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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Cheats

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life cheat codes.


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Unlockable Places
Complete the action on the right to unlock the corrosponding place.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Larger DigsiteComplete Chapter 1
Galen's HutComplete Chapter 1
Grant and Samantha's HouseComplete Chapter 1
Larger HouseComplete Chapter 1
Son's RoomComplete Chapter 2
Food Processing RoomPurchase for 30000G
Milking RoomPurchase for 60000G
Personal Room for You & WifeComplete Chapter 3
Chicken FenceAt any time in the game, own 6 or more chickens or ducks. Talk to Takakura and he will offer to build a fence so you can keep your birds outside without them wandering off.
Unlockable Tools
UnlockableHow to unlock
Fishing Rod (G)Befriend Galen
Strange SickleBefriend Gustaf
Weird HoeBefriend Vesta
Strange HoeBefriend Tim
Wool ClippersBefriend Wally
Watering Can (w)Befriend Romona
Weird SickleBefriend Dr. Hardy
Ruby SpiceBefriend Ruby
Free seed makerBefriend Daryl
Artwork for your house (received on Chapter 4)Befriend Cody
Alarm ClockSpeak with Grant in Chapter 2
Goat MilkerPurchase Goat from Van for 4000 gold after marriage


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A few little tips...
Need tips? Here are a few =3

1) If your cow is sleeping and you really need to milk her ((say Van is in town and you've been waiting forever...)) just milk her once, but make sure to wake her up by going to her head and pushing her backwards. She'll stand up, turn around, and wake up. Keep doing this until she wakes up. This way she won't get mad

2) Trying to be someones friend? well then, heres a small tip, if you give them milk, eggs, flowers, fish or something twice a day for about 3 to 4 days, then they may be your friend. The way to tell is that when you walk past them they will look at you as they pass. If not then work a little harder and give them more stuff. It sucks cause you get no profit, but you may get something once you become their friend.

3) This one is for all the newbies, You really dont need to feed your dude guy foodand milk, that wastes profit... live off roots! And small fish like snelt and columbo... its better and it keeps you full... do the same with your dog and cat.

4) Horses may get really irritable after a while, well they seem to always be, give them a good brush and feed them an apple. that will cheer them up a bit =3

5)If you talk to the twins in their little house, they will ask you if you want to play a game... it is really hard, I havent beaten it yet but I find that Patric is the easier one...

6) If you are triing to befriend Galen, then go to his house at around 3:30 pm. He will be walking towards his house, go to the grave and talkt o him, he will ask you to clean the tomb stone, when you clean it, start slow, and when you start to sweat go fast... I find that works
A Guide To Getting Started
After watching probably one of the worst and most boring opening scenes in the history of Harvest Moon, you find yourself with a farm, a cow, a dog, and 3,000g. Here's a brief guide to getting off the ground in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

What Should I Do With My 3,000?

There's a few things you'll probably want to get done soon at the beginning, unfortunatly these things all cost some money. Here's a list of things you could do:

1. Buy two banana tree seeds (1,500 each). Buy next summer these can be a huge source of income when paired with a seed maker.

2. Buy one sheep (1,500) and various lighter tools. The sheep can become a steady source of income once you start to get golden wool, and the tools such as a light sickle and light hoe can be indispinsable.

3. Buy one pond (2,500) and buy one brush from Van (500). The pond does nothing but look nice, and attract ducks in the summer of year two. The brush is something you're going to need to keep your animals clean so they produce up to highest standards.
A mean way to win Nami's heart!
If you show the blue feathers to the other girls while they only have 1 or 2 hearts, Nami will like you more!
About the kids you can have
Here is a list of what each kid likes:

Celia's kid: He likes animals and plants.
Muffy's kid: He likes excercise, animals and music.
Nami's kid: He likes plants and art.

Next is a list of what things may be in your son's room and what they mean.

Musical Instrument: Interest in music

Potted Plant: Interest in plants

Weights: Interest in athletics

Sandbag: Interest in athletics

Skeleton/Fossils: Interest in science

Bookshelves: Interest in science

Painting: Interest in art; Friends with Gustafa

Second Painting: Interest in art; Good friends with Gustafa

Empty Flask: A little mischievous, but has an interest in science

Empty Sake Bottle: A little mischievous, but will listen to what you say

Dead Branch/Wooden Chest: A little mischievous

Second Wooden Chest: Obedient child

Fireworks: Friends with Kassey and Patrick

Metal Sheets: Friends with Cody

Statuette: Friends with Tim and Ruby
An easy way to get gold wool
I found this a really good way to get gold wool and make your sheep really happy. Every day or every other day, wash it with the brush about 5 times. When you first get gold wool from it, it will stay extremely happy for the rest of the game (possibly). I've been leaving my sheep in the snow and rain and its still happy!
An easy way to get into Rock's room
Many people say that you can't go into Rock's room by following him, but the truth is, you can. He usually goes to bed at 12:30 am and before that, he is at the Blue Bar. To visit his room, you should probably meet up with him at 12:00 at the Blue bar, and then follow him to the inn. Make sure to go inside before him or this won't work. Once you're inside with him, leave while he is still in the lobby and come back inside. He won't be in the lobby anymore, so go up to his room and it should be unlocked. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Angry and Hurt Muffy
To get this cutscene you need to have Muffy at 4 hearts and seen all her cutscenes. Then you need to propose to someone else and they have to accept (I proposed to Nami) before the end of winter. In this scene Muffy will come up to you wondering why you would propose to someone else (other than her) and that she knew she really didn't belong in the Valley. Afterwards, if you try to talk to her she'll be very angry (Infact, she even goes as far as to threaten you!). This scene will happen automatically when you try to enter your house after proposing.

I don't no if this will happen with all three girls tho.
Animal Intelligence
If you own an animal long enough and always take it inside on rainy days and outside on sunny days it will learn to enter the pasture on good days and go into the barn on rainy days.

Note: This may take a while for the animals to learn.
Animal Money
In this cheat you need a few chickens and cows { one girl one boy }. Then you gotta keep all the animals happy and do a miracle potion for the two cows. Also collect your chickens eggs and hatch them until your coop is full. Keep collecting there eggs and keep them somewhere. When your newest chickens get old enough sell the old ones and you got a profit. With your cows it take longer but you pretty much do the same thing. Unless you really like your cows or chickens then you can just sell the milk and eggs.

Bad Goat
A goat is pretty cool at first, but after a while it stops giving milk and becomes a useless animal. And guess what, you can't sell it! Now if ya'll are puting him in the rain, you got it all wrong. For some odd reason it won't get sick. Here's the problem, outside he can eat grass keeping him healthy. So if the goat wants food, he ain't getting it. Put him inside the barn and don't put any food in his bin. But remember you can't use the bell to make all your animals come outside, so you'll have to push your animals out by hand. One month: goat gets sick. One more month: you awake to the harvest sprites but not with good news. You go in your barn and watch the goat fall over and die. Man that's one goat!
Be nice to Nina!
Be nice to nina because its nice to have her happy before she dies. She likes flowers, royal ferns, and produce. Also, give her bargain prices when you sell things. She is like one of the sweetest characters and reminds me of my grandmother.
Befriend Galen Early
If you befriend galen early on in the game (the 1st year) then when you go to his new house he will ask you if you fish a lot. Answer yes and he will give you his old fishing pole.
Befriend Ruby
Start by giving her 1 toy flower a day from day 1 of spring in the first year you might get the ruby spice in late Spring. I got mine in Spring Day 9.
Best Place To Fish!
At the waterfall behind the large boulder near Carter's Dig. You'll NEVER catch the really cheap fish here!

Here are the ones you WILL catch:

1. Nyamame - 60G
2. Big Nyamame - 130G or 156G
3. Huchep - 90G
4. Big Huchep - 170G or 204G
5. Yamame - 500G or 600G
6. Big Yamame - 1000G or 1200G

If you haggle with Van you'll get the larger amount!
Better Athlete
When you have a son(chapter 2+)and you want him to be an athlete,walk 70% of the time and ride your horse 30% of the time(I know it can SUCK) but keep trying eventually he'll be MACHO MAN
Call horse/dog
you can call your dog if you are inside your farm by hitting the right trigger. you can call your horse anywhere (except inside) by hitting the right trigger twice.

p.s. you can call your horse even if it is in the barn.
Can't talk to your almost berthing cow?
When your cow is in the isolation-cage-thing
its pretty hard to talk to them, huh?


That's right it actually really simple.
Just go to the side of the cage facing the wall
click the A button and a little door will swing open.

Tah-Dah! Now you can talk to, snuggle, and brush your cow with ease!
Celebrate the Harvest Festival!
In year one, go to the Blue Bar on Fall day 5 at about 7:00PM, and you can celebrate the Harvest Festival with Griffin, (orf course) Ruby, Vesta, Marlin and Celia!
Cloned Cows
Daryl is always at your farm, right? Do you know why? He wants to clone your cows. During some year he'll start asking you if you know about cloned cows. If you say yes or no, he doesn't tell you why he was asking. Then, sometime later in the game, go outside while Daryl is at your farm. You will see a cut scene where Daryl is talking to himself about cloning your cows. You go over to him and scare him. Then he says he wasn't doing anything. Then you cow/bull goes over to the fence and scares Daryl. Daryl runs away. Later in the game, he'll ask you if he can clone your cows.
Cow milk
There are rumors that you can't get S milk without feeding your
cows good fodder. Let's use the first cow you get in this game as an example. The first time you milk her, she gives you two B milk. B is average quality. The next time in the afternoon/evening, (milk twice a day, to those who don't know this), she'll most likely give you 3-4 milk A. A is very good quality. In summer, she'll only give 3 or 2 milk A, and in winter, she'll give 2 milk S. Your cows give certain qualities of milk depending on your relationships with them, and certain amounts depending on season and how long it is after she last gave birth. (Your cow must have a calf again about 40 days after she starts giving milk again after she has a calf in order for her to continue giving milk). Like humans, cows won't give milk the moment they're mature--they must have just given birth, too!

Email me if you have any questions.

Thank you.
Save up your money and buy several good cows nearing the end of The Beginning. By the second chapter you will be able to get all of the cows pregnant without waiting and will bring early profit to your farm.
Cows and babys
this is about the natural formation of cows birth <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

ok so this it to inform. you of how to have a cow with-out any money being wasted.

