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Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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These are resent asked questions people ask...
UnlockableHow to unlock
CatBefriend Romana In Fall of Chapter 2, wake up at a later time in the morning then Romana will knock at your door and give you a cat
Ducksyou must buy a pond for 2,500G from Takakura. Then, during Summer of Chapter 2, wake up in the morning at a later time.
GoatBuy it from Van for 4,000G whenever he has his shop open during Spring.
Fishing RodThe fishing rod can only be obtained in chapter 2 or later
Seed MakerCan be obtained from Daryl untill Takakura offers you the option to order the Seed Maker
Alarm ClockBefriend Grant (Chapter 2+)
ArtworkBefriend Cody (Chapter 4+)
Drum SetBefriend Gustafa (Chapter 3+)
Fishing Rod (G)Befriend Galen
Floras NecklaceBefriend Flora (Chapter 3+)
Goat MilkerGet it automatically after buying the goat
Gold MedalBefriend Wally (Chapter 3+)
Ruby SpiceBefriend Ruby
Sheet MusicBefriend Lumina (Chapter 3+)
Strange HoeBefriend Tim
Strange SickleBefriend Cody
Watering Can WBefriend Romana
Weird HoeBefriend Vesta
Weird SickleBefriend Dr. Hardy
Wool ClippersBefriend Wally
Dog/chiwawa (sp)Befriend Carter (guy from dig) by giving him food daily and unlocking 6 tablets from the dig.


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"Selling" Your Unusuable Items
Ever used the 99 Items cheat and gotten rare tablets and closed books? Ever wondered if there was some way to get these unusuable items off your hands? Van definitely won't buy 'em, the villagers can be pretty picky when it comes to gifts, and you can't throw them away. Lucky for you, I've found a glitch that allows you to "sell" these tablets and closed books.

At around 9:00 AM or at 6:00 PM, when residents walk to the city the most, go down to the tree beside the inn and set up your shop. Get your tablet/closed book out and talk to a villager who stopped to browse your shop. They may not be interested at first, but keep asking. They will say that they take a fancy to that and ask how much it's worth. You have three options, giving them a "discount" for 0g, selling it for full price at 0g or not "selling" it period. It may not actually be selling them, but it sure gets those pesky tablets off your hands if you use the 99 Items cheat or have a glitchy game.

If you go to set up your shop at the recommended times, you'll definitely get those items off your hands. Keep in mind that repeatedly speaking to them may not work if they've shopped at your shop earlier that day or if they Murrey, Hugh or Kate, who despite the fact that the item is 0g, they complain that they have no money.

Another tip I have for a similar topic is that I recommend after using the 99 Items cheat, to sell all of your items (except for maybe some food dishes and seeds) to Van or to Takakura. I found myself saving all the rare crops and hybrids in my fridge/freezer and placing the seeds on the Shelf, but selling the rest.

I really hope my tips helped.
'Nice' Cutscene
Well, it happened to me on Fall 6 in chapter 2 at around 2-3 am. I was stalking Murrey and was exhausted. Anyways, I walk into the harvest place, with all the flowers and the water and whatnot. You'll be standing at the edge of the water with the harvest sprites. They'll tell you something along the lines of 'The spring is not awakened yet. The spring has to be awakened for the Harvest Goddess to come back. For the spring to awaken some things have to be done. One is the spring has to be clean. Another is the animals surrounding the spring have to be happy.' Then, the two skinny ones (don't know their names) start talking about how they have to collect a lot of 'nices'. The fat one keeps asking what 'nices' are but they ignore him and run off babbling about nices with the fat one running after them.

I submit this because it seemed interesting to me and who knows, maybe it's a way to get the harvest goddess to come. If you have trouble getting this cutscene to trigger it could be because you need to link to a gameboy. I did it a couple times before this event but I'm not sure if it did anything. Well, goodluck and hope this helps!
There are three men you can marry this is where you can find their diaries:
Marlin-Beside the beds in his house
Rock-On the table in his room
Gustafa-O the couch in his hut

The diaries will tell you how much they love you!

Good luck!!!
3 hearts for rock in 1 day
okay if u want to marry rock quickly (which i dont it just kinda happend) then use this! there is a scene at the begining if the game where rock talks to Lumina about going somewhere when she refuses he sees u ad of and asks u, heres how it would go: so after lumina refuses to go with him he sees u and asks if u want to go and do something, say "are you hitting on me?" and he'll say no, and after he tells u all this about being friendly he says "do u wanna see somthing?" er somthin like that, u say yes and he shows u a turtle he says hugh did something to it but while hes talking on about how mean hugh would be, the turtle walks away then u do automaticaly, he turns and ure gone, for some reason that makes him like you a LOT!
99 items cheat/ easy money
Every one must already know the 99 item cheat code right?
If you use this cheat. you might be confuzed(confused,confuted,confutes).
-in your back pack you can olny(only,Oliy,Olly) hold 99 of each item.

if you want to store every thing you have into shelf's and so on. You'll be sitting there for more then an hour, putting stuff away. also you get all the records and you want to play different record you can't put the record that was currently playing back in your backpack because it would be to full..
To get easy money this will also take up alot of time. but go yo van and sell all of the tools you have in your backpack , but before you do that remember to put one of each of the tools in your shead. I did this and i got over 200 000 g.
but it gets boring when all your doing is putting items away or selling them.
have fun.
A Few Things To Know.....
I would just like to give you guys a short walkthrough of the game to explain everything. Read The Following :


Rock Is Potential Husband #1
How To Win His Heart : Rock Likes Home Cooked Meals, Mist Moons, Milk & Toy Flowers
His Diary : It Is On The Table In His Bedroom At The Inner Inn
He's In Love With : Lumina (You can still win his heart)
When To Propose : It's best to propose as soon as possible. As soon as you see the cut scene with Rock and Lumina talking about Sebastian wearing a toupee, you should soon be able to marry him. If he says "Aha!" That means YES!

Marlin Is Potential Husband #2
How To Win His Heart : He Likes Crops, Milk, Cheese, Butter, Home Cooked Meals, Bodigizer, Bodyhyper & (I forget what its called) DONT GIVE HIM FLOWERS
His Diary : It is in the bush next to the night table
He's In Love With : Celia (You can still win his heart)
When To Propose : Only Propose after you've seen all the cut scenes. he has about 4-5 of them. Talk to him everyday & give him food everyday.

Gustafa Is Potential Husband #3
How To Win His Heart : Gustafa Likes Just about any flower and he likes home cooked meals.
His Diary : Is inside the back of his house somewhere
He's In Love With : Nami (But you can still win his heart)
When to propose : As soon as you have about 4-5 hearts with him.

Children :

Rock's Child : Is the cutest child of them all! He is very interested in Athletic so it will be hard to change that.

Marlin's Child : Is also cute and is very interested in Farming and

Gustafa's Child : Is Semi-Cute. he is interested in Artist & Musician.


Artist - Take him to see The Artist everyday & befriend The Artist in chapter 1 & 2 -Leave Sketch Pad in toybox NOTHING ELSE-

Musician - Take him to see Gustafa, Romana, Lumina & Sebastian Everyday.
Befriend them all in chapter 1&2 (unless ur married to Gustafa its much easier)

Athlete - Take Him To See Hugh, Chris & Her Husband Everyday & Befriend Them In Chapters 1&2. -Leave only the Ball in the toybox NOTHIGN ELSE-

Farmer/Breeder - Never take him off the farm. Milk the cows and goat by hand (DO NOT USE THE MILKER) & show him the animals and the farm.


If you want your animals to love you :
Brush/Wash, Feed, Nuzzle & talk to them everyday
& milk the cows every morning & evening. If you want ducks in chapter two keep no more than 6 chickens in your coop & buy a pond.

Cheats ; Money & 99 Items :

Step 1 : Put a remote in the third socket of the gamecube/wii
Step 2 : Take the remote & continuously press start WITHOUT pausing
Step 3 : press the Z button on the third remote a few times or even once if you like
Step 4 : Press start and view the results of your Gold & your items <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/animesmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Are you Having Trouble?
If You are having anymore trouble just leave a note on here and I ca give you any information needed. I hope all this helped! Enjoy<3<3

A simple way to get to know the villagers.
Well, I know that there are a lot of hints out there for befriending the village but I just figured this one out recently(I know I'm slow) When you open a shop and sell things to people you'll start to figure out what they like dependin on what they buy! You all probably knew this but maybe there are slow people out there like me! lol Hope I helped in any way! =^.^=
All about Rock
Rock likes coins, toy flowers, statues, and mist moons. He likes coins, toy flowers, human statues, and mist moons. Rock's diary is on the table. He wakes up at 12:00.

