Kirby's Air Ride Cheats

Kirby's Air Ride cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Unlock Hydra Machine
UnlockableHow to unlock
Hydra Part XDestroy all the grey houses on the beach in one game.
Hydra Part YDestroy 150 rivals total in Desruction Derby.
Hydra Part ZDestroy 1,500 enemies total in Kirby Melee.


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a way to get square on city trial
#1: to blast on to the platform in the sky go on top of heat top then go across the bridge and into the volcano. you will get a blast to the platform in the sky!
An easy way to get Dragoon.
First, go to city mode and change the options so that you have 7 min. and that you will only play in either high jump or air glider. Go into the city, and focus on getting glide, boost, top speed, and negative wieght. If possible, choose winged star. Repeat this twice, one for air glider, and one for high jump. Trust me, this works. I jumped over 2000 ft. in high jump. While you're doing that, just go through 5 rings and you've just unlocked dragoon!
Avoid Damage By Spinning
A cool trick, especially when fighting in demolition derby games. There is a brief moment where your kirby is invinicible at the moment you perform a quick spin.

However, it only last a moment, so something that covers a decent area (like a bomb blast) would still get you. Against other stuff, like a whirling kirby or a plasma bolt, you can quick spin to avoid damage and even cause them damage if you hit them.
Box contents
Each of the three colors of boxes contain different items.

Blueowerup items such as Top Speed, Offence, ect.
Red:Items that give kirby powers such as Spike, Ice, Fire, ect.
Greenbjects that affect the vehicle such as the Cannon, Spike balls, ect.
Demoliton Derby In City Trial Free Run!
In City Trial (Free Run) pick it so you and a friend are playing. If you have dragoon unlocked for freerun mode pick it. Then go by the plains (Grass) and face diffrent ways grind the rail (in opposite directions) you will eventually crash but the cars will go through one another but continue going. Eventually one car will blow up but you can still drive the other car! This is fun to do if you are bored!
Easier way to beat King Dedede
There is an easier way to beat King Dedede. Pick the Swerve star either by finding it in the city during a standard City Trial playthrough or picking the option to fight King Dedede from the Stadium options and choosing the vehicle.

Get the Spiky Hat powerup and sit next to Dedede tapping A. Due to the Swerve star's trait of instantly stopping through pressing A you can keep pounding on Dedede at close range. After Two or three times Dedede should die, but feel free to abuse other powerups if a spike hat is not around. If you have friends, get them to help by using the Warpstar or Shadow star and using spin moves on Dedede to lower his health faster.

Just be careful not to fly in front of Dedede or he will smack you with his huge hammer.
Finding dragon and hydra pieces easier.
Find red boxes that appear in the area of large cement blocks there is a 100% chance you will find them there and underground in the forest area.Plus if you get close to a box you will see it start to shine if it does it is a machine part.
get any square almost
go to city trial(it works in any thing else to) hit records then hit checklist you can use L/R to rotate to top ride city trial or air ride there should be some purple boxes (if you won them)on the left side of the screen hit 'a' on 1 of them and then you can get any square you want almost(if it needs more than 1 thing it won't letu)email me if you use it bye
Get King Dedede in free run!
First, go to options for City Trial and set the event to King Dedede battle only. If you set it to Shuffle, you have a low chance of getting the King Dedede event. Set the time to 7 minutes.

Now enter a game of City Trial. Get Offense, Defense, HP, Top Speed, and Weight boosters. If a pillar, TAC, or UFO comes, loot it for items. Try to get a Legendary Machine or Shadow Star.

