Pokémon Gold Cheats

Pokémon Gold cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for GBC. Also see GameShark Codes for more Pokémon Gold cheat codes.

Command codes

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In basement of Dark Cave there is a Lapras that appears every Friday. Catch the rare beast, for it's the only one in the game. It appears every Friday, so catch as many as you want.


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(unexperienced people) master ball
cloning never works for me so i always just get one, but if you want a master ball all you have to do get all 8 of the badges ( check in trainer id incase you don't ) then fly 2 newbark town and talk to prof elm. he should give you a master ball! 2 more tips: use cut at the edge of grass to avoid wild pokemon; breed sumthing with ditto eg: typhlosion= baby cyndaquil- feraligater & ditto = baby totodile! VERY USEFUL!
About breeding
When you breed fe. clefairy and jigglypuff, and the mother ( female pokemon ) is clefairy, u will have clefa in egg. If jiggly is female, ull get igglybuff in egg. Simple?

Female + Male = egg = female
An Easy Way To Get A Sun Stone From Park
I would recommend catching a scyther or pinsir. Hey it always got me a sun stone.
An easy way to get the legendary dogs
First, you need to have a gastly or haunter that knows mean look. Mean look prohibits wild pokemon from fleeing during a battle. Then equip your pokemon with quick claw so it can go first. So when you see a legendary dog, you can be able to fight it and hopefully catch it without it running away.
Another Duplication trick
you must have about 6 rare candys or more. First you stand in front of the computer, make the pokemon you want to clone hold a rare candy and save the game. Then use all of the rare candys on the pokemon you want to raise the rest of the rare candys(YOU MUST USE ALL OF THEM). Then do the duplication trick Deposit your pokemon, change boxes Yada yada yada. When you turn your GB back on takevthe rare candy from the pokemon and then Deposit him. Then go to withdraw pokemon and take out your cloned pokemon then walah you should have all the rare candys you used and the 2 that you get off the pokemon you cloned
Avoid random battles
When you walk up to the edge of grass use cut and the grass will be gone. No more random battles.
battling the officers in pokemon gold
at the south of goldenrod u will see a policeman near the daycare center
and at the north entrance of national park at the north of golden rod u can see them saying about "policeman thing" but at night they will think
that ur a criminal so they have to battle you for that . (by the way there pokemon is a growlithe so better use a water pokemon hope this will help <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
BE on S.S. Aqua on a Monday or any other day
First, go on the S.S. Aqua on sunday or wednesday, save the game and wait until the next day.
Boosted exp
Now Some of the Cheats say that you can get some kind of virus in the pokemon games...lol well if you really want perm boosted exp all you need to do is get a pokemon from another game (the ID number and the OT must be something else and when you beat a pokemon it will say {pokemon name} gained a boosted exp points!

this is true cuz I trade pokemon all the time.
breed rare pokemon
You may already know that most of the rarest pokemon you can't breed, and that starter pokemons and the not quite so rare, are always male. By breeding one of these pokemon, such as feraligatr, or snorlax with a ditto, you will recieve an egg which will hatch in about 5000 foot steps and will hatch into the lowest evolution of the pokemon you bred
Catch the 3 legendary dogs
Okay, to catch the 3 legendary dogs, you have to have found (but not caught or defeated) at least one of them first. Then go to your Pokedex to find out where they are. WARNING!!! DO NOT FLY!
If you use fly there is a 99.3% chance that they will have ran to the other side of the map by the time you have landed. Also, Raikou is VERY tricky when it comes to chasing him. What he does is runs towards you, then when you get to that area, he is already back to where he started, or has jumped half way across the map. Entai is slowest and will still in an area until you get there IF you are about 30 seconds from that area. And Suicuine is almost impossible unless you use fly to a city that you can get from one side of the map to the other in about 25 minutes. REMEMBER! Don't FLY!!!

Good Luck!