Rock is not much of a farm person. He is also not much of a money person; he's completely broke. If you marry him he will say that he will not work. If you propose to him and he accepts, you will have a short talk with his parents and Nami.
Animal Happiness!
Every day, pick up, love, and set back down your chickens. If you want ducks, have 3 hens, 1 rooster, and an always hatching fertilized egg. If you do not want ducks, have 6 hens, 1 rooster, and an always hatching fertilized egg. When the egg grows up into a chicken, sell it. To see if the hen has eggs, when it's sitting down and won't get up, show it a rooster. The hen will freak out and jump up and down, revealing it's egg. If one chicken doesn't have an egg, none do! Once you have the chicken yard, you don't have to bring them in on rainy or snowy days! Treat it this way and you'll start getting golden eggs!
Bring it outside on sunny days and inside on rainy or snowy days. Hug it, brush it and talk to it, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Milk it at these times too. If it is still too young to give milk wait to give it a miracle portion 3 months. to a a year after your buy it or after it's born. If you want milk S, feed it one package of good fodder every day until it gives S Milk. Don't give it too much or it'll get sick!
Treat them just like cows, but don't try to milk them until they are mature. Once they are, try to milk them every day and they will get another green heart (worth 1/2 a heart) every day.
To get your dog to like you, pick it up, train it, and feed it every day! Feeding is unnecessary, for your dog can't die, but it's something to do in spare time! (especially if you have 6,992,886 G!)
To make your Horse love you, treat it like a cow. But this time, brush it every other day and ride it every day. If it's rainy or snowy, just ride it in circles around the barn. On days you don't brush it, wash it.
To make your sheep love you, treat it like a horse and a cow! Brush, love, and talk to it twice a day. Brush it one day, wash it the next! Take it outside on sunny days only. Shear it every ten days. Treat it this way, and you'll start getting golden wool!
Treat them like cows. But if you want your son to be a farmer or a rancher, don't kill it or sell it. If you don't, sell it.
Treat them like chickens.
Treat it like your dog.
Any questions, comments, or critisizims, please e-mail me at tara.tatro@comcast.net.
Animal health
Moniter your animal's health carfully, or it WILL die! It happened to me, and I must say, it scared me to death!
Okay, your a busy bee taking care of your farm, and you want to zoom through all six chapters, but your baby(whatever his freaky name may be)wants attention! If you don't give it to him, he'll get very unruly in his teen years and only listen to his father(but very rarely)and ignore you completely. If you're one of these people, I'll tell you how to earn his trust back: Wake up earlier than him and prepare him a giant breakfast! After that, give him all the things he's interested in, and talk to him 16 times a day for one month. Go inside early(before it gets dark)and make him a huge dinner. After this, prepare him a good dessert.Do this for a month and you should have earned his respect again. But remember, you should always prepare him a breakfast and lunch and dinner,plus talk to him at least 5 times a day.
Balanced Barn
Here is just my suggestion of what animals to have in your barn. For one, you should have a sheep. As soon as you get them to produce Golden Wool, they will make you tons of money. Then, I suggest having one Bull. It is a lot cheaper to by a Bull then to buy a Miracle Potion every time. Of course you have to have your horse in your barn, so that's another animal. Then I suggest having three female cows. Keep two of your cows pregnant at a time (with a season or two apart between the pregnancies). When the babies come, if they are male sell them, if they are female, sell them or one of your older female cows. You will always have room in your barn to make lots of money.
Befriending Daryll
He loves fish. So giving him one fish a day makes you friends with him really quickly.
Chickens again
The chickens don't necessarily need to be taken out of bad weather. They can stay outside all of the time as long as they're in their pen. They also have no need for food when out doors.
Clothes, Stuff For Your Baby
Before you get married and you talk to Van and buy stuff he will say I love bears for one of the things to buy. First when I saw that I never knew what it was but now I know it's clothes for your person. It is pink and it has a picture of a bear and she's wearing a skirt. All you can get is stuff like balls and blocks. You can use the ball to make your baby a athletic when he's a teenager. Well that's all I know see ya!
Cows And Bulls And Cuuute Little Babies
This cheat works well when you dont have money to spare.
1. By a Bull and Girl cow
2.Make them alays be together
3.It will say"(name) is acting strangely, for no good reason" or something like that.
on 3 or more days you cow will be preggers

PS: I cant seem to give away mo money because the only things I could buy is from van and I did that stupid cheat and have 100,000 $ i cannot buy anything except animals!
Did you know......... Topic: Eggs
Did you know that you don't HAVE to put eggs in the incubater? Nope! If you don't take the hen off of the egg, and you don't pick up the egg, the hen can hatch it by herself! How do you know if a hen is sitting on an egg? Pick up your rooster (if you don't have a rooster this isn't going to work, cause you need a rooster to have a fertiliezed egg!) and show it to the hen. For some odd reason, the hen will get real mad and start hopping around, but land in the same place. While she's hopping, look beneath her to see if she has an egg.
Digging Items
During Chtp 1, the beginning the dig site is SUPER tiny! But as you go on the dig site gets huger and huger. I'm on the last chapter and it's HUGE! The range of items expand. I'll some of list them:
strange item: 300g
strange fossil:100g
temple ore:500g
sugar ore: 50g
moon ore:40g
hop ore: 80g
jade ball: 150g
you see If you keep going the more items you can get!
Does you kid/baby have a grandma/grandpa?
If you marry Rock: Your kids grandma is Ruby and grandpa Tim.
If you marry Marin: Vesta would be a aunt not a grandma no one knows where Marins parents are.
If you marry the guitar guy: Well then noaunt uncle grandpa or grandma.
Email me if it ever says who there parents are.
Dont give money
OK everyboby knows Murry the caveman guy.Well here is a tip dont give him your money! Sure if you want the bird you have to be friends with every perso in the town. Just give him mugworts and stuff like that. ButI gave him 1,000s of dollars a day and never again will he get money from. Email me if he ever leaves town
If you did the 99 of everything cheat, and you thought it would be easy to feed your cows with the good fodder BE CAREFUL. THIS HAPPENED TO ME.
I fed my cow one day, and it ate it the second I put it in the bin. I put some more in, and it continuously ate it. It wouldn't stop, and then it would give that little black scribble above its head, like its trying to tell me its hungry. I just go so tired of giving it to him that i just stopped and then 2 days later he died from hunger all because I fed him too much, got tired of it because he was so hungry, then he starved to death. SO FEED THEM REGULAR FODDER AND ON SPECIAL OCASIONS FEED THEM GOOD FODDER
To get a pair of ducks, buy the pond and after it arives, go to sleep. If you are married, your husband will tell u there are ducks in the pond. There are two of them, a male and a female. You can keep them or not. If you do, they live in the bird coup with your chickens.
Eat The Flower!
If you show Vesta a flower she will say, "Wow, you have something tasty there, can I have some?" say yes and she'll say, "Thanks, I can't wait to taste this later!" HAHAHA! *sigh* I don't know why but thgese things just crack me up.
There are 4 events each year, here they are, info and all:

NEW YEAR'S FESTIVAL: At the villa on spring 1st. go to the villa at any time on sping 1st to celebrate the new year!

SUMMMER FESTIVAL: Go to to Gustafa's house (if your married to him or not) and knock on the door on any day or anytime during summer to listen to gustafa play guitar with everyone in the valley!

HARVEST FESTIVAL: Go to the bar at any time it's open on Fall 5th. You will eat great food and celebrate your crops!

STARRY NIGHT FESTIVAL: Go to Gustafas yurt (if your married to him or not) and knock on the door on a starry night anytime around 6 to 9 PM. Listen to Gustafa play guitar under the stars!

So that's all the fesivals!
Fast Money
While playing AnWL insert a controller into the third slot (if u don't have another controller, then move the first one to the third slot after you've loaded your file) and keep tapping START on the third controller. You can't have the game paused or be in your backpack to do this. When you check your backpack you should have a crap load of G!! But I suggest only using this trick once at the start of the game because there is a risk that you will not be able to buy anything from Van or the produce farm, if you use it too often. I used it only at the start of my game, giving myself over 4 million bells and I've had no problems, so I think it's best to get a lot of cash, using this cheat only once.
Firework from Patrick
In the 3rd Year late summer or early fall. I went to the home of Patrick and Kassey. Patrick was alone and I talked to him. He asked me to play the game and I said no, then he said something like I was a good friend and gave me a firework. I don't know what to do with it yet. I didn't see it in any of the other FAQ's so I thought I would submit it.
To know if your friends with someone just walk by them when they're walking and they will look at you! So if ya didnt get what Im sayin Ill repeat it easily...
If they look at you, your friends with them!
Friendship is Valuble
It is easy to become friends with most of the villagers. Most of the girls will accept flowers, and almost everyone likes eggs and milk. Take time to give presents to all the villagers. Almost everyone of them will have something to give you in return.
Galen on the inside
Hey, I think this is more of a glitch and maybe people know it already, but it's soo creepy. When you're standing right beside Galen outside, Press Z (view mode) and if you look at Galen, Half of his head disappears, and you can see right through to the collar of his shirt! It's real freaky, 'cause you can't even see his neck in his collar!
Get a Chihuahua!!
Okay, first, you have to befriend Flora from the dig site. Then, you have to find a stone tablet once every year. There is a certain tablet that you have to find every year (or chapter). I'm not sure what chapter she will give it to you in but I know that's how you get it. You can see it on the cover of the game. It's a tiny dog with huge eyes and a red ribbon.
Get a lot of G fast
This help to get money because in this game alot of the cheats the other dont work.