1) you have you cow have a calf but not with your bull
2) once she has the calf it will look like your bull and cow are cuddleing together.
3) when your cow is done giving the babys milk you will notice that when you talk to it it will say somethign like " *cows name * 's are shhining or that their coat is shinny and they are healthy
4) then in a few days it will say that they are fine but are acting strange , wait for 4 days and ( even though shes already pregnate) it will say that " oh my *cows name* seems to be preganate !

Hope this is helpful <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Crop hybrids
Alright, now you don't have to email for crop hybrids because I'm felling very generous and will type EVERY SINGLE ONE DOWN. However, for the sake of my sanity, I'm not going to type their value so you'll have to find that out yourself

Bashber (potato+watermelon)
Bashota (potato+sweet potato)
Berryber (strawberry+Watermelon)
Berryto1 (Melon+strawberry)
Berryto2 (strawberry+sweet potato)
Berrytoma (strawberry+tomato)
Cabber (carrot+watermelon)
Caberry (carrot+watermelon)
Cady (carrot+turnip)
Camelo (melon+carrot)
Dhibe (strawberry+turnip)
Dhilon (melon+turnip)
Gretoma (tomato+watermelon)
Kandy (sweet potato+ turnip)
Kanro (carrot+sweet potato)
Kashry (sweet potato+watermelon)
Melober (Melon+Watermelon)
Melotoma (melon+tomato)
Paberryta (potato+strawberry)
Potamelo (melon+potato)
Radita (potato+turnip)
Raury (watermelon+turnip)
Sholo (melon+sweet potato)
Tataro (carrot+potato)
Tobatama (tomato+potato)
Tomaca (tomato+carrot)
Trandy (tomato+turnip)
Yamato (tomato+sweet potato)

don't forget to mix your hybrids to make rare crops!+email me if you have any questions.
Cutscenes with Celia. (Before Marrage)
These are basically all the scenes with her.

1 heart- Enter Vesta's house. Leave when Celia
goes outside. This will trigger a scene where
She asks about the farm.

2 hearts- Leave your house around noon. This
trigger a scene where you are at the spring
with Celia. (I think. Got it long time ago.)

3 hearts- Enter Vesta's house when Celia is inside
and Vest and Marlin are in the storage room.
This triggers a scene where Celia goes on a shopping trip.

3 hearts- Enter Vesta's house when Celia is inside.
This triggers a scene where Celia speaks
of her arranged marriage.(Somthin like that)

4 hearts- Enter Vesta's house when Vesta, Celia,
and Marlin are inside. This triggers a scene
where they are arguing about Celia's arranged marriage.

4 hearts- Exit your house around 6 AM. This
triggers a scene where Celia is missing. You
find her and she says she LIKES (loves) you.

I hope these tips help all of you! Somtimes you
have to try more than once to get the scenes.
If you have trouble then there is one thing to do!
Try this!

Step1:Save your game an hour before you enter or exit the house you need to go to.

Step2:Turn your game off then back on and load your game.

Step3:Go to the place you need to be right away.
This usually works with me. Hope I helped! 'u'
Daryl the Spy
One day, you will come out of the dig site. After you show Carter the stuff that you got, there will be a cutscene. Daryl is watching you and Carter talking. He says that he hates Carter. Then, Carter will call for Flora. when Flora comes, Daryl will say how he loves Flora. Then Carter and Flora see Daryl. The cutscene ends.
Dig Site Jewelry
You CAN get stuff from Flora. A LOT of online walkthroughs seem to leave this out. Flora can give you a necklace 3rd year. Be sure to meet with her in the tent. You must be her friend. (You can tell if a person is your friend if they look at you when you walk near them)
Don't sell your first cow!
After a year your cow will stop giving milk. So don't buy another one because you can not milk it and also you have to wait a year before you can give it the M.P.So give your cow{the one that Takkukara gave you} the M.P. after it gives birth.Then it will give milk again.
Don't sell!
Don't sell your barn animals like cow, sheep, & bull. Because if you keep your barn animals they will go out side by them selfs on sunny days.

You can use a miricale potion or bull on your cow after 3 mouths when it stopped giving milk.
Don't worry about having cows to milk!!!
Befriend Ruby by any flower any day and then get ruby spice. Do 20 spices a day and put them in your tool shed and finally you have a lot of money right before you die in the end buy cows,a sheep and some chickens (boy& girl)then after you die your son will have a successful farm!
Dont bother making friends!
Many of these cheats suggest that you befriend some of the characters to recieve a gift.

Well, I never said one word to Grant and I went round his house at about 6.00am and he said he was about to drop off a alarm clock.

The same with Romana, she came round my house in the second chapter when I had just woke up and offered me a cat!

I dont know if this works with other people though!

you can play DRINGKING MILK CONTEST by go to the inn. In there you can talk to Rock to play it and there also Grant(you can see him in year 2) and Hugh(you can play with him when he teenager).

Tim the owner of the inn will be the judge to see who is the winner. This only show when Van came to sell at 12.00-02.30pm, in inn.

H0ip thl5 B heipful
Easy golden Wool (much easier than everyway else)
Okies, guys, you honestly dont have to keep your sheep happy, well... Feed it atleast and keep it healthy, but otherwise, right before you shave it or whatnot, just wash it with your brush by the water for them outside. Do this ONCE before shaving and once you shave, WALLA! You have brand new golden wool that you can sell for 600g

congradulations you lazy bums for not washing and caring for your sheep at all untill shaving time! =D
Easy to talk to the animals
If you want to talk to one of your animals and they are turned away from you, against a wall or their feedbox, and you can't talk to them, go to their butt. Then it will give you an option to talk.
Eat It!!!
Here is somthing funny. Walk out of your farm and go to the fire works brothers. Try giving Kassey a record and he will say "For me?". Say yes and give it to him. Read his quote after that and he will say "Thanks I can't wait to eat this"! It's funny stuff.
Fishing Troubles no-more
Unlike in Animal Crossing it's not necissarily how fast you press the "A" button to reel in your fish. In fact, you need to allow a certain tiny amount of time before you reel your fish in. It is sometimes useful to gauge how much time you need by pressing the R button and then the A button quickly so you are neither too early nor too late.
Flower Management
When trying to woo your future wife, don't pick all of the flowers on one day. for Example, there are 2 areas where flowers grow in the spring (by Vesta's house/down the hill and up by the Sprites house) instead of picking all of the flowers at both places. Pick the flowers at one area and save the other for the next day. And it is a good idea to give the big yellow flowers as gifts and keep the others for selling bcz you get a lot more money for them.
Free Money
You need an already pregnant cow and a bull to do this. However, you cannot already be certain that the cow is pregnant (when you talk to her, it should say something like, "<cows name> is fine, but acting strangely)."
1. After you are sure the cow is pregnant, go into your ledger and get into the buying screen.
2. Buy some Miracle Potion for the pregnant cow , using the Farms bull option so it costs nothing.
3. When Takakura picks up your order, a short cut-scene will be triggered where Taka tells you that your cow is already pregnant.
4. Go back into the ledger and some text will inform you that Taka left a note. Check the screen where you get your money, and the note will inform you that Taka has paid you back for the MP.
5. You get 2500 G that you didnt even spend in the first place.
Free Seed Maker
Make friends with Daryl. He likes fish (Especially Snelt), eggs (Especially Golden Eggs), bones, coins, and Earth Soup (Potatoe + Carrot). After the second time he fails trying to catch the moster, fallow him back to his house and walk in. It should trigger a scene where he gives you a FREE seed maker.
Friends at a Glance
OK, a lot of you may already know this, but for all of the new HM players out there, you may wonder how to tell if people are your friends or not. An easy wat to figure this out is to walk past people. If they turn their head when you walk by them, or they by you, they are your friend. If they don't, they aren't. Just keep in miind that often enough the person will be doing something, and won't look at you even if you are their friend. If this happens, when the perosn moves somewhere else, follow the. A good time to check for friends is when the person is walking to somewhere. (eg when Ruby walks to the Spring everyday, walk past her and if she's you friend, she will look at you, but if you go to the kitchen and walk past her, nothing will happen.)

Email me for more help. Love ya'll,
Friendship is Valuble
It is easy to become friends with most of the villagers. Most of the girls will accept flowers, and almost everyone likes eggs and milk. Take time to give presents to all the villagers. Almost everyone of them will have something to give you in return.
Get a Drum
If you befriend Gustafa he will eventually give you a drum.
Get Lots of milk 3x a day!
Ok, here's how it rolls out, give your cow(s) lots of fodder, love'em, ect. Milk 'em like x2 you do already. At 6, give 'em more foddder, and ta da, you get 4 and 5 more milking passes.
Get muffy to love you before summer
ok each day you give her at
least a flower and a pretty
gem or coin from the mine.
by the end of spring she\'ll
love you!
Get Nami 2 Marry!!!
Okay So first get nami up to 3 hearts,Then Fall 6 follow nami around all day until she goes to the blue bar.(Save before just in case you mess up) she will be sitting down and when you walk up she will sart to ask you questions if you answer them right(hopfully if saved like i said you should be able to restart ur gamecube) you will automaticly have one more heart with nami and you can purpose after she walks out!!!

~Hope I Helped~
Get Nami to move back
If you didn't marry Nami and she left town, there is a way to get her to move back. During the second chapter a little while after Nami left, go to the blue bar at around 7 or 8pm. You will see a cutscene where Patrick, Cody, and Gustafa walk in. They start talking about how they miss Nami. Then Carter walks in and tells them that he just saw Nami. After Patrick, Cody and Gustafa run outside, the bartender will ask if you are going too. Answer, "Going after" to follow them and see them crowding Nami. After they leave, she will talk to you. When she tells you she is staying, answer, "everyone will be happy" she will thank you and end cutscene. Now Nami has moved back to town!

Note: If you go to the blue bar but nothing happens, make sure that the bartender is not there and go look for him out walking. Follow him until he go's inside the blue bar which should be around 7 or 8pm.
Get rich on fish
When first starting the game, grow a large variety of crops. Use the grown crops (you'll probably need carrots) to make as many recipes as you can. You might to get hybrid crops to get more recipes, which you won't get until chapter 2, but eventually, after making enough recipes, you'll get Hours' devours recipe. Use any fish (all you need is one) and you can make a 150g meal!
Get rich slowly
If you go to the dig site (right next to the waterfall) and dig every day that you can you can then take everything you found to van to sell (or you can sell it yourself) you can sell every thing you found for at least 500G a day (if in year 2 you can find find twice as much) and then begin to get rich slowly.