If you set the game at the end to Vs. King Dedede, you will now go against him in a battle. Any other players will also battle him. Watch your health and whale on him with abilities like Sword and Freeze. If you beat him quick enough, you will be able to use King Dedede in Free Run! He is very powerful, however, if he gets beat he cannot run around and get another vehicle.
Getting Dragoon and Hydra easy
When you start the City trial mode for 7 min try to find the jet star or the Winged star. Then look for glide, boost, top speed, and negative weight for the first 4 minutes. Then go to that place where the railsation is, on those platform-like things. Search there for red boxes. There is a 50% chance it will be a piece of Dragoon or Hydra. When the Trial finishes, hope you get either High Jump or Air Glider. I suggest Jet star, because it increases its speed in the air. It goes far, and you can easily get Dragoon. For Hydra you have to get in the normal Trial.
Glide farther on air glider
This tip is best for when youre trying to earn a dragoon part. When you are trying to earn the dragoon piece for gliding 1300 feet or more on air glider this tip will help you glide farther ok here we go:First when you are choosing an air ride machine choose "Wheelie scooter" then press start. Start heading towards the speed strips. When you are ontop of the first speed strip press the "A" button pres the a button when you are ontop of every speed strip and you will go REALLY far hope this tip helped you!
Go to city traial and get a formula star. Get 10 top speeds and get a super battery and go on a rail.
Go 700MPH
First You Must Have The Rocket Star and either the event energy tanks have run amok or the ultra charge battery hold A near a rail until the flame on the back of your rocket star is full let go of A and you will go up to a speed of possibly 700MPH.
Hiding spot

if you are one of the people (like me) who cant resist destroying your friends star, here is something to get them even more annoyed.

destroy their star and go and get it as fast as you can. try and get it to place where only that star can go, or is really hard to get to (like the little ledge by the buildings and volcano) and get off the star. that way, they wont be able to get it! not really a tip but is very fun to do!
High Jump Tip
When you do the High Jump Game, follow the following Instructions:

Use the Wheelie Scooter, and Hold the Control Stick near you until you Jump. While in the Air, Titl the Control stick up and Down, so you can get about 900 feet high.

If you just made City Trial and have Dragoon as your Car, Then just hold the Control Stick back while flying, and you should do 1,200 + feet.
On the level where you have to go high, get a wheelie scooter (or one of the related one-wheel things) and go forward by pushing your control stick forward. Right when you jump, hold the control stick down. You should go pretty high, and I may have switched the backward with forward, but it does work
On City Trial, when you get Hydra, go find the other Kirbys. Then just run into them. They go BOOM even when you're just going 20 mph. This is because Hydra has a ton of weight and offense built into it. Depending on the machine you're tring to utterly destroy,(like the Rex Bike or whatever it's called and the Bulk Star) you may have to go like 50 mph. Try it, it's so FUN!

Note: This ONLY works in City Trial even if you go to a single race straight from it.
If you have a friend that always has hydra in free run get any car (I choose swerve star) and attack from any angle until they die.

X: Break all of the metal houses in city trial.

Y: KO rivals 150 times total in Destruction Derby.(All of them.)

Z: KO 1500 enemies total in Kirby Melee.

Hydra will then be available in free mode.
Hydra and Dragoon Parts
If you are searching for Hydra and Dragoon parts, then first check:

  • Red boxes by the water wheel

  • Red boxes underground

  • Red boxes within the area with all the breakable houses.

    If you find a piece, then look for red boxes near the place you found the piece.
  • Hydra: Part Z
    If you are having trouble beating up ALOT of enemies in Kirby Melee, use a semi-slow machine and keep getting the Sword ability! It works after about 10, 20, 30... I don't know how many minutes! It depends on how many times you get sword and how many baddies you slash!
    when the big meteors come down they will sometimes drop a ring of items.
    Legendary Pieces
    If somebody else has Legendary Pieces, it's really simple. Get a strong vehicle and run the person over and it might get it out of them. If not, do it again.
    Lightning Kirby: How to Charge Up FAST
    While you are Lightning Kirby, simple spin your joy stick like heck, as if you were trying to do a spin. Until you spin it to fill the guage to you're right or left (can't remember) to the "fullness" you have desired, hit A and... that's for you to find out
    There are models underground the forest. There is a ramp, star pole, a building, and one tall thing where you can hit the star pole.
    Move w/o air ride machine
    On free run in City Trial, you play as King Dedede. You go to the volcanoe place, and let the flamming dragnons hit you untill you die. Then you keep pushing A and you should notice that you are still moving without a machine. (This is very time consuming. You only move a little bit). This also works with Meta Knight.

