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Doubutsu no Mori (Import) (GC) Cheats

Doubutsu no Mori (Import) cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Doubutsu no Mori (Import) cheat codes.


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Regal Furniture
These are a few Regal item codes that you can tell to Tom Nook at his store. Go up to him, press the A button, and select "Other things." There, select "Say Code." Then enter any of these for a piece of Regal furniture. You can do this three times, but if you ever need more, save the game, then come back. You can tell Tom Nook more codes for more items.
PasswordWhat it does
2%Q2fhVthAyAY3 O5yYAK9zjHxLo7Get the Regal Bed
2%Q3fhMKRByAY3 Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Get the Regal Lamp
2%QYfhMdRByAY3 O5yYAK9zNHxLo7Get the Regal Sofa
NintendoGamecu bearenumberoneGet the Regal Bookcase
5iPiES@sTRJmAA shO9cb#9Uh9wO4Get the Regal Armoire (Like a bureau)
Grab5aggrsbbag GrabbagGrabbagGet the Regal Cupboard
ZzicrRe%wwcRMs GX1QbaZv0Z7c8xGet the Regal Vanity
Q6&6KQom9DzR35 DfyDC4%EEpCmiRGet the Regal Chair
IHkteHheNewWay OCPostingCodezRegalGet the Regal Dresser


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Weather Vane
If you catch all of the fish, not only will you get a golden fishing rod, but you will also get a weather vane. It is a little fish instead of a chicken though. You can also get a silver butterfly on the side of your house if you catch all the bugs.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Weather VaneCatch all 40 fish
ButterflyCatch all 40 bugs


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!Change Inventory Screen Background!
First, get a shirt that looks cool. Then grab it on your item screen and move it to the bottom-right corner. There is a space if you go one more down! Press A and It'll be there all over. But wait! With this special offer, well include a free Big Poka Shirt! That's right, FREE!
"Islander+Fruit=Money" Tip
You know that cheat that says if you leave fruit on the island and give it to the islander on your GBA, you come back and there is money everywhere? Well, I'm not saying it is wrong. In fact, it is one of my favorite cheats! I can get up to 70,000 bells at once, but one time I filled my pockets with peaches, which was my native fruit, and pears, which came from an orchid I grew. When I gave the peaches and the coconuts to Faith, my islander, she gave me money, but when I gave her pears, she became sick. Don't hate me if this isn't true, but it worked for me. I only tried it once. Try giving your islander only your native fruit and the coconuts on the island. You will get a lot more cash.
Able Sisters Designing Tip
When you make a design, hit the L trigger until it reaches the color pallet. When it does, go up to the arrow and hit A. This will show you 16 different color pallets.
All The Fruits in the World!
To get every fruit, wether it be native to your town or not, just get another memery card with diff. fruits in that town, take a trip to that town, and pick that towns fruit. When you have that fruit, plant it in your town and go back to the town you visited. now delete that town and make a new one (not the town with two kinds of fruit a.k.a. first town) untill you get a diff. kind of fruit. Then repeat process.
Always Grow a Tree
If you plant a tree where a weed once was, it will always grow if it is not next to a tree, rock etc.
Annoying birthday cakes
Do you hate it when your mom always give you birthday cakes for your birthday and you can't do anything with them????? Well now you can get rid of them easily. O.K fast forward your game to either June 6th, July 16th, or August 5th. If none of those are the right date, keep changing the date for sometime in the summer untill you find a tent. Go in it and talk to the person inside. After you talk to him/her talk to him/her again and they will say, "Wanna play a game?" Say "yes" and then they will tell you instructions. If you lose (which you usually do) that person will say give me your birthday cake. But make sure you have it with you!!!!!!!! POOF!! It's gone!!!!!!!!!!!
Ant & Roach Catching Spree
Every Sunday morning, Joan will be wandering about your village, selling turnips. Buy the lowest amount of White Turnips possible. Now here's the weird part. Wait a week (or set your clock to the next Sunday). Your hard-earned turnips will be spoiled. However, this is now your bait. Go to the dump, and drop your spoiled turnips in it. THIS ONLY WORKS IN DUMP. Walk out of the acre, then back into the acre. Behold, there should already be a roach sitting on top or a colony of ants swarming it. Feel free to catch them, and then walk in and out of the acre to repeat as many times as you'd like! NOTE: This is not an exceptional money-making technique- roaches sell for 5 bells and I'm sure ants don't sell for much more; However, this is a great way to catch ants to donate to the museum.
To make sure that weeds do not come back, uproot them using your shovel, instead of hand-picking them. This will make that certain spot you used your shovel on weed free-permenantly!
Hope I help!
Become super! (...Kind of...?)
There's a cheats to get the starman from Nook. I forgot what it was, but I'm sure you'll find it sooner or later... ANYWAY! When you get the starman, put it in your room and press the A button next to it. Super-Mario-music will start playing, and you, (as well as the starman) will start blinking. It doesn't really do anything, but it looks cool. (I was scared when I first did this, because I didn't think it would do anything!)
Bells for fish - unlimited bells
Ok first you need to have a fishing rod.Ok now go to the ocean once you get out your rod.Now you fish for all the fish on the beach but make sure all your slots are open to all the fish you catch.Dont denie any fish even the sea bass.Then sell them to nook.Then Repeat.You can get many bells by repeating this since there is no limit to the fish in the ocean.
Bells from Rocks
Every day, a random rock will have Bells in it. If you hit the one with Bells in it with a shovel, a bag will come out, and the rock will turn red. Continue to hit it, and you can get more Bells until it is no longer red. It isn't much, but at least you actually get some.
Best way for CA$H !$!$!$ chi-ching
1.Set your clock to any sunday of any year of any month.
2.Get all of the money you own....all of it...every last cent.
3.look,look, and keep looking until you find a boar type creature named joan.
4.talk to her and use all your money to buy sets of 100 tunips.
5.drop your turnips in your house and go to nooks shop.
6.talk to nook enter this code:


7.go to your house save and quit.
8.set the clock for the next day: monday.
9.get all your turnips and ask for turnip prices at nooks shop.
10.If prices are under 100 bells then its recommended to go to another town (if you have 1).
11.if the price is right then sell the turnips and collect your CA$H.
12.do not wait until next week to sell or your turnips will rot
Big Bucks With Fruit !!
Ok you need a Gameboy Advance for this and the Gameboy Advance-Gamecube Cable, when you connect your Gameboy Advance empty your pockets in your town then go to the island and fill you pockets up with coconuts. When you go back pick an acre and deweed it and plant all the coconuts in the ground and they will become coconut trees !! Then sell the foregin fruit to Tom Nook !!
bye bye weeds!!!
CAUTION:this cheat recuires 99,999 bells and all gold items!!! just joken it just recuires a net.1st set the clock to 2:00 am and roam around till you find an aver that says whoooooooo whoooooooo!!!ITS A GOHST im not joken .talk to him and he will ask you to help him.then go catch the spirits for him and he'll give you some options an item, pick all weeds, and paint roof.select pick all weeds and save and quit .then turn on youre game cude and bye bye weeds!!!(its mee again e-mail me again)lol?
cach bees (this is hard)
first you need to shake all the trees in your town intill you see the beehive fall right before it falls get your net out press "A" you have a bee in your net take it to the museum or tomnook ok it may sound easy but its not.
can't finish an errand
Sometimes you go to do a delivery or pick up and the animal isn't at home. Go to the wishing well; sometimes they are walking around there. If not, then go to your house, save and quit. Start the game again. Then, the animal will be at home and you can complete the errand. I have tried this three times and it works so far.

The exception is, in the winter, if the animal is in an igloo, then you just have to wait a day or two.
Careful with denying any favors animals ask you
Be careful when you deny a favour one of the animals in your village ask you to do!! If you say no to too many favors, the animal, depending on who it is, might move away. Especially if the animal gets upset or angry when you say no to a favor. "Why on earth would I say no to a favour" you may be asking. Well, you may want to say no to a favour because you want to do a favour for a certain animal, instead of the one that the animal yuou are asking first suggested. But watch out! This happened to me. I asked a nice bunny named Dotty for a favour, and you know how if you deliver an animal clothes, it might give you the clothes he/she was originally wearing as a reward? Well I wanted an outfit this kitty named Mitzi was wearing. So I kept saying no until Dotty finally asked me to deliver clothes to Mitzi. But that day, Dotty moved away.
Carry more stuff
To carry more stuff, let's say, the fruit from your town to another town (with different fruit) to sell it (for 500 bells each), fill your space for letters with letters (of course). When your pockets are full, ad it asks you if you want to swap or drop, say swap, and simply place it in the letter. It will show up as a small present alongside the letter (whether you wrote it or not), and you will be able to retrieve these items whenever you want.
Catching the Stealth Bee
I am a skilled bug catcher. Here is my secret to catch the common bee. This things a sucker. First, keep shaking trees. Bees are usually in the normal trees. Shake the tree. If a bee comes out, run to the next screen (or acre) then press START quickly. Select your net (you must be like me if you recieved the golden net) then keep running. When your at another screen. Hold A, and let go before you see the bee. Ha! You got that sucker! (This tip is easier if you have quick reflexes and the golden net.) If this tip does not work, its either you are not worthy, or you messed up. Oh well. You still got a horrible sting on your face.
Change their 'word'!!
You know how all the animals, wherever you are, have a word they like to say after a sentence? if you find their word desturbing or think they should change it, do just that.

1. Go up to an animal, and talk to it. Be friendly so they get to know you and want to be your friend.

2. After a few minutes of talking, they might ask you if you like the word they say, or if you think they should change it. If you agree, they will ask you to come yup with a word for them

3. type your word and press start...or the 's' butotn, whichever you have. Right away after this, that becomes theie new word and they might send you a letter with a gift.
Cheap Tape Decks
Buy several tape decks and save. Open your file again and you have your tape decks. This is where the paths divide. 1) Find an animal in your town and talk to them. Choose the second option and keep going until they want to buy a tape deck. They will keep the price well above the 160 Bells you bought it for. 2) Send a blank letter to an animal in your town with a tape deck attached. Save and fast forward to the next day. The animal will have sent a letter back with a gift attached. It won't be any less than the 160 Bells you bought it for.
Cheer for the Golden Shovel!
If you get the golden shovel by burying it for 24 hours, when you dig it up, your character cheers. But, if you get the golden shovel the cheating way, (by telling Tom Nook the password for it) you take the present and walk off. You can still get your character to cheer though. All you have to do is drop your shovel in your house and pick it up again, your character will cheer just as if you dug the shovel up!
Choose Your Islander
I'm not sure if it will work for you, but it sure worked for me!

Tools: GBA (GBAsp), link cable, gc, animal crossing.

1: save your game (you'll c y)

2: Turn your gba on and hook it up with the cable

3: go to the bottom right acre to the dock and you'll see a turtle named kappn

4: Tell him you want to go to an island, (name it watever u want)

5: As soon as u get there, find out who the islander is.

6: If you don't like him/her, then reset the game. (thats y u need 2 save 1st)

7: Mr. ressetti will show, or bob, or watever, and you repeat steps 2-5 till u find your satisfactory islander!

Tip: you can also do this with how u want the island 2 look like)
Christmas Eve.
First switch the clock to 10:45 Pm december 24th. Then get about 15 DIFFERENT shirts. then go through your town and find a riendeer in a santa suit.He will say his name is Jingle and he is delivering presents.go out of the acre and find him again he will ask you something like "Do you like big gift or small gifts" answer him then go find him again and he'll ask you something different. keep finding him untill you get a present. now here's where the shirts come in change shirts to get another present. keep doing this untill he doesn't give you another.
Clean Gracie's Car Easily!
When Gracie appears in your town, she'll ask you to clean her car. Grab a pen and when you start to wash the car, rub the pen as fast as you can on the 'A' button. You'll get that rare shirt every time.
coconuts with beetles equals fast cash!
This is not really a cheat, it's more about patience. Either reset your clock to nighttime, like maybe nine o'clock at the earliest and eleven at the latest. Hopefully you have cocunut trees growing near the ocean where they can survive, and you have a regular butterfly net handy. Coconut trees almost always carry lots of rare beetles. Trust me, I'm a bit of a novice, and I caught six or seven extremely rare beetles (elephant beetle, Goliath beetle and so on)
Do this every night for awhile and you can pay off your debt or earn money really fast!
ComputerNerd97's Foolproof Way to Get Serious Cash
If you want tons of money with almost no risks, check out these 3 easy steps.

1) Change your time to winter. MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE there is snow on the ground.
2) Wait for an igloo to pop up. When it does, fill your pockets with old things you don't want anymore, fish, shells, your town's fruit, etc.
3) Play games with the villager in the igloo. They'll say things like:
"I have two cards here. If you pick the one on the right, I'll give you 3,000 bells. If you pick the one on the left, you have you give me your ___."

Continue to play these games. You will get a much better value than if you sold your unused/unwanted to Tom Nook. You will also be better friends with the villager.
ComputerNerd97's foolproof way to keep villagers!
Okay, so we all know the feeling when your best friend in your town moves away. Well, not anymore! This is a foolproof way to make absolutely certain they NEVER EVER move away if you follow these few simple steps every day.

1) Send them letters with presents. Just normal stuff that you don't need anymore. They don't care what it is. You can even send them trash.
2) Do them at least one favor every day. They'll like you more AND you get something in return.
3) Don't overtalk to them. If you talk to them over & over, they won't like you as much.
4) Use your sense. If they get mad at you, send them a present. Never plant pitfalls in front of their house. And don't deny them favors. It's just plain rude.

Well there you have it! 4 simple steps to ensure that you keep your neighbors.
And if they do move, go visit! Most likely, they'll have moved to the town that YOU visit most. And they might just move back.
dig up mony
You need the goldon shovel to do this cheat!Equip the golden shovel if you dig without a star then you might dig up 100 bells!!!
digging for bells
once you have your Golden Shovel(GkUFUvirg%PX6a3ZizGfw5dTZLQh) you can find bags of 100 Bells in the area nearby any rock in the village-Be Persistent! keep digging! There can be several bags near one rock, and if you don't find anything- come back and try again! I got more bags than I could count yesterday(Aug. 16,'06).I did notice that when I was planting trees nearby, it increased my chances of finding a 'reward'....also, DO NOT keep those individual bags in your inventory or you'll be out of room fast!Move the bags to the ''Total Bells'bar on your inventory screen.
It could ruin your game and if your game still works your town will be filled with weeds and nobody will know who you are anymore.
dont push
do not push around animals it will make them very argery

leave them alone when they get in a fight there upset so just give them space
Dragon flys on your head?
Ok so I just caught my first spider ever and i donated it to the library and i was watching it when... all of a sudden out of nowhere my dragon fly landed on my head!!! So just stand in the bug part of the museum and don't move I garentee you that your dragon fly will land on your head!(NOTE: You must have a dragonfly in the museum to do this!)
Easy Bells. The smart way.
*You will be required to have two memory cards to do this trick, each with a functioning town on it.*
Things to keep in mind:
1. This may require a bit of saving and loading, and setting of clocks in your town.
2. The card with the town of the primary character will be referred to as T1 and the secondary, T2.
3. You do NOT need to set the system time, only the time for the individual town which can be set while loading you character.

First of all, load the card with T2 and set the clock to Sunday, preferably in the morning. Now, load T1 and make sure it is set to any day excluding Sunday (winter works best for this trick BTW). Load you character T1 and check the price of turnips. If it is at a respectable value (700+) then you may proceed. If not, save and quit, and set the clock one day ahead or behind. (Again avoiding Sunday) Once you have found a date where the turnips are at a good value, gather up all the bells you have available and take the train to T2. Once there, find the turnip merchant and buy as many turnips as possible. Return to T1 and sell them to Tom Nook. (If you have too many for him to buy, drop some outside until you have room enough for the money sacks) After all newly acquired turnips have been sold, take a portion of the money you just made back to T2 and buy more turnips, repeating the process. (For those who are math illiterate, use this equation to figure out how many bells you will need to take as so you may have more room for turnips instead of wasting on money bags. Price of individual turnip = P Number of turnips you wish to purchase (comes in 10, 50, or 100 packs)= T Number of turnip packages you wish to purchase/number of free spots available in inventory = I Final Price = F PxExI=F )
Easy Money
To make easy money all you have to do is get a couple different fruits that aren't native to your town and plant them. To make sure the tree grows, cut down an already existing tree and plant the fruit in the exact same spot. Once the tree grow, shake the fruit off of them and sell it to Nook.
easy money
go to the beginning of each year and collect the 10,ooo bells from ur mum
good luck gettin rich
Easy money!
If you want some of the easiest cash in the game, save up 500 bells. DON'T SPEND IT. The day Nook has a fishing pole, buy it. He will explain how to use it so PAY ATTENTION. Fishing can be very hard in this game. Now, go down to the ocean. When you get close, WALK, don't run, because running will scare off any fish. When you see a fish's shadow in the water, cast out near it. The fish will take up to 4 nibbles and the next time it goes for your bobber it will go under the water with a 'plop' sound. Hit the A button like crazy. In the ocean, the best 2 easy to catch fish are the Red Snapper (3,000 bells apiece) and the Barred Knifejaw (5,000 bells apiece) My advice would be to empty your pockets, equip the fishing pole and fish until your pockets are full (don't worry about the pole when your pockets are full, whenever you go into a building the pole will be put away anyway) Also, throw out any Sea bass you catch, as they fetch very little money. Then see your catches to Nook. I got over 100,000 bells this way in about 4 days. So this really is easy money.
Easy Way for Ordered Items
Note: You need TWO memory cards for this!

If you order an item from your catalogue at Tom Nook's shop (which ever one it is), walk to the train station and tell Porter you are taking a trip. If you don't have a second town, the game will restart and when you talk to the animal he or she will send you back as the character you quit as! If you DO have a second town, just ride the train back to your first town. When you arrive at your house, check your mailbox and there is the item you just ordered!
Easy way of getting Golden Axe
After you have gotten all the golden items except the axe and have a fully upgraded house, go to Tom Nook's store and purchase everything on the 1st floor. Buy 1 of everything on the 2nd floor (eg. one shirt, one carpet etc). Then go to your house and put everything you bought into the basement. Take as much as you can carry of your furniture and sell them to Tom Nook, then go back home and save. The next day Tom Nook will have sent you the Golden Axe as a present.
Easy way to pay off your debt
Note: You need 2 memory cards.

Create a town on both memory cards. Then make sure the most common fruit in each town are different. Take the fruit and sell them in the opposite town. If you sell fruit that is not common in your town, you can get 500 bells per fruit!
Events for the month of August.
These are a list of events in the game that happen in August.

Morning Aerobics: This event takes place every day in August at 6:00AM to 7:00AM. This event takes place at the wishing well. Here you can move your character's arms and feet by using the C stick. Talk to the Mayor.(He's there during the event every day) He will give you a card and stamp it. You can only get one stamp a day. If you get a stamp a certain number of times the Mayor will give you an item.

Meteor Shower: This event takes place on August 12th. From 6PM to 9PM go to the big pond in your town. Talk to the Mayor. He will give you an item called a "Telescope" you can't see the meteors with this item though. Its more of a piece of furniture. You can only see the meteors by looking at the pond's reflection in the water.
Extended Version of the Theme Song
Ok,to do this cheat you have to open the disc cover right when you see the monkey show up. Once you do that wait a while. When the extended version is about to start, close the disc coverand you will see it start over with the extended version instead of the original version!
Fast Recovery
Use this after you are stung by a bee, and if you want to get rid of that UGLY face. Save and quit. Reload your game. See yourself wearing your usual face! There, it's that simple.
Fast Tree Growth
When you plant a tree, time travel forward 1 week then return to the present. The tree will have fully grown! If you planted a fruit tree it will have fruit on it! This also works on your island!
Feng Shui
You heard about it and it helps you in a few things. This is were too put them and what they do.

Orange in North= better luck in money and items
Green in South= better luck in money and items
Yellow in West= better luck in money
Red in East= better luck in items
You can only get the coelacanth when it rains.

The large char is worth a whopping 10,000 bells!

The piranha is small.

Red snappers are all year!(WHOO HOO!!!)

You can get bitterling in December-Febuary.

Giant snake head! Worth 6,500!

An finaly the angelfish is in the afternoon-morning!

Well, thats all im saying the rest you figure out! But maybe the fish will make you rich???....
When fishing its more likely you will catch a fish if you listen to the speaker for a plop and the pull up to get the fish. Hope this helps!
Free designs at shop!!!!!
If you go in Able Sisters use your gameboy advance to make it easier to make designs and its free when you upload them!!!!!!!!!
Free stuff on halloween
Before halloween night DON'T buy any candy and then on halloween night after 6:00 everyone will start trick or treating. When they ask if you have any candy tell them no. then they will punish you by giving you stuff!!!! They will give you different kinds of furniture like a jack in the box and other things. the only bad thing they give you is a cruddy looking patched shirt. But still, it's FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fruity bells
The kind of fruit that grows in you town by default, (mine is cherries) is worth 100 bells.
But if it is new,(from a different town or from a balloon tied to a present) it is worth 500.
And coconut prices are from 100-500.
Fun Way To Make Friends
Hey guys,

Ok, this isnt really a 'cheat', exactly, but it is so fun and I'd love to share it with all my fellow Animal Crossing Players who need a little help now and then.

If you love talking to the animals on this video game, you'll love this... tip, I guess. Some people (maybe most) already know this cheat, so when I say what it is, feel free to skip ahead. By the way, I'm prolonging this on purpose. Haha. OK, go to the Able Sister's store and every day, talk to Sable, the one working on the sewing machine. Only do this once a day, if you do it more you'll just bother her. DO IT EVERY SINGLE DAY. It takes a little while, so don't give up. Here are her 'friend' things that she says:

Day 1: (somewhere along these lines) Sorry, I can't talk right now.

Day 2: Almost the same as above.

Day 3: I know you think I never have time for you, I am just always so busy. Sorry.

Day 4: Hey... your name is _____, right? (insert name there)

Day 5: Oh, hello _____. (Then she might tell you a story about her life which is pretty cool so she is your friend.)

I'm a little fuzzy on those days, so if it happens a little later or sooner, don't be surprised. So, then she is a friend and what is really cool is Mable, the one who greets you starts saying stuff like, "Oh, hey. Come on in" or "Great, you stopped by. Sable been asking me when you were coming all today!"

