Pokémon Red (GBC) Cheats

Pokémon Red cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GBC. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Pokémon Red cheat codes.


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Best to start with
you can probably do this with the blue version but i did it with red. when you go to the tall grass and oak brings you to his lab he will give you 3 choices of pokemon to choose. there are squirtle, bulbasaur, and charmander. choose bulbasaur and the first 2 gym leaders will be very easy. the reason is that the third will be more difficult but you will have to go through a cave. get a geodude in the cave and have him fight many battles. on the third gym leader if your geodude evolves or is a high level you will destroy the third gym leader.
Cut Down Grassy Areas
· Once you get the HM "cut", your pokemon can cut down grassy areas. Select "cut" from the Pokemon menu and it will cut a two by two tile area. You will not be attacked by wild pokemon in areas which have been cut.
Encounter wild pokemon in a gym
This only works at cerulean city gym and lorelei's area of the pokemon league just walk up to the water and use any fishing rod and start fishin'.
free game corner coins
once you get the coin case, go to the game corner and talk to all the people there. Some of them give you coins.
game corner
go to the rocket game corner and press \"A\" on the ground and in sum spots there will be game coins
How To Get Eevee!
To get Eevee, you have to enter through the back entrance of the Pokemon Mansion, and continously walk upstairs until you reach the roof, once you reach the roof. Enter the room here, there should be a Pokeball on the table, pick it up and you'll have obtained a level 25 Eevee! Yay!
Invisible PC
Go to Celedon's hotel and head where a PC would usually be in a Pokemon Center. Press A then you will be using a computer.
· To catch Kadabra, travel until you get to Pokemon Tower (lavender town). Then go to the western exit and follow the road until you come to tall grass guarded by bushes and gates. Pokemon-power "cut" the bushes and and head in. Keep fighting until you come across a Kadabra, then fight it and catch it. This could take a while but it is well worth it.
Mimic Tm
Buy a Pokedoll in Celadon Mart, then use FLY to pop over to Saffron and talk to the Copycat. She will give you the Mimic TM.
Odd lvl 7 pokemon
First, stay at the front of the underground trail.Go down and quickly press start before the gambler sees you.Then fly to any city (except Cinibar Island) and battle a trainer.I found a lvl 7 tangela and a lvl 7 hitmonchan.
Old Man In Cinnibar
Ok, heres what you do. DO NOT get the key to the Cinnibar Gym though. Choose a Pokemon that knows FLY, and go to Cinnibar Island. ***NOTHING TO DO WITH MISSINGNO*** Now surf like you're trying to catch Missingno, only go to the very top right next to the Gym. Now go down two steps and get off at the bottom of the Gym and walk straight to the door. When a message saying, "The door is locked..." You will see the old man standing on top of the Gym! Weird, huh?
Rare Candy Problem
People say that "if you use a lot of rare candies you won't have a strong Pokemon as a trained Pokemon." This is true. Although, you can use rare candies and still have a strong Pokemon! This Is How: Use the Missingo cheat to duplicate the ability items such as Carbos, Iron, Protein, Etc. When you raise a Pokemon with rare candies, give your pokemon all these ability items until it displays "It won't have any effect." That's how you'll have a strong Pokemon!
Rare Candy Trick in Lavander
To do the Rare Candy trick in Lavender,get a Rare Candy and put in the Sixth slot in your pack, have an Abra in your party, and have already fought your rival in the tower. Go West of Lavender to the gambler facing North, don't get in his sight. Instead walk up into the building and walk back out. take another step down, then press start. Teleport back to the Pokémon Center in Lavander. Walk to the tower and go to the third floor. The one you are supposed to battle is facing South(the one thats on the left side of the Tombstone Square) Beat her and use Dig to get out of there. Walk West as if you were heading back to the Gambler and the Start menu will pop up. Press B and you will fight Missingno. run away or catch him(I'd suggest running away because he messes up your graphics, and does not evolve into Kangaskahn, thats 'M') Now look in your Pack and you will have 126 Rare Candies!!! Yeah
Restart game quick
Any time in the game u can just press A,B,Select and Start and ur game will restart
Safari Pokemon? YES!
Start by flying to safari zone. join the hunt then immediately go back inside. When the man asks you "leaving so soon?" say no, then save and restart. Next, go back inside and actually say yes to the man. Fly to cinnabar island and surf the east coast so your half on and half off the land. Every pokemon that you encounter will be from the safari zone (syther, exeggcute, venonat...)
also, if you hear a PA bell, then go on land and you will be in glitch city!
Simple Tip
These neat tips will save you some time sitting around the rolling credits. Here are 2 ways to skip the credits.

