Pokémon Crystal Cheats

Pokémon Crystal cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBC. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Pokémon Crystal cheat codes.


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Gift Pokemon
Speak to the specific NPC to receive these pokemon for free. You just need an open slot in your party.
PokemonObtain by:
How to get Kenya (spearow) from RandyTake Kenya's mail (send to PC) and attach to Pokemon you don't want and take to the guy as if it was Kenya. It really works.
Ingame Trades
Some NPC trainers will trade you a pokemon if you have the one they request.
PokemonObtain by:
OnixGo to the house at the far right of Violet City. Then, talk to the boy. He wants a Bellsprout, so select Bellsprout and you will get Onix.
MachopA man on the 5th floor of the Goldenrod Department Story will trade you this. He wants an Abra, so select Abra and you will get Machop.
VoltrobBefore you enter lighthouse across cianwood there 2 house above that lighthouse the left one will trade a krabby for a voltrob
DodrioIn the easternmost house of Blackthorn City a lady will trade you a Dodrio for a female Dragonair.
AerodactylThere is a girl walking around the grass on Route 14 that will trade you an Aerodactyl for a Chansey. You have a small chance but you can find Chansey in this area.
XatoThere is a man in the Pokemon Center that will trade you a Xatu for a Haunter.
MagnetonIn the Power Plant on Route 10 there is a scientist that will trade you a Magneton for a Dugtrio.


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8 Kanto Leaders
Here are the 8 Kanto Gym leaders



Pewter City-


Cerulean City-


Vermillion City-

Lt. Surge-Electric

Celadon City-


Fucisha City-


Saffron City-


Seafoam Island-


Viridan City-

Blue-All Types
Battling Misty without battling the other people
Go around the gym(inside), and surf right next to Misty, so you don't have to battle all the other people.
Beat Blackthorn Gym (Feraligatr Users Only)
Teach your Feraligatr Ice Punch (Goldenrod Mall - 5th Floor) so you can Beat Claire and Lance Easy. This only works for Water Starters but i don't know about Typhlosion (YET...)
Beating The Elite Four
All I did was have a high level Alakazam with these moves:
Fire Punch
Thunder Punch
Ice Punch

You can beat most of the elite four, but once you get to the woman with the Dark Pokemon, have a high level fire and a high level water pokemon with you. Dark moves are super-effective against Psychics.
Buena's Password Item Tip Thingamajig
As most of you know, you can go to Goldenrod's Radio Tower from 6 PM to 12 AM for Buena's Password. If you answer her questions correctly you get points. When you get 2 points, you can get an Ultra Ball that is worth $1200. But instead of getting one for 2 points, get a Nugget for 3 to get more Ultra Balls because a Nugget is worth $5000.
Buena's phone number
Save 30 points on your blue card and she will be impressed and give you her phone number the next time you stop by!
Catch Entei and Raikou
Well go to Azalea Town and get a White Apricorn. Give it to Kurt (guy who makes balls out of Apricorns). In the meantime, use a fast Pokemon to damage the legendary dogs (get health as low as possible). Next day get Fast Balls from Kurt(it is wise to give Kurt multiple White Apricorn), go find Entei and Raikou and throw your Poke Balls (For those who don't know, Fast Balls catch Pokemon who flee (run away) with a 4x success rate).
Ok this is my favorite, so thats why the title is in caps. Now, first off, Lugia will be level 60 with the following moves... hydro pump, recover, rain dance and gust. I caught this pokemon with two ultra balls, but I adivse at least 20. (Mine was a complete fluke) Now to capture Lugia, you need a silver wing. To get one, go to Pewter City and find the old man next to the right Mart. Talk to him and he will give you silver wing. Now go to whirl islands. Go to the north east island. (From Maville, go straight down and its the farthest to the left Once inside, go to the north east ladder. Next go to the only ladder and you will be in a room with water. Surf down a waterfall in this room and at the bottom of the waterfall you will see an indent in the wall. Enter it and surf in the water. Save and you will see Lugia. (Hint: Just like in gold version!) E-mail me if you have ne probs.
Catching Entei and Raikou
All Crystal players have no doubt heard of the legendary dogs; Suicune, Entei, and Raikou. Catching Suicune is fairly easy, as you have the opportunity to battle it without it running off. Entei and Raikou however aren't so easy to capture. Unfortunantly, despite what some cheats say, there is no magic code or cheat that will make Entei appear every time you go into tall grass, or that will stop Raikou from fleeing. I'm sorry to say, but the only way to catch these two legendary pokemon is to chase them across the map. But hopefully this little tip guide will help you out a bit. To catch Entei and Raikou:

1. You'll need two pokemon. One that knows an attack that is guaranteed NOT to completely knock out a pokemon. (I used my Ratata who knew Super Fang. Super Fang is an attack that will knock out only 1/2 of the offending pokemon's HP.) Also, you will need a pokemon who knows an attack that puts other pokemon to sleep. (I used my Poliwhirl who knew the attack Hypnosis.) Both of these pokemon HAVE to be over level 40, because both Entei and Raikou are level 40, and you need to be able to attack first.