From: Brad Purcell
Double EXP
Once you get EXP Share, let a pokemon hold it. Move that pokemon to the front of your lineup and let it battle. Once it defeats an opponent, it will get 2 equal doses of EXP. This is especially helpful when trying to raise pokemon quickly.
Easy Money(seriously)
First u have to save to save the director from the team rockets underground basement. Then the basement leads to the goldenrod pokemart. But when you save the director leave through through the stairs. Then you are in the pokemart basement. Go down and pick up the item it is an AMULET COIN. What it does is when you give it a pokemon to hold you get double the money when you defeat a trainer in battle. THIS IS EVEN BETTER ON THE ELITE FOUR. AND EVEN ON LANCE. He normally gives u $5000 DOLLARS BUT WITH THE AMULET COIN HE'LL GIVE U A $10000 DOLLARS.
Easy way to have trainers call you for a battle.
First talk to the trainers who give you their phone number. Say yes to their question. Now fly to your house in New Bark Town. Go in & talk to your mom. She will say is it about your money. Say no. Then she will tell you want to switch to Daylight Saving Time. Say yes and she will change the clock. Try it a couple more times if it doesn't work the first time.
Faster way to get pokemon leveled up.
ok, when you defeat the elite four a lot, your pokemon will be a high level. When you have one like a level 71, it can defeat just about all the members. So once you do that, clone pokemon holding EXP. share. now make sure you have a high leveled pokemon, and 5 EXP.share's. choose 5 pokemon you want to level up fast, then give them EXP.shares. Go battle the elite four, and they will all get a lot of EXP. this is a good tip if you need a pokemon to evolve
Find the 3 Legendary dogs easy!
When you first release the dogs one goes left, one goes right and one goes down. If you go left until you come to a grass patch and search you run in to one. Then go back to the tower and go down until you find a grass patch (you should end up near golden rod) and search. I found suicine here. Go back to the tower and go right until you find a grass patch and search. I found all three legendary dogs like this.
At the game sentors don't play to get coins so you can win the pokemon just buy coins, it's less expessive and you can get pikachu, lavataire, or/and polygon!
gameshark code for all pokemon for g/s
replace?? w/##
fe is glitch egg
ff is goof up glitch

Get all Eevee evolutions
Pick up the Eevee in Goldenrod city. It doesn't matter if it is male or female. Then catch a Ditto and give the Eevee and the Ditto to the Daycare man and lady.

Come back in a couple minutes and you will have an egg. It will hatch into Eevee. Do this 6 times and you will have all Eevee evolutions when they evolve.
Get ALL of Eevee's evolutions
First you have to get Eevee from Bill in Goldenrod City then duplicate him Three times. Then, give each of them the stone they need.(it is recomended that you duplicate the stones also)

Make sure you have at least two Rare Candies.Then give Eevee an expierence share and give him plenty of haircuts and nutrients to make him happy. When he tries to evolve from happiness,press the (B) button, then duplicate him and give one of them a rare candy during the day (Espeon) and one at night.(Umbreon)

This should work, it worked for me.
Email Me at <a href="mailto:Cliffzo2@yahoo.com" target="_blank">Cliffzo2@yahoo.com</a>
Get all three KANTO starters.
What I did was I started over on my pokemon blue and each time I got a different starter, I caught A pokemon in gold and traded. ^^
Heracross and Aipom
To get Heracross and Aipom, get Headbutt from the Trainer in Ilex Forest, them use it on the little trees in Route 29, the route right next to your home town. It has to be in the afternoon, though.
How to catch a Corsola
Go to the day care center at Golden Rod City on route 33 and walk in to the guys house and then go through to the back in his yard. There is a little area of water here, and if use a good rod you will be able to encounter one.
How to catch Legendary birds and dogs without masterballs
This actually surprised me when I accidental did this, when i was trying to catch ho-oh i realized i didn't have a master ball after i caught Lugia, so i just used a level ball from Kurt when my feraligator was LV100, it took a couple of them but eventually got Ho-oh, you also might want to save in front of Ho-oh just in case you run out, same thing with Kurt's fast balls on the dogs because they runaway but doesn't work most of the time,
How to do the bug catching contest more then 1 time everyday

Step 1:
Go in front of the computer in one of the two building where you start the bug catching contest.

Step 2:
Save your game.

Step 3:
Start the contest, and catch any Pokemon you like.

Step 4:
After they tell you who the winner is, go to the computer. Go to Bills PC.

Step 5:
Switch to another box, and while it says SAVING DO NOT TURN OF THE POWER, you turn it off.

Step 6:
When you turn back on, you should have the Pokemon you caught (and the prize if you won) in your party or in Bills PC. And you can do the contests again.