Go to the waterfall and fish right near the rock next to the dig site. If you catch a Huge Nymo...thingy it cost 200g. If you catch a couple you get a ton from Van.
Get rare fish and regular fish faster
First buy a fishing pole from Van. Then go fish over the bridge facing north (facing waterfall). For some reason, fish are caught faster here and their more expensive!
Get Rock Easily
Ok... to marry Rock give him coins, and dishes remember that he is a parier.. so dont go giving him a weird plant because he wont know what is is... its like SUPER easy to marry him but to give him the perfect dishes u have to do the 99 cheat thing man IT ROCKS! and to see his diary here are thee times u can check (beside the big cabenit on the lil thing) when he wakes up: 00:00 pm and when he comes home from the bar at: 00:00am the rest of the day he will probably wander around town or stand near the Harvest Spring... hope i helped!
Get the Chicken Yard
To get the chicken yard, get four chickens and talk to Takakura. If he suggests to buy a Seed Maker, talk to him again and he will suggest to build a Chicken Yard for 10,000 G.

This will replace that old wooden house and you cannot get into. They will knock it down and put your Chicken Yard in its place. Chickens can stay out in the rain, unless you want them to get sick.
Gettin' more Food
Have you ever wondered how you get main dishes, desserts, apitizers, and more for your kitchen?To unlock all those filling main courses, desserts, and appetizers, grow either 40 yams or 40 turnips. After they're harvested take them to your kitchen and pick SOUP for yams or SALAD for turnips. Turn 28 of them into a meal. Now you've unlocked APPETIZERS. Repeat this step with the remaining yams or turnips. Soon you'll unlock all the possible dishes! This might sound a little hard but you can just put a remote in slot 3! Then press Z. You will probley get either yams or turnips. It doesn't matter if they are grown or cheated to get. Don't put like 3 yams/turnips at once! Do 1 at a time.
Getting more recipes
To get dessets and hors d'ovreas, just cook 20-25 soups or salads. Cooks 10 desserts to get the Main Dishes.
Golden wool......
Ok, this is how you get a sheep to give you golden wool. Personally, I'm not entirly sure how I did it, but I hope this helps. If it doesn't, it at the very least makes the sheep trust you. Here is what to do. Buy a sheep (obviously) and then make it stand by the water trough in the pasture. Using your Brush (you can buy one from Van), click the y-button to wash the sheep. Do this multiple times before pushing the a-button to brush it in the usual way. Do this every day (not at night, the sheep don't like that) and when the sheep grows wool again, do the wash/dry step one time, and then clip the wool. You will either get White wool or Gold wool. If the Sheep is going to produce Gold wool, it will look a little dirty. Give it extra washing and it will give you Gold wool. And by the way, after the sheep trusts you, it will start to follow you around the pasture.
Growing Fruits/Vegitables
Growing Fruits and Veggies takes about a month so plant them at at Day 01 of their growing season so they don't die unless their growing seasons are two months in a row and you plant them in the first season.

Grows: Spring-Fall
B rank cost: 35g

Grows: Spring-Summer
B rank cost: 75g

Grows: Fall-Spring
B rank cost: 35g

Grows: Summer-Winter
B rank cost: 25g

Grows: Summer-Fall
B rank cost: 70g

Grows: Winter-Spring
B rank cost: 60g

Grows: Fall-Winter
B rank cost: 40g

Sweet Potato
Grows: Fall
B rank cost: 60g
Harvest Moon: Cooking Tips

If you want to learn how to cook then this is the right place for you! When you start the game you'll see that you only have like 2 different choices of meals. Salads and soups. How to unlock different meals like Main dishes and desserts is easy. First, in the Summer JUST grow turnips. When they grow take to the kitchen and go to salads and all you need in the salad light pickles you just need turnips. Use all your turnips to make salads. Then in the fall do the same thing you did with turnips although this time use yams. You can make a soup with just yams. Use all your yams for yam soup. You should have made about 10 salads and ten soups (that's the requirement) Then go outside and come back in and you'll have unlocked desserts and hors d'oeuvres. Here's a list of the different meals you can create and their ingredients. And try to experiment with different dishes. Enjoy and GUSTAFAR ROCKS!!!!! Padme

Tomamelo Salad: Tomato and Melon
Tomacarro Salad: Tomato and Carrot
Pickles: Cabbers
Light Pickles: Turnips
Good Pickles: Tradys and Cadys
Marinade: Turnip, Mugwart, and Fish
Fruit Salad: Three different kinds of fruit
Red Salad: Tomato, Trady, and Tomaca
Potemelo: Potemelo and Fish
Mellow Salad: Melotoma, Dhilon, and RT#2

Tomatoma Soup: Tomato and Carrot
Yam Soup: Yams
Potato Soup: Potato, Wild Plant, and Mushroom
Stew: Potato, Carrot and Milk
Fish Stew: Fish, Yam, and Turnip
Earth Stew: Potato and Carrot
Good Soup: Turnip, Bashota, and Fish

Curry: Carrot, Potato, and Ruby's Spice
Mushroom Curry: Carrot, Mushroom, and Ruby's Spice
Mushroom Gratin: Mushroom, Milk, and Butter/Cheese
Gratin: Cheese, Butter, Milk
Meuniere Set: Fish, Butter
Omelet: Egg, Butter

Strawberry Cake: Strawberry, Egg, and Butter
Carrot Cake: Carrot, Milk, and Egg
Dhibe Cake: Dhibe, Milk, and Egg
Pound Cake: Milk, Egg and Butter
Veggie Cake: Tomato, Brown Milk, and Star Milk
Ice Cream: Brown Milk, and Star Milk
Kashry Ice Cream: Kashry, Brown Milk, and Star Milk
Peach Tart: Peach, Butter, and Egg
Pulp Tart: R#1, Butter, and Egg
Phurum Jam: Phurum
Magenge Jam: Magenge
Grilled Yam: Yam
Sweet Potato:

Fruit Punch: Three different kinds of fruit
Tropical Punch: R#4, R#5, and R#7
Good Juice 1: Carrot/Tomato, Vegetable, and Tree Fruit
Good Juice 2: 2 different kinds of fruit and R#5/R#7
Rich Juice: Strawberry, Banana, and Star Milk
Cocktail: Berrytoma and Phuju
Sweet Cocktail: Oraphu and Gehju
Love Cocktail: Watermelon and Grapes
Sour Cocktail: Grapes and R#9

Horsie Horse Horsie Horse
To get a horse you have to really work hard for the whole spring month and on summer 1st at 1:00 p.m Takakura will give you a bright orange male horse.
House Extensions
This will contain spoilers on later chapters if you haven't gotten there yet.

