windmill at just the right angle, you will touch the Shine Sprite and it will come down, but you will not collect it. You will get stuck in the floor in the diving animation. The only way to get out is to reset. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way...
Fall through the hill in Bianco Hills
So I was messing around in Bianco Hills with cheats and I sought out a way to get all the way to the end of the river near where Petey Piranha sits up where you have to shoot the weird things at him, and of course found an invisible wall. However, on my way back, I started to run out of water, so I really wanted to find a glitch real quick. And I did. I flew above one of the hills near the area where you can see Petey, when I discovered falling down that I went through it. It slowly descended into the literal blue and jumped as to not die. As you may know, in out-of-bounds areas you have to stay airborn or die. Well I died, but I caught a pic of it and edited it. Anyway, you can probably achieve this glitch without cheats simply with the rocket nozzle.
Flying over Bianco Hills
This can be done in any level in Bianco Hills that has those cloud things that knock you off of the tightropes and the Rocket Nozzle. Head over to the area with all the tightropes (sort of near where you'd find Petey Piranha in the 2nd level). Head over there and get the rocket nozzle. Then, get on one of the tightropes. Now, use the rocket nozzle while on the tightrope. You won't go flying into the air, but you'll shoot a bunch of water out of F.L.U.D.D. Do this as much as you want (the more you do this, the greater the effect will be). Now, keep walking until the cloud thing shows up. Finally, let the cloud thing hit you. You will go flying into the air! How high you get launched into the air depends on how many times you "used" the hover nozzle while on the tightrope, so if you want the best results, I'd suggest getting your water as full as you can, and using all of it. When up in the air, when you go into first person view with X, you can see nearly the ENTIRE island! And you can see all of the levels, like Gelato Beach, Pinna Park, Pianta Village, etc. If you look closely, you can even see that the island is sort of in the shape of a dolphin! It will take a while to reach the ground, so prepare a bag of popcorn or something. Every now and then, Mario will land on some sort of invisible platform and fall down. Just push A, and he'll get back up and continue falling. Otherwise he'll just lie there. The reason this happens is because each time Mario uses the Rocket Nozzle on something other than the ground, such as the tightropes, or on a ledge, and you use the rocket nozzle on it, you are building up propulsion. But when you climb the ledge, jump, etc. the propulsion resets. So each time you use the Rocket Nozzle, you are adding to the propulsion, but if you were to jump, it would reset. If you get hit by an enemy, the propulsion doesn't reset, but gets released. So the more you've built up by using the Rocket Nozzle, the higher you fly! Hope you enjoy using this really cool glitch. Have fun!
Fun Glitches.
#1. Mission with giant wiggler: just beat him as normal but theres two glitches possible now. Keep pressing start and the music will go down then when you press start it will go back up and slowly down like normal, keep doing this and you will be teleported for no reason out of the level. you have to press start before the shine appears when the music gets all weird when wigler gets squished.
#2. Same mission. Beat wigler and this time let the shine appear. Then, stand right underneath the shine and inflate the plant thing with water and you should bounce into the shine and it will show the "Shine!" scene with mario facing backwards. fun to look at =P
#3. any gelato beach mission. go to the plant near the hut with the fruit in it and spray it and right before it indents do a ground pound and you will fly up into the sky and the camera will eventually zoom back in on the ground. Very Difficult for starters.
#4: Sirena beach. red coin mission only. get 100 coins for the shine to appear, it doesnt matter if you already got this shine before, then press the red button and wait for the timer to go all the way down to like 10 seconds. when theres like 5 seconds left collect the shine and the scene will happen but mario will randomly fall over and die and the shine will fly around like normal but mario will be dead. Easy if you're not an idiot.
#5. Any of the later missions with the hat stealers at Pinna Park. first of all, dont go inside the park, second, get your hat stolen. one glitch is that if you go underwater, your health will no longer decrease, just your breath. interesting. another one is that if you let your health go down low and talk to somebody and wait for your health to completely go away mario will die and just sit there while that person continues to talk to mario's dead body...
One time on shadow mario at ricco harbor, I just beat shadow mario but didn`t get the star. I looked at one blooper that was spinning vertical. I could walk through the blooper. The blooper never stopped. It was so funny.

