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The Hobbit (GC) Cheats

The Hobbit cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Carrier Upgrades
At the end of each level, you will be taken to the vendor. Here, you can buy upgrades for your rock bag and medicine chest. Each affects your carrying capacity. The upgrades are as follows:

Rock Bag

First upgrade: +10 rock carrying capacity; total of 20 rocks.
Second upgrade: +10 rock carrying capacity; total of 30 rocks.
Medicine Chest

First upgrade: +5 antidote and health potion carrying capacity; total of 10 each.
Second upgrade: +5 antidote and health potion carrying capacity; total of 15 each.
Cut Web With Other Objects
In the lair of the three spider sisters, before cutting some dwarves free, choose another item except for Sting. Bilbo will then cut the web with the walking stick and the stones.
Defeating Smaug
Stay behind the debris until all of the fire is gone. Even though he stops, some fire is still there and it will kill even if you take one step out. The ring will not help you at all.
Easy Courage Points
On the last level when you meet Liana, she will start fighting the Goblins. There will be an unlimited amount of them. If you need to level up, stay there for awhile and collect all of the courage points. Also, in the last level (Gathering Of The Clouds), when you meet up with Lianna, you can get endless courage points by either waiting at the top of the ladder for Lianna to kill all of the Orcs, or by fighting them yourself. The Orcs will keep appearing, supplying you with endless courage points.
Fighting Spiders In Mirkwood Forest
When fighting the spiders, stay up on one of the rocks. Throw rocks at her minions. If you run out of rocks, just slpp on your ring and sneak (or she will hear you and attack), over to some rocks and get them.
Kill Wolves easy
An easy way to kill the wolves in level 4 Over Hill and Under Hill is, after you get the firewood and make the big slide down the hill, go activate the wolves by getting one of the Red Courage Points in the middle of the field, then without fighting them, run over to the edge of the cliff and drop off to the ledge below. Make your way up to where the Whitey (White Courage Point) rests on the rock platform on the side of the cliff. From there toss rocks at the wolves until they are dead. You take no health loss that way.
killing the gate guard in Riddles in the Dark
Ok you got the wartstone and the guard has opened the gate for you. He's a real tough cookie and your health levels are plummeting whilst you try to kill each other. Hint- as soon as he's opened the gate turn tail and climb up the ladder. Run into the cave on the left and collect a load of fire rocks. Dash back, jump down (no need to bother with the ladder) and he'll be standing with his back to you. Hurl the rocks at him in quick succession and hey presto, that's him dealt with! And you never even needed any mushrooms!
Obtaining Equipment
There are three items you can acquire throughout the game: the walking stick, throwing rocks, and Sting. The walking stick can be found in a chest in Bag End at the Shire (first level). The rocks can be found in a grove of apple trees in the Shire. Sting is obtained in the troll cave at the end of that level.
Save Regularly
It is very easy to die quickly in this game, whether it is from accidentally falling off a ledge, a severe poisoning, or being caught sneaking around. Save regularly to prevent jumping back a quest or more.
Save time in Roast Mutton
In level two, at the part where the Troll has his back to the path where there are 3 reds, at the entrance of this area hold to the right. Walk up to the edge of the leaves and do a pole vault into the area where the rock pedestals are. You can walk on the leaves in that area and the Trolls won't hear you. Make your way forward until you see the cut scene where the Troll goes to sit on the rock where he Yawns. Now go back and get those three reds. The Troll is not there and you can easily run (without sneaking) through the leaves for the reds.
Saving Beorn
In order to save Beorn on the last level, you must push four different blue barrels located around the area. Follow the courage crystals and do not stop to fight. Use the ring when you encounter enemies, because you are timed.
In a level with a deep chasm with a real bottom (Smaug's Lair recommended), jump down with the Stick or Sting at the ready. Wait one or two seconds (just enough time for Bilbo to reach the zone where he would die if he touched ground, but still a safe distance away from it), then, do a jump attack (press B). Bilbo will instantly die, and float gently down towards the ground.
Walking Stick
Until you obtain Sting, the walking stick will be used mainly for combat. Once you do obtain Sting, drop the combat aspect and only use it for jumping. When moving forward, quickly press L then A to use your walking stick to jump. Be careful -- using it on shorter jumps may result in over-jumping.
Water Room Puzzle
To gain entry to the water room, read the plaques on either side of the puzzle: "You must walk through EREBOR to reach it's heart". Approach the statue behind you and press B. The runes on the front spell EREBOR. Spell these out on the puzzle floor and the door will open.

Note: Make sure to walk on the letters in the correct order.
Wine Bottle Riddle In Lake Town
Once you get all five of the wine bottle in Lake Town, Malloc will tell you a riddle about how the bottles are arranged. The order is as follows:

1. Yellow Wine Bottle
2. Blue Wine Bottle
3. Red Wine Bottle
4. Black Wine Bottle
5. Purple Wine Bottle


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Extra Courage Points
In level one, An unexpected Party, you can get 100 Courage Points by having Bilbo leap on all the Lilly Pads on the lake behind The Ole Mill without falling into the water. This works forwards and backwards so if you fall into the water going, simply do it on the way back.
Get past Troll
An easy way to get past the Troll sitting with his back to the path where three Red CPS lie, Is to hold to the right around the rock wall to the edge of the leaves. Pole vault over to the rock pillar and get everything in that area. Move forward in the game until the cut scene shows the Troll strolling over to sit on the rock where he Yawns. Return to the path where he was sitting to get the three Red CPS. The Troll is gone and you do not get caught.
Get the Key Quick
This cheat will let you get the key without getting on the moving platforms after you place the second Witch King Crystal. Go up the green slime hill by leaping from rock to rock, and kill off the Frog Faced Miners. See the Pedistal where the key rests on top? At the base of that pedestal is a little black rock with a blueish spot on it. Standing on that little back rock look up at the key. Leap up and Bilbo will catch hold of the edge of that pedestal. You can pull up and get the key.