2. The next step is to see Entei and Raikou in the wild for the first time. Unfortunantly there is no cheat for this either. Just go about your buisness and the two will attack you at some point. (For me, Raikou attacked my near Goldenrod City shortly after defeating Whitney, while Entei attacked me soon after I caught Suicune. When the two will attack you however, will no doubt be another place/time in the game from mine.) After you see these two, they will appear in your pokedex. And now the fun will begin.

3. Once you have the dogs in your pokedex, go to their page and scroll over to the 'area' option. Now you can see where they are. They never stay in one place for long however, so you'll have to get to them fast and try to catch them before they move. RESIST THE URGE TO USE FLY! If you fly, they will move across the map and you'll just have to move again.

4. When you finally meet up with one of the dogs in battle, make sure you have the pokemon who knows the sleep move in the front of your team, so they come out first. Then use the sleeping move. (Try not to use a move like Scary Look or a move that Paralyzes. Chances are the dogs will be able to attack back even if they can't flee, then they'll use Roar and scare your pokemon away and will escape.)

5. When the Ledgendary Dog is asleep, start using the attack that won't totally knock it out. When you're ready, start chucking the pokeballs. The chances of you catching the dog with the first pokeball is very very slim, so don't feel bad if you don't catch it at first. I don't recommend using your Master Ball on either of the Dogs. I would save it for Lugia or Ho-oh. Just keep using ultra balls. When the dog wakes up, it will flee, so just turn to your pokedex, find out where it is, and start chasing it again.

Keep doing this, and before you know it, Entei and Raikou will be on your team! Good luck!
celibi in crystal
using, a gameshark/or other cheating device.
1 create a GS ball in gold/silver and give it to some thing and trade it over to crystal. save games! turn off games. then turn your game that now has a GS ball in it. next do the Kurt thing and it may trigger the event. i had to go through 6 times before it triggered 1 event celibi was at lvl 30 and it WILL NEVER be captured by a normal POKEBALLi was useing(using,unseeing,arsing) a Sizor(false swipe) backed up by my team. i used 39 ultra balls and i finally caught 1.

Daylight Saving Time
DST can be a Problem, so here is a guide to the times you should set your clock forward and back again.

Dst Starts: 30 Mar
DST Ends: 26 Oct

DST Starts: 29 Mar
DST Ends: Oct 25

DST Starts: Mar 28
Dst Ends: Halloween
double money
to get double your prize winnings give all your pokemon an "amulet coin" then battle someone you get double the prize winnings or for a lot of money go to the elite four and beat them again have all your pokemon hold it
easy way to beat clair in blacktorn city
this is very easy most of u probably know this but all you have to do is have a pokemon at level 38 or around there and have it no any ice move like icy wind blizzard or ice beam cause it is super effective against clair's pokemon accept for kingdra
Eevee-lution Revolution
When you get you Eevee breed it with Ditto so you can get all 5 Eevee-lutions.
Elite 4 tip
If you lose to one of the Elite Four, you have to start from the very first person, correct? If you save after you beat the first person, then if you lose to the next person, you can just turn off the power and then you start where you lost. Most important place to save is after Karen so it will be easier to beat Lance!!
Note:repeat this after each one member of the Elite 4.
Entei and Raikou
An easy way to get them to go to you fly to an area with multiple normal or house then normal area (I recomend Ecruteak City) then go to an area
That they can go in and hopefully they will be there.
You know Eusine (Suicune-a-holic Man) has got Pokemon Of His own. You Even Battle him (At Cainwood City. Heal First)! He Own's a Drowzee (Lv.23), Haunter (Lv.23) and an Electrode (Lv.25).

Losing Speech;
'I hate to admit it, but you win.'