Step 7:
Repeat this as many times as you want to.

I found this bug, there might be other people who have found it. But credits goes to Xodac.
Infinite Money
Go to the Underground Path in Goldenrod City on Monday. Buy a Nugget and attach it to a Pokemon. Use the duplication trick as many times as needed. Detach the Nugget(s) and sell them for $5,000 each.
Legendary Dogs Easy!
The easiest way to catch Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, is to do the pokemon cloning trick on a pokemon that's holding a masterball. Do it 3 times so that you have 4 masterballs. This way when you see a Legendary Dog in the wild, you can just use a maserball. This saves you a lot of time. I caught all 3 in 2 days.(You want 4 masterballs so you'll have one left over to catch Lugia or Ho-oh)

Hint: The best places to find the legendary dogs is route35, route36, route37, route38, and route39.
Lugia (Gold version)
Go to Pewter City and talk to the old man. He will give you a silver feather. Then, go to the place where Lugia is located in the Gold version to find it.
Make your pokemon stronger!
You need some strong batteries. Deposit 2 pokemon at daycare, and then put something on ur "up" to make your character still step up. For each step up, pokemon get 1 exp. So put something on "Up", and go sleep! You need strong batteries ^^ because if they'll end for example hour before you get up, all is lost!
Missingno. in C/G/S without gameshark
I don't know if people still play this, or how this will work out for you, but this is what happened to me.
I was playing Crystal and I got the spearrow with mail or whatever it is that you're supposed to deliver. So, out of boredom I decided to clone this so I would have my own spearrow. I went to do the cloning trick, saved in front of the PC, realized I had to take the mail off to clone it so I did, and then I finished the cloning trick. I got a big block of squiggles in the end, and the box I cloned it in turned into a black hole, either deleting pokemon that went into it or making them into the missingno. I put a missingno in the daycare and it looked like a male character/starter trainer person. If you click on them/talk to them/look at their stats it'll freeze your game and you'll have to turn it off and on again.
I also got PokeRus.
Another fun fact is you can't deposit this thing. When you try to put it in the PC it disappears, as well as all the pokemon behind it (like if it's first in your party then it'll look like you have no pokemon.)
Anyone who has any results with this please email me.
Mixed up Gym Leaders
When you get to the point in the game where you heal the Olivine City's gym leader's Ampharos, she tells you she'll battle you in her gym. Jasmine is the sixth gym leader. Her pokemon are:

Magnimite: lv 30
Steelix: lv 35
Magnimite: lv 30

Instead, go to Mahogany town and challenge the gym leader there. Price is the seventh gym leader. His pokemon are:

Seel: lv 27
Dewgong: Lv 29
Piloswine: lv 31

Notice that the seventh gym leader's pokemon are lower than the sixth gym leader's pokemon. You can battle the seventh gym leader before you battle the sixth, and you can even beat the eighth gym leader without beating the sixth.

The only catch is you can't enter the Pokemon League without beating all the gym leaders. Jasmine, logically, should have been the seventh gym leader and Price should have been the sixth.

more time in safari zone
when you go to the safari zone you go to a patch of grass and slightly press a direction untill you turn and it wont take up any steps
PokeRus is a Pokemon Virus that your Pokemon catch. No-one really knows how your Pokemon get it but it is commonly thought that you are more likely to get it from using body attacks such as Tackle or Slam. The chances of actually getting it are incredibly low, and those who do get it are lucky, because Pokerus actually makes your Pokemon better!

When your Pokemon levels-up, how many stat points it gains is based on its 'effort values'. Effort values are gained when Pokemon level up and are also gained from when you give your Pokemon vitamins or minerals. So when you give it a vitamin to get more stat points, it also affects it in the long term because it adds 10 to its effort values. Effort values are out of 100.

The way Pokerus helps is to give your Pokemons effort values a 'booster' so you gain more stat points when you level up. When your Pokemon has had Pokerus it cannot have it again and a little dot appears next the pokemons name in the status window. Pokerus is contagious, so you can get your whole party infected!

Pokerus will go away after 4 or 5 days, but not if you put a Pokemon in storage.