So, hope I helped.
Get catalog items faster!!!!!!!
all you have to do is make another town and visit that town go to tom nooks and order anything you want fast go back home and it will be there all ready!!
Get Items Sooner
Trust me, it works!

If you want to get an item quicker (instead of tomorrow, get it today) then change the date in your game. You'll get the item. Now change the date back and the item will still be there.
Get rich quick
I just learned this, If you go to any day with candy at the store, and buy some, you can catch ants. Just take the candy and drop it right in front of your house. Save the game and change the day to about a week afterwards and the candy will be crawling in ants. Use your net to catch one and then there will be no more ants on the candy. But then you can go one acre left or right, whichever is side of your little neighborhood your house is on, and run right back and there should be even more ants. They only sell for eighty bells, but if you keep this up for a while, you can get a lot. In just half an hour, I got about 300,000 bells. You should really try this!
Get Sable to talk
Sable is less friendly, but will eventually warm up to your character the more you talk to her, and the more designs you make or take from their store. After she befriends you she will casually tell you more about her and her sister's sad past.
Get stuff without time traveling!
If you don't like to time travel to reuse codes or get things you don't have to time travel or go on the train (because in my humble opinion that takes too long)you can just save and quit and reuse codes and get catalog orders! This is quicker and you can do all the same things without getting weeds!
Around Midnight and 3:00am, a ghost will come somewhere in your town. When you see him QUICK! Get out your net and catch him! He'll want to get out and he'll give you FREE STUFF OF YOUR CHOOSING if you let him go!

Note#1: he is not always there BUT, is always there on halloween!

Note#2: So, when you are logging in click "Before I Go" then click "Set The Clock" and set the date to Halloween! Happy Catching!
Golden axe
Well, in order to get a golden axe you have to have your town in perfect condition for 2 weeks! I know, its hard. I still don't have one yet! Anyway, here's what you have to do:
*have a variety of trees in each acre
*have plenty of flowers in your town
*avoid littering
*have just the right amount of trees in each acre
*oh yeah, and try to listen to the Wishing Well's complaints. They could come in handy

I wish you luck in getting the Golden axe and hope I helped!

Golden Items
How to get the golden shovel
Get one shovel. then the next day buy another one if its there. dig a hole then put the other shovel in the hole. (make sure you have a shovel in your hands). it will be under dirt when you click bury. Then some time later in a golden tree you'll get a golden shovel. Which will let you dig 100 belles. Not every time of course.

How to get the golden fishing pull
Get all 40 fish

How to get the golden bug net
Get all 40 bugs

How to get the golden axe
Keep your town clear with no weed,stomps for two weeks.keep going to the wishing well to make sure every thing in the areas are clear. then after two weeks in the mail you'll get as a gift.
Golden Shovel
To get the golden shovel, buy two shovels at Tom Nook's. Then find a glowing spot in the ground. The glowing spot will change every day. Dig up the bells, but DO NOT fill it back in. Instead take your second shovel and bury it in the hole. A sapling will sprout out, and if your lucky, it will becoma a golden shovel tree. Just shake the tree and the golden shovel will fall out.
Golden Statue
To get the Golden Statue of your character, pay off all of your debt to Tom Nook. Once you are finally done, you will get a neat statue in front of your town. Nice work!
Good belles for new players
Go to someone elses town get thier fruit bring it back to your own and sell the fruit at 500 belles each.
If your rowing in the boat(driven by kap`nn)somtimes you will see guliver floating in the water and he`ll look like he has no head
If you go down to the beach/ocean often sometimes you will see a bird lying in the sand wearing a salior outifit. If you talk to him once he will just say something like "Help me". If you talk to Gulliver over and over again he will finally get up and thank-you. Then you will get a gift. These gifts are not found in Nook's store. Many of the gifts are neat and will go good in your house. Others are pretty tacky and you might not want them in your house but they sell for a lot of money!!!! :-)

This DOES work. I am playing Animal Crossing right now and I just got a gift from Gulliver.
Gyroid Face
Alright, for this you will need another Memory Card with different Town Data on it, and you must not have anything important in your inventory. Travel to that town, and when you're in that town, turn the Gamecube's power off. When you turn it back on, you won't have to deal with Resetti even, and your face will be gone except for two small holes for your eyes and one large hole for your mouth. I learned this the hard way from deleting all of my golden items and about 2 million bells!
Hear The Full Version Of The OpeningTheme Song!
Turn on your Gamecube and wait. Right when Porter the monkey appears on the screen (with the game title above his head) open your disc cover. If you opened it at the right time a message will say to close the disc cover to resume the game. Don't close it. Instead, just wait for the ''main part'' of the theme song to play and listen to the ''new'' extended version!
Holiday seasons are the time for big money
If you want to make money, then during holidays such as Halloween is the time to do it.

  • Halloween: If you give the ghost Pumpkin Jack Candy when you find him, he will give you a piece of Spooky furniture. You can take this furniture and furnish your whole home, then take the rest of the furniture and sell it to Tom Nook for about 10,000 bells a piece. If you don't like the Spooky set then sell all the pieces you get. If you get about 10 pieces and sell them, that is about 90,000 bells!

  • Christmas: You can also make big money here, you can either take all the furniture Jingle gives you and sell it, or take them and make your home Jinglefied. Or you can do both, furnish your home then sell what you have left over. About 10 pieces of his furniture will make you about 95,000 bells at Tom Nooks shop.

  • Thanksgiving: If you get the forks off the table at the wishing well, and go and find Franklin, he will give you one piece of furniture. You can keep doing this for as many as you want. You can furnish your home, then sell what you have left over. Or sell nothing, or sell every piece you get. 10 pieces will make you about 90,000 bells!

    Good luck!
  • How to catch a Tarantula or Scorpion
    to catch either bug in hte title, walk around until you hear a "scuttle" sound. A sound that's like when you walk through dead leaves on the ground. Move close to where the sound is and the scorp./tarant. should clome out. DO NOT try to catch it with your net. It will start to chase you. Keep running if you stop to turn around you will be bitten/stung. Keep running until it stops its chase. Then, try to go around to hte back of the bug and snatch it from behind.
    How to Delete a Town but Still Keep your Stuff
    Have you ever really hated a town on AC, whether it's the people or because your little brother named it Bugtown, but wanted to keep some of your clothes, money, or rare furniture? Well, now you can! Here are a few simple, foolproof steps to delete your town but keep your stuff.

    You will need:
    -A memory card holding the town you are deleting (Mem. Card 1)
    -Another memory card with a town & a character on it (Mem. Card 2)
    -A good friend that won't steal your stuff
    -Lots of (virtual) paper
    Sometimes it helps to have two characters on Mem. Card 2 so you have two people to send to.

    STEP 1- Get on Mem. Card 1. Pick up all the stuff you want to keep and put it in letters adressed to the museum. DON'T SEND THEM YET. (But if you do by accident, the museum will just send them back to you, so if you're missing stuff, wait a while. They may come in the mail from the museum.)

    STEP 2- Travel to Mem. Card 2 and re-address all your letters to your friend's character. Send them. Repeat until everything is sent. (If your mailbox is full, get on Mem. Card 2, take out the presents & delete the letters.)

    STEP 3- Delete & rebiuld your town. MAKE SURE THAT EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS SENT TO MEM. CARD 2.

    STEP 4- Get on Mem. Card 2 and put all your stuff in new letters to the museum. DO NOT SEND THEM.

    STEP 5- Travel to Mem. Card 1 (the new town), re-address all the letters to the new character, THEN send them. Repeat until everything is sent.
    (If your mailbox is full, get on Mem. Card 1, take out the presents, & delete the letters.)

    STEP 6- Unwrap your presents and enjoy your advanced life three minutes into the game.

    P.S. If you want, you can also send some of the stuff from your catalog to your friend, just to say thanks.
    How to get animals to leave your town
    Have you ever wanted someone to leave your town?

    First go to find a pitfall. Then go to the persons house. Find a rock in that area and dig a hole in the middle hole. That is where the pitfall goes. Then find the person and push them in the pitfall. Be sure to dig three holes around the rock so the animal can not get out. Then wait until the next day and check your mailbox. That animal will send you a letter saying they went to another town. That animal will never visit or go to your town again!
    how to get money and fast!!
    Okay, start a new game and enter the town's name as "Curulian" to have a town with cherry trees. Then, after finishing all of the Tom Nooks' jobs, empty your inventory and collect all of the cherries. You will receive 100 Bells for every cherry. If you collected and sold enough cherries, you can pay off your house loan in no time!
    How to get more rare fish
    You may want to get more rare string fish or knife jaws. Well, I do. If you catch one of those fish (worth 15,000 bells), donate it to the museum.You only have to donate the first ones of those fish you catch. Then, those same kinds of fish should pop up for you more often.
    How to get presents
    Fast forward the time to new years eve at 11:59 PM, and after it strikes midnight ( New years) go to your mailbox and you will have lots of presents!!!!!!!!!
    how to get the banded dragonfly
    well,you will see it floating in the air.do not run up to it because it will fly as fast as you're running.walk up to it if its not looking at you and swing your net!you may only get one chance to catch it every time you see it.swing with caution.
    how to get the bee
    remove your equipment and shake all the trees{except for the ones with fruit on them}and a beehive will fall out of one of them.as fast as you can,get the net from your pockets,exit out of your pockets and clik a as fast as you can.
    the chances of some on catching a bee would be 50/50
    humorous shenaigans
    1:type in moles suck when resseti asks you to say moles rule
    2:use pitfalls one people
    3:hit people with your net or push them around
    Infinite money
    If you leave spoiled turnips or candy in front of your house ants will continue to appear and they sell for 80 bells at a time, so I think you know what to do.
    Item Screen Background
    While this is not exactly a cheat, it is an interesting aspect of gameplay that I did not discover until very recently. On your item screen, you probably see yellow dots floating in the background. To change this background, simply pick up a shirt from your inventory and take it to the bottom right slot. Then press the down arrow once. Your shirt should be below all possible item slots. Press A. A shirt called "big dot shirt" will appear in your inventory, and the background of your item screen will look like whatever shirt you used to replace it.
    This trick can also earn you a few Bells. If you still have your work uniform, you know that you cannot sell it. However, you can set it as your item background and sell the big dot shirt. It's not worth much money, but it's a better use for the work uniform than tossing it or holding onto it if you don't want it.
    Items From The Future
    This cheat requires two people living in 2 of the four houses you live by. With one person, go to crazy Redd's tent and buy something. Then put it in your house. Save the game, change your time to earlier than when crazy Redd's tent appears, and swich to your second character. With your second character, go to your first characters house and you will see the item they got from crazy Redd even before he came!
    on Halloween when all the people in your village are begging for candy there is one person who doesn't beg, his name is jack.First of all make sure you have candy when you go look for him. next he is the only person who doesn't run after you trying to get candy. after that go up to him ,talk to him he will ask for candy like everyone else but if you give him candy he will give you an exclusive item that you cant buy at tom nooks. but if you don't give him candy he will get really mad and start yelling at you so choose : an exclusive item or yelling
    Just a little tip.
    If you have a second memory card, like me and have to files. When you visit the town make sure to take some fruits off the tree's and sell them at Tom Nooks shop in your town. You will get 500 bells per fruit. If you get a full bag of fruit different from your fruit you will get 7500 bells!
    Just To let you know...
    If you like a neighbor alot, a couple of things you do NOT do to them! DON'T shove them around! This will make them mad or sad, depending on the personality, they'll either stomp or trudge around unless you leave the area and come back after a few seconds. Then it'll be like it never happened. DON'T put pitfalls around them and shove them in it! Those little white golf-ball like things you pick up randomly? Pitfalls. You bury that in the ground near a person, they hit the spot, they fall down, and struggle until you talk to them. They don't get mad on the outside, but inside, they're probably thinking. "What a dick! I'm leaving if she/he does that again!!" And they will! A sweet puppie, Maddie, moved after she accidently fell into a pitfall when I meant for another charecter to fall into it, and she was so sad, that the next time I got on, she moved! So, if you have a friend who will always talk to you and won't be cranky ever, ever EVER, be nice!
    K.K Songs
    Every Staturday at around 10:00PM (Game time) K.K Slider Will Be At The Train Station go up to him and talk to him. He will then ask would you like to Request a song or Listen To One. After He Plays the song K.K will give you that song to play back at your house. HERE IS A LIST OF ALL THE SONGS.

    Aloha K.K
    Cafe K.K
    Go K.K Rider!
    Imperial K.K
    K.K Aria
    K.K Ballad
    K.K Blues
    K.K Bossa
    K.K Calypso
    K.K Casbah
    K.K Chorale
    K.K Condor
    K.K Country
    K.K Cruisin'
    K.K D & B
    K.K Dirge
    K.K Etude
    K.K Faire
    K.K Folk
    K.K Fusion
    K.K Gumbo
    K.K Jazz
    K.K Lament
    K.K Love Song
    K.K Lullaby
    K.K Mambo
    K.K March
    K.K Parade
    K.K Ragtime
    K.K Reggae
    K.K Rock
    K.K Safari
    K.K Salsa
    K.K Samba
    K.K Ska
    K.K Soul
    K.K Steppe
    K.K Swing
    K.K Tango
    K.K Technopop
    K.K Waltz
    K.K Western
    Lucky K.K
    Mr. K.K
    Only Me
    Rockin' K.K
    Senor K.K
    The K Funk
    To get K.K.'s songs, every Saturday at exactly 8:00 he will be in front of the station. Talk to him, and he will ask you if you have a request for him. Either name one of the songs you know of his, or just let him choose his own. Once he finishes, you get the track and you can play it at your home!
    K.K. Slider wings it and other cheats
    K.K. wings it: On Saturday at anytime after 8 pm and before 12 am, go to K.K. Request a song, but not one he knows. I tried 'Hamtaro' and 'Cheese', and he just played a random song and he kinda sings the words I said in them. It is super weird, but he will just say: That probably wasn't what you wanted. *name of song* just wasn't my style. Come back, and I'll give you another request.

    Making people move: Pitfalls you will usually get from people who have personalities like Boots or Goose. Get a pitfall, some stationary, a net, some trash,(I recommend old boots as they are easier to find.) and a shovel. Step 1: dig 3 holes in sort of a square, push hated person inside, and before the can attempt to get out, make another hole. you can still talk to them, i think. Or once you reopen the place, they will yell at you. Step 2:get your pitfall(s) and set them up around hated persons house. make sure if they have a neighbor you like. If they do, keep wanted person away from pitfall(s). Once hated person walks inside, get out your net (untested)
    and try to hit them. If you can't just walk around and mock them. talk to them and they will come out. Step 3: hIT THEM REPEATEDLY with net. they will get mad. Step 4: push them around.
    Step 5: do something for them and dont do it. Instead tell them you want another job. They will get mad at you and tell you to finsih with the first one. Step 6: Send them hate mail with garbage in it. Must have good spelling and Grammar. Put peoples names in (") so they will understand. example: "Boots" and "Rizzo" said they hated you, "Sue E". I think it sort of like that. My brother told me.

    Mr. Resetti: He gets mad at you. Reset for the 6th time to meet his bro.

    Legendary Fish
    To get a ledgendary fish, do these things:
    #1: Change the time until you get it on a rainy day.
    #2: Then, change the time to 6:30.
    #3: Go down to the ocean and and look around until you see a huge fish. TIPress A button on the 5 tug.
    #4: Sell it to nook for 15,000 bells!!
    Link Song
    Go to your song bulletin board. then put these notes in

    looking for money?
    shake trees and sell items that fall out and if bees sting you just save your game go back on and your good and ready!
    Lot of tips
    .In the summer, you can get a tan.

    .Sometimes, animals move in their sleep by themselves.Happened only once for me.

    .After you pay the morgage, youll be able to depost bells.

    .After getting 70000 points in the hra, you can get a house model.

    .Talk and do a chore for new animals so they wont move.

    .When one of those girl animals(like Maddie or Cookie)are real happy, talk to them. if you have furniture, they will give you up to 45000 bells for a piece.

    .(not sure about this cheat)When making a new town call it "Crossing", your ocean wont have sea bass. My town has the same name and i had it for a month, i have not caught a sea bass yet.

    More Coming Soon!!!
    lots of bells!$
    first you need to fill your pockets with fruit from your town. put in another memory card and go to that town.sell your fruit for 500 bells at tom nooks shop. fill your pockets with the fruit from there town. go back to your town and sell the fruit for 500.( if you want more bells fill your mail too!) you wil get 15,000 bells! p.s. it works on ds too!
    Mad Museum Owner
    After catching a rouch and donating it to the museum, go into the bug room and step on it. The owner will ask you to watch your step because it was donated.
    If you have a design you can select it while in your house to make your floor, and walls match. Also, you can make your clothes, door, a sign, and an umbrella match as well. This will get you some extra points with the raters if your Floors and Ceiling match!
    ok. first, set the time to 5:59 sometime around August 3rd or so ( it don't have to be exact). then walk over to the water fountain tree thingy and you'll see some dudes doin' aerobics. the mayor should be w/ them so talk to him an he'll give ya a peice o paper and tell ya about it. KEEP THE PAPER! if you throw it away, this wont work!ok,sorry, after you get the paper, go to the empty spot in the aerobics class and do a few stretches with ya C-stick. keep repeating the tip 14 times, and when you talk to the mayor for the 14th time on the 14th day, he'll give you a random, yet rare, gift. LOL
    ok. first, set the time to 5:59 sometime around August 3rd or so ( it don't have to be exact). then walk over to the water fountain tree thingy and you'll see some dudes doin' aerobics. the mayor should be w/ them so talk to him an he'll give ya a peice o paper and tell ya about it. KEEP THE PAPER! if you throw it away, this wont work!ok,sorry, after you get the paper, go to the empty spot in the aerobics class and do a few stretches with ya C-stick. keep repeating the tip 14 times, and when you talk to the mayor for the 14th time on the 14th day, he'll give you a random, yet rare, gift. LOL
    Meet Postman Pete
    Throughout the game you will run into characters talking about Postman Pete and Pelly (the postal worker during the day) and how the two are in a relationship. Often you will get subtle hints that you should talk to Pete to find out more about the relationship.

    You are told that the easiest way to talk with Pete is to wait outside your house a 9am or 5 pm (when the mail is delivered) and you should meet him. This is good if you can play your gamecube at these times however for those of us who cannot play the game at those times, here is an easier way.

    After any session when you play the game go outside your house (in the game) and pause it. Then go about doing whatever you have to do (school, work, etc). When you return unpause the game and stay in the same acre as your house. Within the minute Postman Pete should fall from the sky right infront of the notice board, now you can go up and talk with him.

    This is easier done pausing the game before 9am and then unpausing the game anytime afterwards.
    Meet Jack
    On halloween go into every acre and talk to everybody. Eventually you will find a person in a costume called Jack, make sure you have candy. talk to him and give him candy. he will give you furniture.
    Meet Pete the mailman
    Pete is usually busy mailing out letters but you can meet and talk to him every morning and night outside of your house. If you wait near the message board at either 9 A.M. or 5 P.M. Pete will land and start to mail out letters. Watch him open up your mailbox and shove mail into it. If you talk to him alot he may even spill out some things in his social life. You may be shocked at the things he tells you.
    mega money
    go to tom nook sell all your stuff evrything go forward a year spend 10 000 on stuff do that for a week and then donate all your money has to be over 50000 go forward a yea(make shur no post) see your post 8 letters each with 99 000 in it go farward a year more money keep doing it

    lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$
    Missing an important event tip
    Have you ever missed a holiday event in Animal Crossing? Well I have a solution for you.

    In Animal Crossing there is a thing called the in-game clock. If you miss an event, then start up your game, when an animal pops up, then choose "before I go." After that click "set clock." Here you can set your clock back and re-do that event that you missed.

    Be careful, if you set your clock ahead weeds will grow in your town, and if you set the clock up just to get rare gifts on all the events, then once you set your clock back to normal time, and try to get the gifts from those events on the dates they happen, you will not get another until the next year.

    Good luck!
    money and fish
    this cheat is for those who like fishing.
    as you may know you can sell fish at nook's. if you get your entire inventory filled with red snappers nook will give you one hell of alot of money (~30,000 bells

    (he'll only do it for red snappers and canocanth)
    Money Doesen't grow on trees, eh?
    Ya know how you find money buried in the ground? Well when you find some, bury it. Then a Money tree will grow in that spot!
    Money Rock Tip
    Ok for you guys who don't know about the money rock well the money rock is a rock that spits out bells in your town when hit with a shovel. When you hit it you bounce back and have to run back up to the rock. That wastes bells. I have a tip for you guys.

    All you have to do is when you are looking for the money rock dig holes around the rock so you are boxed in. Then hit the rock and if bells spit out keep hitting it until bells can no longer spit out. This way you don't waste time running back up to the rock. If the rock don't spit out bells try another. This is a great tip if you need money. You can do this everyday.
    Money Rock Trick
    Find money rock whack it then save and quit.Go to rock nearest to it and whack it. It will be the money rock but with more money.

    Money Tree
    If you look in every acre, sometime you'll find a sparkly spot on the ground. Dig it up with your shovel. You will find a thousand bells. Instead of taking the 1000 bells, bury it again. Then a little tree will pop out. It will grow out to be a money tree.

    Note: You can't just bury money anywhere. It has to be in a sparkly spot in the ground.

    (Also I want to know how to visit somebody's town in animal crossing GAMECUBE.)
    Money tree/Golden fishing pole/ golden axe/ golden bug net golden shovel
    Money tree- Find a glowing spot and bury the money bag you found from it in the hole. A sapling will appear there, in a few days you will be able to shake money out of it.
    Golden fishing pole- Catch one of every forty fish.
    Golden bug net- Catch one of every kind of bug.
    Golden Axe- You must keep your village in perfect condition for 2 weeks after that 2 weeks you will receive it as a presant(it cannot be broken)
    Golden Shovel- Find a glowing spot and bury your shovel in the hole a golden sapling will appear. after it has matured you will have a golden shovel, using this it will be easier finding better items and more money.
    Mr Resetti
    Reset the Gamecube during play, start the game again and Mr Resetti will appear to complain. Continue this to make him angrier.
    Mr. Resetti
    If you start a game after resetting the GameCube during play, Mr. Resetti will appear to complain. Repeatedly reset the GameCube to make him more and more angry. Eventually, Mr. Resetti's brother Don will appear to take the place of Mr. Resetti.

    This is what happens corresponding with the number of times you reset:

    1: The first time, he will go "easy" on you and warn you not to reset again.