1. Hold B during the credits.
2. When the credits start rolling, hold Start, Select, A, and B and continue. You should be outside your house.

These tips will save you time during the credits.
Slot Tip
· You can line up 3 of a kind by looking for the image to appear before pressing the button, so with the right combination of luck and timing, you can take a strong winning edge.
The Ditto Trick
The Ditto Trick is a VERY weird thing that can happen to your little ol' Ditto. Here's how you do it. First, you gotta get into a battle with any Pokémon that has more than one move. You also gotta use Ditto. Next, use the Select button to switch the first move with any of the others. When you win the battle, your Ditto will have a nameless move with the Type, "Cooltraner (female symbol)." The move hardly ever hits, and it is also EXTREMELY glitchy, so be very careful.
Tips for choosing your starter
Choosing your starter is a big part of the game. This pokemon will probably grow to be your most powerful pokemon. But who to pick?


Bulbasaur is a grass/poison type pokemon. If you choose it, your rival gets Charmander. Bulbasaur learns Leech Seed (Good strategic move, teachit Sleep Powder or Stun Spore too and it will be an expert Staller), Vine Whip, and later Razor Leaf (High critical rate!). If you get Bulbasaur, you will also want something to take out Fire pokemon (Such as a Gyarados or Poliwrath, or maybe a Golem or Onix). Also, you may want a Gengar to take down those eeeeeevil Psychic types. Bulbasaur will be resistant to poison due to its dual type.


This little fire lizard will be a good choice. Sure, it's weak to Brock's pokemon, but you could always get a Pidgey with Sand Attacks to make them just not hit. In Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition, I would always train Pikachu to about Level 16, then go all out with Quick Attacks... Anyways, if you select Charmander, your rival gets Squirtle. Charmander is more of an offensive pokemon. It is Fire-Type, and when it evolves to Charizard it gains the Flying type. To beat brock, I would reccomend getting a Pidgey and using Sand-Attack on Brock's pokemon. That way, they can't hit anyone. For Misty, you might want Pikachu or Oddish. Charizard will learn Ember, and later on, Flamethrower. Flamethrower is more accurate than Fire Blast, though less powerful. You may also want to teach it fly, to take out Fighting Type pokemon. To take out Water-Types, you might want Raichu, Jolteon, or Oddish. Magneton is also a good choice, and if you are playing FireRed rather than Red, it also has the Steel type, which protects it from many things.


Turtles counting off! This water-type turtle remains single-typed for all of its life. It learns Ice Beam like most water-types. It can also learn Surf (Which is VERY hard to miss with) and Hydro Pump (High powered Water move). It can learn Skull Bash naturally. If you pick Squirtle, pick a good Fire-Type to KO the grass-types (Such as Arcanine or Flareon). You also want something to defeat Electric-Types with (Golem and Dugtrio are good examples).

Whatever Starter you choose, be sure to get a good team with it! These tips apply to a lesser extent in other pokemon games.


