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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (GBC) Cheats

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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Golden Monsters
In the overworld, there are 4 golden monsters. They are stronger than the ordinary monsters. These monsters only appear on a certain season. Here are the coordinates and seasons to look in:
(5,D) winter
(9,N) autumn
(13,A) summer
(14,F) spring
Once you slay them all, go to down the stairs in coordinates (11,G) in the summer (the one south of the Gnarled Root Dungeon) and talk to the man. He will give you the red ring and vanish.
About the 8th room in the heros cave
If you've noticed, in the 8th room, you have to navigate your boomerang around a bunch of blocks. For this cheat to work, you need bombchus, of which you can obtain with the passwords you give to Farfore in the Great Deku Tree. First, walk so that your under the switch. Let a bombchu go and it should explode over the switch. The door will open and voila, you can go into the next room!
Advacned ring
Plug the game into a Gameboy Advance. Now the house at the top-left of the village will have both doors open. In one of them you can purchase an avance ring for 100 rupees. Once appraised it offers added defence.
Bigger Seed Satchel
Once you get the Member's Card from the Subrosian Market, take it to the Horon Village Shop to gain access to the secret member's area behind the shopkeeper. There you'll be able to buy a bigger Satchel.
Boss Tips
Aquamentus is a huge, green dragon with a single horn. He has two attacks. A charge attack and a fireball attack. The fireballs spread out so you can easily dodge them, as long as you're not right on top of the boss when he shoots them.
Aquamentus' second attack is a charge. When he is about to do this, he'll lower his head. This attack can be blocked by a Shield, but you are wiser to avoid it all together by maintaining your distance and stepping out of the way.

The way to take down Aquamentus is to get up close to him and nail him in the horn with your Sword. Once you get close, whack him as many times as possible before he goes on the counterattack. Twenty hits or so should bring him down.

As you might expect, Digdogger will be thwarted by the Magnetic Gloves. There is a spiked ball in the upper right corner of the room, that can be used to attack him. Digdogger's only means of counterattack is to bop around the room and try to쟩ump on top of you and squash you.
Use the Gloves to drag the spiked ball back and forth, pushing or pulling it into him when he lands.If you can get him in the center of the arena and pull the ball behind him, you will hit him once. Then push it into him and pull it through him once more. You'll only need to hit him once more to go to phase two of this fight.

When you hit Digdogger a bunch, he'll separate into five parts. These guys are much faster than the big one, but they can be killed the same way. Try to get them all in one go, or Digdogger will recombine and you'll have to repeat the whole process. Hoewever, each time he separates, there will only be those parts that you haven't yet destroyed. Take them down with the Magnet ball attack.

This dinosaur can be tricky, but the advice from the owl should help. He's got two attacks, either he'll open his mouth and shoot fireballs at you, or he'll duck and charge. Whenever he opens his craw, chuck a잹omb inside.
He'll balloon up and look all gassy. When he does, lift him with the Bracelet and toss him on the bed of spikes.

If you run out of Bombs, hack at the plants at the four corners of the room to get more. Just keep repeating the process. Four spike-trips will send Dodongo to his grave.

Gohma is a big, bad crab/spider thing that will give you fits if you don't approach the fight with caution. Not only is this thing fast and can damage you just by running into you, but it has a massive claw on the left side of its body that will grab you if you get too close.
When you first enter the room, avoid the shadow that zips all over the floor. You'll be at a severe disadvantage if you let Gohma drop on you from the get go. Then, wait for it to move vertically . If it has its eye open, it can see you... so don't get too close, or it will spring and crush you in its claw. That does a lot of damage, so avoid it at all costs. When the eye closes, move in and whack at the claw. Make sure you keep an eye on the eye. If it opens, get back! After you've hit 쟧t awhile, the claw will fall off and he'll resort to chucking its young at you.

When this happens, fall back to a corner and swing wildly with the Sword. When the larvae go down temporarily, equip your Seed Shooter and get under the crab. As it passes over you, shoot some seeds at its belly--but only when its eyes are open. It may take a while, but eventually the crab will go down.