Live well, Play well
Gelato beach sky ground pound
I read about the glich in gelato where you're map view goes high and i was testing it and discovered that if you're slightly off on the time you ground pound you may not do the glich completely and you will only go 10 to 15 feet in the air and come down ground pounding.
hidden rocket nozzle
in the delfino plaza:
go to the right from the start point
then go on the platform by the bell
tower with the bananas. then move by
the wall and press Y and look up and
move the camera to see inside the
tower. there is a rocket nozzle box
near the bell at the top!
Noki Bay Weirdness
On the cliff where the springboard is, there
is a small puddle that you can refill FLUDD in. If you spray the
springboard and put it just where the puddle ends, you can
fall through it and swim in the ocean that you see if you turn the
camera so that it looks behind walls. If you touch a wall while in the
ocean, you will be sucked down and lose a life.
Pianta Village Durian-Tree Glitch
This will make you laugh forever I guarantee. You know the tree that bears fruit in pianta village? Gently knock down the durian without kicking it off the hill. Push it a little bit and it should go a bit into the trunk of the tree. Jump above it onto the tree and mario will grab onto the trunk. Hold down and watch when mario lands on the durian. To get out of it, hold right or left and he'll be standing normally and you can keep playing.
Secret Box Smashing Place
To do this, you need the gamecube cheat disc that has the cheats for this game. put the super high jump and use it on top of the real box smashing place and youll end up in a secret one with no walls or roof or floors. P.S you cant get a new shine sprite with this. The disc is not action replay gameshark or anything like that. its just a disc of games on it.... there are lots of these discs.
Underwater Fruit
Here's a weird and ultimately useless little glitch that you can do! In Delfino Plaza, grab any fruit (besides a Durian), and head over to the shore. Stand in the water about just so that you aren't swimming. Now, place the fruit down. If you did it right, the fruit should end up underwater and roll down to the middle of the ocean instead of melting. Congratulations! You have an underwater fruit! Annnnd you can't actually do anything with it, as you can't pick it up while underwater, and it'll disappear after a while. But try doing the walk underwater glitch maybe and see if you can pick it up! Have fun!
walk underwater at delfino plaza
when the flood happens go to a log and swim under it you should go underwater note I did it at the log near the shine gate hope this helps.
walk underwater in gelato beach
go to gelato beach and get the rocket nozzle.
then go up the hill until you are at the place
you beat II Piantissimo and continue to the right
to the wires. at the last wire go up to the wire
and bounce as high as you can. try to get the
rocket nozzle to work when your at the top of
the bounce. then rocket up to another wire. up
there you canrocket as far as you can to the right
and then you will fall so you will fall in the
sand and then keep jumping or youll die and then
rocket up to the water when your as low as the
water gets.
Walk Underwater in Isle Delphino 2
Start a new game and collect the first shine at the airport. Now you
should be take to Isle Delphino, near the centre of the island you
should find some barrels, grab one and take it to the beach area. Walk
down the beach until you reach the point where Mario is just about to
start swimming, now drop the barrel, push forward slightly and Mario
should start swimming, now tap b and you should grab the barrel and be
standing underwater! Now run around as much as you want.
Walking under water
When the flood happens, go on a tree and slide down it really fast all the way down. Once you did that you will be walking under water.

Easter eggs

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Automatic yoshi!
If you get on yoshi then turn off you're controller in a place where yoshi is not close enough to fruit to eat it with his tongue, wait until his belly is empty and you will see yoshi automaticly go to get fruit with you still on him! If you are far enough away from fruit he will turn green and start to dissolve the way he does in water. If he doesn't get to fruit in time he will die.
Backround Hint
When you go into one of the Shine Sprite "Secrets" in any level then look at the back walls some of them have Mario from the very old series!
nintendos book of secrets?
Go to Noki Bay, whatever level the red coins in the bottle episode. go all the way to the seafloor to where what it looks like anceint ruins, and go to the back side. you will see 2 inlets in the wall, one has some weird door. climb into the inlet with the door and get a close as you can to it. use mario vision (Y button), and tilt it in the direction where you can see behind the door. you will see a book... whats with the book? some puzzle? i am very eager to find out, but i havent found it yet.
Nonstop Jumping
In Delphino Plaza go to the guy +who gives you sunglasses and jump on his head directly under his umbrella.You will find that Mario will be jumping but he won't stop until you move the control stick to get off.
Stunt Dives
1. Try out a technique I call Dive Jumping. Spin jump but instead of A press A+B together.( Also works with Flip Jump, run change direction press A+B together )
2. Once you have got that pick a level, For this recommend Nokki Bay, Pinna Park or Pianta Village
3. Head to the highest point in the level (ex. Top of the ferris wheel in Pinna Park or the Giant Tree in Pinata Village
4. Jump! Mario goes into this diving kind of position and looks pretty cool.