    2: He'll come back and is slightly angry, no harm done.

    3-6: He'll be ticked off, watch out, you may get lucky and he'll do this for the max 3 times in the stage.

    7: Don his brother takes his place. He is nice but don't let him fool you, Mr. Resetti will come back if you reset again.

    8-60. Ok, here's when it gets funny, he'll sometimes ask you to write a note, and sometimes he'll make the screen go blank for a few seconds.
    Your last offence,

    number 61: He makes sure that no one resets again! He makes almost everyone who lives in your town move up. Its rather funny, and they can't move back for about a week. When they do come back they don't want be near you. You are shunned for a about a month.
    Mr. Snowman, bless me!
    During winter, you will see some snowballs lying around.

    When you see one, remember which acre it was in and look for another. Roll both of them towards your house and roll them around the snow. Make one ABSOLUTELY HUGE and the other a bit smaller. Roll the smaller snowball into the HUGE one and your created snowman will be really happy, go WOOHOO and send you some winter furniture.
    If you want more of the lovely gifts, then save and quit, then load your file again. Then just repeat the process. The snowballs are replaced randomly but your snowman will remain. Place them near your friends house or in an empty acre. It will take your about an hour to two hours but it's well worth it.
    Mushrooming Day!
    set the clock to October 16, 17, 18, or 19 in 2002 or 2003 at 8:00am. there will be 5 mushrooms hidden in town. Each one is worth 5,000 bells, But every 15 min. one disapears. if you find all of the mushrooms in all four days your total will be 100,000 bells. Ka-ching!
    k.k slider plays in the coffee shop every saturday night at 8 o clok.wen you see him run up to him and clik A.wen he askes you are u here for a song say yes.wen he asks if your giving requests clik not this time.at the end of the song he will give you music.go bak to ur house and put it in a stereo or tape deck or radio whatever ya wanna call it.clik play and you can listen to k.k!
    Neighbors wont EVER move!
    Ok,heres what you do,take a friend you dont want to move and write them a letter,DONT MAIL IT! keep it in your mail savings and then they cant move!
    New Fruits!
    To get other fruits in your town apart from the ones you have at the start, send a letter to everybody in your own town and say "I like fruit." in each one. Put one piece of your own fruit in as a present. The fruit must be what you had the very first time you started your town. Send it. The next day you should get letters back off the animals in your town who you sent letters to. There should be foreign fruits in some of them!!
    No Resetti
    If you forgot to save your game and do not want resetti then just change the date to your b-day.

    Resetti will not be there but instead one of your neighbors will be there (giving you a gift).

    This may not work if your b-day has already passed.

    It does work for the DS version though (if you have not already passed your b-day.
    No resetting
    DO NOT press the reset or 'off' button without saving. It's fine if you're on your first go on Animal Crossing. But otherwise, no. These stupid darn mole will come up and rant for ages. The more you reset or turn off, the angrier he gets, and the longer the rants. AT ONE POINT HE WILL SAY HE HAS DELETED YOUR CHARACTER. Beware, this isn't true. But I think maybe if you reset/turn off too much he might actually delete your character.

    So long, and remember - beware the mole!
    No Villagers in Town
    If you reset, Resetti gets really mad at you, right? Well, if you reset about 61 or so times, he will make everybody in your town move away for a while. ***NOTE*** The townsfolk will dislike you for a month or so.
    nonnative fruits big bucks
    first you have to go to your friend town and pick his/hers native fruits (make sure its different than yours (you can pick only one if you want) plant that fruit in your town and skip ahead 5 days then you can pick those fruit and either plant more trees or sell them tom nook will buy one fruit for 500 bells
    Nook's palace, Nook's Castle and Nook's department store
    Once you have Nookington's buy 6780000 bells worth of items, then invite a guest and they have to pay 4000 bells worth of items and then talk to Tom Nook he will give you a choice of shops for Nookington's to expand into either
    Nook's Palace, Nook's Castle or Nook's Department store. My best friend chose Nook's Department store and it by far the best!!!!
    Nook's store upgrades
    If you are real crazy about Tom Nook's store, then upgrade it. If you buy 25,000 bells worth of stuff, he'll make a store called Nook 'n' Go. If you buy 65,000 bells worth of stuff, he'll make Nookaway. If you buy 150,000 bells worth of stuff and have somebody from another town buy something from Nookaway, he'll make Nookington's Department Store. The last Nook upgrade is Nook's Shopping Mall. It is very hard to get this shop. To get it, you have to buy 1,000,000 bells worth of stuff from Nookington's, and a player from another town has to buy 100,000 bells worth of stuff from Nookington's. Nook's Shopping Mall has 3 floors, 2 of which are filled with awsome furniture. It's open 24/7. Just to let you know, the money you use to pay of you mortage does not count.
    if you have a action replay, go to a.c.,
    and check off "z to float"

    load a.r. and go into your house and back out to
    activate that cheat (does not work with new game)
    now go to any tall-ish house with a visual chimney. take out any umbrella and fly to the chimney....yur mary poppins! lol
    also if u activated "d pad down to shrink"
    make your self so small that u cant see yourself.
    you still see a big shadow!!! (also if u dig it looks like you made a nuke)
    Also u cant change height/fly in a building
    DANGER:NEVER FLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE MUESEUM DOOR! Why? because you will enter and the game WILL freeze! plz leave a "cheat" saying if u want more"
    simple...build an orchard using foreign fruit.
    1-find a lot of land (close to nook\'s store) that is about 1/8 the total map and chop down all the native trees (leave native trees elsewhere for insect collecting)
    2-get some foreign fruit (worth 500 bells)
    3-plant the fruit in rows with 1 hole space between the trees
    4-it will take several days to replenish the supply of fruit to continue the orchard, but after its all said and done each tree will be 1500 bells, and 32 trees will be worth 48,000 bells
    Pay of your loan
    Frist you put in:

    Then you will get a station module 1. Fill your pockets with them, then sell them to nook. You should get a lot of bells!
    Pelly and Phyllis
    Pelly is the pelican in the post office during the day, but at night another pelican comes named Phyllis and she is nowhere near as nice as Pelly.
    Perfect grammar
    When you send a letter to an animal it doesn't always understand so heres what you do should do; mail a letter with perfect grammer like this;Welcome to the town *name of animal*! Hope you have a wonderful life here!
    some times when you do a perfect letter they'll send a letter back with a present!
    Pitfall seeds
    If your becoming over run with pitfall seeds in your town by digging them up or getting them in the lost and found then you can actually get use out of them. No one wants pitfall seeds, Nook won't by them blah blah blah but if you attach them as a present to a letter and send it to an animal residant in the town (make sure to right something on the letter) they will reply and send you something nice, often furniture and different wall papers and carpets. It's a good way to get rid of them.
    instead of waiting for an animal to ask for a letter to get one back with a present, write a letter to them with thier little saying. (i.e, reeeeOWR, or, sweet pea)
    Rare Furniture!
    Go to tom nook's shop and wen he talks to u, select "other things."Then choose "say password" and type this in exactly as you see it and you will get rare furniture....
    piPiES@sTRJmAAshO9cb#9Uh9wO4..........Spooky dresser
    2%Q2fhVehAyAY3o5yYAK9zJHxLo7..........Spokky sofa
    2%Q3EhMeRbyAY3Z5yYAK9zcHLo7..........Spooky table
    jePiES@LTRJmAApcddkwe9Uh9wO4..........Spooky wardrobe
    linkz2ldaBanonganonSeldClink..........Spooky chair
    Rare wallpaper =)
    When you talk to the police officer, and he says walden will be coming, you better get ready!!!!Wen he comes go to the police station and find out wat acre hes in. when u find him talk to him, he will say hes hungry. give him a bass.(do not give him fruit). he will thank you and give u rare wall paper, that you cant get anywere else.Hope this cheat works 4 u!!!! =)
    Red Rock
    Once a day a random rock will become the Red Rock in your town. It can be big or small. Search for the rock using your shovel or your axe to hit it.
    Red Rocks
    This works good if you need a quick couple thousand of bells. Go around town and hit rocks with your shovel. Once a rock turns red when you hit it, keep hitting it!! Try and hit the rock as fast as you can until the rock turns grey again. You should earn between 1,100-5,000.
    Robbing The Turkey!
    Set the date to November 23 at about 6:00pm. Go to the wishing well where there is a feast! at one table there is a large empty platter and a fork and a knife beside it. go next to the sivlerware and press B. you will pick it up. Then go to a neighbor that is NOT at the feast and talk to them. they should say they saw a freeked out guy in acre something. then search that row/collum and hunt for a turkey. (He is hiding behind a tree or building) He will talk to you as soon as you come in contact with him! He will then take the silverware and say thank you then he will give you a piece of furniture from the harvest set. Repeat this until he starts giving you repeated items. (He will be hiding in different places each time so ask different people.)
    second map
    If you go to a town that's not yours you have to go the the police station or the train station but sometimes its hard to find those! So when you go to another town go to its police station and say "I need a map" and copper will give you a map of the town your in!
    See Behind Buildings
    To see if there are any buried items or weeds behind buildings, Stand behind the building with your shovel and bury something in your inventory and then dig it up again WITHOUT MOVING. The game will zoom in on your character holding the item and you can see if there is anything behind there. Dig around with your shovel until you get what it is that was behind there.
    See the
    On feburary 2nd people gather for groundhogs day.
    And ofcource as you may of heard it starts at 7am
    well...it does. But here's where the real action is, it may start at 7 but resseti comes at 8am. But dont just change the time to 8'o'clock mr.resseti will have already passed by so if I was you I would make it 7:55 so you have time to get there. And you can stick around until 9am to get 1 of 15 flower models.
    Shell prices
    The lion's paws or whatever arn't the most expensive, however, the Conch, White Scallop, and venus comb will get you more money than quite a few fish, depending on the circumstances. These three shells' prices range from 250-450 bells, which adds up if you've seen the number of shells on the beach! Happy shell selling!
    Shells from the Beach = Bells
    The shells on the beach can be sold to Tom at Nooks Cranny's:

    White Scallop - 450 Bells
    Porceletta - 30 Bells
    Wentletrap - 20 bells
    Coral - 250 Bells
    Lions Paw - 40 bells
    Sand Dollar - 60 Bells
    Venus Comb - ?
    Ok people, about the signs...there are 2 different kinds of them. One kind is the kind you buy at Tom Nook's store and put your own designon it. But there's another kind. When there isn't an animal living in a certain spot, you will see a wooden sign. You can read it, and it will give you some information, like ads from Redd or Katrina or even Saharah. Or there could be some tips for you like plant flowers or don't shake trees recklessly and stuff like that. READ THOSE SIGNS! Have fun!
    in the winter when katrina comes she'll say something and it will mean that you need to watch your feet or something like that, dont run so much and if you do, dont skid all the time.

    P.S. my brother did it and he was slipping the whole time. it really wasted his time.

    Good luck!
    I have done the stupidest things with snowballs. First of all, in the winter after December 25th, you'll see some snowballs. If you roll them around in the snow, they get bigger. Make one really big one, and then a medium sized one. Put them together and you can make a snowman! He will give you numerous snow items. Anyway, try not to hit your snowballs with a shovel, rock, butterfly net, axe, or drop it off the cliff. It will just do what we never hope to do (PLOP). Good Luck!
    Do see stars on the ground??? They actually look a lot like star fish. Take out your shovel and look around. When you find one, dig it up!!! You can get fossils, furniture and gyroids!!!! ENJOY!!!!
    Super Mario Series Reference
    Re-load any save file. Select "I'm New" from the Characters list. This will take you to the train scene, in which you will first meet Rover as your new Character.

    During this scene, Rover will call Tom Nook in a room at the back of the train. Watch her dialogue carefully. She will, at one point, say a line similar to "It's-a ME! Good impression, huh?".

    This is a reference to Mario's famous catchphrase "It's-a me, Mario!".
    The eaisest way to clean gracies car.

    When ever Gracie comes to town go to the police station, and click Any Goings-On? to find out were she is. One you find her, then volenteer to clean her car. The Fastest way to to clean it is to get a pen. You run the pen over the A and B button as fats as you can until the time runs out. If her car sparkles in reward she will reward you a peice of designer clothing. My brother showed me this trust me it workes.
    The Four Somethings
    Something old

    Something new

    Something borrowed

    Something blue
    the foutune teller
    Ok first go talk to The police officer outside the staitionask about werabouts(or something like going ons) if he says something about "Katrina" go to that day then go talk 2 him again this time he'll say something like "I've heard Katrina's tent is in acer _-_ next go to that acer(AFTER 6:00pm)Now walk inside and talk 2 her if ur unlucky enough and run around outside u will eventullay trip and smack the ground(i think it will where off when u save if not it wares off the next day) Enjoy hurting ur person <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    The Living Fossil
    First, set the date to a rainy day. Make sure you have a fishing rod and have room in your inventory. Go down to the ocean and start fishing. If you catch a sea bass, throw it back, but if you catch a Red Snapper, or a Barred Nkife Jaw, keep it, because you can sell those to Tom Nook for lots of bells. When you see a huge shadow, that will be the Cealacanth. It's worth 15,000 bells if sold at Tom Nooks. Or you could keep it in your house and boost your HRA points.
    The Staff's Mistake
    On the list of animals within Animal Crossing, they mentioned frogs. There, they listed all the names of the frogs in the game. Well, they seem to have forgotten Frobert and he is one of my personal favorite characters! Just letting the staff know!
    The three special items
    In Animal Crossing there are three special items. They are as follows:

  • Lovely Phone
  • Mouth of Truth
  • Aerobics Radio

    To obtain these items do the following:

  • Lovely Phone: Talk to Tortimer on Mothers Day and you will receive this item.

  • Aerobics Radio: Attend 15 of Coppers Aerobics meetings in the late summer, and get 15 stamps in your stamp book, and you will get the radio for your home. You can build up a sweat right inside your house, what is better than that?

  • Mouth of Truth: Get this item from Gulliver, when he washes up on shore, he gives you it randomly. Press the "A" button on this item in your home and you will get a surprise.

    Good luck!
  • The truth about passwords
    Everyone says that you can only use passwords at Ton Nook's store 3 times a day. But if you come back about an hour after you use the 3rd password, you can use passswords again! It's every bit true.
    Get a kind of fruit that doesnt grow in you village, go to another town or talk to people and eventualy they might give you a fruit if they ask for like 2,000 for the fuit (even tho they are worth 500) still get it, its worth it. After you have gotten your fruit. Plant it anywhere in the ground ( somewhere near nooks store would be best and a plavce with alot of open,clear land, i cleared mine of trees and weeds first) in 2 or 3 days you will have a full grown tree with 3 of the fruit on it, get the fuits and plant them. repeat untill you have a bid orchanrd. I can get about 30,000 a day!
    Three golden shovels!
    Get a second shovel and look for a golden spot in the ground. Dig there, get the money (usualy 1,000 bells,) and bury your second shovel. Make sure it is a good place to grow a tree. Come back 4 days later and see if your tree has grown.
    Three Layered Town!
    Usually on animal crossing, u can find a slope that leads 2 another layer. But I know how 2 get a 3 layerd town!!! It does take a looong time though.

    First, youre gonna have 2 make a new town. talk to rover, blah blah blah, talk to nook, yada yada yada, then asap, check the town map by the train station. 2 layers. Then delete THAT town and make another one, and keep on repeating over and over and over. eventually, YOU'LL FIND U HAVE A 3 LAYERED TOWN!!! It takes a long time, though. They programmed it that way, so u have a 1 out of whatever chance to get it. You have to b really patient! Rare 2 get it the 1st time.
    Time Frozen Trees
    Ok this one is simple
    All u do is plant a tree
    Then u save and go to before i go, other things, set time and go a day ahead, then u go on and ur tree should be a bit bigger, then save and restart again and set it bak to normal time, then ur tree will be stuck that size!!!
    Time Traveling for some Gifts
    The folowing Days are the special that make you get prizes, makes the year go better, or are just for special things(Note:I am only doing through September):

    1:New Years:From 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., toss in money in the well for a better year and make sure to see Tortimer for a new journal.

    2:Groundhog's Day: Everyone will come 7 a.m. and it starts at 7 a.m. after the event talk to Tortimer for a flower model.

    20 or 21:Spring Sports Fair:Nothing reall, show up at 9 a.m. to do aerobics then talk to Tortimer for the Spring Medal. Note: You can only participate in the Morning Aerobics.

    1:April Fools': See Tortimer for Super Tortimer.
    5 to 7:Cherry Blossom Festival: See Tortimer for the Pink Tree Model.
    22:Nature Day:See Tortimer for Pink Tree Model.

    1:Spring Cleaning: see Tortimer for Dump Model.
    2nd Sunday:Mothers day:See Tortimer for Lovely Phone

    June:2nd Friday:Graduation Day:See Tortimer for the Tailor Model.
    3rd Sunday:Fathers Day:See Tortimer for Locomotive Models.
    Every Sunday: Fishing Tourney:Beat the records daily for prizes but see Tortimer for Angler Trophy

    4: Fireworks Show:Go to the Lake and buy a pin wheel or balloon from Redd then find Tortimer for a Bottle Rocket.
    Check Diary to see what date is Hometown Day:See Tortimer for Train Station Model.
    Every Morning at 6 a.m to 7 a.m. thru the end of August: Aerobics:See Tortimer for a card and get it stamped for all the days you are there. Note: Get 14 stamps and see Tortimer for an Aerobics Radio to do aerobics at home.

    12:Meteor Shower from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.:See Tortimer for a Telescope
    21:Founders Day:Weed Model

    1st Monday:Labor Day:Shop Model
    Varies: Harvest Moon:Moon
    23 or 24: Fall Sports Fair:See Spring Sports Fair
    The best way to find Jack at Halloween is to look around the towns folk. He's not usually in places where there aren't houses. It's rare to see him near the Wishing well. And make sure you have a piece of candy out when you find him and Tortimer near each other. You could make a mistake on whose who. And Jack NEVER runs to you. In fact, its rare for him to run at all.

    On the Island, there are special characters. I bet you all knew that, but did you know that they are allergic to certain fruit? Here's the list of whose allergic to what:
    Tired of dying trees? Too many weeds?
    If you plant a tree seed where a weed has been, it'll grow no matter what, I have many trees in my town because of it. This is a good way to raise your town level because it raises the amount of plants, and gets rid of weeds at the same time...
    tom nook accepts anything
    Sometimes if you want to get rid of something and you try to sell it to tom nook but he will not take it,it is very annoying but I know how to fix that. Take your item that he wont accept and sell it with other items that he will accept and bingo he will take the item that you originally wanted to sell to him.
    Tom Nook Codes
    If you have entered three codes into tom nooks store and want to enter more, save & quit then enter the game again. You can enter three new codes. There is no need to change the clock.
    Tree Planting
    Have you notice your trees not growing? It probably because it doesn't have enough room. Trees need at least one hole-distance around it. Hope your trees don't die!
    Trick your Guitar
    When you are listening to some kind of music on your stereo, play your rock guitar and it will play to the tune.

    I think K.K. Rock works the best.
    Tripple Ur Bells
    well its simple really. ok there are 6 steps to follow>>>>

    (1)ok first u have to walk around in ur town & find the golden spot & then get the 1,000 bells out by digging it up with a shovel[DO NOT COVER THE HOLE BACK UP!!!]

    (2)ok now u have to go to ur items screen & take up to as many bells as u want[for xample, i put 30,000 bells]

    (3)then bury the bells in the same hole & a litle tree sprout will pop up

    (4)now what u want to do it go back to ur gyroid, save & quit, then u need to go back to ur town & make surr to change the clock ONLY 1 day AHEAD

    (5)keap on moving ahead untill the tree is fully grown & u see 3 mony bags growing on it

    (6)& finallly 1nce the tree is fully grown u shake it & u get tripple the amount that u planted[for xample if u planted 30,000 bells it would turn up to be 90,000 bells]
    "it beats saying the 30,000 bells code to nook 3 times & it takes WAY LESS amount of time"

    ~{note that if there are too many weeds, the tree might not grow, & ull waste ALOT of mony trust me i learned that the hard way}lol~
    ~{also note that it only works 1nc & the mony dont grow back!!!}~

    here is a hint to the weeds thing----find the 2:00a.m. June ghost 7 catch the spirits for him he will then pull all ur weeds, or u could set ur B botton to turbo & run around pulling weeds!

    Turnip money!!!!
    Switch days until Tom Nook buys turnips for 500 bells or more. When he does enter the code for 100 turnips 3 times then sell them all to Tom Nook. After that you don't have to end your turnip spree there. Go to your gyroid, save and quit then come back to Tom again.
    Turnips Don't Spoil!
    (for people who don't cheat for turnips.)

    Sick of your turnips spoiling before that spike price? bells going down the drain because of rotten turnips? if so, then here's several ways to keep them from spoiling.

    1rop in train station.
    Turnip's don't spoil in the train station. As long as you leave em' there, they don't rot.
    2:they don't spoil when shipped to the lost and found. but how do they get there? you drop the turnips in spots dedicated to houses and events.
    Such as, signposts, the tent where chip is at fishing tourneys, etc. they get shipped to the lost and found (IMPORTANT!) ON the day the event arrives, and BEFORE the event starts. because if you leave em' out the day before, they rot (common sense right?) keep the turnips in the train station or the police station until one of thos "spike prices" (time to time he buys turnips for like 600-900 bells. if you stuff the train station to the max (20 bundles of 100) and sell for 964 each (what i did) you get 1,928,000 bells. even with an empty inventory you won't have enough room for all of that!

    *credit gos to sneakers on gamefaqs*
    Unlimited K.K. Slider Songs
    Go to K.K. when your pockets are full. He will give you as many songs as you want!!
    Use the events of the Holidays to your advantage!
    Go to the event at every Holiday. Even if you don't like the item, you will get a good amount of Bells if you sell it to Tom Nook.
    Weed Wacker
    Hate all of the darn weeds in your town and have been ignoring them for the last like....YEAR?
    Well all you must do is get a controller with the turbo function and set it to B. Then run around holding B and every dang weed around you is picked out NOTE: this is a great way to get the golden axe.
    Weird sounding chairs????
    So far I have found two chairs that make a farting noise when you sit on them. The Froggy chair, and the Lovely chair. There is probably more of these chairs so go out and look for more.
    You Sell Sea Shells to Nook's Store..
    If you want money FAST, heres a good way:

    1. Go down to the beach
    2. Make sure your invertory is EMPTY
    3. Pick up ALL the shells
    4. Sell them to Nook

    If you got a lot of Lion Paws, you could at least get 10,000 Bells.

