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Mario Party 6 cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Clockwork Castle board
Put 100 stars in the Star Bank. This will open the Clockwork Castle board.
Dizzy Rotisserie
Having trouble beating Dizzy Rotisserie? Simply turn your contoller sideways so the Control Stick is on the side farthest away from you. Now you can move normally.
Easier way to get $tar$
Go to Party Mode. Select Fair Square as your board map. Battle Royale, 50 Turns, All Games, Bonus On. Pick any character and any CPU characters. Give everybody 9 stars as a Handicap. Once the first person's turn starts, press start, go to the controllers menu and make very body (including yourself) be a Hard skilled CPU. If you buyed Brutal skill at the Star Bank, then put them all at Brutal skill. Then, leave the game on and do whatever you want while the CPUs do the work for you. After like an hour or two, come back and check if they're done with the Party Mode. When I tried this I got like 55 $tar$. I think one time I got 66 $tar$.
Easier way to get stars for the Star Bank
An easy way to get stars is play Faire Square on 50 turns with all Brutal Computers. When it's your turn, change your character to the Brutal difficulty. Leave the game then come back when it's finish and collect all your stars for the Star Bank.
Easy mic secrets
This is really easy. All you have to do is have 10 or more stars and buy a secret, and write it down. Then reset the game and do it with another secret, do not try this with other items because it doesn't work
How to get easy stars!
First, in solo mode, you need to beat them, try to stall, get the rare map, get alot of coins from the game, try to beat it at the hardest to get alot of stars, if you beat one game and exit, you already got one star. AND ALMOST TWO, think about it, 75 games x 35 = ?.
To land on the rare space, use the mushroom covered everywhere, the sluggish mushroom, it'll slow down so you can hit the exact spaces. Try to hit the box right before the exact number, when you jump it takes a second or two.

Another way to get more is to go to Mini- Game mode, go in and try to beat it, you get alot of stars. Good Luck
Mic battle tips
When playing a mic game with other humans, the others will listen to what you say and have a reaction advantage. Uses this against them by saying some commands without pressing the mic button. If you mix up your commands enough, the other people in the room will react to the wrong command, and you can destroy them!
Play as Toadette
You can play the game as Toadette simply by putting 30 stars in the Star Bank.
Playing Mini-Games In Mini-Game Mode gets you stars
Play alot of mini-games in mini-game mode like ten to thirty mini-games. After you are done and quit you will gain some stars just for playing. Now that's what I call a good deal.
Secret weapon on a mini-game
In the mini-game Verbal Assult say "Bullet Bills" to use Bullet Bills on your enemies.
Solo Mode Secret
Did you know that in Solo Mode every time you have to play a mini-game, a mini-game you haven't unlocked will ALWAYS be chosen? The only time this will not happen is when you have all the mini-games, or when you change the mini-game setting (All, Easy, Action, etc.) and you have unlocked all the mini-games in that category. Use this to get all the mini-games if you want them! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Tapping tip
Some mini games require tapping. So before you go and start tapping only do it after they say go. That way your hand won't get tired.
The Mic
If you say any of these following things to the mic while at the mode selection screen. These following might happen.

>Fly Guy(or Shy Guy):A bunch of flying Shy Guy will appear and fly over the screen.
>Cheep Cheep:A chain or a single Cheep Cheep will splash out of the water and dive to the opposite water side of the screen.
>Goomba:The 2 Goomba will make noise and start running.
>Brighton:Brighton will wave at you.
>Twila:Twila will wave at you.

If you say any of these following thing while playing a Mic Mini-Game,these following thing might happen.

>Goomba(while playin' Verbal Assault):You'll release abunch of attacking Goomba.
>Bullet Bill(Verbal Assault):You'll fire a Bullet Bill that home straight to the enemy
>Zero(Shoot Yer mouth off):the Shy guy will drop 3 Thwomps down
>Ukiki(Word Herd):the Ukiki will leave the tree and go away
Unlocking the Epilogue
To unlock the Epilogue (The Future of the Story) you must purchase all of the pages of the miracle book from the star bank!


Easter eggs

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Mic Mode: Verbal Assault Mini-Game Secret Weapons
In addition to the regular "Fire", "Missile", "Drop Bombs", and "Laser", there are two secret weapons at your disposal. Say "Bullet Bill" to launch a Bullet Bill that will zero in on the other players, but but wary: the Bullet Bills are very slow, and you can't use any weapons until it hits. Say "Goomba" and watch as a hatch on the rear opens up and sprays a horde of those classic footed mushrooms at your enemies.