Problems saving?
If you're game will no longer save (you play for a while, save, turn off your gb, and when you turn it back on it says only "new game" and "option") i can offer you much assisstance OK. the save file memory is controlled by a battery inside the game cartridge. to replace the battery, first, take the hexagonal screw* out of the back of the game. remove the cover. the battery will be wrapped with yellow electrical tape. remove the battery (be careful not to separate the metal from the game chip!!!) go get yourself a new battery (i got mine at walgreens for $3.49) and reattach the battery by wrapping it in electrical tape (+ side down and attached to the uppermost metal connector). soldering works too, but why waste your time? and there you have it. you should be able to save your game
*hexagonal screw drivers aren't the most common things. i used a fine, metal tip pen to unscrew mine. the screw's not in very tight.
Ruins of Alph
When putting the pieces together, always do the edges first.
Always follow the lines of each piece and if there's a blob spot on one piece and on another, they are most likely to go next to each other.
Special Poke Balls
You can give Apricorns to the Poke Ball maker in Azalea Town to get new types of Poke Balls. Here is a list of what they're good for.

-White Apricorn: Fast Ball -- Good for catching Pokemon that try to escape from battle quickly.

-Red Apricorn: Level Ball -- If your Pokemon's level is significantly higher than the wild Pokemon's, it will be an easy catch.

-Blue Apricorn: Lure Ball -- Good for catching Water types when fishing.

-Pink Apricorn: Love Ball -- If the wild Pokemon's gender is opposite that of your Pokemon's you'll have an easier catch.

-Black Apricorn: Heavy Ball -- Big enough to catch heavy Pokemon like Snorlax.

-Green Apricorn: Friend Ball -- Pokemon caught with Friend Balls will become very attached to their trainer. Good for Chansey (if you want it to evolve into Blissey).

-Yellow Apricorn:Moon Ball -- Good for catching Pokemon that evolve with Moon Stones, like Clefairy and Jigglypuff.
switch names of your pokemon
this is a very easy way to randomly change the names between the pokemon in your first box

just go to the box that you want the pokemon names switched and select move pokemon w/o mail. then take the first pokemon you have in there and move it to a box, any box then while its saving turn the gameboy off there is a very short time that it saves. when you turn it on the pokemon that used to be first is last and all the nicknames should be rearanged
Training Pokemon
When raising your pokemon to Level 100 (or any other level) make sure that you train it by fighting, not by using Rare Candy's. If you raise your pokemon by fighting, it gets stronger stats. If you raise your pokemon with Rare Candy's, it's stats will not get as high than if you raised it by fighting.
Unknown pokedex
Catch more than three unknown and go to the house and talk to the professor and he will give you the unknown pokedex.


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Breeding Evolutions
At the Daycare Center south of Goldenrod City on Route 33, you can give a male Pokemon and a female Pokemon to the keepers to breed new Pokemon.

Note that the female Pokemon determines the species of the egg:

Pikachu = Pichu
Electabuzz = Elekid
Jigglypuff = Igglybuff
Clefairy = Cleffa
Magmar = Magby
Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee = Tyrogue (NOTE: These Pokemon are male only, so you must breed them with a Ditto.)


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Cloning Trick from Gamespot
WARNING: This trick may damage your Pokemon Gold/Silver Cartridge, or result in the loss/corruption of save data!









Delete and Reset game
At the title screen press up+B+select or start
Eerie Music
If you go to the point outside the cave in the Unown Ruins, a boy stands. He has a Smeargle. Go to your radio after you beat him. Move around in it until you hear this weird music. It's kind of eerie.
Experience Without a Cost
Aren't you sick of losing half your money from the Elite Four everytime you lose? It really gets annoying, because you want the experience without losing the money.


First, lend ALL your money to your mom. Next, don't buy ANYTHING at the store in the Indigo Plateau. Instead, just heal your pokemon and continue to the Elite Four. Battle as far as you can, and if you lose, HA! You don't lose ANY money AND you have the experience! Repeat as many times as needed for high level pokemon.
The Elite Four don't stand a chance. As soon as you beat the entire Elite four, get back all your money from Mom and continue to Kanto.

NOTE: after beating a Elite member, teleport back to your house and give Mom the money.


