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always do a aga attack
first get a friend in multiplayer to hold a spell like fire thunder ect and you hold the same one. now start casting it. get it over each other so the 2 rings touch. get you or your friend to realease. 2 - 3 seconds later you cast. you'll nearly always get a aga. keep practising so its easier to time
Here's a tip for beating one of the more difficult bosses in the game:

Antilion's attacks are mainly from it's front, his four main attacks ( beam blast, sand freeze, scissor chop, and pincer dive, when he attacks all around the front ), can all be dodged by doing the following. First off, make sure the two scorpions are dead ( they can really mess you up ), then run up close to Antilion, but try to stay to a side. KEEP RUNNING. He'll try to follow your movements, but as long as you keep running, he won't hit you. As long as you stay near the right/left side of Antilion's face, his scissor cut can't hit you. When he charges up for his beam blast, run behind him and attack. When he uses his pincer dive ( which is hard to avoid, simply keep on running, and you'll most likely avoid it. His sand freeze is also hard to avoid, but provided you keep running to a side, you should be able to avoid the freeze .

Anyway, whenever you dodge one of his attacks, try to attack back while he's occupied. That way you should have him down quickly.

Also, if those scorpions re-spawn, then move away from antilion. If you keep running AWAY from him, then eventually he'll move back to the center of the room, which should give you enough time to deal with the scorpions and get back to "work" .
Blazing Caravans
This mini-game is tied to the Moogle Stamp collecting quest. Each stamp set (1,2 or 3) unlocks a certain track to play. Just talk to a Moogle who gave you a stamp of a complete set to play the game. However you can only play this game in Multiplayer Mode since you need the GBA.
Carbuncle stories
In Mag Mell, there is one Carbuncle pretending to be asleep. The first time you visit, he'll just make sleeping noises and stuff like that. However, if you talk to him six years in a row after that year, he'll start telling you historical information.
Cheap Shipping
In multi-player, to sail on the ship all players have to pay the required cost. or not?. when you want to sail in multi-player you should save, go to single player, sail, save,enter multi-player, and get on with your life. enjoy this.
Discounts by Family Relationships
When you recive letters from a family member. You can make them happy or mad at you.

If there face in the "Family" option is a ...

Pink Happy Face- 65% Discount on Family Items

Yellow Smiley Face- 55% Discount on Family Items

Green Calm Face- 30% Discount on Family Items

Blue Sad or Purple Mad Face- Full Price
Easy Cash
The Easiest way to get money is to go to the level with the place where you have to fight the dragon. It's accross the jegon river. Go each round and it will give you a mithryl from fight the big dinos.
Easy Game Play Thru....
Make your first, and only, character a selkie... get one of the weapons that have a dual shot or power kick (easiest dual shot is the warriors weapon...) and if you get no magic, just pure offense artifacts... then this will make your life easy... it takes three dual shots to get iron giant to half health... five for lizardman king... well anyway.. it hurts more than magic..

and you may also create extra characters for uuh shops
Easy Kill For Final Boss
This is for the people who like to fight hard opponets and for people who are still having trouble.First off you would need the Clear and Cure magicite and some Pheonix Downs just in case.Here are the steps.
Form one:Just stand in the middle of the back wall and wait till it charges a poison attack run up to it and attack.Slowly but surly you will be hammering it's life away.Every now and then you will get poisoned and/or hit just use Clear and Cure.

Form two:This one was a little bit easier than the other ones.Just stand directly in the middle and when it gets ready to blow the ground under you run up to it and attack.You can get a full 3-hit combo but if you time it right you can get 4-5 hits all together.Now you still just need to use Cure when you get hurt.

Form three:I'd say this one was the hardest one cause it blows everything up.Just follow the steps like normal back of the middle of the wall.Wait till it gets ready the blow the ground under you and charge and attack.But this time you should really watch out for when not to go like when you see alot of explosions in front of you I advise you not to go.And like the rest of the time use Cure when necessary.This is the part that I needed the Pheonix Downs for.
Easy Pheonix Plumes/Down!
For easy pheonix plumes (they bring you back to life) enter the mushroom forest the 2nd+ time you have beaten it (and gotten some myrhh!) and go right, there should be a guy with what looks like a whip on his head, kill him and collect his pheonix plume, exit and repeat for as many plumes as you want!!
Easy Way To Beat Golem
Use blizzard, thunder or fire-based spells and when his life is 50% gone watch out for a ring of fire to
form he will destroy every thing inside of it.
Elemental sword attacks
Euip a spell like FIRE or THUNDER(NOT A HEALING SPELL) then under that you equip a sword of any kind. the two commands should mix and make a new name.When you are in a fight scroll along to the new name and it will then equip the sword that you used in the mix. To use the new attack you must do a focus attack and it will be like doing both a focus attack and a spell at once. This new attack is twice as strong as them separated.
How to beat iron giant easy
hen you get to the second map you will see a goblin carrying a sword. Don't stop and ask why hit him and he will drop the sword and run off there are two others aswell so hit those two.
Next go to where the boss is, first of all (this will take a long while) keep moving sideways dodging his attacks and eventually his sword will break. This is now much more easier because all his attacks are super weak now just keep hitting him with flame strike.
Important Family Trades.
There are four important family trades:

Blacksmith - Can make Weapons for you and your friends.

