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Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition (GBC) Cheats

Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GBC. Also see GameShark Codes for more Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition cheat codes.


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3 secret potions
1. In your pc in stored items
2. on route one talk to the guy from the poke mart
3. hidden in a bush in viridian city
4 Useful TMs
Many people assume that the thirsty girl on top of Celadon Department Store serves no purpose. She actually does. Giving her one of each of the 3 kinds of drinks from the vending machine results in her giving you one of 3 INCREDIBLY useful TMs.

For the Fresh Water, you get TM 13 Ice Beam. Very useful should you want to raise the Squirtle up. It gives him a decent edge over Grass types.

For the Soda Pop, you get TM 48 Rock Slide. This is a great physical move to use, and a lot of Pokemon can learn it.

For the Lemonade, you get TM 49 Tri Attack. Should you want to grind on coins and get one, this move is great on Porygon. It can inflict one of 3 different status conditions: paralyze, burn, or freeze; plus if you want to raise versatility it's a decent move.
Beating brock the actual easy way.
Go over to where you fight gary the second time, on the way to the elite four. Look in the grassy area and catch a Mankey, When he knows low kick. Onix is a 1-hit-KO. You kids who say get butterfree. Nothing is more boring than waiting for a metapod to evolve...
Brock- Easy Victory
First catch both a boy and girl Nidoran in the patch of grass left of Viridian City. Train both of them to at least level 12. In Yellow both Nidirans learn the move Double kick early. Double kick is very effective against brock' Onix and Geodude.
Dancing Pika!
Have you ever want to see your Pikachu dance? Well, now you can!
First, you have to find a ledge to jump over. I prefer the ones on Route 2, for some reason. Next, jump over one, but make sure Pikachu doesn't jump with you. Then, wait a minute or two. Soon, Pikachu will start dancing! It
s SO cute!
Get a Machamp without having to hook up to another Gameboy!
Ok, here's how you can get a Machamp without having to trade a Machoke with someone else's gameboy. First, go catch a Cubone in either Pokemon Tower (Lavender Town), or the Safari Zone (Fuscia City). Then, go to Cerulean City, where you fought the gym leader Misty. Go south of Cerulean to where you see the house of the guy who's running a Pokemon daycare. go to the house that leads to the underground path between Cerulean and Vermilion City. Talk to the girl in there and she'll ask to trade a Cubone for a Machoke. trade it, and as soon as you get the Machoke, it'll evolve into a Machamp. Use this addition to your Pokemon arsenal well; Machamp is one heck of a powerful pokemon!
Have Pikachu instantly like you!
When you first start your game, you will have 1 potion in your pc that's in your room. Get it out. Continue playing the game untill you get Pikachu but haven't battled Gary's Eevee yet. Use the potion on Pikachu 5 times (even though it won't have any effect). Fight Gary and WIN. After the battle, when your Pikachu comes out of the Pokeball. He will like you.
Hidden Trainer/Pokeball
Right when you get into Viridian Forest, go to the left on the open path with no grass. Instead of going up to get to the Pokeball, keep going straight left. There will be a Lass trainer with two Pokemon that are easy to defeat. She will give you something like 90Poke when you beat her. Once you beat her, go back right so it's like you're going to the entrance, but go up on the clear path. Go up as far as you can and then go left. The item you get will be a Pokeball.
How Not To Have To Start Over After To Losing TO Elite Four
After beating the first person in the Elite Four, save. do this after every person you beat. When you lose you will start over at the doors to the area with the Poke Center/Mart. Shut your game off and turn it back on. If you did actually save like I told you, then you should start from the last place you saved.
How to catch Mewtwo