    Easter eggs

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    Btw: you dont need anything to do this:

    Go to the date of easter, find as many eggs as possible, if it is bunny foil go and get whatever item it may be from Zipper then sell it to Tom Nook from 7800-9000 bells(if you dont want it) repeat this process(by time travelling) to get the desired amount of bells, but if it is candy either give it to Wendell for: colouring boy(blue/yellow) or colouring girl(green/red)or use it to catch ants. I did this and i got about 100,000 bells in 10 mins!!!!

    P.S do the same with christmas and so.
    I have done this so many times, and none of my original animals have moved away.


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    1,000,000 bells in less then 10 min.
    Use the 100 turnip code 3 times a day, on a day where Tom Nook is buying them for somewhere in the 900s of bells. Then sell them all and u get over 90,000 bells. Then go back in time (in forward in time) and do the 3 cheats again. Keep doing this untill you have the amount of money u need. This is the "real" best money cheat, not those peices of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Animal Crossing Island WITHOUT GBA and Cable!
    Things you will need:
    1. Gamecube
    2. Animal Crossing
    3. Action Replay (FOR GAMECUBE)

    First, turn on your action replay. Go to the codes. Select Animal Crossing. Select the ones you want, but be sure to select the one that has "Jump with Z". Click start, and do what it says. Go into Animal Crossing, then go to the bottom right, where the ocean is. (jump doesn't work inside places, only ouside. and it works after i have gone inside somewhere) Start walking and press z. You have jumped into the ocean. Keep walking, until you get to an island. Congrats, you have gone to the island WITHOUT a GBA and a GBA Cable!
    Animal Island
    Ok, this cheat can get you a LOT of Bells. If you're hard up for cash, and you have a GBA link cable, then you might want to try this:

    1. First you need to clear out your inventory. Make sure that every spot is open.

    2. Write lots of letters. If you don't have any letters stored, store some letters.

    3. Get a LOT of fruit. Fill your inventory and all of your letters with fruit. Trust me, you want to get as much fruit as possible.

    4. Head to the island. Remember to go to the dock with your GBA cable plugged in and your GBA on for Kapp'n to show up.

    5. When you get to the island, drop ALL of your fruit on the ground. You can even shake all of the trees so the coconuts are all on the ground.

    6. Leave the island. When you leave, Kapp'n will ask you if you want to save your island on your GBA, say 'Yes'.

    7. Now go to your GBA. Go to the island and knock on the villager's door with the little hand. The villager will come out, and then you feed him/her ALL of the fruit. For every fruit that you feed him/her (except the first few), they'll drop a money bag.

    8. Once all of the fruit as been consumed, go back to your gamecube. On the gamecube, leave the dock screen and then come back. Go back to the island, which should be full of Bells!

    9. Pick up all of the bells and then return to your main town. You should now be filthy rich!

    Note: This will only work if the villager likes fruit that you feed him/her. If they don't like it, then they won't drop any money!
    Annoy Animals
    to annoy animals you have to talk to an animal and select "Let's talk" or something like that. then keep repeating this many times and eventually they will get so annoyed they won't want to talk to you
    Avoid junk when fishing
    fill your inventory up with gold or other stuff..(fruit, items) if you have no holes in your inventory you won't be able to fish up garbage. (this is especially nice to avoid a tire when going for the stringfish)
    BBQ Theme
    My house currently has an outdoor/BBQ theme. I like it a lot. I have several of these cool items. Try 'em out...

    1) Bird Feeder


    2) Garden Gnome

    3) Lawn Chair

    4) Mr.Flamingo

    5)Picnic Table

    6) Tiki Torch


    8)Sleeping Bag


    Bear Family Set
    Tell Tom Nook these codes to get the following items:

    HkteTheNewWaa OCRogtingCodez Get the Baby Bear
    G4YYGDeYiOeSi9 XcOacZuAjszUde Get the Mama Bear
    11ACK6I9JE#Jf@ gHCeoBLaa7y%PE Get the Papa Bear
    Bee Sting Bee Gone
    If you got stung by a bee, and just can't walk around with villagers calling you names, just go traveling! As soon as you get off the train, the sting will *bee* gone!
    Bell trees!!!
    Getting a bell tree is very very simple all you have to do is dig up the 1000 bells in the ground that are shining and re-burry them and a bonsi will appear go ahead a week and a bell tree will look like a fruit tree but with out the fruit but with bells on it. Also a tip dont try to burry a money tree near another tree then it wont grow. See ya
    an easy way to get bells is to plant alot trees. Let them grow fruit,the empty ALL of your items and collect all the fruit!This works better if youplant lots of rare fruit!(ex.pears grow natrually at my town and i get a apple or peach.)If you dont have a rare fruit just keep talking to the same villager for a while.Then plant them near Tom Nook's store.
    You'll need a GBA for this and GBA hookup to gamecube. First off empty all ur pockets and pick up as many fruit as u can. Go to ur town's dock and go to ur island wit the gba. When u get there drop all the fruit on the ground. Then leaved the Island and tell Kapp'n u want to have animal crossing on ur GBA. When Animal Island is transfored into ur GBA play as ur island NPC and eat all the fruit! Soon when the NPC eats the fruit bags of Bells of 100, 1000, 10000, and 30000 bells fall from the sky! Direct the island NPC back into their house. KEEP GBA ON! Walk around in ur town (ON GC) for a minute or so and then go back to Kappn and go to ur island. HE'll say turn off ur GBA so do so. WHen u get to the island bags of 100, 1000, 10000, and 30,000 bells will be there. It is a quick way 2 make lots of money! I paid off my entire debt off and got a golden statue!
    Big Bells Baby!
    Okay I have three things.

    1.Get your fishing pole and wait till it rains in spring. Then go to the ocean and wait till you see a big shadow. It is a fish worth 15,000 bells. (Big huh?!) Wait. I f it tugs four times automatticaly tug on the fifth time. Now sell it to Tom Nook. Now your are swimming in cash!

    2.On December 8th at 8:00 p.m fing Jingles the reindeer. Talk to him three times to get a free gift. Change clothes and continue doing this. Sell these things to Tom Nook.

    Get a bug net and catch all the bug you can find. then sell them all to Tom Nook. Easy huh?

    BIG money!!!
    This is a surefire way to become rich... FAST!!! Ok you will need 2 memory cards each w/ a seprate file on them. Set Card B to sunday morning and set Card A to a day when tom nook is buying turnups for 700 bells or more, now go to town B with about 10,000 bells (it could be a bit more...) and buy 100 turnups. go back home and sell 'em for 7times the money ya' bought 'em for then go back and buy some more! I did this a few times and I became a millionare in only a matter of hours!!! Hope ya' enjoy!
    If you want the summer bonfire here is the cheat code for it hope you like it:


    try it! it should work!


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    Build a talking snowman
    This isnt a cheat really but it is interesting. Get two snow balls make one of the as big as it can, the make the second one about the same size and put them really close together then push to make a snowman. If he likes his form (IE. The top snowball isn't too big or small) he will reward you with various items of the Snow prefix such as A Snowman Bed, clock, wallpaper, couch etc...


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    Cabana Set Codes
    Tell Tom Nook the following codes to recieve items from the Cabana Set free!

    B6&6KQom9DzR35DfkDC4%EEpCmiR Cabana Bed
    Iar45678912345E2345678912345 Cabana Boockcase
    2%QafhMKhAyAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Cabana Chair
    2%Q3fhMdRByAY3Z5yYAK9zyHxLo7 Cabana Screen
    PlaystationonE PyaystationonE Cabana Dresser
    ZzicrRB%wwcRMs GX1Qb&Zv0Z7c8x Cabana Lamp
    I7345678912345 E234567891234E Cabana Table
    FjEiKuIzEiKukY DkEiKuIzEiKuky Cabana Vanity
    Cabin Set Codes
    Below is a list of Codes which when you Tell Tom Nook he will give you them!

    MupersmaspbroSSupersmashbroS Cabin low Table
    ZzicrRB%wwcRMsGX1QbaZv0Z7c8x Cabin Table
    IDkteTBeNewWayOCRogtingCodez Cabin Wardrobe
    11AcKGI9JE#Jf@gHcebBLdG7Y%PE Cabin Dresser
    MupersmashbnoSSupersmashbroS Cabin Clock
    D7r4567a912345Ea3456789e23i5 Cabin Chair
    S2ui@kTheukFH8 RGTU6@F71d5GX3 Cabin Bookcase
    MupersmashbroSSupersmashbroS Cabin Bed
    MupersmashbgoSSFIersmashbroS Cabin Armchair
    Sometimes in your town when a new person has moved in you can find a camper camping close to them!It really happened to me!The campers also like to play card games.If you win they give you a prize and if you don't you have to either pay for the prize by force or trade items with the camper(note:the camper will choose the item he/she wants)
    Catch The Floating Gift
    As you go through-out your AC adventure, you will notice sometimes, and gift attached to a string and balloon, will float by. If you want it, follow it. It can only be obtained if it get's caught in a tree. When it does, shake the tree to claim your present. It will contain something random.
    Change animal Catch Phrase
    if you talk to an animal and select " Let's talk", or something like that, many times then sometimes they will say " do you like what i say, ( catch phrase here )" then they will ask you to change it. a screen will come up saying to type something. whatever you type they will say after every scentence!
    Change your charecter's face
    You need 2 Animal Crossing memory cards to do this. Before you go to your other town, drop all your items and money or it will be lost in the process. Take the train to your other town. When your there, press the reset button (bottom left corner on gamecube) and log on as yourself again. NOTE: This will not reset your file! You will find that your charecter's face will look a little different, and a little disturbing.
    Cheat doesnt work? No prob
    You know when you think you got a good cheat that will work and you write it down and Nook says you are not a winner? Instead of giving up try it again the next day. It really works
    Cheating 101
    1 Gamecube
    2 Towns
    2 Memory Cards
    1 Desire to Cheat
    A Lot of Time

    OK, here's what you do:


    either use this code:


    3 times a day, until you get about 15 turnips


    Buy a lot of turnips from Joan the Turnip Lady.

    Once you have that, start another town on the on the other memory card. Work for Nook and wait (or time-travel) until a day where Nook buys turnips for 800+ bells.

    He generally pays more in the Winter time.

    Last, sell all your turnips for a hug profit, and travel back to your first town. Use the new bells to buy more turnips. Repeat if necessary.
    Chess Set Codes
    Below is a list of Chess Pieces that you can get from Tom Nook if you tell him the code:

    BiPiES@sTRJmAAshO9cb#9Uh9HO4 White Knight
    aPShDyYoeR685bafbBlkwcRCmqi3 White King
    SupermariobqoS4nImAlCa0ssiNG White Bishop
    aDShHyYoeR685bafyBlkwcRCmqi3 Black Rook
    1LhuwvEDA22fmAdagnvzbCvBAsyU Black Queen
    SupermakiobroSAeImAlCrOssiNG Black Knight
    lLhuwvEDA23fmAdsgnvzbCIBAsyU Black King
    aDSLDyYoeR685bafRBlkwcRCmqi3 Black Bishop
    RtiXgIAGfe2AI7WwBZBBWW#Pulyc White Pawn
    aPShDyYoeR685baf%BlkwcRCmqi3 White Queen
    aPSLHyYoeR685bafxBlkwcRCmqi3 White Rook
    Classic Set Codes
    Tell Tom Nook the following codes to recieve items from the Classice Set for free!

    KtsuKuKeGiKunY ItsuReSeZeNiyG Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Wardrobe
    OainktothepasT qninktothepasT Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Wall
    Za2&3&4&5&6&7& 1&2&3&4&5&6&7& Tell: Tom Nook - Get:: Classic Vanity
    Toad&Mushsooms Hmad&Mushdooms Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Table
    B6&6KQom9DzR35 RfyDC4%EEpCmiR Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Sofa
    5ePiES@sTRQmAA sh&9cb#9Uh9w04 Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Hutch
    rc&c5qw9baamLS gljjHSoLwZMD7& Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Clock
    rxdfqdasdasdas masdasdasdasda Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Desk
    11ACK6I9JE#Jf@ gHCeoBLaa7Y%PE Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Chair
    BF&6KQom9DzR35 RfLDC4%EepcmiR Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Cabinet
    Cleaning Gracie's Car
    Do some of you try to clean Gracie's car but never do that great of a job. Well I have a little tip to help you guys tap faster.

    Instead of using your thumb to tap use you pointer finger. Lay the paddle on something. Then take your pointer finger and give little taps on the A button as fast as you can. This might take some practice but I get that rare shirt every time.

    Or if you have a turbo button on your paddle use that instead. It goes really fast. I would use the pointer finger method. Watch out your finger will get tired after a while. Hope I helped.
    Clothing Codes
    Tell Tom Nook These codes to get clothing:

    ordtgZiXdw6i&e qKAfgUjCuog5cC Bamboo Robe
    8rdteqiflwpi&e ZKFQbaH9Fov5cC Blue Puffy Vest (Fishing Tournament)
    oLdtgZi%dbni&x nKTWgUjCuyg5cC Blue Sweatsuit (Sports Fair)
    yLdteMNXlbnX&e lKYkgSGCFOvp5m Plum Kimono
    yLdteEN%lz2i&x BKCQwS9CFZvp5m Red Puffy Vest (Fishing Tournament)
    BLdteZH%lbnilx nKTWgajCuyv5cC Red Sweatsuit (Sports Fair)
    8rdtgqiXd#pi&x YKFQw&H3Fyg5cC Somber Robe
    A6YoMsynY%NpdA hHlayMyEw8fyqX Summer Robe
    xethtforfreebYldtitforfreebY Work Uniform
    s@T@3vbA4RJQfbehBEttkoH8qld7 Bubble Shirt
    4UTG548uQ5QZGf1n#%eTLEqj5ZBf Botanical Shirt
    vuHcfAH%FTqmW#ZkyTnDUgqjJ&jb Butterfly Shirt
    1qWyt6IfB@&q7z8XzSNtwfyq76ts Caterpillar Tee
    DontthatseemaYDontthatSeemaY Caveman Tunic
    vCTbf%Fy5MYmWcZk&TnDUgljJ&jb Checkered Shirt
    YoWqy6PfBu&q7z8EzSPtyfot76ts Cherry Shirt
    aMTdTraLVR1mWbOwaTgDLxqjJZBf Chevron Shirt
    VuHcfAHyFTqmW#ZkyTnDUgqjJ&jb Circus Shirt
    HllMazzthemmoYIlljazzthemmyG Citrus Gingham
    vuTbfAHyC3qmWcZkhTnDUgbjJ&jb Club Shirt
    QethnfoqGreebYldtineorfreFCY Concierge Shirt
    ThqPoliceDogIsCopperHeIsCool Coral Shirt
    HlljazzthemmoYIlljazzthemmyG Cow Print
    guibfAHyE3qmWcZkhTnDUg1jJ&jb Cozy Sweater
    guibfAHlE3qmWPZkrTnDUgljJ&jb Crewel Shirt
    RethnfoqGreebYldtineorWreebY Crossing Shirt
    vCTbf%Fy5XYmWcZk&TnDUgojJ&jb Daisy Shirt
    aMTdTraLVs1mWb6waTgDLxUjJZBf Danger Shirt
    QethnfoqGreebYldtineorTreFCY Dapper Shirt
    guibfAH1E3qmW3ZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb Dark Polka Shirt
    4UFG548QQdQZGf1n#%jtLEqj5ZBf Dawn Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrW1mWgZcyTgDLgejJ&jj Deep Blue Tee
    vuTbfAHyCFqmWmZkhTnDUgbjJ&jb Deer Shirt
    guibfDHdENqmWcZkrTnDUgkjJ&jb Desert Camo
    4UTG548QQtQZGfIn#%jIL7qj5ZRf Desert Shirt
    guibfAHdExqmWcZkrTnDUgKjJ&jb Diamond Shirt
    vCTbFPFQcvYmWCZk&TnDUgljJ&jb Dice Shirt
    4UTG548uQKQZGf1n#%jGLEqj5ZBf Diner Uniform
    aMTdTraLV31mWbOwaTgDLxqjJZBf Eight-Ball Shirt
    WzatswrongwitHWhatswrongwitH Exotic Shirt
    HialhyponoticSRealhyponoticS Fall Plaid Shirt
    vCTbF%F%5fYmWCZk&TnDUgljJ&jb Fetching Outfit
    aMicJsaQfs1mWgZcNTgDLgqjJZBf Fish Bone Shirt
    aMiBAsaQas1mWgZcGTgDLxqjJZBf Fish Knit
    1qWqr6wfBu&q7z8rzSNrwfyq76ts Five-Ball Shirt
    VupDfAH%ATqmW#ZkyTnDUgqjJ&jb Flicker Shirt
    guibfAH1ExqmWPZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb Folk Shirt
    VuHcfAH%FTqmWcZkyTnDUg0jJ&jb Fortune Shirt
    YoWqy6PfBu&q7z8EzSPqyfot76ts Fresh Shirt
    4UFG548QQWQZGFhn#%jLL5qj5ZBf Funky Dot Shirt
    DennisMillerIsSokDamnAwtsqme Gaudy Sweater
    4UFG548QQWQnGfln#%jtLEqj5ZBf Gelato Shirt
    guiDfAH%AfqmWiZkyTnDUgQjJ&j% Giraffe Print
    4UTG548uQKQZGf1n#%jTLEqj5ZBf Gracie's Top
    1qWww6IfB@&q7z8XzSNtwfyq76ts Grape Shirt
    guibfAHyEfqmWPZkhTnDUgUjJ&jb Grass Shirt
    4UFG548QQWQZGFan#%jtLEqj5ZBf Gray Tartan
    VuTbfAHyC3qmWcZkhTnDUg1jJ&wb Green Ring Shirt
    aMicJsaQes1mWgZcNTgDLgqjJZBj Groovy Shirt
    s@T@3vbA4RJQfbthBEttkoHdqld7 Hot Spring Shirt
    gMTdTraLVR1mWb6waTgDLxqjJZBf Houndstooth Knit
    guJbfDHdE2BmWcZklTnDUgkjJ&jb Icy Shirt
    HlljazztHemmoYlaljaJzthemmyG Jade Check Print
    4UFG548QQ5QZGf1n#%jtLEqj5ZBf Jester Shirt
    YoWeo6EfBu&q7z8IzSYiwfso76ts Jingle Shirt
    aMTdTraLVs1mWb6waTgDLxgjJZBf Kiwi Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrh1mWgZcyTgDLgYjJ&jj Lavender Robe
    QetrnfoqGreebYldtineorHreFCY Leather Jerkin
    guibfAH1EuqmW3ZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb Light Line Shirt
    1qWWO6IfB@&q7z8XzSNqpfyo76ts Loud Bloom Shirt
    aMiBAraLaR1mWb6waTgDLxqjJZBf Loud Line Shirt
    s@T@3vbA4RJQfbHhBEttkoHdqld7 Natty Shirt
    HllMazztHemmoYBlljazzthemmyG Windsock Shirt
    guibfDHdMWqmWcZkrTnDUgkjJ&jb Winter Sweater
    SyiyypairofsaYSeinypairofsyG Nebula Shirt
    VupDfAH%AhqmW#ZkyTnDUgqjJ&jb Neo-Classic Knit
    rlljazzthemmoYblljazzthemmyG New Spring Shirt
    4UTG548QQtQZGfln#%j5LMqj5ZBf No.1 Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrV1mWgZcyTgDLgYjJ&jj No.4 Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrs1mWiZcyTgDLg0jJ&j% Noble Shirt
    vuHcfAH%FgqmW#ZkyTnDUggjJ&jb Noodle Shirt
    vCTbf%Fy5XYmWcZk&TnDUg&jJ&jb Oft-Seen Print
    guibfDHdECqmWcZkrTnDUgkjJ&jb Orange Tie-Dye
    vCTbf%FykEYmWcZk&TnDUgljJ&jb Patched Shirt
    2GiDfAiLra1mWiZcyTgDLgqjJ&jY Patchwork Top
    VuHcfAHyFTqmWcZkyTnDUgUjJ&jb Paw Shirt
    VupDfAH%AhqmW#ZkyTnDUgDjJ&jb Peachy Shirt
    aMTdTraLVR1mWb6waTgDLxUjJZBf Pink Tartan
    YoWqQ6PfBu&q7z8EzSPywfot76ts Polar Fleece
    FdImAstringtdYFrCmCstringtyG Pop-Bloom Shirt
    FdImAstringtdYFrCmastringtyG Pulse Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrV1mWgZcyTgDLgqjJ&jj Puzzling Shirt
    guibfAHyEvqmWcZkhTnDUgCjJ&jb Racer Shirt
    2uiDfAH%AfqmWiZkyTnDUgqjJ&j% Racer 6 Shirt
    4UTG548uQKQZGf1h#%jtLEqj5ZBf Rally Shirt
    1qWWO6IfB@&q7z8XzSNqpfyw76ts Red Bar Shirt
    aMicJsaQfs1mWgZcNTgDLgUjJZBj Red Check Shirt
    FdImastringtdYFrCmastringtyG Red-Scale Shirt
    4UTG548aQKQZGfln#%jiLEqj5ZBf Red Tie-Dye
    2GiDfAiLrV1mWiZcyTgDLgqjJ&jY Rickrack Shirt
    vCTbf%F%5AYmWcZk&TnDUgljJ&jb Rose Shirt
    4UTG548uQtQZGfln#%jtLEqj5ZBf Rugby Shirt
    1qWie6IfB@&q7z8XzSNkwfyq76ts Seven-Ball Shirt
    vupcfAHyF3qmWjZkyTnDUgcjJ&jb Sharp Outfit
    gCibfAaLEFqmWPZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb Sherbert Gingham
    guibfAHyExqmWPZkhTnDUgUjJ&jb Shirt Circuit
    SyioyyqirousaYSeqnypuirufsyG Silk Bloom Shirt
    4UFG548QQWQZGfSo#%jtLEqj5ZBf Six-Ball Shirt
    ZheLegendOfZeldaWindWalker24 Ski Sweater
    2GiDfAiLrV1mWiZcyTgDLgYjJ&jY Skull Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrW1mWgZcyTgDLgYjJ&jj Snappy Print
    guibfAHdExqmWcZkrTnDUgkjJ&jb Snow Shirt
    guibfAH1E3qmWPZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb Spade Shirt
    2uiDfAH%AhqmWiZkyTnDUgqjJ&j% Speedway Shirt
    4UFG548QQWQZGf1n#%jtLEqj5ZBf Spring Shirt
    guibfAHyE3qmWcZkhTnDUgCjJ&jb Star Shirt
    VuHcfAH%FTqmW#ZkyTnDUgUjJ&jb Static Shirt
    aMiBAsaQas1mWbZwGTgDLxqjJZBf Stormy Shirt
    HllMazztHemmoYIlljazzthemmyG Strawberry Shirt
    s@T@3vbA4RJQfbHhBEttkoH8qld7 Striking Outfit
    s@T@3vbA4RJQfbHhBEttkoH&qld7 Subdued Print
    FdImastringtdYHromastringtyG Sunset Top
    guibfAHyE3qmWPZkhTnDUgUjJ&jb Swell Shirt
    aMTdTraLVR1mWb6waTgDLxqjJZBf Thunder Shirt
    1qWWO6IfB@&q7z8XzSNrpfyw76ts Tiger Print
    vCTbf%Fy5AYmWcZk&TnDUgljJ&jb Tiki Shirt
    guibfAHyE3qmWPZkhTnDUgljJ&jb Tin Shirt
    2uiDfAH%AsqmWiZkyTnDUgqjJ&j% Three-Ball Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrs1mWiZcyTgDLgqjJ&j% Toad Print
    vCTbf%FyfDYmWcZk&TnDUgljJ&jb Two-Ball Shirt
    vCTbJRFlXQYmWcZk&TmDUgljJ&jb Twinkle Shirt
    aMiBAraLaR1mWb6waTgDLx0jJZBf Waffle Shirt
    guibfAH1EFqmWPZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb Watermelon Shirt
    1qWww6IfB@&q7z8XzSNqwfyq76ts Wave Print
    VuHcfAHyFgqmW#ZkyTnDUgqjJ&jb Wavy Pink Shirt
    aMicJsaQfs1mWgZcNTgDLgqjJZBj Whirly Shirt
    4UFG548QQdQZGfln#%jtLEGj5ZBf White Ring Shirt
    aMTdTraLVR1mWb0waTgDLxojJZBf Yellow Bar Shirt
    VuHcfAH%FTqmW#ZkyTnDUg0jJ&jb Yellow Bolero
    EcatswrongwitHWhatswrongwitH Yellow Pinstripe
    vuTbfAHyC3qmWcZkhTnDUg1jJ&jb Zebra Print
    YoWqA6PfBu&q7z8IzSPrwfot76ts Melon Gingham
    aMiBAsaQls1mWgZcGTgDLxqjJZBf Melon Shirt
    EzatswrongwitHWhatswrongwitH Mint Gingham
    YoWRA6EfBu&q7z8IzSYqwfoq76ts Misty Shirt
    2uiDfAH%AsqmWiZkyTnDUgRjJ&j% Mod Top
    guibfAHyEGqmWPZkhTnDUgUjJ&jb Moldy Shirt
    aMTdTraLV31mWbOwaTgDLxCjJZBf Monkey Shirt
    vuHcfAH%FgqmW#ZkyTnDUgCjJ&jb Moody Blue Shirt
    VuHcfAH%FTqmW#ZkyTnDUgqjJ&jb Mosaic Shirt
    guibfDHdcWqmWcZkrTnDUgkjJ&jb Airy Shirt
    RethnfoqGreebYldtineorfreebY Ancient Knit
    guibfAH1ENqmW3ZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb Arctic Camo
    1qWrr6ofBu&q7z8rzSNqofyq76ts Aurora Knit
    1qWwi6IfBeoq7z8XtSNyufyy76ts Bad Plaid Shirt
    s@T@3vbA4RJQfbHhBEttkoHqqld7 BB Shirt
    s@T@3vbA4RJQfbthBEttkoHqqld7 Beatnik Shirt
    guibfAHyEeqmWPZkhTnDUgUjJ&jb Berry Gingham
    aMiBAraLaM1mWb6waTgDLx0jJZBf Big Bro's Shirt
    SyioyyairofsaYSeqnypuirofsyG Big Dot Shirt
    4UFG548uQWQZGflnu%jtLEqj5ZBf Big Star Shirt
    vuTbfAHyC3qmWmZkhTnDUgbjJ&jb Blossom Shirt
    4UTG548pQKQZGfln#%jjLEqj5ZBf Blossoming Shirt
    vuHcfAH%FTqmW#ZkyTnDUgCjJ&jb Blue Check Shirt
    4UFG548QQWQZGFan#%jLL5qj5ZBf Blue Grid Shirt
    vuTcfAHyCHqmWjZkyTnDUgcjJ&jb Blue Scale Shirt
    4UTG548uQKQZGf1n#%jALEqj5ZBf Blue Stripe Knit
    VupDfAH%ATqmW#ZkyTnDUgUjJ&jb Blue Tie-Dye
    aMiBAsaQls1mWgZcGTgDLxsjJZBf Bold Check Shirt
    Coconut trees In your town
    All you have to do to get coconut trees in your town is to hook up your Game Boy Advanced to your Gamecube. Get some coconuts of your island and plant them near the shore and they will grown. They give your town a tropical look.

