Luigi's Mansion Cheats

Luigi's Mansion cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Luigi's Mansion cheat codes.


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A kinda creepy thing...
It kinda scares me. But the awesome one rocks.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Creepy mansionBeat the game with 30.000 dollars
Awesome mansionBeat the game with 100.000 dollars
Tent mansionBeat the game with no money
Eerie mansionBeat the game with 50,000 dollars
collectible goods
If you were wondering where to find some money, then lesson up!

please note that somethings are not listed below.
UnlockableHow to unlock
coinsprice:5000 rarity:very common normally the easist to find.
billsprice:20000 rarity:common like coins. bills are every where.
gold barsprice:100000 rarity:netural normally found in green chest and other areas.
sappireprice:500000 rarity:rare normally from gold mice and speedy ghost.
emeraldprice:800000 rarity:rare normally from watering the plants in the mansion
ruby(small)price:1000000 rarity:very rare no real good places to look.
dimonadprice:2000000 rarity:rare look for big green chest.
ruby(big)price:5000 rarity: extreamly rare is this a fake or something?
golden gemprice:20000000 rarity:extreamly rare 1. catch all 50 boos(not king boo) 2. water the seed after every boss.
Unlockable Mansions
A list of all unlockable mansions as rewards for beating the game, and how to achieve them.
UnlockableHow to unlock
A Rank MansionComplete the game with more than 100,000,000G
B Rank MansionComplete the game with less than 100,000,000G
C Rank MansionComplete the game with less than 70,000,000G
D Rank MansionComplete the game with less than 60,000,000G
E Rank MansionComplete the game with less than 50,000,000G
F Rank MansionComplete the game with less than 40,000,000G
G Rank MansionComplete the game with less than 20,000,000G
H Rank MansionComplete the game with less than 5,000,000G


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20,000,000 dollar flower
ok you first see this when you get the ghost dog. i thought it looks like a little green stub of plant. water it then. after you beat the boss of that place (the purple guy) then water the flower again.keep watering that plant after each boss until it looks like a little gold ball. Prepar yourself! once this plant is watered again it spits out a 20,000,000 dollar gem and a TON of money!!!
a easy way to get a gold bar
go to the fortune teller room with fire element light all the candles in the the room go to the north-west candles press A.get the gold bar.
A hardcore for Luigi
Once you beat the game play the game again press A on the hidden Mansion and it will be a hardcore.
A Trick Door?
Another way to know if a door is real is to simply check the map on your Game Boy Horror. If it doesn't show a door in a particular spot, then you'll know it's just a fake door.
A Warning From Boo
When you clear the projector room, suck on the projector screen with your vacuum. won't be able to pull it out, but once it is stuck in your vacum let go. A boo picture will appear saying "Get Out Of Here!"
Beat Mr. Luggs
If you don't know how to beat Mr. Luggs follow the cheat First light up can vacume half of the cake he is eating then vacume the two ghost goung around to give hime more cake then vacume them then its Luigi VS Mr. Luggs then Mr. Luggs blows fire first you should take away the table cloth then when he is on then table Press R then you will get. Him Max HP 100 Attack is 10 and Defense is 0 and there is even another one named Sue Pea but you need a key from the sealed room it has no door so search for a mirror and use your Gameboy Horror on it (press A) to end back at the very start of the Mansion.
Big heart for low HP
Go to Chauncey's room, and next to the door you'll find some drawers. Open the drawers and a big heart will come out. Get it and you'll regain
50 HP.
Defeat The Clockwork Soldiers
Ok, After you defeat Mr. Grimley (The ghost during the black-out), go to the third floor, and find the 'clock-work room.' Once inside the room, you will witness three toy soldiers inside house things with clocks on top, and to the far left, and far right, you will see two clocks. You will also see a clock to the left of the house-clocks. Go in front of each one, and press 'A' button to turn them on. (You need to do them before time runs out). The soldiers will come out and start going everywhere. Go up to them, and press 'R' button to wind their 'wind-up' key on their back. Then, the number will show up, and suck them until it goes to zero. Be careful, the other soldiers will come after you. When you complete this room, you will be transported to the roof.
Defeating Neville
Go to the study and you will see a rocking chair.You got to turn around from the rocking chair and wait until Neville yawns then you turn around quickly and suck him, Then go to the master bedroom with your key to defeat Lydia.
Distinguishing Trick Doors
If a door has no doormat, it is a trick door.
easy way to find the twins
you know how when your playing hid n' seek with the twins you normally have to check random boxes? well if you fill the poltergust with any element and gently spray the boxes and if one of the boxes barely shakes one of the twins are inside that box!
Easy way to know if a door is fake.
If the door is fake there is no red entrance carpet branching off from the main red carpet.
Everything is the oppisite way
If you want every thing to be the oppisite way beat the game4 once then click on the hidden mansion
Extra Money
In King Boo's room, look on the right and there are two pillars. Vacuum both pillars, and you'll get money. In the same room, try to vacuum up the first chandelier(The lamp thing hanging from the ceiling.).