P.S.: The archeological stuff can also be used to marry Nami.
Get Takakura Home
If you're having trouble getting Takakura to go into his house on time(5pm-10pm) during the winter in order to get Tartan, give him something to sell so he will go to Mineral Town. He should return by 1pm and turn back into the farm. He'll wander around a bit then finally enter his house around 7:30 or so. Enter after him and you should get Tartan.
Get the Fruit from Wilted Plants
Have you ever had a plant that is about to wilt? I have and it had fruit. If your plant has fruit and you can't pick it then just cut it with your sickle then you will get the fruit.
Get your son interested in art
Befriend cody.
And in chapter 4 Cody may give you a painting.
Getting to Hyrbird Early
The more you talk to Tarten the earlier you are able to hybrid your crops. For instance if you talk to him once or twice a day then you could probably be able to hybrid in the next mounth, but if you talk to him nonstop, you can hybrid later that day. Be sure to talk to him from time to time or you will lose the option to hybrid.
Getting your perfect bride!
Ok. These are a few tips for all you beginners out there!
.Marrage: You have 3 potential wives: Muffy (the easy one), Celia (in my opinion the best choice for beginners with some dignity), and Nami (for those that like a challenge). Just do exactly as I say and you can get anyone one of these potential brides to love you in just a season or two (yes, even Nami).
-Muffy: Muffy is a dimwit with an ego. She is particularly beautiful compared to the other brides (I actually think Celia is prettier, but that is just my opinion). In order to get her: Give her flowers everyday and nothing else, except Big Huchep Fish. There are opportunities to possibly get on her good side. If you go into that other room beside the bar and Muffy is in there, talk to her for a little bit. Eventually she will say "Who are you here for?". Always say her, otherwise it may piss her off a bit.
-Celia: Celia is a real sweetie. She hardly ever gets mad at you and she has some skills that may be useful. In order to get her: She also likes flowers. A flower every day or every other day will do. You may also want to get on Vesta's good side as well, she may arrange a marriage for you. Besides flowers, she also adores crops from your farm.
-Nami: Believe it or not, Nami isn't impossible to get. I know because I got her at four hearts. So Nami is not predictable, so try not to talk to her to much (or she will get annoyed). In order to get her: Give her stuff from the digsite like fossils and human statues. It isn't a real loss for they are only worth about 60g from Van. Besides that she likes Trick Blues and Gemsoils. And here is a special tip: I don't know about you but when I just got the game it seemed impossible to get to read Nami's diary-her door was always locked (her room is in the Inn, up the stairs, and on the left side)! But there is a way to read it. Stay up really late, at least till midnight. Then go to the bar, see if she is there. If she isn't try going to her room. It is most likely that she is there. If she isn't look around a bit and when you find her follow her untill she enters the inn. That is when she is in her room. Hope all these tips help!
Grade S Milk
Grade S Milk, yes, it DOES exist, but don't count on that special fodder, instead, wait for a year after your cow gave birth, then the last milk it gives away will be Grade S! But then there's no more milk after that, don't push your luck, mate.
GradeS milk without wasting money!!
If your cow gives gradeA and you milk it twice a day and you hug it brush it and talk 2 it just before you milk it then by winter 1st you can get gradeS milk without using good fooder or gettting then milking room(it helps 2 let it out everyday and when you cows feed bit is empty(even 1)fill it up)you can tell because when you hug it and talk to it its tounge sticks out!and the talk bit is different like (your cows name) eyes are shing or (cows name) is very healthy and coat is shiney etc...
Great Tips and Some VERIFIED Unlockables
I recently started playing Harvest Moon- A wonderful Life(me and my two brothers ages 15 & 18 are also playing this game and seeing who can be a better farmer, each is marrying a different girl i think is kinda cool..kinda like a competition). I decided to get all the unlockables by my own experience and i saw that some of the cheats were very unreliable so i decided to contribute to the society. I promise this is all recently been verified and you can trust it.

Greatest Fishing Spot- Underneath the Waterfall.( I think this is the bestest way to enjoy the game by earning lots of money without making it too complicated)

My plan to get a lot of money other than fishing was to keep all my milks without selling them until i could afford to buy the 30,000G Food Processing Room to convert the milks into cheese, you will gets lots more money. Though if you decide to do this keep in mind that you can't spent much money and save the most you can..buying one female and male chicken selling the Normal eggs and incubating the Fertilized ones will bring some nice results if you keep selling the male borns and just keep the chicks. You only need one male.

Free Seed Msker from Daryl- Daryl can give you one if you befriend him enough. All i did was talk to him once a day, give him Normal Eggs and experienced a a couple of his scenes were he is making some power experiments and i was able to obtain this item. I got it somewhere near Summer 5.

Strange Hoe from Tim- This requires you to be a bit generous, since i fished quite a lot undearneath the waterall i aquire lots of Nyamames(i don't know if he likes anything less good, like colombos)but thats what i gave him and talked to him once a day. After about ten fishes or so i went to see him while he was inside his room with Ruby in the morning and he gave it to me early in summer.

Weird Hoe from Vesta- I aquired this early in the game i think its by far the easiest item. All i gave Vesta was Goddess Drop Flowers and talked to her and she gave it to me sometime near late spring or early summer in her storage house.

Strange Sickle from Gustafa- Just Give him flowers and talk to him then go to his yurt and he will present it to you. You can also acquire drums from his though i haven't gotten them myself.
Haggling Tips
Another haggling tip is for getting Daachan cheap. When you first click on the thing thaat says Teddy Bear, Van will tell you it's basically crap. Then you can buy it, cancel the buy, or say "Discount?" He'll give you the discount and then pretty much the same thing pops up but instead of "Discount?" you can say "Lower?" say it and Daachan will only cost 960.

When selling stuff to Van you can tell what can items you can raise the price on by selling one of that item. If he holds it for a while staring at it you can raise the price on any other you sell. A few are: any food you cook, fertilized eggs, golden stuff, most fish, hop ore, top grade stuff(S or A), cheese, butter, jade ball, and seeds.

P.S. It helps to either write a list of what you can raise the price on or have another of that item stocked somewhere incase you can raise the price.

Also if you find any items I didn't mention please E-mail me at: djh133@hotmail.com. Thanx!!!
Haggling tricks :)
It is quite easy to get more money from selling your things to van. You probably know how to haggle, but you might not know this. The better friends you are with Van, the greater a chance of haggling you have. Haggling can be a great way to earn money, but there is one thing that you can't do. That's haggle items that cost 100G and below.
Harvest Festival
On Fall Day 5, in the afternoon, you can celebrate the Harvest Festival with Vesta, Marlin, Celia, and Ruby. You go after 12:00 into the Blue Bar. Griffin tells you that the bar is on reserve for the Harvest Festival. Then, Vesta, Marlin, Celia, and Ruby will come in. You will see the characters talk, and then Vesta shares some of her cooking. After you eat, the festival is done. Come again next year!
Have your own stand!!!
its easy, all you have to do is go to where Van is usually(make sure he is not there)and it will say sell, if you press A it will say sell items? and if oyou say yes, you will have your own stand, people will come by from time to time and will come over to your stand, talk to them and they might buy something they like(ex.Nami will buy a gemsoil)sometimes if you choose the higher price they wont buy so be careful, and some of them will want to buy your tools, so be very careful
Help Murrey
When you start this game, you will see a midget caveman. He is Murrey. He always says "Moi".
Here's the important part: Murrey opens up a small Donation place. He will lay on some cloth and put a tuna can out. You find this near Turtle Swamp and the Inner Inn. Talk to Murrey, and he'll beg for money. Give him 50G or 100G. He'll thank you greatly.
One time in the game, if you go to the Food Storage, you'll find him sneaking out food. Your friendship will decrease if you make him give it back. To help him and yourself, put Royal Ferns and Hackberries inside. Then, since they are common, let him have it. (This also happens on your wedding day. You cannot stop him, so put wild grass in there).
After you help him, he will talk about Po-Po Valley. It's his true home, and he needs money to get there. I'm not sure yet if he goes there, but I bet so!
Hint: Game organized
The best way is before you strat the game find out which girl you want to marry use websites like this to find what they want then start it is easyier then playing the game then stop & do research then you can play for hours
Hint: How To Hold 100 Items!!!
I can't believe people don't know this
an example:
When you making ruby spice once you have 99 make another you can put it in your pack but you have 100 this is useful when van is there cause theyn you can sell 100 ruby space for 100,000. You can put 99 in your fridge then hold 99 in your pack and put another 99 in you shelf in your shed. then when vans comes cook 1 more and show him then if u have 3 difrent 99's thats 300,000.

When you got your fruit you can hold 1 xtra but you can't put is in your pack but atleast you got 100 to sell to Van
Horse: you can leave your horse anyhere in town or on your farm. no one will take it or steal it, but it might move around a bit. Ex. you can leave it in the middle of the street and go back to your farm and leave it there until you ring the bell that brings all of the animals inside. then he will go back into the barn.
House Extensions
This will contain spoilers on later chapters if you haven't gotten there yet.

