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Bloody Roar: Primal Fury Cheats

Bloody Roar: Primal Fury cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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sneak attack
I'm pretty good at this game, and these tips helped I guess.
With Yugo at the very start of the game, when the dude says "FIGHT" slam on the grapple move and Yugo'll chew on the foe like a ragdoll. I find that funny
Turn into the mole (not the robot one)and tap down twice, until he's curled into a ball on the floor, and hit B I think, and he'll punch the ground, and if the enemy is nearby, there'll be a shockwave, and the foe will fall over numb.
As the chameleon, its supposed to be better being in hyper mode (invisible) but I think that makes it tougher, and it wastes time.


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All Cheats
How to get cronos:
Beat it with Gado on Arcade mode
Unlock "the elephant":
Beat arcade mode once with anybody

Unlock"the phoneix":
Beat arcade mode twice with anybody

Unlock "kid mode":
Beat arcade mode 3 times with anybody

Characters and Cheats:
Beat the game in arcade mode with everyone to get these cheats, characters, and stages.


Cronos the phoenix: He comes with the evil laboratory stage

Ganesha the elephant: Comes with Indian Palace stage

Kohryu the iron mole: He does not come with a level.

Uranus the chimera: Comes with chaos laboratory.


Kids mode:
Big arms: makes your player look buff.

Kids: makes players have small bodies and normal size heads (they look like kids).

Big heads: makes player have a huge head.

Change game speed:

Low speed: slows down gameplay

High speed: faster gameplay

Change boundries:

No Walls: there are no walls in the level

Final Round: Only break walls in final round

Weak walls: All walls weakened

No blocking:

On: Opponent can't block

Max Difficulty:

On: Opponent is at hardest fighting level

One Form Only:

Human Mode: You can't change into beast, you have to stay in human mode

Beast Mode: You are only a beast, can't change to hyper beast or human.

Hyper Beast Mode: You are only in hyper beast mode, can't change into human or normal beast.

Knock Down Battle Mode:

On: Knock not opponent in first attack.

How to unlock Kohryu[Iron Mole]:
To get Kohryu Play up to level 5 and fight Kohryu. If you beat him you will unlock him[You cannot use a continue]. it can be on any difficulty.

Change Costumes:
On the character selection screen press the Y button to change the characters costume color.

Unlock Uranus The Chimera:
Complete survival mode. NOTE: You Only Have To Complete up to level 16. Once you have beaten that level you can be defeated.

Big Kid Mode
Successfully complete the game four times to unlock the "Big Kid Mode" option.
Unlock Ganesa-Beat the game in arcade mode
Unlock Cronos-Beat the game again in arcade mode
Unlock Kohryu-Beat the game in Time Attack mode
Unlock Uranus-Survive in Survival mode for atleast 16 rounds
Other cheats-Simply beat the game with all characters to unlock other cheats
If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me. Thank you.
Clear Arcade Mode 16 Times
Clear Arcade Mode a total of 16 times. Each time you do so, you will recieve the ability to turn on a new cheat.
Easy survival
Choose Stun, and put only one round, put the cheat "no walls" and get ready.
When the battle is about to start run towards your opponent and push him/her to the wall and when the guy says "Fight" transform into beast while running. If done correctly you will shoot your opponent far a way from the ring and automaticaly win. But, your opponent can block it, if it does, grab him/her, while in beast form, and you will throw him/her out of the stage. Have fun!
PD: I did it up to level 34 but, I wanted to stop so I could continue to many stages more.
palytip: first hit
AT the start of a fight, when it said "ready" on the screen sidestep around your opponent and use your grab. easy damage.
playtip: bakuryu
at the start of a fight:
This is a cheap way to win but it works:
Go close to gour apponent then press up and B to jump over them then grab them or use a powerful move to knock them down. Repeat and they won't have a chance.
Basic Tips-For novice players you may choose to use well sought-out characters. Try using Alice or Uriko for your first time around. Rememeber that your block button is the shoulder button to your left. Now, you should first begin on the easy level. The challenges won't be hard from this point on. Then try using throws which can be performed by pressing A and B at the same time. Results may pend. Remember, Cronos can be tricky but stay on course and use a fast character like Bakryu. Try using juggles for your first time around and then go more in depth. Use these tips for playing and if you need more help you may e-mail me. Thank you.