In Spooky's yard(the place with the dog house), if you see this thing that looks like green meat in the dirt, water it everytime you catch a Portrait Ghost, and after it grows really big, you get 20,000,000 cash altogether.But don't let it die, or else you lost you chance.
Extra Money In King Boo's Chamber Room
When you enter King Boo's room, you will notice on the right is a mirror. A long the small steps leading to the mirror, there are two pillars with flames at the top. Start sucking the pillar closest to the screen. After a few seconds, a whole lot of cash will pop out to increase the chances of getting a better ranked mansion after you beat King Boo.
Find Sue Pea
If you don't know how to get into Sue Pea's room find a key in the sealed room kill ghosts then go into the locked room first when you get there kill a few ghost then go into her room and spray water until she is out of her bed and thrn start vacumming her.
flower power
when you go out the kitchen door where the dog lives, you will notice a seed water it and it will start growing. But you must continue watering it through the game in the end it will give you a golden diamond but dont let it die.
Gold gems
There is aproximately 2 gold gems in the entire game that I have found and they are worth $20,000,000 a piece! One is awarded for catching all 50 boos. And the other one you get from watering that green thing on the ground where you have to beat that dog with a bone to get to the second boss. It is next to the faucet on the mansion. You have to keep on watering it over and over again throughout the game. If you forget to water it then it will die and you wont get the gem. Together it gets you almost have way to getting rank A at the end of the game.
golden mouse
When you walk through the halls of the mansion you notice all these rats. when you suck them up nothing happends but when you find a golden or yellow rat and suck it up it will give you all this money including more diamonds. If you cant find one in the hall ways go to the fortune tellers room and examine the floor behind her seat with the y button press a to examine it and then you will see a yellow rat run to the cheese. switch back to suck mode and suck up the rat.
have to luigi's
this is a funny glich all you have to do is vaccum the sheet haging on the mirror for 30 seconds and there should be 2 luigi's
health drain
after beating game go into normal mansion and your health will slowly diminish until you move
How do you know if it's a TRICK door?
Are you having trouble with trick doors?
Cant tell if it's a fake? Dont know if it wants
to hit you and slam ya into the wall? Sorry,
got carried away there. Anyways, there are a
couple things you can do to find out.

#1. Look at ur little map thing in the
Game Boy Horror. The door will not appear on
the map if it's a fake door.

#2. This is the easier way, all you do is use
ur vaccum in front of the door. The real doors
will shake, as the fakes will not.

Sorry that my tip is so long! Hope I helped!
know if its trick door
when you open a door sometimes some of them squish you making you lose $ and HP. in order to know not to open these doors blow on it with your vaccum. if it does not shake its a trick door.
Last blue stone!
In the last room before the final boss (the one where you come in behind King Boo). Use your vacuum cleaner to move both the decorations to the right of the entrance and the top light bulbs to get lotsa extra cash, a gold bar and last but not least, A BLUE STONE!

