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James Bond 007: NightFire (GC) Cheats

James Bond 007: NightFire cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Floating Trip bombs and Remote Mines
In the Atlantis level go to the center of the stage (where the sentinel/satchel charge is ) and climb up so you're under the light above the big weapon. Look straight up at the light and throw your bomb. it will look like it is on the light but it is actually floating!
When using a grapple keep holding the grapple button to hang on (if you do it in phoenix base, you can hurt yourself.)
How to kill some one when thier on the mounted gun
This cheat is really funny when you see someone on a mounted gun (A gun that you canot move with) Just walk up behind them and jump on them (Y) And they will die. I figured this cheat out by T-baging my partner and he died. WARNING THIS MAY NOT WORK EVERY TIME
Ranged Warfare Without Ranged Weaponry
Throughout the game, you will find many, many areas that are excellent sniping points, yet you will have no Sniper Rifle in site. Although I would not recommend the following for missions, it will be fairly useful in arena combat with friends.

Your gun has a built in target dot which you can use to aim. The golden gun, is a fairly powerful gun. Although many people prefer to use sniper rifles in many cases, this tiny circle can be used with precision and can make powerful kills if the use of the Golden Gun is implemented.

Just as useful as the sniper rifle, with a better reload time. WARNING: This should only be used if you are sure of your sniping skills.
Samurai Tips
At the Countdown Mission on Nightfire mode, get to the Delta Sector point. A good way to blowup the tripbomb hidden in the side rooms in to fire a full charged shot through the window in the door. Also, shoot the barrels in front of the enemies that pop out.
Save Your Darts
In the Nightshift scenario, M tells you to use your tranquilizer darts to temporarily keep the guards down. Instead of wasting darts, just punch them. They will die, but the alarm will not raise, nor will you fail the mission.
silent tactical sniper
If you hate how loud the tactical sniper is,especialy on chain reaction, than strafe either to the right or left while fireing it, it will become quieter than the covert (silenced) sniper.

PS I havent done the cheat in quite a while. So Im not quite sure if the guards still notice that you've fired.


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Oddjob Hat Glitch!!
If you want to prove this is real, then you need two people, otherwise, it won't go so well.

Anyways, someone be oddjob, the other person whoever. Go to Skyrail (or watchamacalit with the cable cars with the fort and the house). Get one person to stand on the roof of the house, and oddjob on the fort roof. Get oddjob to throw his hat at the house. On oddjobs screen, it will look like it goes to god knows where, and on the other players screen, its heading right for him! It will kill the other player, and oddjob can dance happily ever after.


I found this the coolest thing ever, and i use it to my advantage against my friends when they were busy using the sentinel <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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All Characters In Mulitplayer
Enter PARTY into the Secret Unlocks menu.
All Characters in Multiplayer
To enable this cheat code enter - PARTY
All Gadget Upgrades
To enable this cheat enter,

All Gadget Upgrades - Q LAB
All Games in Multiplayer
Type in GAMEROOM in the cheats section of profile.
All Multiplayer Scenarios
To enable this code enter,

Alpine Escape Level
To enable the code, enter POWDER
2X Armor: Press B,Y, X, B, B

3X Armor: Press - B, Y, X, B[x3]

4X Armor: Press - B, Y, X, B[x4]
Assassination Multiplayer Scenario
To enable this cheat code enter - TARGET
Best Sniping Places (Multiplayer Mode)
Skyrail: Behind the window at the top of the Phoenix base

Phoenix Base: Inside the side rooms

Atlantis: In the control room downstairs

Missle Silo: On the top level facing the top of the stairs.

Fort Knox: Up in the computer rooms facing down through the windows

Sub Pen: By the door with the elevator inside

Ravine: On the platform outside one of the windows accessed from the large circular rooms

The Exchange level: Behind the Helicopter

Bigger Clip for Sniper Rifle
To enable this cheat code enter,

Clip for Sniper Rifle - MAGAZINE
Camera Upgrade
To enable this code enter,

Camera Upgrade - SHUTTER
Chain Reaction Level
To enable this code, enter MELTDOWN
These are all codes for multiplayer:

Oddjob - BOWLER
Xenia - JANUS
Miss Galore - CIRCUS
Scaramanga - ASSASSIN
Baron Samedi - VOODOO
Christmas Jones - NUCLEAR
Goldfinger - MIDAS
Tuxedo Bond - BLACKTIE
Equinox Level - VACUUM
Countdown Level
To enable this code enter,

Countdown Level - BLASTOFF
Crazy Racing Mode
Crazy Racing Mode: Press B, Y, X, B, Y, X

Extra Race: Press - X[x2], B[x2], Y
Decrypter Upgrade
To enable this code enter,

Decrypter Upgrade - SESAME
Deep Descent Level
To enable this code, enter the word - AQUA
Demolition Mode
To get Demolition Mode in mulitplayer enter TNT in secret unlock menu.
Dominique race
Enimies Vanquish

Pause, then hold L, then type X, X, B, B, Y release L to then get a race in dominiques car.
Double Cross Level
To enable this code, enter BONSAI
Enemies Vanquished Level
To enable enter the code, TRACTION
Enemies Vanquished Level
To enable enter the code, TRACTION
Game Extras
To unlock the selected game mode, enter the respective code into the code screen.

