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Freedom Fighters Cheats

Freedom Fighters cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, and Codes for GC.

Freedom Fighters Passwords

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In-game Passwords
PasswordWhat it does
Y, A, B, X, X LeftBlinds enemies
Y, A, B, X, X RightSlow Motion
Y, A, B, X, X DownFast Motion
Y, A, X, B, A, UpChange Spawn Point
Submitted by: Dark Arcanine on November 23, 2008

Freedom Fighters Unlockables

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Unlockable Stage
UnlockableHow to unlock
Liberty IslandBeat the game on "You Got What it Takes?" or "Against All Odds" difficulty to unlock Liberty Island.
Submitted by: Dark Arcanine on November 23, 2008

Freedom Fighters Cheats

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Max Out Charisma & Ragdoll Physics Turn Off
Enter these cheats during gameplay.
Max out your charisma
Enter Y, A, B, X, A, Down to max out your charisma.

Ragdoll Physics
Enter A, B, X, B, L Button to turn on ragdoll physics.
Submitted by: teodortenchev on January 15, 2006
Ultimate cheats
Enter these codes when you are in a enemy free area:

Get Sub MachineGun: Y A B X Y R
Sniper Rifle: Y A B X Y Right
Rocket Launcher:Y A B X Y Left
Big Gun:Y A B X Y Down
ShotGun:Y A B X X R
Nail Gun: Y A B X Y Left
Infinite Ammo:Y A B X A Right
Invisibility: Y A B X X Left

After you enter any of these you will see a label at the top of the screen saying the cheat has been activated. If you enter the code again you will see it say cheat disabled.
Submitted by: Fingerdance on July 10, 2004