To catch Mewtwo without using a master ball, get an ice Pokemon level 60 to 70, and damage him slightly. After he attacks, freeze him and try to catch him. If it does not work the first few times, freeze him again and try to catch him again.
How to get Aerodactyl
The move cut is required for this tip. Cut down the tree next to the museum in Pewter City. Go in the back door of the museum and talk to the man next to the machine and he will give you an old amber. After that, go to Cinnabar Island and enter the PokeLab. Go down the hallway to the third door on the top, and enter it. Give the man on the right side of the room the old amber and he will turn it into Aerodactyl.
How to get ALL Moon Stones
There are five Moon Stones, three of which are visible, two of which are not.
1) In the upper-lefthand corner of the first floor of Mt. Moon.
2) In the basement of the game corner.
3) In the bottom-right corner of Route 2 (CUT).
4) In Mt. Moon, before the supernerd's platform, there is a corridor 4 spaces long and 1 space wide, go to the end of it and press A and poof! you have a Moon Stone.
5) In the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island, go up to the right side of one of the pillars on the right-hand side near the entrance hit A and it will say you found a Moon Stone.
How to get Articuno
First off, surf to the Sea Foam Islands. Figure out your way through the caves by using strength to push the boulders around. After five floors of doing this, you will come to an area full of water. Surf and you will find Articuno.
How To Get Mew Without Cheats
Firstly, dont battle the person in the grass next to the nugget bridge and dont battle the person with level 17 slowpoke on the way to Bills. Now, have an Abra and make it asleep. Next, go to the person who is next to the nugget bridge in he grass and quickly press start before he sees you. teleport the asleep abra and when you click teleport the man wil see you and put a ! on his head but you wil teleport back to cerulean city pokemon centre. then go and battle the person who has slowpoke (note: your start button wont work for now) after you DEFEAT the man..teleport again to cerulean centre then walk back up to the nugget bridge and your menu will come up. press B then mew will appear! ENJOY .
How to get mimic!
First you go to the Celdon POKE MART. Then go to THE FOURTH FLOOR and buy a poke'doll. Go to COPYCATS house and give the doll to her. She will then give you mimic.
Immobile Truck
After you get cut, lose to any trainer. The ship will still be there. After that, teach a Pokemon surf and go to the entrance of the ship. Surf to the right and the truck is there.
1. jump over a ledge, leave pikachu on the other side and wait. he will dance
2. go north of cinnabar island and fish. beat the pokemon, talk to pika and he will get under a bucket like peek-a-boo
3. get pikachu fully healed and he will like you
4. stay in vermilian city DONT ENTER ANYWHERE. wait 2 minutes, walk in the fan club and pikachu will fall in luv with a clefairy
5. go into pokemon tower and pikachu will be scared
i dont know anymore but have some pikafun people
Pikachu Dancing: Jump over fence and wait
Scared Pikachu: Pokémon Tower and talk
Pikachu in love:
Go to Vermilion City. Stand outside Pokémon Fan Club for 2:00 Mins. Then go in, cum out, go in, come out. Keep on doing that till Pikachu falls in love with Clefairy.
Angry Pikachu:
Have Pikachu in your party. Trade a Rattata with a Pikachu from Blue/Red. Both Pikachus should be in your party. Talk to Yellow's Pika... He is angry.
Bucket on head: Fish up n defeat a Pokemon and talk.
Cheering: Raise Pika to Lv. 20. Defeat any Pokémon. Talk.
Save Master Ball
It is a lot easier to catch pokemon on Pokemon Yellow than any other game. I completed Pokemon Yellow and still had my Master ball. To catch the leganderies simply hvae a good amount of ultra balls and a pokemon that can paralize, freeze or put pokemon to sleep. Lower the pokemons health and through an ultra ball. If it misses try again until it hits and wait. It should work.

Save before you fight once in a lifetime pokemon like mewtwo, moltres, articuno and snorlax. Make sure you open a new box in your PC before catching it, or it will say cannot use this item, box is full. If it does switch it off and change it before fighting the pokemon.

