Mario SuperStar Baseball Cheats

Mario SuperStar Baseball cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mario SuperStar Baseball cheat codes.


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Bad batters
King boo and boo.All of there hits almost are always curved.Same with boomerang bro but not as much.
Balanced and Wining Lineup
This is the batting order i use and i basically never lose.
1)Yoshi:Nasty CF and a great contact hitter with power(probably the best player).
2)Luigi:Amazing shortstop who is a great overall hitter.
3)Mario:If you master him he's a spectacular pitcher and also like Luigi in hitting, with possibly more power.
4)Bowser:He's a decent at 1B so he doesn't have to move much with his lack of speed and also a hitter with unbelievable power.
5)Petey Pirhana:He has a bullet of an arm so catcher is suitable for him, and he has just as much if not more power as Bowser.
6)Daisy:With her quick throw makes a great 3B and is a very good hitter with surprisingly a lot of power.
7)Toad(red or green preferably):Corner outfield positions preferably LF and has a rare combination of speed and power.
8)Peach:(relief pitcher)Great defensive 2B and smothers anything her way she isn't a great hitter but has decent speed and plays great defense.
9)Diddy Kong:RF with amazing fielding abilities who can also play almost any position mainly SS,CF,LF, and P is a very good singles hitter but has terrible power,but makes up for it with his very good speed.
1)Monty Mole:2B and corner outfield, doesn't have a strong arm, but makes up for it with his ball dash and hits with very little power but is a good singles hitter like Diddy Kong.
2)Shy-Guys(red):Are very solid defensively and can play pretty much anywhere they are not that fast, but they are also decent hitters.
3)Noki(red,blue,or green):Noki's are good mainly at the corner outfield positions, where they can use there sliding catch and good speed and most people think they are bad at hitting.But they really are good contact hitters with some power in the gaps.
If u use this lineup u will basically kick ass, remeber balance both speed and power, while maintaining a solid defense
East way to get MVP Star Missions completed
One of the easiest ways to get an MVP star mission complete is to use a really good pitcher. Win the game without allowing a run (or at least many runs) and 95% of the time the pitcher will get the MVP award. Fairly simple, just try to not allow many runs and go for many strikeouts.
Easy homerun batters
I would say bowser at the first look but donkey kong is better beause he can actually field okay!
Easy HRs
This is very simple once you get the hang of it, when you use anybody they have a special(some reek)but, if you hit anyone's special perfectly(you'll need 5 team stars for this cheat)it'll go flying out of the screen in no time!!But if it goes foul you're out of luck(and team stars)!!!
Get a hit every time
To get a hit every time just move up in the batters box all the way and instead of holding back for power tap A at the right time and it will go over the fielders head and occasionally down the line past the outfiedler. Only use this with crappy hitters or when you really need a hit because if you do it with the good hitters it waists there abilities and you will become bored with the game.
good team
okay so if u want a good team LISTEN UP! u will need:bowser,bowser jr., mario,luigi,yoshi,petey,hammer bro,king boo,boo (optional), toadette (optional), peach (optioonal), daisy (optional), wario (optional). pick 1 optional charecter. put petey as catcher, bowser pitcher,hammer bro lf, diddy cf,yoshi 3b,luigi 2b,mario 1b,bowser jr. ss,optional 1 rf. THERE U HAVe A bUTt KICkiNg TaAM!!!
good team
okay so if u want a good team LISTEN UP! u will need:bowser,bowser jr., mario,luigi,yoshi,petey,hammer bro,king boo,boo (optional), toadette (optional), peach (optioonal), daisy (optional), wario (optional). pick 1 optional charecter. put petey as catcher, bowser pitcher,hammer bro lf, diddy cf,yoshi 3b,luigi 2b,mario 1b,bowser jr. ss,optional 1 rf. THERE U HAVe A bUTt KICkiNg TaAM!!!
Good Tip
If you playing against friends or just the CPU then this is a good tip. Normally friends take turns picking but this is the best team you can get:

This is also the batting order:

1.Yoshi at shortstop (his tounge catch gets at least catches every game.)
2.Luigi center field has great speed and a superjump
3.Hammer Bro(or another Bro) Rightfield
4.Bowswer Pitching
5.Petey Piranha Catcher
6.DK Left Field
7.Wario First Base
8. Mario Third
9.Diddy Kong 2B cause can roll behind slow Wario and grab sure hits.
I have played with hammer bro. and it's other versions. hammer bro is really good and had great power. I would mostly recommend him for the outfield. hammer bro is prabably hard to hit with, but once you get the bat on the ball it will go sailing. his stance is mostly like toad, he is close to the plate. I'm sure that if you pick him, you won't be dissapointed. though it takes a lot to unlock him.