You win £2,500

After Speech;
'You're Amazing (Your Name)! No wonder Pokemon Gravitate to you. I get it now. I'm going to keep searching for SUICUNE. I'm sure we'll see each other again. See you around!'
get past the annoyinng old man in the tower!!! And catch suicune!!!
OK you know how when you try and walk past the man he goes in front of you? well have no fear!
ok when you enter the tower you are on the mat
move right on the mat cuz the old man is on the left. So when you are on the right of the mat, walk foward. Then the old people will battle you then you go out of the tower and into another and suicune will be there. You can catch suicune like this: get 40 ultra balls try and make suicune sleep. Then use the ultra ball after weakening him when the ball bounces and sucks suicune, press and hold a then when it hits the ground AND STAYS ON THE GROUND PRESS B (note: you are still pressing a too a+b) [MAKE SURE YOUR POKEMON ARE LEVELS 30-40]
Get the pokémon you want from the ODD EGG
To get the pokémon you want from the odd egg, save BEFORE you get the egg, not after.

Once you get the egg, it is automatically a chosen pokémon, not right before it hatches, so saving before means you can change that, since what you get isn't programmed into the game as soon a s you start.

Just bear in mind that some eggs take longer tanothers to hatch.
Gym Leaders and Weaknesses
Falkner - Violet City - Uses Birds - Weak against Electric

Bugsy - Azalea Town - Uses Bugs - Weak against Fire and Birds

Whitney - Goldenrod City - Uses Normal - Weak against Fighting

Morty - Ecruteak City - Uses Ghosts - Weak Against Dark and Psycics

Chuck - Cainwood City - Uses Fighting - Weak against Birds and Psycics

Jasmine - Olivine City - Uses Steel - Weak against Fighting, Fire and Ground

Pryce - Mahogany Town - Uses Ice - Weak against Fighting, Fire, Rock and Steel

Clair - Blackthorn City - Uses Dragons - Weak against Dragons and Ice
Help getting entei and raikou
What you do is get a ghost pokemon that knows mean look, get a bunch of max, super, or just plain regular repels, and then you use the repels in a grassy area and just look places, and you MIGHT (i'm not really sure if it works) find a raikou or entei. If it doesn't work i'm sorry you wasted time and money. =-(
Heracross and Aipom
To get Heracross and Aipom, get Headbutt from the Trainer in Ilex Forest, them use it on the little trees in Route 29, the route right next to your home town. It has to be in the afternoon, though.
How to catch Entei and Raikou
Buy a second Gold/Silver/Crystal game and get the first 8 badges. When you get the Masterball, trade it into your main game by giving it to a pokemon to hold and trading that pokemon. Keep the masterball in your pack in your main game at all times. Then chuck it at entei or raikou when you happen to get a sighting of them. Get a 2nd Masterball and do the same thing for the 2nd dog, whichever that may be. Sure, it's a pain to get the 8 badges (you dont need 16) twice in a row, but it's much easier than trying to catch them using ultra balls and sleep powder.
How to catch Lugia
Catch a Butterfree and train it till it learns hypnosis, sleep powder or poison powder. the most important is hypnosis, then go to whirl islands in the top right island and go through the cave till you find Lugia floating on the water first make sure you save the game near him just in case you kill him then use your strongest Pokemon to weaken him till he has his HP is red then take out Butterfree and use hypnosis till he is asleep then use an Ulta ball to capture him. If it doesn't work keep on trying I'm not sure if a Pokeball or Great ball work but there's a slight chance they will.

Things you'll need: some revives, at the least 10 Ultra balls, some super or hyper potions and a Pokemon about level 60 that is capable of beating Lugia.
How to find a scyther faster?
Enter the bug catching contest at the national park.Make sure to take a pokemon that knows sweet scent. Now use sweet scent and a scyther should appear faster.
How to get a Chansey that knows Heal Bell
1. Have a high level Miltank that knows Heal Bell (this may take a while to achieve)

2.Find a wild MALE Smeargle and use Heal Bell at the beginning of the battle. Smeargle will then permanently sketch Heal Bell. Catch it.

2. Breed the male "Heal-Belling" Smeargle with a female Snubbull or Granbull. Keep hatching their eggs untill you get a male Snubbull. It will know Heal Bell.

3. Breed the male "Heal-Belling" Snubbull with a Chansey. Hatch the egg, and then VWALLAH, you have a Chansey that knows Heal Bell.

*NOTE*- Make sure you have enough money to take the parent pokemon out of the DCC once you have your baby pokemon hatched.

**NOTE**- This is called CHAIN BREEDING. This is one of the more complicated processes, however(there are far easier chain breeding processes, too.)

