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Pokémon Trading Card Game Cheats

Pokémon Trading Card Game cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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Do not faint when you use self-destruct
When you use self-destruct, use as many defends as you can. The pokemon will still be alive.
Duel Machine
Once you have defeated the grandmasters, Go to Dr. Masons Lab and the Duel Machine is now unlocked.
Erase damage counters easily
Have chansey and a scoop up card. Put chansey in play. Once chansey has very little hp left, use the scoop up. All those damages counters are now gone.
Free booster packs
After defeating some trainers or a leader, check your mail on your PC and get free booster packs.
Get a Promo Level 9 Slowpoke
Take 59 of your ENERGY cards and 1 basic pokemon and make a deck with them. Select the deck as your dueling deck. Then go talk to the boy in the Fire Club. He will ask you to give him all your unused ENERGY cards. Tell him Yes. If you tell him No, he will go away and not come back. Then you can't get the Slowpoke.
Golem Crusher! Deck
Fight Energy-15
Fire Energy-9
Double Colorless Energy-1
Mysteryious Fossil-3
Jigglypuff Lv.13-2
Wigglytuff Lv.36-1
Tauros Lv.32-1
Mankey Lv.7-2
Primeape Lv.35-1
Machop Lv.20-2
Machoke Lv. 40-1
Machamp Lv.67-1
Geodude Lv.16-2
Graveler Lv.29-1
Golem Lv.36-1
Onix Lv.12-4
Cubone Lv.13-2
Marowak Lv.26-1
Hitmonchan Lv.33-1
Rhyhorn Lv.18-1
Rhydon Lv.48-1
Kaboto Lv.9-2
Kabutops Lv.30-1
Aerodactyl Lv.28-1
Ponyta Lv.10-1
Rapidash Lv.33-1
Moltres Lv.35-1 (Not Legendary)

It wins most battles!
In order to unlock Imakuni?, you must talk to the girl in the Water Club Lounge. Write in your diary and reset the game. Continue from your diary and visit all the club lounges. When strange music plays, go up and talk to the strange guy next to the poster. He will be Imakuni?. Say yes to his challenge. If you beat him, he will give you four booster packs. Some of them even contain the legendary cards! Sometimes, he will give you a promotional Imakuni? card, which he uses in his deck. Beware: it will confuse the active Pokemon!
Phantoms cards
The 2 Phantom cards are Mew and Venasaur. These 2 cards are extremely rare and good and can only be attained by card pop.
Ronald's Revenge
If you have all the cards, go to the Challange Hall and the last person you fight is Ronald.
See all the prizes
When you defeat your oppenents pokemon and want to see all the prizes, select one prize. If its not a card you really need, press and hold start+select+a+b to reset the game. Go to continue the duel and keep doing this until you get the card you want.
Trades and Imakuni?
If you want to trade with someone, but you don't have the right card, go looking for Imakuni?. You may get the card you want!


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Coin Flip Timing
When its time for a coin flip, there is a way to (alomst) always get heads. To do this, simply pay attention when the time comes for a coin flip. As soon as the text appears on the screen, repeativly (and quickly) press the A button. You should always get "Heads Up", which is usually the better of the sides.
See your deck without reshuffling!
To do this, you must have a Trainer card in your hand that enables you to look through your deck, to pick a certain kind of card, and then reshuffle the deck. Use this card, and then, instead of selecting a card, press A+B+SEL+START all at the same time, once you are done looking at the deck. This will Soft Reset the system. Choose Continue Duel from the menu, and you will get back into the duel with the same cards you had before you used this code. If you used Computer Search or another card that takes cards from your hand to look through the deck, those cards will be back in your hand.
Very Easy Win!!
On the Game Shark enter 01FFC8C2 and 0100C8C3. Then while in a battle both you and your opponents pokemon will have all the damage circles filled in, but, your pokemon will have infinite hp.(you can tell because there are more damage circles than there is supposed to be,and your pokemon won't die) And when youre opponent sends out a pokemon and the image isn't there, turn off the game boy and take out the Game Shark and then turn the game back on and select continue duel and your monster will still have infinite hp and all the damage counters filled in, but your opponent will send out an energey instead of a pokemon, and it will be poisened and confused, and riht away it will die and then you will win the battle!!!!!!!!!!!