Wario Land 3 Cheats

Wario Land 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBC.

Wario Land 3 Tips

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4th Golf Mini-Game course
Get all 8 musical coins in every level in the game before you open time atack to get a 4th golf minigame course, which can be played between N world and W world once all 7 crayons are aquired.
Submitted by: Sintaku on November 24, 2004
Golf Mini-Game
You will find a crayon in the gray chest of Above the Clouds, the green chest of The Western Ruins, the red chests of the Warped Void, Beneath the Waves, the Big Bridge, and the Vast Plain, and finally, the blue chest of the Pool of Rain. You'll unlock the building between the north and west after getting the crayons.
Submitted by: Sintaku on November 24, 2004
Time Attack
Get all the treasure in each level to play the Time Attack Mode
Submitted by: Sintaku on November 24, 2004

Wario Land 3 Cheats

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game shark codes
2.1 or higher version needed of the Game Shark to use these codes

Rapid Jump & Charge---010093C0
Total Coins Modifier---01??05CA
Musical Coin Modifier---01??5CCA
Key Modifier---01??5BCA
Quantity Digits to Accompany ^Key Modifier^ Code (replace the ?? with these numbers/letters):
01 - Gray Key
02 - Red Key
03 - Gray & Red Key
04 - Green Key
05 - Gray & Green Key
06 - Red & Green Key
07 - Gray Red & Green Key
08 - Blue Key
09 - Gray & Blue Key
0A - Red & Blue Key
0B - Gray, Red & Blue Key
0C - Green & Blue Key
0D - Gray, Green & Blue Key
0E - Red, Green & Blue Key
0F - All Keys

(oh and the --- isn't part of the code but you probably already guessed that)
Submitted by: matt_the_master on December 20, 2003