***NOTE***- This is the only way to get Chansey Heal Bell in Crystal version.

How to get a Yanma on your pokedex
You know how it's hard to see a Yanma for your
Pokedex. Well here is a way. Battle Alan, the school boy, three times and on the third battle time you will see a Yanma.
Lv. 40 Team Gyrados
If you go to Lake of Rage, and use Super Rod 6 times, you will find 5 Lv. 40 Gyradoses. Capture every single one of them. Catch Red Garydos. Train Red Garydos to Lv. 50. Put Red Garydos as leader and others in the line-up. When you catch the Garydos, it should know Hydro Pump.
More Starters
In GSC, you can breed Pokemon. So Catch a Ditto (Same Route as DCC-Day Care Center)and store it with your (Whatever) in the DCC. So if anyone moans about them needing your starter, now you don't have to worry about losing SnappyPants (Feraligr)!

***Warning*** Pokemon May lose Moves when in here so be careful (Pokemon Don't Evolve here Either)******
New Radio Show (?)
If you go into the ruins of Alpha (Bit where you catch the Unowns) And Tune it to 14 to 20.0 an hear a song called ?????????. You should try it sometime as it does not affect your game.
Note about finding shiny pokemon
Going to a certain location doesn't increase your chances of finding a shiny pokemon. It's all a matter of luck, even if other people say they have seen shiny pokemon in certain places that doesn't mean that you'll find them. The only shiny pokemon you are sure to find is the red Gyarados at the lake of rage or the shiny Caterpie in Helix Forest. Other than that I'd say you will catch at least one shiny pokemon and see others.
Also, in some cases the pokemon don't appear to be shiny, but if you are the slightest bit suspicious of the color then catch it to be sure.
Oaks PKMN Show
Go through the game as normal (try to catch the LEAST amount of pokemon possible) until you reach goldenrod city. Try to have about 6 or 7 pokemon, or less. Dont release any. Ok go get the radio card and tune in to OAKS PKMN Show. He will ONLY talk about pkmn you have caught.
pay day double!!!
what you need is a mewouth or a persian that knews payday and a amoulet coin for this every time you fight a pokemon you get $40 ok but when you have amoulet coin that mewouth or persian is holding it will double but at firts your wondering what level mewouth learns payday is at level 20 at that level you could use this trick when you battle a wild pokemon.Oh! and a other thing if you battle a trainer you will all so can use payday to increase your money earnig this ALL FOR KNOW.
Pokemon team
When defeating the elite 4. my best team was just Feraligatr, with Surf, bite, Whirlpool, Iron tail.
Pokemon You Can't Get in Silver
The following Pokemon cannot be found in Pokemon Crystal. You'll have to transfer them from Gold, Silver, Red, Yellow or Blue, or cheat. As always, Mew and Celebi can only be gotten from special events.

Quick Level Up
First off you need to know the duplication cheat which is everywhere on this site. Ok next you give the Pokemon you want to clone a Rarecandy (or more than one Pokemon) and once you clone it or them you clone them all again and again until you get your Fav Pokemon to Level 100.
Raiku & Entei
Don't listen to the thing about 'you are wasting your time looking for the legendary dogs' instead, when you get the masterball, go & find a legendary dog & use your m-ball (or save it for ho-oh) the other 1 is difficult, you'll spend ages, so bring a high level golbat that knows mean look, use mean look(if you have no golbat then put it to sleep)weaken it, put it to sleep, lob ultra balls at it until the cows come home, when it wakes up & flees, look again util you catch it!
note: don't fly to get to it, plan stratigic routes.
Rare Pokemon
Breed two Pikachus to get Pichu.
Breed two Electabuzzes and you get Elekid.
Breed two Clefairies and you get Cleffa.
Breed two Jigglypuffs and you get Igglybuff.
Breed two Magmars and you get Magby.
Breed a Venonat with a Pinsir to get Pinsir.
Breed a Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee with a Ditto to get Tyrogue.
Breed a Clefairy with a Snubbull to get another Snubbul.
Really Good Exp For Low Level Pokemon (requires a high lvl pokemon)
Want lots of exp for your low level pokemon, then this is the tactic for you. Start by getting your low level pokemon and putting him in the first slot in your party. Then, get your high level pokemon and put him second in your party. Now this is where you get all the exp for your low level. Go find a trainer that has high level pokemon or a high level wild pokemon that your high level can beat, battle that pokemon. Now your low level pokemon is ready to battle the high level pokemon. Now go choose your high level pokemon. Make the high level pokemon of yours do a move or two to kill the other one. Even though your high level did all the work your low level gets the exp also.

