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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance cheat codes.


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Buried Items in Chapter 15
There are various items hidden in the desert sand. You can find them by going to the correct spot on the grid. The space at the end of the first direction. For ex. 6 Blocks north, the 6th block counts at part of the 5 blocks to the east.
Buried ItemWhere it is Buried
Silver Sword6 Blocks north and 5 blocks east of the bottom left corner,
Boots7 Blocks east and 3 North of the Chapter Boss (Muarim, the green tiger). Right in front of the Hawk.
Shine (Spellbook)8 Blocks South and 3 east of the Chapter Boss.
Physic (Stave/Staff)5 Blocks east and 6 blocked south of the ruined archway. (The stone arch that leaning to one side).
Silver Blade9 Blocks north and 4 blocks east of the bottom left corner
Guard (Skill Scroll)1-4 blocks East of the bottom left corner
Coin9-11 blocks North of the bottom left corner (South of a rock you can't walk on)
Statue FragmentIn a 3x3 area, center 4 blocks North and 1 block West of the bottom right corner
White GemIn a 2x2 area, upper right block 3 blocks South of the upper right corner
Vague Katti/Stefan (unit)3 blocks West and 1 block South of the upper right corner. Stefan will join only if Lethe/Mordecai is placed here, he brings the Vague Katti with him. Any other unit will only get the Vague Katti.
CoinIn a 3x3 area, center 6 blocks North and 14 blocks East of the lower left corner
Recruitable Characters
In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, certain enemy characters can be convinced to join your team. This list is in chronological order of Chapters.
UnlockableHow to unlock
MiaSpeak to her with Ike, or let her speak to Ike herself in Chapter 7.
IlyanaSpeak to her with Ike in Chapter 8.
MarciaSpeak to her with Ike in Chapter 3, and speak to her with Ike again in Chapter 9 to recruit her.
Lethe and MordecaiThey join automatically if they survive in Chapter 9.
VolkeOnly joins if you hire him at the start of Chapter 10.
ZiharkSpeak to him with Lethe or Mordecai, or let him speak to one of them himself in Chapter 11.
Nephenee and BromFree them and speak to them with Ike in Chapter 10
KieranFree him and speak to him with Oscar in Chapter 10
SotheRead the base conversation before Chapter 12.
JillSpeak to her with Ike in Chapter 12.
AstridSpeak to her with Ike in Chapter 13.
GatrieSpeak to him with Astrid to get him to re-join in Chapter 13.
MakalovSpeak to him with Marcia in Chapter 14.
StefanIn Chapter 15 move Lethe or Mordecai to the top-right corner of the map, then move 3 squares to the left and 2 down. Stefan will appear and join automatically.
Tormod and MuarimThey join automatically at the start of Chapter 16.
DevdanTalk to him with Soren, Rolf, Mist, Sothe or Tormod in Chapter 16.
TanithJoins automatically at the start of Chapter 18.
Reyson, Janaff and UlkiAccept Reyson's offer to join in Chapter 18.
ShinonSpeak to him with Rolf, then defeat him with Ike in Chapter 18. He will appear to die, but just be wounded.
Tibarn, Naesala or GiffcaChoose one of the 3 in the Final Chapter.
CalillRead the base conversation before Chapter 20.
TauroneoSpeak to him with Ike in Chapter 21.
RanulfJoins automatically in Chapter 23.
Bastian and LuciaThey join automatically in Chapter 24.
GeoffreyJoins automatically in Chapter 25, if he survives in Chapter 24.
LargoRead the base conversation before Chapter 25.
ElinciaJoins automatically at the start Chapter 26.
Ena or NasirHave Ike defeat the Black Knight in Chapter 27. Nasir will join in the next chapter. Or have Ike lose to the Black Knight in Chapter 27. Ena will join in the next chapter.
HaarSpeak to him with Jill in Chapter 23
Trial Map Characters
When you complete the game a certain number of times you'll unlock special characters to be used only on trial maps.
UnlockableNumber of game completions
Oliver3 times
Shihiram5 times
Petrine7 times
Bryce10 times
Ashnard15 times


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Astrid is a really uber unit if you raise her, the hard part is that she is horribly weak and underlevled when you get her.
Here are some tips on how to get her good.

1. In the chapter where you face the Laguz boss keep attacking it with her and you will get tons of XP
2.Attack any unit with her and you will get at least 40 XP
People think Rolf sucks because of his starting level and Gatrie for his crappy speed. Actually, Both units are quite strong after promotion and all of their stats are great in the end! if you train them up, you wont regret it in the end!!!
keep soren alive!!!
I thought soren was a horrible horrible person when i first got him, he could only hit like 5, and basicly only attack once, rarely twice.