You get the following house extension in each chapter:

Chapter 2~Kitchen
Chapter 3~Kid's Room
Chapter 4~Master Bedroom
How to be quick friends with Van
To be friends with Van, the easy way is to watch his diet cutscenes in the Inn. Wait till Van comes on his not-normal selling days and when he goes into the Inn, follow him. Then the event begins with him telling Tim about the diet. When it comes to your opinion about it, select the second option which is "Congradulations!". See this event a couple times and Van will notice you when you walk by. You can also haggle prices too!
How To Get Tartan
Visit Takakura in his house between 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM at winter time starting from Chapter 2, and you'll get a cutscene where Takakura introduces you to Tartan. You may need to give Takakura some cooked recipes before to make sure he is your friend (to get the Hybrids, that is).
How to tell when going to raining
To tell when it is going to rain, look at your dirt where you grow crops. If they are dark, it is juat about to rain. To test this, water your dirt to see if the color changed. If it didn't, it will rain.
How To Upgrade Your "B" Grade Fruit Tree Seeds To "S" Grade!
Fruit from trees make you tons of money, not only are they worth more, but you GET more (around 40) from one tree. Here's how to upgrade fruit tree seeds without spending a fortune on fertilizer:

1. Feed Tartan a "B" grade produce (I usually use a turnip) and an upseed (grows in winter) flower.
2. You'll get a "S" grade produce seed.
3. Now feed Tartan the "S" grade produce seed and a tree fruit; like a banana.
4. You'll get a "S" grade fruit tree seed!
Hybrid trees
Here's all of the hybrid trees and the worth of a B grade seed from them:

Appage (apple+banana) 540g
Gehju (banana+grape) 560g
Jurjum (grape+peach) 470g
Lanmuge (orange+peach) 540g
Magerum (banana+peach) 610g
Mangenge(orange+banana) 540g
Oraphu (apple+orange) 420g
Orahge (orange+grape) 420g
Phuju (apple+grape) 420g
Phurum (apple+peach) 455g

Now, you might be wondering what the point of making hybrid trees is considering a plain banana tree's seeds are worth more than all of these.Well, here's a list of reasons:

1.they make good gifts
2.they are needed for certain recipes
3.BUT THE REAL REASON IS THAT YOU CAN MIX HYBRIDS TOGETHER TO GET "rare" trees which get you A TON OF MONEY!!! You can also mix two rare trees together to get a tree that will make VERY VERY RICH, JUST LIKE ME!!
I haven't made many rare trees myself, so I'm not going to list any here.

Also, if you want to know any crop hybrids of have any questions, email me.
Note the names of the hybrids will be diffrent so still use them.
Red lightbulb plant:
Tomato + watermelon = guritoma
watermelon + sweet potato = Kashuri
Guritoma + kashuri = RLP

strawberry + melon = beriro
tomato + carrot = tokya
beriro + tokya = Eggplant

3rd gen tree
Banana + peach = mageramu
Banana + orange = magenge
Mageramu + magenge = 3rd gen.
Influence him
If you wanted a challenge like I did, you married Nami, although you want him to be a farmer he might be an artist unless you influence him. Well here we go. First show him a watering can, flower, and a egg he will ask chikki hatch?, say yes, and that will interest him more in farming.
-hope I helped!
Influence him!
If you want your son to be in a certain career you have to influence him! For instance if you want your son to follow in your footsteps and be a farmer make sure you are friends with Vesta, Celia and Marlin. Also show him farming tools like your hoe, sickle, seeds and watering can. You can also show him fruits and vegetables that you have grown. While you are cultivating a field or watering your crops bring him to the field to watch you. If he asks you questions about farming answer him with the answer which you think will influence him to be a farmer. I hope this helps you =)
Influence Your Son's Career!
Don't like what your son is wanting to become? You can easily change that.
The job choices are:

The villagers of Forget-Me-Not Valley all fall under these categories except for few.

Artist (A painter) - If you want your child to become an artist, befriend these villager(s): Cody. Cody is the large, buff man living in a trailer-like house near the twin's house. To befriend Cody, give him Old Coins, Ores, and flowers. CARRY YOUR CHILD (WHEN HE IS A TODDLER) TO HIM AND SHOW HIM TO CODY. DO THIS AT LEAST TWICE A DAY.
To collect Old Coins and Ores, go over the bridge towards where Vesta's farm is. After going over the bridge, turn left, and continue to run down alongside the river until you find the end, where a tent stands. In front of the tent is a dig site. Go inside the dig site, and if you find the Professor in there, talk to him and ask to dig. Sometimes you'll find blue Ores and orange Ores.
Flowers grow throughout Forget-Me-Not Valley, you can find them easily.

Athlete (A runner, or exerciser) - If you want your child to become an athlete, befriend these villager(s): Wally, and his son, Hugh. Wally's wife is Chris, the girl with the reddish-blond hair and glasses. They live next to Samantha and her daughter Kate. To befriend Wally and Hugh, give them eggs and crops. You can find eggs in your chicken coop, under your chickens. (Roosters don't lay eggs <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> ). SHOW YOUR CHILD (WHEN HE IS A TODDLER) TO THEM. DO THIS AT LEAST TWICE A DAY.

Farmer/Rancher (He will grow to take over the family farm, and do what you do) - If you want your child to become a farmer/rancher, befriend these villager(s): Vesta, Marlin, and Celia (if you haven't married Celia.) If you married Celia, your child will most likely choose to become a farmer automatically. Another way to help him become a farmer is to show him the barn and all the tools you work with: watering can, sickle, hoe, etc. etc.
To befriend Vesta, give her Goddess Drops (flowers that grow by her farm during the spring and summer), crops, and eggs.
To befriend Marlin, give him eggs and milk.
To befriend Celia, give her Goddess Drops.

Scholar (Scientist who works on experiments) If you want your child to become a scholar, befriend these villager(s): Daryl. Daryl is the freaky scientist guy who enters your farm sometimes to examine your cow(s). He has black spiky hair and glasses. His face is thin and he wears a lab coat. To befriend Daryl, give him fish, eggs, and Old Coins.

Musician (Guitar player or piano player/singer) If you want your child to become a musician, befriend these villager(s): Gustafa, Griffin, and Lumina. Gustafa is kind of like a hippie. He wears a tall, green hat with a four-leaf clover on it, and carries around a guitar on his back. He also decks out in round, purple sunglasses. To befriend Gustafa, give him flowers, human statues (found at the dig site) and ores.
Griffin is the bartender at the Blue Bar, where Muffy also works. To befriend Griffin, give him milk and eggs.
Lumina is the little girl who plays the piano at her grandmother's (Romana's) mansion. To befriend Lumina, give her flowers and eggs.
Info about your children
Nami's Child: He is very shy and mostly stays near his home. He has high career goals to be a Artist or a Musician but you can change his mind.

Muffy's child: He loves it when you throw him up in the air. He likes walking through the town and be naughty. He will become any of the careers EXCEPT Farmer and breeder unless you influence him to be that career.

Celia's Child:He will be a great farmer if you let him be. He loves to be snuggled when he's a toddler and he loves farming and animals.
Item Prices For The DigSite
Temple Ore - 150G
Tablet G - Not for sale
Tablet F - Not for sale
Tablet E - Not for sale
Tablet D - Not for sale
Tablet C - Not for sale
Sugar ore - 50G
Strange item - 300G
Strange fossil - 80G
Stone disc - 500G
Skull fossil - 50G
Silver coin - 40G
Prosper One - 300G
Mysterious tablet - Not for sale
Moon Ore - 40G
Jade Ball - 150G
Human Statue - 40G
Horse Statue - 70G
Hop Ore - 80G
Hip Fossil - 60G
Gold coin - 10G
Fossil - 40G
Coin - 10G
Black fossil - 300G

P.S.-some of the items are different years.

-Hope This Helps-
Judge Rarity of a Fish
In order to see how a rare a fish is normally, you would have to wait until after you catch it, there is another way though. While fishing, you will notice that you will feel the fish hit the bobber, but not take it under yet for you to press 'A' and catch it. The trick is to see how many "hits" it does. The more the hits, the more rare and more money you'll get for the fish.
Kid Freezing
In order to freeze your kid, you must be in the 2nd chapter. Pick your kid up and carry him to the tree by the mountain you go up to connect to the GBA. Set him down in the shadow of the tree. The only thing he will be able to do is blink. You cant pick him up again or anything, you must wait until about nine o'clock at night. Your wife will ask where their son is. She'll leave and bring him home and put him in bed. This isnt really helpful, but if you ever need a place to put him in time out, that's the place.
Lots of money
here are some steps for getting lots of money when Van comes
1. get hens (try to get golden eggs)
2. get Ruby spice and duplicate it.
3. Make sure you have over 100 fodder and take out 99.
4. fish every day
5. go to the dig site every day
6. pick flowers when you can
7. pick weeds (save half of them, you can eat the rest)
8. Make sure you are friends with Van so it's easier to haggle.

I know it sounds complicated, but if you have enough free time to do all of this you will get rich whaen Van comes
Lucky Duck$ (Easy money)
Duck are worth more than chickens!

1.In year 1 buy a pond.

2.Buy female chickens. Have enough room for 3 more.
You need the extra space for this to work.

3. In year 2 wake up AFTER your wife.
She will tell you there are ducks in the pond.
P.S. You may need to try more than once.

4.The ducks will be a boy and a girl.
The ducks dont lay eggs. The girl is pretty much useless!
The eggs are found under the chickens
believe it or not! The only male poultry you
need is the Male duck. You can put the
fertilized DUCK eggs in the incubater. In a few
day it will hatch. Wait till its bigger and sell
it. You will get your moneys worth! It may take a while, since they are worth like 600 G.
But, I swear this does bring in more then sellin
Just plain old regular chickens!

If you find any problems let me know!
I hope my tip helped! 'u'
Lumina: get sheet of music from her
in the 3 chapter you can get a sheet or music from her. If you talk to he in her room usually after her piano practice or in the morning sometimes you can get it if your her friend. give her flowers, fried yam or strawberry cake it will help her get to like you. After you get it show it to Grifen and Gustafa they will say it is guitar music and not piano music but however they can not play it.
Major Money!
Ok listen up. Seeds( obviously )are more expensive than the fruit itself. I've experimented with this for a while, so here it is.
At the beginning of the game, or anytime, save your money. One-by-one buy each tree seed. Plant all of them in the field next to your house, but plant them in a road. You'll have a few gaps but it's ok for now. Time goes by and you have your trees. Now befriend Daryl, the weird mad scientist guy, and he'll give you the seed maker. Note: SAVE YOUR FRUIT! At the end of your year, or as they come, make seeds with your seed maker. Then befriend Takakura and Tartan will come. Then befriend Tartan. Don't get pissed just yet. Just talk to him for,like, all morning for 2-4 days and the hybrid option will apear. With your ''saved'' up fruit seeds make make 2nd generation crops and plant them in the open gaps and in the field next to your chicken coop. Still you'll have open gaps, thats ok. Then a while later you'll have those trees. Hybrid them into 3rd generation crops and fill up the empty spaces. Now lets rack in the money. Right now I'm really far in the game and hold on to your seats......have 3,500,950 gold. Yes....and in one , yes one, month made more than 400,000 gold. One 3rd generation seed is in the thousands. E-mail me for questions or when it works. It might take a while, but hey, it's worth it.
Make easy money through poultry
If you need some extra money don't sell your chickens.{unless their roosters}Instead put a male duck in your chicken coop. Later a chicken will lay a fertle egg. Put it in the thing you put eggs in to hatch. When it hatches take it to your pasture. Wait till it is fully grown. Then go to the ledger and sell it. You can sell it for 500G.
Marry Muffy in 2 mounths or sooner
First off give her a flower, moon ore, and some milk. When you talk to her in the back room of the bar always answer to see you. Finally go on the date with her (4 hearts) for her to be your girlfriend.-Note When you go on the date the other girls wont like you for a while
More time
Need more time to do all the stuff around the farm? Wish you could stay up 24/7 so you could maximize your profits? Well now you can!!!!! (Sounds like a commercial doesn't it?) All you have to do is go to sleep and save before you sleep. Than what its in the dream thing reset the gamecube. Than you will wake up refreshed and you won't loose the 6 hours you normally would. You can do 25% more that you usaually could. You would never need to go to sleep.
If you want to marry muffy DONT and I repeat DONT give her presents during work that will make her hate you. To make her like you ive her milk and flowers.Hope I helped!
Muffy likes!
If you want Muffy to get engaged you on the first day of summer give her a flower a day and talk to her two more times.
People say he only likes fish, not the case. He also likes flowers. If you want to save your fish, give him flowers instead.
Murrey and money
In the beginning of the game, murrey, the homeless dude, will ask for money to go back home. if you give him money every time he asks, he will eventully one morning come up to your door and say that he has enuf money and he will be leaving to go to PoPo Valley. He wont be gone for long and when he comes back, he will admit that he spent all the money you gave him buying drinks. DO NOT TRUST MUREY WITH YOUR MONEY!
Nami likes things from the ruins and fruits salads.
She is the harder of all the girls to get married.