Mirror room
In this room the difficult thing is that you don't really know where the ghosts are and it's confusing because it's always in the opposite direction. There is about five or six ghosts in this room. When you see a ghost appear in the mirror, let it approach you. When it's at one meter away from you, turn quickly and suck it up. Remember that the mirror's image is always in the opposite direction, or you will get hurt.
Money, money, money!!
In certain rooms, there are gold ghost mice and blue ghosts. They give you tons of money and even gems if you get them out. The mice are easy. Just suck them up. The blue ghosts are harder. If it gets away, it's gone. No coming back. Here are the rooms in which they are located. Note that for the mice, you might need to find a cheese wedge on the ground, or they might just appear randomly. I'll give you the rooms, but you have to search them.


1. 1F Hallway (random)
2. 2F Hallway (random)
3. Kitchen (random)
4. Tea room (random)
5. Sealed room (random)
6. Dining Room (cheese, look with Game boy horror)
7. Fortune-Teller's Room (cheese)
8. Study (cheese)
9. Tea Room (yes, another one in the Tea room, this time in the cheese)
10. Safari Room (cheese)

Speedy Spirits (Blue Ghosts)

1. Storage Room
2. Billiards Room
3. Dining Room
4. Study
5. Twin's Room
6. Nana's Room
7. Kitchen
8. Sealed Room
9. Rec Room
10. Wardrobe Room
11. Cellar
12. Breaker Room
13. During Blackout, Hidden Room
14. During Blackout, Conservatory
15. During Blackout, Nursery
Orindanl theme form Super Mario Bros 1
In Melody Piaimissa's roomthere are instument press the A Button on them and they will play Super Mario Bros 1 theeme
projection room
When you enter, pull the sheet and then strech it and let go. Then there will be a poster that says: Get out of here! Obviously, it's just to scare you. Go to the projector and press A then it will be moving. Go in front of it. Then ghosts will start to appear. Don't forget they are invisible but if you look on the sheet, you can see their shadows. Turn around quickly and suck them up. Watch out; it's not the same as the mirror room!
Projection Room Visual Ghost
Usually when you are fighting the ghost in the projection room they are invisible. Lets change that. Before activating the ghost (By shaking the projector), go to the projector screen and suck it in. Once you get hurt and the 'Get Out of Here' Boo sign pops up, go activate the projector. The Ghost will appear, and since they have no where to cast there shadow upon, they will have to show themselves to you. I know, it is strange, but it is ver helpful!
safari room
in the safari room.shake the table with the 3 deer heads over it. there are 3 water filled ghosts u must defeat with the ice element. (this room is the hardest.) spray them with ice. but dont use all on one ghost.and let go. let them disapear and come back. the 2nd time they come back DONT use ur ice element. use ur vacuum and start sucking. after that youll get the key to the next room that leads to boolusus in the next hallway.
The blackout
here's how to get rid of the blackout:

Now, when you go to the balcony again after you defeated Boolussus,you continue to the left until you see a door. approach it. Then there will be lighting that struck the mansion's roof, and everything will turn black, and all ghosts will be after you. First of all, no panic. If you do, you'll die and restart. Go down, avoiding ghosts if possible,to the foyer. It's the only place you're safe. Save the game. Then, go up the stairs and go get some hearts if you need them in the study, master bedroom, nursery, and twins room. Watch out for the ghosts! Then, go to the wardrobe room. If you turn your back to the mirror, you'll see uncle grimly. When he does his scary pose, turn your flashlight to him and suck him up. You'll receive a key. Go down to the breaker room. When you enter, go directly to the generator.Then, press A and the lights will turn on. No more ghosts!!
Tip for catching hard-to-get ghosts
Sometimes, on ghosts that are very fast and powerful, move iwth the ghost, instead of fully resisting trying to pull it in and end up losing the ghost. Once it slows down, then you stand your ground.
Two Secret Rooms!!!
1.once you have beat the butler use the game boy horror and press x.
now you are in the hidden room.

