Eragon (GC) Cheats

Eragon cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Hidden Egg Unlockables
Collect the required amount of eggs listed below to obtain the different unlockables.
UnlockableHow to unlock
1 EggAd for the Eragon and Eldest books
2 EggsEdward John Speleers commentary
3 EggsDesign commentary
4 EggsArt direction commentary
5 EggsBirth Of A Game commentary
6 EggsConcept art
7 EggsOrchestra commentary
8 EggsSaphira commentary
9 EggsSienna Guillory commentary
10 EggsCharacter concept art
11 EggsConcept art
12 EggsConcept art
13 EggsRobert Carlyle commentary
14 EggsSound Effects commentary
15 EggsGarrett Hedlund commentary
16 EggsEvolution Of Games commentary
17 EggsConcept art
18 EggsThrone Room bonus level


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Unlockable: Throne Room
Collect all of the hidden eggs.