    They will only grow near water. If you plant them in mid land they will not. They seem to only grow near the shore.
    Construction Set Codes
    Tell Tom Nook These codes to get random items from the Construction Sets

    1mWYR6IfB@&q7z 8XzSNwpfij76ts Get Cement Mixer
    cAQifhGeBsyjYc nqBYAKxjeFdjop Get Detour Arrow
    hSatHavsVouJot ForMeTqdayNook Get Detour Sign
    ArariaAnQSarah Swurlqngtre5&2 Get Flagman Sign
    2%Q2fhVeRByAY3 Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Get Green Drum
    2%Q2fhMeRByAY3 Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Get Handcart
    ArariaAnUQarah SpurlingHSe5&2 Get Haz-mat barrel
    2%Q3EhMeRByAY3 05yYAK9zNHxLo7 Get Iron Frame
    ArariaAnfEarah SpurlOagereo&2 Get Jackhammer
    ArariaAndSarah Sourl3ngApe5&2 Get Jersey Barrier
    A2345t7u9Ks34z 123456x8912345 Get Manhole Cover
    cU3jlm@hdl6Aip zJFAEUjAwbZXim Get Merge Sign
    ArTriaAnorarah Spurlingtre5&2 Get Oil Drum
    I7345678912345 E234567891234P Get Orange Cone
    vP5hDyYoeR685b afZBlkwcRCmqiR Get Sawhorse
    vPYhDyYoeR685b afZBlkwcRCmqiR Get Speed Sign
    T234567u912345 f2345678912345 Get Traffic Cone
    ThIckitsbecadY ThinkitsbecayG Get Wet Roadway Sign
    Design Brown Stuff
    My brother discovered this cheat for me.
    First, when Mabel asks you about where you wanna keep your design, do it over the clothing pattern or another pattern with brown in it. Then, look at the color palette and you will have all the colors (and more) used in the clothing pattern.
    Trust me, it works!
    Doppleganger Money Trick
    In order to do this trick correctly, your house must be paid completely!
    1. Deposit all of your money into the post office.
    2. Create traval data in memory card slot B (you'll leave town but won't go anywhere).
    3. Start the game WITHOUT the traval data they will ask you to to play with data you left but you won't have items or money. Say, "Yes."
    4. You now have a "doppleganger" who has a funny face. Take him and withdraw all the money from the post office.
    5. Drop it all right on the ground.
    6. Talk to the gyroid to save.
    7. Start the game WITH the traval data in slot B the game will ask you to overide the doppleganger's data. Say, "Yes."
    8. Pick up the bags of money and enter the post office. You will find that the money is in your inventory as well as in the bank.
    double your stuff
    O.K. you will need A Gameboy Advance or SP, a link cable to go to the GameCube from the GBA, and two memory cards.

    1. Go to the island and drop the stuff that you want doubled.

    2. Then leave the island.

    3. Then go back to the island.

    4. Pick up your stuff and drop it at the dock.

    5. Then save your game.

    6. Then on your other memory card play as yourself and then go to the first memory card.

    7. Then go to the island.

    8. When you're at the island you should see the stuff that you dropped the first time.

    9. Leave the island.

    10. Then you will see the exact same thing that you dropped on the island right there.

    Be cool, and keep on cheating.

    Double your stuff!
    For this you'll need the GBA to GC link and two GBA's.
    1) Go to the Island.
    2) Drop off anything you want doubled.
    3) Leave and get the data on your GBA.
    4) Come back with the GBA connected.
    5) Take off that GBA, and put on the second one. (MAKE SURE THE FIRST ONE IS STILL ON!!!!!!)
    6) Get the data on this one.
    7) Come back with the first GBA connected this time, and collect the items. Go back without putting anything on the GBA.
    8) Leave again and come back with the second GBA. The items are there AGAIN!
    9) Enjoy having two of the same items.
    Duplicate anything
    This cheat requires 2 game boy advances and a nintendo gamecube game link cable. Now Go to your island and drop off whatever you want to double, then talk to Kapp'n and say you want to take a record of the island. After it's downloaded put it in sleep mode to save power and switch the advances nowwhen you arrive in your town go up 1 acre and come back down to take another boat ride. When you arrive at the island again go 1 acre away and come back, now talk to Kapp'n andtake a boat trip back and forth now pick up your first set of items and take another 2 trips but switch the advances and pick up your other set of items.

    Note: This cheat differs with large amounts of money as in making a trip to the bank every time you get back to your town.
    Duplicating trick
    (this was tested)okay, I found a great way to Duplicate items or fish or insects or anything that you can put in your house(including money bags to), It requires 1 Gameboy Advance(GBA) and Ressiti to come once, Just to tell you, if you want to duplicate fish, insects, or balloons put it in the house that had or has 2 blue Aloha Shirt and 2 red Aloha shirt is then yours, and if thier is something that you can't put outside, put it inside the house That had or has the Aloha Shirt, Okay now here are the steps
    (1)put the thing or things that you want to Duplicate in your inventory and save and continue
    (2)go to your Island and drop your thing or things that you want to duplicate at that island with the balloon, insects, fish or other stuff you can only put inside, inside and the other things indside or outside
    (3)save the island on the GBA(gameboy advance) and go back to your town
    (4)when you get back to your town, turn off your Gamecube without saving.
    (5)when your back at your town you will see Ressiti, after your talk with Ressiti, you will have your thing or things you want to duplicate at the island and your inventory, get the thing or things off the island
    (6)congrgulations you duplicated your thing or things that wanted to duplicate, you can do this all you want .
    E-Z MONEY!!
    Here's how you can get easy money in the begging of the game. One of the jobs Nook will give you in the begging is to plant flowers outside his shop. DO NOT do this. Instaead, rush back to your house, drop the flowers (or plant them outside your house!) and go back to Nook's. He will reward you. Next, another job will be to write a letter to a customer about a special sale. Exit out of his store and ask for more stationary. Continue doing this until you have a lot of paper. Then, write the letter. When you are done with all the jobs, collect as many fruits you can take. Sell them all to Nook. Then take all the stationary and sell it to him. Then go to the police station and collect all the lost items. Claim them as yours. If they are ugly or you don't like them, sell it to Nook. Also look in the dump. Then, go to Nook's and buy a shovel. Then check the bulliten board. There will be a posted note saying someone has buried 1000 bells. Try to find it. The spot will be glowing. Do not cover it. Instead, re-bury the bells in the same spot. In a couple of days, a money tree will appear! 3 bags will be on the tree. Do a lot of jobs for the animals. Sell all furniture/wall paper/floors they give you. Don't worry-you can buy them back later. Then, go to Nook's and enter this code: WB2&pARAcnOwnu jMCK%hTk8JHyrt You can enter this code three times a day earning you 90,000 bells! Then, go to the post office and pay off your loan. Head back to Nook's. He will ask if you'd like to remodel your house into a bigger one. He will say it will take one day to do so. Save, load up your game, and go to "Before I go..." set the date to the following day. Your house will not look bigger but it is. Perform the cheat again. Do it three times. Save. Load up your game and set it to the next day. Perform the cheat again. Do it three times. Then pay off your loan. Head back too Nook's and he will make your house even bigger! Now would be good to start concentrating on your house's looks. Perform tasks and check the Dump/Police Station daily. What an easy life!
    earn big bucks!
    ok, jere's what to do. First you need to connect with someone who dosen't have the same fruit as you. Before you do that,empty your pockets,ok? Then fill your pockets with the fruit and then keep one or more fruit in same mail. Go back home and sell the fruit in your pockets and ONLY your pockets to tom nook. Then you take a shovel and plant the fruit. Water it every day. But when it becomes a tree you don't need to water it. keep checking on your tree(s) for fruit and sell it to tom nook and voila! you will get big bucks!
    Easiest way to earn bells
    To earn bells talk to nook everyday for turnip prices the if its somewhere in the 900's say the 100 turnip code three times to him then sell them all you can get over 100,000 bells every 30 minutes. Refresh(save&quit) then start over.
    easy model money
    Go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him, do the whole password 'say' thing and type in the code:

    This will get you the station model, as you should know by now (you filthy cheater you) you can only get three presents from Nook (but there's always the monkeying with time thing before you load your game) if you sell all three of the models you get 48,000 bells, or summat like that! yay!
    easy money
    start animal crossing. click continue. set date to jan 1st 2009. save n continue. then clik continue on main menue again and change date to like august 10 2006. keep doing this for quite a awhile check ure mail you'll have quite a lot of dosh
    Easy Money
    Here is a list of some ways to make easy money:
    1.) Time travel back to a day that you remember was raining. Make it nighttime and go fishing at the beach. Catch as many coelincath there and then sell 'em at Nook the crook's place.
    2.) One time a day there is one rock in your town called the money rock. When you hit it with something(Like a shovel) it will turn red and money will come out. Every three times that you hit it another zero will be added to the amount(100,1000,10000,etc.). Then you can fast forward or back in time to a different day and do it again!
    3.) To make more money in the money-rock technique you need to dig some holes around the rock,stand between the holes and the rock and start pounding it with your AXE(not shovel).

    Hope this helped everyone!
    Easy Money
    Note: This cheat requires two memory cards with town data.

    For anyone who doesn't like to change the date and get more bells, this a good cheat for you to use. Start in the town and as the person you want to earn more bells. Put aside all of your items into the bank while as a gift in letter(you can get them back later) or just into a letter. Start by filling up your pockets whith a fruit that is foreign to the other memory cards town. You can put some fruit in letters also. Make sure you have a LOT of fruit. then travel to the other town on the train. Go Tom Nook and sell all the fruit for 500 bells apiece. If you did this right you should have recieved 7,500+ bells. Then fill up your pockets with that town's fruit, which should be foriegn to yours. Go back to your town and sell it to Nook for another 7,500+ bells. Kepp doing until there are no more fruit. then wait a few more days for the fruit to grow back.

    This will also work with fish and insects just without the traveling part. Hve fun buying and paying off your debt with your bells!!!
    EASY money
    When you first start the game an animal will start talking to you.He or she will say"lets go"dont choose it.Change the time and date to new years and youll get 10000 dollars,repeat as much as needed.
    Easy money and furniture.
    to get easy money sell turnips, try searching for a day when turnips are sold for alot of bells per turnip. so if it sells for 800+ this is a good time to use it. go to nook's shop. talk to nook, say "other things" and then "say code" when a box shows up type in this code:


    and you will get 100 free turnips.

    Do this 2 more times. untill you have 300 turnips. depending on how much he buyc surnips for you might get arround 30,000 belles or more for each 100 turnips. After uou sell the turnips and get your money buy as much as you want from the shop. then go save and go back to the same day at a later time, or just go one day ahead and one day back to get the money. if you have already paid off all that you owe nook for your house you can go to the post office and deposit your money. (after you have saved at least 1,000,000 bells in the post office they will send you a gift with tissues for reaching 1,000,000 bells.) if you have not payed nook then use the turnip money to pay what you owe nook and leave the rest of the money in closets/basement or in your house once you have as much money as you want go arround and find furniture or buy from nook's shop and sell it again. then whenever you want some more furniture you can buy from the catalouge (whatever is not a rare. keep the rares in your basement or something dont trash them. unless you know the code to get another one) once you have every furniture desireable in your catalouge you can just order it. (You can do the money trick over and over again untill you have as much as you need. I payed off my house in less than 5 hours with the turnip code. they sold in my shop for 864 per turnip and in 5 hours i finnished paying off my house and have 2 million+ bells in my 'bank') Don't forget to talk to your fellow animal neighbors or they will leave your town or get angry at you.

    And dont be afraid to visit your town for fun.
    Easy Way for Ordered Items
    Note: You need TWO memory cards for this!

    If you order an item from your catalogue at Tom Nook's shop (which ever one it is), walk to the train station and tell Porter you are taking a trip. If you don't have a second town, the game will restart and when you talk to the animal he or she will send you back as the character you quit as! If you DO have a second town, just ride the train back to your first town. When you arrive at your house, check your mailbox and there is the item you just ordered!
    Easy Way to double money
    **Note 1: you must have already completely paid off Tom Nook in order to do this trick.
    **Note 2: you need 2 memory cards-1 with town data with a character that has completely paid back Tom Nook and 1 without town data that has at least 3 blocks of memory open.

    Drop all of your items in or around your house, then deposit all of your money into the post office. go on the train as if you were going to travel to another town. after you get on the train reset the game. (dont worry...resetti wont come because the data was saved before you reset it) after you reset the game take the memory card with your travel data out. the animal will say that you are supposed to be out traveling but they have some data that they can use. say ok then you will have the kid with no face. go to the post office and take all of your money out. then drop it all outside. go to your gyroid and save. after you save put the memory card with the travel data back in. the animal will then say but you already returned! if you return again then everything you did when you last returned will be lost! say i dont mind. when you go back to the post office you will notice that all your money is outside, and the same amount is still in your account! do it as many times as you like!!!
    easy, fast, and the best way to get big bells!!!
    tell nook jingle dresser UC


    do this three times. you get 36,000 bells
    repeat as many times as you want
    Exotic Set Codes
    Tell Tom Nook these codes to get items from the Exotic Set:

    2%Q2fhVtRByAY3 O5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Get Exotic Bed
    xxxxjxxxxxxxxx S6nY2JIF0GE@iz Get Exotic Bench
    IDkteTheNewWay OfPostingCodez Get Exotic Bureau
    AliGkAntimesoY AlinkintimesyG Get Exotic Chair
    MupersmfshbwoS SupersmashbroS Get Exotic Chest
    ZUicrRB%wwcRMs GX1QbaZvOZ7c8x Get Exotic End Table
    AlinktothepasT ClinkgothepasT Get Exotic Lamp
    AlinktothepasT ClinkrothepasT Get Exotic Screen
    znlPfBa6iXoajl ibxCYoH0oW4qrs Get Exotic Table
    7vGRXAYsjrhk2q Sq7PSV#e7Va5z5 Get Exotic Wardrobe
    extra flowers
    when you doing the flower job for tom nook take them to your house and plant them there!!!!!!!!!!!there you have it,free flowers.
    ok first empty your pockets

    then travle to another town.

    turn of the power.(note when you re load resseti wont be there)

    suprise now you have a face like a gyriod
    Fake Cut
    To do this trick a axe is needed. first run to a tree (dont run to a tree and stand to it) but run and hit at the same time u shouldnt hit the tree
    Fast Cash
    This helped pay off my basement in less than an hour:
    1. Order 5 orange crates from the catalog from Tom Nook. They are 80 bells apiece (400 bells total).
    2. Go back home, save & quit.
    3. Get back in the game. The catalog order is now in the mailbox. Get your mail and open all the presents.
    4. Go to the igloo and play their games with your orange crates. The best games to play are with 50/50 probability such as guessing the right or left hand for example. The starting price the animal will give you will always be above 80 bells, so right there you are profiting if you lose on the first try.
    5. Sometimes the animal in the igloo keeps saying useless banter instead of buying your orange crates, keep talking to them and sooner or later they will be interested. They just can't get enough of your cool orange crates!

    Note: If the animal changes to another game that requires you to pay a price to them, refuse to play if you want. Then leave the igloo and bury enough money to keep your wallet under 3,000 bells. Then the animal will go back to buying your orange crates.

    -Depending on how good your psychic powers are, you have the potentiality of making over 5,500 bells off of one 80 bell crate. But that depends on who is in the igloo and what game they play. This technique does not work as well if they are playing the game where you have to guess the price from four cards, but it is a lot better than shaking trees all day.

    Fast Mail Orders
    This is kind of a cheat,and kind of a tip.When you order something from your catalogue,and don't want to wait for the item,take the train.(With no 2nd Memory Card inserted,or just a memory card with no Animal Crossing town on it.)It will kind of reset the game,and when you get to the screen with the random villager,say yes,and he/she will say welcome back,YourNameHere!
    I don't know why I'm posting my success in AC to complete strangers,but my town has almost no weeds,I have a complete catalogue,full bank,and I'm working on fully upgrading my last character's house.By the way,if you ever get a chance to get the Ultimate Cheats disk for AC,I highly reccomend that you get it.I have a full museum,full bank account,and full catalogue because of it.
    For Feng-Shui, your red items must go to the right side of your house, orange items go to the north side of your house, yellow items go to the left side of your house, and green items go to the south side of your house.

    Some items can go anywhere and give you good luck in items/money. Those items are:
    G logo, big festive tree, tissue, mario trophy, samurai suit, angler trophy, house model, tanabata palm, festive tree, mailbox, hinaningyo, piggy bank, manor model, luigi trophy, spring medal, autumn medal, tresure chest, fishing trophy, and dracena.