Happy Hunting.
Several Battling and Catching Tips
easy method of beating Clair:
if you started with Feraligatr, then make sure it's lv. 40+. buy Ice Punch at the Goldenrod Dept. Store, then also teach it Strength. Ice mauls the two Dragonair, but you'll need Strength for Kingdra since the high special-defense juggernaut is impervious to elemental attacks. Feraligatr is the best suited for this battle, since it is water-type and Kingdra's Surf can't effect it too badly, and its high defense makes it somewhat tolerant to Hyper Beam. if you began with a different starter, catch a Poliwag and train it to a Poliwhirl. fisher Tully west of Mahogany will give you a water stone if you register his phone ID and use the DST-toggle method by repeatedly switching DST on and off when talking to your mom. evolve it into Poliwrath and teach it Strength and Ice Punch, then watch Clair be a brat and not give you the badge until you bring her the Dragon Fang in the den behind the gym.

Champion Battle:
Is Lance ruining your Elite Four conquest with his heavy usage of Hyper Beam, especially from his lv.50 Dragonite? use a water-type pokemon that can also learn ice techs, such as Lapras with Surf and Ice Beam or a high-level pokemon that is compatible to learn Icy Wind that you earned for beating the 7th gym leader Pryce. Gyarados isn't difficult to beat if you have a high-level electric-type. otherwise make heavy use of ice for the other dragons excluding Charizard. its fire-type, so you'll need that handy Surf to take it down instead of ice.

that's it for difficult trainer battles. i personally use Persian with egg-learned Hypnosis, Icy Wind, and Slash for Clair; and the Extreme-speed learned Dratini fully leveled into a Dragonite knowing Ice Punch, Surf, and Thunder Punch for Lance. since these two battles are my favorites in the game, they're like second-nature for me.

Catching Entei and Raikou:
go to the bug-catching contest and capture a Scyther. teach it False Swipe and level it to 40+ so that its speed surpasses the legendary's. once you've weakened them to 1 HP, use your Pokedex to track them again. when you encounter them once more, use a high-level Pokemon with a sleep-inducing technique and a Fast Ball. it should capture the legendary easily. preserve your Master Ball for Lugia or Ho-oh, or perhaps use the Gameshark codes to find Celebi or Arceus.
Starter Tip
If you are not sure which pokemon to choose at the beginning of the game,I would suggest to you to choose totodile because he becomes very strong and usefull for the elite four. And you do not need a Cyndaquil because Growlithe is much better(found on route 36. You also do not need Chickorita because Bellsprout is just as usefull(found on different routes near Violet City). Totodile is basically the most effective starter pokemon. (just a suggestion) If you preffer one over another and know all basics of game and are okayedly skilled at the game then please by all means go with the pokemon you most preffer.
The DAY Siblings (Mon - Sun)
Monica - Route 40 - Sharp Beak
Tuscany - Route 29 - Pink Bow
Wesley - Lake Of Rage - Blackbelt
Arthur - Route 36 - Hard Stone
Frieda - Route 32 - Poison Barb
Santos - Blackthorn City - Spell Tag
Sunny - Route 37 - Magnet

They all give you items that raise the attack of a type move. This also goes in Mon - Sun order (Monica - Monday etc.).
The normal way to catch smeargle
it is simple to catch smeargle. ok, here it goes... what you do is go to ruins of alph and do the ho-oh puzzle i think.......... anyways, do the puzzle and you should fall through a hole, when you step outside there should be a little patch of grass by the ledge. DO NOT JUMP OVER THE LEDGE! Walk aroung in the grass for a little while and smeargle should appear! yay! and also i think that smeargle only comes out at night, im not sure though........... anyways i hope this helped.

from willy wonkas girlfriend
(yes i have a crush on a movie charactor!)
to get lapras
to get lapras you need to go to union cave (not slowpoke tunnel as mentioned a while ago) and surf on one of the water near the exit (where you exit to go to azlea town) and you will be able to find a ladder and go to the bottom of the cave and try to find the girl who says something about a pokemon that goes there once a week and surf there and a lapras might be there(I caught it at lvl 20) (note:lapras does not show itself often)
Unknown pokedex
Catch more than three unknown and go to the house and talk to the professor and he will give you the unknown pokedex.
Unlimited master balls (or any other item)
Just simply copy your pokemon while it is holding a master ball (or any other item)If you do not yet know how to copy a pokemon, here is how:
1.)choose a pokemon you wish to copy. then save in front of the PC
2.)boot up Bill's (someone's) PC
3.)go to deposit and deposit the pokemon or more
4.)switch to an empty box, when it says saving don't turn of...* turn it off, but do it quick, if it saves it won't work.
5.)enjoy your many masterballs/any other items/pokemon.