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Get both Omanyte and Kabuto without trading!
First of all, you'll need these requirements:
1.You must know the method 2 Mew Glitch(a.k.a.The "Fly away from the Gambler"Glitch)
2.You must have the ability to do the glitch
3.You must have chosen the Kabuto fossil in Mt.Moon
4.You can't have fought Koga or the first trainer to the right of his gym(The one that's near the guy who's mostly at the right of the gym statue)

Next, Do the Mew Glitch and replace the Youngster with the trainer I told you not to fight.Note that if you walk to him and talk him to battle, the game will freeze. After you defeat him, FLY to Lavender Town and head west as usual. When the menu appears, press B and catch the omanyte by weakening it first. I recommend great balls and ultra balls.
Go to different glitch cities
Start by going into the safari zone,go back into the building and say 'no' when the person at the counter asks if you're leaving,you'll go back in the safari zone. Now save and reset the game. Load your game back up and go into the building,when you go past the guy at the counter,he'll talk to you as if you were going IN the safari zone instead of going out,just say no to him and leave. Now fly to any route that doesn't have any visible doors you can come out of and take around 500 steps. The message that comes up when you run out of steps in the safari zone will appear,and you'll go back to the safari zone building,when you leave,you should be in glitch city. Glitch city changes depending on where you were when you took that last step.

Note:If you go to glitch city from the cylcling road,you'll automatically go downward like you do on the cycling road,and if you try to surf,it'll say "Cycling is too much fun" even though you're not actually riding your bike!

Note 2:The reason for having to go to a route without a visible door is that if you are in one (or if you're in a cave) when you take the last step,you'll simply come out through it instead of going to glitch city.
Seeing ghosts without a Silph Scope
This glitch allows you to 'see' the true identity of ghosts without a Silph Scope. To do it, go to the Pokemon Tower without a Silph Scope and straight after you encounter a ghost, open the Pokemon menu and look at the stats of one of the Pokemon in our team. The true identity of the ghost will be revealed. However, you still cannot fight or catch it, as it is only a graphical glitch, and not a serious glitch.
Unlimited Cash
Do the Missingno cheat but with a Nugget in the sixth spot. Defeat Missingno and you will get many Nuggets. Sell them all at a store until u hav 999999 gold. Go to the game corner and keep buying coins until u hav enough to buy the 3 prize pokemon:Porygon,Scyther,and Dratini. It takes a wile since u only can get 50 coins at a time but i think its the only way to get Porygon

Easter eggs

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Change game color
When you first turn the game on, the thing that says gameboy should appear (like normal). If you press the directional buttons the screen will change color. Depending on the button you push, you can change it to up to 4 different colors. if you hold the A or B button while doing so, you can change it to EVEN MORE colors. In total, you can change it to one of 12 colors. If you wait a second, the game will continue with the color you selected.The color stays until you turn the game off. If you keep changing the color, the game wont procede until you stop. My favorites are Black and white (B and left button) and Negative (B and right button). Enjoy this cheat! PS: Holding both the A and the B button while doing this WILL DO NOTHING.
The Stubborn Man
Okay, fly to Lavendar/Saffron. Do the first step of the mew glitch (walk just down from the door and press start). Fly to Pewter. Walk all the way to Mt. Moon, but stop by the man with black hair and he is by a small patch of grass. Go ahead and try, but he will not talk! He will turn every time you press A,but will not talk. The funny thing is, i found this whilst trying to do another glitch. Imagine the Irony...NOTE: This is unverified for Blue Versions of the game. Good luck trying to get him to break!