    Red gives you = Good luck in Items
    Orange gives you = Good luck in Money and Items
    Yellow gives you = Good luck in Money and Items
    Green gives you = Good luck in Money and Items
    Fish List
    This is a list of ALL of the fish.
    Angelfish Stream 3,000 Bells may-oct
    Arowana Stream 10,000 Bells jun-sep
    Arapaima Stream 10,000 Bells jul-sep
    Barbel Steed Stream 200 Bells all
    Barred Knifejaw Sea 5,000 Bells mar-nov
    Bass Stream 300 Bells all
    Bitterling Stream 1,300 Bells dec-feb
    Bluegill Stream 120 Bells all
    Brook Trout Lake 150 Bells all
    Carp Stream 300 Bells all
    Catfish Stream 200 Bells may-oct
    Cherry Salmon Stream 1,300 Bells mar-oct
    Coelacanth * Sea 15,000 Bells all
    Crawfish Small Pond 250 Bells apr-sep
    Crucian Carp Stream 120 Bells all
    Dace Stream 200 Bells all
    Eel Stream 2,000 Bells jun-sep
    Freshwater Goby Stream 300 Bells all
    Frog Small Pond 250 Bells may-aug
    Giant Catfish Lake 3,000 Bells jun-aug
    Giant Snakehead Lake 6,500 Bells jun-aug
    Goldfish Stream 1,300 Bells all
    Guppy Stream 1,300 Bells apr-nov
    Jellyfish Sea 100 Bells aug
    Killifish Small Pond 300 Bells apr-aug
    Koi Stream 2,000 Bells all
    Large Bass Stream 3,000 Bells all
    Large Char Waterfall 10,000 Bells mar-nov
    Loach Stream 300 Bells mar-may
    Pale Chub Stream 200 Bells all
    Piranha Stream 6,500 Bells jun-sep
    Pond Smelt Stream 300 Bells dec-feb
    Popeyed Goldfish Stream 1,300 Bells all
    Rainbow Trout Stream 650 Bells mar-nov
    Red Snapper Sea 3,000 Bells all
    Salmon Stream 650 Bells sept
    Sea Bass Sea 120 Bells aug-nov
    Small Bass Stream 200 Bells all
    Stringfish Stream 15,000 Bells dec-feb
    Sweetfish Stream 1,300 Bells jul-sep
    Fishing Trophey
    Every Sunday in November, there will be a fishing tourney. Find the mayor and talk to him. He will give you a Fishing Trophy. It sells for big bucks!!
    fix Snowman proportions
    Did you suddenly realize that, while building a snowman, the smaller of the two snowballs really isn't as small as it should be? No problem! If both are massive you can take the one you want to be the head and roll it around in some dirt and BUSHES...the bushes will make it smaller, when it gets small enough(correct proportion) you can put it for the snowman's head and if the snowman likes his body he'll send you something out of the snowman theme(in the mail)!
    Fossil Prices
    Here is a List of all of the prices of all of the Fossils:

    Tricera Skull - 5,500
    Tricera Torso - 5,000
    Tricera Tail - 4,500
    T-Rex Skull - 6,000
    T-Rex Torso - 5,500
    T-Rex Tail - 5,000
    Apato Skull - 5,000
    Apato Torso - 4,500
    Apato Tail - 4,000
    Stego Skull - 5,000
    Stego Torso - 4,500
    Stego Tail - 4,000
    Ptera Skull - 4,000
    Ptera Left Wing - 4,500
    Ptera Right Wing - 4,500
    Plesio Skull - 4,000
    Plesio Neck - 4,500
    Plesio Torso - 4,500
    Mammoth Skull - 3,000
    Mammoth Torso - 2,500
    Amber - 1,200
    Dinosaur Track - 1,000
    Ammonite - 1,100
    Dinosaur Egg - 1,400
    Trilobite - 1,300

    Source: Nintendo Strategy Guide
    Free Stuff in Less Than a Minute
    Go to the police station and go inside. There should be lost stuff. Just go up to it and say that it's yours. Even if you don't like the furniture/clothes/stationary you can still sell it and get tons of money.
    Fruit Money
    If you have two memory cards. take as many fruits you can to your other town and sell them to Tom Nook for 500 bells. Do the same when going back to your orignal town and sell them to Tom Nook for 500 bells.
    Garbage Codes
    Tell these codes to Tom Nook to recieve the following objects:

    R%aulwEj9CNTtA xdB3qJG4btPX6L Gives Empty Can
    N%L%qi7skeefTY VWRFVC@#QkUdLY Gives Boot
    #O4IvC6DLAo2lR GrcxULMMf4&N2@ Gives Old Tire
    Garden Set Codes
    Tell Tom Nook these codes to get items from the Garden Set

    aupersmashbroS SFpersmashbroS Get Deer Scare
    2%Q2fhVeRByAY3 Z5yYAK9z9HxLo7 Get Garden Pond
    7kriyma9iom5ro Flrioma9iomaro Get Low Lantern
    NmxIGWIeSLYAAC u6iMwbzCGvFsn& Get Pond Lantern
    Mkri3mariomaro Flriomariomaro Get Shrine Lantern
    PlaystationonE PlaystationTwO Get Tall Lantern
    TwspoGrhumanmY ThRpoNrhCmanyG Get Garden Stone
    2%Q2fhVeRByAY3 O5yYAK9znHxLo7 Get Leaning Stone
    KetzfiRkZAc3Uj 29E7UdyDwjsrNU Get Mossy Stone(tell villager)
    2%QzfhVeRByAY3 05yYAK9zNHyLo7 Get Standing Stone
    2%Q2fhVehAyAY3 Z5yYAK9zpHxLo7 Get Stone Couple
    Get 10 Golden shovels + 10 Golden trees
    First buy 10 shovels then find a golden spot in the ground and dig it up then plant a shovel in the hole do this until you use all the sovels and then wait till the next day if any of the trees are ded plant more shovels.When the trees are fully grown shake them and a golden shovel will fall out.
    Get 48,000 in less than 10 minutes!
    48,000 Bells In Less Then Ten Minutes
    Go to Tom Nook's Store and talk to him, say Other Things, and then Say Code. Type the below code in, you should get a Train Station Model 1. Open it, and sell it to Tom Nook. You will get 16,000 Bells! Repeat this process two more times, you will get in total 48,000 Bells! Then save and quit. Load up the game again, and you can get another 48,000 Bells! This can be repeated as much as you want, but remember, after you put it in three times, you have to save and quit. This also works with the other Station Models.
    1LhOwvrDA23fmt dsgnvzbCIBAsyd
    Train Station Model 1
    Get all songs
    To get all the songs from K.K Slider all you have to do is set your clock to a Saturday night around 8:00 P.M. Then after you get your new song set the clock a day ahead. Then set it back to Saturday. Keep repeating to get all the K.K. Slider songs. To make this simple just make sure you have the player guide with all the songs in a list. Then tell him the song you want to hear. If you don't like to cheat then just wait for every Saturday to come and get the songs.
    Get as Many
    Note: This only works on October 31st at 6:00p.m. to November 1st at around 1:00a.m. in the morning. On Halloween night, before 6:00p.m., clear out your inventory so absolutely NOTHING is in it. When all of that is done, take 10 sheets of letters and write stuff on them(Note: no one will ever see these letters and you will most likely delete them after your done with this cheat). After 6:00 p.m., your villagers should start ''trick-or-treating''. Walk throughout the acres and when the villagers run up to you screaming ''trick-or-treat!'', tell them you have no candy for them. They will get mad and play a trick on you. Since you don't have any items in your inventory, the only trick they can do to you is to change your shirt into the patched shirt! After they do this, go to your design patterns and wear one of the designs as a shirt. Then take the Patched Shirt and put it in one of the letters(Note: You MUST put the patched shirt into a letter, because the villagers will change it into a jack-o-lantern or jack-in-the-box). Keep going throughout the acres and find your villagers. Repeat the above steps. When you get the max amount of patched shirts in the letters, go to your house and drop them off. You can do this as much as you like.
    Get Bells For Free by Digging!
    We all know that when we dig on the ground we mostly dig on the ground that has some star shaped thing on it, but if you dig on plain ground you may find some bells! You can only find 100 bells,but hey, free bells!
    Get bells quick
    Follow these instructions to get alot of bells quick:

  • Shake all the trees in your town
  • When bees fall out run around the tree and keep going turn around and nab them. You have to have some practice before capturing them.
  • Sell the bees for some good amount of bells
  • Now go to the shore and fish. Keep all the Barred Knife Jaws and Red Snappers throw away all Sea Bass you catch. Sell these fish to get alot of bells. Keep repeating if you really need bells.
  • Sell any items or furniture you don't need.
  • Help animals in your town.
  • Sell all things the animal give you unless you like or need the items
  • Find all the x spots in the ground and dig them up. Mail out all fossils and sell all Gyroids. Unless you like Gyroids then keep them.
  • When you get the bones of the fossils sell them unless you don't have them in the museum.
  • Dig holes all around all the rocks in the town and box yourself in. Then hit the rock with a shovel to tell if it is a money rock. If it is you get at least 4,000 bells.

    Using this method you should get a decent amount of bells. Hope I helped.
  • Get loads of money in at least 1hr
    Set your date to the 1st of January. Say if you were in 2007 you would put it to Jan 1, 2007 and then it would be on New Year's Eve. In the mail your mum would send you £10.000. That's how to pay off your mortgage each!
    Get orders faster
    Order something from Tom Nook. Then go home and save on your gyroid. Then go back into your file and check your mailbox. You should have your order a day early.
    Geting Nookingtins w/out a friend.
    2 Memory Cards
    Love of cheating
    Ok now if you don't have a friend that has Animal Crossing and, you want Nookingtins here is you cheat.
    Ok on an memory card that does not have Animal Crossing on it. Make a new file on it. Now do all the work at Nooks Cranny. Then,put your memory card that has your first Animal Crossing in. Next, go to the train. Then when in your first town go to Tom Nooks Store and buy something. Then go back to you town you just made. Save. Then turn off your cube. Go in your memory card and delete the town you just made. Then just go back and go on with your Animal Crossing life.
    P.S You still have to pay the amount of money to upgrade thought.
    getting lots of animals in your town
    ok you need 2 memory cards
    -can't get no one just build up the town you use
    -take your other town build it up to about 8 or 9 guys
    -then take the guy you don't want and if he has fruit you don't have take that as well along with any items that you want in his town including money
    -send him to the town your keeping drop off the stuff and go back
    -someone should have moved away from the town your not building up. REPEAT PROCESS
    Getting NES games.
    Talk to the townspeople until they ask you when your birthday is. Most of them will say something like "How would you like a train set for your birthday?" Answer "Yes" and then you can put in your birthday. On your birthday, one of the townsfolk will be outside your house. He/she will give you a NES game!
    Gloden Shovel and Money from a rock.
    Gloden Shovel
    Bury a shovel and dig it up the next day.

    Money from a rock
    Hit a rock with a shovel five times fast as u can, if it does not work try another rock, this only happens once a day.
    Golden Axe
    Get your town's rating to be "perfect" for two entire weeks.
    Golden Axe
    To get the golden axe you must get your town rating to be "Perfect" for two entire weeks. The Golden Axe is indestructible.
    Golden Butterfly Net
    Simply catch all 40 types of bugs to get this.
    Golden Fishing Rod
    You have to catch all 40 types of fish and then talk to Tortimir and he will give you the GOLDEN FISHING ROD!
    golden mario statue
    go to tom nook and talk to him and select other things and select say code and type in
    Golden Rod
    Collect all forty types of fish.
    Golden Shovel
    This is a 'Cheat' for a Golden Shovel, which allows you to dig up Bells in random places instead of just the shiny spots.

    All you have to do is find the shiny spot in your village (It's location is random everyday). Dig up the bag of bells in it and they bury your Shovel. A few days later a tree should have grown (If it didn't die, which sometimes happens) and a golden shovel will be there!
    Golden Shovel
    Buy two shovels, find a piece of glowing earth and plant the shovel.
    Golden Shovel
    Buy a shovel and burry it come bak the next they and it will be golden
    Golden Shovel Code
    Write this code when talking to Tom Nook. While talking to him, say "other things" then say "say code":

    Grow don't Sell
    If you get a new fruit you should plant it in a brown soil piece of ground go to the future 4 days if it did plant knock the fruit out of the tree and then plant those, go 4 more days in to the future. Repeat this process and the new fruit is worth 500 bells a piece. So you'll have a lot of money fast!
    Gullivers Travels
    On any given day search the coastline for a washed up bird (if hes not there travel to a new day and look for him). If you talk to him he will give you rare items that he has found on his travels to far off countries. Good Luck!
    Gyroid Codes
    Tell Tom Nook these codes to get these gyroids:

    Aq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYbd Mega Bovoid
    QteemeflatzoneWtWemeflatzone Mega Bowtoid
    Aq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYEd Mega Buzzoid
    3Na1DOY4Q36851&In613Rc%Cmqir Mega Croakoid
    2%Q2fhVtRByAY3Z5yYAK9zaHxLo7 Mega Dinkoid
    GodBxTVOGo3WtestBeZngForever Mega Dingloid
    GodBxTVOGo3WtRstBeCngFor3ver Mega Dekkoid
    ArTriaAnoSarahSpurlcngtren&2 Mega Clankoid
    GeorgelucasliAGeorgelucaslwl Mega Alloid
    HollivrusKonezbivhabcrshonSY Lullaboid
    GodYxTVOGo3WtestBeingForever Lamentoid
    Ai9xES@sTRMsYYshO9cb#9UaKHL1 Howloid
    Bi9xES@sTRJTAAsq09cb#3UaKHs3 Harmonoid
    c1tpbvSIrsPR4cJhsa%yOJEIXXCp Gongoid
    dq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYqd Gargloid
    VgvalbcscceexxklmtBoG9dLaSmb Drilloid
    GodIsTheGreatestBeingForever Dingloid
    ttremeflqtzoneXutemeflatzone Dekkoid
    SnimalForest64A4imalCrossing Croakoid
    GrlB7gVOGo3WtRRHBeCPgForDver Clankoid
    Di9GES@sTRJsAAsq09cb39UaKHs1 Mega Drilloid
    ArisSrisKcismYArisJrisArisyG Mega Echoid
    GrdB77VOGo3WtRsHBeCPgForDver Mega Freakoid
    2%42fhVtRByAY3Z5yYAK9zfHxLo7 Mega Gongoid
    Si9xES@sTRJsYYsh09cb#9Vak#I1 Mega Harmanoid
    4DTddb48GZ1OWcdgsJjFLeqj5ZBd Mega Howloid
    fi9xES@sTRJsAAsh09cb#9UaKHs3 Mega Lullaboid
    HollivrusKsdezbivhabcacsAVuY Mega Nebuloid
    aPShDyYoeR685bafLOlkwcRCmqi3 Mega Oboid
    linkz2ldaBanonganon8eldClink Mega Oombloid
    Di9xES@sTRJsAAsq09cb39Vak#83 Mega Percoloid
    aPShDyYoeR685bafDOlkwcRCmqi3 Mega Plinkoid
    fi9xES@sTRJsAAsh09cb39Vak#I8 Mega Puffoid
    GodIxT3eGr3atestBeingForever Mega Rustoid
    KtMuvFdngktkaeKtJuEbBngPtKee Mega Sproid
    ZzicrRM%wwcRMsGX1QbiZv0Z7c8x Mega Sputnoid
    1OTENOY4k3685184L613wcRCmqir Mega Strumboid
    Di9xES@sTRJsAAsq09cb39vek#z1 Mega Squelchoid
    Aq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYEd Metatoid
    GodIxTQeGr3atestBeingForever Mini Bowtoid
    Aq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYqg Mini Buzzoid
    Gettoknowem&ThDsallweresayGh Mini Dinkoid
    Fsy74NV1Y#zoI4I5X@qSEdcEKbOV Tall Poltergoid
    Ai9xES@sTRJsYYsh09cb49UaKHL3 Tall Puffoid
    2%Q2fhVtRByAY3O5yYAK9zfHxLo7 Tall Sputnoid
    gi9xES@sTRMsYAsAO9cb39UaKHA3 Tall Strumboid
    fi9xEa@sTRMsYYsh09cb#9UaKHI1 Tall Timpanoid
    QteemeflatzoneWttemeflatzone Tall Warbloid
    KhWoksformakdYWttemeflatzone Timpanoid
    ArTriaAnoSarahSpurlingtren&2 Tootoid
    aq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYEd Warbloid
    Di9GES@sTRJyAAsq09cb39UaKHs1 Mini Drilloid
    2%Q2fhVthAyAY3O5yYAK9z@HxLo7 Mini Echoid
    2%Q3EhMtRByAY3n5yYAK9zgHxLo7 Mini Fizzoid
    HoTeKoKbCstscYHometoroostsyG Mini Freakoid
    AiBiCiDiEiFipYAiBiCiDiEiFiyG Mini Gargloid
    ArisSrisKlismYArisJrisAsisyG Mini Gongoid
    1FThDOY4k3685184U613wcRCmqir Mini Harmonoid
    1CT1DOY4k3685184#613wcRCmqir Mini Howloid
    Ai#9ES@sTRJsAAsh09cb#9Vak9I8 Mini Lullaboid
    ZUic2RA%wwcRMsGX1KbiZv0Z7c8x Mini Oombloid
    1CT1DOY4k36851847613wcRCmqir Mini Plinkoid
    WoodyolfisherYGoofyolfisherY Mega Lamentoid
    YteemeflStzoneXutemeflatzone Mega Poltergoid
    Ai9xES@sTRJsYYsh09cb#9UaKHI3 Mini Rhythmoid
    1FThDOY4k3685184s613wcRCmqir Mini Rustoid
    aq%iugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYEd Mini Sproid
    2%Q2fhMthAyAY3O5yYAK9zxHxLo7 Mini Sputnoid
    GrdBQTVOGo3WtRsHBeCngForDver Mini Tootoid
    Aq%cugkN&in76hV%vIL3HUo3QYEd Mini Warbloid
    8i9xES@sTRJsAAsh09cb#9UaKH67 Oboid
    2%Q2fhVthAyAY3Z5yYAK9zCHxLo7 Oombloid
    OwDy3sRsromacYFysausowwosacY Poltergoid
    dq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYbu Quazoid
    Ni9xES@sTRJhAAsh09cb#9UaKHBE Rhythmoid
    GodBxTVOGo3Wt7stBeCngForever Rustoid
    1FThDOY4k3685184#613wcRCmqir Slim Nebuloid
    Vi9xES@sTRMsYAshO9cb39UaKHs3 Slim Quazoid
    linkzeldaBanonganonzeldalink Sputnoid
    Di9xES@sTRJsAAsh09cb39vqk#01 Squat Nebuloid
    Ni9xES@sTRJhAAshO9cb37UaKHLE Squelchoid
    Vi9xES@sTRMsAAshO9cb39UaKHs1 Strumboid
    GeDrgelucasliAGeorgelucaslwl Tall Bowtoid
    3ea1DOY4Q36851&In613Rc%Cmqir Tall Buzzoid
    aq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYEu Tall Clankoid
    HoTeKoKbostscYHometoroostsyG Tall Dingloid
    2%Q3EhMtRByAY3Z5yYAK9zxHxLo7 Tall Echoid
    MarioteAnis6fYI5X@qSEncEKbOV Tall Gongoid
    gfc82NV1Y#zoI4I5X@qSEncEKbOV Tall Lamentoid
    Ni9GES@sTRUhYYsh09cb#9UaKHB3 Tall Lullaboid
    Ai9xES@sTRJsAAsh09cb#9UaKHI3 Tall Nebuloid
    1CT1DOY4k3685184I613wcRCmqir Tall Oboid
    2%42fhMtRByAY3O5yYAK9zeHxLo7 Tall Oombloid
    AruriaAnoSarahSpurlingtren&2 Wee Dingloid
    Halloween Candy Code
    Tell Tom nook the code below, to recieve an extra Candy for halloween! These will rot quick though!

    IkomyourfathzY LiimyourfathzY Candy
    Okay, first make sure you know how to do this, when you turn on the Game Cube and the cube starts to appear, press A rapidly. When you get to the part of the transparent cube twirling around, it will give you a set of questions, simply move your grey control stick right (calender) and then click on the date. Once you have moved the date up, you can keep getting 30,000 Bells with this code every game day. Then, in maby 20 mins-1 hour of doing this, you can get rich and get a Two Story House!

    Here is the Bells Code:
    WB2&pARAcnOwnU jMCK%hTk8JHyrT
    It works, trust meh.

    P.S. It's CaSe SeNsItIvE!
    Harvest Set Code
    Tell Tom Nook the following codes to recieve items from the Harvest Set!

    vPNH#CJc5yevsB DDQOhQdeKxHydS Harvest Table
    ZeldainhyruleS NlgendO3Zeldgb Harvest Mirror
    ArariaAndrarah Srurl5ngtre5&2 Harvest Sofa
    1TWYT6IfB@&q7z 8UzSN1pfij76ts Harvest Lamp
    fi9GES@sTRJsAA sqO9cb#9UaKHI4 Harvest Dresser
    R5ngoARS6I3iVL y&M6IJyNoWUBW4 Harvest Clock
    ifc74nVlY%zoI4 15X@qSEncEKb0V Harvest Chair
    ArariaAndrarah Swurlingtre5&2 Harvest Bed
    Di9xES@sTRJsYY sqO9cb#3UaKHP5 Harvest Bureau
    Have a wish!!!
    From 12pm to 4am there's a ghost in town!! He is
    invisible,but when you get close to him,he becomes
    visible.Talk to him,he will ask you to catch 5 spirits with your net.The spirits are as small as weeds.Take the spirits back to him and he will grant you a wish!!!!

    Note:He usually comes every night,but not all of them!!!!!!
    Having several series at once
    Equip the items of the series to the envelopes and then save your letters in the post office with the items equiped and name the area with certain envelopes with series you've placed there.
    First you buy two shovel.Then you bury one shovel.Then you wait one day.Then you go back and the shovel should be gold.When you have a golden shovel you can plant money trees.You just need to bury money with the shovel and you wait till it grows and then you have money.I did it and I got RICH.
    How to get rare furniture
    Set the date to Harvest Festival. Go to the knife and fork at the wishing well. Press B and you will pick them up. Then go talk to someone that is NOT at the wishing well and they will say something about a strange animal and what acre he is in. Go find him and give him the knife and fork. He will give you rare Harvest Furniture. If you don't like it, you can sell it and if you want more you can go back to the wishing well and do this over and over as many times as you want.
    How to get rich very quick!
    First go to Tom Nooks and say this code 3 times:


    you get 30,000 bells each time. After saying it 3 times, save and quit, reload, and do it again! I paid off all my house upgrades in 2 days with this code!
    How to get the cool eyes
    When you first make your character, and you're on the train with Rover, always say nice things, no matter how much it hurts. And at the end don't lie about how much money you have. When you get off the train, you'll have the cool lookin' eyes.
    And vise versa, if you're mean to him, you'll get the ugly eyes.
    How to get the Linkin Park Song
    First go to the song board and erase the song then put the following letters,nummbers.