Remember for this the higher the better.


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3 Coin Cheats
100 Coins Shine Sprite:

In the main Isle Delfino area, collect 100 coins and you will earn a shine. Do this after getting the Rocket Nozzle because it will make collecting it a lot easier.

Note: This can be done once in every level to get a Shine.

50 Coins:

Collect 50 coins in any level to get 1 life.

Coins = Life:

Are you running low on life? Collect some coins and kill enemies (to get coins). The coins will restore your life.
beach secrets
Go to delphino plaza go on to the beach go near the umbrellas walk aruond and you may just find a manhole do a ground pound and explore.
Now go on the beach near the light house and squirt the ground you may see a snine sprite picture so keep squirting and if youve done it a shine sprite will a appear.
For this go in gelato beach go near the mirrors squirt the dune bub and a gap will appear sogo in it quickly and squirt the wall and keep doing it and a shine sprite will appear.
For this go to gelato beach go tothe gap where you can wall jump right up if you are not on the first episode or the piantsomo raceyou wil see a clover thing keep squirting it and some stars will appear.
Beat goopy inferno easily
On this level, immediatly after the brigde, run to the left, then hop on the narrow fence, and SLOWLY walk across so you don't fall in the goop.

Next, climb up the tree to the left, and get on the leaf closest to the golden mushroom.

Finally, walk to the edge and side-somersault towards it and you should 7/10 times make it to the platform and get FLUDD!
Bianco Hills Episode 6: the Secret of the Dirty Lake
Walk up to the place where you defeated Petey Pirahna and zoom out and look for the logs. don't go to the top thou just walk until you see the logs. jump to the logs and use the hover nozzle to get completely across. it is OK to go were the dirty water lurks out. jump on the box to get the turbo nozzle. now go forward, you will have to complete the activity. hope this helped!
Blue Birds
You may have seen blue birds in the main area or levels. Shoot them with water, and when hit with enough, they will drop a blue coin. 10 blue coins will buy you a Sprite.
book in noki bay
go to the episode "red coins in a bottle"
and enter the bottle. go to the bottom where the rock things are. there should be a little rectangle inlet that looks like a short hallway with a brown door at the end. go into mario vision(by pressing Y)
and turn the camera so it goes through the door. the camera should be in a small room with a book lying on the floor.
Whats the point of a book anyway???
Breath Underwater
You need action replay's super jump code.First go to noki bay (any level). Then go to the place on the right where the rocket nozzle(the higher one). Do a side jump and hold down the "A" button. You will fall through the mountain when you land. When you do land,you are on a dark-blue floor. Go to the right of the hut so you are under the water(all the way forward). Jump until you reach the land and you should be underwater!This may take a few tries, but it works. Also works in some other places.
Change the Color of the Liquid
Would you like to change the color of the liquid you spray instantly? There is a way. First, get on Yoshi and get into a desolate area where you can spray on the ground without anything disturbing it. Squirt with Yoshi and jump off, the juice will turn to water. Spray water and jump onto Yoshi, the water will turn to the color juice of the Yoshi. Here is one more, but you need a fruit that will turn Yoshi a different color. Squirt the juice and eat the fruit, the new color of the Yoshi will be the new color of the juice that you just squirted on the ground.
Clean the Shine Gate without the the jet thingy.
Go to the lady with the fruit basket that's in the air. Wall jump onto the building, go behind the gate and stand on the ledge behind the gate. Wall jump then land on the ledge near the sprite clean the shine. You wont be able 2 get the shine though
easily complete secret
you know the secret where you go into the pipe on 1 of the pillars in the water near the lighthouse? You can easily complete it by jumping, then hovering, until it runs out, then just droping down with the control stick held up, and you will land on the platform with the shine sprite on it.
Easy Coins in Delfino Plaza
In Delfino Plaza, collect some coins and then go into a mini game.( pinball mini game, the mini game on the island with smoke). Now exit area and all the coins will be reset. Get back into the mini game and repeat until you have 100 coins.
Easy Red Coins
Once you've completed all the secrets go back into the secret and slam the red stuff then red coins will appear.
Easy Shine in Gelato Beach!
Need another shine? Go to Gelato Beach ( any episode )and go to the Dune Bud by the mirror behind the big egg tower thingy. (it is the dune bud with coins and stairs) Instead of getting the coins, spray the wall to slowly reveal a picture of a shine. Keep trying until the whole picture is showing. A shine will appear on top of the hill!
Easy Shine Sprites
You don't need to just complete Levels to get Shine Sprites, there are 2 other ways to get them.