I married her in summer 5
Nami + Meals = Love
I didn't see this anywhere else, so I'm going to share it with you...

Nami is extremely fickle, it is extremely hard to get her to like you, its really frickin frustrating too.

Unless... you give her cooked meals (not the unrecognizable ones either). Ummm, I tried all that crap with giving her statues from the dig site and fall flowers, but she's never really satisfied or grateful. She's always like, " I didn't say I wanted it, but if you insist." and shoves it in her pocket.

But when you offer her cooked dishes, she'll say something like, "That looks really good" and you say "Try It." and she says, "Me?... Thanks!" and the big thing about that is the red hearts in her diary shoot up really quickly. We're talking a short cut into Nami's heart here.

Also, I don't know how true to form this is, but she wouldn't accept the blue flower from me unless we were in her bedroom and I had seen that she had four red hearts for me right before I offered it to her.
Nami at the bar
During year one or so,if you have a pretty good relation with Nami,go to the bar at 6:00 pm.a cut scene will appear with Nami.at the end of it,though,She'll get shy and leave and Muffy will say she forgot to make her pay(you decide to pay for Nami or you laugh in her face)XD
Nami's Son
I married nami and everything, and during chapter 4 "happy farm life," I actually deleted that game because my son was so *bleep*ed. He's a teenager, and he gets all depressed and basically hates you and his life, and says stuff like "maybe it would have been better if i'd never been born." It gets really annoying and no one wants to have a son like that. So if you're thinking about marrying nami, keep this in mind.
Nami. The easiest way to get her. Please just read this!
People say the easiest way to win Nami's heart is to give her Fall flowers, food, things from the mine, etc. But please hear me out. This requires no picking flowers, digging, cooking, anything! Just don't sell your Milker at the begining of the game. If you hold the Milker in your hands and show it to her everyday, she'll say "Is that a Milking Machine? Neat." Then she'll laugh. If you do this everyday, I guarantee she'll love you by the end of the year. And any flowers, ores, fossils, or statues you might've gotten for her, you can now sell for money. And you don't have to break Celia's or Muffy's heart. I'm married to her. And this was all I did. Just try it.
Need Help With Money?
Okay, so some of you are probably playing the game thinking you know everything there is to know about making the money in this game, RIGHT? WRONG!! Here are three tips to make you rich!

1. Befriend Ruby and go into the kitchen(her kitchen, when she's alone, but you have to do it when it's exactly a time, no 9:29 am.)She will ask you if you cook a-lot, say yes. she will give you a Ruby Spice, a spice she found or something..and then, go home, go to your kitchen part, select Soup as your recipe. Then make the only ingredient the Ruby Spice. Duplicate it 99 times(you can only hold 99 in you rucksack) but put 99 in your fridge, food storage, and shelf, but also your rucksack(backpack) then, when van comes to town, sell all of them EXCEPT 1, to keep duplicating..this does take a while, but it's REALLY easy money.;D
2. Buy the banana tree seed from Vesta(I know, i know, "BUY"? It pays off in the long run), plant it, and let it grow..then, when the crops start arriving, buy the seed maker. put ALL of the bananas in the seed maker. Sell these to van and you make a LARGE sum of dough!OOOHHH-YESS~.^!
(You can do this with any tree fruit, but banana is worth more, and this does work, because I made like 50,000g!!)
3. Buy a female cow, any breed will do, and buy a miracle potion when she is old enough. When she has her baby(which takes 3 seasons), she will give milk. Now, if you do the two steps above during the time the cow is pregnant, you will have enough to buy the Food Processing Room(30,000g). Now use most of your milk and turn it into cheese and butter. Buying chickens and selling the eggs, the milk, the cheese, AnD the butter, and you will make A WHOLE bunch of moo-lah!

Hope these tips are helpful..and i hope you prosper>.<
~The Harvest Moon Hacker....sorta;D

Not accepting your gifts, eh?
Most people will tell you that you cannot give gifts to some residents if they are in their house or yard. You indeed can, actually. For example, if you are over at daryll's, he will tell you something like he can't take it at the moment. THIS IS BECAUSE HE IS STANDING WEIRDLY. When you offer him an item, and he says no, that is because he is thinking. If you look at how he is standing, you can see he has his hands behind his back tapping his foot. Wait until he moves, and is then standing normally with his hands to his sides. Then if you offer him an item, he will gladly accept it.
Now let's get with the tips.
Tip 1. You can wash nina's grave by talking to Galen when he's looking at it.
Tip 2. Usually if you don't marry someone, vesta forces you to marry Celia.
Tip 3. To catch a Sharshark, just fish off the North end of the bridge.
Tip 4. With all plants, well, let's just say it's the opposite of what vesta says.
Tip 5. You live 30 years and that includes cutscenes.
Tip 6. Try to marry Nami 'cause with Celia you only get one kid and with Muffy one kid hates you.
Tip 7. You don't have to water trees at all.
Tip 8. Become friends with Gustafa, go to his house, and you have the strange sickle.
Tip 9. Get the alarm clock by visiting Grant real early in the morning. P.S. You don't have to be his friend.
Tip 10. Get a full rest by saving and reseting in the middle of the save.
Tip 11. Send me more tips. P.S. My Email adress is littlerobinson@yhoo.com. P.P.S. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME EXACTLY HOW TO GET THE HYBRID TARTAN?????????????????????????????
Random Babble....
If you are holding any wild plant, go talk to Wally (the excercising person, I think that's his name...)and show him it. He'll say first, 'Is that plant safe for the body?' or something, then show him again, and he'll say 'around here'.
If you are married to Muffy, she'll say 'I was thinking of getting new dishes' or something, then talk again, and she'll say 'Wasn't in the kitchen.'
If you are watching the TV, on the day is says 'Traszlator V' or something, the lady will say, 'Even polar bear?' to ask if it can translate polar bear, and you push A. Then wors are supposed to come up, but it's all blank!!
Rare, Valuable Fish
Looking for rare and valuable fish to use as your main source of income? Is the stream, spring and pond not rewarding enough? Travel up to the dig site, and aim your Fishing Pole at the huge boulder underneath the waterfall. Your red bait should pass through it. Now wait until you get a bite, and reel in your catch. Below is a list of the rare fish that are possible to be caught at the waterfall and their chance of being caught.

Arna - 35%
Big Arna - 15%
Sharshark - 10%
Big Colombo - 65%
Rock likes fodder
Ok, so call me crazy, but I want to be friends with everyone in town and so I always give people presents.
I found Rock one day hanging around the Spite's house, and decided to give him something. I didn't have any pre-cooked food in my bag so i tried everything.
He doesn't like fish, he doesn't like milk or eggs, he doesn't want fresh crops or any flowers or wild edible plants. What DOES this boy like?!

So it turns out he likes fodder. Regular, cut on your farm fodder.

Making Rock your friend is free, and you don't have to give him things you could sell for much $$$
What a nice fellow!
Save Money
Want to save money? Well heres the list of things you can do.
1. Don't buy the light or normal tools, instead just use the "More Time" tip and use the heavy tools.

2. Dont buy the good fooder, just settle with the fact that you wont be abel to get S milk. (Mod Note: It's been said that you can get S-Milk using not-good fodder)

3. Don't use miralce potion. (I do advise breeding them but just use bulls from your farm, its too expensive to use the ones from other farms.)

4. Don't buy chickens till you are far into the game. (Early in year 2 you will get some ducks (if you built the pond ($2500) in year one) and they lay eggs so until you can handle all of thoes animals bont buy the chickens)
Save money on Miracle Potion
If you have 2 or more female cattle and you want them all to have calves, don't purchase a single Miracle Potion for each one. Instead, purchase a Normal Cow (Male) and do the Miracle Potion with a Farm's Bull. You are only spending 2,500G instead of 5,000+, and you can sell the bull for 2,500G after it is an adult.
Seeds Worth More!
Don't try and sell the fruit that you get from your trees. Instead, pop them into your seed maker (make sure to get one of these!) and sell the seeds for ALOT more! You get more produce from trees and that equals more money if you turn them into seeds and sell them!
Sell your records
Most people think that you can't sell the record that is in the player, but the truth is, you can! Personally, I think that it is cooler to have just the sounds of nature (Not that they are very good!), but it is up to you. If you agree with me, you should sell both records for more money! First, sell the one that you don't have in the player, then turn off the music. Go to turn it on, but say no when it asks you if you want to turn it on. Now it will ask you if you want to eject it. Say yes and now you can sell it! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> (The music player is in your room in front of your bed!)
Sleeping animals
If you want to wake up your animals so you don't anger them when you want to brush, nuzzle and milk them, just go up to their head and push, then suddenly flip them around. They'll wake up for sure.
Some Harvest Help, Kinda Long
Okay, here are just some tips for all you noobs, or people who just need help.