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Flying Kanghaskan
As we all know, you can catch a Missingno in red/blue versions. Well, after you have reached the 4th gym of crystal/gold/silver, you can trade Pokemon with the 1st generation games. All you need to do is catch a lvl 1 Missingno using the duplication hack in the red/blue versions. Your game sprites might get messed up but that will be fixed after what you do later. Missingno has it's own type called "fly". Well, if you use the HM fly (sky attack also works) on it, it should be able to learn it. This is where you abuse the glitch. After teaching Missingno fly or any other flying moves you have, give it a rare candy. If you ever messed around with Missingno you know that after you give it a rare candy it mysteriously evolves into a Kanghaskan. Now all you have to do is to transfer the Pokemon from your old game to Crystal/Gold/Silver using two game boys and a link cable. After that, your Kanghaskan should be able to use fly and moves such as Sky Attack. Fly also works as a transport to get from one city to another. Do this at your own risk but keep in mind that this is something cool to show your friends.


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Four Truly Evil Pokémon...
There are Four Truly Evil Pokémon lurking inside your game's programming... only you don't know it yet. Here's an easy, step-by-step explanation on how to find the Evil Four. Step 1: Get a GameShark. Step 2: Enter this code: 01??EDDO. Replace ?? with the following numbers. FC, FD, FE, and FF. Step 3: Go to a place where you can find wild Pokémon. Step 3 1/2: You will find three Glitch Pokémon with the name ??????. The fourth Glitch is a wild EGG. Step 3 3/4: Their numbers are 252, 253, 254, and 255. Good luck with catching them... you'l need it...
game shark
Get all 3 starters WITH OUT CHEAT DEVICES!
To retreive all 3 johto starters (chikorita, totdile, cyndaquil) is a mere trick wich requires no outward trading or game sharking. Here is how its done.

Step 1: Start A NEW GAME

Scary as it may sound, this is how you achieve the duty. Once you start the new game, save it before you enter Prof. Elm's lab for the first time.

Step (a): Picking your starter

Go in, talk to the good professor, and get your pokemon of choice. simple. Just remember this. DO NOT SAVE.

Step (b): The mission
Head north to Mr. Pokemon's house(south of violet city) and collect the egg. Head back to New Bark Town where you will fight your jerk of a rival for the first time, so it is reccomended to train your starter a bit. After you beat him(or lose, which ever one) head to Professor Elm's lab. After a bit of talking with the 5-0, show the professor your egg. This will begin your journey. Just remember this, DO NOT SAVE. This entire process will take 10-25 minutes.

Step (c): The cloning
Talk to Professor Elm's assistant. He will give you 5 pokeballs. As you may know the cloning trick does not work with out another pokemon in your party, so go out and catch 1 pokemon(it doesnt really matter) and have it in your team. Deposit your starter, and do the cloning trick. Remember, that if you save, you'll be wasting your time.

Step (d): Restarting
Once you shut off your game and restart it. YOu'll notice that your right back to your first save point in new bark town if you did this right. Grab a different starter than the one you first choose. Repeat steps (a) through (d) for this starter.

---The Final Starter---
Once you begin the third attempt, you can save when ever you want. Once you reach the next town, you may access the PC and withdraw the other 2 starters. Make sure you save. You don't want to do that again.

1.) Once you retrieve your pokedex from Prof. Oak, You will only have the data of the starter you choose in that file. Say if you cloned Chikorita and Totodile, although you may have them in your party, their data wont be registered in the pokedex but you will have cyndaquil's data for some odd reason.
Although, once you evolve the 2 unregistered pokemon(i.e. Chiko and toto) their evolved forms (croconaw/Feraligatr and Bayleef/Megainium) will be logged into the pokedex.

2.)All three starters will have the same trainer IDs. For example. If your file's Trainer ID is 19283, Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil's ID will be that. Therefore theres no worry if you level any of them up past your current Badge.