Tailor - Can make accessories for you and your friends.

Alchemist - Can weapon sheets to be made at a blacksmith.

Merchant - Sells stuff for you and your friends, the direct family of the merchant gets a big discount on everything. [Mythril norm. price - 4500(or 5000?), Merch price - 1750]
Legendary Weapon
When the Myrhh has returned to the tree in the first stage for the third time play through and complete it. Do this repeatedly. Sometimes one of the artifacts will be the legendary weapon design or one of the two special materials required.
Miasma Stream
After each year the element required to pass through the Miasma Streams change. If the first year the element was fire, the next year it'll be Wind. The year after the element was Wind the element required is Earth. And after the year of Earth it's Water and then the cycle starts again with Fire.
well playing in Single player and Easy way to stop mog from saying he is Tired is:
1. Get mog to pick up the Chalice
Now from here you can run around normally with him holding the Chalice and after a while he will say he is tired and he'll tell you to Carry the Chalice and if you don't he is super slow following after you so in other ward you have to unless you want to go really slow throught the rest of the level But I found out a way to get around this. As you all should no if mog isn't holding the Chalice you can call him over to you by holding the X button down well after he picks up the Chalice well running around Hold down the X button and Mog will be so Eager to Catch up with you he doesn't complain about being tired I've done this many of times in Levels such as Mount Kalinda where every body comes to attacks you at once and you don't have the time to carry the Chalice around your self the only thing he ever complained about in the level well i was making him carry it around while holding down the X button is that it was really hot....Well I hope this little trick comes in handy for you i know it did for me but be kinda and try not to make him carry the Chalice around forever lol
More Arifacts!!!!!
after you beat the first level keep going back and get more artifacts. Every time there is a new one unless you have collected them all. The more you do this the faster you get stronger.
Multiple life
When you are playing in Multiplayer, and you have a number of characters that are dead, have them line up together, cast Life, or use a Plume of Phoenix Down on the character to revive each of them at the same time.
Princess Quest
Here is the princess quest which gives you 100,000 gold!!(you'll need this to forge the ultimate weapon and ring of invincebility) Inbetween most steps you'll have to beat a dungeon I will put a * after those steps:

1.Go to Alfitaria and talk to Knockfelna (he is the Lilty that is constantly running around looking for the princess.)*
2.Speak to Te Odow, a peddler in Marr's Pass*
3. Talk to the disguised princess at Jegon River(she looks like a Clavat/Selkie with Lilty hair)
4. Encounter Knocfelna at Jegon River (for this one just leave and come back, you might have to complete another dungeon)
5.Go to the Fields of Fum. On the soultern path around the cow pasture you will find Konckfelna talking to the princess. Talk to both of them.*
6.Encounter them again at Leuda*
7.Exit Leuda by land to see cut-scene*
8.Enter Alfitaria to watch final movie

Hope this helps!

Selkie history
In Conall Curach, there are five stones that tell of the Selkies' journey. They're written in ancient Selkic text, so you need a Selkie to read the stones.
spell fusions
these are in order on the comand slot

Fire Burns small enemies and lowers defense by a little

Fire X 2 Burns larger enemies and lowers more defense

Fire X 3 Big fire storm kills faster and lowers a lot of defense

Fire ring Burns small enemies and lowers defense by a little. can keep after level

Fire X sword (firestrike) with charge attack burns enemies lowers defense

Blizzard Freezes enemies in ice for 1 hit

Blizzard X 2 Freezes enemies in ice for 1 hit.
Kills small enemies

Blizzard X 3 Freezes enemies in ice for 1 hit. Kills medium size enemies

Blizzard ring Freezes enemies in ice for 1 hit. Can keep after level

Blizzard X sword With charge attack Freezes enemies in ice for 1 hit

Thunder Shocks enemies and makes them fall asleep for 1 hit

Thunder X 2 Shocks enemies and makes them fall asleep for 1 hit. Kills small enemies

Thunder X 3 Shocks enemies and makes them fall asleep for 1 hit. Kills medium enemies

Thunder ring Shocks enemies and makes them fall asleep for 1 hit. Can keep after level

