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BeyBlade Super Tournament Battle Cheats

BeyBlade Super Tournament Battle cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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best beyblade
use these parts to make the best beyblade: Dragon Breaker Gamma attack ring, Star Attack Gamma weight disk, Neo Right Spin Gear Gamma spin gear, Custom Grip Gamma base, any Ultimate launcher, and any bitbeast.
bit beast launch
when you have a full legend meter and you are about to launch press B instead of A and you can do a bit beast launch.
Choose Your Announcer
At the Player Screen of any of the four game modes (excluding Tournament), press the L and R buttons to choose your announcer.
How to get an easy knock out
When ure enemy gets close the the wall fly up and give him a shove out and to charge ure legend meter tap a very wuicly when u hit ure oponent.
Obtaining The Dragoon V2 Booster Pack
To do this you will need to beat the tournament twice. Talk to DJ in the lobby after the first time, then again after the second time and he will give you the Dragoon V2 Booster Pack
Obtaining The Dual Dragoon Bit Beast
In order to get the dual dragon bit beast, you will need to win the National Championship and talk to DJ at the lobby upon which he will give it to you.
stronger attack
press A right when you hit the other beyblade to do a little more damage
Unlock Daichi
To unlock Daichi as a character, you will need to beat him in Tournament Mode. After this, he will join your roster.
Unlock Zeo
Before even considering the idea of obtaining Zeo, you must first unlock every character and have bought all the items stocked by the shop. Then you need to go through tournament mode eighty times. At the end of the eightieth, Zeo will take you on in the finals. Congratulations, you've now unlocked Zeo!

Note: Zeo's Cerberus is extremely powerful, at level 999 with a total of 850 HP.
Using Gordo
To unlock Gordo, you need to unlock Daichi and play free battle a thousand times. Then go into tournament mode and he should be the second match, after which he will be unlocked.
Using Jim
To unlock Jim as a playable character you need to unlock Gordo, Queen, Joseph, and Zeo before beating him in the Preliminaries.
Using Queen
To unlock Queen as a playable character you need to unlock King, Zeo, and Gordo. Then you need to complete tournament mode three hundred times. You'll then vs her in the semi finals after which she will be unlocked.
Using Salima
To unlock Salima as a playable character you need to unlock Queen, Gordo, Joseph, Zeo, and Jim before beating her in the Preliminaries.
Using The DJ
To unlock DJ (the announcer) you have to defeat him in the tournament. When using the DJ, Kenny/Tyson will be the alternate announcer.


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action replay for pal version
action replay for pal version


Infinite Bey Points

Have All Blade Bases

Have All Spin Gears

Have All Weight Discs

Have All Attack Rings

HAve All Bit Chips

Have All Launchers

i used all the code and i had all the parts of burning cerberus but i have to use all the code except infinite bey point to have all the parts of burning cerberus and burning cerberus is the most powerful bit beast and infinite bey point is to have infinite bey point