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Bowser takes over Speak Up
Some times in Speak Up in Mic mode Bowser will take over the whole game show. He may even lets you steal points from other players. The stage also turns totally red. This may be a good thing or a bad thing.
Dk and Bowser sometimes roll 2 Dice Blocks in Clockwork Castle
When you go to Party Mode and play Clockwork Castle, you know that at the end of everybody's turn, it's DK/Bowser's turn? Well, sometimes they roll 2 Dice Blocks instead of 1. You can tell that DK is going to do that because he will eat a banana. You can tell that Bowser is going to do that because he will fire breath around.
Easter Eggs
Mario Party 6 Easter Eggs

Fly Guys at Mode Select

Use the microphone and say "Fly Guy" at the mode select screen to see a bunch of Fly Guys fly across the screen.

Brighton Waves

Say Brighton on the mode select screen and Brighton will wave at you.

Leaping Cheep Cheeps

Say Cheep Cheep into the mic on the mode select screen and Cheep Cheeps will jump out of the water.

Twila Wave

Say Twila on the mode select screen and Twila will hold her staff up to you.

Running Goombas

Say Goomba on the Mode Select Screen and the two goombas will run back and forth.
Faire Square $$$tar Rich
Step One: Go to faire Square. Choose Charachter with CPUs Medium, so When you play, you win the stars. If not desired to play, make them hard, harder, or Brutal. Do 50 Turns with 9 star handi cap.

2. If not desired to play, change over.

Main startegy.

The main objective is to get coins. The only orbs you should get are Mushrooms or Pirahna Plants. On the roulette, count the time it takes to hit one, and do the same for two and three. Maybe you'll get the chest. In the day, steer clear from Brighton. Go by the hat game and go back up to star. By then It might be night.
In nighttime, Hope for 5 or 10 coin stars. If so, Use your mushrooms and go by twila as much as possible. If you have around 100 coins w/ you, go by the Thwomp twice, you can get up to 15 stars in three turns, If you have a few mushrooms to spare.
At the end, you could have up to 100 or more stars. Useful If you need Clockwork Castle.
Hidden Gamecube
Inside every Orb Shop, there is a Gamecube on the shelf next to the guy selling you orbs.
Unlockable board Map
Unlockable Board Map

Clockwork Castle Buy for 100 stars at the Star Bank

Change the Mini-game Bus' Design Buy it for 30 Stars at the Star Bank
Seer Tower Get 50 stars and buy in star bank
Lab Brats Land on the rare mini game space at end of solo mode board
Mini Game Secrets get 20 stars and buy each in star bank
Dunk Bros. Land on rare mini game space at end of solo mode board
Miracle Book Buy for 10 stars in star bank
Miracle Book-pages 2-6 Buy for 10 stars each at star bank
Miracle Book-pages 7-11 Buy for 20 stars each at star bank
Miracle book-page 12-16 Buy for 30 stars each at star bank
Miracle Book-pages 17-20 Buy for 40 stars each at star bank
Miracle Book Secret Buy for 10 stars at star bank
Block Star Land on rare mini game space at the end of solo mode board
Block Star-2 player Buy at star bank for 50 stars
Magma Flow Buy for 50 stars at star bank
Mario Taunt Buy for 10 stars at star bank
Luigi Taunt Buy for 10 stars at star bank
Peach Taunt Buy for 10 stars at star bank
Toad Taunt Buy for 10 stars at star bank
Yoshi Taunt Buy for 10 stars at star bank
Daisy Taunt Buy for 10 stars at star bank
Wario Taunt Buy for 10 stars at star bank
Waluigi Taunt Buy for 10 stars at star bank
Boo Taunt Buy for 10 stars at star bank
Koopa Kid Taunt Buy for 10 stars at star bank
Solo Mode Sound Test Buy for 30 stars in star bank
Party Mode Sound Test Buy for 30 stars in star bank
Mini Game Mode Sound Test Buy for 30 stars in star bank
Character Sound Test Buy for 30 stars in star bank
Variety Sound Test Buy for 30 stars in star bank
Brutal Computer Rating Buy for 30 stars in star bank
Harder Computer Rating Buy for 30 stars in star bank
Clockwork Castle Board Get 100 stars in the star bank.
Toadette Get 30 stars in the Star Bank.