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Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Cheats

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour cheat codes.


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Instant Re-re-replay!!!
Press A or B while it shows how far your shot went. The game will show your shot again. If you hold them down it will constantly show it again and again and again. ( which is reeeeeeally annoying. Especially with WaLuigi)

Shortenin' the length
Did you ever notice how in some courses like that one in thje Castle Grounds Course where you spiral up a mountain, you have to follow a path to get to a higher path? Well not anymore! You can (instead of going the long way) use a Sw,Aw, Pw, any club that goes high and hit it upward and it will save the hassle of going the long way.
Shots and Putts
For drive shots, you should hit less than your mark because the ball will bounce and roll.

For putt shots, hit a bit more than your mark in most cases because the ball can shift or lose power as it moves. Keep an eye on the land because your ball can shift and slow down and totally miss.
The Wind
Keep your eye on the wind, because it can mess up your shots pretty good. If you shoot the ball in the center of a fairway, the wind can shift the ball so it lands right in a water hazard. If the wind is strong in one direction, you should hit the ball further away from where it will land.
Unlocking Boo
The easiest way to unlock Boo is to unlock Petey Piranha first. He hits the ball almost 100 yards farther than everyone else, which makes birdie chances appear much more. You have to collect 50 Best Badges for Boo, and Petey helps greatly.


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Camp Hyrule Tournament
1. Hold Z and press start on the title screen.
2. Go to "Special Contests" and choose password tournaments.
3. Enter 0(Mind you that's a zero)EKW5G7U into password.
Congo Canopy in Stroke Play
To unlock the Birdie Challenge course in stroke play just complete in front 9 in the birdie challenge. Congo Canopy should now be accessible in stroke play.
Locate Pikmin at the Courses!
Go to a course with flower patches as part of the terrain. Aim for one of the flower patches and make sure that it hits down onto the flowers. If you do it correctly, tiny pikmin, from the game Pikmin, will fly out of the flower patch when the ball makes contact!
Password Tournament
At the title screen hold Z and then press Start. You will notice that there is now an icon that is called Special Contests. Go to it and go to Password Tournament. The code is 36NH7XNG.
Peach Invitational
The newest tournament has been announced by Nintendo:

1. Hold z and press start on the title screen.
2. Go to Contests, then Password Tournament.
3. Enter: ELBUT3PX.

At the end of the tournament you get your score in a password form. You can summit the password at the official Mario Golf website.


save and quit cheat
this is a cheat when ur in trouble in a match or tournament u save and quit, then u will start the hole over! what i mean is for example, when ur facing someone in C.M ur losing or tied, if ur struggling save and quit and then u will have as many chances as u want un winning it! It is just like a dozen mulligans!
Secret character!!!
Here's a great way to unlock the secret character:
You have to have over 50 hours of game play and
you have to have the other four characters unlocked.
Then you'll unlock baby mario and you'll also unlock
a new game mode.
Secret Characters
Bowser Jr. : Complete the Birdie Challenge. First complete the front 9 holes, then the back 9 holes, then all 18 holes.

Boo : Get 50 Best Badges. You can get 1 Best Badge per hole in Tournament mode by getting a Birdie or better.

Shadow Mario : Complete the Ring Attack. Remember, you don't have to finish all of them with the same character, you can switch.

Peter Piranha : Complete the Expert Shot Practice, Expert Approach Practice and the Expert Putting Practice.
Special Contests
On the Title Screen, hold Z while pressing start. A new option, "Contests", will have appeared. There are two things to do:
1. Hole in One Contest:
Try to get as many HiO's as you can!
2. Password Tournament:
Enter a password for a special tournement!
CEUFPXJ1 - Target Bullseye Tour
BJGQBULZ - Hollywood Video Tour
If you finish, you'll get a special password for www.mario-golf.com!

super mario open
1. hold z and press start on the start menu
2.go to special contests and enter password tournaments
3.type in: GGAA241H-Super Mario Open
Super Top Spin & Super BackSpin
To do *Super Topspin* or *Super Backspin* when you are about to hit use manual, then when it comes back instead of hitting ''AA'' for Topspin hit ''AB'' for *Super Topspin*, and instead of hitting ''BB'' for Backspin hit ''BA'' and you will get *Super Backspin*.
Unlockable Courses
Blooper Bay - Win the Sands Classic.
Sands Classic - Complete the Cheep Cheep Tournament.
Star Tournament - Place first on all courses in Tournament mode.
Peach's Castle Grounds - Place 1st in the Blooper Open.
Bowser Championship - Place 1st in the ''Peach's Invitational''.
Birdie Challenge Back 9 - Beat the Birdie Challenge Front 9.
Intermediate-level Side Games - Clear the beginner level of a Side-game to unlock its Intermediate counterpart.
Exert-Level Side Games - Clear the intermediate level of a Side-game to unlock its Expert counterpart.
Congo Canopy in Stroke Play - Beat the front nine and back nine on Birdie Challenge
Congo Canopy Random Hole Mode - Beat the front nine and back nine on One On, One Putt
Unlock "Cheep Cheep Tournament" Course - Complete the Lakuta Classic with any character.
Unlockable Stages
Hold Z and Start at the title screen. Go to Password Tournaments. Enter:

Hollywood Video Tour - BJGQBULZ
Camp Hyrule Tournament - 0EKW5G7U
Peach's Castle Grounds - Course ELBUT3PX
Target Tour Tournament - CEUFPXJ1
Bowser Badlands Tour - 9L3L9KHR
Bowser Jr.'s Jumbo Tourney - 2GPL67PN
Ways to Boost Your Tournament Standing
Falling a little behind in a Tournament? Here are a few tips to help you seize the day.

First, the easiest way is to make your character a Star by beating them in a Character Match. The Star will raise the character's drive by at least 30 yards, in addition to all of the other shots the character makes being able to go longer. If you haven't played CM before, notice the Letter on Koopa's icon? Beat him, and he becomes a Star. You then get a Letter from Peach. Eventually, though it may take time, particularly if you're using a strong character like Bowser or Mario, the next Letter will be from the character you want to use. Upon upgraing that character to Star status, start the tournament fresh, being careful to hit the R Button when selecting your character. You should have less trouble now.

Also, remember to use Power Shots. That's what sets you apart from the AI: Nintendo and Camelot conviently forgot to give the computer-contolled characters the ability to use Power Shots. Use this to your advantage!

Finally, take a moment to collect yourself before taking a shot. Remember that the 1W is not the ultimate weapon... It has some drawbacks, namely a very low arc and a small Time Range (the "safe zone").