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To enter the cheats in Kelly Slater got to the Extras menu and select the cheats option. A cellphone will appear where you can put in these numbers

All Beaches- 7145558092
All Levels- 3285554497
All Suits- 7025552918
All Surfers- 9495556799
All Tricks- 6265556043
First Person View- 8775553825
Higher Jumps- 2175550217
Max Stats- 215551776
Perfect Balance- 2135555721
Surfer Freak- 3105556217
Surfer Tiki God- 8885554506
Surfer Tony Hawk- 3235559787
Surfer Travis Pastrana- 8005556292
Trippy Graphics- 8185551447
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: TheAtarisJJ on November 22, 2002