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Easy Gameplay.

When you start the game, go through til you get your robopon. Go into your house then lick n you desk on the side without the chair to get SHORTCUT. Then go to the houses with the chest. Take all those items ad then go into the houses basements. 1 of them has a remote chest, the other has a LOSTCODE. Beat up Bisco's bullies and chase them to Libra Town and sell all your stuff. Then battle in the basement for a LONG TIME. This may take about a day. Then go and upgrade your building to 20 floors. And grandpa Hogle will give you a TEABOT lv 30. Then go through the game as far as you can with Sunny and Teabot. You will probably get to KAMAT before you need to get new robopon.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: sammio5 on November 28, 2007

u can get zap

Ok get ramby and take him too the sun bathing machine were granpa hogle is, put him in the machine and press the POWER butoon on your remote (i used a RCA remote i dont think that it matters the brand it might though i know sony works too) now sit back and watch your ramby turn into Zap! (do the same thing with Unix and u get Timzup)
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: calripken on July 08, 2003