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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Cheats

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Tips

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Easiest way to collect beans
On the 1st floor of the grand staircase, right when you enter the hall, there will be a shield award(like all of the school),but this shield if you hit it with flipendo will throw five beans out if you hit it five times.leave the hall where you cant see and run back in and get five more. repeat until 100 if you have bought the bertie botts bag from fred and george.
Submitted by: ffmastered on August 11, 2005
Easy Beans
In the forbidden forrest, next to the extremely large spider web over the bottomless pit, there is an orange mushroom. every time you hit it it will give you a bean. hit it six times then jump off the cliff. the fall will not hurt you but it will reset the mushroom so you can easily get beans to get the alahomora spell or what ever you may need from Fred and George.
Submitted by: Vyse_The_Admirable on August 08, 2007
Escape the Prefects
When trying to get past the prefects at night, use a balloon to distract them to a spot and then run in the other direction. Then, they won't catch you.
Submitted by: Kingy on April 05, 2007
The ghostly dogs can be found on the Hogwarts grounds, but very rarely. When you do see them, do not go near them. They can hurt you and if you get caught, either run to Hagrid's hut or run back inside the school. Everywhere else is unsafe, so be CAREFUL.
Submitted by: Kingy on March 18, 2007
nimbus 2000
in addition to cheat submitted by "smoke" about collecting beans by flying over hogwarts and going through the magical rings, I'd like to point out that you can also get off the broom by Hagrid's hut...
Submitted by: anonymous on February 10, 2004
Snape Blind
After Snape finds you in the cutscene after saving Ron, he will start walking on the path near the greenhouse at night. You can go right up near him and he will not see you.
Submitted by: Kingy on March 18, 2007

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Cheats

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To get the Alohomora spell, you must visit Fred and George inn their shop behind the painting from the door in the Griffindor Common Room. You can buy it for 100 beans. There is no where else to get it.
Submitted by: Kingy on April 05, 2007
To get a lot of beans The triangular object in the corner of the hallway by the fat lady portrait hit it three times to get beans turn the corner and hit it again more beans come out
Submitted by: Yugi Leonhart on January 29, 2003
Easy Beans
Once you have acquired the Nimbus 2000, you can take it for a test run on Hogwarts Ground. Simply equip it and press the button to hop on it. The flying controls are the same, but you get to freely explore Hogwarts and its vast fields. Floating high in the air above and around the school are a few rings, which you can fly through. Flying through them helps you amass a great number of Bertie Bott's Beans.
They relocate every time you head through them. The rings vary in color. Different colors mean a different amount of beans will be given. As a side note, you can't dismount the broomstick unless you land at the Hogwarts front entrance, or in front of the Quidditch Stadium. Just press the button again and Harry will dismount.

Another way to find beans is to blast every tangible object with Flipendo. Most objects well cough up at least three beans. When you return to them a later time, they sometimes will give up more! Objects like masks, vases, jugs, boxes, etc. should all have some beans to share.
Submitted by: Smoke on December 26, 2002
Gnome Throwing
To get the farthest possible distance when gnome throwing, pick up a gnome and spin five times around and immediatly throw the gnome. If you spin any more, you will fall over, so only spin five times to get the maximum distance.
Submitted by: Kingy on March 12, 2007
Items and Beans
The quickest way to fill up your stink pellets, beans and balloon supply is to check all the desks in the school. You never know what you'll find.
Submitted by: Kingy on March 12, 2007