You get the following house extension in each chapter:

Chapter 2~Kitchen
Chapter 3~Kid's Room
Chapter 4~Master Bedroom
How To Get A Cat...........
Give Ramona a flower;any type

One Day,after you give her a flower
There will be a cut scene

You Will Have Your Cat!
Give it a name and take it home to do whatever

{color can be different}
How to get MORE FOOD COURSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
To unlock all those filling main courses, desserts, and appetizers, grow either 40 yams or 40 turnips. After they're harvested take them to your kitchen and pick SOUP for yams or SALAD for turnips. Turn 28 of them into a meal. Now you've unlocked APPETIZERS. Repeat this step with the remaining yams or turnips. Soon you'll unlock all the possible dishes! Put in 1 turnip/yam at a time.
How to get Tarten
Visit Takakura in his house between 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM at winter time starting from Chapter 2, and you'll get a cutscene where Takakura introduces you to Tartan. You may need to give Takakura some cooked recipes before to make sure he is your friend (to get the Hybrids, that is).
How to make cows pregnant
If you want to make your cow pregnant without buying a miracle potion this is how you do it. Assuming you have a bull and a cow that are both grown up, if you "milk" the bull at least for 3 days your cow will begin feeling funny and becoming pregnant. This is kinda a gross cheat because your bull gets kinda happy afterwards but.....yeah it's worth it I guess
How to start off in the game!
Hi guys! If you're new to this game, then I'm here to help you to start off properly without any problems!
So, after that first scene, it's the next day. If you have 2 game controllers, put the other one in the 3rd slot in the GC. Press the start button on the 3rd controller, then you will got 10,000G! So after that, run outside, and to the ledger building. Order a big watering can, a light hoe and light sickle, because using the heavy tools lessens your energy. After that, go in the tool shed. Press A on the left wall, and select the watering can and heavy hoe. Then go to the shelf on the right hand wall, and press A. Select the seeds. Then go into the barn, feed your cow, and milk her. Save the milk in your rucksack.
Then after that, go to the field closer to the watering thing, the one farther from your house. Fill up the watering can, and with your hoe, make a pattern in the field like this, X stands for the spot where you should dig, - stands for not digging there.
Then, water those spots. Run to Vesta's farm, and buy 13 tomato seeds, and 15 watermelons. Plant them in the fields. Drink the milk you have. You are now done farming. It might be near noon, so explore the village and collect mugworts, green plants with 3 or 4 leaves. There are 7 in total in town. After that, collect more milk from your cow, drink the milk for energy. Then you ca do whatever you want. This is just a guide for the first day of farming.
How to Stop the Ringing on the Alarm Clock ♥
This hint doesn't completely get rid of the ringing, but it at least it will help get rid of most of it.
Go to sleep, as usual, and when you hear it ringing, to wake you up, move the control stick to the right and it will stop it ringing any further. I haven't tried to move it in any other direction yet but just experiment it if you want. I don't know if you already knew this but its just a hint for you girls and boys to use if you were annoyed by the ringing of the alarm clock like I was~
How to win rock's heart quick
Ok i'm going to tell you how to win's rock's heart very quickly.First,you will see a scene where he is talking to lumina i'm not sure how you spell it but she will turn him down and he will ask you something.pick Are you hitting on me?then DO NOT pick i'm going home,choose the other one.then he will take you to see the turtle.Next,go outside from your house at like from 5:00 to 7:00 rock will be laying down near your home he will ask you a question then pick what are you doing?keep picking to hear his story why he was there,it's really interesting.After that give him the coins or statues from the mine.Last,give him the blue feather.
husband info
rock-rock is an runner,stays out late(until married),goes for strolls to the spring behind youre farm,diary is on bench in his room,likes toyflowers,gold coins,cheese,butter, but nothing made from goat milk,his kid is also a fan of running ,gets into truble,also wanders around ,even gets into trouble for staying out late.

marlin-marlin may seem grumpy and mean but thats just a act to hide his shyness and somtimes feelings,mostly stays at his farm helping with buisness,also most of the time wont take enything when aay from farm will take in his house 50%chance when hes in work shed,his diary is by the plants by his bed,likes eggs,cooked food(curry is always good),records,turbojolt(basicly those bottles),and some tipe of flower experement(im not sure myself).

Gustafa-Gustafa is a shy musician who spends most of his time outside taking a stroll,his diary is on the bench by his instruments,he likes moon ores ,flowers,and eny stones u find in the exuvation site ,and fruits(also maby a cooked food every often depends on mood).

Heart events-heart events are the trigered videos that happens when u have a certain amount of hearts on the guy you want to marry,one of rocks events is when you go by the inn and u see rock talking to lumina he asks her to go somewere but she says no ,so rock sees u , if u want to mary him then say nice complementing things,and asks u to go with him say yes then youll have to say are u hitting on me? then hell show u turtle and itll be so still that rock will think it is dead and blame huge the turtle will run away then u leave him there.

one of marlins heart events is when you knock on his door u go in and hes standing by his diary,you go over to him and hell ask u a veriaty of questions.then the event ends by him telling u to eat lots of vegatables to be healthy....I think this is weird because id never meet him when i started my game and the event trigered when i first meet him <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/huh.gif" border="0" vspace="2" alt="" />so i thought it was weird maby i pressed a button without knowing XD

one of gustafas heart events is when u go by his house hes playing his gutiar and you walk over to him and he plays a song he mad just for u every time he makes a song for u 3times per heart event ,if u marry him hell play the hole song for you.

If it happens to you
i heard some people saying that when you use the 10,000 G cheat eventually characters in the game will say you don't have any money. I don't know how to fix it but you can use the z cheat for seeds and toys for your kid.
Info about your kids.
Rock's kid: He is very energectic and loves to wander around. If you pick him up and take him to the town away from your farm then it's gonna take a while for him to come home since he will just wander everywhere in the town.

Marlin's Kid:He will always walk around your pasture to see the animals and tools and crops. If you don't want him to be a farmer or breeder then it's really gonna be hard to change his career goal since he's really into farming.

Gustafa's kid: He is alot interested in art and Music so he may become one of these careers if you don't influence him to change it.
Just so ya know...
A lot of recipes, cheats, tips, and people require cheese or butter. If you have no clue how to do it, I will tell you. The very tall building that you buy animals at, go there. Then (if you don't know the cheat to get 10,000 G, look bellow) do the cheat to get 10,000 G. Do it a few times. Now in the building orders, buy the "Food Processing Room". After about 7 days, it will get delivered. Takura (or whatever his name is) will explain how to make it. Have fun!
Keeping your Horse Happy
Alternate between brushing and washing him everyday.
Feed him an apple a day! It keeps th doctor away! Literally.
Ride him when its sunny, and take him to jump the logs around the beach.

Your horse can get tricky when it comes to keeping him happy
Making your animals happy
Its a good idea to put your animals, including chickens in the fenced area. Make sure you put them away at night before you go to sleep. And if you keep that up, the cows will give better milk A or S and chickens will lay eggs more often.
I just ffound out, the more hearts he gets, the better he talks to you. I used the 99 of all items cheat, and gave him a "Rare 21 Crop S'' and it was very high quality

the outcome?

he told me

"The Rare 21 you gave me was totally amazing. You're better than I thought"

Just happened to me, I read it off my screen and it can totally happen to you!!!
Marlin's son waters your crops!!!!
I just recently found this out. I'm in the third chapter of the game. I've already beat it a couple times and this has never happened to me. If you set your alarm clock for 7:00, when you wake up in the morning, you'll get a small scene where your son says "Good morning, Mom! I watered the crops for you." he waters all the crops on your farm. i love this because it saves you from watering them.
Marriage Advice/ Bachelor info

Gustafa: Gustafa is the best of the 3 bachelors. he cares for you (and your son) more than Rock or Marlin, and of course he the most romantic and kind. He also does Farmwork and he doesn't yell at your son.

To Marry Gustafa:
-Give him any kind of flower (except Godess Drops, he will not accept them)
-Give him Moon ores, Jade Balls, and Human statues
-Give him Milk. He likes marble milk most.
-Talk to him every Day (he wakes up a 10:00)and always listen to his songs.

his diary is the couch in his yurt.

Rock: Rock is the Hottest of the bachelors, though he has no job, it's nice to know that you're married to a cutie like him. He doesn't help out around the farm often, but he is very nice and calls you babe no matter what! ;D he may not give you much, but what he does give you is the most beautiful son you could ask for. your son will be so "Good Looking" you might wish you married him instead.

To marry Rock:
-Give him gold coins, toy flowers, Sweets, and human statues.
-Give him Milk and/or Goat Cheese
-talk to him everyday. he wakes up at 12:00.
his Diary is the table in his room.

Marlin: Marlin is the most hardworker out of the three. since he works on vestas farm, he's good with crops, and will help out around the house. he's not that good-looking, unless you think he is. but he does help out around the farm.

To marry Marlin:
-Give him Curry, lots of food.
-Talk to him every day.
-Give him Crops also.

He wakes up at 6:00 or 7:00

his diary is the plant by the beds downstairs.

Tip: if you want your son to respect you when he is a teen, give him lots of attention as a toddler,or else he will be very rude and ignore you when he's older.
Marry Rock easily
Give him either a Mist Moon or Toy Flower every day. Have ten of each for fall and winter.
Marry Rock!
Rock likes:

1.Home cooked meals
2.Toy flowers
3.Human statues
4.Old coins

Hint: When Rock has 4 hearts you might try to propose to him and he might say:

"That makes me want to fly like a bird"

But don't worry, you will have to wait till he comes to your farm next time. He will be laying next to the garden bed and then he will talk to you. Propose now and he will say yes.
Marrying faster
Here is an awesome cheat in which you could get through the first year and marrying in a day!