Hope this helps you guys.
Get All Pokémon
Get All Pokémon

These cheats require the Xploder cheat cartridge

Enter the code: 01??EDDO

Replace ?? with the following numbers to get the corresponding Pokémon

01 – Bulbasaur
02 – Ivysaur
03 – Venusaur
04 – Charmander
05 – Charmeleon
06 – Charizard
07 – Squirtle
08 – Wartortle
09 – Blastoise
0A – Caterpie
0B – Metapod
0C – Butterfree
0D – Weedle
0E – Kakuna
0F – Beedrill
10 – Pidgey
11 – Pidgeotto
12 – Pidgeot
13 – Ratatta
14 – Raticate
15 – Spearow
16 – Fearow
17 – Ekans
18 – Arbok
19 – Pikachu
1A – Raichu
1B – Sandshrew
1C – Sandslash
1D – Nidoran F
1E – Nidorina
1F – Nidoqueen
20 – Nidoran M
21 – Nidorino
22 – Nidoking
23 – Clefairy
24 – Clefable
25 – Vulpix
26 – Ninetales
27 – Jigglypuff
28 – Wigglytuff
29 – Zubat
2A – Golbat
2B – Oddish
2C – Gloom
2D – Vileplume
2E – Paras
2F – Parasect
30 – Venonat
31 – Venomoth
32 – Diglett
33 – Dugtrio
34 – Meowth
35 – Persian
36 – Psyduck
37 – Golduck
38 – Mankey
39 – Primeape
3A – Growlithe
3B – Arcanine
3C – Poliwag
3D – Poliwhirl
3E – Poliwrath
3F – Abra
40 – Kadabra
41 – Alakazam
42 – Machop
43 – Machoke
44 – Machamp
45 – Bellsprout
46 – Weepinbell
47 – Victreebel
48 – Tentacool
49 – Tentacruel
4A – Geodude
4B – Graveler
4C – Golem
4D – Ponyta
4E – Rapidash
4F – Slowpoke
50 – Slowbro
51 – Magnemite
52 – Magneton
53 – Farfetch'd
54 – Doduo
55 – Dodrio
56 – Seel
57 – Dewgong
58 – Grimer
59 – Muk
5A – Shellder
5B – Cloyster
5C – Gastly
5D – Haunter
5E – Gengar
5F – Onix
60 – Drowzee
61 – Hypno
62 – Krabby
63 – Kingler
64 – Voltorb
65 – Electrode
66 – Exeggcute
67 – Exeggutor
68 – Cubone
69 – Marowak
6A – Hitmonlee
6B – Hitmonchan
6C – Lickitung
6D – Koffing
6E – Weezing
6F – Rhyhorn
70 – Rhydon
71 – Chansey
72 – Tangela
73 – Kangaskhan
74 – Horsea
75 – Seadra
76 – Goldeen
77 – Seaking
78 – Staryu
79 – Starmie
7A – Mr. Mime
7B – Scyther
7C – Jynx
7D – Electabuzz
7E – Magmar
7F – Pinsir
80 – Tauros
81 – Magikarp
82 – Gyarados
83 – Lapras
84 – Ditto
85 – Eevee
86 – Vaporeon
87 – Jolteon
88 – Flareon
89 – Porygon
8A – Omanyte
8B – Omastar
8C – Kabuto
8D – Kabutops
8E – Aerodactyl
8F – Snorlax
90 – Articuno
91 – Zapdos
92 – Moltres
93 – Dratini
94 – Dragonair
95 – Dragonite
96 – Mewtwo
97 –Mew
98 – Chikorita
99 – Bayleef
9A – Meganium
9B – Cyndaquil
9C – Quilava
9D – Typhlosion
9E – Totodile
9F – Croconaw
A0 – Feraligatr
A1 – Sentret
A2 – Furret
A3 – Hoothoot
A4 – Noctowl
A5 – Ledyba
A6 – Ledian
A7 – Spinarak
A8 – Ariados
A9 – Crobat
AA – Chinchou
AB – Lanturn
AC – Pichu
AD – Cleffa
AE – Igglybuff
AF – Togepi
B0 – Togetic
B1 – Natu
B2 – Xatu
B3 – Mareep
B4 – Flaaffy
B5 – Ampharos
B6 – Bellossom
B7 – Marill
B8 – Azumarill
B9 – Sudowoodo
BA – Politoed
BB – Hoppip
BC – Skiploom
BD – Jumpluff
BE – Aipom
BF – Sunkern
C0 – Sunflora
C1 – Yanma
C2 – Wooper
C3 – Quagsire
C4 – Espeon
C5 – Umbreon
C6 – Murkrow
C7 – Slowking
C8 – Misdreavus
C9 – Unown
CA – Wobbuffet
CB – Girafarig
CC – Pineco
CD – Forretress
CE – Dunsparce
CF – Gligar
D0 – Steelix
D1 – Snubbull
D2 – Granbull
D3 – Qwilfish
D4 – Scizor
D5 – Shuckle
D6 – Heracross
D7 – Sneasel
D8 – Teddiursa
D9 – Ursaring
DA – Slugma
DB – Magcargo
DC – Swinub
DD – Piloswine
DE – Corsola
DF – Remoraid
E0 – Octillary
E1 – Delibird
E2 – Mantine
E3 – Skarmory
E4 – Houndour
E5 – Houndoom
E6 – Kingdra
E7 – Phanpy
E8 – Donphan
E9 – Porygon 2
EA – Stantler
EB – Smeargle
EC – Tyrogue
ED – Hitmontop
EE – Smoochum
EF – Elekid
F0 – Magby
F1 – Miltank
F2 – Blissey
F3 – Raikou
F4 – Entei
F5 – Suicune
F6 – Larvitar
F7 – Pupitar
F8 – Tyranitar
F9 – Lugia
FA – Ho-oh
FB – Celebi
FC – N/A
FD – N/A
FE – N/A
FF – N/A
get unlimitated rare candys and master balls
