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All-Star Baseball 2004 (GC) Cheats

All-Star Baseball 2004 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Best Franchise
In Franchise Mode, play the Yankees. Now sign Kenny Lofton for a Minor Leager from the Free Agent Pool. Trade Jason Giambi and Derek Jeter for A-Rod. Now trade Raul Mondesi for Ichiro. Now sign 2 AAA minor leagers (the good ones). Now skip spring training ONLY. Now during the season NEVER use the calender.
You will always win.
Better players
Select the "Extras" option at the main menu, then choose "Player Management". On that screen is a category called "Player Editor". It allows you to improve players. In season mode, go to "GM", then choose "Player Management", then "Player Editor". Note: Making a player all A+ may result in the game freezing in later innings.
Demote player without other teams claiming him off waivers
Go to the player editor and make all his stats to D- so that no teams would want to claim him off waivers. When you want to promote a player back to the Major Leagues, change his ratings back to his default settings.
Easy win
Start a game with and set the skill level on anything except "Manage Only". Pause gameplay go to "Controller Select". Switch the controller to the team that you want to lose. Then, go into "Team Management" at the pause screen. Change the pitcher and the fielders to the wrong positions. You can also put pitchers in as pinch hitters. Then, return to "Controller Select" and change back to your original team. The CPU may switch the players around, but you can put the wrong ones in again. You will not get any card points if you play the entire game with the losing team.

Note: There is a slight chance of your game freezing if player positions are swapped too often.
Free balls
If you are down in the count or need a quick ball, pretend to lay down a bunt. Pull back while the pitcher is in his motion. This should result in a ball being thrown. Note: This only works up to two times in an at bat.
Pick off from the catcher
When the ball is released, hold L and the base that you would like to throw the ball to. The catcher will then snap up and throw the ball to the selected base.

Note: This only works when you are pitching.
Play with easy mode
In Franchise, play with easy mode and ONLY swing at strikes. If you do, you will get lots of base hits.
Restore pitcher's energy
Wait until your pitcher has low energy then pause game play. If your pitcher is still on the mound, go to "Save Game and Quit", then save the game. Restart the system, and when you go to the main menu, load the game. When you finish loading, it should automatically take you back to the game, and it should show your pitcher on the mound with the full green energy bar.
Slide step
Use this trick to do a slide step. When your pitcher is in the stretch, select a pitch, and before you press Pitch, hold the Left Analog-stick.
Throw hard 4 seam fastball correctly
If you have a pitcher or created player that throws a hard 4 seam fastball, always place the pitching cursor below where you want the pitch to go. The pitch will automatically rise after the pitcher releases it. However, with other pitches (curveball, slider, changeup, etc.) the ball will end up where you put the pitching cursor.
View player's energy in franchise mode
When at the main menu in franchise mode, go to "GM Office", then "Roster Management", then "Disabled List". Press X and look through your players to see which ones are tired (except pitchers). If a starting player is tired, you should bench and rest him for one game.


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Celebrate Your Homeruns
Press R to blow kisses to your adoring fans and to jump on home plate after your victory trot.
Easy points
Start a two player game, with only one actual player. Throw a perfect game, striking out every batter. Save the game in the bottom of the ninth inning with two strikes and two outs. Finish the game, collect your points, and save the options. Reload the game and repeat to collect the points again. Change to the team that you are facing and make them play poorly, allowing your original team to score a lot of runs. In the last inning, switch back to your team and claim your team's cheaply made points.
Get Cheats for Quickplay Mode
To get some cheats for this game in Quickplay mode, all you have to do is get card points until you see some cheats on some cards. Then go to quickplay mode, pick two teams to play against each other, go to game options, and then go to cheats. Pick the cheat you want to activate.

Note: You can only activate one cheat at a time.