    How to put Star Wars Song.
    first go to your song board and erase all of the
    letters or numbers on it.Then type this in,

    If you miss Redd......
    If you have been away from your cube for a while and you get a bunch of letters saying that Redd came, just time travel back to the day he came, if you talk to the Cooper then he will tell you Redd is coming again. Then wait until that day. Redd will have the same idems he had the first time he came!

    I don't know if this works for the other NPCs i.e. Gulliver, Wendall...ect..

    Item Holder
    If you run out of room for items, send them to the Museum. The next time you play you will receive them in the mail. Just don't pick them up until you need them.
    Items From the Future V.2
    First, go to Tom Nook's with a person. Buy an item and place in your house. Save the game and set the date to earlier. Use another person and he/she will be surprised that the other person had the item before it was on sale!
    On Christmas Eve a reindeer will appear randomly in your town. Talk to him and if you have been doing good things(helping others,no weeds,donating to the museum,etc.)he will award you with a peice of furniture out of his Jingle series! This could be a Jingle Bed,Jingle Wardrobe, or even a Jingle Piano!!!!
    Jingle sofa code

    I know this works because I have done it a few times.
    K.K. music list
    Here is a list of the music you can request from K.K. Slider
    gotten these from Nintendo
    if you do not request a song he will play one of his favorites
    his arrival is at 8:00pm Duration is 4 hours,he leaves at midnight and he only shows up on Saturdays
    Aloha K.K
    Cafe K.K.
    Comrade K.K.
    DJ K.K.
    Go K.K. Rider!
    I Love You(only play if requested)
    Imperial K.K.
    K.K. Aria
    K.K. Ballad
    K.K. Blues
    K.K. Bossa
    K.K. Calypso
    K.K. Casbah
    K.K. Chorale
    K.K. Condor
    K.K. Country
    K.K. Cruisin'
    K.K. D & B
    K.K. Dirge
    K.K. Etude
    K.K. Faire
    K.K. Folk
    K.K. Fusion
    K.K. Gumbo
    K.K. Jazz
    K.K. Lament
    K.K. Love Song
    K.K. Lullaby
    K.K. Mambo
    K.K. March
    K.K. Parade
    K.K. Ragtime
    K.K. Reggae
    K.K. Rock
    K.K. Safari
    K.K. Salsa
    K.K. Samba
    K.K. Ska
    K.K. Song(only played if requested)
    K.K. Soul
    K.K. Steppe
    K.K. Swing
    K.K. Tango
    K.K. Technopop
    K.K. Waltz
    K.K. Western
    Lucky K.K.
    Mr. K.K.
    Only Me
    Rockin' K.K.
    Senor K.K.
    Soulful K.K.
    Surfin' K.K.
    The K. Funk
    Two Days Ago(only played if requested)
    K.K. Rock code
    Saythis code to nook and you will get the K.K.Rock song.

    keep them awake and out of there house!
    you know when its night time and well the animals are sleeping outside well if you want/need to talk to them wake them up but wait they go inside right well i discovered if you wake them up talk top them again quickly and they will stay awake and walk around for a while but if you want to talk to them longer go inside there house (after you talked to them) and they will have no choice but to stay up. warning:They might go straight back to sleep or some times they will head back towards the house if they head back towards the house talk to them again and again
    Keeping Items for a New game
    Have you ever wanted to just start a new town...but you're too in love with the furniture you've collected? No problem! You'll need a little patience, and as many letters (from yourself or animals,museum,nook, etc) as furniture/items you'd like to transfer to your new game.* You'll need to take each item out of your house, put it into your inventory, and then attach it to a letter as a gift. Then, just take it to the Post Office and talk to whoever is at the counter. Choose the option "Save mail" or "save a letter" and then move the letters you're holding into whichever save box you prefer. Remember that you can only hold ten letters at a time, so you might have to make several trips to the Post Office. When you're finished, and you destroy your town and start anew, the letters will still be at the post office box! ENJOY!
    • Only works with furniture, carpet, moneybags, wallpaper,fossils, anything mailable. NO fish or bugs. Sorry, you'll have to catch them all again.
    Kiddie Clock, Table, and Bureau Code
    The Tom Nook Code for the Kiddie Clock:

    The code for the Kiddie Table is:

    The Tom Nook code for Kiddie Bureau is:
    Kiddie Set Codes
    Below is a list of the Kiddie Set codes. Tell Tom Nook these to recieve the kiddie set items:

    PSLHyYoeR685b afoBlkwcRCmqi3 Kiddie Bookcase
    MeeCAKafmeatdY LsatloafmeatdY Kiddie Bureau
    9#S8UItokM6850 h%LOskwcRCmqi3 Kiddie Chair
    IzEiKutsuKiRiY HeCeGtsuBeBiyG Kiddie Clock
    SVpermaoiobroS ABImAlCaOssiNG Kiddie Couch
    StOpPlAyInGThE WOOmwlCrossing Kiddie Dresser
    6LhuwvEDA23fmA dbgnvzbCIBAsyU Kiddie Stereo
    2d345csYd12g45 KqJ4r6k89ej3f5 Kiddie Wardrobe
    SupermariobroS AnImAlCa0ssiNG Kiddie Bed
    Long Birthdays
    To get a birthday everyday change your date in your game cube to what ever date your b' day is then you can keep doing that for as long as you like!
    Looking behind things easier!
    If you need to see something behind a tree or building, using your shovel bury something behind the tree or building. Then dig it up and you should be able to see everything. This is useful if your villager buries something.
    Lots and lots of money
    Ok plant at least about 20 trees in your Town,Then hope they grow.Make shor you plant rare fruits.Now if all have grown pick as many as you can,and sell them to Tom Nooks shop.I got
    over 2,000,000 bells repeating this.Why dont you

    If you would like it would be easy
    if you would plant 10 or 15 fruits a day.Just make shor they are rare fruits.
    lots of bells!$
    first you need to fill your pockets with fruit from your town. put in another memory card and go to that town.sell your fruit for 500 bells at tom nooks shop. fill your pockets with the fruit from there town. go back to your town and sell the fruit for 500.( if you want more bells fill your mail too!) you wil get 15,000 bells! p.s. it works on ds too!
    lotsa people
    when you start the game,fast forward time one day,then another day etc. do this about 5 times and you should have 8 people in your town!oh and then rewind to the write day
    Lovely Set Codes
    Below is a list of the lovely set, and the codes you have to tell Tom Nook to get the items

    Q6&6KQom9DzR35 . 8fLDC4%EEpCmiR Lovely Armchair:Tell: Tom Nook
    Graw5agAEabbag . GrabbagGrabbag Lovely Armchair:Tell: Villager
    Toad&Mushsooms . Hmad&Mushrooms Lovely Chair:Tell: Tom Nook
    Grab5aggEabbag . GrabbagGrabbag Lovely Chair:Tell: Villager
    4u&x5fw9GINwLS . 9ljjHSoLwZMD7& Lovely End Table:Tell: Tom Nook
    B6&6KQom9DzR35 . kfLDC4%EEpCmiR Lovely Kitchen:Tell: Tom Nook
    DwpermKriobro3 . Sjpermariobro3 Lovely Kitchen:Tell: Villager
    GrHb5agbEabbag . GrabbagGrabbag Lovely Lamp:Tell: Villager
    4Ui6TCC8iZcQW3 . dwh%jtLcqjIZBf Lovely Phone:Tell: Tom Nook
    dhoDamnHRADoes . NotLikeMyHouse Lovely Stereo:Tell: Tom Nook
    Uni6ersalClRes . Eniversa2Codes Lovely Vanity:Tell: Tom Nook
    Make it your own!
    When you go to the menu by pressing the Y or start button, click one of the shirts (if you have any) from your inventory and select \"grab\". Once you have it, carry it to the space on the most bottom right little circle and the go down once more to an invisible space. Press the A button and vioala! That pattern is the backround for that screen. You can do this with any type of shirt.
    Make your character shock!
    Place the Mouth of Truth inside your house. Go up to it and press the A Button. The reaction will cause your characters face to be in shock, and he will jump in fright
    Making the animals talk faster
    When resetie comes up with his long boring lecture....... press the (B) button to make him talk much faster This works i tryed it before. its cool!
    Mario Items Code
    Tell these codes to Tom Nook to get the following Mario items!

    1mWYg6IfB@&q75 8XzSNKpfWj76ts Brick Block
    #SbaUIRmw#gwkY BK66q#LGscTY%2 ? Block
    QI6DLEnhm23CqH zrUHk3cXd#HOr9 Mario Mural
    IboOBCeHz3YbIC B5igPvQYsfMZMd Block Flooring
    rSbaUIAmwUgwkY 1K6tq#LGscTY%2 Koopa Shell
    4UT6T948GZnOW3 dw#%jtLEqj5ZBf Fire Flower
    #SbaUIRmw#gwkY Bh66qeLMscTY%2 Super Mushroom
    rSbaUIRmwUgwkA 1K6tq#LMscTY%2 Coin
    1mWYg6IfB@&q7z 8XzSNwpfij76ts Green Pipe
    4UT6T6L89ZnOW3 dwU%jtL3qjLZBf Flagpole
    4UT6T6L89ZnOW3 dw&%jtL3qjLZBf Cannon
    4UF6T948GZ3ZW3 dw#%jtLEqj5ZBf Starman
    This is the Mario Series Codes:

    ? Block

    Brick Block

    Block Flooring




    Green Pipe


    Super Mushroom

    Mushroom Mural

    To make lots of money quick, you need two memory cards with games on them and the letter inventory full. At your town fill the inventory with fruit and put some fruits in letters until all your inventory(including letters) is full. Then go to a different town. Sell all fruits to Nook for 500b each. Then collect fruits in the new town and go back to the old one. Sell all fruits to Nook and get over 30 000 BElls!!!
    Also, if you wanted you could plant the other fruits in your town you could make an orchard and get money daily. You can use trhis cheat as many times as you want as long as you don't mind talking to Rover.
    Money Cheat
    Go to Tom Nook then tell him the code:


    That is the cheat for 30,000 bells each time you enter the code. If you then travel to another town and back you can enter the codes again and keep doing this over and over, earning you 180k each day.

    Money extremely fast!!!!!
    First wait for a day that nook is selling turnips for like 750 or higher. Then use this code, aPShDyYoeR685bafcAlkwcRCmqi3, three times to get 300 turnips. Then sell them back to him to get higher than 250,000 bells each time!!! Then save, put the hour ahead, and do it again!! Do it as many times as you want! It also works if you put the hour back instead of forward. I got 2 million in 20 minutes! The highest my turnip prices have ever been was 983 bells per turnip!!!
    Money Luck
    You may already know this but you can get money luck! Money luck is when you find money more often an in larger amounts! Too get money luck you have to set the date on January 1st! When you do that look in your mailbox and you will find 10,000 bells! After that go to the wishing well (make sure it is 9:00 A.M.) and there will be a cat named Katrina! Talk to her and get your fourchane told! read it and then see if you got something good in the wealth catogorey! If you did look for a gold piece of earth and dig it up! Sometimes it will be 30,000 bells if your lucky!
    Money Making Rocks
    There are big White Rocks every day in your town, just smash all of them with your shovel, and one of them, is 'The lucky stone'. If you can smash that one, bells will come out of the stone! *just keep smashing the rock, because bells are coming out for only a few seconds!
    Money Rock
    everyday in your town, out of all of the rocks, one of them is full of money! go around hitting the rocks until one of them turns red. after that one turns red, keep hitting that exact same one, until it turns back to normal color. if you did it correctly, money bags will have come out and been sitting around the rock. if u pick these up after you are done, you will get 3000+ bells a day. NOTE: THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE ONCE A DAY!
    Money Tree
    Most people already know this, but in Animal Crossing, money really does grow on trees! All you have to do is find the spot of shiny land (it appears every day in random places) and dig it up. You then bury the money bag that you just dug up into the shiny spot. After a few days a full tree will be grown and it will have 3 bags of bells on it! If you bury a 30,000 Bell bag in the shiny spot, then 3 30,000 Bell bags will grow on the tree! Try it!
    Money Trees
    1.Search for a glowing spot
    2. Dig it up, but don't cover it
    3. Bury 1,000, 10,000, 30,000 or ,100,000 bells in it
    3. Once you do, a sapling will appear
    4. If the saping lives and becomes a full-grown tree, you will see 3 bags of money in the tree!
    5. Each bag contains the same amount of money that you buried in the hole! Shake the tree to get your cash.

    Your money will be tripled! I buried 30,000 bells and got 90,000 bells!

    Note: if the sapling dies, you money will be lost, and the money doesn't grow back on the trees.
    dig up a lot of fossils. Then mail them to the museum. Then change the day to 1 day later. You can get up to 15,000 bells a day doing this.....HINT-repeat,repeat,repeat
    ok if you want to get money FaSt shake trees and 100$$ will fall out. Keep repeting this untill you have the amount you need.

    If you want to catch fish that sell for a LOT of $$,the best time is reaaally late at night you can fin them EVERY WHERE. If you are looking for fish and if you are holding dowm the "B" button STOP!!!!! you wil scare the fish.

    if you shake a tree and a bees nest fall out pres the "B" button and RUN to the neares house or busnis. if you dont run fast enuff you will get stung. it is not a big deal.

    When you are looking for fossles if you dig on the wired spot you some times can dig up a gone thing or funiture.

    DO NOT GIVE YOUR FOSSLES TO THE MUSEM!!!! After you get them prodused in to actual fossles go to nook's cranny or nook's N go and sell them.

    After you pay your debt go to nooks store and he will ask you if you want a bacement or a larger house. Get the basment it really helps then you can mak your house larger.

    Make sure to say HI to the new nabors.!.!.

    Monkey Buisiness
    To get the monkey shirt, go to say code at Tom's store and say: aMTdTraLV31mWbOwaTgDLxCjJZBf
    more money
    to get lots of money try to find the money rock.if you don't know about it,just try to hit rocks with a shovel,then you might find it.next sell shells,and when at midnight and its raining try to get a rare fish in the ocean worth-15,000 bells.
    OK. first, you need some pink letters in your inventory. Have as many letters as you want in it. Then, just get some items & put it in your letters! IT'S THAT EASY!!!!
    Mr. Resetti is a music lover
    Every Saturday night when KK Slider plays his great music, you may not know but you aren't the only one listening. Speak to KK Slider at exactly 8:45 P.M. and request any song you like. As he is singing Mr Resetti is seen in the background listening also.

    You must do this at exactly 8:45 to see him. This time he isn't yelling at you but he is having fun for the first time.
    New Neighbors Never Leave!
    Ok if you don't want to have new neighbors leave what you have to do is. 1. Talk to them for a while. 2. Ask if you can do a favor for them. 3.Do the favor and return to them and talk. They will not move out. Neighbors move out because they make no friends!
    Nintendo Bench
    This Code Is A Special Code Only Item

    cU3jlm@hd16Aip zJFAEajAcbZXim
    No face? No worries!
    Ok, are you one of those people who hit restart on the train and lost your face? Will if you go back to the train, you will see a cat that has no face, by the name of Blanca. When you talk to her, choose the bottom awnsers always. Shell then ask you to draw her a face, which is fun and cool. When you get off the train to your town, youll have your face back!Horay!!!!!
    Nooky and Trickery
    First go to set the clock and make it whater time but make it 10 mins. before an hour and then go to tom nooks store and enter 3 codes wait out the rest of the time and enter 3 more codes!Now you can get 6 items before you quit and save and come back instead of 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now you see them, now you don't!
    Digging with your shovel can be a real pain in the butt, but with this trick no more charopractor! Dig a hole in the ground and don't cover it back up. Go 2 acres away from that area and then return to it. The hole or holes will magically be covered! Also digging up weeds prevent them from growing back too!
    One way to get easy money.
    -When bees appear from trees, take out your butterfly net and face the beehive. When you catch a bee, you can sell it for $4500.
    pay for your house in an hour
    first you need two memory cards with a town on both. one is your town, the other is just one you will delete when your done.in your town go to sunday and find the turnip lady buy as much as possible save it switch memory cards and go to the other town and go to tom and see how much he's buying turnips for. if its low go to the next day and keep going to the next day until its high when its high save it switch memory card again and go back to your town and take the train to the other town (dont forget the turnips) when you get to the town go to tom nooks store and sell all your turnips (he should still be buying high) you will have to make more than one trip this will give you alot of money in a short amount of time
    Pay off your debt!
    If you want to pay off your debt to Tom Nook, go to him and tell him this code:

    He will give you 30,000 bells. You can do this three times a day. When you've used your three times, just fastforward to the next day....i tried this and i owed 398000 bells and i only had to fastforward 4 times....when you pay off your debt you will also have some extra money left over
    If you want to pat off your debt really fast (especially if you just got the second floor) then you can use the 30,000 bells code:
    Do this three times. Nook won't let you submit any more codes so go to the post office and deposit all your money. Go home and save/quit. Play as the same character on the same day and do the same thing as before. You have to do this 9 times to pay off the second floor and this cheat doesn't take long. If you do it 11 times after you pay off all your debt then the post office will send you the tissue box. I used this cheat and I paid off all my debt for one character and I'm currently working on the other three. I have 200,000 in my bank for my debt free character. I'm totally serious this code works!!!!!!!
    PITFALLS!! and how to use them
    You know when animals post a letter on the bulletin board and it says " I buried a pitfall in acre A-3" or something like that. well DONT IGNORE IT! go dig it up. how you use it: bury it somewhere where there is a lot of walking going on. then stay somewhere near the pitfall you buried. watch some animal walk over it and get trapped. It's hilarious when you see their face. they will eventually get out. I did this once to another person and it was so funny when they could'nt get out

    Tip: if you get trapped in one. just tap "A" repeatedly.
    Project Hyrule
    Okay, go into Tom Nook's shop (dosn't matter which one.) and he will give you a set of questions, choose the option, "Other" and then he will say more choices, choose the, "Say Code" choice. Then type in this code...

    WB2&pARAcnOwnU jMCK%hTk8JHyrT

    Yes, it is cAsE sEnCiTiVe!
    When you type in this code, you will be able to get 30,000 Bells! YES 30,000 Bells 3 times a day!
    My cousin and I have tried it, IT WORKS.
    Punchout Cheat
    Once you have Punchout you can enter certain codes to get certain surprises. Each time you move up a circuit you get a pass key. Enter these codes as pass keys:

  • '075-541-6113' then press 'A' to hear a Japanese telephone.
  • '267-853-7537' then press 'A'. Your record will change to 89W-2L-89KO
  • '007-373-5963' then press 'A' to fight against Mr. Dream
  • '135-792-4680' then press X, A and B simultaneously to enter Another World Circuit
  • '106-113-0120 then press X, A and B simultaneously to see the credits.

    Try these out they work.
  • REAL Easy Money
    When you first start Animal Crossing you will do jobs to pay off your dept. Well eventually you will receive a letter from your parents saying they miss you or something. Well every New Years Day they send you 10,000 Bells, thats right 10k! Well if you change the year and date to New Years day, you will get 10k every day! (NOTE: You can only use this once every year! EXAMPLE: Jan 1,2003 YOU CAN ONLY CHANGE TO THIS DATE ONCE! YOU HAVE TO GO IN TIME!)
    To Get the Rare Fish Worrth $15000 Just Go To A Day that was rianing change the time to 6:30 pm and you will catch many of them (I Caught More the 7) 7 of the = $105000 Bells WOW!
    Red Rock
    Ok so after you dig up the glowing spot go to the wishing well ask it How are things? It will say something then say go to this area to see what I mean. Go here and BAM you have found the red rock!
    Regal Set Codes
    Below is a list of Regal Set codes! Tell tom Nook these codes to get these items:

    5iPiES@sTRJmAA shO9cb#9Uh9wO4 Get Regal Armoire
    2%Q2fhVthAyAY3 O5yYAK9zjHxLo7 Get Regal Bed
    NintendoGamecu bearenumberone Get Regal Bookcase
    Q6&6KQom9DzR35 DfyDC4%EEpCmiR Get Regal Chair
    Grab5aggrsbbag GrabbagGrabbag Get Regal Cupboard
    IHkteHheNewWay OCPostingCodez Get Regal Dresser
    2%Q3fhMKRByAY3 Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Get Regal Lamp
    2%QYfhMdRByAY3 O5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Get Regal Sofa
    Mu&x5fw9GINwLS 9ljjHSoLwZMD7& Get Regal Table
    ZzicrRe%wwcRMs GX1QbaZv0Z7c8x Get Regal Vanity
    Reset Follies
    Don't ever hit the reset switch when playing this game. If you do, the next time you play you will be chastized by Mr. Resetti, an angry mole. He will lecture you on how there is no reset button in real life -- so you shouldn't use it in this game either. Mr. Reset's rant takes quite a while to get through, but that's nothing compared to what happens when you hit reset again... His complaints will get longer and longer and he will even force you to apologize (which requires you to manually enter your apology via the on-screen keyboard). Not fun. So stay away from the reset switch unless you want a good laugh.
    Robbing K.K.
    As you know, Totakeke, or K.K. Slider to most, comes on Saturday at * pm and gives out music which you can play in a stereo. Normally, he would only give you 1 song. But I found a way to get around this. First, create another town on another memory card, and finish all the jobs at Tom's store. Also, for even more music, create a new person for your town. On saturday, use your person to get KK from your village,then hop on the train and talk to that KK! Do this for all the others,and then mail them (the airchecks) to your house! Also, you can request songs. There are three songs you can only get by request, and they are:
    K.K. Song
    Two Days Ago
    I Love You
    they MUST be spelled exactly as they are spelled up there. Good Luck!
    To get a tiger shirt, go to Tom Nook, say "other things" and type in as follows:


    ... and Wholla! The tiger print shirt!
    first become friends with Sable. When she eventually gives 5 free cloths sell them at Nook's then a few day's later. In the mail, there will a fruit, plant it and the next day talk to nook and he will ask you what type of shop you want.
    Dont go on Amimal Crossing for a week, then when you go back on there will be a shop.
    Scare Tactic
    The rare Cocealanth appears only on rainy days. The easy way to catch this fish is to go to the sea and chase away the fish and come back until you see a larger than normal fish shadow. It is either a tire(Ick!) or the Cocealanth! Yay! And what's even better is you can sell them for $15,000!
    Seashell Codes
    Below is the codes for the seashells! Tell them to Tom Nook to recieve the following Seashells:

    IHAToyouNook!9IHATEyouNOOK!9 Coral IDesettresettUIkesettresettU Lions Paw
    HopingmadmercYHopingmadmaryG Porceletta
    zfCDBBcgAaDAecFaDaCttresettU Venus Comb
    IresettresettUIkesettresettU Wentletrap
    Send Mail Quick Tip
    If you have a letter that you want to be mailed quick all you have to do is write the letter and give it to the bird at the post office. If there aren't enough letters to be mailed out yet then write a letter to a friend not an animal friend a human friend. In the letter write anything you could just write the letter "A" if you want. Write as many as you need until she tells you she is going to ship them out. Once you leave the post office you will see the mail bird leaving.