What All Avalible Brides Like
Muffy-Easiest to marry
Works-The Bar
Likes-All flowers, ores you can find at the dig, eggs, milk
Wake Up Time-10:00am
Tip-If you want marry Muffy don't waste your time at the dig or your money on milk and eggs, just give here flowers every day at 10:00am. Her diary to say how much she likes you is in the flower pot in the bar.

Celia-Medium to marry
Works-farm across the bridge
Likes- All flowers, ores, crops
Wake Up Time-7:00am
Tip-Just as with Muffy, if you want to marry Celia, just give her flowers every morning. Her diary is her bed in her room in the loft of the house on the farm.

Nami-Hardest To Marry
Works-Nowhere, just wanders around, lives in the inn (lazy bum)
Likes-fossils, trick blue(fall flower), marinade(a salad you cook)
Wake Up Time- around 1:00am, 2:00am, I think, i don't know alot about Nami cuz who would want to mary the loser
Tip-Her diary is in her room in the inn, it is the purple book on her desk.

Okay, when Takakaura goes into his house, you should get a video(it might only happen in year 2, im not sure) where theres a 2 headed flower in his house aclled Tartan. You need to talk to Tartan alot so you can hybrid. After you get hybrid, you can make hybrid crops, and its also an easy way to get S grade seeds. To get S seeds, in winter go up to dig site, around there you will find an upseed flower. Go to Tartan and hybrid a seed (bannana if your not dumb) wioth the upseed, it wil then be S grade.

Money, Money, Money
Okay, this is the easiest way to get money. First BUY A BANNA TREE. Right when you start out start giving Daryl(the mad scientist with the black hair) snelt, a fish you catch in the river. Give it to him everyday so you can befreind him. After he is your freind, go into his lab and he will tell about a seedmaker he made. He will then give it to you and it will be in your tool storage. You should have planted your banna tree as soon as possible. When it blooms in the summer, get the bannas from it and put them all in the seed maker. After a while get the seeds and sell them to Van, they make tons.

Okay, whatever yuo want your kid to be, here is some help.

Artist- Befreind and show your kid to Cody, the bug black guy. Cody likes, coins, flowers and ores.

Musician-Befriend Gustafa, Lumina and Griffin, Gustafa like flowers, and ores, Lumina like flowers, and Griffin likes all columbo (a fish you catch in rivers, but you find the most in
turtle swamp) Show your kid to these people.

Athlete-Befreind Wally and Hugh. They like eggs and crops)Show your kid to them too.
Farmer/Rancher-Befreind Marlin, and Vesta, Vesta likes flowers and Marlin likes golden eggs, and I think crops. Show your kid to them

Farmer Rancher- Befreind Vesta, Marlin and Celia(if you didn't marry her) Vesta and Celia like flowers, and Marlin likes golden eggs, and i think crops. SHOW YOUR KID TO THEM!

To help your kid like you better, talk to him alot and give him aqnd show him things.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR ANIMALS. Brush them everyday, (you buy brush from van), feed them , and DO NOT leave them in the rain or snow. Talk to them everyday and hug them too. Milk your cows twice a day, once in am and once in pm. Do not ride your horse in the rain or snow, and when your pets get dirty wash them in the water trough outside.
Okay, about chickens. Right when you start out, BUY A CHICKEN. First a hen then a rooster, then, instead of buying more chickens, put a fertilized egg in the incubator. You need a rooster if you want ferilized eggs . If the chick is a boy, sell him and do uit again, do this until you have all hens and oone rooster. Hug your chickens every day and get their eggs every day too. If you hug them, over time they will give you good golden eggs. (Dont waste on Marlin, he's a loser)


Son's Career
If your son wants to have a career that you don't want him to have there is a really easy way to change his mind all you have to do is be mean to the person who is influencing your son even if he/she is your friend they can become less your friend but still look at you when you walk by if you show them something they want and don't give to them my son went from talking about Cody ten times in a row for a year to only mentioning him once or twice in just a few days I couldn't believe how well and quickly it worked for me now my kid wants to be anything but an artist!!!!!!!

Hope that helps
Sell star milk as it is. DON'T TURN IT INTO BUTTER OR CHEESE. You get less if it is cheese or butter. HAPPY MILKING!
Starry night festival
In winter in chapter 2 the 5th day go to Gustafa's house try to go in it at 7:00 to 9:00pm and you should get the event.
Takakura Schedule
His Schedule:
Wake Up:
Come Back from Mineral Town:
Get Home:
Go to Sleep:
The Alarm Clock requires No Effort
Many people assume that you must be friends with the characters in order to get things from them. Early in Chapter 2 (2 or 3 days) i awoke early and went outside. I saw Grant (walking across the bridge), whom I have never actually met/talked to until this point and he led me to his house whereupon he proceeded to give me his alarm clock.

Hence...as long as your in the right place in the right time you don't need to even meet Grant!
The Chris and Samantha Conversation
At night in late year three or two, you will exit a house to find Chris and Samantha talking about their families. This does not help you in the game. But it is fun to watch this cutscene!
I have been looking for a way to find more at the dig site and I could never find anything. After doing some testing and observations, I found out some cool facts. Sometimes it gets frustrating when you never find anything for a while. But now the secret's out. If you go to the dig site at ten don't expect to find much past three. The big secret is you almost always find exactly ten things if you stay the full amount of time. Most or all of them you will find before three (if you come at ten). So come when you want and then keep digging until you find ten things. Now you won't have to waste anymore time. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Oh, by the way, if it is a couple of hours before three and you have already found your ten things, keep digging until three. You might find a couple more things! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
The Stages of the Cow's Miracle Potion
If you decide to have a calf, then know the stages.
1: You buy the potion for a female cow. After a few days, the cow will mate a bull (brought to the farm from Takakura. You cannot keep him).
2: The cow is now pregnant.
3: The utter will become red and dark. You cannot milk it now. Nik, Nak, and Flak will set up a pen in the barn. While your cow is in the pen, it cannot come outside. Give her lots of love.
4: Congratulations! Your cow has given birth. Nik, Nak, and Flak will tell you what gender the calf is. No matter what gender, the Sprites will set up a Calf Hut outside.
5: To feed your new calf, give it fodder. Plus, the mother will give "Baby's Milk". It looks like a bottle. Feed the calf twice a day with the milk.
6: Great! You raised a new calf correctly. He/she will grow big and strong! If it is a bull, you cannot milk him. If it is a female, grab the milker after a few days and milk her. Milk with the milker for 2 days (to be safe) and now you may milk by hand. Now be happy with your calf and let it graze in the sunshine (not the rain)!
The Strange Tools
They do not drain your energy. I used the strange sickle on the entire pasture in one day and did not get tired. I'm sure the Weird tools do not drain your energy either.
There is a Yetti lurking
Ok, so , to see this yetti-like creature, exit your house around 8-11pm. You'll then see Daryl walkng down the road, you'll follow automatically.You'll scare daryl, he'll tell you he's looking for a creature, while he's talking, it comes up behind him and tries to say hello, Daryl runs off, and crashes into a tree. To see another yetti scene, exit your house, a day later around 5pm. I'm not telling this one. ~_^
Tips and tricks to marry Nami
here are the tricks I used to marry Nami easily.
Instead of giving her your crops which she likes give her cooked food because if you give her a crop she will just tell you later that she gave it to Ruby but if you give her food she will tell you how great your cooking is! but my favorite way to get her to like you along with gifts she likes is to catch a really big fish and show it her because she will be very impressed that you caught it but won't take from you so you can just show it to her every day! doing these along with getting her heart scenes right she will love you in no time!
Townsfolk's Bedtimes
Here's a list of people who stay up late and who go to bed early.

Early to bed, early to rise:
your son
Celia, Vesta, and Marlin
Tim and Ruby

Late to bed, late to rise:
Muffy and Griffin

Late to bed, early to rise:

Harvest Sprites

Thanks for reading!

Treasure Hunt!
You all know by now there's a ruin on HM. Well you can get alot of cash off of fishing, cows, crops, and chickens. The ruin holds some very valuable items too. First, find Carter near the dig site around 8am or 9am. He'll ask you if you want to dig inside the digsite, say "yes". Start digging, you'll find some of these {old coin, silver coin, human statue, and horse statue}. If you dig in the same spots you'll find very valuable stuff!
Instead of planting crops, grow trees! Buy tree seeds of every variety, that way you don't have to keep planting crops every season. You get rich quick by selling the seeds you make with the seed maker with the fruit. Try to get the most out of Van that you can.
two cutscenes with celia
here are SOME NOT ALL cutscenes with Celia.
going shopping 2 hearts enter Celia's house at 12:00 pm not a minute later and Celia will come running out the door saying "Eeek!" "you scared" "me!" and she'll say I have to go shopping now I'm glad it's not raining their are two options "me too" or "let me come with you". choose option two and Celia will say "don't you have work to do?" Celia will say "you came here just to see a woman didn't you?" then she'll say ok but just until you have to leave then suddenly Marlin will come out the door asking "why are you still here? "aren't you supposed to to be shopping?" then suddenly Vesta will come out the door asking "Why are you still here?" your options are Marlin's fault or "I'm sorry" choose "I'm sorry" and Celia will walk you across the bridge with you telling you that Marlin isn't a bad guy he's just worried about her and really that's when the cutscene ends. 1 heart cutscene leave Celia's house at around 11:00 am and you will see her looking at the crops. Your character will walk over to her and she will ask him if he likes field work choose option two and she will say "good" and tell you that she feels like the crops give some of their energy to her and she'll say that you might think she's crazy for saying so your character will shake his head no.
very quick days
You must have an alarm clock to do this

