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Mario Power Tennis (GC) Cheats

Mario Power Tennis cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mario Power Tennis cheat codes.


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Colorful Yoshi
Yoshi's Defensive Power Shot Color Change Beat Flower Cup doubles with any character
Easier Aces when Playing Lower Levels
Unfortunately, this tip won't help you when playing tougher opponents, but for the easier ones it really makes the game go quicker. When serving, move as far to the outside a possible. Once you toss the ball up, hold your control stick pointing to the same way you were just moving in and press A or B to hit it. It will go closer to you, away from your opponent who moved to adjust to you moving to the outside.
Easy Singles Wins
To win easly in singles tournaments, choose Peach as your character, then sit back and hit a few, when you get your Power Shot move as close to the net as you can, continue until you get one you cannot hit, then use your power shot to move the ball directly to you without you having to move. Do this on every point to easily win singles matches.
easy tournement win
This trick is easy and useful all u have to do is:
During a tournament and if you are having trouble winning follow these easy steps.

1) before the first serve save the game

2) play the first game and if u win save again
if u lose load the game again and try again

3) and continue saving wining a game and save again

problem: if you save in the middle of a game and load you will have to start the game over again.

Game is refferd to a set and match
Secret Characters
To unlock Fly Guy, beat Mushroom, Flower, and Star Cups on singles. He is type Tricky.
To unlock Paratroopa, beat Mushroom, Flower, and Star Cups on doubles. He is type Technique.
To unlock Wiggler, beat the fire and thunder cups in the "Gimmick Masters" tournament on singles. He/She is type Defense.
To unlock Petey Piranha, beat the fire and thunder cups in the "Gimmick Masters" tournament on doubles. He is type Power.
Special Events
At the title screen right after the movie, hold Z then press start. At the main menu there should be 4 items on the bottom half and 3 on the top, on of the bottom items will be special events, it allows you to play a tiebreaker on any court at any time, you can play to 3, 5, 7 points. You must have two controlers to play singles, and four to play doubles. Remembering that every time you turn the game off you have to do the sequence again.
Star Characters
In order to get a star character, defeat the Star Cup on singles with the character you are using. The character should then have a gold border at the selection screen. Push R to switch from plain to star.

(Note: Star characters have better power and speed than a plain character)


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Unlock Ace COM Skill Level
To unlock the Ace computer skill level for play in exhibition, defeat Planet Cup in either Singles or Doubles mode.
Unlockable Courts/Secret court options
Bowser Court To unlock the Bowser court, just beat the Fire tournament of the Special Cup in singles.
Mario Bros Court To unlock the Mario Bros court, just beat the Thunder tournament of the Special Cup in doubles.
Special courts options To unlock all the options of a special court, just play on that court in the Special Cup.
Unlockable Mini-games
Baloon Panic Beat the Flower Cup in Singles
Mecha Bowser Mayhem Beat the Mushroom cup in singles
Coin Collectors Beat the Mushroon Cup in Singles
Unlockable Tournaments
Star Cup Beat the 3 tournaments of the Normal Cup
Thunder Cup Beat the Fire Cup
Moonlight Cup Beat the Rainbow Cup
Planet Cup Beat the Moonlight Cup
Flower Cup Beat the Mushroom Cup
Star Cup Beat the Flower Cup