Manhandla is pretty tough to beat. Sure, he's just a plant, but he's got four heads and take a while to drop. Each of the four heads is repeatedly spitting fireballs at you, so쟹ou'll have to move around quite a bit in쟯rder to stay alive. To take on Manhandla, you'll need your Feather and Magical Boomerang equipped. The Feather is to jump over the fireballs as you race around the arena. The Boomerang is to get at each of Manhandla's four venus-fly trap style noggins. You can only hurt them when their mouths are open, and often that means you'll have to nail the ones on the opposite side from where you are standing. The easiest way to do this is to stay near the bottom of the room, throwing you 'Rang directly up, next to the boss. When the Boomerang is at its furthest point, step under Manhandla, and the Boomerang will come back to you through his body, injuring him in the process.
The most important thing to keep in mind is to stay on the move. Don't worry about attacking... that will eventually take care of itself, as long as you keep sending your Boomerang out. When you've toppled all four of the plant's heads, he will turn into stem form only. When this happens, hit him repeatedly with your Boomerang at close range.

Eventually, he will shrivel, exposing a central heart. Use your Wooden Sword to destroy that and win the battle. One swing will do.

The room you fight this battle in has a rectangle of pit. If you mess up and fall in, you'll be knocked into the room below. If this happens, you'll need to get back upstairs via a trampoline.Place it anywhere besides the colored tiles to get back up to the fight.
Mothula will zip around the central platforms, scattering baby moths and fireballs as she goes. You'll want to get to the center and stay there. When Mothula sprays fireballs, hop over them with the Feather. The baby moths can be taken down with a swat from your Sword. When Mothula flies near you, whale on her with your weapon. It will take three or four quality barrages to take her down.

Defeat The Dark Dragon Easily
To defeat the Dark Dragon (Onox's final form) have a level 3 strength ring, a level 3 defence ring, the Biggoron's sword. When the battle starts immediately equip the defence ring. Dodge all of his attacks and jump on his hand. Then when he is starting to raise his hand equip the strength ring and Biggoron's sword. Then attack like mad. Repeat and you will kill him with ease.
Easy Twinrova Defeat
When you get to the final battle with Twinrova, stand in a corner and repeatatly press the button with the sword on it. This may take a loooong time, but you won't get hurt.
Glitches and Cheats
Floodgate Keeper Glitch: After you beat Poison Moth's Lair talk to the Floodgate Keeper. He'll say how the vines grow so high in the summer. Talk to him again and he'll say what Impa said in th begining and then say how overgrown the vines get in the summer again and where the key is.

Swim Cheat: If you want to learn to swim the fastest way to earn the fins is to win the flute in the subrosion dance game. it takes 5 wins, It doesn't matter if you lose once or twice. And when you jump over the hloe go down and into the city. Get the gale seeds and go past the great moblin's lair. jump over the hole again and blow dimitri's flute( don't for get to save dimitri from the great moblins henchmen). Dimitri will appear on the other side of the hole. jump over the hole and get on him and ride into town. Go to where the pirana's are and kill them. The go up the the waterfall to your left and move the eyes so you can hit them all with a spin atack. Get the plaque and go up the next water fall and give it to the guy and voila! you can now swim.
Heart Container
Required items: power bracelet, rod of seasons (with summer)
Go to the entrance of Unicorn's Cave (level 5). Then move one screen left and one screen down, where you find a tree stump. Change the season to summer and go one screen right and two screens down. Go down to the dry waterbed next to you, go up one screen, and down the stairs. Continue left to the next set of stairs and take them, then to your bottom right to the next, and go down them of course. You'll see a chest. Open it and you now have a new peice of heart.
how to defeat twinrove easily!!
first equip the master sword and rocs cape. then hit the blue twinrova with the red light thing coming out of the red twinrova and vice versa. do this 5 or 6 times and she will transform in another form. this time equip the biggoron sword. hit her until she almost split in 2. the hit her w/ scent sedds. do thuis again and again and she will sacrifice herself to revive ganon
How to get the certain animals
Getting Moosh,Ricky, and Dimitri

I have three files ok and on each file I have one of three animals. There are animals that can help you in certain parts and one of them could end up being your pet.