If you'r in a rush to finish a season or year in harvest moon set ur alarm clock to 10:00..You will wake up at 10 to do ur work..go to sleep wake up at 10pm and then fall asleep. Make sure u don't sell anything..and you have to stay in your farm..this isn't that helpful but..when u get bored....
wake your sleeping cows
When your cow is asleep and you need to milk it but you don't want to get it mad at you, all you have to do is push on your cow's head until it wakes up, it will then turn around and will be able to milk your cow. Also you can ring the bell and they will be awake. (p.s this will work for all of your livestock!)
Waste not, Want not
Don't throw your failed dishes away, feed them to your dog instead.He'll love it!
Weather Channel
Make sure you check the weather channel every single day. It will help you plan for the next day, along with giving you a fun chance to watch TV.
Weather Man
Watch out, the man in the cream suit on the weather channel does NOT predict the Forget-Me-Not Valley Weather. He might say it will be raining, and twelve hours later, not a cloud in the sky. I have made it to Chapter Four, so I know this much: trust the weather man that looks like a farmer, and wears a straw hat. He predicts the weather accurately, so don't get confused. Hoped this helped a lot of people new to the game. Bye!
When do Villagers Not Accepting Gifts?
As you may or may not know, most of the characters will not accept gifts at certain times. Being the nice person I am, I will make a list of when people will not accept gifts:

Griffin-when working
Muffy-when working
Gustafa-when playing guitar
Carter-when in dig
Flora-when in dig
Wally-when running
High-when running
Cody-when in house or yard
Romana-while sitting in her rocker
Lumina-while playing piano
Daryl-when in house or yard
Murrey-while collecting money
Kassey-when in house
Patrick-When in house
Whistle For Horsey!
Okay, we all know that if you click the "R" button "you" will whistle once and your dog will come running! But what about the horse? Here's how: to get your horse to come to you from anywhere in Forget-Me-Not-Valley (even if he's in your barn), just double-click on the "R" button ("you" will make a double whistle this time)! This little move saves LOTS of time!
Win Nami's heart
Most of my friends wanted to marry Nami in the game but never knew how. So I will tell you what I told them. In order to win Nami's heart you should bring her Fossils from the dig, Trick Blue flowers, or Tomelo Salad (tomato+melon) everyday. Don't give her single crops of fruits, she only gives them to Ruby. Show her the cow milker evreyday and she usually giggles and smiles, increasing your chance. If you catch a large fish show it to her, she will be inpressed. ANother way to increase your chances is by breaking Celias and Muffys heart. Show them the blue feather about every three days, they ask if it's theirs, deny them. More hearts will appear in Nami's diary if you deny others. Only ask Nami to marry you once. If she denys you, don't worry, she might appear in the second chapter on the first day of spring asking to move in. But to be sure save on the 7th day of winter and if it doesn't turn out like that just reset and spoil her more. She'll come around.
Times: Nami has odd sleeping hours, and it's hard to get into her room to see her diary. Here are some times I have found.
1:00 am - 9:00 am
unknown - 7:00 am
5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
If she doesn't asnwer the door wait a few seconds (preferably 12) and knock again. She comes out at odd times. Once married she will sound unsatisfied with farm life, bring her a fossil everyday to spruce up her day.Hope that helped!!!
Winning Over Nami
Nami really like crops, even if you talk to her later and she says that she gave them to Ruby. Also, she usually wakes up either aroung 3:00 or 9:00 and doesn't stay in her room for a very long time so you have to get there and keep checking her door. Nami also likes ANYTHING to do with fall. I gave her some apples and she was immediatly my friend!!!
Yam Soup
In Fall you can grow Sweet Potatoes and sell them for 60g each. (a profit of 20g)

If you make the Sweet Potatoes into Yam Soup (soup category, use one sweet potatoe) then you can sell each for 110g. (profit of 70g)


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Blank Input
On a random day when you are watching your TV, on the drama/infomercial channel, they may be talking about a translator. The host will say "It can translate the voices of all animals!". The guest woman will reply: "Even polar bears?!". From that point on, the text box will remain there, but there will be no words for about 10 text boxes.
Continue Living after Death
In order for this to work, you must own Action Replay for GameCube.

On Action Replay, activate the infinite cash code. Continue playing using only that code until chapter 5. Then, disable the code, and enable the always healthy animal code for any cow. Play until the end of the year. When the time comes that your character is supposed to die, restart the game. You will be at Spring 1st, Chapter 1, Year One, with all your crops, money, items, and even son and wife!
Invisible Calf
So I went out one morning to feed my new baby cow in the calf hutch, but she wasn't there! I pressed Z and peeped in, but she still wasn't there! I even went into the building and out again, and she was still missing! Then she just randomly appeared from the inner right side of the hutch. Phew!
No Input
If you plant a new tree beside a fully grown tree, it will wilt and die. Then on a random morning, a mole creature will appear in front of your house. It will say something similar to: "You can't plant a tree near a tree. The tree sucks up all the nutrients and the tre...........o................"
The mole will then disappear.
Romana locked inside her own room!
Ok, so I was trying to get Romana's cut scene for the watering can, so I kept entering her room and exiting. Eventually, when I was in her room, it was time for her to leave, so she asked me to get out. I got out, but decided to go into her room one more time just to piss her off. But when I knocked on the door, it said that it was locked! She was still in there! After about 2 mins of knocking and being rejected, she finally walked out of her room. This only happened to me once.. I haven't tried it since, so I don't know if it would work again.
Selling Errors
Natsume has left in a few spelling errors in "Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life".
When you go to the "Ledger", select "Order Animals" then "Sheep". Look at the text box in the bottom of the screen. It reads "Mae Only" instead of the correct spelling: "Male Only".
This is unusual within popular games, such as Harvest Moon, to have bad spelling and grammar.

If you show your son to Marlin, (the man who works for Vesta), he will say, "I really not good with kids, but...cute..." When he should have said, "I'm really not good with kids, but...cute..."

When you go to the ledger, select "Order Animals". There, you will find many animals listed. If you click the sheep, it will say "Mae Only" when it should be "Male Only".

Later on in the years, when you have become elderly, your wife will ask you, "Have you taken a bath yet?" The options for answering are, "Already have." and, "Yes." Where is the "No" option?

In year one, if you talk to Hugh (Wally, the athlete's, son), he will say, "The north words is strange."

In year one, if you talk to Nami (the red-headed traveler who stays at the Inner Inn), she will say, "A woman's heart is as unpredictable as the autumn weather in Forget-Me-Not Valley. You know want I mean?"... Way to kill the moment, Nami.

Go to Romana's Villa, and enter her bedroom. Talk to her, and she says, "Oh, [your character's name], nice too see you, dear." Instead of, "Oh, [your character's name], nice to see you, dear."

In your elderly days, a cut-scene appears, and it shows Takakura talking by the beach. He says, "When did you come here for the fist time...?" instead of, "When did you come here for the first time...?"

This isn't technically a typo, but it's sort of a glitch.
In any year, take your Breeze record and show it to Kassey, the pyrotechnician who has a twin brother named Patrick. Tell him it's his, and he'll say, "You're not bad for a young'un. Can't wait to taste it."

While growing a grape tree, if you walk up to the tree and select it with "A", it will say, "A new Grapes tree."

This isn't technically a typo, but it's sort of a glitch.
If you show a flower to Vesta, she will say, "How are you feeling, guy? You've got something tasty! Can I have some...?"

If you go to order an item, and select "Bird Feed", it will say, "Order a Bird Feed?"

Those are all the typos I've noticed! It's still an awesome game, though. :]
Weather report
I havent seen this yet,but when you wake up go check the weather.then,exit out of the tv and go check the weather again.It should give you a different report,and it confused me.Like,i went and it said it would be sunny or something.Then I went back to check it and it said it would rain for the next 12 hours or something.And then it rained...so this doesnt help anything but its pretty confusing....

Easter eggs

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Nintendo Reference
During Year 2+, if you enter Galen's Hut, a song from Nintendo 64's Paper Mario might be playing.
You can earn three pets in "Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life". Two of those three are earned through a series of events.

Recieved in "The Beginning" from Takakura. Choose between spiked ears of floppy ears.

Befriend Romona by "Happy Birthday"; Year 2. She will enter your farm on a random morning and ask if you would like to care for one of her cats.

Yellow Creature
Befriend Carter from the dig site. On a random morning, a yellow creature will be near his waterfall tent. Press the Z button to go into First-Person mode, then look at the creature for 3 hours in "Harvest Moon" time. Carter will then ask: "Would you like to keep this animal?". Select "Yes, Please!" and you will be taken to the "Name Pet" screen.


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99 Toys
After chapter 2 begins, you can purchase a Ball, Blocks, and a Wooden Car from Van for your child. Usually you place these in the toybox in your house, but if you instead put them on the shelf in your tool room, you can go back to Van and purchase another one of each. While you can't buy more than one at once, if you continue to buy them one at a time, and put them on your tool room shelf, you can get up to 99 of each, and then buy one last one to put back in the toybox. This does not work with the Scratchpad. This trick is useful, as some of the town residents like the toys as gifts.
A Restful Sleep!
To get a full night sleep, without losing ANY game time, try this! Click to save your game, and "sleep" like you would normally do. After the little cutscene comes on, then fades away, quickly click the "reset" button on your gamecube! Then continue playing your game and "you" will be fully rested, BUT you'll start at the exact same time you went to "sleep"!
A simple way to get Nami.
This is all I did to get her:

Try to get as many hearts as you can with Celia and Muffy. Then, use the blue feather (you get it in the summer) on Celia and Muffy. When they say is it for them, say no. Usually, Celia doesn't liked being teased with false marriage, so her hearts will go down quickly. From doing this, Nami will gain hearts for you since you've been denying the others.
another way to win hearts
I find this the more easy way to win hearts but it only works with muffy and celia. since muffy works at the bar go talk to griffin and buy some drinks for yourself and muffy will like you more! (i bought three stone oils and muffy went to three red hearts instead of two). and with celia its easier because you can just keep buying seeds while at the bar you cant.
Best Fishes
Huge Sharshark 3000 Normal price 2500 How?
when you sell it to Van and he priced it 2500 cancel it,then he will overprice it with 3000 but sometime he does not overprice it, what to do? REPEAT IT,cancel his offer until he will overprice it... this work for fishes like... you can also do this with other goods...golden egg, chess, butter, golden wool,etc...
Best Fishes
SHARSHARK..location at the bridge area, near the bridge together with SNELT & COLOMBO fishes...
1. huge sharshark
2. big sharshark
3. sharshark
4. tiny sharshark
YAMAME..location at the water fall & pond near the sea
1. huge yamame
2. big yamame
3. yamame
4. timy yamame
ARMA..location pond near the sea
1. huge arma
2. big arma
3. arma
4. tiny arma
Nyamame..location water fall area
1. huge nyamame
2. big nyamame
1. huge huchep
2. big huchep

the longer u spent in fishing the bigger the fish....most of the time....WTF colombos..^L^
Change Weather
Go to your T.V. and push the control stick up.A weather guy will be on the screen.He will tell you the weather for that day.If you don't like it (if it's rainy, maybe),press the B button.If you look at the T.V. again,the weather may be different.If the weather is the same,try again.This works most of the time-.
Cut-scenes with Nami (Before Marriage)
These are basically all the scenes with Nami.
I never married her before so I don't know what happens in them.
I got them from a friend. But decided to marry Celia instead.