You might want to trade your master ball to another game.
The Truth About Rare Candies and Daycare
It's true that if all you used to level up your pokemon with rare candies or daycare, it would end up with lower stats across the board. However, this is because rare candies and daycare simply level a pokemon up without adding any EVs, or effort values, which are accumulated through defeating other pokemon and affect final stats.

Vitamins (such as Protein) can help boost EVs but can only take each stat's EV up to a set amount (starting from zero EVs you would only be able to use each one 10 times).

It's possible for a pokemon to continue to gain EVs at Lv100 by depositing and withdrawing them from a PC box.
Tip: Easy Brock battle
Just Catch a Caterpie and evolve it to Butterfree.Once it evolves it learns Confusion which will be very useful in this battle and keep using Confusion and you'll eventually beat Brock.
Tips on Mini-game
If you are fortunate enough to have Surfing Pikachu, here are some tips for the mini-game that can be played when you go to Fuchisia City.

Essentially a surfing game, the goal is to get as much points as possible. Do trivks over and over and over and you should win. Done Deal!

Tree glitch
This glitch is harmless and priceless.You will need hm cut and a pokemon that can learn cut eg.bulbasaur,charmeleon,digglett .etc.Walk up to any cut-able tree and use cut.Move on to the spot where the tree used to be and save.Turn on your Gameboy and select continue.You should see yourself standing on the tree!

P.S to get off of the tree just move off the tree.
Very VERY rare pokemon in the most unlikely place!
You looking for rare pokemon? beat the elite 4 and then go to Cerulean cave. in addition to the SandSlash, Golbat, and other pokemon you find there, you will occasionally stumble upon a SERIOUSLY rare pokemon (besides Mewtwo). I once found a level 56 Chansey, and another time i found a level 47 Lickitung. Another time i found a level 55 Venomoth. Look everywhere and keep walking around in there for awhile; you never know what you'll find in Cerulean Cave!


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Pika Battle Song
After a battle, immediately turn around and talk to PIKACHU. He will say his name and then you will hear two seconds of the battle theme.
Sleeping Pikachu
Go to the Pokemon Center in Pewter City. There's a Jigglypuff next to the counter. Talk to it and Pikachu will fall asleep and not follow you. Once you leave the Pokemon Center, Pikachu will be following you again.
After you get cut from the captin, lose to any trainer and the ship will still be there.BUT IF U GO ON THEN OFF WITHOUT LOSING,the ship will be gone

Easter eggs

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1. your room in your PC
2. walking north to viridian city there's a boy he'll give you one
3. a guy beside the pokemart will give you one... i think


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best pokemon for elite four
i beat the elite four easily with in this order
1.i used my lvl60 zapdos that knew thunder and thats all it used.
2. i used my lvl64 blastoise that new hydro pump,surf,water gun,and blizzard.
3. i used my lvl62 alakazam that knew psybeam,confusion,metrenome,and psycick.
4.i used my alakazam again beat all poemon except dragonite so the i used my lvl74 pidgeot that had gust fly razor wind and sky attack.
5.i used my pidgeot and beat everyone except jolteon so then i used my lvl58 sandslash that only used slash and that finished it off.

p.s. i had my lvl33 magneton for insurance so if my zaptos lost.
Best Pokemon for Elite Four
For those who don't know the four trainers in order are loretti-ice bruno-fighting aghasta-ghost lance-dragon gary(rival)-varies. when i first entered the elite four my pokemon were level 40 i lost 5 pokemon to loretti. then i beat bruno and aghasta with my gengar. it lost about 10 hp against the 13 pokemon it faced. Then it was level 46 and it beat lance's dragonair. But since it was level 46 it lost to gyarados. but hey, if yours is any better than mine than you'll probally win. just so you know my gengar knows hypnosis, dream eater, psychic and night shade. if you don't get gengar haunter is fine. good luck!
Bucket pika
to see pikachu in a buket go fishing with pika next o you then talk to pika it will have a buket on its head
Ok they had to make it where you could do this on Yellow too!