1. There are secret Shine Sprites in Delfino Plaza if you look hard enough.

2. There is a hut somewhere in a pile of black goop. Defeat the monster inside the goop and unlock the hut. Get 10 Blue Coins and trade it in there for 1 Shine Sprite. You can get exacltly 24 Shine Sprites in this hut, meaning there are 240 Blue Coins for you to collect.
Ending Bonus
Successfully complete and save the game.
Pay 10 coins to use a boat near the clock tower where Yoshi is found to return to the Airport level at the game's start.
Additionally, you get a shirt covered with Shine pictures from the man wearing sunglasses. He is the one who normally gives Mario sunglasses in the game.
Episode 4 cheat in the pinta village
1.Give Chain Chomp a bath
2.Let Chain Chomp free
3.Race him to the hole but make sure your behind him
4 Grab his tail
5.Pull him into the hole but make sure your in the hole.
6.When Chain Chomp is in the hole hover out for the shine sprite.
Fruit Regenerating Glitch
Go to pinna park, the first episode(the one with the gopher and the bullet bills). Go to the beach, then get yoshi. Spray the beach and fruits should pop out. Eat like alot of them. Also spray the bullet bills a lot then get their coins. Then you should hear a fruit regenerating, then splashing into water, then regenrating, and splashing again, and it happens over, and over. I tried to find where that fruit is, and even though you try it, you wont find it! Why? Because its INSIDE the wall at the back! Go near it and go into mario vision, then move it into the wall. You should see dark blue. Thats INSIDE the wall. Youre not even supposed to be able to look there. Anyway, there isnt a solid ground, and theres water below the dark blue stuff.
Fruits Around Pinna Park
If you go into episode seven of Pinna Park, don't go into the park. Go over near the cannon and start spraying the beach. Spray all over every place you can and be amazed as millions of coins pop out. Collect them if you want, or you can keep on spraying until a fruit pops out. Grab it and find the Yoshi Egg. If it isn't the right fruit, set it down and try again. When you find the right fruit, you can have Yoshi inside of, and outside of Pinna Park now.
Fun with Gooper Blooper
Go to Rico Harbor, and play the episode "Gooper Blooper Returns". Instead of going to the Heli Pad, climb on to one of the big fruit machines. From there, you should be able to see Gooper BLooper from there. Spray his face, so he will get mad and try to hit you with his tenticles, except you are too far away, so he cant reach you... its funny seeing him struggling to reach you, while you are relaxing!
Gelato Beach hole
There's a hidden (and mostly deadly) hole in Gelato Beach. Run to the amphitheater and face the hills. Keep jumping near the left side of the hills. If you go to the right spot, you'll fall and die unless you keep jumping.
Get A Blue Coin in Delfino Plaza
(If you have the turbo nozzle the you can do this cheat)First go get the turbo nozzle and head for the light house and then go in to the water and go near a door in the water and back up a little and and hold R and you can get a blue coin.
Have an action replay. Select the grow bigger and smaller one. Go to Pinna Park. Pick any level. You know when you are all bubbles in the beggining turning to Mario? Push the D-Pad up or down. It will pause and have an annoying sound, buzzing sound.