1 heart: Leave your house around 2:30 P.M.

2 hearts: Enter the bar when only Nami, Muffy,
and Griffon are inside.

3 hearts: Enter your house around 8.

4 hearts: Enter the Inner Inn around 10 P.M.

4 hearts: Enter the Inner Inn late winter.

Sorry everyone... I know I wasn't very informative
about the times. But unfortunately this is all
I know. If you need help getting the scenes I have a 3
step tip at the bottom of the page of the tip
titled "Cutscenes with Celia (Before Marriage)"

1 last tip: Noon=Usually around 10-12 P.M.
And Evening=Usually around 2:30 P.M.


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Easy Food
If your player is hungry and don't want to spend money on food then just search around your house for random plants on the ground that you can eat and eat them. Your hunger will go away and your funds are still in tact. Or, you can just leave your character hungry and sell the wild plants to make money.


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Flora's Necktie
If you befriend Flora and are in Chapter Four or later, try to catch her while she is inside her tent and talk to her. She will give you her old Necktie.
Flowers For Money
Here are the typs of flowers you can get:

Toy flower = Spring

Goddes drop = Spring

Happy lamp = Summer

Trick blue = Fall

Gemsoil = Fall , good for growing fruit

Upseed = Winter , takes all neutrons out of soil
Game Glitch for muffy!!!!
ok heres the deal if you marry muffy and only muffy on the 3rd chapter walk in to your house during the winter at 7:00pm and muffy will have the bottom of her dress on but the top is off i liked freaked out but it happened and dont worry just exit ur house and go back in and she will be dressed (hoped it saved you from freakin out)
Get Grade S Milk!
Milk your cow and get as much milk you want that is under S grade. Keep them in your rucksack. When you've decided that you got plenty enough, feed your cow the "good fodder". The next day she will give you S grade milk. Put it in your rucksack with the rest of your milk. When you've placed all of the milk in your storage bin for Takakura, it will be S grade!
Get the fully-upgraded kitchen easily
Try duplicating Ruby's dpice and eventually your kitchen will be upgraded.

Note: It takes nuch more than 20 Ruby's spices to get your ktchen fully upgrraded.
getting a cat
most of you already know, but for those of you that dont if you befriend romana (give her flowers)and one day during the 2nd year she will come to you in the morning and give you a stray cat she has found.
Hints and tips
Banna Money
Plant a banna Tree in chapter 1/ year one and by year 2 it should have bannas shake the tree and It should drop some of the fruit pick it up and put it in your seed maker. The seeds sell around 720G each.

Call your horse
Press R twice to call your horse.

Best place to fish
The Water Fall

S Grade Seeds
In Winter Find The Flower Up Seed and when you get tarten mix it with a tree seed or Veggie Seed and it will become a Grade S Seed.

How to get Tarten
Tartan Some time in year 2-3 or 4 i forget Got to Takakura`s house at 10:00pm if he is home you should get a cut scene where you meet Tarten.

In Year 1 buy a pound and in year 2 get up at a later time then your wife and you should get a cut scene and you will be asked if you wan`t to keep the ducks (I said Yes) If you say yes they go to your chicken Coop

Don`t have to feed your Chickens!
Bring them out side and put them in the pasture or just out side the door they will wander but will never leave the farm and you don`t have to feed them.

Ruby Spice
You Have to befriend Ruby and talk to her in the kitchen alot she will ask you if you like cooking eventuly say yes and you will get the ruby spice .

How to duplacate Ruby spice
You it in a Recpie and you should now have 2 ruby spice (Don`t Get More then 99 or the game will mess up)

Best way to make money for the Buildings
Fish or Plant Trees

Were you should plant trees
You Should plant trees in the Feild next to your house because it is less fetile then the rest Use the other Feild For Veggis

Train your Dog
If you feed your dog and hold it every day it will eventuly Chase your herd outsdie on sunny days and inside on rainy days
How to produce lots of animals at a lower cost..
This tip is good for beginners. I found that the best way to get lots of animals for free is to:
1. Buy a cheap male cow to mate with your girl cow.
2. Buy a rooster and a hen and get fertilized eggs, put these in the incubator. If you look after your chickens well you will get golden eggs that you can sell to Van for 300g or more each.
After making money on the milk, gold and infertile eggs, buy another cheap girl cow. This is all you need to buy as the babies should start to come along in a year.
You only need one rooster so you can have more egg layers at one time (7 hens 1 rooster). Just sell any roosters that hatch, only when they grow up as they will go for more gold. The same applies to the bulls, you only need one.

Hope this is usefull.
Infinite game time
To keep the days from moving on, turn the gamecube off when it shows the little animation of you falling asleep. You'll wake up fully rested when you turn it back on, but you'll still be on the previous day, and with all the items/money you had gotten on that day before you turned it off. You can keep doing this for as long as you want, and you'll be able to make as much money as you want in a single day.
When you first get your goat, you will love it. Cause I mean, who WOULDN'T like the extra money?! After a while, the stupid thing will stop giving milk, and , you can't sell it!! THE NERVE!! You would be dilousional if you kept it, after all,, you CAN kill it**grins**... Don't leave it in the rain, it's imune to rain(meaning the *bleep* won't get sick). When it's sunny, put your animals outside by the bell and find your goat in the pasture and push into the barn!! The reason, the goat can stay healthy by eating your grass. Keep him inside and don't fill his food bin. After about a month(season, whatever) of this doing the thing will get sick. Keep it sick. After ANITHER month of not treating your goat, the Harvest Sprites will awake you and you will go to the barn and watch your goat die. It looks rather funny actually...
I don't think I'v ever seen someone mention this.

Later on in the chapters wally will give you a metal he won during his champion years. I got it during chapter 4, I'm not to sure if it can be gotten sooner then chap 4 or not.

(You have to talk to him for a bit before he hands it over.)
Money Day Plan
Here is a good day plan that helps you get a lot of stuff:
Wake up at 1:00am. That means going to bed at 8pm. Then you go through town and look for herbs and flowers. Because flowers are a good way to make some money. By then, your animals should be awake, so you can feed them and milk the cows. While there, water you're crops if you have them. Spend the rest of the day fishing or mining. Bring your horse with you so it gets some exercise.
Okay, here is a way to get more money. (May require a little more than one day.....) If you have less than two cows, which means your original one, milk her after you give her fodder. Keep doing this w\out giving any to your friends. After a while, like one season\month, you'll have about what? 30 milks. Put them in the cooler thingy. You'll get money in no time! Oh, and if you have chickens- WHICH YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE- save up the eggs. FERTERLIZED ONLY! Ferterlized only because they are MORE CASH. Know what mean? If you have any questions, e-mail me. Thanks y'all! ;o)
Nami Returns
If you marry celia or muffy,nami leaves town but from year 2+ if you see Patrick walk in the bar follow him,then a cutscene will happen.They talk about nami then someone will come in(I forget who)and tell you namis returned you walk outside and find nami.Then when cutscene ends nami will be back!
New Cows Give MIlk
If you've been playing for a while you'll notice that your new cows don't give milk, well all you have to do is this...

1. Wait 1 year since you bought your cow (when she's ready to mate)
2. Go to the ledger and buy a miracle potion. You can use a different cow or one of your own
3.wait until you know that your cow is pregnant, when she gives birth you have to wait ten days then she will start giving normal milk!
Romona's Watering Can
If you befriend Romona before the end of the first year you can get a watering can. You can go to her house around 11am everyday (she is in her chair almost all day and won't except your gift while she is in it) she will be listening to Lumina play piano. You give her a gift (she likes flowers the best)and talk to her. Then after you have befriened her you can go to her room at about 11:30am and she'll ask Sebatian to bring her the watering can she found in her closet. Then she'll give it to you. It only holds one square of water but it is cool to have.
Ruby Spice Tips
- Ruby Spice Duplicate -

- First of all, befriend Ruby by giving her a flowers, milk, or other various things each day. Keep it up until you become friends with her. You'll know she's your friend once she looks at you when you pass by.

-After befriending her, catch her inside the Inn's kitchen. She'll ask if your hungry / do you cook at home. Say yes and she'll tell you to hold on and she'll give you one Ruby Spice and tell you to run along and make something to eat.

- Head back to your farm and into your house, go to the stove and press A. A menu will pop up. Choose Salad or Soup and then put the Ruby Spice in, nothing else. press start to finish it and boom! Another Ruby Spice. Press B to put it away and repeat until you have 99.

- The Chains of Ruby Spice Selling to Van -

-Once you have gotten 99 Ruby Spices, head to the Tool Room, or was it called a Ledger? I'm not sure, but its directly across from the Storage room. Head in there and put 98 of the Spices in the cabinet and go in back to your house and make even more spices, put them into the cabinet, and repeat until Van comes into town. Put 99 in your backpack and head to him as quickly as you can.

- Sell him all 99, unless you've made extras that are sitting in the cabinet, sell only 98.

- Head back to the storage and grab the other 99, sell to Van, and repeat. On your last set of 99 Ruby Spices, sell only 98.Or else you won't be able to make any more Ruby Spices. Its Wise to save before selling the last batch, or else you'll sell all of them by accident.
wash nina's grave
As you all know, galen's beloved wife nina dies after the 2nd chapter and he's always sad and hanging around her grave. Well go out to his house in the morning( i'm not certain what time) and he'll be standing at her grave. Talk to him when he's standing still and he'll say "oh you've come to see nina's grave" and he'll ask you if you want to wash it, then go to yes( he'll explain how) when your time's up on washing her grave, nina's gost will come up and tell you wether you've done a good job of a bad job.

P.S. If he dosen't ask you to clean her grave keep talking to him.
Your Toddler's Toys (Glitch)
This happens in the toddler stage, since when he's a kid and older he refuses to play with em... ANYWAYS, when he's playing with a toy, go to his toy box and take out the toy. There will be 2, but when he's all done, there will still only be one toy!