Well i was wrong, because once I got him up to sage class, he basicly attacks twice about over 95% of the time, and he hits like 20's as well, he really helps in the future, so dont let him just die because he sucks in the beginning, keep him alive, same goes with astrid(ch 13), rolf(ch 9)
Leveling up weak characters
to level up weak characters, pair them out. like im doing now, i have nephenee and rolf paired together (this is also good to get support conversations). have nephenee attack an enemy that she can ALMOST!! kill. then let rolf come in behind her and finish him off. Nephenee will get battle Exp. and Rolf will get Exp. for killing the enemy. if u continue to swap the order of attacks with this pair then they will turn out very strong very soon. hopei could help,
The Occult scroll is a very useful item when it comes to skills. There are four Occult scrolls in the game, and here is where each one is located.

    Chapter 13, in a chest.
    Chapter 16, info with Stefan
    Chapter 21, comes with Tauroneo
    Chapter 27, before the battle with the Black Knight, the boss drops it

The Occult scroll teaches a promoted unit a certain skill for their class. For example, when you use Occult on Ike when he's a Lord, he will learn Aether. Also, each skill takes up 20 points, and many are useful. Make sure you read the description before giving someone the Occult scroll, because once assigned, you can never get it back. If you're not careful, you could be using a very valuable scroll on a very weak skill.
Raising Kieran
Kieran was a hard unit for me to raise because there were tons of sword users and he couldn't hit anything. Heres what I did, make any kind of ax [iron or steel] and max everything, he should have 90-100 hit on everything it really helps when raising him.
Renewal Scroll
An often missed skill scroll. Refuse Reyson's request at Chapter 18 and you'll get this scroll.

Unfortunately, this also means not getting Reyson, Janaff and Ulki, which in turn makes Chapter 19 harder.
Skill Combination
I was playing with different combinations of skills, and came up with a good one:

Vantage + Adept -- With some luck, your character will attack first AND strike twice. This works well with magic users or Myrmidons/Swordmasters, as their speed sometimes allows them to strike 3-4 times consecutively.
Super Ike
Ike can be the most useful person in your party and can be your power house , defender against magic and physical weapons, and can also attack from distances once you acquire the sword ragnell. just all the special items to upgrade stats give to him when he becomes a lord. EX: ( seraph robes, or equippable items like full guard"
If you give him those items as a ranger, not much will happen cause he'll reach his maximum sooner and won't upgrade as much
Training Mist
TRAIN MIST!!!!!!!!!!
In chapter 28, she joins the Black Knight fight. If you train her,she can heal Ike to max hp and kill the bishop before he heals the Black Knight. She can also kill the soldier. Use bonus Exp when you first get her. When she is a level 1 Valkyrie have her attack and get mooch kills for exp.
Triangle Attack
Forgot which ones, but when you are at base in 2 chapters, you can get info from "3 brothers". This is Rolf, Boyd, and Oscar. They will talk about making up a super attack. After the second time, when Oscar says he will "make it cool", Boyd tells Ike to make sure they are all in the next battle. So make sure the 3 brothers are in any fights after this and that they can all use bows. To pull of the attack, get all 3 of them 2 spaces away from the same enemy. Then, attack with one of them. They will each attack the same enemy one after another.
Unlock Shinion
In the battle you fighting against him. You must talk to him with Rolf and kill him with Ike and you will get him at the end the chapter.


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Ashera Staff
To get this S-rank staff, simply don't kill any priests or bishops in Chapter 23 and the head priest will give you it after the level is complete.
Knights Ring
To get the Knight's Ring, you must first accept the invitation from Reyson at the beginning of Chapter 18. That way, you can get Janaff and Ulki as well. In the Chapter after that, you will have to fight Naesala. In order to get the Knight's Ring, you must not kill any Crows on the battlefield. Yes, this may be hard, but it really isn't. First, you must make sure you have either Janaff or Ulki on your team, and also Reyson. Next, have Janaff or Ulki talk to Naesala. After that, Naesala will fly up to Reyson and talk to him, making all Crows leave the battlefield. Before he leaves, though, if you have not killed any Crows, he will give you the Knight's Ring.

The Knight's Ring, when equipped, allows the wearer to move twice, like a Horse Knight. It is very useful when it comes to the Hit & Run training technique.
Unlock Illustrations
Beat the game to unlock Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance concept art.