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easy kangaskan and X150
this is really easy, but if you don't do it right, you could screw up your game. first, you must have at least one rare candy, and be able to use surf outside of battle. Deposit one of your pokemon so that you only have FIVE. if you have more or less, that's a bad thing. also make sure that your sixth item is a masterball (or whatever, but masterball is best). talk to the wierd coffee guy in viridian city, than fly to cinnabar island. walk directly to the right side of your screen and surf along the edge by the gym. when a pokemon appears, run away, but when your screen stays black for a couple seconds longer, and a messed up picture appears, and has no name,(a missingo that doesn't say 'missingo'but has pictures for a name)catch it. (just trust me)than move onto land, and use your rare candy on the thing you just caught. let it evolve and you should get a kangaskan. this cheat will not do any lasting or serios harm to your game. (as long as you don't mess up.)
get mew easy
Go into the grass before Mt. Moon and catch a Jigglypuff. Go to Cerulean City and go into the grass left of Nugget Bridge and catch an Abra. Use Jigglypuff to sing it to sleep. Go to the pokemon center and heal your pokemon. Go back to the grass to the left of the bridge and stop before you pass the bottom of the wall. Save. Now walk down and quickly press start. Have Abra use teleport. You will be at the pokemon center. Walk up the bridge and battle the Youngster. He will have a level 17 slowpoke. Make him walk to you or the game will freeze. Beat him and use teleport again. Walk up the bridge again and the game will pause. Get ready because its Mew. He will be level 7. He will only know Pound. Good Luck
Get Pinsir
Start off like you would if you were going to get any level 7 through the lavander town cheat. Take one step down from the same gambler and then fly to Saffron City and enter the Silph Co building. Go up one level via stairs and walk straight down until Rocket sees you. Fight and defeat him and then leave the building. Fly to Lavander Town and walk towards the skinny passage. The Start menu will pop up and press b. Pinsir will appear.
Get to A Different Glitch City
Well, we've all heard about the MissingNo. Glitch City trick, right? Well, I was playing and for some reason, I ended up in glitch city! Note: This only works if you have Gameshark and the Walk Through Walls Cheat.

1. Go to the powerplant and enable the walk through walls cheat.

2. Walk towards the west (Left) for a while.

3. Go straight down after a minute or two,. Keep walking down untill you hit something the looks like the edge of a city.

Welcoem to the Lavender Town Cave glitch city! Weirdest this is: If you haven't beaten you're rivel on the Nugget Bridge, he'l lappear and challenge you. Then it turns out you were in Cerulian!
Get tons of Lv 50's and Higher!
After you defeat the Pokemon Leauge go to the cave in Cerulean City(The one on the opposite side of the grass close to the bridge) the man wont be guarding it anymore and you can go in there. You can catch Pokemon Lv 50 and higher and at the end of the cave you can catch a Mewtwo who is Lv 70.
Get Two Mews
Did you know you can get two mew's in this game? Well surely you must know about the glitch where you can get one, but you can get two! One in Cerulean adn one near Lavender. First off, restart your game..work your way up to Cerulean. Now...get some Pokeballs and go searching for a semi-weak pokemon and an abra. Once gotten them, heal if need be and stock up on pokeballs again. *Important: Make sure you have not faught the guy left of Nugget Bridge, the guy on the route to Bill's house...he's a boy with a level 17 slowpoke and says "My dad took me to this great party on SS Anne!", the swimmer in Misty's Gym. the Gambler on the route towards the udnerground path left of Lavender. He holds two Poliwags and a Poliwrath. That's it! Now, go up Nugget Bridge. Go to the spot where the guy left of the bridge is and make sure he can't spot you and try to fight you. Now...make sure you're jsut a step above hime (i.e. you can't see him on the screen, but if you step down he'll spot you and fight you) Now save. Then step down carefully adn quickly press start. If you fail to and the guy comes adn fights you, you can restart...it may take some practive, but when you succeed in getting the Menu up before the guy spots you, teleport. Right when the Menu goes down he'll have an Exclamation above his head, but you will teleport away and he won't catch you! Now, notice your menu won't work. Go into the Gym of Cerulean and fight the swimmer *Important: Make sure she has to swim to you to fight you. Defeat her. You'll notice the Start button will work now. Don't save, but instead switch to your semi-weak pokemon. Go up Nugget Bridge and the Menu willpop up without warning. Press B to exit and a battle scnece will pop up and a Level 7 Mew will appear! No worries, it only knows Pound. Catch it! If you fail, restart. Now for your Second Mew. I've never tried this, and I suggest going the long way, but if you're risky repeat the stepping down into thr guy left of the bridge, teleport and fight the slowpoke guy, making sure he has to walk to you to fight you. Defeat...Teleport to Cerulean, walk to Nugget Bridge...and the Menu might pop up and you'll get a shot at Mew! If you wish to wait...get throguh Rock Tunnel, and get Fly. Then go right by the door on the underground route East of Saffron. Step down, press start before the gambler notices you, liek you did in Cerulean. Fly to Cerulean...fight the slowpoke, guy, reminding to make sure he has to walk to you, defeat, fly to Lavender...walk West...ta da! Menu will appear and you'll get a Mew again!! Horray!

