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Chibi-Robo Cheats

Chibi-Robo cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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UnlockableHow to unlock
Hot RodYou can buy it from the shop for 2740 M after members of the Free Rangers leave the troop.
MugYou can find it on the kitchen counter during the day.
Alien Ear ChipYou must buy it from the shop for 2150 M after first contacting the aliens.
Charge ChipYou must buy it from the shop for 860 M after buying the Chibi-Blaster.
Chibi-BlasterYou can buy it in shop for 1110 Moolah.
Chibi-RadarYou can buy it in shop for 1120 Moolah after giving Mrs. Sanderson some clothes for the pajamas.
Drake Redcrest SuitYou must go an talk to Drake Redcrest in the Living Room at night.
Extra BatteryPurchase from the shop for 940 M after passing out once.
Trauma SuitLet Chibi Robo completely run out of energy at least once. Telly Vision will rescue you and you will receive the "Trauma Suit" which consists mainly of bandages and a very funny pose animation. After this, you can equip and unequip the Trauma Suit anytime from your items page.


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Cookie Crumbs
You would normally throw them away right? Well, instead, feed them to the fish in the kitchen for extra happy points and extra Moolah. The fish give you 16 Happy points and 16 moolah, where as throwing them in garbage pail only gives you 1 happy point and 10 moolah.
Drake Redcrest Messed up Dialogue
When you talk to Drake Redcrest at night, he will say "Good Morning."
Frog Forking
Have you been curious about those weird looking rings that have a frog's head on them? Well, collect them! If you give each one to Jenny (ten in all) she'll take that stupid frog hat off.
Frog Rings
There are several Frog Rings in the house. If you collect all ten of them, and give it to Jenny, then Jenny will take her frog hat off. However, the next time you see her she will have the hat back on.
Giga Charger
The Giga Charger is in the basement. Use chibi-vision to look up at the ceiling keep looking until you spot it. Once you do, shoot down the wooden board nearby and follow that path. Once you obtain it, Captian Plankbeard will tell you about the Giga Robos leg.
Invisible Doors
Some of the Chibi Doors are invisible. Once you buy the Chibi Radar, use it to track them down. Once you reach the spot where it is hidden, charge up your Chibi blaster and use it to blast the door into visibility.
scare chibi robo
Chibi robo may be brave but he can be a chiken as well.If you have the mic for the game gube plug it in then shout into the mic while holding down the botton.Chibi robo should ether face the screen or fal down.You have to try it!
Shoot Telly!
For all of you who HATE Telly.

If you take the Chibi-Blaster and aim it at Telly the FIRE a shot Telly'll bounce up in the air. If you Power the shot up Telly'll go HIGHER!
Unlock costumes
Drake Redcrest costume: Speak to Drake Redcrest and he will give it to you.
Trauma suit: Die once or purchase it for 777 moolah.
Ghost suit: Use the trauma suit's pose and wait a few seconds to fake your death. You will be returned to the chibi-house wearing the ghost suit.
Frog suit: Spray the frog in the backyard with water, using the squirter, until she comes back to life. She will give it to you.
Tao suit: Complete the first 4 training games and then start the 5th. You will be given the Tao suit.
Pajamas: Talk to Mrs. Sanderson when she locks herself in the room. She'll be bored and will want to make you something. Talk to her again and then search for the boxers, handkerchief or scarf(whichever one you choose will determine the pajama's appearance) then give it to mrs. Sanderson and wait a day. Return to her and you will be given the pajamas.
Super chibi-robo costume: Achieve rank 1.

Easter eggs

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Easter Egg
You can meet aliens if you have the chibi radar. You go to the backyard and pick all the weeds. After you do this you take out the chibi radar and stand in the middle and activate the radar. Then aliens will slowy fall out of the sky.


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Anniversary code for Gigabot
The Giga-Robo must be given the code to wake him up.
You will require the left leg to wake him up prior to the code.
The code is= 200667
Once the left foot is in and the code given to him he will wake up.
Suitcase code
first of all you need a chibi radar and a bone(you can find a bone in the backyard behind the big tree)there will be a big circle with 3 weeds in a clump pick them up go in the middle and get out your chibi radar by going to the equip menu (press X)then a UFO will appear but you will not understand them if the say anything say no then go to the chibi house and get the alien ear chip. If it is still night time then go to the same place where the UFO appeared then use your chibi radar again then the aliens will talk to you then in the middle there will be a little thing go to it press A then a light will be spinnng around on the ground try to get all matching coulors for all of them then a wierd machine will appear get out your chibi blaster and hold A for about ten secons pointing at the machine when you get to ten secons let go the force field of the wierd machine will be gone so it will allow you to go inside of it next telly will say a few things then he will mention that him and chibi robo are in the past so next this is where the bone comes in you put the bone in the dish near the door(remember this is the past giga robo will be arm resling with the dad giga robo is activated)so put the bone in the dog dish then Tao will start licking it that is a good sign.Next you will see the suitcase click on it it will say password:2455 so now you no the password you got to now go into the time machine and go to the futre and go upstairs and go into the bedroom click the suitcase it will tell you to enter the password so enter 2455 and the suitcase will open