2.go on the roof and head over to the right chimney and climb up.
fall down the chimney and now you are in the sealed room.
Ways to spot fake doors!!
There are 3 ways to know if a door is fake.

1. Look on your Game Boy Horror, if the door doesnt show up it is fake.
2. Point your vaccum towards the door and press "R" if the door doesn't shake is is fake.
3. Use your fire element on the door, and if it burns the door is fake.

Use these tricks if you are tired of loosing health/money on those stupid doors!!


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Hold Something!
If you find some item like Mario's hat, or a diamond, and catch a boo at the same time, you'll be holding that item you picked up. But once you stop talking to Prof. E. Gadd, the item will be put away.
invisible gem
when your in the room where you get the ice element theres a gem that will vanish when you pick it up it will happen by luck but when he picked it up he was holding air
Light VS. Dark
I have just beat the game last night, but before I did I found this glitch. You know how Luigi hums in the dark and whistles i the light. Well, when I was showing my bother how to play. I was on the second floor hallway geting ready to go to the third floor stairs. After the blackout lights on second floor (hallways) are on, but third floor stairs are not lit. So when he is whistleing in the light, he stops to turn on his flashlight, and then contiues the theme, but hums it. It is just plain wierd!

Easter eggs

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Totaka Kazumi's Song
A lot of people have sworn that they have heard the infamous Totaka's Song in this game. A ton of bogus tips out there, but I know the real way:

When you go to the training room at E. Gadd's place, wait on the controller configuration screen for a while. eventually, you'll hear the infamous tune. Good luck hunting!


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Treadmill Key
In the Rec Room, run on the treadmill and a key will eventually come out. This key unlocks a shortcut that will let you go straight up to the 2nd floor instead of going through the Courtyard and the Rec Room. This can be particularly helpful if you are having trouble beating Boolossus.
If you get over $100,000,000 at the end of the game you will get the A rank mansion the best there is
A Tent
If you succesfuly complete the game without collecting any money,Diamonds,etc. except the crown on King Boos head you'll get a tent as your new home.
Another Mansion (Ura-Yashiki) mode
Successfully complete the game and save. Ura-Yashiki (Another Mansion) mode will now be available to the main menu. This mode allows you to play the game with various differences. You can get a different sized house at the end of the game, depending on your rank.
Blue ghost mania
I have every blue ghost in this game so if you want to win with big bucks listen up

Wardrobe room: right wardrobe
Study: the desk chair
Basement (the door unlocked at the begining of the game): The canvas covered table
Storage Room: chair closest to you when you first walk in
Dining Room: the cabinit right of Mr, Lugg's
Kitchen: in the dishwasher (closest to the burning door)
Rec Room: Excercise Bike closest to the next door
Nana's Room: the chair (not the couch or nana's chair)
Billiards Room: chech the chairs around the chessboard
The Twin's Room: the bunk bed

Do these next ones during the Blackout

Nursery: Chauncey's Crib
Hidden Room: Large chest in the far right side of the room
Conservatory: Melody's piano bench

Do these next ones after the Blackout

Cellar: the crate immediatly left of the door (the one you come in)
Sealed Room: big chest to the right of the table

I got all of these straight from a cheat guide so Their all real
If you are stumped why candles are floating ina hallway that is the butler set the candles on fire and he will start running chase him to his room and suck him up thats how you battle the butler.
Teleport back to entrance

Check a mirror with your aiming thing and youll go to the entrance.

Get healthy quickly

Go to the first bosses room(the babys room) Press a on the pink draw and a 50HP heart should pop up. It should heal you to 100HP. If not go to the foyal and down the stairs. Now go through the double door to area 1 then as soon as you get in go back to the foyal. Now go to the baby room and get the heart again to get back to perfect health.

Pointless portrait ghost

There are 3 pointless portrait ghosts that you dont need to catch. Mr.Lugg that up side down girl and that guy inside the jar. And if you dont get them you will still complete the game.

Never ever need to light the candles in the mirror room.

Alfter you beat the mirror room instead of lighting the candles in the mirror room just catch the boo there save your game and quit. When you come back the room will be unsealed.