1. Hook 2 gameboys together

2.One person must have a strong or rare pokemon, and the other person must have a weak and common one.

3. Trade

4. When the trade is almost over it will say waiting.

5.The person who had the rare pokemon 1st turns their GB off, and the other game lets theirs say TRADE COMPLETE.

6. When you turn yur gameboys back on you should both have the rare or strong pokemon.
Easy Game Coins
First enter the the gambling place. walk around pressing A. To do this corectly yoo need to take a step then press A, step, Press A, step A step A and so on. you should be able to get around 150 coins or more. try this cheat it worked! its really handy to get free game coins
Glitch City
Bring a Pokémon that knows Fly
Go into the actual Safari Zone (after you pay and everything) and go back out.
When asked, "Leaving early?", say no.
Go back out again. When asked "Leaving Early?" say no once again.
After being sent back into the Safari Zone for the second time, save the game, shut it off, and turn it back on.
Leave the Safari Zone again, and you will be asked if you want to enter the Safari Zone and pay $500, even though you are already in there. Say no.
You will be sent back into Fuschia City. Once you are in Fuschia City, use a Pokémon to Fly to Cinnabar Island.
Go to the east (right) coast, and Surf up and down with a Pokémon that knows Surf. You will run into Pokémon that are usually seen in the Safari Zone. Surf until an announcement comes up that reads "Ding-Dong!" when you have taken 500 steps.
You will be sent to the Safari building. When you leave the building, you will be in Glitch City.

All the place will be messed up.
In-game reset
Hold select + start + B + A
make pikachu happy
in viridian there is an old guy and a tree you cancut behind him go around the other way and click on the tree it will give you potion if pikachu is weak give it to him,then talk to pikachu and he will be happy!
Pokemon You recieve in the game.
In the middle of the game, you will recieve these Pokemon from Different People.

Grass Type
Bulbasaur, Lv.10

Evolves into
Ivysaur Lv.16
Venusaur Lv.32

Water Type
Squirtle, Lv.10

Evolves into
Wartortle lv.16
Blastoise Lv. 36

Fire Type
Charmander, Lv.10

Evolves into
Charmeleon Lv.16
Charizard Lv.36
Stand on a Tree
While in Fuschia City, take note of the tree blocking your way to the SAFARI ZONE. Cut it down, then stand where it used to be. Save your game and turn your Game Boy off. Then, turn it back on.

You'll appear to be standing on a tree!
The Intruder
Go to Pallet Town (if you are in a different town) and go to the girl that says, "I raise Pokemon!" Push the girl around until she goes to the direction you want her to go. Move her to your door, and she is in it. She won't go in all the way, but she will be on the door. Stay in front of her and she will be stuck in your house.
Unlimited Item
Infinite Quantity 1st Position: 01631ED3
Infinite Quantity 2nd Position: 016320D3
Infinite Quantity 3rd Position: 016322D3
Infinite Quantity 4th Position: 016324D3
Infinite Quantity 5th Position: 016326D3
Infinite Quantity 6th Position: 016328D3
Infinite Quantity 7th Position: 01632AD3
Infinite Quantity 8th Position: 01632CD3
Infinite Quantity 9th Position: 01632ED3
Infinite Quantity 10th Position: 016330D3
Unlimited Rare Candies
I know how to get tons and tons and tons of Rare Candy, but this trick requires N64 and Pokemon Stadium 2 and a Transfer Pack. First, play Pokemon Red or Blue Version and Get Unlimited Rare Candies. Then, store 99 Rare Candies in the PC then 29 Rare Candies. Repeat. Then transfer them in the Color Case in Pokemon Stadium 2. Then plug in the Yellow Version in the transfer Pack and transfer them to either the PC or Pack. Now you have Unlimited Rare Candies in your game. This trick also works with Master Balls, TMs, and stat inhancers (protien). Have fun with your Pokemon and Mewtwo!