    To do this, you have to unlock King Dedede, and Meta Knight to do this in City Trial.
    Multiple Tips
    Tip #1: The invisible barrier!
    Here's how you get past the waves that defy the laws of physics by acting like walls: Glide REALLY high (I suggest gliding off of the Garden of the Sky using Dragoon) and go past the waves. Done. There's another barrier, and the reason you can't get out of that is, if you have the time for techno jargon, because if you did, you'd be in a map which doesn't exist, and if you're in a map which doesn't exist, you don't exist. Thus, the game will try to show nonexistant items and glitch up. Luckily, the developers made this second barrier impenetratable.
    Tip #2: Events and How to Handle 'Em:
    - Meteor Shower:
    There's one safe place; the Garden of the Sky.
    - Dyna Blade: Glide high and whack it in the head repeatedly. If you do this when it's about to leave for good, you'll get an All powerup!
    - Rowdy Charge Tank: If you keep boosting (without charging completely!!), you can get a little more control.
    - Giant Pillar: Bust the pillar and...powerup madness!
    - Tac: If you pummel him hard enough, you'll get an All powerup! Watch out for the Sleep Abilities he lays as traps!
    - Fog: You can still see shadows, and, if you want to beat up a CPU...follow the shadow...
    - All Items Are The Same: Prey that they're what you need, and avoid them all if they hold a dangerous item. Also, if you see a Red Box that's not spinning, get it to find a legendary machine part.
    Tip #3: There's no "Marmalade"
    I've heard some stuff about "Marmalade the witch," an unlockable char in City Trial. I've beaten the City checklist--if there was a MARMALADE, I'd know. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble.
    Tip #4: If you're trying to beat Dedede in one minute in City Trial's VS King Dedede, use the Shadow Star with TONS of Offense, and Defense! Trust me, Dragoon and Hydra are too fast, and Hydra requires too much time wasted on charging.
    And that's all I have for you all.
    Pink Meta knight?
    To get the character Meta knight, you must spend 30 min. or more in the air. Then You inhale three sword knights and finish in first place. You will get the Green kirby.

    If you change the kirby's color with Meta knight, you notice he is pink, not green. This also works with King Dede.
    Stop Your Ride in City Trial
    In City Trial mode there will be many places that you might need to stop to get a better view of things. Unfortunatly, while on your Warpstar you will be continuously going forward. In order to stop your ride simply hold down either A, R, or L. If you need to get an even closer look you can get off your ride by holding down one of the previous buttons and moving your control stick towards you.


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    Air Glider glitch
    I have three glithes for air rider. 1. is with dragoon(or winged star) in city trial set it to 7 minutes and air glider. taking no chances, try to get as many glides,top speeds, boosts, charges as you can. then fly as far as you can. if you get to around 4485 feet, you should start bonking into this wall thingy <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> 2. with wheelie scooter, go to air glider in stadiums.
    then after you start, hold up(towards you) until you get to to the boost thingys. then right after you jump off, tilt towards the tv. you should get to 2,150 feet! even more, when you get to 1,600 feet, tilt towards you again. this shall make you go faster and landing around 2,300 feet!^^ 3. last but not least, Take slick and go to air rider in stadium. when you lift off, tilt it to the left until your hitting the wall thingy and you will go foward and really fast and land around 750 feet! regular 515 feet.
    Thats it! Pm me if you are confused.
    High Jump Glitch
    First go to city trial, set the settings on 7 mins an high jump. now start (obviously). this may take several city trial until u get the dragoon with about 12-18 glides, now when u get to high jump u will fly up to 9999 ft, BUT after u pass 9999 ft the score will restart and u will land at about 4000 ft, now when u finish ur score will be at 9999 ft! yup...u heard me, the dream score. now i bet i know wat ur thinking..."12-18 GLIDES!!!! THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!!" well think again...i did this within 3 tries <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    good luck (and dont forget to take a pic of the score) XD
    invisible driver
    You know that golf hole? Well, go in that while on the wheely scooter and ditch it in mid air and it will automaticaly go backwards(sometimes it just stays there). It's very cool to see it happen!
    The Bulk Star's Hidden Brilliance
    In City Trial, set the Stadium event to Air Glider or go to the Stadium and choose it. Find or select a Bulk Star. In Air Glider, start as usual, but once you become airborne, start pressing A rapidly. YOU MUST NOT GO SLOWER THAN THE TEMPO OF THE MUSIC. If done correctly, you will start to fly higher in the sky. Don't stop now! Keep going and you can reach over 1000 metres. I managed 1366.98 metres. Think you can do better. You can't. IT'S THE END OF THE COURSE.
    Ultimate Glitches!
    I'm going to tell you all of the awesome glitches I've collected for this game! (Anybody who has posted any of these before I AM NOT COPYING YOU. I DISCOVERED THESE ALL BY MYSELF.) If you try to do any one of these glitches, you'll probably not succeed because these are probably some of the most hardest glitches ever.