Here is How you get one of the folling for you pet:

Moosh: Do not win the strange flute from the dancing game in Subrosia. Instead, purchase the strange flute (may also be called horn)in the Horon Village Shop. Avoid meeting Ricky at this time. Just after you beat the second dungeon,head south of Sopuru Swamp. You will end up finding Moosh being attacked by Pig Warriors. Defeat them and the animal flute for Moosh for you to call him will be yours.

Ricky: Do not win the flute from the dancing game in Subrosia and do not purchase it at the shop in Horon Village. Ricky will give you his flute if you lack either of the other two.

Dimitri: Win the flute from the dancing game in Subrosia prior to completing the second dungeon. After completing the second dungeon,head to North Holodrum and you'll see Dimitri being attacked by Great Moblin's henchmen. If you give them 80 Rupees,they will leave. Talk to Dimitri and your flute will become Dimitri's flute.
How to Get to Twinrova
first, go to the maku tree in holodrum. then go to the warpportal beside the maku tree. then go north. to get to twinrova you must go to the direction where the eyes dont look.... tada!! you will see princess zelda and get close to her then you will fall in a dungeon were u will fight twinrova
Noble Sword
Go to the lost woods then change the season to winter, then go to west then change the season to fall then go to west then change the seson to spring then go to west then change the season to summer then go west. ther you'll find the noble sword
Pols Voice technique.
This makes those evil rabbit creatures easy to kill. Just play your flute while they are on the screen and they die instantly afterwards.
Ring List
There are 64 Rings scattered throughout Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. Some, you will find in Dungeons and chests and others you will discover once you've grown a Gasha Seed into a Gasha Nut. The rarer the location a Seed is planted in, the more likely you are to grow a special Ring. All of the Rings you can collect in both games are listed below:
Ring Number Ring Name Game Effect
1 Friendship Ring A, S Get from Vasu (no effect)
2 Power Ring L-1 S Increases Attack by 1, Damage by 2
3 Power Ring L-2 A, S Increases Attack by 2, Damage by 2
4 Power Ring L-3 S Increases Attack by 3, Damage by 8
5 Armor Ring L-1 A Decreases Attack by 1, Damage by 1
6 Armor Ring L-2 S Decreases Attack by 1, Damage by 2
7 Armor Ring L-3 A Decreases Attack by 1, Damage by 3
8 Red Ring S Increases Attack x 2
9 Blue Ring A Decreases Damage by 1/2
10 Green Ring A, S Increases Attack by x1.5, Damage by x0.75
11 Cursed Ring A, S Increases Attack by x0.5, Damage by x2
12 Expert's Ring A, S Throws a punch
13 Blast Ring S Adds 2 to Bomb Attack
14 Rang Ring L-1 S Adds 2 to Boomerang Attack
15 Ages GBA Ring A -
16 Maple's Ring A, S Decreases number of monsters slain in order to cause Maple event
17 Steadfast Ring S Decreases kickback from hits
18 Pegasus Ring A Pegasus Seed's longevity increases
19 Toss Ring A, S Increases throwing distance
20 Heart Ring L-1 A Slowly heals Hearts as you walk
21 Heart Ring L-2 A, S Regenerates Hearts
22 Swimmer's Ring A Allows Link to swim faster
23 Charge Ring A, S Decreases spin attack charge time
24 Light Ring L-1 A Can still shoot Sword shots at -1 Hearts
25 Light Ring L-2 A Can still shoot Sword shots at -2 Hearts
26 Bomber's Ring A Increases number of Bombs set (2)
27 Green Luck Ring A, S Decreases amount of damage from traps
28 Blue Luck Ring A, S Decreases amount of damage from beams
29 Yellow Luck Ring A Decreases amount of damage from falls
30 Red Luck Ring A, S Decreases amount of damage from spiked floors
31 Green Holy Ring A, S Decreases amount of damage from electricity
32 Blue Holy Ring A, S Decreases amount of damage from Zora's fire
33 Red Holy Ring A, S Decreases amount of damage from rocks
34 Snowshoe Ring A Provides traction on ice
35 Roc's Ring A, S Cracked floors will hold you up
36 Quicksand Ring A, S Quicksand will not affect you
37 Red Joy Ring A, S Slain monsters drop extra Rupees
38 Blue Joy Ring A, S Slain monsters drop extra Hearts
39 Yellow Joy Ring A Increases number of Items found
40 Green Joy Ring S Increases number of Ore Chunks found
41 Discovery Ring A, S Allows you to locate soft soil
42 Rang Ring L-2 A, S Increases Boomerang Attack +2
43 Octo Ring A, S Changes Link into an Octorok
44 Moblin Ring A, S Changes Link into a Moblin
45 Like Like Ring A, S Changes Link into a Like Like
46 Subrosian Ring S Changes Link into a Subrosian
47 First Gen Ring A, S Changes Link into original NES Link
48 Spin Ring S Spin attack x2
49 Flower Ring A, S Own Bombs won't hurt you
50 Energy Ring A, S Sword will shoot beams instead of spin attack
51 Razor Ring A, S Damage=one heart at a time
52 Seasons GBA Ring S -
53 Slayer's Ring A, S Get this when you've slain 1000 monsters
54 Wealth Ring A, S Get this when you've collected 10,000 Rupees
55 Victory Ring A, S Get this when you've slain Ganon
56 Sign Ring S Get this when you've broken 100 signs
57 100th Ring A, S Get this when you've had 100 Rings appraised
58 Whisp Ring A, S Whisps don't affect you
59 Gasha Ring A, S Allows you to grow rare Gasha Seeds
60 Peace Ring A, S Bombs won't explode in your hands
61 Zora Ring A, S Allows you to dive without breathing
62 Fist Ring A, S Allows you to throw a punch when nothing is equipped
63 Whimsical Ring A, S Attack=1, but sometimes can slay a monster in one strike
64 Protection Ring A, S Always take one Heart damage