Just so you know, you may be able to get all pokemon without trading, but get the bulbasaur first. Now, in this glitch, you can do this with other trainers, but only use the gambler adn the guy left of the bridge to "step down" and then fly wherever. Note that you can't go into places where you need Cut or Surf, etc. since the Start Buttom won't work.

Enjoy! I hope this helped and have fun with your Mew's!
Getting Gengar without cord
First go to Lavender town and walk to the little house where u can enter the underground passage. go in and come out, and take one step down and immediately pres start and fly the pewter. When u fly the gambler should have an exclamation mark on his head (dont kill that gambler or it wont work and if u did restart it and get to him with fly HM). Now ur at pewter and the start menu isnt working, walk all the way to Mt. Moon. As you are walking and ur almost there u might pass a girl in a big patch of grass, fight her but make her walk to u or the game will freeze. When done killing her fly back to Lavender and walk through the skinny passage way and the game should freeze and start menu should pop up, press me and Gengar should pop up lv 7. Good LUCK!
Getting Two Mews with three badges
First stock up on alot of pokeballs. The first mew is gotten by (you must not have beaten misty yet) going to cerulean city, beating the nugget bridge and the Rocket Grunt, beating your rival there, and catching an abra to the left of the bridge. Do not beat the trainer in the grass or you have to wait to get fly before getting this mew. Also dont beat the youngster with the slowpoke on the route to bill or you cant get the other one. Catch the abra, and have no more than 5 pokemon. then go directly above the trainer in the grass before it is on screen and save. Then step down and push start really quickly. the trainer will be next to your start screen. use abra's teleport and you will be seen by the trainer, then teleport away. Now your start buttons, and a-b buttons are disabeld. Go to the gym, and use the on water path and fight the guy in the water. your buttons work now, so save. Bo to the nugget bridge, and your menu will pop up. Push b and you will fight a level 7 mew. Catch it and save. You can do that with wild pokemon or other trainers, but it will rarely be mew. theres one other trainer in the game with mew again. keep reading.
For this mew, do not fight the facing up youngster on the way to bills house. he has a level 17 slowpoke that you will fight to get the mew. Do the same as the above trick, only use the gambler just east of saffron west of lavender under the underground house (outside). do the start thing, but fly to cerulean. Then go north, like goin to bill's house. Walk to the youngster you didn't fight, and make sure he has to take at least one step to fight you. if he doesn't, your game will freeze. Beat him and fly to Lavender Town. Save, and enter the route to fight another mew.
If you do the same thing, but have a pokemon with a special stat of 21, and fight a wild ditto( make sure it transforms into the pokemon), and kill it, go to where you did the start thing on the trainer (any one will work) and fight another mew. this can be done infinete times. Many mews make me msmile!
Hall of Glitch
Beware!! If you encounter missigno and you see the hall of fame you will see odd pictures and sometimes you will be in the glitch city (depends the place where you see the hall of fame)
Hole glitch
Go to seafome island,victory road or any cave that you can fall down a hole.Get on your bike and fall down the hole.You will be on your feet again but the bicycles music will still be playing
how to catch missingno!
go to viridian city and talk to the guy that wants his coffie. say u r not in a hurry. (dont do anything else). wach him catch a pokemon (weedle). dont move after he catches a pokemon. fly to cinnabar island. dont move in front of the pokemon centor. save then turn off. turn back on then go to your right and surf along the right coast. you will run into a blurr (missingno). catch it with an ultra ball!!! go to a pokemon centor and withdraw the pokemon then talk to anyone you want. cheak its status and its ither a missingno or it turns into a rydon. but if it does turn into a rydon repeat this cheat again.