    Starting with Air Rider:
    1. Fantasy Meadows: If you know the hidden cave above the cave in Fantasy Meadows, you can use this glitch. (maybe) Get a star such as Jet, Shadow or Angel (winged), and fly into this hidden cave. If you are still flying while in the cave, reach the wall and you should go through it! You'll go through darkness, then you'll see the course but get stuck. This part only works for free run, but you can GET OFF your machine. It's awesome!

    2. Nebula Belt: This is a weird glitch, but if your going fast enough and you see the wormhole, you'll go through the wall, into the wormhole, and end up on the finish line. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

    The Near Impossible Glitch:
    Machine Passage: Get Winged star. At the beginning, instead of falling into the green flashy room, fly across by the tilty platforms. After you fly off the first one, head straight for the wall above the entrance to the next room. If you're perfectly angled, you'll fly through the wall, through a super slim space with flashy colors. Please make a forum or pm me if you did this.

    Top Ride:
    1. Sand: Make it 28 laps or more, and be on Steer star. On the 27th lap, go into the Ant Doom, and if you get sent back to the beginning of the lap, go across where the teeth platforms were. You'll float across the space where the were!

    2. Water: If you have the hammer ability, be first place while all of the other CPU's are on level 5. Then go through the first waterfall, it'll send you to the place where the second one would've thrown you!

    The Near Impossible Glitch:
    Light: On Free star, if your fourth while other CPU's are at level 1, get the cloud ability after you have taken the green rail 4 times, the yellow rail once, and the red rail 3 times. On the next lap, while you have the cloud ability (don't use it!) you can go through any walls except the outer walls.

    City Trial:
    1. Rocket is the fastest star. Don't believe me? If you've got at least 12 top speeds, get an energy tank and try to get to a rail. Zoom! Whipping up tornado winds! Kills any CPU on the rails! Up to 736 mph! Holy cow!

    2. Flowers. There are two flowers, one is on the highest platform of the orange rock near the volcano. The second is on the very tippy top of the store place. (forgot the name?) If you and someone else are touching both flowers at the same time, a hydra or dragoon will appear on the Sky Garden.

    The Near Impossible Glitch:
    Dyna Blade: This is the rarest and toughest glitch I've ever tried in my video gaming time. I've only accomplished it once, and I've never ever had the opportunity to do it again. Dyna Blade will come, and if you are one of the luckiest people alive, on the second landing if he doesn't leave, he will land on the prairie top. If you manage to fly into Dyna Blade's head at the exact right time, you'll get trapped as he flies up. Your star will get stuck on the top border! GET OFF YOUR STAR. You'll be on top of the border. Walk around the whole city while on top of the border, and you might fall through a hole. Hahaha!
    Warping Hydra glitch
    You must use dragoon and hydra. First get the dragoon aline with one on those bumps on the lower outer wall of the castle hall. jump off. then get the hydra, go to where you left the dragoon. hit it an get below it. If you did it right, the dragoon should be hovering above the hydra. jump off and the hydra will teleport to the forest area.