1. After the introduction in which Takura (or whatever) shows you the farm, go back into your house.
2. Go to the very tall building that is next to Takura's house.
3. Sell your cow, and any other animals you might have except for your dog (because you cannot sell him/her.)
4. Do they money cheat and the 99 item cheat.
5. Feed yourself A LOT.
6. Sleep, sleep, sleep.
7. Wake-up.
8. Sleep, sleep, sleep
9. Wake-up
10. After a while, a whole year will go by. At the last day in the year, go outside of your room. Either Gustafa, Malin, or Rock will propose to you.
11. Say yes.
12. The next day you will have a child, and the FUN part begins! hee hee

Note: It is not neccassary to leave your room when you wake-up. Just go right back to sleep.
During the summer, Takura will come with a horse. Except the horse, but don't feed it.
Marrying Marlin...in a month!
Marrying Marlin can be tough. Not if you follow my way. It is often easier if you start off with the 99 cheat. Go to his house everyday( he wakes up at 6:00 A.M.) and the way I remember all the items you give him is all the tabs( "All", "Food", etc...) except "ALL" and "SEEDS". Give him one home cooked meal( if you have fried veggie, that's the best), then one crop. after that, give him a bottle of A or S milk. Following that, give him a tool you used. note: IT MUST BE ALREADY USED!! For example, the watering can you always use. Then, give him a medicine bottle (any will do) and lest but least, a record! Repeat this every day and watch his diary fill wiht hearts! then, on the first or second day of summer, you get your blue feather. Dont give it to him even if you have four hearts. he will say "What is this?" but, on the second(this worked for me, but I dont know if it will work again) and give him all the stuff i mentioned. then offer him the blue feather. note: you must have four hearts!!!! so, thats about it, so, enjoy marlin!
More about the guys
Gustafa likes statues and moon ores. You find them in the ruin. Do not give him fossils or any flowers.

Gustafa likes human statues, milk, any kind of flowers.

Gustafa's diary is on the couch. He wakes up at 10:00.

When your relationship is heating up he will sing a song he has been working on for you. You will hear two parts. The first one is held at the tree by his yurt. The second one is by the waterfall. If you propose to him and he accepts he will sing you the entire song.

If you want Gustafa to love you (which takes awhile), go to his house everyday at 10:00 a.m. Give him flowers then talk to him awhile. Keep doing this and he will write a love song for you and give you a flower. Do not give up on him -- he is the best one.

Marlin likes certain types of flowers (experiment with them), curries, and soups.

Marlin's diary is in the bushy plants in the house. He wakes up at 6:00.

You may think Marlin is just a grumpy person but that is just his way of hiding his shyness. Because Marlin worked on Vesta's farm, it will probably have an influence on your son's interests when he grows up.

Rock likes coins, human statues, toy flowers, and mist moons.

Rock's diary is on the table. He wakes up at 12:00.
Murrey ( Don't steal items)
If you don't want Murrey to steal items from your storage room then the first time he comes to take food tell him to give it back because when you let him keep the food he comes many times causing a annoying cutscene
Mushroom Money
This hint is extremely simple. All you have to do is this:
1.Wait until fall comes around
2. Go near Vesta's farm and head down the path to the dig site.
3. Before you get to the dig site, stop where you see a large mountain to your right. (Not the mountain to Mineral Town.)
4. Turn right and you will find at least one Matasuke (I think that's how it's spelled...) mushroom. Pick this up.
6. When Van comes to town, sell him all of those mushrooms. They're worth 100G a piece.
I know that 100G isn't a lot, but for ten of them you get 1,000! Hope I helped.
I used the 99 of all items cheat and no one took my my money at Vesta's and I couldn't buy anything! I was married and I had a teenage son and I needed to start over because I couldn't advance on with my game!

No Miricale Potion Required!
Okay I think this is pretty neat, and a nice way to save money (also you dont have to listen to Takakura make your cows do it *shudder). All you do is buy a cow and a bull. Put their feed boxes by one another (warning they may have more babies then you ask for!You can sell em but they were so adorable I could not!So now my farm is full of babies lol). Treat them nicely and hug them and such. Eventually when they are matured,prehaps afew days or a season (spring,summer, ect.) when you go to talk your girl cow, say her name is Cookie, it will say :Cookie is acting strange: or something along the line of that. You cannot choose what gendar the baby will be and depending on what the Mom looks like and what the Dad looks like, the baby will be kinda combined. Say it is a Star cow and a Brown cow the baby would have traits of both. Hope I helped
People Cheat
People in this game have some different pesonalities. I won't name ALL of them but I'll name most of them. I will start with the guys that you can marry. Rock my look very cute but is lazy. Gustafa is very hip and likes music. Marlin is grumpy but is the smartest of the 3.Muffy is alone and needs a man. Celia is very kind and gentle. Nami is shy and smart. Ruby is a good cook, tim is a far off travler, Chris is a mother who moved from the city, Wally is a Athlete. Hugh will grow to a trained man.Kate is a little brat but is smart, Lumina is very rich and a great pianist.The firework twinsne is very mean and one is very nice.That is all I'm going to write for now.
Rain stopping
Stop rain:
Go into the Dig Site. Dig up at least one item and go outside. It will no longer be raining.
Also works with hurricanes/storms.
Rain to Sun
Tired of rain?well at 9:58am or 10:00am go to the digging site and dig there once you quit digging it'll be sunny.=)
okay so at the beginning of the game you have two records. one is in the tool shed and the other is in the player in your house. each record will go for 250G if you sell them to van. it's not a lot of money but hey it's not like it cost you anything!
rich, but can't spend
If you use the z cheat too much, then you won't be able to buy anything from van and you can't buy any seeds. If you don't care about it, than just make sure you buy all the clothes, toys, and interiors from van before this happens and you don't loose anything

(PS) if you have the blue feather and you haven't given it to anyone then don't do the z cheat because your blue feather will dissappear. It may not always happen, but it happened to me.
Give rock, cheese,eggs,and food and he wil like you he wakes up at 0:00 and sometimes in the fall 11:00
Rock's Toddler, Child
Rock's Son:

Toddler: He wears a baby blue pad outfit and has blonde and brown hair. He's very outgoing and naughty, but cute and gets out of the farm as much as possible.
Wake-Up Time: 6:00 a.m. Bed Time: 9:00 p.m.
He has the most interest and skills in Athletics, automatically. He likes to be thrown in the air the most.

Child: He wears an orange, blue, and white sweater along with dark blue jeans and green and white sneakers. His blondish and brownish hair still remain.
Wake-Up Time: 5:40 a.m. Bed Time: 9:40 p.m.
Likes: Omelets, (main dish-egg and butter) dairy products, seeds, and jade balls. (found through the excavation site)
Skills: The least in farming, music, and learning. The second least is ranching. The second most in athletics. The most in art.
Interest: Athletics and whatever you influenced him into.
Sad, but True.
In the third chapter, around Spring or so, you awake one morning to find that the Harvest Sprites are looking for 'nices' in on your farm. They see you and ask you about the 'nices'. Then Flak, the fat one, asks if the grass (and possibly the animals) in your field is a 'nices'. And then, suddenly the screen will freeze, and a buzzing sound will come from your GC. The only thing you can do is turn off the game. And the bad thing is that there is nothing you can do about it.
Sell your Goat!
After your goat runs out of milk, it is best to sell it, as you will just be wasting fodder on having him.
Sheeps: Lots of Wool
In AnWL you can buy a sheep for 1500g using the leger in the food storage.
When you get it it has a full coat of wool. (This cheat requires some money I would guess about 5,000g (use the 10,000 cheat, its a life saver) also you have to have at least 2 open spots in your barn)
If you have the clippers, you order the sheep, shear it than sell it, next take the money you made from selling and buy another sheep, put it in the the other empty spot in the barn. The first sheep will be gone in the morning, and the new sheep will arrive at 1. It will have a full coat of wool (if you brush it and nuzzle it, and you may get golden)

Enjoy <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Some stuff to know
If you are a beginner of the game Harvest Moon:Another Wonderful Life, then you came to the right place! Before you truely play this game, which is a TRUELY wonderful life, you obvieously want to know a little about this game, starting from animal care ending up to who you can marry and how to win their heart! Lets start with hubbies(husbands), also included with where their diary is.

Marlin: His diary is next to his bed by the plants on the Farm, he lives with Vesta and Celia. He is pretty tough to get, but it can still happen! He will except almost any food(rarely sweets like pies, cake, and icecream/sherbert), watering cans, and he'll take the medicine energy jolt bottles(sold from Van, the traveling salesmen...)

Rock: His diary is on the bamboo table located on the left of his room, he lives at the Inner-Inn with his "parents", Tim and Ruby, and Nami.I recomend him for beginners. He will take coins found from the dig-site, home-cooked meals(his favorites are any kind of pies and any kind of cocktails)

Gustafa: His diary is located in the the back of his tent on the couch(his tent is near the beach) he doesn't live with anybody, besides himself. If you like music and arts, you will LOVE this guy! He will take almost any kind of flowers, anything veggie(no meat) and almost anything else! He is a REAL hippie!