after you get the origional missingno look at where the leven is suppose to be it said for me 149 this is the pokemons level. but before u play with your missingno remember each pokemon dies at level 150. if it dies go to prof oak hell give you another one.

p.s. weaken missingno with a mewtwo as missingno is at a high level.

p.s. if you are in battle with your missingno and your graphics get messed up finish the battle. save turn off, turn back on and it will be back to normal!!!
How to keep the pokemon, while still trading it!
Okay, this is a little bit easy, for anyone to do! Okay, first of all, you'll need two gameboys, hook them up to eachother. You have to have a strong pokemon in one team, and a weak pokemon in the other. Trade both of the pokemon. When is says Trade Complete, turn off the game boy (most prefered-weak one), then when you turn your gameboy on, you should have both pokemon!
lv. 7 tangela in lavendar
this was weird, i was trying to do the 126 rare candies trick and it was messed up, no damage done to my game though, so here goes...

first, have and abra in your party, and go to the cerulean pokecenter. then walk to (do not fly, teleport, etc.)where the gambler is between saffron and lavender. dont let him see you, but go into the tunnel then come out and before you take even one step, save. then take one step down and immidiately press start and teleport back to cerulean pokecenter, if done correctly, as you teleport, the gambler should have an exclamation point over his head, if not, turn off your game and try again, hence saving it before you teleported...

next, from cerulean, go down to vermillion city, then go east past the diglete cave, but do not battle anyone except for the gambler at the far east end right before you go through the gates to the big long bridge connecting fucia and lavendar. win the battle and then go to the bridge and walk up to lavendar. go in the pokemon center, then leave. go west as if you were going to saffron, and a message will appear saying something like "i do better than that in school" then press a and you will fight a lv. 7 tangela! its not guarenteed to work, i did it on accident...
More about Mew
Yes, we see the Mew glitch repeated many times on this page. I'm here to tell you... there's more! If you fight other trainers instead of the trainer in Misty's gym or the Youngster with the Slowpoke, different Pokemon will appear! I have seen Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Nidoking, Pikachu, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Omanyte, Electabuzz, Magmar, Pinsir, Scyther, and many others in the wild on my RED VERSION! The Pokemon you fight at Lv.7 is determined by the speed stat of the last Pokemon you fought. This means that fighting wild Pokemon after fighting a trainer will also change the Pokemon you find at Lv.7. I have found about 6 Mews this way. And, if you trade to G/S/C and duplicate, you have an army (or a good trading opportunity with your friends). Happy catching!

Oh, be warned. Missingno. can be found this way, too.

Also, fighting the Mewtwo in the Unknown Dungeon gives way to a special scenario. Mewtwo is so fast that you don't find a Pokemon. You battle a random Trainer who has weird Pokemon (For example, Lt. Surge uses Erika's party on my game). Doing this will sometimes allow you to fight Prof. Oak. Remember, the trainer is random.

One more thing: "fighting the Pokemon" means you can catch it, fight, or flee. Your choice.
The way to get all 3 starters W/O trading
Okay, guys, I'm sure you all know about the coast of Cinnabar. Talk to the old man in Viridian, then surf up and down the edge of Cinnabar Island. But what most of you do NOT know is that the random Pokemon you see (besides Missingno.) are determined by what you named yourself at the beginning. So if you name yourself R?m?Z?r, and then pick Charmander as your starter, this WILL work. Go through the game normally, until you know surf. Then talk to the old man in Viridian and say no. When he's done, go to Cinnabar and Surf on the coast. There are 3 Pokemon that you will see: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Missingno. They will all be very high levels, so bring a strong Pokemon.
unlimited time in safari zone
o.k., to get unlimited time you just lightly tap the directional pad in the way you want to face. If you do it correctly you shouldn't move forward ,you would just turn. Scince your not realy steping it dosn't count as a step. So now you can catch poke'mon and not waste any steps.