Thunder X sword With charge attack Shocks enemies and makes them fall asleep for 1 hit

Cure Replenishes health

Life Revives fallen player

Clear Relives you of curses and poisons

Fire X blizzard
Fire X thunder
Blizzard X fire
Blizz X thund
Thunder X fire
Thund X blizz (Gravity) pulls flying enemies down for a long time. Leaving them helpless ./there is no ring for this spell/

Life X fire
Life x blizzard
Life x thunder (slow) cuts enemies speed in half / there is no ring for this spell /

Fire X life
Blizzard X life
Thunder x life (holy) materializes ghost so that there easer to kill / there is no ring for this spell /

L X f X b
L X f X t
L X b X f
L X b X t
L X t X b
L X t X f (stop) leaves enemy's helpless for a wile / there is no ring for this spell /
The Chalice's Elemental Attributes
The Chalice will get certain powers while in a certain attribute.

You won't be burned by Fire spells

You won't be frozed by Ice spells

You won't be paralyzed from Thunder spells

You will be protected from Posion and Petrification.

You can pass through any Miasma gate. It provides no magical protection.

Visiting Moogles
It many places, you will notice a hole or door where, if you go near it, "Examine (A)" comes up on your screen. It you press A and examine it, it will ask you if you want to go down the hole or into the door. Doing so will put you in a Moogle's home.

In the home is usually a Moogle who will give you a stamp for a stamp card, or an actual card if you don't already own one. There is also a Moogle in the back -- your Moogle, Mog -- whom you can paint to your liking, trim his hair, or give him a bath. The design you paint on him even shows up on the field!
When your playing, you can equip weapons to your command list. This is a good idea when your charecter get's their best 2 weapons. Just switch between then to do a diffrent charge attack.


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100,000 x 4
If you are in Multiplayer mode and have three other friends from seperate memory cards, and have completed the sequence of events with the princess from Alfitaria. You'll each receive a 100,000 from the princess and since they are unable to take gil out of the game. They can then drop it and you'll get all thier money.
Easy way to kill Blazer Beetles
Since Blazer Beetles are vulnerable to Ice-type Magicite, an easy way to kill them (and any monster that can get frozen) is to freeze the enemy. While the enemy is frozen, charge up another Blizzard spell. As soon as the enemy defrosts, freeze it again. Rinse and repeat.

In multi-player mode, while the enemy is frozen, one player can charge up a Blizzard spell while another player can attack the frozen monster with a Focus Attack (frozen enemies receive three times as much damage from physical attacks).
Element strick
When you put a weapon to you command list you can fuse it with a fire or ie or lighting.
Moggles' Homes
There is a Moggle home in every place on the map
(I don't know about the last level). Your Home town(Tipa):behind the crystal,River Belle Path:across the First bridge(to the right of the begining of the level)to the far right and head up the hill and behind a big rock,The Port:head down the path and find a hole in the side(you'll see it),Goblin Wall:head up to the top of the first part of the level to the left and hit the skeleton heads.head down and go in the far left one,Murr Pass:go in town and go left so you find wood stairs.go down them and ther will be a hole,The Mine Place:It is on the last part of the level.Follow the tracks that leed off the sides and you will eventuallyfind it,Tida:go where the crystal should be and go to the house by there,Machet Manner:in one of the rooms on the right side and under the table by the chair,Alfra something(the big town):go in town and go far right and head down the stairs and keep going past that girl and you will find it,Veu Lu Sluse:go to where the way is to the boss is.keep going and go past the Raven(big bird)to the right and go as far as you can down,That farm place:go to the cows and go all the way around it.you will find it(there is a door),Deamon Court:go to the left and go up as far as you can then go right. I will let you know the others later(when I find them!)
Moogle Colors
Spraypainting your moogle different colors makes your moogle cast different spells (when he's not carrying the chalice, and you charge an attack or magic, he starts to charge a magic).
Red - Fire
Blue - Blizzard
Green - Thunder
You can also mix spells with your moogle. Your moogles color also has an effect on your GBA screen on multiplayer.
More shops
Create extra characters on your memory card and more shops will appear in the hometown (Tipa). Make sure the characters you create have differing professions, so that the shops are also different.
Strategie in Multiplayer
To beat the game as easy as possible, you will need at least three players. Two people should take either clavats, or lilties, and one should take a Yuke. The clavat and/or liltie(s) should just pound away at every enemy, while the yuke uses fire to make the enemy more volnerable to attacks, also equip the yuke with cure and life to keep the other players alive. The yuke should also stay a safe distance from the fights, and carry the chalice at all times, so the high attack players can always be ready for battle. If you have enough command slots, equipping clear isn't a bad idea either.