Some Animals that you can get
Cows and Bulls(Marble,Star,Brown,and Normal)
Dogs(stray dog that you get in the beginning of the game, and Carters chihuahua)
Cat(Romina finds this cat and gives it to you in the summer of year 2)
(and much more)

Hope this satisfies you!
Son Spinner
If you're having trouble finding out how to get your son to pick a certain career, this is what you need to do if you want an artist or musician:
Marry Gustafa. His son is already interested in those things and will most likely become one of those later on. I you're leaning more towards an artist, don't buy him any toys and in Chapter 4, give him the painting you get from Cody once you befriend him. If you want a musician, it's best not to get him any toys also. You should give him the sheet music from Lumina.
If you want a rancher or farmer:
Marry Marlin. His son will automatically be interested in those. If you want a farmer, show him some seeds and tools except for the MILKER! This will mae him want to be a scolar. For a rancher just show him your animals.You might not want to buy him any toys because you don't want him to go off track.
If you want an athelete:
Marry Rock. His son is also naturally interested in this.Buy him the ball to excercise. Take him somewhere, like the beach and just set him down. This will influence him because he will just start wandering around (hint hint:giving him more excercise.)
If you want a scolar:
You should marry Gustafa. His son has the ability to be a scientist, as does Marlin's, but neither of them have the interest to do so. To influence him, you should show him the milker, introduce him to Daryll and Carter, take him by the digsite and Daryll's place,buy him the car. Hope I helped!
Note: The blocks don't influence anything actually () so if you feel bad for not buying your son anything then you can get him this.
Taking Care of Your Animals
To raise your dog's affection for you feed him anything edible every day. Also try to train him every day. If that black thing appears over his head when you're teaching him a trick then stop with that trick and try again tomorrow.
If you befriend Romana she'll give you a cat during any Fall in chapter 2.Feed it daily and keep it inside when it rains and snows.
Nuzzle, talk to, brush and milk your cows twice a day. Take them out on nice days. At the start of the game they should give you 8 milks a day, then it will go down to 6, then 4, and it will eventually no longer give milk. If you buy a new cow and want to get it pregnant then you have to wait 30 days for it to mature.
Treat them like cows, but when they mature, which takes about thirty days, milk them, which will give them a green heart.
The same as cows, but wash your sheep daily to increase you chances of getting golden or white wool. After a month or two, you'll get golden wool.
Same as cows, but ride them every day.
Same as cows, but after they stop producing milk, they're useless. If you can't sell it, then you'll have to kill it.
Nuzzle and talk to them daily, and collect their eggs. They will lay fertilized eggs, which you can put in the incubator, but if they are born as roosters sell them.
Same as chickens, but you have to build the pond in order to get them. They come in chapter 2
The beach at night
When I am at the beach at night I like to go into first person view ( or tirde person ) and look up at the stars if it is clear nothing in the shy you can see a tiny red star it is a wonderful to see. If you see any other new stars tell me or email me.
The Boy's Personalities AFTER Marrige
The odd thing about the boys is that I've married all three boys and their personalities change when you marry them (not Rock so much)

Marlin: Marlin can come off as rude sometimes. And by year 3 his hair is SNOW WHITE. For the Spring Festival, he went off on me and yelled at me about how bad my cooking was or something. The only positive thing is that Marlin's kid MAY water plants, depending on his interests, I know he did it for me. * (one star husband)

Gustafa: When you marry him, he's all mushy-gushy with love songs and junk. He wasn't my personal favorite, but his kid is semi-cute (his eyes look like they don't have any pupils, though) and Gustafa's hair doesn't gray for a while. *** (Three star husband)

Rock: Rock goes to sleep at like, 10pm every night even when he's married- BUT HE WAKES UP AT 6, unlike when he was a bachelor. His hair turns white in like the 3rd year, but it's not too bad because it's not a big difference (comparing MArlin's jet black hair). But, unlike Marlin, Rock DOES get some wrinkles. And Rock's kid is adorable. ***** (Five star husband)
The Disadvantage of the Money Cheat
Now, it may seem harmless, but I did it over, and over, and then my game made this weird noise. Then, it froze, and I had to turn it off with out saving! So be careful and keep this in mind before using it again.
Tip For Marriage
Once you have 4 hearts for the guy you want to
marry you need to be patient just keep giving him
gifts and near the end of winter you should propose to him and you should then be engaged!
Tip For People Who Like Rock!
He wakes Up At 00:00pm And goes to the inn to sleep Around 12:00am ,1:00am Or 2:00am Before He Goes To The Inn He's At The Bar He Goes To The Inn ,the Other Farm(i for get how to spell her name) The Beach, Spring, dig site, and villa And Bar
Tips for Rock's son
Rock's Son craves attention so if I were you I would give it too him.

Sometimes he will tell you daddy you cute I don't know how to help you there

He will sometimes hide and you will almost have to go to sleep and wake up to find him.

Don't take him into town when he is a toddler because he might roam around and it will take him ages to come back.

He really like to play with the scratch pad so do not sell that toy.

If you have never played this before then you would probably like to know that he can open doors.

I would hold him if he wants to go outside when Daryl is there because Daryl will try to examine him.

To Be friends or not to Be friends
-Give Lumina records and flowers so she can give you the music sheet and the drum set after you are her friend.
-Give Wally and Hugh milk, eggs, and Hugh ores.
-Give Marlin bodyhyper, curries, and soups.
-Give Galen food after Nina dyes and meals.
-Give Muffy Flowers and popular food.
-Give Flora Food, and Cocktails.
-Give Carter Food
-Give Chris Ice cream, flowers, and milk.
-Give Kate flowers and food.
-Give Celia flowers and food.
-Give Gustafa Veggie drinks, Veggie food, crops, and flowers.
-Give Nami Trick Blue Flowers, food, and fossils.

Train your puppy
you can train your dog in the second one.
1.press Y.
2.hold y,z, or A.
3.after words spin movement stick.
4.last when you are done press B.
Your dog will love you more and it's something to do in free time.

P.s. always remember to feed your dog and hold it every day
Truly Marlin
Awesome Marlin lovers out there, don't worry if he doesn't loosen up! Use the Z cheat to get all the items. Everyday vist Marlin from when you arrive to atleast 10:00 a.m. when everybody goes inside Vesta's house.Give Marlin S milk, any kind of curries and soups, medicine, good butter, or just really anything that has to do with food except fish and some herbs. After that talk with him as much as you can and agree with any good questions he asks you. Buy all your crops from only him and buy drinks when he visits the bar.Be sure to see some of his cut scenes and try to compliment him. Soon when you reach 4 hearts in his diary, propose to him with the blue feather. He's as good as yours!
Unlockable.............How to Unlock
Strange Sickle.........Befriend Cody
Weird Sickle...........Befriend Dr. Hardy
Goat Milker...........Get it automatically after buying the goat
Wool Clippers.......... Befriend Wally
Seed Maker............. Befriend Daryl
Watering Can W......... Befriend Romana
Strange Hoe............ Befriend Tim
Weird Hoe.............. Befriend Vesta
Ruby Spice............. Befriend Ruby
Fishing Rod (G).........Befriend Galen
Alarm Clock ............Befriend Grant (Chapter 2+)
Sheet Music.............Befriend Lumina (Chapter 3+)
Drum Set.............Befriend Gustafa (Chapter 3+)
Flora's Necklace.............Befriend Flora (Chapter 3+)
Gold Medal.............Befriend Wally (Chapter 3+)
Artwork.............Befriend Cody (Chapter 4+)
Use the Blue Feather Before Year 2 (Heart Scenes!!)
Most people think that as soon as your guy gets four stars you can use the blue feather, but they are sadly mistaken. Even if the guy has four hearts for you, you will not be able to give him the blue feather until you have seen all four of his heart scenes.

For example (this is the only one that I actually know but all three of the guys have four heart scenes): Marlin's heart scenes:

Heart Scene 1:
Walking into Vesta's house the scene will begin with Marlin standing to the right, he will notice you've entered and ask you if you're used to the farm yet. After nodding he'll start to stutter a bit and ask if you have business with him. Your responses are "What's your hobby?" and "I'm busy. I have to go". After picking the first one he'll reply that he doesn't really have one, then ask if you like vegetables, your responses are "sure" or "no". When picking the first one he'll smile and say "I see...then you should eat a lot of them, there are lots of people who don't eat enough of them these days" and etc etc he'll talk a bit more about vegetables. And finally he'll offer to help you with your vegetables if you need it, your responses are "That's kind of you" and "No thanks". After choosing the first one you will smile and Marlin will get embarrassed and even tell you so but then tell you he's not mad, then that he doesn't know what to say but to visit him any time you like. You will smile and nod.