Note: You cannot restart the game. You will have to turn it back off then on again. Then, you don't have the action replay stuff so you will have to go back onto action replay again.
glitch: mario goes through the wall
Go to Pianta Village and pick episode 8. Now try to get mario on a fluff near the ground. When you get on to the fluff, wait until the fluff gets to the wall. When it does this, mario will go through the wall with the fluff! When he goes through the wall press B and you will fall into the ground. Warning, you will die if you do this.
Fist you need yoshi go near a fruit press B and quickly press X to get off and if did correctly the fruit should be in midair and yoshi squating you can do it again but if you press b you will eat it.
NOTE:this wil work without fruit just that they will be no fruit.
For this glitch find shine sprite use the normal nosel for this do a spin jump wile squirting keep going is you did it right you should have FLUDD moving its mouth up and down.
In this glitch is only possible using yoshi go up to a pianta or a noki (i dont actully know if it works with a noki) talk to them while they talk press R and yoshi will squirt them and it will efect them like when you squirt them without talking to them.
NOTE:this only works with yoshi trust me!
1. Turbo without moving! Wwitch to squirt and hold 'R' all the way. Press 'X' and Mario will charge it up without moving and after charging, Mario will be squirting water on the back of turbo without moving!

2. Turbo squirt! Charge up turbo, jump, and switch to squirt. Mario will be blasting out of squirt like turbo!

golden bird shine sprite
on the little island where it has a swere hole you quietly move and there are blue birds but if you look closely you see a yellow or gold like bird dont move and squirt it fast with fludd and and then keep shooting water at it if you can and then it will become a shine sprite.
High Jumping with Yoshi
While your on Yoshi, do your highest spin jump and hold down the A button. You should go about as high as a jump with your rocket nozzle.
how to kill blooper faster
it is really easy to beat blooper in noiko bay and rico harbor.all you have to do is take out the two front legs or arms and you aim for the mouth then do it all over again untill you beat him
In-game reset
Press B+X+Start during game play.
infinte slide
Squirt while running in front of you then press B and slide and you will control mario until you hit a object or enimie.
Instant fruit for yoshi
when on yoshi go to wherever there is fruit. jump off of yoshi before it comes to you when you eat it. the fruit will be floating in mid-air. go anywhere in the level and press B. the fruit will come to you even if your far away. (u cant leave the level)
Invisible water glitch.............
Just do a shotgun burst(press A while spaying)but keep holding down A when you land,and you'll here the sound of water spraying,but not see water spraying!
Jump Through The Wall- Glitch
First you place yourself on the last tree where the fruit is and try to jump into the corner of the house near the red pipe. When you make it through you will hear the tunnel music but watch out you will also lose a life.

I Swear on God that this True
I did it about fifteen times.
Remember the tree with the fruit and climb up it and stand on the edge of the tree and jump. You will end up falling through the building for a long time.
mini games
This is in delphino plaza.
First go on the boat in near the shine gate tower when you see the coin in the air jump threw the hole into a mini game of pinball.
For this get you go on the boats jumping to each one near the iland with a fire get on the iland spray the stuff coming out the pipe with juice go in for a mini game where you use a lili pad use the FLUDD to steer and make it go forward this will work with mud boats as well.
For this get the turbo nosel goin between the policmen and charge up and break in.
Go to Gelato beach, any episode, and you know those mirrors that are next to the tower? Jump onto them, and go into Mario vision (press Y) and look into the mirror. Look at FLUDD's head. Well... where its SUPOSED to be...
Never stop sliding
Always tired of tapping "B" to slide? Well, consider that problem over! All you have to do is spray the ground with the Normal Nozzle while the ground is wet and slide on it. Mario will keep going as long as you don't hit anything!
Never-Ending Fall
Do the glitch in Gelato Beach where you go up into the sky. Dismount off Yoshi, and if done correctly, you will be over the sun and never fall down. It sort of looks like you're falling but you are not moving.
New gear
Talk to the guy under the umbrella in the plaza for sunglasses if you have at least 30 shines and sunglasses and a shine shirt if you have beaten Bowser and Bowser JR.
Pianta on Fire
When you return to Delfino Plaza after getting a shine sprite(somewhere around a total of 15), you'll see a Delfino resident on fire! He's running back and fourth screaming at the top of his lungs. You have to repeatedly spray him, and when he's put out, he'll thank you and give you a blue coin.( It's very hard to repeatedly spray him cause he keeps on runing back and fourth; following his movements is the best strategy).
Pianta Village as 1st Level
After you make a new game get the 1st shine sprite at the airport as usual. When you're in the plaza do not clean the goop off the front of the plaza because its a delay. Instead go to the shine gate next to Corona Mountain. Stand on that hill next to the Giant shine sprite tower. Do a side jump and jump off the wall. QUICKLY use the hover nozzle and float to next to the giant shine sprite on that platform.