    If you write a letter to an animal in the town they will write back and say something rude. If you keep writing letters to animals that don't make sense they will move. So write it to a human friend.
    Shake the Trees
    Go around in your town and shake all of the trees. Money and furniture can fall out, but so can a bee's hive. If you get stung once it's okay considering all the money and furniture you'll get.

    NOTE: Bee's do not hurt you. You will only have a swollen eye. And if you get stung more than once nothing else happens. Your one eye stays swollen.
    Shells amounts
    I did research on what shells sells for good Bells and what are cheap so far i have only found 7 different shells

    conch:350 Bells
    coral:250 Bells
    lions paw:40 Bells
    porceletta:30 Bells
    sand dollar:60 Bells
    wentletrap:20 Bells
    white scallop:450 Bells
    slot machine
    code for a slot machine:
    SNES Minigame Codes
    Below is a list of the SNES minigame codes. Tell Tom Nook these codes to get these mini-games

    bA5PC%8JUjE5fj 1EcGr4%ync5eup Wario's Woods
    Crm%h4BNRbu98d 9un8exzZKwo7Zl Golf
    3%Q4fhMTRByAY3 05yYAK9zNHxLd7 Exitebike
    2n5@N%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp Donkey Kong
    bA5PC%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp DK Jr. Math
    1n5%N%8JUjE5fj lEcGr4%ync5eUp Baseball
    CbDahLBdaDh98d 9ub8ExzZKwu7Zl Balloon Fight
    You may see balls of snow. Roll one up to the biggest possible snow ball.Then get a 2nd one and roll it up a little smaller.Push them two together and a snowman will appear.He will award you with a peice of furniture form his Snowman Series!
    Snowman Set Code
    Tell Tom Nook the following codes to recieve the following items from the Snowman set.

    vCTbFPFQciYmWC Zk&TnDUgljJ&jb Snowman Clock
    AkwardwarjraiN AkwardhSrdraiN Snowman Dresser
    4UFG548CQ2QZGf 1n#%jWLEqj5ZBf Snowman Fridge
    vCTbFPFQcxYmWC Zk&TnDUgljJ&jb Snowman Lamp
    4UTG548QQtQZGf In#%j1L7qj5ZRf Snowman Sofa
    4UTG548uQKQZGf 1n#%jNLEqj5ZBf Snowman Table
    4UTG548QQtQZGf ln#%j2LNqj5ZBf Snowman TV
    4UTG548qQKQZGf 1n#%jNLEqj5ZBf Snowman Wardrobe
    Space Set Codes
    Below is a list of codes to get items from the Space Set. Tell Tom Nook these codes to get the items!

    far45678912345 E2345678912345 Asteroid
    2%Q3EhMeRByAY3 n5yYAK9zcHxLo7 Flying Saucer
    2%Q2fhMehAyAY3 O5yYAK9zaHxLo7 Lunar Lander
    XdBiCiDiEiFipY AiBiCiDiEiFiyG Rocket
    linkzPld#B31on ganozPeldClink Satellite
    2%Q2fhMKhAyAY3 Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Space Shuttle
    2%42fhMtRByAY3 Z5yYAK9zfHxLo7 Space Station
    Zzic2RB%wwcRMs GX1QbaZv0Z7c8x Spaceman Sam
    Special Clothing Codes
    Below is a list of special clothing. Tell Tom Nook these codes to get the clothes:

    GetinforfreebY 1dtinforfreebY: Get the Somber Robe

    HlljaLzthemmoY IlljazzthemmyG: Get the Red Sweatsuit (Worn only by Female animals during the aerobics sessions)

    2uiDfAH%AfqmWi ZkyTnDUgQjJ&j%: Get the Blue Puffy Vest (worn only by male animals during the fishing tourneys)

    4UTG548uQKQZGf 1n#%j6LEqj5ZBf: Get the Bamboo Robe

    1qWWO6IfB@&q7z 8XzSNrpfyo76ts: Get the Summer Robe
    Spooky Set Codes
    Tell these to Tom Nook to recieve the following items of the Spooky Set!

    piPiES@sTRJmAAshO9cb#9Uh9wO4 Spooky Dresser
    Dar4567a912345Ea3456789e23i5 Spooky Lamp
    2%Q3EhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zcHxLo7 Spooky Table
    2%Q2fhMdRByAY3O5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Spooky Vanity
    jePiES@LTRJmAApcddkwe9Uh9wO4 Spooky Wardrobe
    2%Q2fhVehAyAY3Z5yYAK9zhHxLo7 Jack-In-The-Box
    2%Q2fhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zcHxLo7 Jack-o-Lantern
    2%Q2fhMKRByAY305yYAK9zNHxLo7 Spooky Clock
    GsHinkistinkiS LstinkistinkiS Spooky Bookcase
    linkz2ldaBanon ganonSeldClink Spooky Chair
    Go to Tom Nook. Tell him this code:


    Gets you a Starman For sure!
    Stationary Codes
    Below is a list of codes. Tell Tom Nook these to recieve papers:

    Cc3451Ru4K23121ki4a123412312 Sparkly Paper
    SuPermariogolfsupermariogOlf Spooky Paper
    MaryintoadtowNZelDbinhyruleS Petal Paper
    n88lzeiRuBnM8Ln88xxxn88xn8yG Panda Paper
    SptrlingSilveRSpurlingSilveR Orange Paper
    SuPermariogolfsupermariogolf Neat Paper
    KtkuvbdngktkaeKtJuEbBngPtKee Misty Paper
    SuPermariogolfsupermareogolf Gingko Paper
    KtkuvbdngktkaeKtkuvbdngktKee Festive Paper
    MlryintoadtowNZelDbinhyruleS Fantasy Paper
    i5eupw5McN#ynsVaK4XsEbrpNQZW Dragon Paper
    i5eupw5McN#ynsVa&LXsEbrUNQZW Daisy Paper
    Wc3451Ru4K23121ki4a123b123D2 Butterfly Paper
    i5eupw5McN#ynsVa&LXsEbXUNQZW Woodcut Paper
    Wc3451Ru4K23121ki4a123412312 Woodland Paper
    Storing items if you have full pockets
    If you have full pockets and want to carry more items, then you can store them in envelopes. Just write a letter or use the ones you recieve from fellow villagers. You can also store them at the post office for later use.
    The Stringfish is worth 15000 bells.
    Summer Items Codes
    Tell these to Tom Nook to recieve these summer items!

    4i9xES@sTRJhAAshO9cb#9UaKHo4 Kayak
    vi9xES@sTRJhAAsh09cb&9UaKHI4 Cooler
    fi9GES@sTRJsAAsqO9cb#9UaKHL4 Backpack
    Ai9xES@sTRJsAAshO9cb#9UaKHI4 Sleeping Bag
    Bi9xES@sTRJsYYsh09cb#9UaKHI4 Propane Stove
    fi9xES@sTRJsAAsh09cb#9UaKHb4 Bonfire
    super MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is a way i found to get money real easy and fast

    first go to the beach search the beach for anything caled a conch,white scallop,or coral grab all of these if you can. then run to tom nooks and sell them after you do that go walk into about three other houses (you dont need to talk to anybody) then go to the beach and pick up all of the rare items (listed above) then take them to toms and keep doing this you have a good amount. note: if thing stop apeaing then grab all of the stuff lying around the beach and sell that stuff to.
    The Best Money Cheat in the world lol
    got to tom nook then tell him a code


    that is a cheet for 30,000 bells each time you enter the code so in abot 5 days you will have 450,000 bells

    there is the best money cheet in world
    you can type in the kode 3 times a day
    The best way to get money
    I don't see why everyone is trying to use such difficult ways to receive a lot of Bells. The best way to receive a ton of bells is to buy as many turnips you can on Sunday from Joan (as long as the price isn't over 120 Bells per turnip), Save and Quit and then change the date (one day at a time).Usually one day out of the week Tom Nook will be buying turnips for over 800 Bells.

    An even easier way is to find a good buying day from Tom Nook is to check turnip prices in your town everyday. Or if your friend has a good buying day keep it on that date and change the date in your town to Sunday and purchase as many bunches of 100 turnips as you can. This way, all you have to do is go back to your friend's town and sell the turnips to Tom Nook (you may have to make a couple trips). This also works better vice-versa (if Tom Nook has a good buying day in your town, and it's Sunday in your friend's town). It does take a little time, but if you have at least 10,000 Bells and you buy 1 bunche of 100 turnips, you're guaranteed to get over 80,000 Bells. If you keep repeating this and increase the amount of Turnips you buy, you'll be rich in no time.
    The easiest way to get all of K.K.'s song's
    Change the day to saturday at 7:59 pm and wait for bell to signal the change in hours. Then go to K.K. and get a song. when done, put the song away and save and quit. change time to 7:59 pm again and go talk to the freak.go put the song away and repeat the process. There are 55 songs in all and 5 of which need to be specifically requested i believe
    The Easiest Way To Get Bells
    Every New Year your Mother sends you 10,000 bells. When you first turn on the game and start to load a game, A character will ask you if you are ready. Tell that character "Before I go..." then a new menu will come up. Tell the character "Other things" and at the final menu select "Set Clock". Set the time at 00:03(12:03a.m.), The Date at January 1st and the year 2004(or whatever the year is after the current year). Then when you start the game you will have mail. One letter will be a from yo Moms with 10,000 bells attached. (You usually get like an HRA Letter too) Then talk to your Gyroid and "Save & Quit" Repeat this process except next time set the year at 2005(or the year after what you already set it at the first time you did this trick, evertime you do this go back and forth between years. e.g. 2004 to 2005 to 2004 to 2005 and so on) You can get 100,000 bells in less than half an hour.
    the nintendo bench
    ok first talk to tom nook and then chose "other things" then select "say code" then enter this code PERFICTLE:cU3jlm@hdl6AipzJFAEajAcbZXim and thats it!
    The Turkey Theif
    On any Thanksgiving go to the wishing well. Look for your one neighbor who isnt there at the feast. Talk to that person and they will tell you where the turkey is. Go back to the feast and find a set of silverware. Take them. Then go look for the Turkey in the are that your neighbor told you. The Turkey will give you some furniture if you give him the silverware. Good Luck.
    The Wisp
    To meet the Wisp all you have to do is from 12:00 AM to 4:00AM look for him. He wonderes around looking for lost spirits. Find him and he will ask you to find five of his spirits. With a net run around and try to catch them all. After you find them all he will reward you by either:

  • Picking all your weeds
  • Giving you a piece of rare furniture
  • Paint your roof for you

    I recommend picking your weeds. Especially if you have alot of them and are lazy to pick them.
  • Time Travel
    Did you miss a holiday? Want Nooks to open earlier. Well... Time travel is the thing for you. When you start the game the animal will ask you "Are you ready" you simply press "Before i go" it will give you 4 choices click the 3rd choose (other things). then press set clock and set the clock to what ever you want


    Back to top
    Time Travel To Make Lots Of Bells
    Change the time at the beginning when the game starts up to new years day then check your mail for letters. Your mom will have sent you a letter with 10,000 bells attached. Take it save and quit. Restart but this time set it back a year and pick up another 10,000 bells. Continue this until you are in 2001 then one year at a time go back to the present. Do not go two or more years at a time or prepare to catch four spirits in the early hours.


    Back to top
    Tom Nooks Shop Upgrades
    Here are all of toms shops and the requirements:

    Nook's Cranny: avalible at start.

    Nook'n'Go: 25,000 Bells of merchandise bought by you.

    Nookway: 65,000 Bells Of Merchandise bought by you

    Nookingtons: 150,000 Bells of Merchandise bought buy you and a visitor from another town has to visit Nookway and buy somthing. {Nooktigons has 2 storys and the top floor has tommy and timmy that look like twins and tom nooks sons thy also repeat each other... all the time}

    tons o money!!!
    go to nook and say this code:


    you should get a train station model 1. do this three times and sell the models to nook. the cash is yours amigo!

    IMPORTANT!!!!: the O is the capital letter!
    First, drop everything exept your bells in your wallet. Then, you need to get as many fruits as you can fit in your pocket. Then, you need to go to your island. Get all the island fruits off the trees. Go to the dock and Kapp'n will ask if you want your island data to go to your GBA. Say "yes". Once your island is on your GBA, nock on the island native's door. Feed all of the fruits on the ground to the native. Soon, the native will start dropping bells. Once all of the fruits are gone, put your GBA into sleep mode. Back on the Gamecube, Kapp'n says that he too tired to give you a ride to the island. Leave the acre. If you go back to the dock, Kapp'n will be gone. Leave the dock acre and take your GBA out of sleep mode. Go to the dock. Tell Kapp'n to take you to your island. When you get there, you will see many bags of bells. TA Da! you are rich! You may be like me because once I got a bag of 30,000 bells. Hope you find this useful!
    .::Needed Things::.
    Fishing Rod
    Patience. (Not Much)
    And that's all.
    Set the date to September 06, any year..
    Go down to the ocean, or sea, and walk, dont run, across until you see a black shadow, cast out your fishing rod, and FISH!
    .TIP. Empty out your storage pocket before fishing..
    .PS. All you should catch is "Red Snappers" And "Barred Knifejaws" Tom nook will roughly pay 5o or 60 thousand for a batch!
    Good-luck, and I hope i helped.
    Oh and one more thing.. i didnt get this off any other cheat site, i figured it out myself.=)
    Top ways to make dough!
    One is to live the life of luxury is buy entering this code...
    It gives you 30,000 bells. It gives you enough cash to buy Nook store clean for the day usually.
    And because you can do it three times you can get up too 90,000. Eat off a gold platter with this code!

    Ok for the next one, here's what you do. Find a day when Tom's selling turnips pretty high (this can be by adjusting the clock from day to day or through natural time). Now when I say high I mean HIGH like 700-900 per turnip. Now, instead of spending a lot of money with Joan, give this code to Nook...


    Do this about six or more times. Sell them to Nook. You may need room to place money bags because you can only hold 99,999 bells. Once this is done you will have A lOT of money. I paid of three of my loans with this.
    Because of this you make extra money because you got the turnips for free.

    Now have fun getting alot of cash with little work. Afford everything at Redd's and clean Nook out. Enjoy!
    Town Models Codes
    Below is a list of the town models. Tell tom nook these codes to get the items:

    cISIHBYokR685s &%LO&kwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Cosmos Model 1
    Ai9xES@sTRJsAA sh09cb#9UaKHA4 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Cosmos Model 2
    fi9xES@sTRJhAA sh09cb#9UaKHl4 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Cosmos Model 3
    4HT6T948YZnOW3 dji%jtLEqj5ZBf Tell: Villager - Get Dirt Model
    LLhOwvrDA22fmt dagnvzbCIBAsyd Tell: Tom Nook - Get Dump Model
    KtsuKiKiHeDeaY IswayinthereyG Tell: Tom Nook - Get Grass Model
    aRShDyYoeR685b afZBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get House Model
    aRSLDyYoeR685b afoBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Lighthouse Model
    a&SLDyYoeR685b afRBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom nook - Get Locomotive Model
    aRShHyYoeR685b af&BlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Manor Model
    LLhOwvrDA22fmt dagnvzbCvBAsyU Tell: Tom Nook - Get Museum Model
    fi9GES@sTRJhAA sq09cb#9UaKHL4 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Pansy Model 1
    4UT6T6L89Zn0W3 dw&%jBAcETkayS Tell: Tom Nook - Get Pansy Model 2
    4UT6T648GZ3ZW3 dwb%jtL3qjLZBf Tell: Tom Nook - Get Pansy Model 3
    IseemGaeHpIsee IseemGaeppIsee Tell: Tom Nook - Get Police Model
    4UH6TbA8VZaAW3 dwh%jtLeqj5ZBf Tell: Tom Nook - Get Post Model
    aRShHyYoeR685b afBBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Pink Tree Model
    alShDyYoeR685b PfbBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Shop Model
    WhatHaveYouGot ForMeTqdayNook Tell: Tom Nook - Get Snowy Tree Model
    1LhOwvrDA23fmt dsgnvzbCIBAsyd Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 1
    BuN2up3up4upsG 1up2up3up4ups1 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Katrinas Tent Model
    a&ShHyYoeR685b afABlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Well Model
    yUF6T6L8iZn0WU ywU%jtx@qjLZBf Tell: Tom Nook - Get Weed Model
    a&SLHyYoeR685b afqBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 2
    NI9xES@R8G685r HbG8#8NESgEPIo Tell: Tom nook - Get Station Model 3
    ABoyqndHtsBlob ABoesndHisBlub Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 4
    yUF6T6X8iZn0WU dwk%j8x@qjLZBf Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 5
    a&SLDyYoeR685b afoBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 6
    E7M6t5x4A3d2fi E7M6s5x4A3d2fl Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 7
    ABoyqndHysBlob ABoesndHisBlob Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 8
    QtiXgIAGfe2AI7 WwBZBBWW&PulBC Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 9
    ILhOwvrDA23fmt dsgnvzbCIBAsyd Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 11
    SupermariobroS oiImg1Cr0ssiNG Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 12
    aRSLHyYoeR685b afoBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 13
    aRSLDyYoeR685b afRBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 14
    ABoyqndHisBlob ABoeAnuHisBlub Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 15
    a&SLHyYoeR685b afQBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Tailor Model
    Ai9xES@sTRJsYY sh09cb#9Vak#I4 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Tent Model
    a&SLeyYoeR685b afRBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Track Model
    RsEenejcktIsee DseenejcktIsee Tell: Tom Nook - Get Tree Model
    Di9GES@sTRJhYY sq09cb#3UaKHP5 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Tulip Model 1
    Di9xES@sTRJhYY scO9cb#9UaKHL4 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Tulip Model 2
    fi9xES@sTRJsYY sc09cb#9Vak#I4 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Tulip Model 3
    Tree Items
    If you go around the town shaking trees you might find items that drop or bugs! *ewww*
    my friend from MI. sent me this and it helped me to pay of Tom **the Crook** Nook. First got to Tom's store after all your little jobs are done and got to other things and select tell password or w/e its called. This is the 100 turip code and its fast and easy.


    He then gives you your wonderful turips and you can sell them right back to him after you unwrap your present. You can only do this 3 times an hour or so, so find some thing to do while your waiting, Good Luck From NYC
    Turnip Cash
    If you have not brought any turnips from Joan or have not in a while, go buy about 500 turnip (if the price is under 100 bells each. then chance the day forward in the title page where it says "before I go" and make sure you change it two days forward (though I don't know why but it works). Now bring it to Nook and he usually sells it for over 300 bells each. Those that don't know Joan, change the day to Sunday from 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM (best results is around 9:00). then she will be wandering around town.
    Turnips that Don't Spoil
    Normally...turnips spoil by the time Sunday comes...but what you don't know, is that turnips don't spoil in the station. If you have any turnips that get shipped to lost and found...they will never spoil. Trick is...getting them there before Sunday. Well, turnips appear in the lost in found when you place them in spots that are dedicated to events and houses. Notice the various signposts in the town? Well...place 8 down, surrounding the sign post, cause that is the center of the house or event (Gracie, Red, and Katrina). If you know if any of those visitors are due for a visit, surround each and every signpost with 8 turnip bundles (10, 50 or 100) and on the day they arrive (It has to be from Monday to Saturday...any turnips shipped off to the station on a Sunday will be spoiled) The spot they chose, will send the turnips to the station...and as long as you leave them there...they will always remain unspoiled..this could be useful if you bought them really low (say in the 70s) and instead of selling them for the max cost of 560, you could hold off til a week that sells them for 126 (max of 1008/turnip) Be warned...the station holds up to 20 items only.
    Unlock NES games
    Tell them to Nook by saying "Other Things" and then "Say Code".

    Balloon Fight: CbDahLBdaDh98d 9ub8ExzZKwu7Zl
    Baseball: 1n5%N%8JUjE5fj lEcGr4%ync5eUp
    Clu Clu Land: Crm%h4BNRyu98d 9uu8exzZKwu7Zl
    Clu Clu Land 2: Y#PpfrxSOAMLSG B7H3K5xBho5YSY
    DK Jr. Math: bA5PC%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp
    Donkey Kong: 2n5@N%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp
    Exitebike: 3%Q4fhMTRByAY3 05yYAK9zNHxLd7
    Golf: Crm%h4BNRbu98d 9un8exzZKwo7Zl
    Wario's Woods: bA5PC%8JUjE5fj 1EcGr4%ync5eup
    Vase Codes
    Below is a list of codes to recieve random vases

    #SbaUIRmw#gwkY Bh66qeLMscTY%W Get the Blue Vase
    BDdYX2jeLs2UoH JBl69tIeOEfAN9 Get the Red Vase
    zaI6JzIsJ8HIbT vBGTo9Dk8PVw#L Get the Tea Vase


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    Way to get Money real fast!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go to "umm hang on" at the 1st screen when you turn the game on. Change the date to January, 1st then go on your file and check your mail you should have a present from your mom it should have 10,000 bells in it! save it and quit when you come up to "umm hang on" screen click on it and change it 1 year ahead then check your mail you should have another letter from your mom it should have another 10,000 bells. repeat this process and you can pay off your house real quick!
    Win fishing tourney!!!
    When you catch a kinda big Bass, show it to Chip and press pause right after your done. Leave it on pause till the end of the fishing tourney. (End of day.) You will have the biggest bass!


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    Wisp is a ghost that comes on special occasions! IF YOU ARE DROWNING IN WEEDS!!! he comes from 12:00 am to 4:00am catch all the spirits with you net and give them to him before 4:00am you can either recive a gift or get all weeds plucked from the ground
    Zelda Reference
    In Animal-Crossing you can obtain the Master Sword. The sword Link uses in The Legend Of Zelda. To get it you can buy from Tom Nook, Crazy Redd, from neighbor, or universal code. There are other ways but buying it is the easiest.