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    Annoy and amaze your friends!
    First, make it past the barrier. To do this, fly up past the garden in the sky. Then glide past the waves. You know you've done it when you hit a barrier in front and behind you. Now, ditch your ride. Swim back in front of the border and you'll see the star, but there is no way to get to it! It's annoying if the ride was stolen from your friend.
    Awesome move
    Go to City trial and go as high as possible. Then glide down and (while in midair)ditch your ride.You will be flying down slowly and your ride will be gliding out of control. Another cool trick is going all the way up and doing a 100mph nosedive to the ground(then CRASH!).
    Brown Kirby
    Use the Heavy Star to win Sandoola with a time under 1:30:00 to unlock him in Air Ride mode. Use the Wing Star and win Zeroyon Attack 2 with a time under 0:30:00 to unlock him in Air Ride mode.
    cheat sheet
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Alt. BEANSTALK PARK Finish in under 02:55:00 in Time Attack.
    Alt. CELESTIAL VALLEY Ride both bridge railings in one race.
    Alt. CHECKER KNIGHTS Use the spin panels 7 times or more and finish 1st.
    Alt. FANTASY MEADOW Finish in under 01:00:00 in Time Attack.
    Alt. FROZEN HILLSIDE Finish 2 laps in under 01:56:00.
    Alt. MACHINE PASSAGE Shoot 3 characters out of the cannon at one time.
    Alt. MAGMA FLOW Finish in under 03:20:00 in Time Attack.
    Alt. NEBULA BELT Race over 300 laps.
    Alt. SKY SANDS Open the trapdoor exactly 3 times and finish 1st.
    Go 253 mph!
    The requirments are rare, but it's awesome! Okay. Go to city trial and get Dragoon or Hydra. Then find one of those can things that makes you go like 100 mph. Then with the can thing still on, go to one of those grinding poles that goes around the whole place and AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! you're going 253 mph! I don't know if this works with Hydra too, because I only got to do it once and with Dragoon. (And it was the event that says "energy tanks have run amok!" so everybody was going really fast and I was just minding my own business having fun... then BAM! SHWOO SHWOO SHWOO! The Dragoon blew up on the rail in like a half a second and I lost like 20 power-ups. I suspect it was somebody gliding and they ran into me going like 140 mph. So, basically, I was standing still and they ran into me going 393 mph.)
    Go past the boundries
    Go to City Trial Free Run. Be on a machine that glides well. Then go to the pillar in the sky and glide down where the building is with the boosts but go to the left or right side of it while still high in the air. You will go right through the barrier, but there will be another one that is impossible to get past and is invisible. But what is cool is going super slow and see the visible barrier appear right when you go back through it on the ground.
    Hidden flowers
    For this you need a good flying vehicle. There are 2 different secret flowers in city trial. One is on top of the castle, and the other is near the ledge where the white fence is up high. Hope that helped!
    High Jump Glitch
    Be the Dragon Star with lots of glide and do high jump. If you go high enough, you pass 9999 and it goes to zero again. On the results screen it will only count as 9999 feet.
    instant break delapidated houses
    ok first u have to get the wheelie scooter(i am not sure if this works with other machines)then go to city trial free ride.using yur weelie scooter, charge at the houses. right as u hit them press and hold the A buttonu should break thru it.
    ji cheats
    Sound Test: BEANSTALK PARK Finish 1 lap on the Winged Star in under 01:00:00 in Free Run.
    Sound Test: CELESTIAL VALLEY Finish 1 lap in under 00:57:00 in Free Run.
    Sound Test: CHECKER KNIGHTS Finish 2 laps in under 02:40:00.
    Sound Test: FANTASY MEADOW Finish 1 lap in under 00:21:00 in Free Run.
    Sound Test: FROZEN HILLSIDE Finish 1 lap in under 00:58:00 in Free Run.
    Sound Test: MACHINE PASSAGE Finish in under 03:10:00 in Time Attack.
    Sound Test: MAGMA FLOWS Race over 4,800 feet in under 2 minutes.
    Sound Test: Results Screen Make your lap time's last two digits the same number.
    Sound Test: SKY SANDS In Time Attack, finish Sky Sands in under 03:10:00.
    Bonus from City Trial
    Do the following code to receive the corresponding bonus.
    ji chests
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Bonus: Pause Screen Power-Ups Grab a total of over 500 items in City Trial
    Extra Rules in Top Ride
    Do the following codes to unlock the corresponding rules.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Extra Rule: Attack Item Set Finish Water in under 00:56:00 in Time Attack.
    Extra Rule: Device Quantify Enter the waterfall at least 5 times and finish in 1st in Water.
    Extra Rule: Mystery Item Set In Top Ride race one lap without bumping into a wall and finish 1st.
    Extra Rule: Side Camera Angle Finish one lap in Water in under 00:10:50 in Free Run.
    MetaKnight in City Trial
    Accomplish this task in City Trial to get MetaKnight in Free Run ONLY!
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    MetaKnight in City Trial Free Run Destroy a accumalative total of 1,000 boxes!