Trick Part: Now do a side jump and walljump off the curved wall next to the shine sprite and hover out so that you can turn and get on top of the Giant Shine Sprite Tower. Now enter the pipe to Pianta Village.

Note: You can only do up to episode 5.
Play as Yoshi, and a Jumping Glitch (have to have action replay)
Select on Action Replay,"+ to grow bigger or smaller". Go into the game. Get the fruit Yoshi wants, then after that, get on Yoshi. Push the + down to grow small. You will be under yoshi, but, you can't see yourself. (Unless you move the camera) So, you will be playing as Yoshi.
Select,"Super Jump". Go into the game. Then, get the rocket nozzle. Push R all the way up. You'll be high in the air, and you can't get down. Push L to do a ground pound. Now you will see yourself. You'll see purple/blue sparks coming out of Mario. Move the Camera. You can't see the ground or the sky! The backround is just blue!
Secret Hole Glitch
First, go to the high fruit basket you throw pine apples in with the rocket nozzle on fludd. Above there should be a 2 ft. wide grass area touching the back of the Shine Gate. Launch up with your rocket nozzle and as you descend be against the gate above the small grass area. If it's done correctly, you should fall into the ground with the tunnel music playing. You might die or you might not.

I've done it successfully about five times(not that I've tried thousands), so it might work for you.

secret levels
1) In the plaza: turbo nozzle is required
ram into the door in between the two policemen who say "now clean those walls, slacker"

2} On a small island near the plaza: Yoshi required
Jump on the boat the comes into the harbour, then the next boat and the next e.t.c.
until you get to an island with a tube and some lightning mud blocking the entrance - spit at the lightning.
Secret Shine Near the Light House
Spray the sand near the Lighthouse to uncover a picture of a Shine Sprite. Yellow sparks will appear if you're squirting at the right spot in the sand. Keep spraying until you totally expose the picture.
secret shine sprite
to get this shine sprite you need turbo nozzle. there is a house on your left when you start to game in delfino plaza. there is a shine in it. charge up the turbo and ram into the door. get the shine(:
go to the beach where the \"sunglass-man\" is sitting. walk over to the second umbrella and walk around it. sooner or later you will hear marios shoes klanking on something metal (you might see the outline of a brown circle as well). jump and but pound into it and you will find a blue coin. if you do this later, you will find a 1up mushroom. there are other hidden pipes but they have yet to be found...
Sewer Shine
Go to through the sewer until you end up behind the shine gate. Go to the lowest pool of water and press b in front of the gate thing. You will be instantly transported into the sewers.
SHine SPrite
Get the Rocket NOzzle in DElfino Plaza.
GO to the light house and fly to the top of it. Land on the the top use it again and once ur at maximum hieght do a ground pound by pushing "L"
Shotgun Burst
U can use flood or Yosih for this cheat...
First hold down R util it clicks. then press A while shooting and you will shoot a giant burst of spread shot water (juice if yoshi) mario will do a back flip and Yoshi will just jump.
this is good against large groups of enemyz.
shotgun burst!
all you do is switch to turbo nozzle, while your running(with the turbo blasting)jump and switch to squrt. you should be blasting a burst of watter while your in mid air.
skip a level
Go to bicano hills jump on the spider. you will bounce up go to the roof. of the widmill battle the Boss you will.go to the 3rd level.
NOTE: this only works on the first level.
Skip the first level!!!!!!!!!!!
When you unlock Bianco Hills, the first world, go to the first episode. Instead of attacking the piranha plant, go into the lake. Spray a spider, and jump on it. Bounce onto the area with the windmill, and get to the roof of the windmill. Then you will fight Petey Piranha, who you fight in episode 2. Beat him, then get the shine sprite. You will be able to get all of the other shines in the world without getting the first one.