Heart Scene 2:

Upon entering Vesta's farm the scene will begin, you will notice Marlin thinking over by the scarecrow and walk over to him. He'll say that he was just thinking, after asking about what he'll say that he can't tell you. "I want to hear" or "I'm going home". After choosing the first one he'll snap "No!" and thinks you'll make fun of him, "No I won't" or "Geez just spit it out buddy". After choosing the first one again he'll say "Alright but don't tell anybody", you nod. Apparently he had a dream that Celia was running to hug him but then suddenly turned into Vesta. Then he'll ask if it's stupid to worry about dreams, "not really" or "ha ha ha", obviously pick the first one. He'll tell you that he feels better now and that you are a kind woman, he then gives you a Veggie Juice and leaves.

Heart Scene 3:

This scene starts on the way to Vesta's, it will start out with Marlin and Celia standing side by side by the river. They will both notice you as you walk down by them. Being the sneaky but kind person she is, noticing that Marlin really likes you, she will yawn. You and Marlin will be worried that something is wrong, she'll say she's fine but should take a nap just in case. She tells you to talk with Marlin, then leaves happily. He'll ask if you should have a chat, "Sure" or "No". He then tells you that he doesn't talk with people often but because it's you he'll try. He'll ask you how you like it here and if things are going well, "Sure" or "Not Really". He'll say that's good and that he's getting by but when he'd first arrived he was like a fish out of water. On cue a fish will jump out of the water and you will both look at the river, Marlin will ask if you fish, your only reply is a smile which makes him nervous. He says that he's going home and leaves quickly.

Heart Scene 4:

At Vesta's farm Marlin will be standing by the windmills. He will acknowledge you and say he's not in the mood for talking and asks you to leave him alone. "What's wrong?" or "Ok I'm leaving". He will tell you about before he came here that he was sick and had to quit working because of it, so he came here but even now it still hasn't cleared up. The doctors have a positive attitude and say if he had the same it might go away, he thinks he'll have it forever. "That's not true" or "Maybe so". He'll get mad and ask what you know about it and say you don't know how he feels. Then he'll say to leave him alone, "Shake your head" or "I see, bye". He'll leave for the house, stop by the door and say thanks to you.

Vans Weight Problem(Sequance Video)
On vans shop day watch him when he's coming wait till he's really really close to the Inn then set up your shop. Wait a few seconds for him to go in the inn and close your shop and hurry into the inn. He and tim will be talking about their weight tim will say he needs to loose a few pounds or something like that. It's funny!(This maybe for the first harvest moon, but i forget. But try it)
1. There are no horse races
2. Your dog cannot chase away Murrey if you train him. The scene only happens when you wake up in the afternoon and come out of your house
Rock's son:
Will be interested in the Athletic career
Marlin's son:
Farmer or Rancher career
Gustafa's son:
musician or artist career
How to get the horse:
take care of your animals good/around the summer you will get it
How to get the sheep:buy it from the ledger
How to get the goat:Buy it from Van for 3000 G
What to give your neigbors:
Chris:Milk, flowers, Ice cream
Wally:Milk, eggs
Celia:flowers and food
Muffy:flowers and food
Nami:Trick Blues, food, fossils
Kate:flowers, food
Gustafa:flowers,food, crops
Marlin:flowers,foods, crops
Galen:fish, meals [he will be back to his normal self in Chapter 3
OK! dont make the mistake i did!!! now, if you do the cheat were you get 99 of like every item and you get some blue feathers, WHAT EVER YOU DO, DONT GIVE IT TO YOUR HUSBAND. I did it, because i thoguht it would be funny with the big glitch. But anyway, heres what happens if you want to know what happens.

One day I was so happy cuz I was stupid and wanted to make a glitch with my husband, Gustafa so I went up to him and showed him one of my 99 blue feathers. he said, "Is that for me?" I said "Yes." Then it made this earblasting buzz sound and I turned off my wii (wiis can play game cube games! I know, SO COOL ) and played agian. I thoguht the only damage done was I had to start the day over. Turns out, my cow milky was pregnant right? Well one day like, a month later I woke up and the sprites were saying "We gotta new friend! Come quickly!" Then, the screen went black. Nothing happened. Nothing. I left it on for 2 hours at one point and nothing happened. Nothing.

So theres my sad but true story of how my perfect harvest moon life was ruiend. So if you do that, the next cutscene you have the screen will go black as mine did and you will be forced to get a new life. PLUS I had to give up my life with Gustafa! (hes the best to marry...) And I couldnt marry him again in my new life cuz that would be boring. point is, dont do the blue feather thing. And sorry I made this like 3 paragrahs long.
WARNING: Disapearing Blue Feather!
Hello all! Interesting title I know. But This has happened before to me and it is a pain in the butt! If you use the 99 of everything cheat then when you get your blue feather keep it on the shelf! If you don't and walk around with it it will disappear yes you might get 99 blue feathers when you use the 99 cheat but if you are one of those people like me that didn't don't walk around with the feather! You then have to wait till your husband to be at the end of the year comes and asks to marry you. Yes well to tell you guys I prefer the mushy cut scenes and if you do to then don't walk around with it! Thank you and good night.
Weather Channel
Make sure you check the weather channel every single day. It will help you plan for the next day, along with giving you a fun chance to watch TV.
What time you will find Rock in his room
Well if you have been trying to go in rocks room for about a million times this is what you do.You stay up till 1:00am and he'll be there then you can check his diary and see how many hearts he has for you.
What Your Son Will Be Like.
Here's what your son will be like after you marry someone.

IF YOU MARRIED ROCK: your kid will be outgoing and naughty.

IF YOU MARRIED MARLIN: your kid will be calm, but teasing.

IF YOU MARRIED GUSTAFA: your kid will be shy and quiet.

When asking MARLIN to marry you...
**This cheat is totally reliant on the fact you have 4 hearts with Marlin**

Marlin, in my opinion, is the best husband out there because he actually cares about you and your farm. (the other guys kinda seem... boring *yawn*)

Anyways, if you have your four hearts with Marlin and offer him the blue feather, he may say "What is that...?" If this happens, don't freak. Give him a vegetable, fruit, or meal, then offer him the feather again. He'll then accept it and the little cut-scene will come up.
Which Guys is Right For You?
I've married all three guys and here is what they are like so you can see which is right for you:

ROCK: he is for the people who want a cool, hot husband. He doesn't help at ALL on the farm (luckly your hubbies cant cheat on ya in this game, cuz if they could, Rock would.)

MARLIN: he is for people who want someone smart and who will help on the farm. He knows a ton about crops too.

GUSTAFA: he is for romantic souls (hes my personal favorite) he plays guitar on your farm and is very sweet, yet, marlins the only one who helps on the farm.

PICK UR FAV. Now I actally like all of these guys. i wish they could have like a super guy- his name would be MARGUSTAOCK! He would be hot and smart and romantic! YAY!
Who to be Friends with
Takakura:Give him Meals ( Soups or Desserts),Milk,Butter,Chesse and Tools(tools not all the time)
Tim:Give him Fish,Cow Fodder,Milk,Butter,Chesse And Meals(Desserts or Main Dish's)
Ruby:Same was Tim
Namii:Give her Tricks Blues(flower in Fall),Meals ( Main Dish;s or Salads) and Findings in the Dig Site(accept Tablets,Coins and Ores)
Rock:Meals And Finding at the Dig Site
Griffin:Meals,Fish and Findings at the Dig Site
Muffy:Give her Flowers,Ores and Meals
Nina:Fish,Meals(Desserts And Soups)Dairy Products and Flowers
Galen;Same was Nina (accept Flowers)
Dr.Hardy:Meals,Crops,Fish,Dairy,Tools(some tools)And Fossils
Samantha:Crops,Meals,Dairy,Ores and Flowers
Grantairy And Statues
Kate:Fossils,Statues,Coins,Meals,Fish,Crops and Dairy
Chrisres,Crops,Dairy And Flowers
Wallyairy(accept Eggs) and Crops
Hugh:Milk,Ores, and Toys(chapter 1 and 2 for the Toys)
Romanares,Dairy(accept Chesse),Meals,Crops and Flowers
Sebastien:Everything(accept Tools)
Lumina:Chesse,Butter,Eggs,Ores and Flowers
Kassey:Meals and Records
Patrick:Meals and Records
Daryl;Fossils,Meals,Fish and Statues
Cody;Meals,Dairy,Flowers,Ores and Crops
Gustafa:Flowers,Ores,Statues,Meals,Crops and Dairy
Murrey;Fish,Meals,Crops,Dairy and Flora's Necklace
Marlin:Meals,Dairy(Accept Chesse and Butter), and Bodyjizer(i think its that name)
Vesta:Crops,Dairy,Meals,Flowers and Ores
Celia:Same was Vesta
Van;Arthology Finds and Food(Meals,Fish,Dairy,Crops etc...
Carter:Tablets,and Foods
Flora:Food,Flowers and Records(sometimes not the Records)

Hope im Helpful!!!!!! Good Luck All!!!!!!