    Kirby's Air Ride secret rides
    Wagon Star- get to the finish 3 times in anything other then freeride.

    Rex wheelie- kill 100 enemies with thrown stars.

    Slick Star- beet cheker Knights on air ride in 3:05-.

    shadow star- kill 10 enemies with spin.

    jet star- ride 4500+ in 2:00 on Machine Passage. switch rules to 2:00 time.

    swerve star- air ride sky sands. do 2 laps in 2:05-.

    Bulk star-time atack celestial valley. finish in 3:20-.

    Formula star-time attack frozen hillside. finish in 3:14-.

    Rocket star- free ride Machine Passage, 1 lap, in 1:05-.

    Wheelie bike- race all airt ride starter corces.

    Winged star- race air ride. finish in 1st while in the air.

    Wheelie scoter- start final lap in 4th and finish in 1st.

    Turbo star- air ride Magma Flows. switch to 7-8 laps . grind all volcano rails and come in 1st.

    king dedede- kill 1000+ enemies.

    Meta knight- glide a total of 30+ minutes.
    super air glide
    Go to stadium and go to air glide. Then get the wheelie scotter when the game starts tilt the stick forward and keep it tilt then BOOM! you go flying straigh up.When I did it I got 1713 feet
    take off into outer space
    This isn't so much a cheat but it's fun. First,go to city trial and find jet star. Then, collect negative weights and glides. When collected at least 6 of each, go to the volcano, but don't land on the sky garden. Fly upwards and keep flying. You'll eventually run into a barrier. If you do, you can pretend to have a system error and pretend to fly out of control. This is really fun if every station is on fire. You can pretend it's the end of the world.Do your own sound effects and it'll be a blast!!! This is garenteed to last a looong time.
    tons of cheats (took 2 years to write down)
    Part x the 2 or 3 story of the glide area.
    Part y just outside of the 4th story glide area, or inside/outside of forest area.
    Part z underground the north/south exits.
    Top of the world
    In City Trial, go to the breakable doors under the volcano. Break them until you find a hole behind one and drop underground. Ride into the glowing white square to get launched up to the Garden in the Sky. Now, jump on top of the bottom of the huge rotating pillar. Keep jumping up the steps until you reach the leaves on the top of the pillar. You are now on the highest standing point in City Trail.
    Unlock a New Stage and New Characters
    White Kirby in City Trial-Assemble both the Dragon and Hydra vehicles in one match

    Meta Knight in City Trial-Break 1000 boxes total

    Purple Kirby in City Trial-Break an enemy's vehicle 5 times total

    Unlock Galax in Air Ride-complete 100 total laps on any stage

    Green Kirby in City Trial-Defeat an enemy 10 times total with the cannon

    Purple Kirby in Air Ride-On Airoon, finish a 2 lap race in under 2'18"00

    Green Kirby in Air Ride-On any race, inhale three sword knights and finish in first place

    Brown Kirby in Air Ride-On Sandoola with the heavy star, get a lap time under 1'05"00

    White Kirby in Air Ride-On Vallerion, finish a 2 lap race in under 2'20"00

    Brown Kirby in City Trial-Use the wing star and finish Zeroyon Attack 2 in under 00'29"00
    unlock dragoon in city trail free mode
    to unlock dragoon part A: go to high jump and jump higher than 1,000 feet.

    unlock dragoon part B:in city trail go through the rings in the air more than 5 times.

    unlock dragoon part C:go to air glider and fly more than 1,300 feet.
    Unlock Meta Knight in City Trial mode
    Break 1000 boxes. (if you can break 20 boxes in one game under 7 minutes, then you can unlock him in 50 City Trial Games)
    Unlock some New Machines
    Shadow Star-quick spin to defeat 10 or more enemies

    Rocket Star-finish 1 lap under 1:05 in free run mode on the Machine Passage course

    Slick Star-finish 2 laps under 3:05 in Air Ride mode on the Checker Knights course

    Winged Star-finish 1st place while flying over the finish line in Air Ride mode

    Swerve Star-finish a 2 lap course under 2:05 in Air Ride on the Sky Sands course