Note: You can just beat the piranha plant blocking the path and then go and beat Petey. I just did it without killing the plant.
Speedy Water Travels
Do you get frustrated with slow swimming? Do you have the Turbo Nozzle? Did you know that you can use it to swim?

Use it while in the ocean to speed around the waters! This is very useful for getting to small islands and to a different area in Delfino.
Spray the Shine Gate
If you spray the Shine Gate until all of the goo is off of it, a Shine Sprite will appear and will go on top of the Shine Gate. But I haven't figured out how to get the Shine Sprite..... you may need the Rocket Nozzle....
spread shot
This will work with yoshi or FLUDD all you need to do is press A and R at the same time if did how i said it should work try it anywhere.
Its good for clearing up goop!
Super easy shine sprit
Go to the lighthouse by the blue toad.Then use the rocket nozzle to go up.You might need to climb.When you see a fire symbol use the rocket again.Then do the smash thing.It sould break and a shine sprit sould pop out!
Super Eight Challenge
In every retro stage where you lose FLUDD you can re-enter to play the Super Eight Challenge. In this challenge you have FLUDD but must collect 8 red coins within the time limit. Coins and timer appear when you press the red switch.
Super Star
Go to Pinna Park and go to the cage ride thingy. Then, get to a || shaped green cage thing that turns sideways when you spray it. Get all the way to the bottom of the || and spray the moment you fall. If done right, Mario will be squeezed against the wall, stars flying everywhere. When it turns vertical, you'll either stay there or fall down. To stop, press B.
Swim In Hot Lava
Ok go to corona mountain, the fire place where bowser is. You know that hot lava stuff? Well there is a way to swim in it. First go to a platform by those fire fish. Jump and use the hover nozzle to let the fish hit you. Then press B like crzy, youll be under the water. If you swim to the top you`ll die and if u dont youll drown so there is no way out of this.

Some things that can go wrong are is if you miss the fish or if you hit it with the water on accident. If you have problems e mail me ive done it a lot and i rarly mess up.
Third Mushroom in Plaza
Along with the 2 mushrooms already mentioned, there is a third mushroom in the Plaza. It's on the island with the shipwrecked Pianta & the pipe. You have to spray his wood for his smoke signal/fire and a mushroom will pop out. This one is tougher because you have to chase it and it's very easy to miss it. However, if you also look on the sand for it's shadow that'll help since you'll know where it's going to land. Which by the way is always away from you.
throw away the game script page
script sais:
go up the shine gate with rocket nozzle
throw away page:
go behind the shine gate, use flip
jump against the wall and then wall kick, now quickly use hover nozzle and reach the edge,
now you see the big shine, now run forward and press 3 jump move, (remember: the last jump must be before the big shine) now use the hover nozzle,
and turn back, and reach the edge, now you reached the place of the entrance of pianta village, jump in the red pipe, and now your in pianta village without script!
go to the water outside of isle delfino with the turbo nozzle. dive (with B) until you reach the bottom. then hold R all the way down to turbo under water.
Unlimited coins in Plaza
First you MUST have defeated the final boss. OK, grab 10 coins and use them to go to the airport. Use the turbo nozzle and grab as many normal coins as you can. Press start and exit course when done to return to the plaza. You should still have all those coins. Now go back to the airport via the boat and all those coins will have re-appeared!
Unlimited Lives and Coins in Plaza
For unlimited lives:
There are two one-up mushrooms in the Plaza that will re-appear after you save and exit or enter and exit a level. Simply keep going back to get them:
1. On the way to the red cannon to fire you to the theme park there is manhole cover on a small platform, fall down the right hand side and swim down between the two platforms for a one-up mushroom
2. Go to the beach near the lighthouse tower, where there are two parasols up on the beach walk around, you will see a manhole cover shape as you walk over it. It is covered by sand. Jump and press L to slam down the sewers and get another one-up mushroom