How to unlock: beat challenge mode with any captain on special difficulty. then beat challenge mode once with bowser.
did you know that each player had a special has his/her special ability? this is called a star swing.hold down r while you hit the ball to perform a star swing. the captain of the team will use 1 team star,while the others use 2.
Mini Game Grand Prix
Play through all the mini games in a random order in the Grand Prix.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Grand Prix Mode Beat all mini games on star difficulty.
Nice Charge Pitches
When you press the A button you will perform a normal pitch. It will be rather slow, but by moving the joystick left or right it can have great spin which can help with strike outs. If you hold the A button instead of just pressing it once, you will perform a charge pitch. The longer you hold A, the more power the pitch will have until you release the ball. To throw a charge pitch that dispays the "Nice" message, which will also be the fastest charge pitch, simply hold the A button and release it when the pitcher is about to release the ball. It may take some practice to get the timing down, so be patient and you will be throwing fastballs in no time!
Play as Bowser in Challenge Mode
Beat Challenge Mode with anyone on the Special cup.
Steal A Base
If you have a speedy person like Yoshi, this will work best. If you are on first, you can get to second, and if your on second you can get to third...etc. Get in a run-down and right before ther player throws the ball, press Y to advance (you need to time it perfectly). If you do so, on the second or third throw you should be able to get to the base safely.
Strikeout Taller Players
This works well with people such as Waluigi, King Boo, and Boo, and can also work with Bowser, DK, and Peach. Use a short pitcher like Toad, Toadsworth, or Toadette, or use someone that throws low pitches like Birdo. When you're charging up your pitch, hold the analog stick down. The pitch will go low and hit the ground in front of the player. It will still be considered a strike. This method usually works with the players mentioned above.
Super Star
To unlock the final item in the shop, complete the item check list which includes all special pitches, treasure map and the 1-time use items.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Super star Complete the Item check list
Tip on the best team possible
This is how you get the best possible team. (this is also the batting order):

1. Yoshi: Put him at SS or CF because of his quickness and tongue catch.

2. Peach: Put her in the out field (automatic catch).

3. Mario: Put him anywhere but I prefer him at SS or 3B.

4. Bowser: I'd start him pitcher or catcher.

5. Toad: Outfield, is a great hitter after bowser in case he strikes out.

6. Luigi: like his brother Mario a great all-around player but I'd put him at 1B.

7. Montey Mole: if you have him put him at 2B or the outfield.

8. Donkey Kong: Catcher or Pitcher, and besides you have to have a Power hitter at the bottom of the line-up.

9. Toadsworth: he's someone who can play 2B

If you don't agree with me you can check out other players that you like and also check out the optional players for when it's a scramble to get the best players when playing with friends.
Unlock Characters
Unlockable: Baby Luigi
Finish Challenge Mode with Yoshi.

Unlockable: Dixie Kong
Finish challenge mode with Donkey Kong.

Unlockable: Hammer Bro
Finish Challenge Mode with Bowser.

Unlockable: Monty Mole
Finish Challenge Mode with Mario.

Unlockable: Petey Piranha
Finish Challenge Mode with Wario.

Unlockable: Toadette
Finish Challenge Mode with Peach.
Unlock Coin Derby
To unlock this minigame you must beat Challenge Mode once.
Unlock Koopa Castle Stadium
To unlock this stage all you have to do is beat Challenge mode.
Unlock Star Dash
Finish Star Difficulty on all six mini-games.
Unlock Toy Stadium in Challenge Mode
To unlock the Toy Field in challenge mode, you need to beat all the minigames once. You can beat them on any difficulty, meaning that you could beat them all on Easy or even beat a few on Easy and some on Normal and/or Hard (just beat each of the 5 minigames once).

After you have done this, go to the Item Shop and buy the Secret Map for 500 coins. After you buy the Secret Map, a green pipe will appear near where you are. Go to it and you can enter the Toy Field!