Golden gem

Go to the boneyard and water the caterpilla before fighting bogmire and it will grow a plant on its back. Then water it again alfter fighting bogmire and before fighting boolosus and it will grow bigger. Now water it once more alfter fighting boolosus but before the final battle and a golden gem will apear.
cool cheat
after beating mrluggs,run into the next room with your flashlight turned OFF,and a golden mouse should come.
Desperate Calls for Mario
When you press [A], Luigi will call "Mario!". The more damage Luigi has taken, the more desperate his call for Mario will be.
Destroy a Trick door
Use the Fire element on a Fake door and it will Disappear
Destroying Trick Doors
If you expel fire on a trick door, it will burn down until you leave the room.
Extra hearts and money
Use your vacuum to clean all lamps, chandelier, and vases, as most contain either hearts and money.
Fan Money
In the room with the ghost who is brushing her hair, there is a ceiling fan. Vacuum it and keep vacuuming for about 20 seconds. It will keep going faster and faster until eventually, TONS of money will come out. All the ceiling fans in the game give you money if you do this, but this one has the most.
Find gold mice
When you enter a room that has a gold mouse, you have to have your flashlight turned off and then when you enter the room immediatly start vacuuming and the gold mouse should appear.
(This obviously does not work with the mice that come with the cheese)
Gallery mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock everything in the gallery.
Ghost buffet
You don't need the ghost that eats food. You can just skip him.

If you do need help on him, you set fire to the candles. Then I think you suck up the food he has. He'll get mad and chase you. He'll eventually get tired and rest. This is when you use the vacum.
Gold mice
If you want to have a good mark at the end of the game, catch the gold mice, they give you money and sometimes a gem. Go into the gameboy horror andfind the cheese, press A to get the mouse out. they are found in this place

1. the safari room by a chair.
This is all i know.
Gold Mice 2
The gold mice will give you tons of money if you suck them up. There is one that appears on the first floor.First you enter the basement, then immediately come back out. in the hallway, a gold mouse will run away up the hall that branches off.
how to vacuum
there are three ways to vacuum ghosts.

1. tilt the control stick in the opposite direction, and keep it there. this is best for ghosts with little pull, and they come in slowly.

2. if the ghost drags you in metod one, rapidly tilt the control stick in the opposite direction of the ghost. you will probably get dragged.

3. (hidden mansion) in HM, you will get a one second burst of power. so, tilt the control stick away for a second, and release and re-tilt quickly. easy.
Mario calls Luigi
After finding Mario, get close to the well or go down the ladder into the well, but stay on the ladder. Eventually, you will hear Mario calling "Hey, Luigi! What's the hold up?"
Mario Theme Music
When in the music room where you have to vacuum all the musical instruments, it will be playing the theme from all the Mario games. Note: This will also unlock the ghost for this room.

Successfully complete the game and you will eventually hear an upbeat version of music from Bowser's Castle from the original Super Mario Bros .
mirror room cheat
go to the mirror room with an ellement and shoot. you will see that it is not reflected in the mirror.
Secret Room on 1F
In the Butler's Room, scan the mousehole on the right side of the room. Enter the smoke and there is a secret room.
Skip a ghost
to finish the game you don\'t need every ghost!Mr. Luggs is that ghost. Just skip him and his spot in the gallery will be empty. This will affect your rank at the end.
Teleport to main entrance
Stand in front of any mirror in the mansion except for the large one that reflects the invisible ghosts. Then, switch to your Game Boy Horror's first person mode and press A to warp to the entrance hall of Luigi's Mansion
the suprize after you bet the mansion?
after you defeat king boo in the mansion and go past the credits you be able to go to the hidden mansion.
~+H-rank Mansion+~

Go through the the storyline without collecting ANY piece of money. (Even a coin!) The only piece of money you can collect is King Boo's crown. You'll tell you have the H-rank Mansion when at the end you'll see a tent instead of you're own mansion! It's hilarious! (poor luigi)