Third Floor in Maku Tree
Successfully complete a non-linked game with no deaths to get a third floor to the Maku Tree.
Torture the Moblins
After defeating the Great Moblin, you'll notice that they move to the empty house in Sunken City. They still make bombs for some reason, and you can use this to bug them. Set off a bomb next to theirs, and right after it blows up, the other bombs will be activated. Get out of there!!! As you stand outside, the house will blow up, sending the Great Moblin and his buddies running away. They try to rebuild the house, but you can just blow it up again! However, you can only safely do it twice, because the third time, they'll catch you in the act and force you to stay inside the house and get blown up with it .
two hole jump
i know this sounds like a crap tip but it can be useful. Equip rocs feather then go to some holes, if timed correctly you can jump over two holes without pegasus seeds and without the rocs cape. also works in oracle of ages.
Use the Passwords
Use any password that you receive in the game. They will get you almost anything. Some passwords will get you new swords such as the master sword, but others will get you completely different things. Always input every cheat you know!

Easter eggs

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A very 'Special' hero game
Start a new game using the secrets option; then fill every space with the capital letter N and hit okay.

You will start with a hero game, but your name will be a bunch of glitched up X's.
Cucco Fun
Now, it's fairly common, and I'm guessing everyone knows it.

You strike any cucco in Oracle of Seasons that is just wandering around with your sword. After a couple of hits the game will freeze for a second, then you hear a cucco really loud. All of a sudden cucco's will start flying out of the sides of the screen. They will continue flying until you leave the section you are in. They deal half a heart damage each time one hits you, and you can die from it.

It's fun, but can be dangerous.


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Get all rings & start 1p. linked game
Start a new game and select "Secrets." Next input this code to start a 1p. linked game. You will begin with 4 hearts and a sword. Your name will be Link and your animal friend will be Dimitri:
t b heart f b G g r q club
square - circle ( ! y ^ - ~ 9

Now to get the rings. Go to Vasu Jewlers and talk to Vasu. He will give you a L-1 ring box. Now walk over to the red snake. Talk to it and select "Say." Now input this code to get all 64 rings:
r b heart square(x2) y club N > 3
4 diamond = : g
Holodrum secret
Start a new, then choose the "Secrets" selection. Enter one of the following
codes to start a Seasons linked game:

t b Heart f b G g r q Club
Square - Circle ( ! y Up Arrow - ~ 9


t b Heart g Diamond / h + w Club
9 W J ) ! y : 8 ~ 6


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the secret hero's cave nobody knows about..........
First get the holodrum secret then go to hero's cave and there will be a completeley different theme music and much, much, much, much harder than normal. try it out it's cool huh?( i haven't done the whole thing yet heehehhee...)