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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (GC) Cheats

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Dodge, Reflect, and Destroy!
When there are a lot of lego people with Blasters, press and hold B, there will be times when you will not reflect it, but dodge while blocking, continue holding B, and press Up on the control stick, you will get closer to the enemy and you can just destroy the enemy.
if you be droids on a level, and you are 1 player, your partner will destroy the enemy and you will not be hurt
extra money
This trick will only work if you are on super story and have invincibility

You know those traps at the episode escape from eco base and jabass palace the ones that you step on and they fall well if you shoot them money will fall down just fall down (make sure you have invincibility)or on (super story) and you should collect money also .

you know the water parts wher rs can only go in well if a man falls in it r2 can get the money back from the watter
get lego city
get 60 gold bricks find a pile of bricks outside the cantina with a giant question mark build it and go in the question mark
Purchase Amount for the Charaters
Episode 4 Character Prices:

Unlock Stormtrooper - Pay 10,000

Unlock Imperial Spy - Pay 13,500

Unlock Sandtrooper - Pay 14,000

Unlock Deathstar Trooper - Pay 19,000

Unlock Beachtrooper - Pay 20,000

Unlock TIE fighter Pilot - Pay 21,000

Unlock Tusken Raider - Pay 23,000

Unlock Jawa - Pay 24,000

Unlock Imperial Officer - Pay 28,000

Unlock Imperial Shuttle Pilot - Pay 29,000

Unlock Grand Moff Tarkin - Pay 38,000

Unlock Greedo - Pay 60,000

Episode 5 Character Prices:

Unlock Lobot - Pay 11,000

Unlock Bespin Guard - Pay 15,000

Unlock Rebel Pilot - Pay 15,000

Unlock Rebel Trooper (Hoth) - Pay 16,000

Unlock Snowtrooper - Pay 16,000

Unlock Han Solo (Hood) - Pay 20,000

Unlock Luke Skywalker (Hoth) - Pay 20,000

Unlock Ugnaught - Pay 36,000

Episode 6 Character Prices:

Unlock Gonk Droid - Pay 1,550

Unlock Skiff Guard - Pay 12,000

Unlock Palace Guard - Pay 14,000

Unlock Princess Leia (Prisoner) - Pay 15,000

Unlock Bib Fortuna - Pay 16,000

Unlock 4-Lom - Pay 30,000

Unlock IG-88 - Pay 30,000

Unlock Admiral Ackbar - Pay 30,000

Unlock Ewok - Pay 34,000

Unlock Bossk - Pay 40,000

Unlock Dengar - Pay 40,000

Unlock Gamorrean Guard - Pay 40,000

Unlock Imperial Guard - Pay 45,000

Unlock Boba Fett - Pay 175,000

Unlock The Emperor - Pay 275,000

Unlock Anakin Skywalker (Ghost) - Pay 1,000,000

Unlock Ben Kenobi (Ghost) - Pay 1,100,000

Unlock Yoda (Ghost) - Pay 1,200,000


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All Lego StarWars 1 characters
Go outside the cantina. You must have a bounty hunter. Destroy everything, then go to extras and change all of them. Then go to a level, and do free play. You will be able to choose any character from episode 1,2, or 3.
clone a character
first go to jabbas palace level in free play and pick someone that is on the dark side then when you get to the spot when you find a red powerblock or it has a big hole in the middle of the room but the hole is covered by blocks then use the force in it then get on a spider and fall down the hole this may take a few attempts for this to work then you will become the spider then pick the person you want to clone by pressing the l and r buttons then when you have decided jump and a clone of what you were will pop up

hope you like this cheat because i like it alot
note:you cannot be them though they just walk around
Create an uber character
The most effective character is one with a lot of range. That said, A 4LOM head or IG88 head, on top of a body equipped with a red lightsaber gives that character a lot of abilities.

1- Block and deflect blaster bolts
2- Unblockable saber attacks
3- Saber area attack (jump, jump, slash)
4- Force abilities- stun/choke enemies
5- Build block items with the force
6- Move/break dark force only blocks
7- Thermal Detonators (Rockets with cheat)
8- Access to Bounty Hunter doors
9- Access to R2D2 doors
10- Access to C3P0 doors
Drive cars with DROIDS!!!
You know if you try to get in a car or something as a droid, it wont let you?
Well there is a way, it only works in free play mode though. (ps-if you have "self-destruct" this is even easier!)
first have a normal character, make sure you can change to a droid by pressing R or L once! there are two ways to do this cheat.

1(if you have the self-destruct extra)

Get in chosen whatever, then jump out, then while in the air QUICKLY change to a droid, and use self-destruct. For this to work you MUST use self-destruct while in the air!!!! Then you'll respawn in the car, tractor, etc.

2(you can only use this way next to one of those bottomless pits you die if you fall in.)

Get in chosen whatever as a normal character, drive over into the pit, then jump out, then while in the air QUICKLY change to a droid, and let yourself fall and die.
When you and the car respawn, your droid character will be in the car, and will drive it like anyone else!!!
Gamorrean Guard: YZF999
Snow Trooper: NYU989
Rock on!
Become the gamorrean guard and hold down the X button. He will use his ax as a guitar like he did in Jaba's palace! This also works with princess Leia (prisoner). She dances.
triple jump!(free play only)
Start out with a Jedi/Sith with the lightsaber out. Double jump then do the thing where you push your lightsaber down. Just as you start to do that switch characters. It takes a little practice but you'll get the hang of it.
Unlock Charaters
Unlock Jawa - JAW499

Unlock Sand Trooper - YDV451

Unlock Beach Trooper - UCK868

Unlock Bespin Guard - VHY832

Unlock Bib Fortuna - WTY721

Unlock Boba Fett - HLP221

Unlock Tusken Raider - PEJ821

Unlock Death Star Trooper - BNC332

Unlock Ben Kenobi's ghost - BEN917

Unlock Gonk Droid - NFX582

Unlock IG-88 - NXL973

Unlock Lobot - UUB319

Unlock Ewok - TTT289

Unlock Greedo - NAH118

Unlock Ugnaught - UGN694

Unlock Palace Guard - SGE549

Unlock Rebel Pilot - CYG336

Unlock Skiff Guard - GBU888

Unlock Snow Trooper - NYU989

Unlock Stromtrooper - PTR345

Unlock The Emperor - HHY382

Unlock TIE Fighter - HDY739

Unlock Imperial Guard - MMM111

Unlock Imperial Spy - CVT125

Unlock TIE Interceptor - QYA828

Unlock TIE Fighter Pilot - NNZ316

Unlock Han Solo with hood - YWM840

Unlock Grand Moff Tarkin - SMG219

Unlock Imperial Officer - BBV889

Unlock Gamorean Guard - YZF999

Unlock Imperial Shuttle Pilot - VAP664

Unlock Rebel Trooper from Hoth - EKU849