Some of the later Star missions for a few characters require you to win at the Toy Field, and this is how you complete those missions.
Unlockable character
Petey Pirhania: Beat Challenge Mode with Wario

Characters you unlock will be usable in any mode as team members other than in challenge mode, since they're there already.
Which Characters to use and where

Mario is good for any team. I like to put him at third base. Though he's basicially good anywhere, rthough 3rd is probably his best spot, with his somewhat strong arm. He also would make a good LF/RF.


Luigi, like Mario is a good addition to your team. I normally play him in LF, being that his arm is good, and he has decent speed. Though his good arm would also be good for RF.


I don't use Peach, unless I have to, and if I do, I normally put her in as a pitcher. SXhe'd also likely make a good LF/RF.


Daisy makes a good at 1B, and she is good at LF as well.

Donkey Kong:

DK makes a great pitcher. If you have someone better, opr don't like him there, he'll be decent at catcher or 1B

Diddy Kong:

Diddy is good at SS & CF. He is fast and can make good plays.


Yoshi will always play SS. He dominates there. If You don't like him there, The OF or 2B is fine too.


I normally don't use Birdo, though she's normally decent playing catcher, 3B & 1B Though normally you could find someone better.


Wario is a total slug, making him most appropiate for 1B and maybe catcher.


He's only good at pitching, so that's what you use him for, but Bowser or Boo would be more useful on the mound, so I wouldn't bother with him. He's a good slow pitcher, but morst people prefer fastball pitchers.


Bowser is an exellent pitcher, and if you like someone else there, 1B or catcher is suitable.

Bowser Jr.:

Being swifter and a lesser pitcher than his dad, Bowser Jr. is good for 1B, 2B, 3B, C, and LF. Though you could probably find someone better.

Koopa Troopa:

Koopa is too decent to be useful, if you are a big fan of the turtle, put him anywhere except SS, CF, and P.


Faster than his ground-bound counterpart, h's best suited for LF & RF. If he doesn't cut it there, don't bother with him.

Shy Guy:

He really isn't that great, like Koopa, put him anywhrere but SS, CF, and P


I always use Goomba, being a big fan, and normally at 1B or C, though there are much player players for those spots.


The only speed player who isn't fast. Basicially useless, if you don't have anyone else, put him in LF or 3B.


Like Goomba, though switch C with 2B


I like to use him, though he's tougher to make contact due to his odd bat, but he's okay for 2B & LF. Though you'll likely find someone better.


Good for CF, SS, and 2B. I would either use her as a leadoff, or 8th or 9th batter, being poor at batting.

Monty Mole:

Monty will likely play in the OF and Middle Infield. Though you'll likely find someone better. Not that good of a hitter either.

Dixie Kong:

Super Fast, so SS or CF here. LF & 2B is you have someone better for those two positions. Not a great batter, pt her 1st or last in the lineup. If you have Dixie, you won't want Toadette, or vice-versa.


I like Boo as a pitcher. If you don't want him there, don't bother with him.

King Boo:

Shove him in 1B or C. MAYBE the OF or 2B but that's if you're desperate for power. And even so, there are bett Homerun guys. I don't suggest him strongly.

Petey Pirhania:

He makes a great catcher due to his strong arm, though too sluggish for an OF spot. You can put him at 1B too if you like.


Possibly the worst power guy for power, but he has a deccent arm, though too slow to be good anywhere other than 1B, and by now, you'll know of someone better.


Very fast, okay for 2B or OF, but not that good, so I wouldn't use it.

Hammer Bro.:

I don't know how good he is, being that I've never used him, or unlocked him for that matter, but from what I understand, you can change his color, and he'll become a Boomerang Bro. or a Fire Bro. I like him, so I'd want him on my team.

Dry Bones:

Like a lesser koopa, byb putting him there, you're basicially putting in an auto out.

Baby Mario:

LF and 2B, though there are better.

Baby Luigi:

His speed makes him better than BM, but there are better.


Doesn't make many errors, though takes forever to through from the outfield, so I wouldn't reccomend him for most teams.