*=it does not have to be that, just turn it off before the sentence is complete.
Useful information on catching legendary/tough to catch pokémon.
This is just an opinion and suggestion on some pokémon that are useful for catching legendaries.

First if the pokémon your after runs away (entei etc.) catch a zubat, available in every cave and level it up to a high level, around the level of the pokémon you want, which for entei is around 40. Make sure you let it learn "Mean Look" upon leveling up. By the time its 40 it will be a Golbat, or a Crobat if you treated it well. Both of these pokémon's speed stat is very high (130 for Crobat).

Upon finding the pokémon you want use mean look to ensure it doesn't run away. Then switch to the next pokémon.

Have a parasect at a high level (70+ since you will using it alot). Make sure on level up it learns "spore", which has a 100% accuracy making it the best sleep move, and "False Swipe", which will always leave the enemy with exactly one health and will never KO. It may take a while to bring a steel or rock type down to 1 health but with it asleep it should be easy.

A pokémon with 1 health sleeping like a baby should be easy to catch.
Leftovers Hold Item
Leftovers is a very useful hold item, especially for defensively orientated pokemon as it restores a little health at the end of each turn.

To find this item just search the waste bin at the Celadon City Restaurant. It can also be on the wild Snorlax you fight, although the chances are low. Finally, Clefable and Snorlax traded from a Generation One game will be holding this when they arrive.
XP Tip That is Useful to Some
So, out there we have a few people with a Golem, Fortress, etc etc, something as their defensive. If you don't have a defensive, read up a bit more on Pokemon. It'll help you. A lot. Now, let's say you're trying to level up your Offensive, Speeder, one of your etc. pokemon, or just a baby. Go into a higher level region, and fight a higher level pokemon with your trainee as the start, then switch to the trainer pokemon. Now, some of you are thinking 'Wait, everyone KNOWS THIS ALREADY' well, let's change it a bit. After you take down the opponent, use a move like Explosion or Self-Destruct. ALL XP will be given to the baby instead of half. Boom. Shaka. Laka.


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How to get more items, quick
first you have to know how to duplicate a pokemon.
now when you do make sure you have enough room in your team for 4 more pokemon.
when you copy the pokemon with item of your choice you will now have 2 of that one pokemon. you withdraw it from the box then you either change boxes or save (either works) then you deposit both pokemon. next you change boxes and wait till it is finished with the sentence Saving don't turn off the power. shut it off right after it finishes. then you turn it back on. now you have 4 of that pokemon and item
do it over and over again. Note you can NOT copy more than 4 pokemon at a time. otherwise you end up with indestructible unkowns of that/those pokemon. also know as ?
p.s. you can withdraw pokemon.
Invisible Items & Items In Trees
Items are on the floor are visible right? Well some are not. In some areas invisible items are lying on the floor so if you think the place you are in is unusual press A where the place is. You can also find items in trees e.g: i found a potion in a tree north of Cerulean City, its a tree thats up some stairs and theres nothing around it click A on it and you will get a Potion and it also works on other trees to.

Hope you find some Invisible Items.

If this cheat does not work it might be because it does not work on your game. It works on mine "Pokemon Crystal Version".

Happy Hunting.
Strange Sprite
This glitch takes advantage of the fact that you can choose to be either a boy or a girl when making a new save file. To do it, create a save file under one gender, save the game, and then create a new save file. Do not delete the original file first. Choose the other gender, and then save the game after creating the file. While saving, which will overwrite the original file, turn the game off, and when you load the game again, your character will be a cross between Ethan and Kris. To fix the glitch, make a new save file.

Easter eggs

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Fast Rare Candy
when you go to the radio station and you get the password correct she will give you a point if you get so many points then you get a rare candy just simply go to the wild and run around a little while and it will be timee in no time then repeat
Game Freak Developers
In a house, in Kanto, theres a Elder womam, that have a lot of pokemons. But theres a door you can enter.
So, you Need To get out and go To the back of This house.
Then enter on the door at the back of the house.
Now go upstairs (Like the stairs on radio tower) and you Will found a room with some guys behind the computer.
Ir you talk To they, they Will say something Like This:

"I'm the programer"
"I create you"

And theres a post out of This room, writed:
Game Freak ... ("..." means something i forgot, but i'll remember)

Sorry for my bad english.
And Sorry for not tell the city of put more informations, i restarted the game. If i back To the city, i'll edit!
Pokemon RARE candies!!!! Finally Someone to tell were to find those darn things.
Okay well the first rare candy you can receive is after you learn surf and you beat the 4th gym leader.

