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Lego Star Wars (GC) Cheats

Lego Star Wars cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Lego Star Wars cheat codes.


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Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
Play as Princess LeiaFinish the "?" level.
Play as a StormtrooperFinish the "?" level.
Play as Darth VaderFinish the "?" level.
Play as a Rebel CommanderFinish the "?" level.
Darth VaderComplete episode 4. Unlock episode 4 by getting 100% on every superkit. A superkit is where you collect the coins. Collect the coins in that level until you get the yellow bar at the top of the screen full.
Princess LeiaComplete level 1: Escape from Naboo
StormtrooperBuy him at the diner.
Rebel CommanderBuy him at the diner.


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all passcodes.
NOTE: these passcodes only unlock characters for "Purchase" sorry still need the money.

Note: The other codes can be enabled once unlocked.

Password Effect
XZNR21 Super Battle Droid
EUW862 Shaak Ti
PP43JX Royal Guard
L54YUK Rebel Trooper
BEQ82H Princess Leia
R840JU PK Droid
92UJ7D Padme
MS952L Mace Windu
A725X4 Luminara
CBR954 Kit Fisto
DP55MV Ki-Adi Mundi
PL47NH Jango Fett
ZTY392 Grevious\' bodyguard
U63B2A Gonk Droid
19D7NB Geonosian
SF321Y Grevious
DH382U Droideka
VR832U Disguised Clone
A32CAM Darth Sidious
H35TUX Darth Maul
14PGMN Count Dooku
RS6E25 Clone
N3T6P8 Clone
BHU72T Clone
ER33JN Clone
F8B4L6 Clone
LA811Y Boba Fett
KF999A Battle Droid
LK42U6 Battle Droid
EN11K5 Battle Droid
987UYR Battle Droid

Extra options
Enter at Diner

Password Effect
4PR28U Invincibility
MS999Q Silhouettes
YD77GC Purple
RP924W Moustaches
LD116B Minikit detector
PUCEAT Teap Cups
SHRUB1 Brushes
IG72X4 Bib Blasters
L449HD Classic Blasters
NR37W1 Silly Blasters
Big Money!!!!!!!!!!
1.Go to the parking lot and destroy the things next to the wall.If your lucky, thousands of dollars will come out.
2.Get all the mini kit pieces in the game and you should get 10,000$ or more.
3.Go to episode1, chapter1 and destroy everything and use the force on everything.I have got to 50,000$ going to episode1, chapter1 in free play mode.
How to get all the minikits
Option A:Beat a level getting as many minikits as you can, then enter it again in FREE PLAY mode having: a Jedi (such as Qui-Gon), a blaster person (such as Captain Panaka), an astromech (such as R2-D2), a droid (such as C-3P0), Anakin Skywalker (Boy), a battle droid (such as a droideka), and Jar-Jar Binks. Search every space and corner and interact as much as you can until you find minikits.
Option B:
Using the same people listed above, get 750,000 studs. Go to Dexter Jettster in Dexter's Diner and buy "Minikit Detector" listed under "extras." The Minikit Detector will help you find the other minikits.
In the levels "Escape from Naboo," "Retake Theed Palace," and "Defence of Kashykk," there are spiky plants. Double-jump with a guy with a lightsaber and press "B" while in mid-air while next to it. In many outdoor levels, there are leafy plants that look like the real-life plant salal. Use the force on these to release studs. In Dexter's Diner, there are trash cans outside. Destroy these and the salt and pepper shakers inside the diner and you will get 1,000 studs for each one. There are two jars by the counter, use the force and they will release 1,200 studs each.
Rob Dexter's Tip Jar
You can clean out Dexters tip jar. Of course be a jedi and on the left of his bar (where you buy stuff),on the shelf a jar is there, you can use the force to open and steal Dexter's tips!!!
Arround 1,200
Unlock Episode IV
To Unlock Episode IV (4), you must get 100% on every Superkit. To fill the Superkit, you must try to collect as much money as you possible can on each level. At the end of each level, it will tell you if you filled up the Superkit (which kinda looks like a yellow bar), and for convenience the Superkit thingamajig will pop up on your screen whenever you get some studs. When you complete Episode IV, you can play as Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper.


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part A-Get a sith from Dex's Diner (buy them) or from Epiosde IV (earn them). Use the dark force on black or red stuff in levels and in Dex's diner.
part B-Get as many studs as you can in every level and get all 17 superkits, one from each level. You've unlocked Episode IV. You get up to 110, 000 studs and you get to play as Darth Vader and one of his Stormtroopers.