give one of your pokemon a master ball or a rare candy then go to ur pc in the pokemon centre and deposit the pokemon that dont have the master ball or rare candy or any item the change box and deposit it and switch box again but this time while it say's saving don't turn of the power turn it off quick then turn it back on and u will have double the pokemon and double the rare candys or master balls i lvl.100 typhlosion at the first rare candy i got hope u enjoy this worked wonders for me and it should for u
How to get dig
Go to the northern part of National Park and to the right of the lady holding the pouch there is an invisible break in the fence (the fence is visible in this part, you can just pass through it). Around the perimeter of the park you'll find dig and another random item.
how to get items for your room in pokemon gold without a pokemon mini
when you play your game your MOM askes if you want to save money say yes and after earning some money she will call and say either i bought you an item with your money sorry or i found the cutest doll while shopping its in your room. if she said she bought you a doll go to your room and click on your pc go to decorations and click ortements and there will be a doll name like CLEFAIRY DOLL or CHARMANDER DOLL and when you click on a doll it will ask left or right if you click left/right then it will be set up on your room table. try it, it works. your mom can also buy you stones.
Make stronger Pokemon!
This is a long process but makes your critters stronger,Take a high Lvl,15 and up,and go to newbark town,gain etleast five lvls from the lvl 2's,and 3's then go to the pokemon center,save your file infrony of the computer,then open you box for bill and put your training pokemon in the box,change box'es and during when it says"saving do not turn of power"!turn the game off!then turn it back on realy quick,then open the box that u were going to go to and open it up and the cloned pokemon will be cloned and strong then most other pokemon!
pokemon cloning
go to a pokemon center, go to the computer, save your game(very important in case it screws up), deposit the pokemon you want to clone with or without an item you want to clone, change the box, but when it says SAVING DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER turn it off and then turn it back on and you should have the pokemon in your party and your box.
Safari Zone
If you don't move and slighty tap the D-pad, so you face different directions, you'll be able to get all the availabe ones from there!
Skip Credits
Press Start + Select + A + B while the credits are displayed.
Training Larvitar
As you may know, Larvitar can evolve into the exremely powerful Tyranitar when it reaches level 55. This may seen hard to achieve, but there is a faster way to get Larvitar powered up.

  • Catch a Larvitar in Mt. Silver
  • Take it to the Day Care in Goldenrod City

    Now, every step you take is one experience point for your Larvitar while it's in the Day Care.

    Fly to Celadon City
    Go to the top of the bike path

    Ride all the way down the extremely long path, which is downhill all the way and you get to the bottom really fast. You should end up with about 600 steps already when you reach the bottom. Keep flying back to Celadon and riding down the hill and your Larvitar will grow faster.
  • Wooper & Quagsire
    Ok, once you have Surf and a few Lv. 20 Pokemon, go back to the Ruins of Alph, use Surf on the pond left of the Kabuto Ruins, there will be only Quagsire & Woopers there.
    Note that you can still use a Rod to get Pokemon like Goldeen and Magikarp still.