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ALL items with 99 of them each
To get all 99 items and 98 more of each, you have to put your put your first controller into the 3rd portal. (you take it from the 1st portal) and press z over and over 5-6 times. Then put it back to the 1st portal and then press start and walla!
Gustafa.... why can't you walk?
Ok, so i discovered a freaky glitch in Harvest Moon: AWL
some of you may have already found this out,

after i had proposed to Gustafa(The Hippie who lives in the Yurt)
on Spring 1st the following year, i stepped outside, and that triggered a scene.
i was at Gustafas Yurt and knocked on the door, then the door opened and Gustafa Came sliding out Sitting playling his Guitar.
at first i thought it was supposed to do that, but then when we were going around town telling everyone about our Marriage, instead of him walking, he was sliding around on his bum playing his guitar, throughout the whole scene, until we went to the Firework place, then he started walking, but right after, he was sitting again.

it was really creepy.

i thought I'd just let you know.
Stop Van From Opening His Store
Van's store is open on the 3rd and 8th of every month throughout the game. On a day where is store is open, go to the spot where he usually has his store and open a store for yourself before he does. He won't bother to talk to you, and he just wanders around. When he goes far away, close your store and try to find him. He won't open his store for the whole day. (Beyond the line will be what happened to me, don't know if it will work for you)

The next day ( The 4th or the 9th ) come out of your house around noon and his store will be open due to you taking his spot the day it was supposed to be open. Even sometimes on the 2nd he's open and then open again on the 3rd and 8th. Weird, huh?
We Three Glitches
These are probably well known. These three glitches all require taking your controller out from the first hole in your GameCube to the third. I want to make it clear that I didn't find these glitches, but I wanted to post them.

99 Items - By pressing the Z Button on the controller when in the third hole, it gives you 99 of a large selection of items. It can't be done on the start screen or on a menu. This glitch can cause many problems, such as giving you irreplacable tablets and "closed books" along with multiplying things like the Blue Feather and records.
Alarm Clock - By pressing Up on the D-Pad on the controller when in the third hole, it gives you the Alarm Clock that you get from Kate's father. It can't be used in your house or on a menu/start screen. This glitch is helpful if you don't want to befriend him.
10,000g - By pressing Start on the controller when in the third hole, it gives you 10,000g each time. It can't be done in the start screen or on a menu. It also gives you some minor problems sometimes.

Easter eggs

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Hey Look Here!
If you plant a tree next to some seeds directly next to eachother exit you house around 10:00 Pm and a strange brown bug will appear. Cool, huh?


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See Nina's Ghost!
This is real easy and a cool way to see nina's ghost! this only works starting in chapter 2 and up though. (cuz that's when nina is dead.)

1. Go to nina's grave when glaen is standing by the tombstone.

2. Talk to Galen and when he says "Do you want to clean nina's grave?" Say yes.

3. Clean the grave your best and it doesn't matter if you don't finish in the time limit.

4. Watch nina's ghost come to you and thank you for your work!

hope ya can see dead ppl!
alarm clock.... IN FIRST CHAPTER?!
sup people how r u all doin well anyways i no a great cheat that will get u an alarm clock in the first chapter now first u unplug ur controller and put it in slot 3 press up on the d-pad then if u look on ur desk in ur house..... TA-DAAA!!! u now have an alarm clock!!! your welcome!!

all right. This one's for the gamecube players. Put another remote in the THIRD remote slot of your gamecube, without putting one in the second or in the fourth. click on the start button of that remote to get loads of money, and click on the "Z" button to unlock all items and to get them all in your backpack! I've heard that some players have used this cheat to often and that their game was affected for the worse, but do it once or twice, sell the items to Van, and be a millionaire!!!!!! Also, if you are looking for some good recipes to impress Marlin, enter the inner inn's kitchen and look around by pressing check every time it shows up. Marlin really likes the recipe that calls for tomato and melon. (one melon, two tomatoes or vice-versa). GOOD LUCK!!!!
Diary locations
Marlin's Diary: In the plants by the door in Vesta's cabin house

Rock's Diary: On a table in the room at his Inn. He wakes up at 12 noon, sometimes 11 am in the winter

Gustafa's Diary: On his couch in his tent, he wakes up around 10 am.
how to make marlin happy when married
if marlin is not happy .he always goes to bed at ten and then after that make him a dish of soup and put it in the fridge. the next morning give it to him do this for about 3 days if he still is mad at you do it a few more times
Make a Friend- Get a Gift!
As some of you probaly know, if you give alot of stuff to certain people, you get a gift:) First of all, to make a friend just give that person a gift everyday like flowers, a meal, something from the dig site, milk, a crop, you name it. It's good to have lots of friends in the end.

If your friends with Flora: go into her tent while shes inside and she will give you a necklace. ( but you cant wear it, i know....cheap.)

If Your Frineds With Daryl: free seed maker! go to his lab between 5 and 6 at night.

If Your Friends With Galen: Fishing Rod (you can get it starting in chapter 2)

If Your Friends With Cody: Strange Sickle (it cuts like 5 things of grass at once!) you can get it starting in chapter 2.

If Your Friends With Carter: His Chihuahua! But, you must get 1 tablet each year to get it. You can start getting it in chapter 4.

If Your Friends With Grant: An Alarm Clock! Go to his house at 5 in the morning and this starts in chapter 2.

If Your Friends With Gustafa: Drums! You can get them starting in chapter 3, but you can't get them if your married to him.

So thats SOME of the gifts you can get, I don't know how to get everthing cuz I did the get everything in the game cheat, so I dont know how to get some of it. soo...yea.
Stay Up all night!!!
If you stay up until like three- four in the morning, then go home and sleep until seven, you will not be tired, and you will be fully rested!!!
Tips for Guys
Hi people, this is probably been used, but oh well.

Likes: Ores, flowers, milk and eggs, and meals except sashimi
Dislikes: Fish, Tomato, anything to do with fishing

Likes: Meals, medicine from Van, milk, cheese, and eggs
Dislikes: Basically anything else.

Likes: Gold coins, ores, meals, Toy Flowers, and fodder
Dislikes: Almost nothing
Train your puppy 2
Train your puppy
you can train your dog in the second one.
1.press Y.
2.hold y,z, or A.
3.after words spin movement stick.
4.last when you are done press B.
Your dog will love you more and it's something to do in free time.

P.s. always remember to feed your dog and hold it every day

Submitted by: kyokat
Submitted on: 11-08-2005
Valid verifications: 1
Current rating: 0 / 5.00

I would just like to add that you can train your dog 6 times a day with each trick without it getting mad! If you train it 7 times, your dog will become irritated and possibly lose hearts!!
Don't over do it!!
Won't accept money?
If you use the start cheat to many times Van and Vesta won't acceptept your money. So instead use the z cheat. You will get 99 of each tool. First put 1 of each tool on the shelf, then go sell the remaining. I got over 1 million dollars doing this! And you made the money you didn't cheat your way to 1 million dollars, Van bought the stuff from you, so it's real money!
You Can Choose Your Son's Career!
Okay, now here are some things you can do to pick what you want your son to be when he's grown up:

MUSICAN: give him the music sheet you get from Lumina. Take him to the Villa, Gustafa's house, make friends with Lumina, Romana, and Sebastian.

ARTIST: Only keep coloring book in toy box, take other toys out. Take him to cody's studio and befriend cody.

SCHOLAR: only keep toy car in toy box, take other toys out. Take him to Daryl's Lab and Carter's Dig site. Be friends with Daryl, CArter, and Flora.

ATHLET: Only keep toy ball in toy box, take other toys out. Take him to Wally's house, be friends with Wally and Hugh. Try not to use your horse, walk as much as possible.

ANIMAL BREEDER: Alway's keep him on the farm with you. Take good care of your animals. Leave them in the pasture and show the animals your kid. Milk your cows and goat by hand.

FARMER: Take him to vesta's farm and be friends with vesta and ceila. Plant seeds as much as possible, show your son seeds, crops, and trees.

You can check your sons skills and likes by going to your diary, click 'assets' then click on 'family' then your son. Also if you want to make your son a musican, when gustafas playing, take him to listen, same with Lumina and the piano.