For unlimited coins:
Collect all the coins you can find scattered around the plazza, especially in the sewers. When you have as many as you can find, enter one of the secret levels (e.g. down the green pipe near the light house or turbo nozzle through the doors to the 'prison', or somersault off the boat up where the floating coin is for the pinball secret level). Press start and exit the secret level, you will have retained all the coins you collected and they will have reappeared. Repeat, 50 coins gives you a one up and 100 coins makes the Plaza's secret shine appear.
Very high camera view on Gelato Beach
Okay, this cheat gives you a very weird and high view of Gelato Beach. First, hatch Yoshi. Then run to the orange juice mass near the small hut (not the one with a Shine Sprite). Spray the orange juice until it dissipates, then water the bud. Right before it creates the foot indent, do a Ground Pound. Now the camera should be looking at the sky, then you should see the sun, and then a high view of Gelato Beach.
walk underwater in the flood
when the plaza is flooded go to the 2 canopy's(near the noki bay entrance)and swim at the smaller one you will stand on the edge of it. let go of the control stick for a moment and then walk forward to stand on it (you need to do this otherwise you will bounce on it)walk forward towards the other canopy you will walk off the edge. at this moment let the control stick go and if done correctly you will be on the floor and you will stay there until you jump out of the water.

note: if when walking towards the other canopy you dont let go of the control stick you may fall through the floor and die. you may still die even if you let go, chances are that you won't, but sometimes it happens
water glitch! glitch!
to do this glitch go to the shinegate, you know the entrance of corona mountan, go in the water, now you see a little waterfall fence press B to dive go under the second of the left point, now if you do this correctly, you will go underground, press extra
controll stick forward while falling, you now done two glitches, now you can walk under water in delfino plaza, infront of the shine gate, the only weird question is: how could you use fludd water when hes already in the water? that's the glitch i guess.
WaterMelon Festival
In this level of Gelato Beach you can get the duck things to follow you to the pier and about half way up to the juice stand walk of the pier. The ducks will turn around and walk into the water and die, they will not return.
I have also gotten the "ducks" to follow me off the upper ledges and fall to the beach, then I again led them to the pier. This takes a little more time the all the ducks on the beach, but works just as well.
Weird thing
Do the high camera view glitch(go to gelato beach, get yoshi, and spray the slime thing off the dune bud, and water it. Right before the foot indent comes, ground pound. The camera should look at the sun, go weird, and you will get a super high veiw of the whole island)and when you get the part where the camera is in the sky and you could see 1 cloud, if you do the normal way, before the sun comes, you should see a tiny white speck falling, and then the sun. I was wondering what that was...
I did this by accident when I was fiddling around with the camera when the white speck was falling, and look! I saw a close-up of it, and it was me! You know the part where you ground pound? Well, then after you do it, you are ground pounding in the sky, and falling towards land really fast. I think thats why at the sun part you hear a thud, and the controller vibrates!
Yoshi Eating Secret
First get on yoshi.Then get near a pinapple and jump off.Wait for him to eat it a few times.Later he will eat except his tounge will not flick and the pinapple will not dissapear!

NOTE:the pinapple must be alone!
yoshi mega jump
You need yoshi for this go in manhole by doing a ground pound (A and L) then jump.
NOTE:the smaller the pipe the bigger the jump!
Yoshi Never Dies
If you need to hop off of Yoshi after a while but don't wan't to go all the way back to feed the egg after he gets hungry and runs away, just leave him by reappearing fruit(This works well in Delfino Plaza where the fruit markets are). If he ever gets hungary he will just eat the fruit. He will, though, turn back into an egg if you leave the level or lose a life.
Yoshi slide
Go to pinna park, any episode. Dont go into the park, just stay on the beach. Look at the wall in the back. There should be a little part that sticks out about 1/3 of the way to the end. Get Yoshi, then jump onto it, then you should slide back down, and Yoshi will be on his tummy. I think he likes it because he makes the "weehow" sound like when you flutter jump! When it ends he makes the sad sound like when mario gets off Yoshi...