I hope you liked my guide, and good luck in Mario Superstar Baseball.
Who and Where.
Mario: He is a good pitcher but he's just about good anywhere.
Luigi: I'd say he would be good anywhere.
Peach: Peach is a good pitcher but she's also just about good anywhere.
Yoshi: He's good in the outfield because he is a good runner and catcher.
Wario: Anywhere besides the outfield, he's very slow but anywhere else is good.
Donkey Kong: He's a good pitcher but he's sloppy anywhere else.
Daisy: A good pitcher but also good at 1st and 3rd base.
Waluigi: He may not be good at many places, but he's really good as a pitcher, I'd say one of the best pitchers.
Birdo: I don't use her much but I will say that she should be catcher, she's not to good.
Diddy Kong: He's good in outfield but he's like his brother DK, he's a little sloppy.
Bowser: Slow and not the best catcher, Bowser should be left in catcher prison.
Bowser Jr.: Like his father slow but atleast he's faster, I'd say infield.
Toad: He's just ok anywhere.
Koopa Troopa: I wouldn't put him in the outfield.
Paratroopa: He's faster than Koopa Troopa so I'd say outfield.
Goomba: Like Koopa Troopa the infield.
Paragoomba: Like Paratroopa the outfield.
Baby Mario: He may be a baby but he's got skill, I'd say outfield or pitcher.
Pianta: He may be slow but he's got an arm and he's not afraid to use it.
Noki: He may be fast but he ain't to good, I'd say outfield.
Dry Bones: I put him in catcher prison but anywhere else would just about be a problem.
Magikoopa: Very good in 1st and 3rd base because he can bring the ball to him.
Toadsworth: I'd say the infield because he's pretty slow.
Shy Guy: He's not to fast but if you pick blue you may be able to put him in the outfield.
Boo: He makes an exellent outfield and pitcher, but he may be tricky to use.
King Boo: He isn't to good exept for batting you could probaly put him in the outfield.
Monty Mole: He's very good in the outfield when he dashes but you can put him about anywhere.
Toadett: She's fast so you might want to put her in the outfield but one thing she can't catch to good.
Baby Luigi: Like is brother outfield and pitcher.
Dixey Kong: She's not to good but you can put her in the outfield.
Petey Piranna: He's very slow but he's got a pretty decent arm, I'd put him at catcher prison.
Hammer Bros.: I have never used him before or unlocked him but I know he's got power.
Yoshi / Birdo
Most tips recommend placing Yoshi at SS or in the outfield,
which he can be a very effective player
However I put both Yoshi and Birdo on 1B and 3B,
resulting in a ton of line drives and foul balls being caught by the
players ability to catch the ball from a distance
( Birdo sucks them up and Yoshi uses his tongue by pressing A )
This also results in a 'BIG PLAY'


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Curve Ball or sinker
Here's how you pitch a curve/sinker. Lightly or hold A, than, right after you press it, slant the control stick to the left or right, and it'll curve or sink! Pitch <- when you're on the right of the mound, and pitch -> when you're on the left of the mound.
Easy Homerun's
Go to Exhibition mode and play with two players. Have player two as the pitching team, and player one as the batting team. Press A to pitch the ball. As soon as you press A, when player 2 is preparing to pitch, quickly go to player one and charge up for a charge swing. Then, hit the ball when your character is fully charged. Most of the time you will get a homerun. Note: Using characters such as Wario, Donkey Kong, Bowser, and other power type characters is recommended
New Mini-Game
Star Dash Complete Challenge Mode Once
Win a single player exhibition game with any player to unlock his or her M.V.P. profile at the "Exhibition Records" screen
Simple Strike Outs
Getting strike outs can be tough at times, especially when you reach the harder enemies, but there are some easier ways to get them. What you have to do is pitch away from the batter. If they are on the left side, aim your pitches to the right corner. If they are on the right side, aim your pitches to the left corner. When facing the easier opponents, pitching away from them 3 times will almost always lead to a strike out. But when you reach the harder enemies, they start to learn how to hit the pitches on the outside corner. To fight this, do not pitch to the same corner every time. Change it up, and this can mean simply pitching one to the outside, one to the inside, and then another to the outside. The order can be changed, but basically when you reach the harder enemies, do not pitch to the outside corner every time.
Unlock Bowser for Challenge Mode
To unlock Bowser for Challenge mode, simply beat Challenge mode on Special with any character.