Explosive Scenery
Enter the code BOOM.

Level Select
Enter PASSPORT as a code.

Protect Mode
Enter the word GUARDIAN to unlock this mode.

Team King of the Hill Mode
Enter TEAMWORK as the code.

Uplink Mode
Enter TRANSMIT to unlock this.

Assassination Mode
Enter SCOPE to access this mode.
Get perfect dark weapons!
To get the falcon 2.o, slayer and farsight you have to do the following steps:
- on the level in Paris you have to drive out of town so you actually float with you car
- then press start and select quit
- set up a multiplayer game for 2 players and press quick game
- then when the timer says 6:00 exit the game
- then on menu hold L and press b,b,a,l,r,a,a (2x)
- when all this is done (you have to believe me) you can choose the weapons on multiplay by pd weapons set
Golden PP7
To enable this code enter,

Golden PP7 - AU PP7
Golden Wolfram P2K
To enable this code enter,

Goldeneye Strike
To unlock GoldenEye Strike mode in multi-player

Enter ORBIT into the Code Unlocks menu.
Grapple Upgrade
To enable this code enter,

Grapple Upgrade - LIFTOFF
Ifle Tower!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a huge glitch. I got really lucky and did this accidently. I was driving on the first stage, and I ran into a car. Then I flipped over one of the orange and white things (I think it was the first one). The orange and white thing stop you from going off the course\'s track. Once you flip over it keep riding foward. Then you will start flying in the air. Just keep riding around and you\'ll find the Ifle Tower. Just keep riding because you go right through the bushes and walls on the Ifle Tower. After your done riding around you can float back onto the course or quit.
Insane Racing Mode
Press - B, Y[x2], B, Y, X

Racing Trails: Press - B, X[x2], B
Island Infiltration Level
To enable this cheat code enter,

Island Infiltration Level - PARADISE
Laser Upgrade
To enable this code enter,

Laser Upgrade - PHOTON
Level Select
To enable, enter the code PASSPORT
Merchant Exchange
There are a couple ways to go in the tower. Ride in the car, wait for the 007, get the other 007, making the noise on the back to the wall. Then,with your gun silenced, shoot into the window where guards are walking back and forth. Wait until they run, breach the walls, and get the other 007's eavesdropping, sneaking, and just searching in the level.
Night Shift Level
To enable this code, enter HIGHRISE
P2K Upgrade
To enable this code enter,

P2K Upgrade - P2000
Phoenix Fire Level
To enable this code, enter FLAME
Play as Bond Spacesuit, Multiplayer
To enable this cheat code enter - ZERO G
Play as Drake Suit, Multiplayer
To enable this cheat code enter - NUMBER 1
Play as Elektra King, Multiplayer
To enable this cheat code enter - SLICK
Play as May Day, Multiplayer
To enable this cheat code enter - BADGIRL
Play as Renard, Multiplayer
To enable this cheat code enter - HEADCASE
Play as Wai Lin, Multiplayer
To enable this cheat code enter - MARTIAL
Punching madness
While punching a man in the party, press START L and R. You should hear a crunching sound. It should say you have failed the mission or something. Then you can go punching everybody in the party, but you'll have to turn off the game afterwards.
Secret Race
In the Enemies Vanqushed press the pause button and hold down the left trigger, then pres x x b b y then release the left trigger. You will automaticly be transpored to a race. Have fun.
Sky Rail Remote Mine Hiding Spots
On top of the Cable Car
By ammunition
By any entrace
By a Machine Gun
On the rock formations
On a grapple hook
On the ceiling
On top of any doorway
In a corner near the ceiling

Others too!
Stunner Upgrade
To enable this code enter,

Stunner Upgrade - ZAP
Super Bullets
Press - X[x4]

Unlock SUV: Press B, X, Y, B, Y
Tranquilizer Dart Upgrade
To enable this cheat enter,

Tranquilizer Dart Upgrade - SLEEPY
Uplink Multiplayer Scenario
To enable this cheat code enter - TRANSMIT
Vanquish Car Missile Upgrade
To enable this code enter,

Car Missile Upgrade - LAUNCH