1. Go to your house and surf all the way to the right. Once you hit land there will be a strip of water Below surf there to find the first one.
2. Go to the bellsprout tower and surf on the water for a rare candy at the top right.
3.Upon entering the town of Goldenrod walk along the left of the town and surf on the water the first chance you can. You will go left and down. Stop surfing and get on land the first chance you get and WALK as far possible down push the A button on the trees that are south there will be a rare candy in one of them. REMEMBER do not go to the second piece of land. After you surf it will be the first piece you come to.
4.Buenas Password in the Radio Tower. Its self Explanatory.
5.The Dark cave has two rare candies.
6.The Lighthouse has 1 rare candy to find it make sure you walk everywhere. I think the trick is once you get on the 3rd... or 4th floor walk down instead of up.
7. At the Lake of Rage while your making your way up to it hug the left. There should be some water and walk to the left and all the way up. Cut the first tree and stay to the left. The rare candy is invisible but its at the very top left walk all the way and when there is exactly one step left dont take it press A and you will find a rare candy.
8.And the last one that I know of is in the Whirl Islands.

Hope this helped I know Ive always wanted to know these things and there never has been and Exact page with all of them.

OOO yeah the other Rare candy is in Kanto. Go to were leader blue is standing on some island below pallet town and once he moves there is a hidden rare candy in his spot. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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Be the World's first Cloner!
Note: Use this code at your own risk. It may corrupt your save data if done incorrectly.
Go to a PC, and save. Attach the item you want to duplicate to the Pokemon you want to clone. Deposit it into the PC. Change boxes. When the screen is saying "Saving the game..." Turn off your GB. Turn it back on. You should have the deposited Pokemon in the PC, and a clone of it in your lineup. The item will either be on both monsters, or in your Backpack. Note: while doing this code, DO NOT withdraw any Pokemon. When the GB is turned back on, you'll find that the withdrawn Pokemon has been deleted.
Catch Suicune With Master Ball
First Rescue the Director from team Rocket. Then he say's to go to TIN TOWER DON'T GO THERE YET!!

Instead go to Blackthorn (After all the other dialogue) and get the master ball from Elm.

Then, you go to tin tower and catch Suicune with the Master Ball (If You want to, anyway)
Character Glitch
This is a glitch in Pokemon crystal to change your character color. You can become a boy with the girl's colours or a girl with the boy's colours. The girl will have red hair, and the guy a blue cap.

So let's get started. Start a new game (if you don't want to restart your game, see below) and pick the character you don't want (ex: if you are a boy and want the girl color, pick the girl first). After, save and start a new game with the wanted character. Save, but when your game says DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER, turn it off. Then, turn it on. Continue your game and your character will have different color.

It's really risky when you already have a game, but you can still try it out. Start a new game with the opposite character. Then, when you save and the game say TURN OFF THE POWER, turn it off. Open your game, and you'll have the opposite character with the opposite color. If you want your real character, you need to do it twice. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

To turn back into the normal color's, just go to the trading or battle (link cable).

WARNING: If you use this code, you will lose all your PC pokemon, so be aware of that!
Easy water Pokemon
Go to the Day Care Center when you get Surf and all the Fishing Rods, you can use Surf to find:
Staryu (night only)
Using the Rods you can get:
These are very useful Pokemon in such a simple place!
Flying Kanghaskan
This cheat has not been done by anyone else other than me. I personally discovered this by myself and therefor only give credit to myself.

As we all know, you can catch a Missingno in red/blue versions. Well, after you have reached the 4th gym of crystal/gold/silver, you can trade Pokemon with the 1st generation games. All you need to do is catch a lvl 1 Missingno using the duplication hack in the red/blue versions. Your game sprites might get messed up but that will be fixed after what you do later. Missingno has it's own type called "fly". Well, if you use the HM fly (sky attack also works) on it, it should be able to learn it. This is where you abuse the glitch. After teaching Missingno fly or any other flying moves you have, give it a rare candy. If you ever messed around with Missingno you know that after you give it a rare candy it mysteriously evolves into a Kanghaskan. Now all you have to do is to transfer the Pokemon from your old game to Crystal/Gold/Silver using two game boys and a link cable. After that, your Kanghaskan should be able to use fly and moves such as Sky Attack. Fly also works as a transport to get from one city to another. Do this at your own risk but keep in mind that this is something cool to show your friends.
Freeze Your Game Clock
This is strange, but also permanent, so only do this if you want your clock to remain set on a certain day. To do this, go to Vermillion City and talk to the Machop that is stomping on the ground. After you talk to him, open your Pack, go to Coin Case, and look at how many coins you have. Your game will either freeze or reset, so you must reset if it freezes. When you do, your game clock will be frozen in that exact time unless you use another code to change the time, which is possible, but I don't know how (yet)
Get people to call you
First, go to New Bark Town. Walk inside your house and talk to your mom. When she asks about switching around Daylight Savings Time, answer yes. After talking to her, over 75% of the time, a person will call you. You can even get items and hear about swarms this way.
Get the 3 starters
You have to use the pokemon duplication cheat with your starter as soon as possible, the only thing is that you need to save before you pick your first pokemon, when you do it pick another stater and go to the PC and the old one will be there, now repeat the same method with the two pokemon then pick the last one as a starter. Now you should have the 3 starters.

