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Unlimited Gas Launcher Rounds

You can fire gas rounds without depleting any ammunition if you use the gas launcher during "run" mode.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on May 23, 2013


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All the Characters in the Biginning

In your first save file get all 3 characters Barry, Leon, Lucia then get to the nearest save point and start a new game and all the characters will be there (this also work if you want Barry and Leon only)
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: WebGamerX on February 27, 2006

B.O.W. Glitch

To get the glitch to work, go through the game until you get off the sub and have to fight the B.O.W. in order to get back onto the deck. He should be around some elevators next to the middle entrance to the deck. Fight him, and beat him. You will proceed outside, and have to fight him again immediately. This time, LOSE. Let him kill you. Now, select the option to continue your previous game. You will start right in front of the door to the deck, after you defeated the B.O.W. for the first time. BUT, the B.O.W. will be back! you'll have to fight him again, but this time, all of the ammo you used to kill him the first time will be gone.
Verified by: emula, WebGamerX Submitted by: Rogue Shadow on September 25, 2003

Infinite Health and Ammo (GS)

Use this code to get infinite health 923091d4.
Use this code to get infinite ammo 910ac1c3.

Codes are for gameshark only.
Verified by: sonic223 Submitted by: eric1012004 on May 03, 2004
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