Moderator Note: Yes, you can get all three pokemon, but only one of them will register in the Pokedex, so it doesn't count as them ever being caught, which kind of defeats the purpose.
No Battling Wild Pokemon (Without Repels)
Once you've obtained the HM Cut (HM 1) you can use it to teach some of your pokemon the attack of the same name.
This ability now cannot only be used to cut down certain trees but also to get rid of any grass (by 2x2 squares) so you don't have to bother with any random encounters.
When saving and loading or leaving and reentering the area you used cut in, the grass will have returned (Unfortnately)...
Buena's Password

If you want a cheap way of getting rare items, tune into Buena's password from 6-12 pm every night. Then when you learn the password, go and visit her on the second floor of the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City.


Johto Gym Leaders:

1.Falkner in Violet City: Flying Type
Pidgey Level 7
Pidgeotto Level 9

2.Bugsy in Azalea Town: Bug Type
Metapod Level 14
Kakuna Level 14
Scyther Level 16

3.Whitney in Goldenrod City: Normal Type
Clefairy Level 18
Miltank Level 20

4.Morty in Ecruteak City: Ghost/Poison Type
Gastly Level 21
Haunter Level 21
Gengar Level 25
Haunter Level 23

5.Jasmine in Olivine City: Steel Type*
Magnemite Level 30
Magnetmite Level 30
Steelix Level 35

6.Chuck in Cianwood City: Fighting Type
Primeape Level 27
Poliwrath Level 30

7.Pryce in Mahogany Town: Ice Type
Seel Level 27
Dewgong Level 29
Poliswine Level 31

8.Clair in Blackthorn city: Dragon Type
Dragonair Level 37
Dragonair Level 37
Dragonair Level 37
Kingdra Level 40



I sort of specialize in breeding and breeding for hereditary moves and status. So here are some tips on how to breed to get the best.


1. You always get a baby type of whatever the mother was. e.g. Male Growlithe+Female Sandshrew= Baby Sandshrew. The baby can be male or female.

2. These Pokemon cannot have babies:**
The 3 Legendary Dogs
The 3 Legendary Birds
All Baby Pokemon

3. The Baby Pokemon are:**

4. Pokemon will not breed with Pokemon that are genetically related to them.
They also don't breed with Pokemon that are not in their group. I haven't quite completed my grouping chart yet, so i can't give you these, sorry.


5. Eliminating Weaknesses
First find out what your Pokemon's weak areas are, such as a Growlite's special defense, hp, and defense are low. But his speed, attack, and special attack are high. Then battle the Pokemon and and give them empowering items such as Iron to bring up defense, hp up for hp, and calcium for the specials(these can be bought through goldenrod or Buena's password). Make sure you to this to both parents. When you have finally even things out you can breed them and the baby will reap all of the benefits.

6. Inheriting Moves
Well, this is a complicated one. It takes FOREVER if you want a rare move. However it is simple when the circumstances are right. Just take one Parent and make learn learn a move, and the baby will MOST LIKELY be born with it. If not, try again. If the baby is Female it inherits moves and status from the father, and if it is a male, the mother. If the Pokemon will not breed with the Pokemon that knows the move it is either A>related to the other Pokemon or B> just not compatible. So, either breed the move to a Pokemon that can breed with both, or use this next trick.

7. The Smeargle:

This Pokemon knows a unique trick called "Sketch." This is INCREDIBLY helpful. If you catch a smeargle (go through Union Cave outside into a special isolated area with grass in the Alph Ruins), you can fight the Pokemon that would have the move. Then use sketch, this copies ALL of the other Pokemon's moves into Smeargle's list permanently. That way you can breed the Smeargle with the Pokemon you want.

That's all for now!